The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 25, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 25, 1918
Page 4
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\ s fr PAGE POtJR THE DAILY COURIER CONAEL.LSVILLE PA MONDAY, FBRtARY 25, 19 S HEVRT ounder ind Editor !SJS-m THE COIiJHER COK^A^T, t. -St. SNTDBR President. JAS J DKlSCOI-t^ ancl T'eaffurcr Buamefis . Iftilor »I3S LTXXE B. KI Society TBdltor MEMBER Of Associated Press Audit- Bur«»u -of Clrcal?titn P*nniyrvanla3Awoei»l«l- Dailie Bi»ll il paid iu_»*f»noe- Enured u mcew$cta» jB»t l»o«tomce Conneffrrille. Pa. . 8.VTCBDAI ZTISI ·ft* . *»spit»l Unit I,, TJ S A. JTort, ,±" McPher-ion. Atlanta, Oa. * t RAIJPH F SUCEB, r ,, Cou»any H, SlSth laMntr^ !Z X, S. N \ » Camp Xjfte Petersburg A a. entitled to tli^iMN for r»»nMieatJon of all TKWJ dl» Satchel credited to It or--not ot»«rwl»« credit** in t»l» paper lso tk* local include the whole circle of the boys asjociat« and acquaintances Thus the home_ paper is regarded m camp i at tbe fron t , or Tae^ever the bos mtj I be. as the best supplement to the per ' sonal letter It contains neighbor j hood nen s^which no letter ·» riter, or a j ·mnberr'of them, can supply no matter j how frequently they ma^ sent! thoir| TnMSages Thus it is noticeable in the %lt«rs-- wtach. come to friends ttiat trquent mention ib made of the ap HJ»rectaUon by the boys of the honie ^aper and the gratitude hey e\per lence through its receipt ^o aptcr illustration of this has come to notic" than a paragraph in the lettei or I icu tenant 'Casei lones published in The Courier on Satt roa^ in which h says 1 received The CovHfrn t on irn( t nil ecrtiUiilT- rnjOT«4 Uirtn nnd · n*d fVfvrtMmf in them I oEtm TfrcW* pxrfrit fri»f I arl ItuHHell ·who i^lvepi tkem tfi * f^Doit numed Dn*bar. wk« jsi\ «· tliem to We l Item to Reed Irtven them tn Brn^vn of Con- i« them on li ·aMel*«4r ebve MO thai tber arc ·retty well wm» out when they make the~r«iimjj«. ^JThe knowledge that the bos derive 00 "rnucli'pleasTire from the i eceipt of The Courier should not be overlooked by friends who- are so deeply inlet ested m providing c\erv possible com *fort for them Letters cannot be writ ten eery dav The Courier is printed days a week and next to jour let ter li-bighly prized by the boys 'ever tbere or down there * in a camp or cantonment* See that toev axe kept glad through receiving it regularlv I pam them to The nembers of the ConncHsMlie cha»t«toC.ti« Ke\d-Croi«-hive a qties- tion to settle which partakes very Much ot Uw^iatuia *i a -decision 'f*TOt Ol a consclidatwu ot_all the nit iunef tie direction of a ooun ty headtjuarters very jirobabiy located elsewhere than in ConneUsviIie Such a consolidation if affected · would mean that the Connellsville chapter will cease to «lst asnch and toerealter form a branch ot the county chapter The proposed · consolidation 1= ^ . , 5 drr-jnore efficient the work of l.i»tering the affairs ot the 2; Red Cross which, witu -a membership ^ of 15,000 000 and chapters numbering J thou«ajids,hB» b*com a gigantic task _The Tnerpng ot local chapters- into ~ CMintv t«3u hag been in progress in 2^ this and other states for some months the aim being to- ha\ e the plan become 'effective in every county nhich it is A^cladmed, will mean a ·very material **d**tio»aitThe wnoirot'Of-o'fnee work at both stale and n itional headquai ters. Aside from uesc advantages there has been UtUt urged in fayor- of the