The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 1, 1930 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 1, 1930
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 1, 1930. cfHB DAILY COURIER CONNEULSVILLE. PA. i h \V!iiplf«y jres«nte(l with ·Mi'tott BtShoy fost ot Aimef'cam KlOU. . , 24. Siwieess tyoris -campaign lor Board of Trade membara. goat of 800 being exceeded. J H. C. Haddock an- polntod manager of Firestone Service 2(i. Alfred II. Pow,nnll, Star Jum tion killed toy B. O Train at Dam son. Vetorans of wars honor dead 2"i. HJvoreoh imvolls br^wizo memorial tablet «.ftd KtecHoal-os h,ii'g« coa-et ut 27. 6pe.ra.Uons 'begin, at, Dunbdr plant o£ Now Castlo L4roe Stooio Company, with ifliO mem employed. 28. Mrs. Robert Matthews, 2t, instantly - killed and R-ofoer't 1 Speer, 21, drlwr ot fl/utomobtto in which slve is passenger, injured wh«n S'bvuolc at G'TO'V© crossing by B. O. ipas- traitt. 29. Joh'ui DoerflOT, 6, totally f injured wSvea siriiolc by automobile. lrlve-n "by Frank Renda «t Hickory 1 Bottom. Kiwetiis GLufo entertains six surviving mwmfbevs ot William F. Kurtw Post, O. A. R. 30. City pays glowing tribute to dead of county's wars in, «.niiital «rv- k*9. 31. James B. Crisitlp, 71, dies at Hyndnrwin, Duttbar Firo Department ordorn ninlforms, ' . JUKE ) I, Thirty three persons successfully p.isa written oxamlnatlone for mine foreman, aseletent mine foreman and fire bce«e« in tho fifth-and ninth bi^ tuminous district*. William Kerwln, Dunham, wins Logion Sch«X)I Medal £. Joeeph Leo Berg, BO, Mount Pl«asaat. and wife, SIrdolIa, 49, instantly killed when thir automobile i« struck on Baltimore* Ohio crose- Ing near West Newtou. 3, Coldest June weather recorded with mercury nt 40 degreed. 4, Captain Fred Rolf of Salvation Armci ifi transferred. Contract for remodeling of ! PerryopoHs Christian Church awarded. 5, Four cases of typhoid fever in family »t E. T. Bttling of. Dry Hill are reported, tho father being the only ^no to -scape. G. Twenty-seven mcmberu of Mac- cabees presented with 25-year plnn. 7. Crawtord avenue is taken over by State Highway Department. 8. New ?3S,000 home of Polish American Club nt Bverson dedicated. 9. Graduate of Conneilevllle High . School hear annual class eermon. 10. Vlllford Maxon, (30, Whitaett, dies at Jirookvalo after etrolM euffer- cd whllo working in garden. II. Hobby Fries, 10, falH 40 feet trom "Western Maryland bridge in Herd Bottom and sustains ellght cut on chin. 12. C'Mss of 175 seniors from High School. Fire causes $40.000 loss nt warehouse ot Willlnm Forgu- eon, ScoUdalo furniture dealer. 13. Bandit holds up ICleanor Cable, 19, at Keystone store and escapes with $18 cash; .Tttcok O'Brien, 22, Cleveland, arrc«ted soon afterwards, char/- xl with holdup. 14. Bourd e£ Trade elects .directorate ot 21 inenibers. 15. Old West Overtoil distillery turned over to Historical Society by Helen Fritk for use as mueeum. 1C.' W. Ross Kimball, former reeS- dent, dice in Pitts burg. 17. Uooige Fenton, 70, retired B. St. 0. cuglneoi, dlea. 1*8. Jack O'Brien arrested for Key% stone- store robbery given £onr to eight yoare in Weetern Penlterlary, Harry K. Berln, constable- in First Ward for eight years, dies. IU. Legion Airport planted with 20. ' J. 13. Crisllp tmstaine painful injury to hetul when he falla while ttsli- irig in Beaver Creek. George Wilson, «3, DuntHir, Instantly killed by Penn- hylvanla pateongor train. George W. r Grimm, 82, dies In Dunbar township. Hoard oC argahlzes, by electing Charles T. Kepner as preeif'.ent, 31. Evulyn, Helen and Willard Wilkinson, , 11 and 9 yoar« old, respectively, children of Mr. ami Mrs. Harry Wilkinson of Ruffsdalo, fatally burned by live in home, lias company begins installation oC aorvico linog nt Poplar Grove. 22. Fred K. Middteton, auiortnton- dont ot Stewart plant ot W. J. Ratney, Inc., given recognition for greatest bafcty record iu history of mining whn hiH plai\t operates 437 weeks without fatality, Hail causes tremendous losa at Confluence. 23. Plant ot Hagan Icp Cream Company damaged by flro on roof. 24. High officials of Baltimore ft Ohio Railroad attend enfety rally. 