Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 23, 1972 · Page 36
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 36

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 23, 1972
Page 36
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8--July 23, 1972 Sunday Gatettt^Mail -ChwIMtgn, MM Vlrfkil*-- 55-- Mobil* Hem**, Trailtft RUFFNER ~ AVENUE-- (605)" two room efficiency. Shower. Utilities. Employed person. _ _ __ SfJOWHILL-- oarage "apartment, 4 -ooms, employed married couple. Reference. 925:3539. SOUTH "CHARLESTON - Newly decorate). Fully carpeted. All utllltlw. 744-OJW- 745-5556. ,_ _ _ . _. SOUT'-I CHARlTESTON-- one bedroom, »\r conditioned, $120 month. 744-C220. _ CHARLESTON-- Three" 5t-- HOUM*, UnrwrnisK«d GOCDTOWN-4 roorni and' bethi _month._R«fe-encei. M4-3017. _ __ MAf'N SYREET-- (our bedrooms, clwe~tb schools--buses, tint. 343-1847. M5 porch, yard. Married rooms. couple SOUTH Large only._ __________ SOUTH 'RUFFNER ROAO-garage apartment. Bedroom, kitchen, bath. Quleti settled gentleman only. $70 month utlll- tics furnished. ..34M75. ___ SPRING HILL-- Adults. 3 rooms. Utilities. 5;f7"l4, near VawKey--7 room split level Adults. 1175. SISSONVlLLS R6AD-J rooms, bath. en. closed front SPRING t porch. Mlddleaoed or '· References. 346-M96. Mountelfi--fe'ioht re- .- rooms, basement. Lirii* lot. SIM month. 761- SPRING" HILL--Dupli Air condlti After 5, 768-039». STRING" HILL. 2 room, "bato furnished MO. Retired Gentlemen. 7«-7«W. Adults. Air conditioned, nlshed. »80. 768-3590. SOUTH Three small rooms. Kitchen fur. Hoom» CHARLESTON GENERAL AREA - Room: Private entrance. Call after noon, . 342-4400. FURNISHED"houseKeeping rooms. Convenient location, suitable for retired bachelor. 727-3214. NEAR "CAPITOL STREET--clean housekeeping^ nd sleeping room. 343-3023. SOUTH CHA'RLESTON--i»'/j Mccorkie". Under new management. »9 up. 744. [ FINANCIAL ] 15-Metereyc'Us 1 Racing Can ··--Aw*»m«WI«* ** Sato FOR SAL!:-V97i~35"9~Hiri«"y~Divia»oS M l -' " Sprint. 76t-92«a. FOR SALE-WO SibCB Hood*. Excellent HILLS--Immediate occupancy bedrooms, 2'/7 baths, paneled game room, carpet and drapes. $23$ monthly. Phone 744-5574 or 768-9668. ST. ALBANS--Available August One SJ. ALBANS--5 rooms, air conditioner. _No pets, couple only. 727-TO4. SUMMIT OR'lVE. Bachelor Apartment 2 roorr.s, bath, air conditioned Available August 1. $130 mo. S^ MEYER .... 342-W TRUSLOW STREET--Four room furnished bedroom, close to but and shopping. NO pets. 727-7027. 1003 SE VIRGfNIA STREET E.-Employed eoupl*. Living-bedroom, kitchen, bath. References. 342-8614. WEST Charleston--large 3 bedroom, $130. Utilities paid. Employed adults. Reter- ences._Appplntments. 343-7870. 633 BEECH--private two bedrooms, living room, kitchen. 342-4089 SECOND Avenue-Four brick. Lease and references bedroom - -- -- required. Call Mrs. Mills, 342-4255 or 343-1931. $150 monthly. 59--Houses, Furnished apartment, plenty of clothet clowti. Call CROSS LANES--Two bedrooms. $150 342-1605. monthly including utilities. Leas* 7761487. SOUTH Hills--3 bedroom house, close to _Jhigh_school. References. 3434281. SOUTH "CHARLESTON--Pretty ~ 3 "room cottage, $70 plus utilities. 342-133?. 72--Butinets Opportunities ACE Custard Eq'u p. for drive-Iris, "Taylor freezers Humphries Ref'n. Co., 1J23 .jyashlngton St., _E^WS-^W. AUTOMATED LAWN service dealerships available this area. Our average deoter, earned five figures plus, in his tirsl yeaf of business; started part-time without experience and was bar* financed. For detailed brochure on this opportunity .write LAWN MEDIC, INC. 617 Slbley Tower, Rochester, New York 14604 BARBER SHOP, good location completely furnished. $60 per month. 1653 West _Washington Street. 346-0058. BEAUTY SALON, doing good business, 57 -- 'Unfurnished Apartmentr BAKS'R^Cblonlair" Kanawha City,"" 6S44 McCorkle, 4 rooms, married couple or single, no pets, air, range, refreigera- tor, carpet, draperies, heat, water, $160. 925-2395. _ BIGLEY-- 849-- Nice 5 rooms, yard. Near bus line. 343-1803. _ BIGLEY AVENUE-- Air conditioned 2 bedrooms. Kitchen furnished. Fully carpeted. No pets. $U5 monthly. 34Z-51W, 346-6102. ____________ CHARLESTON Easf Level-- ATTENTION STATE HOUSE EMPLOYEES -- 161g Franklin Avenue. Three bedroom apartment. $150 oer month, reference required, no pets. Call ESTILL GREENLEE, Property Management Dept. 60--Garages ~" GARAGE"F"6R RENT:" 342-7288. for sale. 346-2379 after 6:00. BEER TAVERN^ fully equipped; three lots on main highway--good location. 756-2084. FORECAST FOR MONDAY Pisces is selective and secretive, usually surrounded by aura of mystery. These persons perceive when something of importance is about to occur. The Pisces native is sensitive, not always direct, can be deceptive, but usually resolves to do "the right thing." Pisces is charitable, works well with organizations, hospitals, schools. In government, Pisces prefers to establish own policies, to break rules when deemed necessary. There have been four Presidents of the United States born under this zodiacal sign: George Washington, James Madison, Andrew Jackson and Grover Cleveland. H CLUB for sale, arransed. Call 925-5893. J10.000. Terms 61 BROOKS MEDICAL BUILDING--profes sional or business office. 