consolidation In reaching, a decision as to how they shall vote on the question the members of the Coimellsulie chapter SEFD C^R \surrn. When some ·weeks ago Farm Agent Dotigherty called attention of the far mcrs ot Fayette county to the neces sity of making provision for a wippl "of seed corn there was perhaps lit Lie doubt but tha*. it could t e secured in ample Quantity trom the stocks of corn farmers uo^ ha\e on hind To many tbc problem apptared to be nothing more than, matang the neces ?ary arrangements to secure seed "from those wbo had plenty and before tbe latter sent their supply to the mar ket-^It is found twwever that a sup- ph of dependable seed cannot be so easily procured. Investigation conducted,!)* the Farm Bureau reveals a situation. T*hich is decidedly serious There is appar entb no shortage of corn hut there Is plainly a shortage ot corn suitable lor sewJ Out of IS germination tests made br the Farm Bureau no test has been^fozrmi to run o%er 65 pel cent i^hen corn was taken *rom the crib wliile m many instances the tests ran as low as 20 per cent and e\en as low as fh e per cent These tests show \err conclusively thai farmers cin not expect a stand of their first planting jC thev do not previous^ sub mit their seed to a test and select onlj that which :s found- to have well de vcioped germs lender the cireum stances Farm Ageni Don she m has gi\en a \erv timer* caution when say mg T^ila brings about a condition which involves the enure co"n crop in Fayette couutj ind the adUce ot the Farm Bureau js hat e^erj farmer m Fajette county regardless of how- find themselves inilueDced b\ 'the ! be ha! hcld bla sced during the past somewhat conflicting claims of their}* mer sbould r u n a SPnmnatlng test ^duty- as patriotic citizens of tho re- on even ear of seed corn m P ielltv j * public and their irefeiences as in p r umc Before seeding so that onh dividual members of a local organiza- sood seed is planted tion It is but na ural as it is also Makmt; a test of seed is not i dif * commendable that thev ha*e a pride flcult undertaJun- harm ^gent in the home chapter of this great or j poughen. has gi\pn \ert explicit di sranization for the relief of suffering rections how this n a\ be done b* im hence would prefer to pieaer*e Jts farmer Securing i crop Is always de identity as a unit rathei than to have H assume a form hav ng lesser im portance in relation to the national organization v considerations alone- would MAKE THE WORLD SAFE HJGLDS THF IAJR STJITICt, DIVISION Oi KAttBOADS Ott* Oem · Word. No advertisements tor LeM Tbjtn 1C C*2tJL Classified columns cloa* at noon Adr«rti*eme-nt» of wmntt, M.IM, received after that hour trill not «.Dr»««.r until the day loUowiujt. WYJNTE.D -bush HSS Kt,NDLNE b Ac. O ft tat ur --THIPD TKICK COOK AT j of monpj IXwfl I OiaT--PITUrTt ON STXTH · h SKt tit d Vf ,M I e»n wait rot t H naJJ imr^c contunlng- sum t please return 22Ceb4t j Coui Icr ofHcc and recede rt/w ard V, V N T l - D -- i*H b 1 OH hpu-«.work 90G V i n e street -ft \TCL-- COOK AKD C m-iid. ARMSTRONGS KkS lOdec-tfd i - - - - - - - i-i. . ---- ...... -i. --- . - i W \NTI- D -- fcjVP, KIKNCI-D PIAVO p t v j ^ r u V c i R Q l l S Y S 5 A^l lOc W V N T 1 U-- W Y inci work in Ur ^ IO X ore T \SPOFITI H J C \JOOI I prompt many members to iote against pendent upon baung good seed The importance of raising a good crop tbis ^ear bein^, so urgent farmers sUouid lose no time \n insuring Barren r