25. A hard aurfaoe road trdni Mill Kim to Ohiopylo assured by Stutu Highway Department. 28. Capstan Glass Company now operating at f u l l capacity. Kev. 0, W. fiolton, pastor ot Dunbar Methodlet Protrat Church, rouuesls Ills release in September. 27. Captain C, J, Fox. now commander of Salvation Army. John JiJ. Seibort, 02, fa 11-4 from tree while pick- Ing cherries a: Confluence und dies! of broken nock ! 28. Cyclono cause., $30,000 lofts nt i Fftrmlugtou. J P. ahalleuberger, 72, ^ dieti at Vundorbtlt, JULY. 1. Coiwrtruction ot Firestone Kerv^- iro Stares. Inc , here hcg-un. 2 Otptain Thomaa W. Scott retires :i ronnnandlm oflleor ot liowltx.or ", Y ^^ t' V camp at Indian Creek ( ,pon-s \ \ i t u 70 IK jv! enrolled, CapBtan lihiH-t Company i bswves 10th annilvei 1 - iiary. K Andrew Wsn-H, 3o, Summit, firtally injured \v,\iMi automobile overturns on Smock hill. 5. Ton fk(Mo".ous ot Indians im- I'lirlhed Tioar Porryepoli*). G, John "W'y .h" Johnaon, well known colored n aidant, dies. 7. Haymond P Furtnoy, 7G, B. Q. '''syatcher, dic 1 ^. f Suporititont out H H Smith appointed by lovernor Fisher na mom- )[-r board of truc-'ees of Southwestern i^lato 'IVactviM"* CAdiegtf- at Califoinlu. 0. tnvlt«t"'!)s H8nod for anmml reunion cvf Ootipanj D and MfUca! Dei, llj'th Ir fan try, to bo heli! in J H I't !r Mary Sh" t a! ·· fiO'h bii t h d a . 10. 1 foseph IVTyfal, Mouttt Pleaaaw Hn^maiv, TieiM' death when ihe is from pole nfter comlrtg !n contact 'witti live wire] 11. After an existence or 50 yias« the W«-kly -Oou/rler is mietrgied with this Daily, the wko feature l)«,lng 12. Thonvas Messier, ill, ®tlmi f tbot to Hosiifital with bulVet -vjwm'd, ac-ci- ·d««nt«'lly inflicted, im. log. ' · IS, Clay (pigeon ahoofa for choimiplon'S'hip ! U be »ponfired by ette County Fi«h 14. Mrs. Hannh Fa-aiicia Oole, 73 at ] 'echto. Jo^hn A. dies in Saai ConnollflrilKt. 15. Romod-ell-ng of Parochial to provide ttnarters' |o.r complete hii£jh school cvuf 8« begun. 1G. B)v.' M. A. Liunbtoiig closes GO years as patsitoir.'ot St. John's Church a-t Scoftdale. 17. Harold Robeirtson, Dlckw«on RUB., niado yai'doiiast'eir of P. L, B. 18. TV o-year high school at Ohiopyle approved by Deputy Su ent ort! Education Robert C. aiaw of Harrisbin g, PltieanAn ivl campaign to (make Andrew J. Bottlur preslaen't ot Wesiervn PeTvnisylva,wia Association. 18. Hainry W. Soheuok ^a IT. S. Military* Academy a* "SV«Kt Potet, 30, BaHlmore '' Ohio at, Olympian Park eaxil ]P»s«nt General Manager E. "W. SWhiw with 40 year button. t Howitz*r Oompanor »nJ MedHcil rtaba«hffl*n't i«t annual *n.raan«pTnen-t ai'Mouti 21. FJTf.Lof summer Sunday' ndTVg unlon ohw-ch" service* held^ % 22, P, A Meyer re«lfft!« as surperiai of track au4 roadway cm' Cokt MviB-iott. * of "West BMiiri ftail- 23. (JoWen'May, 10, Mtll'RuTi, dies at Hospital from bnttet wound inflicted w4nm m^don'of atrtomctolo caus r«volvH-1* hts Jbclcet to go off, Three autonKiWlei- and truck destroyed by flro lii private ga-rago owned by Jolin E. Qaster aiiidr A. E. Mo*«aa. 2-t. PtttaUuirg ' W«st Virginia eni noers ^itt^agod in aurvaying sixth pos- slbto Touie of line itrtx) city. 2B. Oorigj'essm'am Adaan M. Wya- firoeivsfb'tt.Tigi prefli-c'tB impro'vomon't oi Youghioghopy Rivor. l,l4n4«tiAtit A R. vSpringer flre-t aylatOir to n^a Airport since innnrovemoii-ta are made. 2G. Robert D. Jones, Du-nbar, becomes g-oner-il ninnagjer of Coolsprlns Bluestonio OVnvpo.ay, resig-nitSBf as « ixxrintendotit for N^w Castlo Lime Stone Cxm-p. uny. - McOpy Toatl r«si» doii'ts re^jiac^l nijiil »orvicfl. 27. Went J'«nn Section, N. B. b. A., holds picnic a«t Shady Grrvx Pacrk. Jessro Boy*r acting captain of B, 0 police until -m-ccoraor is namwd for Robert C, BlocUoe, resign^. 28. More than EDO persos attend third An-nual rountoa of Old Hlokca-y Square Melho list Protestant Church at B'road FtoT.!. 29. SamnieJ Freeman, ?9, ^les. 30. Postma fter W. S. Behanna proposes iluminatod jsl-grn to guide, aviators over cl'ty at night. John C. Still- vrn«oji, 53, Third Ward'alderman, dies. !U. Congra- sanan S, A. Kendall ssioa-klng at Iviwanla Club predicts fificlgaMe YJU thlogheny river from ConnellsviLki vest sometime iu tho future. UJGUST. 