The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 25, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 25, 1918
Page 5
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MONDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 191S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE FIVE. DRAFTEES DINED ATSCOTTDMEBY Elaborate Affair Arranged for the Young Men wbo Left Sunday. phones Bdith. and when she ende»TOTS tog to the child Frome seeks to prevent her, insinuates that the child Is her own and that Brett ia the father. After the crisis Edith tells Frome that the child-is his own. She then goes away -jrfth .the chili and later a reconciliation takes place -between husband and wife. The wonderful emotional ictress, Miss Stevens, excels in a piotodrama of this descrip- j tion. "Daybreak" is a picture of pow- I erful human appeal. Tomorroir Mrs. i Vorr-on Castle will tie seen in 'Ven,, IC epClYEB i seance is Mine." a sii part photoplay. CURTIS H. GRtGw » artniwi" 1 . Thursday Kitty cordon w ni ^ staiTO d V"*" * ! (TI "Hor TilvlTlo Ha«*r.i«/.» " Wiitwnndl in "Her Divi Sacrifice." Are i Saturday Alice BriwJjr, long prominent WM« oi TffW* »»» i-* 1 "--" ' j on the speaking stage, Trill be leaVar- CaUe4 T»o» *» H»U»" «** * emor ', i ed in "Her Silent Sacrifice," a grip- »i Th»BUH A. MewoUj»; Cousin oi ; plte , slo!7 o{ heart tnrob s. .1»»!. Yirtta Goes to CWP H* j ^ ^^^ SCOTTDALE, - eventug at the Elks 1 club draftees -who lelt for Camp .speakers Edward Ken- The tables one in the edmen. At tne eno «·· " the membra of the boara, and the invited guests. gressmMi Curtis H. Gregg was « iS^^eS^r^, .: ^ ]\ "THE CHKBTTAK. 1 ' -- T h e long here the ! promised presentation' ot Hall Cain's yes- j superlative play ''The Christian" -will | be the attraction at the Soisson theater for three days commencing with the matinee this afternoon. It is with no little pride that Mrs. Bobbins makes the announcement for plays of this calibre are very rarely seen in the smaller cities. The preparation of "The Christian" has been going on bosily for - a. week and a magnificent production is assured. There are serenteen speaking parts in the play tit ^Berkey H. Boyd, chair- and there will be a large corps, of «c- man P«=TM£ 0 1 V K includes | ^ people in several of the stirring man, oi vc, . · ; on ' ded _. He .^ed scenes. I am of the opinion says Mrs. Bobbins that'l am giving the biggest theatrical bargain of the year to my patrons. I shall have an enlarged orchestra to interpret the special mnsl- cal features. During the final two weeks of the Manhattan Players stay at the aoisson other big attractions will be the rule including the cyclonic farce comedy, '3reating Into Society" with Mr. B«dell in* a part that shows him to even better advantage than in "Mr. Kearney From Killarney." "Lena Rivera" with Dorothy Burrls is the mischievous heroine will also be seen as will also a brand new comedy drama by "By Order of the Court." written by the author of "Pretty Peggy O'Moore." Mr. 'W. C. Herman. One may always feel certain of seeing a good play capably presented any afternoon or evening at the Soisson thiater. Thousands have the habit and each is a booster for the Manhattan Players. dale boy tc to avenge. James Keogan gave a patriotic · Yesterday afternoon amid a downer n the drafted men from «,,, r \ R band P^red ''Goodbye Broadway, Hello France." making ^taprosive «" leaT ' mg f f *! l»ys. The local boys in the contingent »cre Henry Loetzbier, Wendell 3m- aings Momyer, Theodore, E/ Dementer. £lhrin George Daugherty, Harry Reginald Humphries, Charles Boyd Grit, Albert Taylor Hemp, Charles A LleweUyn, -Wallet Horn Locked of Scottdale: Clark Philip Stoner ,,. , Kofisdale; Joseph Romecki and y