The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 1, 1930 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 1, 1930
Page 8
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PAC1E BIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, C DNNBLLSVTLLE, PA. 3DNESDAY, JANUARY 1, 3930. Events of JANUARY 1. O'orrado Galiardi Construction Company awarded contract for grading rxirt of Section 3 of first 10 miles ol Plttsburg West Virginia Railroad from Cochrana MIHe to Con- iiellsvtlle- I. L. Sparke, 75, dies at Indian Head. 2. nulldlng "permits for past year are in otctfrt of half million dollars. 3. Pitteburg Lak«/Erte roundhouse shop workers at Dicker«on Run go 678 lnya without mishap. ' 4. Newly elected officers of Walter/ E. Brown Post, Veterans of Foreign Wars, installed. 5. William Rodda, Scranton, euc- eeedtt A. V, Huey as ellk mill etiper- intcmlent. 6. John Husoand, 82, dies at Mount Pleasant-. Thaddoue Matthews found dead in barn near Harnedsville. 7. Mrs. Mory P. Buckner resigns a« executive- secretary oE the Fayetto County Hel Crotse, S R 15. IJarner, Vanderbilt, made fupervis-ing principal of Rockwood s-chooU-s for three-year term. 9, Four boy«, sealed lu *B. O. freight car, saved from suffocation a f t e r stih-'.lng fire In It when Conductor Walter l l e r w l c k detectn smoke while car it, s t a n d i n g In a i d s here. S. T. E.-vln elected president of Balt i m o r e Oli It) Veterann Association. C I, McDonald appointed d i s t r i c t deputy i?raml i lumcellor, Knights of PythLw Ift. Mombpr-i of C h r i s t i a n Church hold r e c e p t i o n Cor r e t i r i n g pastor and hi.} w i f e . Dr. ami Mrs. George Walker Buokner 11 llev. Prceton C. Brooks, 67, pastor (; Methudibt Episcopal Church at 8 teir .Junction, dltrf at Ilrepital. 1 l u r r y I. .Mitchell elected president of West I't-iiii P o w e r C'ouipauy and ret a i n s s i m i l a r position with NS'est Penn KalUvajs Comimio. 12 Sportsmen wiU seek fish supply lor Faj etto' county i etreaim; through the. State Fisheries Commission. I"? 1'erryopolls Cliilstian Church rojects resignation of Rev. Percy A. Davis. . 1-1. Coldest w e a t h e r In y e a r s hlunkoth the coke region with tempera t u r e ol *Ux degrees below aero Mrs ; f l i n - r l e l P a r k h l l l , S6, die*. 15 W i l l i a m Kolanrl. Fayctte county's oldret citizen, dies ol the age- of 104 16. Placs made for fpstimonkl dinner for Harry I/. Mitchell to be given at Pleasant Valley Country Club. 17. Industrial committee to handle matters relating to tho promotion of the industrial interests of the community and in general perform functions of oBard of Trade created by action of presidents of Klwanis, Rotary and M e r c h a n t s clubs, the Connellsville I n d u s t r i a l Association -and American Legion. 13. Salesmen of Captan Glass Comp a n y open seventh annual conference at p l a n t here. 1!). Pittsburg Coal Company awards 10i» ?afo-ty watch fobe to employes at Whitsett plant. Thomae Mosea is the toastmaeter at a n n u a l banquet of II, C. Friclf Coko Company. 20. Mrs. Emina Lytle-, 83, burned to death In kitchen of her home when hluuvl isnltee from gas range. It I. J o h n Home-r hao narrow escape troin ;t riou« Injury when gasoline tank in hoist hourfe of Wc-at Side- Coal Company exnkwkn. More than $100,000 In u n p a i d paving accounts demanded by City Council. New addition to Star ,1 auction Baptist Chinch dedicated. 22. Dr. S. M. Crosby, 00, dice at M o u n t Pleasant. Z'.\. H ifH record of 17 months w i t h o u t accident at Trol'er mine ie hroken w h e n William A1 hkirinte, 21, ims a n k l e fractured. ?.t Kev. Dr. K»anck .(. Scott, pastor of First United Presbyterian C h a r t h, accepts a call to the Klxth I ' n i t e d I'rcsbyU'ricin C h u r c h , Pitts- lui rr. 2"). ConiH'lHvillo Credit Rureau t a K s « m e r collection ot unpaid pledgee of C o n n e l l n v i l l e Hospital. 