650 square feet, ground f|oor, private entrance and exit. All services and parking. Available August 1st. 343-9855 CHARLESTON APARTMENTS, OFFICE ROOMS, HOUSES, STOREROOMS FOR RENT. PHONE 346-7151. DOWNTOWN AREA-^X rooms, bath. fulher information, call 346-3107. For ELK HILLS--3 rooms and bath--S50. Adults only._344-4«p. HURRICANE, W. Va.' -- Air conditioned, new, large one bedroom apartment, adults only, no pets. S125. 562-9977 8 to 5 p.m. BETTER OFFICE LIVING IN CHARLESTON THE NELSON BUILDING Kanawha Blvd. Broad St. 4 Short walking minutes from downtown banks and stores ONE OF W. VA.'S FINEST OFFICE BUILDINGS AT RATES EVEN BELOW LESS ADEQUATE ACCOMMODATIONS. Dial 346-6461 KANAWHA CITY-Adults, no pets, large five rooms, $150. Heat, kitchen furnished. 925-7118. KANAWHA BOLEVARD E.--One bedroom all electric, carpeted. Air. No pets. S175. 344-5892. MARMET -- Four rooms and bath. $85. _ 949-1168. ~ "NEW! -- South Hill's NOW READY FOR OCCUPANCY -- Three bedroom Town Houses plus full paneled recreation room, central air conditioning, completely carpeted with shag rug, fully eguipped, deluxe kitchen, balconies, excellent schools. ERWIN REALTY, Agent 344-1B41; Nights, 346-36M NITRO--Available now. All tral air, shag carpeting furnished kitchen. S15' " cTbfcrr-T- ' i -- D7vSY* n , m * «e |K«"II aparlment. S75. 925-5813. brick, cen- 1 bedroom, 'llLHL: Be OFFICE SPACES AVAILABLE: In Teays VaMey, across from new Bank site. For more Information, Call 1-562-7541 or 562-5101. South Charleston--Offices, air conditioned. SHERWOOD BLOCK CO. 925-2683. WASHINGTON--ELIZABETH, three room suites. Air, 343-1803. lanitor, utilltlet. Parking. 62--Business Places FIRST CLASS SPACE--Single story, masonry sprinklered, rail and truck docks, offices, parking, adaptable In area. 343-2201. WANTED -- DOUBLE CAR GARAGE or equivalent -- Must be zoned for business.. 727-4278. 30f WEST WASHINGTON STREET -- Large storeroom with basement, lavatory. 343-1273 or 344-3261. DRIVE IN Restaurant on busy highway, best reasonable offer. Owner retiring .Write Box M-292, c-o Ga_zette;Mai[. DRIVE IN for "sale~or trade. Livina quarters furnished. Also trailer lot that's rented. Very qood Investment. Putnam County, Route 62. 1-586-3219 or 755-5894. ESTABLISHEO'fabric shop. Apply Valley 1 Fabrics, 354 Campbells Creek Drive, Monday_through Saturday, 10 to 6. "FULL OR""SPARE TIME" INCOME" REFILLING, collecting money from new type high quality dispensers using a brand of nationally advertised merchandise. No selling. To qualify you must have car and invest minimum of $600. secured by equipment. A few hours weekly can net excellent spare time income. For a personal interview write to G.P.M. Enterprises, Inc., P.O. Box 71 Allison Park, Pa. 15101. Include phone number. HAMRIC'S Style Shop for sale. 1-364-5468 _pr_ 1-364-5788, Gassaway, W.Va. HOTEL 40 rooms, 2 apartments, bus station, park- Ing, garage, excellent occupancy. Owner selling due to III health. Reply Libby Hotel, Gallipolis, Ohio. Phone (614) 446-J414. IF YOU have clear title to an" "unrestricted, level to rolling, piece of property, 150' x 100' or more, I can show you 20% annual return with very little additional cash investment. Mr. Brown or Mr. Richardson at 925-4934 till 8:00 _ p.m. MARfNA DEALING in boatinF^id~fi'slv Ing services including mooring, boat and motor rentals and outboard motor repairs. On beautiful Bluestone Lake, Hlnto/i. W.Va Phone 466-1883. MOTEL-- 18 units. 8 room home. Over 1 acre ground. 6911 McCorkle Avenue, St. AlbansJRoute 6?L ARIES (March 21-Aprit 1?): Unusual reactions due as result of your efforts. You receive publicity, offers. Key is to gain co-operation from family. Peace at home plays important role in your progress. Know it and ta*e necessary steps. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Analyze philosophy. Gain greater grasp of you own direction. Means find out where you want to 90--and 1 why. Pisces coulct 'play key role. Apply light touch. Let others show their hands. Be quiet, calm and attentive. * GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Best results come now through creative efforts. Learn rules. Then apply knowledge to use material available. Sudden change could occur in romance area.. Ernottons run deep and are intense. Don't play games. CANCER (June 21-July 22): Lie low. Obtain hint from Taurus message. Investment procedure may be changed. Heed professional counsel. Family member could be too fast -- and misinformed. Know if and respond accordingly. Aries is in picture. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Keep health resolutions. Avoid extremes. Surprise visit could be on agenda. Personal magnetism is evident. Present Ideas, format. Fine for writing, other creative efforts. Welcome chance for new contacts. V.IRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Avoid needless extravagance. Genuine bargain is available. -Do some comparing. Take notes. Young person may display temperament. Maintain balance. Keep ultimate goal In sight. Aquarius could be involved. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Don't scatter forces. Obtain hint from Virgo message. Your efforts obtain attention. Be ready to answer variety of questions Saslttarian is likely to be in picture Expand horizons. Important social contact is on agenda. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Check apparent minor matters. Be thorough Check fine print. Don't commit yourself to unknown territory. Change of plans Indicated where short lourney is concerned. Relatives are in picture. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Win your way. It is riot necessary to buy friendship. Get ideas on paper. Chang of scenery is indicated--and beneficial. Gemini and Virgo figure prominently. Protect assets. Refuse to sell yourself short. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. W. Pui- zle pieces click into place. One who has authority will flash green light. You discover reasons for delay. Your Judgment, Intuition move on target. You get what you need--in pleasant manner. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 16): Avoid self-deception. Strjve to base actions on factual material. Don't try to hide essential material. Secrets are apt to be brought to light. Pisces figures prominently. Long-distance communication could be garbled. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Co-operate with Aquarian. Fulfill obligations. If you accept responsibility, chance for rewards are heightened. Know it and respond appropriately. You are due for favorable money surprise. Stick to principles. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you have compelling voice. You are gracious, capable of expressing yourself in meaningful manner. December should be a most significant month. Current confusion will soon be eliminated. You are on upswing. 83--Trucks and Tractors 64-- Camps, Lodges, Retorts MORRIS NEAR LEWIS--Upstairs 5 rooms, bath. Working adults. 346-4849. Outstanding Apartments GREENBRIER GARDENS-SwImmlng pool, air conditioning. Manager, 346-1671, 343-3434. WESTWOOD--1 and 3 bedrooms set amons trees, MOD, shag rug, air conditioning. Start $135. Manager 776-1747. ERWIN, Agent OFFICE 344-1841, Mrs - Aman ' - - - reasonab e, . 458-8367. - - - - - -CAMP SITES FOR RENT--Sleepy Hollow Campgrounds, Qak Hill, West Virginia, 2'/j miles down Pea Road. For reservations, 1-469-4404. FOR 5 , I - « O ] TENT "--Camp on Greenbrier River _ . _ _ MOTEL-- -profitable 34 units, carpeted, some color TV. Expansion possibilities. 7 room home. SW N. C. location. Excellent buy, terms. Write Box M-297 c/o Gazette-Mail. _____ SUNOCO P. 0. BOX 26, Kenova. W. Va. Phone 727-4368 OLD ENGLISH APTS., Cross Lane». All electric by General Electric. Dempsey __Builders, 776-2553. 776-2786. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT BY KANAWHA BANKING TRUST CO. TRUST DEPT. 344-1741 FAMILY OF 3, two or three bedroom unfurnished house in Cross Lanes ' or Nltrq area with option to buy. 755-1694. SOUTH HILLS. 3 rooms, garage, basement, yard. $85. Married couple. 3448695. SOUTH Charleston--HOi/7--A Sixth Avenue--Adults only--4 rooms, garage. No pels. 768-7224. SOUTH CHARLESTON-Duplex apartment. 3 rooms, bath and utility room, Call 744-1849 on weekdays after 6PM. SOUTH HILLS--3 room apartment. All utilities paid. Kitchen furnished. $120. 344-4203 after 6 PM. ST. ALBANS--Main Street--Upstairs--5 rooms, bath. J75 per month including utilities except electricity. Adults only. 755-2930 after 6. ST. ALBANS-557 4th St., Near Kfog'ers; Vacant. 5 rooms, bath, second floor. $125 month, gas and water paid. Keiffer Realty, 727-4393. 58--HotiMt, UnfurnlriMJI ALUM CREEK. All electric 2-bedi ric 2-bedroom home with garage. Out buildings. Large fenced yard. $125 monthly. 756-3910. BELLE--6 rooms, bath. 119 Gardner Avenue. $100 monthly. 925-9361. MALDEN-BRICK 7 rooms. Gas furnace. Porches. Garege. References. 343-5151 925-3314. near Hlnton. Phone 1-466-3343. SMALL furnished camp--boat--GrecnBrTer _Rlver. Near Watoqa Park. 346-3781. 65--Wanted to Rant DUNBAR. Working c o u p l e with baby would like 2 bedroom unfurnished house. Reasonable rent. 768-9266 after 5:30. MOTHER and four children want three bedroom unfurnished house, Dunbar vicinity. 925-1482. NEEDED AT ONCE! Three bedroom home with basement or recreation room. Couple with two behaved children will pay $160 month, consider higher. 7270378. WANTED--I bedroom unfurnished house, at least 5 acres fenced pasture. Buildings for 3 cattle on hardroad In Spencer school district. Will pay up to $120 per month, if house is suitable. Call 927-1972 after 4 P.M. Good refer- _ences. WANTED:APARTMENT with B»rage~for _bachelor. 755-1002j_727-0601_after 5 YOUNG working" couple desires farm near Charleston. Reasonable. Will re- palr. 344-4480. ROOMS 68--Rooms without Board 72--Business Opportunities DISTRIBUTORSHIP SEE OUR AD IN SPORTS SECTION THE CALL MR.BILLMERRITT AT 343-4521 72--Business Opportunities T O P I R O C K ' R E A L T Y Lowis Hatcher --IIOKH- 925-3261 925-7226 PROFITABLE grocery business service station near Charleston. Sale will include a residence 2 ! j acres adjoining business site. Owner financing available. Under 540,000. ATTRACTIVE ROOM OR APARTMENT FOR ONE OR TWO. PRIVATE ENTRANCE. PHONE 341-4057. BEECH AVENUE-GENtLEMEN-Larae, clean, quiet, tile bath, shower. 343-0407 COMFORTABLE, clean, weTl "furnished parkins, gentleman, reference, 1541 Jackson. 342-3755. WE HAVE a wholesale business, all cash accounts, growing by leaps and bounds. We need a dependable associate in your area with S900 minimi'm to invest In equipment and Inventory which will turn over about two times monthly. Income potential exceptionally high. All replies strictly confidential. CONSOLIDATED CHEMICAL CORP. Freeze Dried Products Division 3815 Montrose, Suite 120 Houston, Texas 77006 CHEVROLET 1965 Vi ton pickup. $350. Call after _5, 342-J740._ __ _ CHEVROLET" 1952 one'tbn truck "for"safe. 925-2057. CHEVROLET--1972, one-ton dual wheel, low mileage. Like new. Ideal for trailer transporter. Phone 342-7111 between 9:30 _a.m.