Kendall of Boston for merl* with tbe Boston -?tid Maine i rtilroad who has recenth been ap pointed b Secretary "SlcAdoo to heid the car serUce dmsion of the rail roid5 of the country Vt AMTTD -- T I P ] I OK hoiisew rk 304 I Tit fraj W\N7£:L-- S GOOD MAN WITH family to lake care o£ larm \ i n l v J U STADFK. _ «.2fi.b6ld ; WAITED-- I- NPI I I B N C L , n O \ S H ifr w i t h knoA\(,dRC of bookkf ping B care courier ^febifd OND H A N D 1^ J £· Bill 13 R o- Tri fotit in 3febt£ ^ T O L f N -- J Adn NIGHT .10 in ! t l o clOLk rrotn street in from f resid net of Mrs I M Kr-id West T tach treot 1 Ifi n will Cadillac f i i "· nuiibf-r "04*1^ horisepower ^1 ma ufacturcr s n u m b r 31362 Good \ f r \\l tt euthcr tre itl re on re-jr M rl etin t i r c R on Csnnt whteli, ^ n n l ^ r r n U o i them car \vtl7 b apite clilcd b MRS REID Trt State 110 tthlch the ha\p proven bv test! a " P j, !? jn(j 1 'ot lnitter r i ^ct to possess the properties that _a consolidation, but all of them will (start tbe dorn crop on its way from a' thfitip* «e«rf= "give dne considerstiou to othe cUiras Dingle planting I J, a1 ^" Hc"So before reaching a decifa on Some of "these claims »-ere verv clearu s e torOx by a meniler ot the Connells Vtlie chapter in an interview publish ed in Saturday ^ Counei Attention ·WM'draim to the fact «hat menVber «hip mg tAteu m the lied Cross an an eridmee ot a patriotic desire to dd *oo«Uteg snbBOvntia.1 to help win ttie war* "H^, said this raember we itre in It difficult to o e Db*»c;r\0a th« \ D*mQcratJc l e w s p ini^ ic em TJ littie diversion personages of tl e administration B.I the director generil of ra Iroads and the Cood controller l»a-\ e b t e n cnR-aj?lng- is to who is responsible for tl e food shortage The shortage ,H not ' S iaiib1l« OTW the means through ·w* may do our p»rt» or-fce top/ critical: About the nftthodft employed to utilise flOorts To me it makes no dit the Connellavillc ' ttc fineries tnd oth «hort ttme ·WANTL.D-- V HOLSPK.LI-PFR "V 0 pis tjHj i r t v C N B \ L ( j K H H f t o p Dun b i-r he WP t\ th* hour^ of i oitd o clock w 21 \m home all da WITO arc s t u i ng: foi c \aniinit ona to Ket lit host, mining- ^ook publtnhrd Min nt, n a Nu -^hell b} Scottdalc PL Price K l \ D Ol PHI a callmj, card to »nd th« suit to suit jo at the stoic O der ft here U lore i e\c)u-«ivc y for \ ou imJ made Ihe 'v^a^ " v t u ^ n n L We onl\ iDAlvc hiffh cladB tturnienj. 1 } Si \ 5 i. f hnni "00 "Utaburp street Con n Hsi f 3 J c FT "Oteblf a grin w h e n go~ wiili which the ers ha\e beet c^^ m tl r pleasant, fr hich sut) import ·» hii«, 7 m ; w certs tnt! clia.ff I Tho farmer * our grows two row ·* of onions 1 u c t. sr « liolTorc lit i! the k iifcT M bunions .ind icatcned TH1. BOAJir OI irn.CAJ.lON O? Dunbar toivjisJiif « i 1 dispJ'-L oC the otd Monarch school at Mrnurcii Pa, t th I icrlust n«ponaiblc bidocr on SititiOa^ M ircl ^ I 9 i S n 1 o c k c l s ot pa o ^ ill b mido l«o-* n on of *. a ) P p c g-\ rn ! j, rtt , d e n l OONO\ AN fecti eiarv llfcdot mon r food producer^ the The f^cL Lha the 'rot,t RD punkiti befur the fodder hook Ia«t fal^ d v hj bu mur I of the ross Constitute' seed corn s now found to be pun! Tr is enough s-eenw to 1 t\e bee! Lnion 1 mytett, and glad of it and j It m £a to do work for it whether! T r testing aetd corn is made a pop f i ibtefB I nuke for the soldiers are ( ular pastime t 1" certain to prove to j ing v. 1 t her tt h bU 01 the finest entra'vft in\ t-ulon or T.HHO inccn ent And M i waa k n t in? t-y is haul to anvL |! ag--cvciyLh nj.