2h, i-,iuu; Taylor, native of Con- iH'!h;vi!'c, dit 1 * in U n i o n t o w n at ago of 77 years. 27. Kiuit Knd United Brethren C h u r c h dedicated Hay Hart, ,'!1, dies of i n j i u l e s fiibtainel w h e n hk truck is diMnci'.rihe-d by Penntylvania Railroad t r a i n at Vancce Mill Junction. 2$. Youghiogheny Division oi Pitto- bui g bake Eric Railroad leads New York C e n t r a l System in safety with only tin oe accidents and no fataittitM d u r i n g 1928. i!!), Development of Jacobs Creek ( o a l . f l e k l one object oC Pittsburg Went V i r g i n i a Rahroad. Workmen at Trotter p l u n t of II. C. Frlck Coko ( o m p a n v gui'mtcj at banquet in recogni- t i o n of ro-nuu'knbio- i-iafety record. "0 ]_r. ti. W. P.iickuer accepts call to C a u o n ^ b u r g Christian C h u r c h . "1 I' i g h t e e n t h nr in'tal teachers in- K t l t n t p of Coiinellu- He ydiool Dist r i c t opens. Pi otnoUon of Daniel Utirle to \ice-piT»ittlwic.v ot Wc*t l^enli H a i l u i } n Company announced at tc«- tlinonia' tuinor f i v e u for Harry K Mitclioll. GRAF ZEPPELIN T1AKES PECORD " 2f «-- --' %»d--ftFTER 15 TITIE TOT? siy RV VEARS 3REf\T BR^TMN WINS SCHNEIDER CUP TROPHY WITH SPEED OF sze, PER HOUR I«E TIGER Trie AMERICA RESCUES NEW HANJ) T?ER)T?T5 »K*SS83!» BJES OUER SOUTH-%)£ DRAWS ,000,000 X\\AJ'E5 SANTO -XN -HAW D 5== STO^«\G,5?- PlRt 1 i;uht-bix f; rmertt t.,1 n o r t h e r n Fa}flto county «ign w i t h H. .1. Heinz; Coinjuuiy to raii-.t» tomatoes on 227 uire- oi loiui. Alfred J. Cochrun, U5, Daw son du". 2 T l i s t i o t h annivci-Hary ol o u t - lirt-ak i P h i l i p p i n e I n s u r r e c t i o n ob- sc-rvisl in Waller 10 Brown Post, Vcti'iMii i of Kort'ign U'aiij. Di .1. L. I'roudflt oIi^LM've^ iflth i i n n i v o r i ary as po^lor ot First 1're*.- b y t o i u u C h t i i i h I j i l l i o AEat* .Marshall i t o i n p l e t t. llj ytMix ot S u n d a y School | ,ilti v r,'!,uici without brivik I. l'i jryopohs Board ot Trado Kepi OMjntative Joseph B. Henn movt* to »a\i v old in til. ." ('· M Criilin. Flatwoode, named { i r f ^ ' d f i t. of Fijrinors' C'oopetalivu 1 Mh \ \l^ol lation i A i n x u a l r.,(foty ^ c l i o n l for S t a r J i u u t u - n p l a n t omplojrr iK'ginii. . Ulliuiut board of Christian C h u r c h ree'Uiimeudi call *to Rev. ICugoiio N. Duly nf Clinrlerol Noble McCorniick, 76, diet,. 8. Right f way riueslmtv; causa delay lu Mud , tcliuol r,«ad project. Rffort i w i l l bo mud 1 ID bring a n n u a l section ' of L'lllsljuig Conference of Methodist | ICplncopal ( l i u r c h bore. Robert W. | Etcher elected rocouling hecretary of Fayette Comity Fifth Game Anaocia-} tiou. i 9 Fred N Opponmin appointed col-' lector of c o u n t y taxes in t'ounellsville Joseph R. lioi'g, iged Prlttttovvn resi-1 dent, hat, h p fractured by tall. C a p - , tain Edmund Dunn, 9, Civil W a r ! veteran, die 1 . 11. John iT. McManls, 05, veteran' Baltimore.' Ohio engineer, cllen. We«t j Penn Garage's latest addition to the company's p l a n t on the West Side equipped w i t h every device to facili- | tat a repair n'ork j 12. Grove r C. McCliutock, 44, dies.' George Jj. A r m s t r o n g re-cloclnl mom- ber of Board of Health. Baltimore ' Ohio lUiilro td Company has flurprie in etoro for Connellsville, George Sturmer, grand president of Veterans Assoclatlno, declarcfs at meet lug hero. 13. Be ty Jane NicholhM), four, dies of burns ju taincd when she tumbles into grate, l o h u Oppormani 33, killed ' by skite J'ull at Grindstone. | 1't. Civl T. AnetJno w i n s intellt- 1 .gence test , i t Rotary C l u b , luncheon, j Ne\y Haven Hose Company luiri annual ' banquet ai Gieonwood Methodist; Bpibcopal C h u r c h , | I. 1 ). Co-pta ui Harry U u u n succeeds j hi« father, ( nptaui E. Dunn, tis tritb- tee of. Garni t;ie Free library. | 1G. T w e n t y - t w o men overcome by 1 f u m e s at Sc'4tdale sheet mill. William | H. Jayneb. Gi, l u l l s