1. Two fnta ities toll o£ heat ware, Jonah Sheipl-er. 61, of .Vormalvllle, and John Wolfe, G. of White Posloffieo, siiecumbing. 2. Eiigtneovi survey Normalvllle- Mill Run road Ell 1 J , Clifton, Van- 'dorbilt, dies. 3. N. W. Rosenberg, district attorney, aad life at 'Uniontown. George W. Cam cfoeill, 76, dies. 4. Skeleton of imidentified one- legged man, di^d apparently six or seven months, lound hanging from tree in woods 7i'*ar Reid more. 6, Gayle Strlekler, 16, Vand«rblH, gets autograph from Mrs. Herbert Hoover. 6. Milton Bishop Post plans annual outing tor Aogus 114 at Oukford Park. 7. electric coal washer put into oper.ttion at Van Meter by Plttsbiirg Coal Company. 5. Wray T. Laird new postmaster at Vanderbi'lt. 9. Connollsvllio Iron Works lias largest order fo, mine/ cages over placed In United States. 10. John K. Ulako of Shamokln eloc-ted secretary of Board ot Trade. 12. Farmers o 1 northern Fayetta county begin shipments of tomatoe® to Hednz Ooniipany in PittBburg, 13. Mount ZIo-n Baptist Church observes 33nd anniversary of pastorate of Rev. R. D. E^P: , 14. Annual American Ivegion community picnic held ut Oakford Park.- A. * J, Itottler ^!o ted presiflont o£ Western Pennsylvania Firemen's Association. 1C. Two-year high school course j greed upon for Obiopyle und Stewart township, 10. Chief Engineer Ji'celes of State Highway Uepartm -nt says work on Mill Run road will start during win- tor. 17. Steamboats will 1x running to Coiiiwllsvlllo wiiln flvo years In opinion ot Congressman Nathan I, Strong, chairman of live National fUvera Harbors Committee 1!). Captain C, W, Gonnen of New York appointed head of police on Oou- lu-illsrfllo IJi\lsiTn o£ BaliinKiro Ohio Hallroad. JCti: IUCCI-H begin survey for new PitlshUi a; West Virginia route, working neai South Connellii- vMlo. 20. Dr. J. T.. F'r.nMlflt, pastor of 1'Urat Presbyterian Church, entoi-o Washington, P a , hospital, 21. P. McCracken, assistant socrotnry of commerce, In chargo of aoronautics, announces he will' uomo to airport deilU itiou here. 22. Joseph i\'. Freid, 80, dies. 2;!. Lone bandit at 'apef. wttli ?1,6UO caali after lobbing Pirtt Natiouu.1 Bank nt Addiaon. 21. Peter Burgrun, 53, killed under tall ot slate in Kurek.i mine at Smithton. 25. George Thomas. G9, East Liberty, dies. 26. ' Twenty ovens fired at Bitner plant of Bitner Coal Company. George StnU oi 1 Ohiopylo claims c o u n t y record a f t e r killing 3S groun lho?s*. William Gbrtet, 74, dies nt Easi Liberty. a?. A, I,. Kvaus. Xorth Union towiibhlp, elected prln 'Ipal of Ounbar schX)^. Mrs f/ea ,\n' McDonaUJ,, 81, iwMaer of l l a r i j M M f D o n n l d , dies at llaws-on Betti gear 2iS. Aerial fMrootion iintler painted oa roof of Title Trust building, Tho body ot Hilary Wilbxirn, Ohiopylo faranier, inlsiing: alnca December 3, found, 29. R, d.'13!edsoo enters guilty iptea to liquor; charges. Clnronce L, Mr- Donald gives hl.H blood to save, lite of son, Clarence, Jr., eight. 30. Perrycpolift Board of Trade »1ottatea ?5W toward fund for preserving old Washington mill. 31. Annual outlnir of Union Orange Mcnic ABaociation hold nt Ilawson Driving Park, Max Sfrofelf, f'2, found dead in bed at Dawson, SEPTEMBER, 1. --N'ick Gaada, \ 21. Pepryopoli», sj\erely lKrnei in gasoline exploelon. 2. Benny Oro\v, 24, Star Junction. Injured on roller ooa»tw at .Shady Oi-ove Park, Ohiopylo High School o yens with 31 students «nrollod :t School rc*iirnea in Connelte-rillr w i t h au enrollment of 2,S(W. !, I P . VanNatta, former )n«uiram:e ni.;l reiai catato man, dies, 5. Hyatt Motor Company sold to TI'?iz«l-younjr Company G,, 33iisino»8 men raise ?2,720 (tor Airport dedication expense. 7. American Legion Airport dedicated: 31 ilrplanea pre.«out. P. M. Ill-111, asiistBnt chief o£ police, dies, ;'. John L. Gans returns to his deik in Tho Courier editorial rooms aftftr flv* months' sibKonea with a fracturod IOR. flev. John H. badnliertson returned as pastor of Methodlttt PrAes- tant Ourdh for 16lh year 10. Fttyettcj counts' growars ahdp two carload's of tomatoes dtilly to H, J, Heinz Company. 