--5:00 p.m. _ __ "CHEVROLET--r»M"ton""and "Va, "heavy duty, C-50 with five speed transmission and power steering, 10' van with hydraulic tailgate, all new tires. 51,950. Gravely tractor with starter and rotary, mower and cycle bar, $375. Three point hitch Oliver rear mower, good condition, $100. 1-273-2611. 74--Money to Loan LOANS BY "MAIL" lo~S80o!"' Lo"wcr""your mgr.thly payments. No Red Tace. Economical, fast, confidential. Write Roberts Loan, Box 6071, Wheeling, W.Va. LOANS 525 to 5800, "while you wait serv". ice. ELK FINANCE LOAN CO., corner Biglcy_8nd Wash. Ph. 346-0629. 76--Bank Loans · The Chemical Bank 4 Trust Co. South Charleston __ LOANS--"ALL TYPES ~ Lowest Bank Rates Merchants National Bar* Montgomery, W. Va. 744-1314 79--Recreation Vehicles Chevrolet T.E.C. Travel Cruiser Motor Home 25 FT., 6 sleeper, fully self-contained, with shower, plush and beautiful throughout!I Stereo tape system, oven and ranye, refrigerator, shag carpet. And to top It all, a drive system that only Chevrolet! superb engineering could develop. Durability and quality second to none. See It today at your area authorized dealer. LANDER'S CHEVROLET Hurricane, W. Va. Phone 727-7031 CHEVY SPORT VAN--1966. Automatic, one owner, 38,000 miles, execellent con- _dj\ion. 5900. 744-3338. Charleston Truck Trailer 6124 m MacCorkle_Ave L S.W. 768-H76 DATSllN PICKUP, 197'i. 15,000 miles $1,550 or trade. Call 744-2462. 83--Trucks and Tractors TWO VANS-- Both have new stickers. 1964 Ford window van. Best offer over S475. 1965 Ford V4 ton heavy duty Econoline. _Best offer over »650. 744-3221 uty -3221. 1950 FORD I'/j ton, flat bed, $400. »M«91 · 1968 GMC Stepside. 6 cylinder. Excellent . condition^ S1200. 343-5889. 84--Acceiioriet, Tire* Pprh ^fcsiyp" 16 ' Sed ' n "^'^ CASTO'S AUTO Parts. KennS:West _ AUTO Parts. Virginia. Phone 984-9050. ' ". CHEVROLET engine '396" 1967rs2757"343: condltk». C«JI before t p. n.., 727-24*1. Gigantic Door Buster Sale All modeis drastically reduced SAVE UP TO $175 B L CYCLE CENTER Your authorized dealer tor Ossa, Maloo, DKW, Hodaka, Steen Factory "air, iower."Vlnyl top. Sharp coition. lUffwHt" "* 30ii 54th St., Kanewha City 925-3192 HAR LEY--1971 Sportster, 3,3W mile*. Call after 4:39, 342-4900. HARLTY~DAViDSON ElectroBllde-W5 fully dressed. $1400. 777-0132, HARLEY DAVIDSON, 1970 Sporsttr--Cus- torn paint. »1,200. Hurricane l-M-5673 ~ ' " ~ " " tlon. S435. Phone 768-«». KODAKA SUPER RAT, 1*70--new engine $325. Phone 7(4-1047. HONDA 350 (1969) with 1971 engine, $5* 1971 Hcnda-350, MOO. 343-277*. HONDA, 1971 CL-17I. Low mileage. LIE new. Helmet. $550. 346-«95«. HONDA TION. 1971--350 CL. GOOD (550. CALL 727-3477. HONDA19 984-110/. 17 160 Dream. Good Condition HONDA--1964 Dream, excellent condition 4,700 miles, $300. 744-8997. HONDA 1971. CL-175. Excellent conetl tlon. Take over payments. 949-1457 after V, Z-50 .................................... 1250 SL-70 .................................. 1321 CB-100 ................................. $37i XL-250 .............................. $7* CB-350 CL-350 ..................... $715 CB-500 ................ NOW $1,199 F YOU can't find your model above or if you can find a lower price from any W. Va. dealer, quote it to us -- we'l match If. R. G. MOTORS, INC. Your Closest Discount Honda Dealer Nuller Fort, W. Va. (Clarksburg) 624-J451 HONDA, 1970 SL-175-- $400. Excellent con- . dition. Glasgow 1-595-3140. T-70. Like new. $275. ONDA, 1971 HONDA _ _ _ . HONDA 350. 1970, S500 or trad* Tagalong camper. 925.-34JJ5. HONDA-- 1972 . -------- ' miles. Never 75j.37.J7. . SL350/K2 less than 300 been titled. $775. Phone KAWASAKI VEST VIRGINIA'S OLDEST LARGEST Authorized KAWASAKI Dealir FOX IMPORTS, INC. 26 Winfield Rd., Rt. 35 Below St. Atbam xit 10 Right-Off 1-64 Phone 7S5-J3JI CAWASAKI -- 1968, 350 Avenoer. Good condition. $400. 984-3431. DILLAC--ntt FMetwooo SedannMr, till power, 60-40 front tut, AM-FM stereo. Tttt-ttl«tcoplc wheel, crulM control, new tires, tow miles. Car Is iceMent. Sy owner. S3I7 m ' 1 J JJ "" -"^ILLE r-Ma-."By owner. All extras. 343 CADILLAC i Call 744-2T«. CAMARO, -$Z7T enolneT Nice. :APITOL I--Air, Rally whetlsT Phone 7*4-11*1. Chrysler-Plymouth CAR 1111 Wuhlmten St. E. CHARGER 1*71-- Special Edition, 167660 , miles, big engine, »lr, »l»p»tlck. Owe-$3500, Stcrlflc*-- $3350. 343-1710 or 346031. CHEVELLE, 1968 SS 396--427 engine! rnou whMli. $1,59$, Stll or trade. 755-1122. CHEVELLE--1972 Super Sport, 350 V--«, turbo automatic. 776-1454. CHEVELLE, 1WI SS-396. Excellent condition. After 5:30 PM, 344-4«16. SANITIZED USED CARS WARRANTY USED CARS CLEANEST USED CARS IN THE VALLET BY THE OLDEST AUTO DEALERSHIP IN THE KANAWHA VALLEY CHEVROLET, for new and used cars. Call George Moore, Brown Chivy, 949-1463. Chevrolet 1956, 8 cylinder, 2 door, standard. Good condition. Clean. $350. 3442677. CHEVELLE MALIBU--1M9, 307 automatic. Immaculate condition throughout. $1450. 776-2959. CHEVROLET--1965 lmp»l» station wagon, $550. Will accept trad*. 727-9320. HEVROLET-1J72 Monte Carlo, all extras. Take over payments. Call 343-9763 CHEVROLET 1971 Caprice. Hardtop. 13,000 miles. $2,900. Good condition. 346-6559. miles. g,KJO. Good condition. 346-6559. CHEVROLET, 1965 Impala Sport Co"up«= V-8, automatic transmission, power steering. Local ear with IMS than 57,000 miles. Offered by orginal owner at $595. 342-2944. CHEVROLET SPORTS DELUXE VAN 1965. Automatic, radio, heater. 