The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 15, 1964 · Page 44
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 44

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 15, 1964
Page 44
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' toll September and h ' tervlews with Dasty Spriag fieM and The Searchers ia New York and The. Beatles ad Jaekkt an - Shone to . ktentrenl . . , COla Bbjek'a ' new UK single. "Ifs For, You H apparently one of the ' taost bstriguinf Beetle-written 'alforts- . . U Everiy Brether, and IMsssto Warwick making headway to , the British hit lists w"1 . only Make Believe." "The ; Ferris Wheel," and YonH , Mover Get T Heavea- . Tswy Jackson, toad singer of The Searchers, has ouh he-. cause of a disagreement over the kind of songs hey snoum record and who should sing them. A "replacement has al-' mdr been sound . ... CRff ' .... . b. At L Richard will wax in New York ' oa Wednesday ana rnoey . . . The Awhnaaj have been sign-ed to ppear in a Hollywood film with Stan Gets and Mary I WePs , . . Dnee Brtttea, busy I working nights these days has data with Dwaty SprnsgfieM ca New York and a song that Beatles hfow ; : Betfmg ; Favorite ; I LONDON (UPD A chain -of British bookies now Is tak- Ing bets en which entertainers will top the weekly best sell-' mg record charts. ' . ? The Beatles quickly bscsme 4-1 favorites shortly after pop record charts were added to horse races, football games and other traditional gamb-.. v ling favorites at the il Eest London betting shops, ef WiK .tBsm aaatsey.; , , Bit! Newman, a co-director . i of tM East London chain, said ' ' tne netting was sunea aner "They spend money In record shops, on clothes, end hair- ; doe but they don't ever, seem to bet," be said. But betting on The Beatles , seemsd to be chanting that ' The firm's shops have been , crowded with teenagers' wagering ea disc artists in stead of horses, i . j a . : - ' . . V It' tlBM ( record companies got on the bell. The Job of this eoluma is -to review hi disci and by review I mu before their official release. ; .Several Canadian companies at providing excellent serv-. ic but lagging behind in get-tlng tht discs out befor they . are oe record counters. ' - i I By Sandy I v. 1 kJ try A.LJ ; ' f - J :L - j i 'STACCATOS HITTING HIGH NOTE To same tbem Lib ant, Quality, . Fhaaadlsc, Spartan, and Columbia. The only way they can sell a disc U through exposure. If it doesn't get it, then it witt tie on their shelve and gather the dust Teenagert are the biggest record buyers on the continent. This column is for them. They art ' the disc outfit's could be even bigger then "Wlshla'- And Hepia' "- and there's ndthm' dodgy about his lyrics . The Dve Clark Free wW be featured In three-numbers in their first Hollywood- : flicker. Mitxl Gaynor and Richard Chamberlain will probably star in the movie. , . . Watt, GreaHa is the man behind "RPM." a Canadian newsletter to people In the disc trade. It's n lively, informative little, production that could be big ia a few years. I've been , advocating something like this (or years in Canada. Now that it's happened I'm glad to see Wait pushing Canadian talent knocking the -discriminating deejays- . , Roy Orbleea coming again in September . I. A , . I wont cere wnw rw- menis's little beHydeneer I Dean Hage Pair says, Lola's "Shout" is hit . ? Paul McCartney la staying at Jane Asher'a London home ..-,.'' Paul Aaka planning to record In Brtum . .'