11. Cant rlbutionA toward res Wa^hltugton Jnlll at Perryopolla $1,000. i:.'. Wholesale destruction dt fish in Yough river again reported. i;:.--William Butler, Los Angelas, Ca! . viuita George Hall o£ C!Wiiopyie for drift ttnvo since he loft village 56 yeai s ago. Thomas J. KvHwna, 70, dies in Dunbar town,si)iip. PltUburg Coal Company con- largo reservoir and filtration plant nen,r its electrically opemtefl coal washer tit' VanMeter io .prevent polutlon of Yough river. 15, Fire wrecks Interior of Alpha Z^tortil Company shop. Clyde J. Smith, 0, UMontown, killed aivrt Mfas Isobel Core severely Intrt ta grade accident netw Morrell, 16, H, 0, Buittoii appointod anl to state fti'tuvd commander of Mac- cabees. Johti tavi8 named chaitimaai of aaiaual Boll Call of J^y-ette County Chapter, American Jtd-tl Cross. Train aervke on P!ttsbw# West Viriginla by April promised. 17, Violent wki.d»lorm and clotwi- bnrst does considerable damage to farms in Duwbar towmBhip. Hurry Cf. Drrowu-and I f . D. Minord nominat'od aa FixspubHeau uiwl Democratic can-didatea for mayor. IS. Heavy frost causes considerable a« in cxpos-ed placet. 19. Board of Trado directors outline oblemR of new or^niiiiation B.I meel- injf with fkxjre-tary Jolm K. Blako. Ma-s. Nancy Jolutston, SO, dies nt Nor- mo/lvllle Mrs. P. A. Tarr, Dawaon, showing 18 a.rticlea at Fayetto Conmty I^ttlr, wins many ipri»os. 0. L. AtcDon- ele^-tccl Presideirt of Past Ohanoel- :ors Assoctatlon of Western Pennayl- rtila and re-appointed filstrk-l deputy. 20 Harry R«(LwId, 27, Uawson, killed when his motorcycle collides with automobile near Smith ton 21, Hfdlowc'en celebration schod- .ilcrl fo-i Oc:tolcr 25 23. l''airvJew Mathad-iat Church at O'i'lnd%lone dctl1ca.t6d. 23, Connellsville and Scottdale men ride from GTefnisbu.rg- in Ford tri- tnotored plane aa guests of IleUol- Yoting Connpany. Rev, 13, A. SdutltK retunlod as pastor'of Must Unltod Brc41iren Church. 24, Baltimore Ohio will re-build flvo of engine stalls* wrecked by ilro. 25, Historic old Soiiom shops of Baltimore Ohio Railroad Company to-ra down; rumored that receiving- yard will be constnic-l'ed there. at?. Thirty students at Elm CM-wo tennporarUy idio when Hnliool ts in danger oi' s t u k l n g toto pit hoie 27 R. Bledsoo, former county ile-' tectlve, g^ts tin oa and li.Ui *ji'- a i u and fined $3,GUO for UqiKM- St. law oJfen'W, Nej Kilpat Ick, "^ injuifod In from h- use wxuf. Ensoiry's Roman Catho Ic Church opans ailvev ab ilrexsary program, 28. Flvo hunflrod p rpm» Rather near Waltersburg for F anklin school dedication ftiwl D'esmion. 29. Clark B. Camp: ril, $7, dies, Thirty three -members, o Milton ttisih- op Pyi )»,ve foi natio tal Atnerican. legion couvontlc-n at Ix ilv-IU*, Ky. 30. Marion Suvoff, 4 , \'«ndeii'bllt, Irillod uiulw 5.1at«» fall at Banning No, 2 mine. OCTOBER. 3. lu-ception hdld ' Episcopal Church for HI hop Charles bora o.f 1'itLvburg Ctmfert nee. 2, Kv. M. J. !*ppy of Ubnu-y «uf- f«r8 tiLtnl »t\'ok w h l l · nttondiws Methodist (Vnfoi'tnce !w» i 3. iJqnaio-of 15 Stale 'ohoo (irrwst oiffbt in mooU'ihlno jalda tere, ·I I'Yauk Krppps, 23, principal of Mill liun whoola, ici/urM in aulmno- btliO steAldent ne»r Per, it Slnrion, Mount I^eftseint ciilzma b gin canvass forr $4,50O ^» provide tow clock. 15. ROT. C. Gribovsky, Old Forge, Ijecomes -paMor of St St*i{ foil's Greek Cttiollc ChiiTvh ai I.eUwi) »Jng No, !/'· 7. AfetlKdtpit Oon-ferenr t elosei with of mlni^lera, lr, B. R, and Ilov. Prod "W inoman re- to Oomvollfrille. . jtckio Hn.ll, eoven, Ohiotiylo, dies t toepHftl nw brother, Itendnll, five, ia b -ing admitted. 8. David OiihntnffhAjfi, 7S, Friok pensioner, dies. A C'. Brc wn elected eotntnandcr of Milton T,, B shop Post', American Legion. C a p t i i n v W . C. Splrko tkops dead in Moun riiswtiant. ,9, *C, K. Ctttt n6.mid c! airman o£ m-eimlserahip cm'paii crn of 13 O, Railroad y. M. c. A. 10. Two hundred p*r« ns attend dinner meeting of Board ot Trade. 1*1, Mrs. Anrna Copier, '!), fatally injured by West Ponn o»c at South Coiin«lleviil4. 