ter James Burns. Mount Pleasant D. -OFF TO TBLE FROST." OMffiB The Jewish feast of Purim, one o£ the minor festivals In the religious calendar, will be celebrated this year ono February 26. Purim according, to the scriptural book of Esther, wherein the tale is narrated, means "lots," lots having been cast before Haman, vizier of Persia, for the purpose of determining the day most auspicious for Uie consummation of his plan of exterminating all the Jews dwelling in the land. But the day was fatal only to Haman's plans and to Haman himself, for through a chain of remarkable happenings the Jews vere delivered from their imminent peril and the doom he hail decreed for them fell on their .enemy himself. From that'year to the present time, Jews all over the world have celebrated the anniversary of the day on which the wondrous deliverance had occurred; Strange to say, Purlin is hardly a religious feast. Religious features added in comparatively recent times only accentuate the essentially secn- lar character- of the day. Being in the nature of a thanksgiving festival, an expression of a- people's gratitude for their ancestors' providential rc- demptioh from an awful death, it has been from time immemorial a day oC "feasting and gladness, and of sending portions to one another and gifts 'to tho poor." In medieval ghettos it was celebrated with all manner ot merry-making, while in modern times it has come to be one of the days to which the children of the Jewish religious schools most eagerly look, forward. A special synagogue service is held on the eve of Purim, at which the principal feature is tho reading of the Book of Esther, from a parchment scroll. In addition, there are n few special prayers and hymns of more recent flate which have been inspired by the recollection o£ the woes and hardships .endured by the martyr race from the days ot Haman down to brighter times. There have been many Hamans in all ages who have conspir- | ed theSiegradation or extermination of the Jews, but, like their Persian prototype, their plots have recoiled on their own heads. And so the Jew looks forward to the day when Hamana shall Tise no more, the specter of religion* and racial hatred will bo laid, and an era of tolerance an love dawn i for all the world. n JiTi^StavelyandShupe wh ,t tee TOta school , * ~ - P Thousands of Conaellsville people will see the" funny side of trouble.this | week, it being the occasion of the visit o l ! of Zarrow's Little Bluebird Comjiany ' ' visit of the 90 pounds i of cheerfulness. Jack 'Fuqnay. The ; silow for today and tomorroif is a mil- ! itary travesty "Off u the Front," ana I since Jack is too little to go over tho I top with an Enfield, or lay the keel ive a | of a ship, but ho is equal to a wnole Tf as ( battery of 75s in dwpeUing gloom and keeping cheerful the men who are ready to and tbe women who stay at home and bear war's greatest burden worry. He was hero in. October- with Zarrow's Zig Zag Town show. But :et the Impression that Jack is all show. Equally as great in her own way is Miss Lillian Zclgler a singing soubrette; Billy Fenton, the Irish tenor; Snead and Clark, song and chatter; tie Bluebird Trio, harmony and comedy; and the Bluebird Beauty chorus. Like all Zarrow's shows three complete sets of scenery are used for each bill, and each performance is a production lasting 50 · much appreciated by those who attended. Use Substitutes «r muu James Keegan, representative for the Food Administrallon in Everson borough, Billskin and Upper Tyrone) don-1 townships, has received word that beginning today all bakers who cannot make bread wil.h a. M P=r cent substitute must close down. He has also received notice that if after very care- fnl investigation it 