727-9971. CHEVROLET--1966 BetAIr"station wagon; must sell. 755-524B. HEVROLET NOVA, 1964--V-«, automatic transmission. Good condllton. 755-4046. HEVROLET BISCAYNE--1966. V-8 automatic. Air. Perfect running condition. $365. 342-4677. ApY'S Honda 90 1969 model 950 actual miles, excellent condition. $225 firm. Call after 6 p.m., 92H604. MID-SUMMER SALE SA's, Triumphs Rickmans Now On Sale HONDAS onda CM-70 $297 onda QA-50 $185 Tires on Sale, Tool nobbies 8 Trails . . as low as $10.95 CYCLE SHOP OPEN 9 to » 15 Wash. St. E. 343-8904 ISA Pioneer 1972 250 Enduro. 5 months old. $750. 346-2817. HEVROLET Coupe 1942. Light blue, |u»t painted. All chrome replated. Everything original. $1500. 1-469-3149. CHEVROLET Impala station wagon, 1968 --Low mileage. Excellent condition. Original owner. Power steering, brakes. New tires. Phone 342-8912. 70CHEY, ·quipped condition . . . . Impolo 2 dear hardtop, fully including factory . air $2295 67 LINCOLN ^ fully ·quipped 69 JEEP automatic trans- million Continen- I coup*, $1496 4 wh**l driv* station wagon, $2595 69 FORD tic trans- Cortina wagon, station autorna- CHEVROLET 1967, four door, vinyl hard top, power steering and brakes. Air conditioning. $750. 343-7306. CHEVROLET Caprice--1*66, good condition. $600. Call after i, 925*572. CHEVROLET NOVA, 1962--Running condition. $100. Phont 342-5614. CHEVROLET 1957 BELAIR, automatic. $200. 744-2393. CHEVROLET NOVA '69 -- High performance. 350 CU.-365 HP. Four speed- traction masters--air shocks. Very good condition. $1600. Phone 75H947. CHEVROLET 1966, V-8, standard trans- mlsslon. Excellent second car. $400. 768-0622. CHEVY II 1967, Super Sport. 327 4-speed. $950. 984-9362. CHEVROLET 1956--Nomad, restorable condition. Call after 5, 776-4494. r-"ijr n 'v'c't "~t»"ib'~'*~" itM».^j»4v " "i«w $1195 Duster 2 door coupa, 3 speed $1495 (SO PHFV lmpal ° 4 door 70 PLYM. transmission ·quipped condition hardtop, fully including factory air $1895 DODGE 1970, '.· ton Camper Special Ilk new with only 5,000 actual miles, 4 speed trans., all heavy duty. S3495. . .722-3397 Holliday Recreation Center, 1825 Mai _Corkle Ave., jt._AJbans. DON'S"A"UT6-infernat!onal flat bed, $69; Ford 66 Pickup, S995, 804 Pennsylvani Avenue. FORD truck (1966) Vj ton. Call after 4:00, 965-3636. : ORD--1968, V4 ton, low mileage, good condition. 768-225?. ORD WINDOW van (1962) New paint" insulated and paneled. M50. 755-1B24. _ : ORD, 1970, pickup, V-« and FORD, 1969 Econoline Van. V-«. 755-7161. FORD PICKUP--1963. Rebuilt motor. New tires, shocks. Needs paint. Must sell $525. 925-0200. IMC 1964. . .10 speed, tilt cab tandem tractor, 318 engine, EXCELLENT! IMC 1966, 9500 Series Conventional Tractor. NEW GMC 8, KENWORTH TRUCKS * 21 NEW PICKUPS IN STOCK* IMMEDIATE DELIVERY! GENERAL TRUCK SALES W. VA. KENWORTH WEST END OF 2ND AVE. AT "F" ST. LOOK AHEAD-two B.F. I'M!' 4672° " CONVENIENT location. Nice for ladies Private entrance. Kitchen privileges 1599-A Quarrler. EAST--Nice Room with refrigerator Close In. Working gentleman. 343-7950. NICE ROOM-^CIose" In. Gentleman only Call 342-3301._ _ _ ROOMS for students of private s'chooi kitchen privileges. Can take care of 10 _5tudenl5. 925-9930. RUFFNER Avenue--Attractive room. Home atmosphere--Kitchen privileges Ladles. 342-1634. SLEEPING ROOM--12 DELAWARE. _AVE._GENTLEMAN__pNLY._ 343-3827. SLE EPING "ROOMS--G'ehtleman. Wes Side. Call before 11 A.M. or after 5 _M4-W_15. ST. ALBANS--room foF~rent." Phone "727 2564. VIRGINIA STREET, E. Nice clean room. Employed gentleman. 342-8614 or 342- 69--Housekeeping Rooms BIB"BY*~STREET^one~rbom, no drinklno. Phone 346-3730. BROAD S1KEET HOTEL, 549 Broad -Housekeeping rooms nicely furnished. Maid service. Monthly 150. 342-5911 GOSHORN STREET--Upstairs-Cooking ii room. Private entrance. 346-5570. 72--Business Opportunities 72--Business Opportunities WANTED: PARTNER for high profit enrollment agency in the Charleston.Huntington, W. Va. Areas We want a forward looking businessman to become our partner in a highly successful American Training Services Enrollment Agency. The person we select will be responsible for leading an organization that enrolls individuals who have contacted his office in his area for training in one of the largest tractor trailer driving and heavy equipment operating schools in the nation.. EARNINGS POTENTIAL WILL BE IN EXCESS OF $25,000 PER YEAR. As art ATS enrollment agency owner you will be building a solid business for yourself with good future security, virtually no investment in plant or equipment and low overhead. You will receive complete training and home office back-up. You will be part of ATS's unique agency compensation plan and you will find yourself in the prestigious position ot being the partner in your area of a leading publicly owned corporation. Investment required, between 58,000-512,000.. CAUTOMOTIVE 80--Automobile Leasing Automotive Leasing Systems, Inc. Cars, Trucks, Dally, We*ly, Monthly 925-2186, 410 50th St. S.E., Kanawha City NATIONAL CAR RENTAL Rent by hour, day, week, month, year . Corner Court Wash. SI. E. 342-4653 82--Wanted, Automotive Selling Your Car or Truck? INQUIRE about our time-proven consignment service. 37 years at our present location. No cost or bother to you. For details, call MR. HOWIE at Wegmann Motor Sales Inc. 6558 WlacCorkle Ave., S.E 925-77SJ Across From Robin Lants Bowilna WANTED--Tailgate for 1961, Ford, \'i ton pickup, 6Vi Stepside. 