32. Bora on farm ot J Brg. John ,Sltitr of Morgan Hill k»st oyed by nro with $1G,WO loa-a. 13. Or. A. B. Hodil, Uij'lwn own. minister, dellvem address nt Fayetto Couaty Legion memorial e rvloo at Dunbar. Komuel V. Rustiell 78, once toll collector on bridge, hon dies. 14. Bolt of Jightnlivg sou fire io barn of Jlaa-i'y Joy iu Tanyar ! Hollow w,lth result of ?0,000 lose, i'a,Uury ot c^ty Bolioltor raiae-cl from |30 to $d5fl nil mindly. 1C. Salvation Armj'fl Horn-- Sorvtee Appeal begnin. B«m'iuit ( 'h Id cele- bating merger of William ) toKfnley ttiwl General Worth l-iodgea t il*i Fellows, 10, Bii-relca Auito Chain C imp-tin y, now inKhwstry, begins work, 17. Autom-abit: dtetl iekiphoi es to be installed at M o u n t Pleasant. Daniel Wllllard, ir««rfdonl o£ Bait JTOI'O Ohio, apwvdfl two houis lucre 15. Northern Fwyetna farm rs ship 1,100 tons of tomnloos to Ileii i. Ccun- pany In Pltoburg. tVvur bulk nigs on Irvln Keefer fawn fl,t llich 3W1! destroyed by fire Ixjlwed (o h-a. o JMOTI ot iucetidijwy ori?i«. FlrM. ot utwest groups nieetin.gis of Board of Trado held, ID. JJ. J. ComJskey, ((i, dies ' U Ci, Hoover re-elected president of Southwestern IMatrlct of Wtt-ttern P nnsyl- vania. Association of Loiter Dai -ieivi. 2 1 !). Homo of S. M. Osbunn titercil atvd «aah and. Jewelry stolon. 21. Yongliio.g'Iieny Hivar at Ohiopyle «'hTO'8 TiecoRBary (iun.liiih atiS'tialntng /Ish Hfi and ntveiim restocked w i t h bn.»ti, 22. Mountain blown pa w ice ha Davifrlowu Church, uncle · construction to rcHiUwva that tlostro; ed by tornado In May. 23. Dave Cohen, 30 youra ailor, sells buaine-ss to J'ofcoph PaH udino. Miss SelHe GHIBO, we.ll known practical nunrae, dle^ at Hospital. 24. V. M. C. A. nvmber8hit drive Hun- horo. istor vllle etie- Ai3- ia- ^ for .'ill be 25. Quentln Seate and George ford co-n'fosB to seven robberies 26. aoi-go SlHiihfl,kcir. j»stm at Indian Greek, dies. Council High School wtll bo host to Fa.\ Gi'eene County High School Pi'cs iciatioii at 1!);!0 meeting 27. Home of Joseph K.U , bomlx-ti b u t - n o one 1 Jurad. Bnrn of Bar! Barclay, MM Run, destroyed by fir». Bxpros» car lvum« near Indian Ore-ok with $65,001} Joss, 28, BalvaMoTi Army Homo Service £und passes $3,000 murk. 29, Contract lor oration of nuirseti homo at Mount PJeesant awarded to A. D. Chrlstner fur $SO,838. 30, Bm*mofrt W. Pyle, li, B. O, brakem'sui, Idlled between cars ill yards h«r«. 3K5. Th«olaro Tamss'kn, 25, suffers losa of «yo in motor" n;ci(i«nt at Whaler. XOYK31BEII,, 1. Charles Kerna, 74, flret victim ot hunting s«ason. B. M. Swartzwold- or markets basket of tomatoes, Jast of hte ftno crop. 2. J. T. South named liead o£ ll«d Cross R3,U Call in GouneSlsviUe. Dunbar quarry of Now!e LlnK' Htopo Company mak^s recowl by turning out 140,0'JO blocks In month. 3. J. SoisfKHi Aladigan, 32, fatally injured In anlo wr.eok on Springfield pike, Corneirs-tonp of n\v chnrcb. at Uavistown. laid. t. Isaac n. By«i"5, 74, dies suddenly nt r,ib«rty, Kitty-throe pereon enroll iu ("VmnpHsvlile branch of Fnyette County School oC Christian li/du^atlon, 5. Or, IT, D, Mlnerd «lectod mayor: Ira D. Vounkln, Charles V. "\VJiiie and J3. M, SwarUwtsldcr are now memberB of City Council. 7. Tdo dirigible lios 2\ngel6s mak^B unoxp(K*te(l visit over city. B. J. Murphy elected president o£ Mount Blens- nnt Bonrd of TrankV Carl C. Prinkey, 12, ot near Norntalvlllft, di«s of infection «n1d Io have followed punishment' by teacher who is "oxone-rated. 8. Tough River reported x in flue condition for baas- and othor llsh. D. Salvation Army's Homo Service Fund pusea $4,000 mni'k. 10. 'Dr. Oloyl Goodnight, president of Bethany College, T«dedicatea en- Iftrgfcii Porryopolls Christian Church, 11. Pitt-Tech froahhrtn football len-ma appear Jn first rollego gams' at Fayette City. 12. Bernar-d J. O'Connor killed in Plttsburg wh«n orush«d between steel girder and wall while at work. , 13. Par«nit« are guMtB oC studentii and teachrs at )iigh School. Hurry Ford, CO, West Ponn motoramn, dies 8iu5dinJy. Spectaculnr flro follows derailment ot 14 freight d(ir« on Baltimore* Ohio Htiilroad near Indian Crcc-lc. 14. James M. Marietta, 7fi, ltes. Shipment .oC binds baas distributed in Tempi! Kiver near Confluence and Ohiopyk 1 . InstaMation-of ]olico tole- typo printer nt City Hull begun. 