. Maureen Chirl ef 10M Connaught Avenee, Ob- - -.Jutt back from a successful engagement in Tim-, , mins. The Staccatos continue to bit high notes with their club appearances out Aytmer way. ' The (roup consists of Vera Craig, rhythm guitar; Rick Bell, ' drummer-vocalist; Brian Rading. bass guitar; and Pete Fallis, lead guitar. In the works for the quartet la recording session soon which will be their first solo crack at making the chart grade. , , ' DISC-PATCHES' taws. 14. la trying to get fan club lor the Relllac Steawe ' off the ground hi Cbartotte't town. . If ' you're , interested. drop her a line , . . Back in town and planning to form a group. Wet Lee, former vo-csrKst with The Checkers. ; The Prairie Song Is The Famweed Trie's contribution to the national musical scene. The threesome sing about homesick telle who kmgs to leave the lonely plains of See- 1 And for fans . of Ookpik," that famous little Eskimo owl ; from the Arctic, Juliette's vocal boys, Ths Romeos servo up the The Ookpik Song." It's done on the nursery rhyme theme that effectively des cribes the furry tittle doffs: remarkable rise from rags to : The Screadltity fingers, sftor their recent offering "Beans in My Ears," which left quite en ache hi my ears, have a newie out that could be an effective anecdote. "Down ; Where the Winds Blow", is a pretty slow-paced piece of harmony that could brsete the Singers Into Chart- in no time flat, , : '., Hie Beatles Manfred Mann ........ The Roiling Stones BRITAIN'S TOP 10 ; 1. A Hard Xnxft Night (1) i 1. Do Wah Diddy Dtddy (7) t. ITs AR Over Now 0) ...... e. mum s mnwm mmmm iw sw . ; " . With MyeBa..v........,t'..'.,...1uty Springfield A, Call Up the Croups (S) ........P. The Barren Knights . Tobacco Road (10) -Nsshville Teens 7. On the Boaeh (!) .................. ..Cliff Richard a. I Woat Forget Yoa (8) .)....'..,. Jim Reeves a. I Get Around (-) The Beach Boys I. House ef the Rising Sua (4) .............. The Animals rvrm Saturday Section w THE OTTAWA JOURNAL V tATURDAT. AUOU?T 15, 194 1- I Gardiner bread and butter. And to be fair to them, I'm not Interested m getting the crumbs after everyone else at the radio stations has had good bits. ', It could be that this to because Summer Is on us. Whatever their reason,' I won't review a disc I don't get . So platter pushers play fair and you'll get fair play. It's funny how the d is series throw everything at you by an artist once he's made a name. The current prim example is Louisiana man, Tshany Rivers. Four singles are now on the market by this groover. "That's My Babe" is the A side of Us latest and H sounds like a tick ) Nelson hit of some - time ago. - The Din, "Your First And Last Love," also has that Nelson sound. Johnny must be talented, I've heard him on wax do impressions of some of the top names m showbiz. Will. the real Johnny ; Rivers please stand up? ;'' reads Lee's .."When You Loved Me" is a gentle ballad sound about- all- the things a guy can do for gal when sheH seeing stars. Flip is a Jackie do , Shannon song, "Hs's Sure to Remember Me," and both decks bare win bt wisM nib6rdei - fc -Switching to Rick Nslsso. bis newie. "There's Nothing I Can Say" is another clean-cut weeper. It has a rather effective chorus change and rails along to the standard background. All l ean' say (s Ifs good but nothing doing chart-wise. j ., "CANT YOU SEE Hit Parade By CANADIAN MUSIC NEWS The OffidaJ Ottawa Hit Farads) , I. A Hard Day's Night (!) The Beatles ' a. Everybody Levee lomsbedy 01) Deaa Martin X. Little Old Lady From Besadana (S) Jan and Deaa .4. Dang Mo (t) Roger Miller - C. Rag DoB (4) 4.1...... The Four Seasone 1 Tt Cry Instead (t) ..................... The Beatles Ti IsnrlsMe Tears (IS) .............. Ray Connlff Slngert - a. Handy Man (S) Del Shannon a. First Night of the Pal Moon () Jack Jones I. Sunny (14) Neil Sedaka 11. People Say (14) The Dixie Cupe 12. Wajkby and Hooks' 0) ....... .....i. Dusty Springfield IS. Under the atoardwaNt (It) The Drifters 14, Where DM Oar Love Go? (28) ....,.... The Supremo It. You're My World (11) CfOa Black If. Ceswtaatrr an OUT Richer-: n. Such a Nicht (2 ig, And I Love Her (S3) .................. . The BoaUes It. Bad to Mo (IS) Billy J. Kramer M. I Want Yon to Meet My Baby (It) ....... Eydie Gorme " ? y' top albums "':"'.'-.;"::.. I. Soaaethhig New (1) ......,..........'. The Beatles S. A Hard Day's Night 0) The Beatles S. At the Whlskey-e-Go Go 0) ........... Johnny Riven 4, Cotton Candy (t) n.t........ Al Hirt 5. It's All ha the Game (4) aiff Richard The Hippy Hippy Shake ft) .....The Swinging Blue Jeans 7. The RoUbus Stonet ( t, WarU Wlthant Lave ft) Peter and Gordon t. I'm the One CT) IMHSSWIW MllIIMMI " s " - ' . . 'j ....... - - ;. ; Compiled m eonfttnetion which It tpallabU in aft local record sforetj NOBODY . Montreal's'- Fierr has come up with another powerhouse In "Mimi," an oldie revived with Peter pulling a Maurice Chevalier take . off. Flip, "It's Been a Long. Long Time" is well sung and orchestra led and R won't take - long- time to get to bits-ville. ; , -i . -"Big Shield" Is a neat British instrumental by John Barry taken from the "Zulu" -flicker currently on the ge. It's sort of "Baby Elephant Walk" all over again and if the airmen come fly with me on this, then it could make it. ' ' ' ' ' Fraakle Avahm's "New Fangled, Jingle Jangle, Swimming Suit From Paris" it a. catchy little -ditty all about the topless bathing suit And it could barely scrape into the charts. - - . I Film starlet Jeey Heather-ton could grab the sales and bit of a name with "That's How It Goes.- her debut disc Joey is a cute tittle blonde along the Diane Renay lines end once the boys, see her lines, she should sell. One of the bast new ver- - sions of "The Exodus Song" ' is by Richard Simmons who packs the feeling of freedom and an echo chamber Into this all-time great ballad. It won't be a hit but "This- Land Is Mine" is fabulous. -' . " Teen beaters win dig "The Grind," a new dance craw suggested by Gregery Dee and ' The Avaaties. Organ is fee- - rured oa this Insistent rocker ' and it's great to. dance to. But musically speaking, it Just . grinds. an.and. on ,,4. THAT 8HT8 MTSV Elvis Preslev Gerry and the Pacemakers vtth Canadian Katie rTetot I KNOW ' - .' Teenage Canada Highway Hot-Rodders Last weekend while I drove home from the cottage, I watched while death almost struck at least a down times. . The cause .in each case: youthful drivers who Jockeyed their metal cars as if they carried a magic charm that 'would protect them, w , . I.realiM a lot of friends will stop speaking to me for the next week or so because of what I'm saying. But I was fascinated by the handful- of young drivers,, who broke , every rule k the book.', I'm talking about the loutish, dishevelled knee-lipped maniacs who appear on the highways during busy -weekends, bopping in and out of traffic 'ea if their lives depended en getting one car length ahead.. . You've seen them. ; ' - - , - . - THEIR CARS look like cast-offs from the same Junk yard aging eight t cylinder (six-' cylinder. would never do) models bearing the scars at previous bumps, scrapes or crashes. : : '. -1 i, u ' "" I never worry about their motors because they are obviously tuned to the point that my car -seems to be standing Mill when they Jump . But what about the brakes? The born? The radio always works but how strong is the steering mechanismr . I was cruising ! along one stretch of two - lane highway, ; Mitring In stream nf home-bound traffic that was averaging M mites - per hour, when I noticed the little Mack car hi my rear vision mirror. ..Yon couldn't him. -'j ' - The driver wort a straw hat , slanted over bis Wsssaht1BtWen Saturday Nights Out 7 Teens . ."Ches Carlos? That piece Is so dark that all yoa can sot are boys' shirt collars!", .. This la how teens describe one of their' favorite night' clubs In Montevideo, Uruguay. Nlgbt clubs like "Ches Carlos" are very popular. Teens sip their "Cuba Libras" as the orchestra plays - the ' latest Beetle songs as wett es ether bit songs from North America. Then they get up to do the "Surf.", the dance which has completely . replaced . . the Twist" in Uruguay. ' , ,--'. Uruguay is one of three South Americas countries hv whlch North American music and customs have taken the greatest bold. The other two are Argentina and Chile.