727-4011. So. Charleston Ph. 744-1321 FORD TRUCK (1960), S57S; 1963 ForL Pickup, S275., both good shape. 342-3316. GMC--1959, ?', 4 speed, mornings. 744-4146. Utility bed. Call GMC, 1968--Half ton pickup, four wheel drive, V-6. New tires. Good condition. 51,495. Hamlm,JI24-7866.__ GMC 1966" VAN-18'" body, 3' taliptte". 1326 Smith Street. 83---Truck* and Tractors BOB""MORRIS WRECKER SERVICE" Distributor Holmes Wrecker Equipment 49J6 Kanawha Blvd. E. »25-4701 CHEVROLET panel truck" 1965. ""Good condition. $350. For more Intormation phone 342-3930. CHEVROLET 1962 .a ton pickup, 6 cylinder, 3 speed, 6'/ 3 ft wide bed, black finish .. only .. $395 Harvey Shreve Ford Rt. 60 W. 727-4308 St. Albans 72--Business Opportunities DEALERSHIP AVAILABLE Now hondling lop linn in Con, Trucki For, Mochinsry, ond Lawn Equipment. Purchme pri backed by inventory, liberal term* Available. Cor dieting inlereitj reason for jelling WRITE: Box M-291 c/o Gazette-Mail 72--Business Opportunities DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU WANT A NEW HOME A NEW CAR OR A BANK ACCOUNT Pclential of Sli.OOO pfryrnr. NoSellirq. Pracelt paper warif. Wont ONE EMcbii.e Mailer Dilt.ifculor in area. Investment ot S?.000 required. Guaranteed return of your ifweument. Te«n and Twenty Ctimelk Corporation 274O S. Glenstorte, Suite 105 Springfield, Missouri 65804 Phone 41 7-883-7811 72--Business Opportunities -A-merican Training Servioes Call our President, ELLIS SHORE, collect- 609-424-1717 or send in this coupon today ELLIS SHORH, PRESIDENT ""' American Training Services n \ A. T. S. Boulevard Cherry Hill, H.J. 0800 2 Yes, Ellis, I'd like to t o l k . . . Name . Address City stale . . . Telephone . . . 723CH | 1 1 1 1 1 - - . Zip | . ... L.all AM|_J or PM j_J i OWN YOUR OWN BUSINESS! WANTED WHITE'S AUTO STORE DEAIERS for pror,r«tive tftwnj in Honda, G»orgia, Tennfl«*e, Virginia., North Cmoi'nci. and South Corolina. Over 500 Wt hnv* fivf full lins distribution t*nt«n at 1h« prfM^nt fim* ond nn» of the** ii located at 6^-00 Mnwkinv/i.'i* Road, MACON.GEOGIA. V.'S!T£ fOt fFtf BOOtUET TODAY. If you m* on e.icrgtttc r;ion, a mndtrai* inve*!m*n[ will ylnrt you en th* road to MJCHJM with a WKtl E i AUIO STORE. A C T TODAY!! Jocklyent, Jr. WHITE STORES, INC. Maria Of (ice Bids. Suit* 10T 4905 Rodford Ave. Richmond, Virginia 73230 Telephone: 358-34OO INTERNATIONAL 1970 Pickup, % ton, "1200 series", V-fl engine, X speed transmission, towing package, pickup body topper, 8,100 actual miles. LIk« new and cnly-JJ4M. Interstate Equipment Sales St. Albans Rt. 35 at 1-64 Bridge Phone 755-4343 after 6 p.m., 727^33 INTERNATIONAL, 1957--Rebuilt motor, new inspection sticker. Good condition. S325.JM4-2688. NTERNATIONAL, i964-T600 series, ca and chassis. Very good condition, loi mileage. 984-9B56. FORD 1967 289, $100; Mustang 1967 200 six cylinder, $100, 1966 Ford 390, $100, Chevrolet 1965, 250 six cylinder, $100; AUTO'PARTS"' "** Flat 85 °- CASTO ' S FORD TRANSMISSION, 4 speed--$125-- 289 _heads, racing cam. 925-1431 GOOD used tires. Most all sizes 15 RUPP MINI BIKE-4 HP $70--Phone 755-2120. _ _ HOLLEY 2 barrel carburetor and man ^ d 4 BB , For 150 ° cc Volkswagen-$50 "49-1281. JIM MINNICK Racing Enterprises Firestone 500 12" slicks mounted on spoke aluminum mags and balanced I?? 0 ,' '*,* 6 and 15 * 6 dark center Mickey Thompson mags for Ford, Mo- BA r a nd Chevrolet. Set of i complete S69.95 13" chrome reverse wheels for Vegas. $15 eacJi. Mr. Gasket wheels one niece aluminum 14 x 7 for 5" bolt circle. Late Chevrolet, early Oldsmoblle and Pontiac. $29.95 pair. 776-2200 Goodrich snow b ° th MOPAR Mickey Thompson Super Scaven sers Headers, galvanzed to last. 727-2495 after 5:00 on weekdays; weekends any time. ViUNCIE 4-speed transmission, with Hurst "-'"-Shifter, New'synchronizers',' '$120."342' PONTIAC CATALINA (1964) body. 1966 Pontiac engine,' 964-3944 after 6:00. trl-power, $75, TIRES -- Used, $5 and up. Extra mile : remaining. FIRESTONE STORES Phone 342-4185 970 Chevelle engine. 307 with turbo transmission S3SJ complete. Will sell _ separate.^965-5286. WANfED-- Frbnf end pads for" 1967 Chevrolet Impala. 949-5714. 289 CAM block rods and pressure plate. Call 342-0783. SS-Motorcyelef A^ Racing Can MA SANCTIONED motocross^Mount Alto, W.Va., Sunday, July 23rd, 1 p.m Intersection Route 2 Route 33. Follow si8"'- AMA sanctioned Motocross. Rocky Fork _Raceway, Sunday, July 23, 1:30 p.m. BSA THUNDERBOLT" 1970, 7,000 miles. $800. Student needs money. 343-3807 weekday evenings. FOR BSA CHOPPER-650CC, custom pam7, molded frame. Extended front end and SUZUKI SPECIALS Just Received--Large Shipmenl SUZUKI TM 250 J's Motocross World Champion Reg. $925 Reduced to . . $819 New, 1971, TM 400 Motocross. . . . SPECIAL!! $875 delivered SUZUKI 750 "Water Cooled" Reg. $1595 Reduced to $1495 YOUNG'S INC. YOUR VOLUME SUZUKI DEALER 223 Virginia St. E. Phone 343-4431 OPEN: Mon.-Frl. 9-9, Sat. 9-5 SUZUKI 1971--250. FOR SALE OR TRADE. 925-5279. SUZUKI, W1-3SO. Excellent condition, 2200 miles. Call 4-12-4969 TRIUMPH Bonnevllle 1964, fully chopped, _lots of chrome. $950._342-4296 after 5. TRIUMPH 1968 trophy 500. 77000 actual miles. Also, 1972 CB 175 Honda, (00 miles. Call 1 595-3733 at!er 5:00 p.m. Kit, Rood Call 776- YAMAHA MX--(1971), Light sticker. Excellent condition. 1295. YAMAHA 1971 360 Endure. Excellent condition. With extras. Motorcycle trailer. Hauls three. All for $725. 925-0115. YAMAHA-J971, like new~150b~nTife7. J750._776-1680. 