1C. Ucnttoimnt Harold P. Staulfer mttdo ctiptiiin oE Howitxtir Company. 1C. Underground mining o£ blue- stono successf.ul at Cas'parls. Oon- nollsrille HUB Company purchns«(l by Somerset I!u9 Coniifjany. 17, Hev. If, W. Powlw, pnstor ot Baptist church^H at Flntwwids and SUr Junction, resigns to go to Mount Pleasant, Harry C. Sipu, nine, almost i n s t n i i l l y killed when struck 'by aUto^ mobile' operating oi SprlnfTflold pike by Michael IVvvnor oC Ohiopyle. 15. V. K. Middletown, superintend-, out of Stewart mine of iho W. J. ilairiey, Inc., transferred to Clyde No. rt 10. K l n e v l e w w i l l bo borough by spring, bplief o£ clti^ou-j. Board of Trade will send delegation' lo Washington to boost canalization of Yough- iosheny flivor. 20. KranK II, Tedro\\, 61, tlia nt Scottdale. 21. A n n u a l (ire loss V i O n l d builil 100 schools "like ours" Fire Ciilef W. K DoBolt tolh High School students. 22. Scottdale Armory named in memory ot Captain Uo\%nrd C. Braddock, commander o£ Supply Company, 110th. Lifantry. J. J. McFarland, 79, former hotel proprietor hero, yandor- bilt, Dawsou, Uniontown and Fairchance^ dies. Samuel M. JameB, 72, dios in bleep at Coufluouce, 23. Jusaph "VVelshoi)3, 55. division operator tor Baltimore Ohio Railroad, dies, Firo destroys home of Charles McGeo at Dunbar. State young people's ronferonpc me-etd here. 24. Trinily*Tulliprau Church numbers conduct canvass foi $1^,336 need-. ed in budge! for fiscal year. 2B. Itov. K A lioclil, Unloritowii, at a»nnal Father ami at First United Prosby i»AGB NINE. Son erian Church. 20, Baptist young men cr«a,to "toy hospital" (o provide toys at Christmas far poor children of community. Dlok- erson Run Y. TVl. C. A, celebrates its greatest membet'Bhlp enrollment ot 1,068 with banquet at Dawaon Driving Park. ' 27. N. 11. Bdller, Btata commission- ar of flelUrlof, aseurcB aportsmeu ot his Corporation in restoring fish life In Youghidgheay River, west of Confluence. 2iJ. , Rev. K. A. SflhuUz speaker at union service hold in Christian Churcli. 20. McKaeBpOft and West Newton join in movement to have Youghto- 'glieny River 'made navigable. School children ot Fajette county will aid In campaign to raise funds to save George Washington mill at Perry- SO, W. S. ^alla of Evans Station injured when locomotive steam blinds him as he drivi* across Yough llivar bridge and collides with West J'cnn street car. DEUEitBBK 1. Elks pay tribute- to departed members at a n n u a l memorial aervlce. 2. Dr, J, L. Junk named proflldent ot School Boanl. ,To4 KuIII, 2,'t, b! ooinoB youngest member of police force, 3. Donald Weaver, 10, Ron of Mr. and Mrs, A. W Weaver of IMinbar township, kidnaped on August 11, located in Chicago Oorgc liuehan, 4,1, burned w h i l e h u r r y i n g coal flre with kerosene, dlee, · 4. County Legion poate plan to meet horo on January 21. 6. Dr. Don C. .'\ieBelnKin has vertebra broken when he «11'P« and fnlla on icy steps at Hospital. William Bos- 6y, 81, Frlck veteran, dies In Dunbar township. 7, Deal for purchase ot Waahini?- lon Coal Qoke Company holdings at Btar Junction by II, C. Frick Coke Company declare i off. Howard II. Mborhead, 75, jiu tiee of peace at Evereoni dies. i 5. Cavld H. Barnes, B3, dies after long illness, 9. Board of TMdo membera go to Washing! on, D. C,, to attend National Rivere Harbors Congrww meetings for purpose of. advancltig claims for canalization o£ Yobgli. 10. Car No. 700 ot the Weot Pcnn Jlallwaye Company destroyed with loss ot $16,000 when shprt circuit ignitea it near Yo.ingwood. 11. Harry ®. St' oud elected president 'of Dunbar Volunteer Fire Department. J, It. Davidson becomes president of. Merclu nt« Club. Yough- ioglieny River Imp 'ovement Asoocla- tlon formed. 13. FJfly-three pints of whisky (Stolen from Connel'evillo Drug Company atore. Firaucls M. Brady elected manager of American Legion Drum Bugle G'orpa. 13, City's advant-igce a« airmail port, placed before I'celoflice officials In Washington. Fareivell reception for Rev. Dr. H. B. Shaw, resigned, held at East Llheriy Presbyterian Church. 