--do it s rom tl feet a trench cat don ami D i t n ^ViL Call the min at 111*, K^ way a nobl man iitl 1 j. t h f , cot R LR fHce Uolh phoue" " \t finest of the fine j --^-^ ~ I I Tact if he v, ere Ii\ inj, r C/H 1 e J n s across the Phlntt lie d stand ut) in v l i tic bo-xt t ti ' was safely tbe re w-uer Coz thif f th* TCOV one willl^^ OTJ. he T i e w crossed the Dolaw re 4d I III r^TA^D Ol- JONJL-^. a L th*. Cit\ of onneim\ die Coun 3 Bayottc and btdtt, of PeniiM Jv%ni-i di.cei.acd Lettoi s of admini^irition on tt o i h o x e nai \ c^t ite h % \ i n g oeen runic d 10 he \. dcis ^ned notice is frchj K \QI to all persons indeb od to s ilci estate to m ike mraediate pij -rout j.nd to ttioBt. hai ng claims as-a nst the s ime to jirc'icnt them properlt iuthen i itta lor 10 tlomcnt. HA"^"\ ET C ^MITH Ndr-hmln or 41 MtKcc ave iue ^loie^^n Pi r "IjunStd* - - ar Fteuf Ol R T COM lIOLbU nquire 3 Va-^t 1 ill ifebU any other town m the wbafs the difference · chapter or a branch 7 »j«Kt be, is, a work 1 a t me l tsses ! The dr tttcc of C onneli^-villo T.IH, cinity who left foi C i*m Ie on Si daj -will add Gfi to inc number chances a^ain^t LJIC Kaiser \vinn r ^ dOUOt flKltfffhl JaUB«rCion r (be matter has not The order of the director ffcnc-a hut ! railroads jiroh biting the rcitton our. iDat they ^ horta E eo f ofTlccs oi the °'i or, .ilioad Wlieii he \sa^ a. little I o\ about j o i r s ze said he He foolish lv cut downs Ins i ather ·» I\\orite cherr tree \nd wh"n ?!s fitter fot.nd i out V did thin thim,* SIP cried \nd tittlf G^oige p tcu ictl forward then ind man f nil v replied Oh T?t forg-ive r ic J you can I tntis ronfe a s t^viu; 1 I -will not hide t i c wronjr 3 \ done T cannot toll T. He I 5011 IU NT--1RONT O FICl S OV itrocond flo r or Dunn £. E\ ins build I lit lEnuira ot HAIU T D"UNN 8jan tfd ^ a " t? '"l besrctb th*- ^u'-f icion t]iit t i e alitimini, ^llr"lT^covcr\"Ti"Is been msdf hat there Democrats Then mother put i ind iaid There · Wiien George prrru 1 niitms more bo t u to be a $5,200 bnU r ) n E ! run. L il \ i e\\ i,elk liouyt, i i boiith bidi K j.nd bat! 1 *rj, 3d h t J « it h u n d ^ I "i luo) ^nd uhurchcs, pa u? side i^allii W id bf p od \alue at K OP» but is a b ; birga u at 45 "00 Stt, Uo -*t\ Keiltv (jomp « j I OTx E I N t--ONJ3 i IlOvD B I OOP flat mo i i con\fii once^ sl 1 Sou h Plttabu K Stifel S S SVADER ton n ^r--O S I O K K butclici ·i'^o Fob 5 "S nid.f-1 loanHlsviIlc member^ of the Tied j t e " Q " e , j all «rtiow thit th? can be ju*.t i · And so hc nercr 3aid lh lt he could no FOtx RFNT--FRONT ROOM W I T H USD of b-xth an 1 pi one gvn.Ucren prc f rred "with or without board 308 J ist Washington n.venu 21febtfd fathei Crow ned at that And J am iare he ne\cr miclc her wea- a last ears hat 'Mnt. * from bom*. Uv» move the tnrtli of od more keenly (io appreciate the receipt oC iewa the folks back bem*.** The Txr»omal letter- fnont jrery pro^erl*- t«k«i flnt ptoe« as v ey ! n K , about ! »*»nns bonds of thev frout from - "»*!