'AMAHA 360 Enduro, 1971 Model, miles. Perfect, $750. 562-9792. 500 CM R Y S L E R Newport 1967^ Fully equipped. Vinyl top. After 5, 346-6106. ' CLEAN CARS-OUR MOTTO GRAHAM MOTORS 2344 Pennsylvania _ Ave, Ph. 346-0751 COMET--1971, V-8, automatic, air conditioned, power steering. Radial tires, 768-2826 after 6. COMET--Cyclone GT--1966. Sharp! 390 HP, positive traction, air conditioned, 4 new tires. East Bank 595-4678 after 5. CONTINENTAL Mark III, 1970 Model. $6,000 firm. Call Milton 1-743-7990. CORVAIR--1965 Monza, 140 HP, 4 speed. Konls, Michelins, Short steering, Metallic linings, spare wheels. Asking $475. See at 1-64 Sunoco. CUTLASS, 1966--Best offer. May trade ski boat--van. 346-4507. CO flllCV Malibu s P° rt OO UnCf « coupe, fully ·quipped including factory air con- R.oTShorp!" ...... . . $1495 7fl MflVA 4 IV I1UIM si real nice car CI AT 4 door MAI ..dan tran " nis - sion, Super Sport, $2195 124 Real Sharp! 68 CHEVY II motic trons- DATSUN TRADE-INS '68 Chevy, Vj ton pickup $«95 ·69 Flat 850 Convertible $7»5 '69 Flat 1J4, 4 door . . . J4»5 MOUNTAINEER DATSUN 521 Broad St. 343-4143 DESOTO--194?. One owner. Good condl- tlon. Call 776-1295. .----. DODGE SUPER BlrE 1969. Good condl- tion. Must sell. Priced under wholesale. 744-9195. DODGE DART, 1965 -- Rebuilt transmission. $250. Schwlnn 3 speed bicycle (lady's). $60. 343-6405. DON'T PAY more for an auto loan than vou have to. Call KANAWHA VALLEY BANK, 34»-7300. 4 door, 6 cyl., auto$1195 CA pi YM Fury 4 door *** Ww I k I Illl mission condition don, factory air coup* 68 CHEY. *£r 3 72 VEGA automatic trans- DUSTER, 1970--Automatic. $1,400. Phone 761-3174. : OR Sale-1970 Chevelle SS, 4 speed. $1895 or assume loan. 1-562-3169 after 6 p.m. FORD-196* station waoon, V-* autorriai'- ic, 31,000 actual miles, metallic blue, air conditioning, like new. 343-9231 or 342-1351. ORD Galaxle 500 1964. Looks good, runs good. 925-7188. 'AMAHA 1971 90 MX $300. Motorcycle trailer. 3 rails. 984-1968. 'AMAHA 1971 Enduro -- 175. 3,000 miles. $450. Will consider mini bike on trade. 965:5711. r*AMAHA--1971, like "hew,""$300. ~Phone 1-595-4738. YAMAHA --1970. 250 Enduro, and trailer. Both for $725. Call 744-5155. 'AMAHA -- 1968, 250 Enduro, condition. 964-1005 after 5:30. excellent YAMAHA--1970, 175 Enduro. $350. 756-2637. Large Stock of Brand New INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Now Available!! Pickups -- Cab Chassis -- Tractors Tandems Scouts. This Year's Best Selection. See Them Today at.,. J. D. MOORE, INC. International--Thermo Kins Dealer Parts Service till 11:30 P.M. Exit 12--1-64, Charleston, W. Va. 776-365 SErL~~AT~de7iers cost. New 1972~FFuck Chevrolet chassis and cab. Model CE 61403. Call CRAWFORD CHEVROLET Box 98. Lookout. W.Va. 25868. 574-0265. 1971 INTERNATIONAL, 1300 series, crew cab, seats 6 people, pickup bed on the rear. Automatic transmission. Ideal for pulling travel trailer. 40,000 miles, $23M firm. Lincoln Mobile Home Sales Inc Hamlin, W. Va. 824-7866. 1972 CHEVROLET 731V wheel base, will handle up to 16 body cab chassis, 50 scries, heavy duly, medium olive with blacK trim radio, power steering, 5 speed Clark transmission, heavy duty radiator, cus torn comfort appearance, 900 x 20 12 ply tires on off rear. West Coast mirrors, heavy duty frame, frame reinforcements, 7,000 Ib. front axle, «,000 Ib front springs, 2300 Ib. rear springs with auxiliary, 17,000 Ib. 2 speed rear axle vacuum reserve tank. Manual control, 366 cu. in. v-8 engine sasoline, WAS $7420.90. OUR PRICE-J6411.S3. C 0 Motors, Inc. "Your Chevrolet 8, Oldsmobile Dealer" Rt. 60, St. Albaru 727-4396 USED TRUCKS 1967 1971 (1) (1) 1971 (l) 1970 White Freightliner Frelghtllner Ford Trl-axle dump Brockway cab chassl (1) 1970 FWD tandem dump (4) 1968 Ford tandem dumps (1) 1966 Ford tandem dump (i) 1965 Mack cab chassis 11) 1964 Mack tandem dump W.VA. TRUCK SALES 1537 4th Ave., Charleston 342-6141 VOLKSWAGEN* VAN" TRUCK W9.~Go"od BMW 1971 600CC. Helmet and tools. 755-4513. » i^nm.1 oim IUVIS. /3J-S3IJ, CHEVELLE, 1967-Dirt track racer. 4i7 cubic inch differential, balanced and blue printed, Frankland quick-change and metallic brakes. ALSO 1965 Chevrolet two ton truck with car hauler. _Jeckley 1-252-6263 after 6 p.m. DEMOTTO HONDA SALES CB 450 now in stock, only $995 SL 350 S789 CB-175 $595 CL-350, CB 350, S769 CB-750's with slight dented tank, only $1495 CL-100's only $419 We will not let any dealer ma!ch our prices. First come, first served at these prices. Open 7 days. DeMOTTO Honda Sales, Elklns, W. Va. Phone 636-5489 or eve. 636-4575. AMAHA 1971--Mlni-Enduro. Chamber, good condition. Call 925-9545. YAMAHA 1972 360 MX Hardly rode. $950 342-1276. r ORD--1968 Custom 500, V-8 automatic, good condition, MOO. 965-5495. -"bRb^T964~Galax!e, Bulimic, airpow"- er, good condition. $225. 722-3963. FORD 1972 Maverick. "Must sell. Leaving state-_744 j; 5694 after 6 p.m. FORD CUSTOM, 1966--V-», automatic. Good runlng condition. $275. 776-1642. FORD Falcon 1963, 60,000 actual miles. $375. 744-4174. FORD GALAXIE--500 1967. V--8 automat. Ic. Factory air. $350. 342-4677. FORD GALAXIE 500 (1963). Radio, heater, air conditioner. New sticker. $150. 7685306. FORD--1964 V^l Automatic, 2 door hardtop. Runs perfect. Good condition, $150. 343-1054. V--8 standard. 4-door. Good condition. $150. YAMAHA 1971, 175 Enduro. S39S. Call 925-7654. YAMAHA 1971, 125 MX, take over pay menls. 965-6484. YAMAHA 1970 -- 1 2 5 cc "Enduro. 