14, Pitteburg West Virginia Hail- road awards contract for construction of line to Old Meadow, near Scottdalo. \Vtl!iani D. King, Indian "Head, killed at Akron, Ohio, when he steps in front of etreet car. John E. Struble, mine inspector for H. C. Prick Coke Company, elected president o£ National -Mine .Rescue Association. W5. John Heed, 81, dice near Confluence. One hundred fifty deer killed in Fayette county during seiwon. Thomofi A. Dailey olejted, commander o£ Waller E. Brown Post, VeleratH of Foreign Wars. Mre. Sa-ah Burnaworth, IS, Ohiopyle, burned f i t a l l y when her clothes ignite from oj«en stove. 17. Charles H. Shaw, AIcKeefeport, president of Youghlog leny River Improvement Association itsues call for people to enroll and lend support to river project. 18. R. JI. Patterson *eelgn« aa chief of police at South. OonnellsviWe, Robert B, Knight, GS, B. 6. yardmnator, dies nt DAWUOU. 19. William Seller, Uniontown, low bidder for construction of Nornuilville- MJ11 Run road. 20. Qeorgefl Construe Uon Company, Uniontown, low bidder for Normal- vile-Indian highway. Joeeo A, Cypher re-elected president of New Haven Hoso Company. 21. H. J. Heinz Company deeiree to renew tomato contracts with northern Fayotto county farmers. Johi\ A. Mc- Keeaon, 81, dies. 22. Re-Opening service held at the First Presbyterian Churoli. 23. Tunnel .for Pittelmrg WeU Virginia Railroad at Jacobs Creek begun. , 24. Theft ot automobile from J. jE. Angle first message eenl from this city over new police printer. High School football s^uad to bo gueet ot Kiwenirt Club on J a n u a r y S. Miss Dorothy Anderson, 1ms i nklo broken In fall, 2G. State Police make d r y affair of Christmas College Fi'ol c at State Armory, arresting aoven malo danccrd. 26. 5r. 13. Maeon, suporintendent for H. C. Prick Coke Company at Lemont, tvaiwferred to Bijidgepon mine nt Brownsville, succeeded by T. L, Doorley. Alfred J. Ruth, O f , Mount Nobo farmer, dies from heart attack jiust after asking blessing at r upper. ' 27. Elizabeth JJyrd, IB, colored ot Jamison, near Perryopolit, murdered by George Reedy, _ her IOVPI-, who escapes. Mr nnd Mre. Simuel BI1- heimer, UufffSdalo, eelebiali oSlh w e d d i n g aiinivoraary. 28. E S. Bowlin, 73, dies at Con: finance. Home ot Glenn liair, Scottdale, destroyed hy flre. "29, John Valentine, n ember of junior class at Dunbar Township High School, becomes you igofit superintendent In hletory of Da \veon Baptist Sunday School. 3'0, Ray Feteubrink, Rcottdale, regains conacloueneoR at Hospital 10 days after being: struck by automobile. 81, Hobbere g o t $ G O O at Strand Theatre in Scottdale. Henry G. Burne, 66, B. O. pensioner, die d at Hyndman. Mrs Surah. Wardley njnrod in fall dawn cellar etaire who'll she sicjt« on black c a t . SDQi'ltjmou 'CJ^a'-e 11 doxon CHINA IS FIRM IN DECISION TO CANCEL RIGHTS Extra Tanritorial Rights End Today; !o»if«sfon Will 1'ollow Enforcement. fly D C. BESS U n i t e d I'ri'M Stuff PEIP1NG, Jan, 1.--The N( tlonal Government adheres firmly to it« decision, announced in September, to abolish the exterritorial system. The special rights hold by American's and other foreigners in China therobrWHl be automatically cancelled. So far as Americans are aonvvrned, an American official here declare* that Mils action will "create an Impaepe which w i l l cause diplomatic enbar- raeemcnl for «. long linio to come" bccauBe* the American government does not iccognizc the right of. the Chinese government lo Abolish estra- (orriloriality except by 'n treat)- to which (lie Anicrloan government IB a party,' Frbm today therefore the sittmtlon will be greatly eonfusod for American resldenls in China. Tho ChineBe sov- crnm»nt \vill claim tlmt Am«r;l;a.ns tiro subject to Cbineeo courte in both Kvlmlnltl and civil Th-o Ataer- ican government will claim for its cidKBriG tho right (o be trim? in American consular courts in which (hey are defendants. If Chinese are defendants and Americans plain tiffs the case can be tried in a'Chincdd court, ait it. has been in tftc post, A spokesman for the Chlne*e