*- ', those i suyplyjhe newd. tlw boys feei th«Tr dtsiffl for nev* oC the hap tings »i hoen* Le*i*TB Ml at the or other ocew- cannot to shells While kaiscis and u e march/us: to defeat ! s w m rll j i s ueres to barl«j tt iud i\ ht, ii \nd pretty soon the oush M i U ( t swell my store I 11 g,ci (\v c EJOJ t t ^ bushel and inuybe thrp i Eon v « folks who see me- getting a f n i v ji kc for whe*it will give me ]ois uf L i n-, and saj T cant be beat -uc 1 niei Tm sorry ?onie historian has lot seen fit to "\vrttc That W^Mns'tftn was ne\er known to i sti out late at n kill a m MI re that when lie did come JiOjne he 3idn t ra-\t -tnd *hout Viid b am*, the ^\ omen folks b^cd.rt*-e ti c furnace fire was out farmer j He wns i kiiid] rentleman the bc-^. wo A e e\t i T hid ! ihe rt om TOR S\t.r--OVT BbRROUGHS pool table 3 frSt bj 6 Eeet $GO 0^) vain* for ^$36 00 See o04 Pittsburg street bcottdale Pa 23fob3t* i gr n_ .mot Iron do iJi irl f .. _ .,, _ 1^ inJ bombE? ittd I Here Pi. r-ot up and TOR S\L.H--A SI\. ROOMED HOUSE and lot a I a v ican t 1 ot i oca tod on Furnace Hill ncai the "Uunbar F irn ice. A.ISO eUht lots on Spears HUl Dunbur I or t trther infonmtio fcee S R. COFPA1A.N VT "ft i l i u m \ndorson a r« idenco or at Picci rt No 1 limp ^T.ntj 3 f e h t" . Gee hut he win mud On i \rvntsm 111 \i\ nil in :««P IB etoM ttwh -nth ·at in k»*hip W «C«cion fervfint (^ i- chcy are tne (an(N ^ (|v «T« they * jioi f-tiou -without thwn ft -woalrt die 1 he\ sruard oor aacrud banner and C cm ui\ they^I b«at ech day the\ i elp to t ui her by ^rinftay in tholr h«?at it pleasant to be Riving- nt *oimtn .t thertshed boons a.nfi "till tssti c p«!ire« traic%ren "wtlh l u \ ^ U \ \ ' nc ·w^h»n T can BC!) » chukf.ii for «hd-t u c«3f *honid brine I tcnl «a4d pulsea tlu I OH S M I -- T W O 1314 T TV I- P \S senper F rds L\\ o 191 Maxwell De matiurator* on W i l H s Knight B a p i^si. .,01 ont, 1**IJ \ Ht,l et! IK e p ·- sent,rr c i S* crfcct c riclltton oji^ ) 1 Hlu i tbspiiutr -Lt^n M M ) di i j, i Hi. f 11 1! T i i Sviic T)l N B M i \ t r » o cebtca : Got Somefiiing :: YOU I Want to Sell? * · Most people have a piece i ! of furniture, a farm mipie- J | meat, or something else · which they have discard!', ed and wliich they no lon- J | ger want, These things are put in !' the attic, or stored away J I in the barn, or left lying ' about, getting of less and 2 less value each year. -,.« t ill etsitj of \V t,**t V i 0 i ie*un bte u \ e s t t i d a v thi-. cm Hit t(«in) u r n e d h t i c Hht morning f i o m tho tast but missed connecUons v ith he Moigamown u iiu The teacm remained until 236 t h i marning Trhcn the squarl left over th" Baltimore Otxlo l a i t i o i r i Among the pjavrs w a n Rodgers * big ·oniTerwtr l u J use i h Q \ I » i houb U iloor*- tem l ier tntlro tubfl conibi bath. All room 1 back porch n i t Third Wmrri ou itnted ee lat u» at lit n i \ Jaondrj h in \LUcr u J*rg6 ) r ^ ila fi nt and i nth of liouse, rh od Prien $3 OOfl T-orth ?f pi C U\\ n«r m 05 a/war i^aaoa for n»Ltinu HA8OS* K^Alj ES- TA.1t' OFTTCH SiwsoivJ \atHn*l Bank WHY NOT SELL THEM? j Somebody wants those J very tilings ·which have 5 become of no use to you Why not try to 'find that somebody by putting a £ want advertisement m THIS NEWSPAPER' '. Our stores are supremely viell prepared for spring sewing woik Evry housekeeper is pre- paung or about to piepaie for spring sewing, and every good merchant is also preparing to supply them -wita the material for spring sewing It would be useless for us to specif v the number of advanced styles of new goods for suits and dresses underwear shirt waists, and skirts and dropping that line altogether there is much spring sewing to be done foi hoiibe furnishings, windo-sv curtains, bed clothing, sheets pillow slips, and many other articles You know about them better than