down f l i g h t of stairs and i ics of biokvn neck William H Soi^=ou becomes president, ol ] trustees oC ( aniegic LllM'arj. 17. T w e i r y moinuer^ of t w o f a m i lies made hi melons when In e destroys 1 doublo~hou k " aloii..; Ftirn.u e road a t 1 Uunbar. - M i Anna Dlxon, 7'5, dies. IS Roi'o. 1 establi.shed it t\)nuells- \ i l l e Stale ilOHpita.1 \ \ i t b Gl patients, i l l a n d luji.rr-d, und^r care t o n t i u e d there Tbo.'utun a w a r d e d uii- ' l u e r v of mail o i Star een CoiinollsvilU and ,o 1 H d a t i o n of South Scottdalo elocto'I p i W i l d e i i t of Westmoreland C o u n t y C'luittil of Boy Hcont 1 ?. Womau'p A u x i l i a r y to Fayetto County }i*lHh fr fJaino PrnlccMvo A-j ssiclalion organi/i-d hoie. 21. Jncluslrial .sin v^y of Oonn-pllS" v i l l o to bo in,ide by P.aRimoro Ohio Hailroad. Victor KohtM- rc~el pcteil ohalrman of Connt'lli'vllU' Chapter, Fayetto County FiHh i Came Protect i v e Association. 22. Carl C. Tintsman, d i b t r i c l commander of AmoiU'an logion, saves life of Shelby Mitchell, volunteer fireman, when Odd Fello\\3 Homo at Ohiopyle i burnwl. 23. G-eorge Stickel, 7.'!, Perry towtifohlp, dies, li! I. Itamsier re-elected supervising principal oE J'wry lowiiHhip schools foi 10th year Fnck Comipauy orders C50 ovens into blast at Lcitiont, S t a n d a r d and Hostetter. 24. Christian Cluurch at Contluenco destroyed by fire w i t h $25,000 loss, 25. Mrs. Ann G. Humphries, D5, dies at Scottdale. Michael Karolcik reelected chief of Perry Township Volunteer i'Fre Department. 20. Stanley U. Morris, West Ponn motorman, coiniplet-e-s year without accident. Norman Hars.hman near death whon ht,s cnr »Wds over eriigo of preoipitous mountain road in Indian Creek Valley. 27. Comrade CharloH TT. J i i l l elected commander of WliUiani F. Kurtz Post, G. A. K. to succeed Captain K. D u n n Fire destroys barn on property owned by Anna llerwick of Star Junction. 2S. James Speelnmu, 7S, Frlck veter- a.n, dies sit Jones M i l l . MAKCJL 1. State Senator Harry J. Bell speaks on "Pennsylvania Day" program nt High School 2. W A. McCuteheon resigns as superintendent of West Penn Garage and H. Frank M a n t x succeocls lam o. Covenanters lead in a n n u a l pre- ICasler titteiulance competition ol 1 Sunday schools. ·1. M. J Hot s c h vising p r i n c i p a l of township schools t'o 5. G. Fred Hum 1 re-elected super- Kast Hunllngdon · three years., president ot 1!' Jo'in tract for i, Route 1 t v t - LeiMHirmg 20. Cons- l l o l l S ' V l l l G U I mended. ('on)n-llh\ i II. li i-s recom- RuUit-rJt'ord,] Capstan Glass Company, tavors proposed Connellsville-South Connellsville merger. V 11 MuUc named chiei' bugle i n s t r u c t o r and A. Griffen chiet drum i n s t r u c t o r of American Legion Drum it Bugle Corps. 6 Perryopolis Trade Board opens drive to double membership. 7. Ira f i l t h i e r , engineer of Baitl- uiors Ohio oasbenjzer ti'aia No. tiX. imprisoned In r a b oC li derailed nonr Morgai b u t cscspcs serious Crnek Valley Good Ro offfflrrrs meet -it home ler. John l.ind ,HJ , 78, employe dlis. 8. K i g h l liuudreds game refuge, bringing acro«. 9. Knforcemont. ot E be placed before City school proposal for township given hearty 30. James S Dradd Mount Pleasant. Rev. Humes pastorate of Cli 11. William F. Sol; Council fixes tax levy Grover C. Sioms new i Planning Commission. 12. James A. Smith glnoer ia point of ser Division of P. L. E after reporting to wor Etui yards. 33, non-aid C. Blga awarded mail deliv#'3 tweon ContnMlsville a II. D Shallcnborger r master at VandorblH. tarmer-cily get-togeLl Kiwaiils Club held. 14. John Pliss, CG, employe-, clips at Brool- 15. H. II. Temple, ol Pittsburg West Virgl w i l l bo r u n n i n g inti w i t h i n IS months. 