1* found that no eubetitutes are available, potatoes may ·be used. Personal. Mrs John Hawthorne and daughter, Dorothy, and son, John, spent Sunday minutes. Billie Burke will be on the ·with Mrs. Joe Marshall at Broad Ford, screen. Robert Percy spent Saturday in Pirtsburg. j Moss Ethel Kromer has returned i tome from a visit in Pittsburg. | Mr. and Mrs. Albert Smaii and fam- i ily have returned from a visit, paid i Lcechburs friends. | ·W. D. Wardlavr. a student at the Un- ' OKPHT.DX TKEATT.R. pital supplies ot the American Red Cross will be held in the Braddock building, Tuesday. March a, 191$. The inspector of each unit will inspect the article. Mrs. B. M. Loar, who has supervision of the work asks that the chairmen and inspector of the com- mltteus of each unit not to allow anything to come into the Chapter's headquarters that does not come up to the specifications, "With the cooperation of the units they hope for a perfect in- gatheniagj A window display has been arranged at headquarters of the Red Cross at the Bratldock in Main street, showing completed ganrients. Tho display is a very good one and is attracting much attention. If Ion Are Hunting Bargains Read the advertiseing columns ot The Daily Courier. You will find them. "JACK ,vr, r D JILL."-- Jack Picfcford ^ -^^^ Huff ^ re featured today In (o ^^ his ^eetheart, jui. jack is. -phe story starts out with Jack Banney tTy]ng to gct onongh money together iversity of Pittsburg. is home for the j to ' inuirr y ^ sweethearts, Jill. Jack is week-end. : prizefighter of some ability who i* Miss Clara Lane has returned home · after spending three weeks in Swissvale with her aunt.' .Mrs. James Dur*in. Roy Myers o£ YoTjn^jstown, Ohio, is home days. visiting his family for a ' few THK PAEAS.OUST. West "Cupid's Round Up". Thunday, William Russell appeaprs inv'In Bad." md«avoring to fight his way to .snc- cess before he marries Jill. A real Sght with a Mexican, during- the course of the photoplay, adds to the tenseness of the action and manner in which be dually obtains Jill, thus consummating his happiness, forms one of tho most interesting and exciting photoplays. "The Milk-Fed Vamp" a Wm. Foi sunshine comedy will also be shown. Tomorrow Sessue Hayakawa. the well known Japaneie actor will be shown in "The Call of the East." Wednesday, Tom Mil is fe»tur- ·· DAYBREAK 1 '--A five part Metro | ^ jn tne Wtn. Fox photoplay ot the attraction in which Emily Stevens, the talented star, appears in the leading role, is being presented today. Far removed from the stories of unusual adventures comes the gripping drama of home, carrying its message straight to tie hearts of many. Wires everywhere have found themselves in the samp predictament as Edith Frome, the heroine of "Daybrtafc". whose husband through drink has become dead to all thoughts of honor. Arthur Frome a successful dnancier, after j KfA (;ross ol i fc . t Town Arranges for j promising to abstain from drink, in- ~~ ~ ~ dulges too freely, and pushes a newsboy under and automobile anil is badly injured. Her faith shaken Edith leaves him. but .a fe» years later is persuaded to return but gives no account of her abscnc.. Frome, suspicious of the time she spend away from home, has her shadowed by the wife of whom he discovers to be a GREAT CROWD SEES DRAFTEES LEAVE AT MOUNT PLEASANT Rub ftfcsterole on Forehead and Temples A headache remedy without the dangers of "b»a*»-t»' medicine." Relieves headache and,that miserable feeling from colds or congestion. Aad it acts at once I Musterote is a clean, white ointment, made with oil of mustard. Better than a mustard plaster and does not blister, Used only externally, and in no way can it affect stomach and heart, as some internal medicines do. Excellent for sore throat, bronchitis, croup, stiff neck, asthma, neuralgia, congestion, pleurisy, rheumatism, lumbago, all pains and aches of the back or joints, sprains, sore muscles, bruises, chilblains, frosted feet, colda of the chest (it often prevents pneumonia). 