Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on May 30, 1976 · Page 104
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 104

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 30, 1976
Page 104
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Page 104 article text (OCR)

WAL1B Scon's N i Y o u n N.Y. 10017. Your full name . .... personalities? Want informed opinion? Write Walter Scott, Parade, 733 3rd Ave New be used unless otherwise requested. Volume of mail received makes personal replies impossible. CLARENCE KELLEY J.EDGARHOOVET Q. How does Clarence Kelley, current head of the FBI, compare to /. Edgar Hoover? / rea//ze comparisons are frequently invidious and based on op/n/on. Even so, / would like to know.--D. L, Media, Pa. A. Sanford J. Ungar, author of "FBI," one of the most thoroughly researched books on the bureau and also one of the most objective, says that Hoover was "prejudiced and narrow-minded, overtly biased against black people." Hoover once promised that so long as he was head of the FBI, it would never have a black agent He was also, according to Ungar, "intolerant of women in any but subservient positions." Hoover also conspired to break the law by countenancing burglaries, break-ins, and mail intercepts of organizations and people with whose politics he disagreed. Although Clarence Kelley worked under Hoover, he is of a different breed. Kelley is more honest, open, tolerant, understanding and democratic. "To him has fallen the Herculean job of restructuring the morale, image and organization of the FBI. Under Hoover, the FBI was an authoritarian agency beyond the control of the Congress and in whose ranks men rose by virtue of sycophancy rather than merit "FBI," By Sanford J. Ungar, is published by Atlantic Press-Little Brown. Q. Is Chris Evert, the tennis star,.suffering from a broken heart because //mmy Connors dumped her for Marjorie Wallace?--P. T. Owens, North Las Vegas, Nev. . A. Last year Chris Evert won $323,977 in tennis tournament prize money. At 21 she held 16 major championships, had won 56 consecutive matches, was well-liked and widely respected. She is still 21, and .while she may have lost Jimmy Connors as a sweetheart, such a loss may eventually prove a blessing. Connors is playing the field. No one woman deserves what he has to offer in charm, manners and intellect. . Q. Was the late Field Marshal Viscount Montgomery of World War II fame a practicing homosexual?-- T.E.E., Berkeley, Cat. A. There is no evidence that Montgomery was a practicing homosexual. He had an unhappy childhood, feuded with his mother, and when his wife passed away after 10 years of'marriage, displayed relatively little need for other women. He was rude, brusque, cocky, domineering, emotionally immature^ incapable of giving love. Montgomery felt that his mother had denied him love, and as he grew into manhood he never learned how to bestow it upon, others. He was, however, friendly and sympathetic to junior officers, and this behavior stimulated rumors concerning his sex life. One. of the most revealing and controversial books on Montgomery is "The Field Marshal," by Alun Chalfpnt Q. People say that the richest man in the South is a- man named Claude Canada. Can you tell anything about him, or if there even is such a man?--Mary Lerner, New Orleans, La. A. Claude Canada, 57, of Kimper, Ky.,1s owner of the Canada Coal Co. in Pike County. He is worth about $250 million, owns eight -Rolls-Royces, a $2- million home, pays his'employees a minimum of $50 a day, provides each of his foremen with a company Cadillac for personal use. He is one of.the new so- called "Coal Multimillionaires." PENNY AND CLAUDE CANADA Q. How old are Gregory Peck and Bette Davis? I know they share birthdays.--Lena Harris Could Hickory, N.C. A. Gregory Peck and Bette Davis are respectively 60 and 68. Peck was born April 5,1916; Davis, April 5 1908. Q. / recall a //mmy Carter who was a country and western singer, kthis the same //mmy Carter who be President of the U.S.?--Carol Trombly, Wyoming, Minn. A. It is not The Jimmy Carter who wants to become President is non-guitar-playing. He is in the peanut- farming business. He is also a good old country boy. HUMPHREY BOCART AND THIRD WIFE, MAYb METHOT Q. Is it true that the /ate. Humphrey Bogart used to slap his wives around just so that he could get in a tough-guy mood?--Louise Richardson, Raleigh,'N.C. A. Bogart and his third wife, Mayo Methot, when alcoholically stimulated, would haul off at each other. After Bogie married Lauren Bacall in 1945, however, and she gave birth to two children, Stephen . and Leslie, Bogart nipped less and softened his lifestyle.' ' Q. f wonder if you can tell me what happened to Sam Bowers, who used to be_the Imperial Wizard of the Ku KluxKlan in Mississippi?--T.P., Laurel, Miss. Ai Samuel Bowers and six others were convicted by an all-white jury in 1,967 of depriving citizens.of their constitutional rights in the shooting to death in 1964 of three civii rights workers, Michael Schwemer, 23;' James Chaney, 21, and Andrew Goodman, 20. Bowers was sentenced to a 10-year term in the federal penitentiary. This past March, after serving six years, Bowers was released from McNeil Island .federal penitentiary in Washington. Hewas granted rMe off for good behavior and placed on probation. - Q. Bill Wyman, guitarist for the Rolling Stones, has been living with a Swedish chick for years. Whatfs her name, where do they live, and is Wyman really- 45?--Ann W., Darby, Pa. _ A. Bill Wyman, 38, is a British tax exile, recently built a $750,000 home near Vence, in the South of France, where he lives with Swedish girlfriend Astrid Lundstrom. ©WALTER SCOTT 1976 THE SUNDAY NEWSPAPER. MAGAZINE chairman of the board, ARTHUR H. MOTLEY president, JAMES McALUSTER editor, JESS COK1N publisher WARREN I REYNOLDS editor at large, LLOYD SHEARER managing editor, JAMES D. HEAD senior editors, HERBERT KUPFERBERG WVm^ALEY art director, ANTHONY LA ROTONDA ' ,i»"iurwieT associate editors, JONATHAN BRAUN, LINDA GUTSTEIN, NOa HUMPHREYS PAM PROCTOR JOHN G. ROGERS, ARTHUR ROTHSTEIN, ROBERT WALTERS, L H. WHrTTEMORE. assistant art director, ROBERT L PETERSON art associates, CANDICE CULBERT, AL TROIANI assistant to the editor, MARION LONG editorial assistants, DORIS SCHORTMAN, MARTIN TIMINS home economics, DEMETRIA TAYLOR fashion, VIRGINIA POPE cartoon editor, LAWRENCE LARIAR Washington, bureau chief, JACK ANDERSON; FRED BLUMENTHAl, OPAL GINN, CODY SHEARER west coast bureau, CHARLES PETERSON europe, CONNECTICUT WALKER . australia, PATRICIA ANGLY rf^TM in d ^:!l ^ YO L k ' ?' Y - 10 °£ A ". C 8 "" 5 r ° erved under ln «^«ior«l ,nd Pan Amerian rfucflon ,n whole or in p»rt of any article without permission is prohibited. PARADE*; Mara Reg MAY 30,1976 - rn u Please address editorial contributions to: Articles, Parade, 733 Third Ave., New York, N.Y. 10017. Although reasonable care will be taken. Parade is not f or unsoliced material.

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