t^e can tell jou The tnion Supph Companj stores are prepared ihej have everj thing you want There aie thousands of ards of gingham domestic and jmpoited stjles, designed to meet every desire striped plaids, foulards or calico prints plain shades, color combinations galore There are imported linens for towels for tahle cloths, etc, but uhat is the ujse of specifying--a. better -waj is for jou to come and see The neis stocks are all in, dis- plaj s are noiv complete ·3 Large Department Stores, Located in Payette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. The Store that insists on ntUnpr tlicfr Shoes conecMv Particular people like ou- Shoes Th.ev re plenscd with our s^lf selection and oui methods in Ji ting N A PA.MILY SHOE STORE \rith Better Shoes--Be ter \ ilue«--Better Service--Co- our cus'Omers satisfaction Call and see some new bhoe= Strive To Have Healthy Skin Next time you aro la a gatherlnE W women n«te the dlfferont condl tiona n4prttnt In complexion Tou ·will »e 6oni* fillea with blackheads *om« drr and rough som* xmootli »n4 ^rcjsy some smer«d with rou^e, aome etreaiced -with, heavy metallic powders ad ones in % while 3ou -frill ··« one tht Js a. d0raon- ·trtttion ot lat«lllffM»oe from evcrv point oT vioir Tb» color !a ros tho ·kin 1* cle*r «»d ·nooth, th* pores «r* amtUl iowl open, the powder does *iot show on the flrm vlsorous s«in OBr«rT woman caw have a rood con plexton if «h* Trill only uso a little lil«cr«Uon 31 "vou -would, acquire real Jjemtj th« beautj ot perfect health you must replenish, voar ·norn out aiervM ivlth lecithin Nature s own nerve restorer and put Into iour blood, the inrlgrora ins Iron which ivaturfe intended It {o ha\ Q for (health In most of the modern foods tbeee and other xitalixiafi elements tava been Utrgeli cUmfnated Tat t* be ^»althy and beautiful the ss i t«m must h*v« them TlTej aro fount! In Bio feren. not only in prop .»r proportions to restore ·weakened hrltaUty but In such form as the 5n Item can beat AssUnllste thorn A tr*a.iment of lecithin ard Jron peptonate ae combined n Bfo feren mcreaees the appetite, aidfl nuirHion and InvlKorateti th* patJe*it Aryl Bio feren iu Jw pellet form s «u and ptiu.table to ljUti.-- no ]iqmd i-on di'sco oration of Ih* tteth n« unpleasan t tnste There i 1 ) n6 pecr"t"*"or~ Watery about Elo fcrcn Doctor* prescribo 3 rpffiilarlv because they know «x- aotly wh3t It contain* as well ax w h a t it trUJ do and thej know th«y could rot formulate a better up- building tonic. The action of Bio feren on th« 8stem ,!« so we ax« to sure of it*» pivrng 1 jou positi-ve hcajtlt a.nd -iigor pro\Iding of course thcr« 13 no serious chronic aliment much na cancer tuberculosis etc that w« onh sell it on the condltioi ths-t sou agree to return the e*nDti packap* and acceit a refund of ^our nw-iey i^nlesb you are entire y Eatlsiiad There 3s no use -waltln*, for health ind beauty It is better to flo thin«» toaa^ loan tomorrow Go to jour Ph}*lcon lodas--ruht row--he -«-JlI ad%iae Bio fercn Then start tahinc it a o ICL ai he od-'iaeo or as directions on tnt packaee call fo- Th« guarantee protects \ou- monc'^ In- LerfsttnEr book e* may be had for tfat ashing Larxe pacljaffe Jl 9C at all Itadint drUfffflBts o- direct If -vour drUEglst can not gunp \ voo. Tho SentancI Kemedito Co jj! U Cincinnati Ohio. IF YOU Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring the Results.

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