30c and We jars; hospital size $2.50 Another Ingathering of Articles IVomen Have Made. _UT. PLEASANT, Feb. 25.--6n Saturday one of the largest crowds of people that has assembled to sec draftees leave witnessed_the departure of inen from District NoV-6. .The men who left were: Harry L. Shirey, Latrobe H. D.; Joseph Varholt, Latrobe R. D.; James Frain, Latrobe E. D.; William J. Hoke, Mt. Pleasant; William Sandusky, Mt. Pleasant; Frank Gridler, Mt. Pleasant; John 1C Olish- inky, Youngstown; Frank Roadman, Kreger; John Gruss, Koitettler; Lor- · enza Gaia. ~ilt. pleasant; Norman Xedrovr. Mt. Pleasant; Conrad Miller. . , ! Latrobe R. D.; Edward OXJonnor, Le- There is one-.remedy that seldom fjils ; m 0 nt; Homer Crouse. Mammoth; to stop itching torture and[relieve skin ; John poicynigjtT, Youngutown; Steve '·iSrlrad hetlthy * '· ? ha% Hecla: Walter Shau!ls ' Jones *" toy^druggist can supply you with Ml ": Ir » Autennan, Latrobe R. E.; zemo, ..which generaliy overcomes all Charles Yerman, United. Milton Suear- sian diseases. "Acne, eczema, itchf pirn- er, Greensburg- R. D.; James Washa- ples, rashes, blackhead:, in most cases i )ilU gh, Mt. Pleasant; Charles Yahanak, pive _way to^zeina Frequently minor i Mt pleasant; Felix Rosely, Mt. Pleas-' thief. The girl reports, that Edith and Dr. Brett, a Criend oE the family, are . visiting a house where there is a baby. When the baby is taken ill Dr. Brett MOVE BY AUTO TRUCKS BOTH PHONES OPPNAN'STRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. HMMMMMM«IMMMMMWMMMWMMI Save Wheat ! Use substitutes for wheat Flour and you. will bring our boys lioine , Safe and Soon MMMMV What Are You Doing to Win Your War? THE LEAST YCTT CAS DO IS TO EAT OlfE MEATLESS · AHD ONE TCKEATLESS MEAT, TODAY Ffolal Reductions on Winter Garments The Supreme Reduction of the Year Women's and Misses' up to. $48.50 S-U-I-T-S Regular and Stouts, at $10.00 Women's. Misses' and Junior C-O-A-T-S Values to $25.00, at $10.00. United Profit Sharing Coupons With All Purchases. D nsrrs RED AWT cm; JCEnr ·*! wHaLJat » crowd ·' tiro thi tt "T vMl I tel^r til lb» M OffT wer* vcrr ttej^ n»t ma» raOtlns c*t ft «·· an! ran Bp «· Dfcfcf. _ MXT evwvr* IM IF YOU HAVE A PRINTING WANT WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT IS Putting out good printing is our business, and when we say GOOD PRINTING we don't mean fair, but the best obtainable. If you are "from Missouri" give us a trial and we will SHOW YOU crieri. Several Mttl* bLmck ante c«m* raui£ng np and ttM TUd Ant UMT bad taken th* eowe orer to tha bmtt«a to fe«d. · Knd Ant started for th« roots btah and Dielcr followed hire. At rvt the Httlo blurt antn Lbftt stood guard cm tbo branch weraD*t fotog to let Dteky up, bnt Red Aat ooBTiocod th«ta Piefcr ww m frl«nd, so tivey let 'him pass. Tb*r« on th« rose teareu u»t huo- dreda of U»y tr»*n plant Hee ftlhnji tbemaefres wtfh th» Kwcet Jirtcwi that come from the TOM )**f. ADD SOMETHING TO THE NATION'S RESOURCES You can do it and ai tho same lime add to your own savings-By buying Thrift Stumps By buying Liberty Bonds By opening a Savings Account By paying your-biHs by check No matter what method you select the facilities of this bank are at your service. Small checking accounts arc welcome. Liberal Interest on Savings. BLISS For Itching Torture N A T I V E HT E R B TABLETS b'ringr back the b r i g h t eye, tho cleai*, tho red cheeks and the glow oC health by relieving SICK HEADACHE BiUotmnness, Dyspepsia, Constl: and Stomach disorders. Bliss Herb Tablet are a great YMI SWn Anj Cow* T* "TJtw* ire our wwn." weM Red Ant ' "~W«11, I Mver bMrd «/ roefe a tUn*r iariF*«J Dlckr. "I could'tell yon ft yrwt d«il about ant Itt« th»t ywi*v« n«ver b«u*d about," rcpllftd Refl Attt. and he Invltad back Into UM little vand pile city. Tiny blade ants wars buttdlnr : over the oraoks *n Uift ·idvwalk. Other* were making 1 roadway*, and *om« w«r* wonderful bourt* with under- xtorerooKH. S«v«ral were carrr- hi|f out bits of food and laying- them on 1 "Our atored got iret wh«n H raJned, so the aervanta are pr«ad)nff them ont to i5rv" «»ld Red Ant. Th*r went Inalde Bed Ant's hem** and. Beferai black ante wwr6 oarryjny littU baby red ante around, waabini* them to go for wIlc. In th« dunahine. "Then* are the nurwa," eald Red Ant.' "Kot lonr apQ"~w« captured a colony of black* uta and took th«m prlaonem of war. Their babtes moke the beat alav**., Our branch of red anta floemn't 'like to work, no w* haYft to hare iom* em to, do for us." Jmtt then a tiny black ant entered and carried Red Ant'i eon away and put him to bod. So Dicky sakt tt waa Km* to BO Home; and Rod Ant tod aim up th* sand tunnel Into the aunshine. All the way horn* Dicky waa venr cxreful not to -ntep on tbe little »an4- home*, for he Imaw it only meant roan work- for the little black alavoa, am*, Dtoky felt very sorry Cor them. H* wlih'ed t!iara waa an Ant Lincoln to tfltj tl**m freo. 129 IV. Crawford Are, Connellsrlllc. '·Tho Bank lliat Docs Things for Ton" Capital anil Surplus $300,000. . i tie and Jrusl Compam -of. H O M E ! ELECTRICITY in the Home MAKES IT MODERN ELECTRICITY in the home wffl do the lighting, washing, ironing, clean the floors, run the sewing machine, dry the hair, dry fresh paint, warm the home on a cool day or cool' the home on a warm day, do the baking, toasting, cooking, etc. ELECTRICITY is the most economical servant the modern home can have. atroaiae Those Nat I vat ; _--· Kidney and Liver Regulator For 30 years recognized' as the only stflnd.ird herb remedy. Safe, g-cntle, and. certain. Get the genuine. /^X "Every tablet contains this vOj Price Ji.OO per box oC '^00 tablets. Sold bv A. A- Clarke anti local rleal«-r everywhere. Who Advertise . clean, eas- to use and--^- »^s. ML Pleasant: Ernest Gem- dependable. It costs only 33c; an extra hart, Mt. Pleasant; Joseph J. Susa. La- t-ge bottle, $1.00. It Till not stain, is t.rnbe anrt Jesse Olinsor. Mt. Picas- rot greasy or sticky and is positively a n l .:r.:c for.tCTdcr spnyWv. *"». ,.,,,1 (.,,, . n.-t T'Ul not itrictnr*. _ Bltc'fc In I to S d»yi. '. ^ .«Di.n BT nnccwxajTM. P«rc«l ToFt if derirM --Pri« $1. ot ·'bolUw 10.7*. il.OS- J T H B EV ANS CHEMICAL CO., CIHCWN ATI. O. FLINT'S MOVING HAtJIISG AJin STORAGTi. Motor Truck Service To All Parts ol Hegion. COAL FOR SALE BOTH PHONES. Having a Purpose A purpose for which to save--that is the reason why many thrifty people accumulate much money. Decide right now on some good purpose, and choose the Title Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania as your depository. Your account is invited. 4% Interest Fftid o» Savings Accounts. ELECTRICITY can be put into your home on oar easy payment plan. / . . . . . . . . . . . Call or Phone Our Nearest Office WEST PENN POWER CO. READ THE COUEIEE. · J. N, Trump ITE LINl? TRANSFER M SI CWO R TH.VCK MOVING AMD mm* WAOOJK*. H01.TTMO OOee JW R. , Gr«p« . Depot. Were Always *·:,.;. W E S T P E N N RAftH? T R A N S F E R -**» B«U 842. Tri-State WCAL A5B L05« DISTAJfCi) SOTETGS. / , . . . . , . EesidcBtt lOX.HmM AT«_ ' ...... COKUELLSTrtliE, BA. WEAR Horner's J. B. KURTZ, NOTAttlr PUBUO · -AND. HEAL EVTATK. k. It

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