government has intimated that tlie situation, will not ))o so bad 0*3 American Officials here fear, lie auggeete t i n t tho Chinese government will aboHsli eitra-terrltoriulily, hut wil not iscrl- ouely enforce abolition for 1 eame ti^ne to come. He cites the case of Japan, which the Chinese claim hna had. no special righte in China since IS !6, when its treaty expired, and whi'h has not yet been replaced. ' Diplomats here, however, declare that .Japan's position te most unsatisfactory, and abolition oC the apeci il rights of other countries will simply aggravate tho evil. They point o u t ' that Japanese havo refused 'to Te tried in Chinese oou'rte, and have been eujt- pdrted "by their government, which refuses to agree t h a t ita special right* arri otvdcd. "But this simply i means chaoe," said one American official. "Tin liKfte claim that we have no-special right's after today, and we Insist that, we -to. How can any dtepute Te nd · jtisted under riuch conditions?" Tho American government's poin of view, which coincides with that o' other countries still holding specin rightfi, ie briefly this: "Chinest courts vitill ore Inwipable o£ administering justice according to ·western standards. Chineart courts are still dominated by military leaders. Ohineito judg-Ci? are not free to render nnjiar icl decisions. Wo must retain our own con«mlnr courts in China u n t i l these conditions are changed." The Chinese government's point of view is thie: "It is an insult to China to have foreigners iricd in their own courts. Until wo can judge foreigners in our own courts, China will be considord an i n f e r i o r nation. We jjinsfc get control of foreign residents in. China Tjefore we maka any, real progress." Both skies are convinced (heir own viewpoint is right. There is no Indication that either will yield. The outcome is therefore- 1 extremely uncertain. Mejreradale , ,Tan. '.--The funeral of Francis Conrj ney, wJio died) at his homo at Acosta, was held here Sunday morning with servicoa at SS. Philip ami James Catholic Church, ihe pastor, Very Rev. J. J. Brady ofll- ciating. Mr. Courtney was a former resident ot Mcyersdale, but for a. number of years had been living' in Acosla, His is survived by is widow, one daughter, Mrs, Mary Rush c R Acosta and 'one on, Thomas Courtney; of Somerset His remains wore accompanied here by a number of friends from his surrounding home and tlva floral offerings which were numerous showed the high esteem In which h* was held by Ids neighbors. Mrs, n. n. Philson entertained oa Saiuday evening in 'honor of her son, Samuel, who is enjoying the Christmas vacation here, He being a student* at. Gettysburg College. There were 20 voting people present to enjoy tho o'vwnng. Mr and Mrs. Thomas Rehrig and ' i l U e d a u g h t e r OIK) tho former's fatlier, jAhitlliow Rr'hrfR of Cunvbe-rliinrt and tin* Mil- PCS M a r y and Nell Brady at Umacimiua, spent Sunday hero with. the Kilter's hi other, Very 'Rev. J, J. JJiady. Mr and .Mi* Joseph (Jrabcnsleln, daughter, Jlibs Mary bnu, and BOH. .Inflin, with his wofe and daughlcr, AJartjucrlte o£ Cumberland, wen* at Hie i'oino of Airs. Joha Htai-er Sunday, AH r e t u r n e d homo io. ihe evening exccnt Miss Mary fxjii, w h o remained for n f u r t h e r visit with her g r a n d m o t h e r . Miss Helen fcnglo, who IB employed _ V a n d o r g r i f t , returned (hero "on, H u n d a v after a week's \ i - i t here .with; her in-other, Mrs. KugJe of Hroaflway. Mr. and airs, Edwaul Crowe and two children of Now Brighton, spent a few days here uiul at Salisbury visit- in relatives and friends. Mrs. Walter Jones and two sons of Somerset spent Saturday and Sunday Hero with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. C, R. Wearer, Mib3 Pearl Baker and Miss Margaret Weber, visited in Frost burg on Saturday. Mv. Samuol SCOSB returned to her honif in Johnaiown on Sunday after sponding a week hero at tlio hoflw of IUM- parents, Mr. and Mrs, W. H. Uertot'. MI-.S Mar D i c n l lias re(nni«d from a few tuns \ ' s I u i t h rHativot- in Bod-

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