-- While their renow sonu i American teens p North, such ..'at to VeMsuela,and Colombia, I prefer their own musici such ea Cumbta and Merengue. Uru- guayaaa Uke the North Amsri- eap beet , ;: -:.'. LATIN AMERICAN "vocal groups 'such as "Los Clnco ' Utlnos" and "ub del Clan" sing both North and South American, hit la Spanish end to n Beetle beat. Music from; .1 Europe Is 'also 'very popular jwith Rita psvone-riding the' Croat .of the current wave. . . As 'In the rest. of South 'America "groups" or "herras" las they are called, are of great importance to' boys! and girls between the ages at 11 .and M. Through bis "barra" ; teens meet other young people. Hardly anyone m these' itriee doesn't belong ' I ( A j ' I "" ' '. ' ' , i :. .. .. . ............ ; ACCIDENT AFTERMATH and was bunched - the steering wheel, e cigarette dangling from, his lips.' A girl, pretty but scared, " sat close beside him. His tactics never varied. ' He" waited until be saw a - , stretch of daylight in the op-' posits lane even J feet '' and tramped on the accelera- ' tor, wrapping bis car back into- ; his lane fat the nlckof time. t. In between his mad dashes, -the driver poised his car Uke humming bee toches be-: . hind the bumper of the next ; 'car ahee4 of him. f our -tins ' bad suddenly had to stop, - there's no doubt what would ' have happened to him. '.' f YOU . THINK I'm tatkmt about one driver? I wish. I - were. But I saw the aame ; pattern repeated over and ever again, always by drivers ' who seemed to have learn- ' ed to drive in the same school ' . and whose care came from , the same aasTwowa Junkyard. '. What are'' the - anowersT 1 You're eaytog. I'm1 sure, that f , the. vast . majority of mmg ' drivers are better drivers than : the average aduh. Better rev flexes, better .vision and all that' ;.- - -v " -" " ' ., I won't argue thai' AH f m ;' , saying that a minority of young drivers possibly only one er two out of IN an- s . arently find self-esteem only behind the wheel of a car. ' . My hunch is that these driv . ere dont shine anywhere else. ' They probably flunked school. They dont like their Jobs. , They dont like their folks who . don't luce them either, h must , be good to know they can compete sums where. ' They apparently doe' t. reel- ha that turning a weekend ; . By Band iTogetKeir for By Cecilia rf-:- ' '" '. Members of a "barra" don't have any special mode of dress,' or membership cards anyone can become a pert of your "barra" if he or she nd ( .W v' . ; isf txtentrtxJy i - - cscuux who ttttmdtd ss a Ciuuan diptomafi j , J- aoaptter. t " we-v- ; . - . rsft ane bi.tipo Latin tvw V'. i.m a Auk a Jack Hutton highway Into ' a speedway may mean their deaths. What bothers ms It that they usually take a few of us along too. There's . my beef, written while I'm .stiH mad at . the oafs I tew.s Let me know whether you agree or ted I'm being too harsh on these, misunderstood fellows - . - -: ''.' While we're ea the subject of beefs, here's n letter from It year oM Martin Thomson of HaUfax. NS. who recently drove through Qoehec with his Mrents. , : y ;t' "You've emphasiied to your columns. Jack, that more of as should get to know mora about the rest of our country. I've never seen Quebec and was looking forward to that province this Summer. " ."The . perfect '' opportunity seemed to be a trip my folks were making to visit relatives In Montreal. I, reviewed alt my French after school and even bought several conversational French records , " "The first day in Quebec J tried entering meal for all of us ia s tittle roadside res-staurant The waiter, : about shy own age, listened to my hatting attempts and said: 'SpeekV English,.'' please. ' I' heveot rime to listen to yon practise oui language.' . "Not only wee It embarrass-mg to hear, that vta front of my own family, hut- I was hurt How can you try understanding the other fallow when yoa hit attitudes tike that?" - - , , ' He was probably busy, Martin. If ha wasn't, he was simply one rude individual. And I hope one Incident like that doesn't stop you. : . , : Domeyko yrV i j i vis x -1. " r " gets along won with the ethers. , : ' "Barras" can be big or , small; sometimes a little one , gets absorbed by a bigger , one. Usually ' at ' "fiestas,". there art two or three "bar- '' .