3500 miles. S380. 727-362V. YAMAHA 1970 125. $250. Needs work o second gear. 1-442-8344. _ _ _ YAMAHA,~1970" -- ~17S"cc.~Low mileage Extras._$350. _Phone_342-5734^ 1972 HARLEY DAVIDSON Super Glide. Ex cellenl condition. 1^37-3523. HONDA Summer Sales Jamboree . - _ _ 1*60 InTernatiorwl Walk-In Panel truck Ideal for camper; Call 343-7567 Monday through Friday. With the purchase of any new Honda you will receive FREE ·$50.00 in accessory merchandise of your choice from our. store This Offer Good Through July 31st, 1972 HOLIDAY Recreation Center, Inc. 1825 MacCorkle Ave. S.W. Phone 722-3397 68 HARLEY Sportster XLH. Perfect condition. 8,000 miles. $1200. Evening 1-837-3716, Days 348J179. 650"TRiUMPH-1968. Excellent condition S700, 1-937-M52. Bike trailer, helmets '70 BMW 750 SAVE KAWASAKI NOW AT ... PLEASURE VEHICLES Near entrance to Coonskln Park 344-6732 1971 YAMAHA--175 Enduro. Excellen: condition. New inspection sticker. $400. 346-2276. 86--Automotive lUpqirlng C C TRANSMISSION Exchange, Inc. Rebuilt and Used Unit* 702 Donnally Street Phone 346-H43 JEEP 1969 wagon" 4"wheel drive, auto matle transmission, 623 Main. FRAME straightening, front end aligning, wheel balancing. FRAME RITE CORP., 722-2301. TURNER TRANSMISSION "Charleston's Oldest ard Largest" 515 Broad St., Chas. 342-2134 87--Airplanes RUSSELL AlRCRAFT-Box 46?~Broon field, Colo. 303-469-1313. '72 T-210--New. '71 T-210-S36,500. '71 Stationalr--$2!,- 900. '71 "RG" 177:--$18,500. '69 Sky- hawk:--Sv,400. STUDENT TRAINING -- Charter service. Air ambulance. Cessna dealer, new and used planes. The "Poor Man's" Flyinq School, Fayette Airport, Frank K. Thomas. Phone Fayettevllle-- 574-1035. 1966 CESSNA 1972--Arsummersville Air port. Contact Jim Campbell. 88--Automobiles for Sol* A-MODEL Ford sedan Street Rod--327 Chevy engine, turbo hydromatic transmission, 4 new Mag wheels, new Mickey Thompson tires; 2 sets of headers, white vinyl top, maroon body, black Inside. Sell or trade. 727-9097. ANTIQUE CADILLAC, 1941--Running condition. Extra parts. Phone 776-1997 evenings. ANTIQUE CAR--1911 Ford. 1-872-1104. FORD--1965 -Runs perfect. 3X3-J054. ·_ __ FORD--1964 Station wagon. V--8 stan ard. Runs good. Fair condition. $12 342-1054. 67 FORD::;. $895 67 WILLYS t^'lion $1495 67FORD 0 """" so ° 4 doer sedan 70 FORD air condition Galaxie 500 4 door sedan, factory $2095 72 CHEYELLE Heovy Chovy" $2995 Turbo Hydro-Mate, just like new! . . . . coupe, 4 speed $1995 72 VEGA transmission . . . , -TRUCKS- 69 CHEV. GREMLIN--1971, sunroof, excellent cond tlon. Take over payments. 727-5162 GRAND PRIX 1970--Full power, air cond tlonlng. AM-FM radio, new tires. $2600 Phone 727-5436. Holman Dodge, Sales Servic NIT_IM,_W. Vi. 727-77M «. 7B-JJ71 JAY DUNIVAN CADILLAC 400 Block V«. St., E. 343-7601 JACKS AUTO SALES Chrysler-Plymouth Dealer MONTGOMERY, W-VA. No toll 94M416 -- Local 442-9501 il.o MacCornle Ave. S.' 744-346 KELLEY REED Pontiac 6114 MacCorkle Ave., Rt. 60 West Between South Charleston St. Albeni Phone 761-0045 EEP WAGON 1961. Four-cylinder, run good. U50. Call 755-2435. EEP--1972--Less th«n 5,000 miles. Must sell. M5-1951. JEEP Universal, 195$. Call 744-9917 after 5:00 p.m. EEP, 1965 Station Wagon, custom V4, WD, air-conditioning, one owner, nice S1295. WEGMANN MOTORS, 6551 Me Corkle Ave., S.E., 925-7752. MAVERICK GRABBER 1971. 6 cylinder Call 344-2129. after 5 PM. MAVERICK 1966-wrecked but repairable $135. 408 Hunt Avenue, Charleston. MONTGOMERY MOTORS, INC. PONTIAC. BU1CK, CMC TRUCKS MONTGOMERY, W. VA. Phone 4X2-9589 or 949-1411 (No Tolll MERCURY - 1960, door, V-8 automatic rum aood.Jalr condition. tlOO. 343-1054 MERCURY COUGAR 1969 convertible Beautiful, like new car. LotJ of extras Good price. 744-27M. MERCURY COMET--1963 station waqon, 6 cylinder. «175. Phone 925-6«5. 83-Trueks and Tractor* AUTOMOBILE LOANS AT MONTGOMERY NATIONAL BANK Montgomery, W. Va. Phone 443-2495 BARGAiNSTwo" BUICK "WILDCAT 1969 CUTLASS, 4 DOOR 1972 CHEVROLET CAPRICE CONTACT MR. MILLS BEFORE 5 PM. 1903 7th Ave. BIG STAR MOTORS Ch»». "8ROWN CHEVTOLlT" . .Mon:eomery, W. Vt BUICK ELECI'RA 2?i, i*6i convetble Sell or trade for farm equipment. BUICK LESAE"RETf96r ~ I'M. ,346-2094. BUiCK Electra 19/0 loaded With climate control air cenditior,lr,fl, AV-FM jteres. ALL THE EXTRASI $3195. . .7l3-33»7, Holhday Recreation Center, HIS Vac- Corklt_ Aye., St. Albans. BY OWNER_l96VTheVrolet MaTibu.Take _ over payments. 755-3530. TRUCKS FOR SALE 70 FORD c -* 00 ' 2M III rUlIU Frwhouf van body, 2,000 Ib. lift gat*, p.w.r itMring, pawtr brakes, air condition 71 I I $8800 N -*°° Fru.h.uf , 1,000 Ib. lift got., power ttMr- ing, pewtr brok.j, g1KMfc ·ir condition . . . l) I OUU Contact PAUL HARRIS A T . . . FORD LEASING DIVISION PATRICK STRIET PIAZA PHONE 344-1*01 3 speed transmission, V-8 . . . 72 GHEY. transmission, ·quipped 70 GHEY, short wide bed 61 FORD Econolin Von 59 GHEY. workhorse 'A ton pickup, long wid* bed, $1795 'A ton pickup, V-8, automatic $2895 'A ton, pickup, 4 wheel drive, $2895 $495 2 ton dump truck. A real $1295 71 FORD 4 wheel drive . . Va ton pickup, long wide bed $3295 67 DODGE * long wide bed 71 FORD Super Van .. Econoline 300 70 CHEY. $2495 OPEN SUN. 12-6 PM WE TRADE FOR AND REPAIR MOTORCYCLES WE TRADE FOR ANYTHING Charleston National Bank and 6MAC Financing Available T Ywir Metropolitan D.ol.r in NITRO, W.VA. Pbie 7S5-3377 Op«n 8 AM 16 « *M Doily-- t AM to 4 PM SAT. CHEVROLET

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