-. , . aTomeyxo ss an . is-aoorHMO, Kidgtmont and has tracel- in Mr articiet for the reen .aescnoe oonnuir isujisis ont t Amtrtetn coon tries. .. - : v ON TIIE BEACIIi . : : V:-s-.'' A '"' ' .' ' ,.. , ' -V l Two young Uruguayan girts soak up the sua on the beach at Punta del Etta. - This strip, of aand Is ' known as the Playa Brav or "fierce beach" -and is". ' a popular spot for surfing. j ;"-;. . ,.- - ..: j,: Kitte Replies s DEAR KITTE: I would like . your free pamphlet, "b It Really Love?"' for which I enotose an addressed, stamped envelope to be sent. to my girl friend. I would also like some personal information. I am a boy. It, and am in love. She is about IS and m love, almost, with me but we .don't , get along too well,-sometimes. "I read in the paper your article about 'How to Rata as a Serious Date.' I sent It to her and. asked her to answer the questions in it and return her-answers to me. She is going to, but meanwhile J hardly 'know anything, about her because she won't tell me. She told me where she was born, and that she baa lived here aH bar Hfe, that it all I know about her. How do yon suggest that I find out mors about her to balance things up since she knows almost ad about taer ? . .- ' Dear Daat Ge to her heme, to get arenalaiss with bar taatUyj be with her friends, ask her direst anestieps abant . whatever yea want to knew, ea a fri sadly net prying basis. DEAR KITTE: I went with a girl for two months.-Then we had some misunderstandings, so we broke up. Four months later we made, op and went to a dance. After school was out, v I went over to see her for two hours. Lstsr I went to see her and stayed almost lour )k hours. Then,. Sunday, I was at her ouse for nine hours. My graadfather took nt to show. I plan to find nut what she wants for her birth-. day and take U to her. Should t tell bar I am coming or surprise her? ,J : x i - Dear Cbarleat TeB bar yen'd llhe to asa her an her. , birthday, cheek her plaasf dent hast drep la tar such special sec as lea. Far a "birth day date" It there lease ptsea - sleee to year keeae, where yen eeeid walk, with her, to 'share a snack er ssda er set a assvte er enjey daytime ' aperts at a recreeilen eentre? SOLITItl V -vJ- r ' (V- A Uruguay Fun I a person can "belong" to more than one.: Bams, ia fact are so Important, that If yoa dont have your group of friends parents begin to ask you what is ' wrong! . v -. i . r. . e .... ;, ; Afternoons and evenings on Saturdays and Sundays are ' spent with a group Just stag, lag and listening to guitars or dancing, or going to a show, orto a rugby game.; i.-,, ' .' ' - '..-.. ; IN SUMMER, teens st Puma del Est, a beautiful city oa the sea. , form' their , groups agaia frr the time they are there, usually about three months. The "varanee'' or vacation to a very exciting trme for a Uruguayan teen. , -. Everyone gets a nice gold tan from the sun and sea, end with no work or school every, one is la a special mood of carefreeness. . At night teens don their' most striking '' eutflu ' i w ; asually slacks and a sweater, to walk along the "rambla." a long street bordering the sea. Tht water's edge Is illuminated by . glowing street lamps a a 4 every few hundred yards Is aa Ice .'cream vendor or a small restaurant whert teens can buy a cup of ."coneon". or coffee and milk. Every weekend, at otgnt,' movlet are shown on ,t k t beech for about It cents par person. Cars full of boys and girls roll slowly by to get a look st what's showing. If H looks Interesting, they all climb out and sit on the cool sand to watch the movie.- Wouldn't that be Beat at Mooneye Bey? ;, ;

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