18. Mrs. J o h n A. Gi 17. Rev. W. C. Linn oE Methodist Kpiscopi Star Junction and Fail IS. Jacob Z. Fox, I contractor, d j ies. 19. James IT. Darb Hollow, inetintly killc by Baltimore Ohio home. 20. H. W. Weber, seutative of Westlngh M a n u f a c t u r i n g Couipa n-ellsville ntedt tiade I 21. Ui. 0. F. Loigl cliairman of Deutal'He 22. Dempaey D. Fi George C Hazen engag chesitra at Chi'iatian C 23. Perry Township championship at Pe York basket ball t o u t n 2-1. L. G. Hoo\er federation oC a d u l t comotlve when town, W. Va , i n j u r y . I n d i a n ds Association of. Jobe-ph M ) I - 'otoran n. O. 'cres added to total to 5,000 initary code to Council. High Upper Tyrone approval, ·ck, 73, dies at E. N, Duty as- ·isttan Church. son, GC, dies. at 20 mills. lember of City 69, oldaBl entice on Yough Railroad, dien c at Dlclierson n, Mill Run, contract bold Jones Mill. signs as post- Fourth annual er dinner of veteran Krlck vale. ief engineer of iia, says trains Connollsvlllo iler, 65, dies. ecomss paslot 1 I churches a|, /lew. [ount Pleasant , 70, Yauge;' I wh-eu struck train near hl« pecial reprc- uae Electric y, saye Conody. ty named city .1th Week. jtts, G4, dies. xl to direct oral rch. girls win floor nsylvania-. v ew iment. heads county ,undoy School So. iPavlcl G. Button, yarchnaster of Pl^ttbilrg Lake Brie at Dlckereoii Ifitn, iransfe-rrpfi to Nft\v"ll. A "M. Halnes re-elected prefille-nI of Con- nellfivllle Motor Club. Contract for roust! action of American Lrgion Airport awarded to G. C. Keeocv of Flat- woodfl. 2G. Rev. D H, CJrflham announco-p PUtsbnrg Conference oC Methodist IDpIticopal Church w i l l nice! here ID I October. J o h n H. Fosbnsk, So, dices in Bnllskln township. 27. Clasel 11 cation yards of P W. Va. Hall road will bo located near city, (jays announcement. Mrs. Joseph B. Henderson re-elected president Dietrict No. 4, Woman's Chrtollan Temper an co Union, 28. Postcard mailed at Whiting, Iml., 10 years ago iij delivered to home of W. J, Campbell'in Isabella road.. Dunbar Township High School debating team wina county championship for Heventh coiiBCCuUve year. J o h n II. Whoric, donor ol' J. Bucll Suyder fiilvet' loving cup, given winner. 29. ClOcin-Up A\Ve,k will bo observed early in April at request of Mayor .r. L, Kvana. L. M. Douglas appointed postmaster at Molcroft, Jeeso P, Franks, 31, dies on B a l t i m o r e Ohio train while r e t u r n i n g from Florida to home of hiis parents, Mr. and Jlre. diaries P. Franks here. 30. Dlfkoi-bon Run Y. M. C. A. leatiCf, 270 acrw oC land from A. W. Nicholson at Mill llun for s u m m e r camp for both boya and glrlp. 31. lOaster obfeorvcd In churcheK o£ city. A P H I L 1. IJiiudrcdb fighL woocte fire along Isabella road. Jjnko Kric lotindhouse at Dickeiaon Run goes (i72 days without nifchap. Damag-e esUmated at HS.POO results w h o n firo iswecjs row ot houses on S u a u g e i t o w n road. John L Ctciu-3, m u n a g l i i g editor of The Courier, luib llt leg- fractured between k n e e and hip when force of winds h u r l s him - l o bidewalk at Grpousburg. 2. Forty acre tia.ct oi. land at Indian Creek purchased as permanent Y. M C. A. camp oite. J. O w e n Huntsman re-ek'c led principal oC Ea«t H u n t i n g d o n 'J'ownfelup High School. ?, Ro-v George U K r u p p extended call by F -hi United Presbyterian Cluurh, i. Richard J u n k i U b , 13, killed and Ctirtte Allison, 11, Injured while play- Ing marbles on h i g h w a y between Kchard and Star Junction when struck by automobile 5. City jlrotneti recoiro a check for $40 r,0 raispil by i enirtpnts of Whcolor in approchi'lion of prompt response in saving residence if Frank Brodigau. Fire b u r n s over 105 acrae of Umber laud near Normulville. Connelleville High School orchestra wins c o u n t y title and silver Icving cup. Scottdale Armory Board organizes by electing Captain Charles V. C u n n i n g h a m pres- kleut, 6. Body of Mil e Saggi, 44, missing from Confluence 'ionic for two woeka found in Fair Oi kes mine where he died in gas pocket. 7. George W. Sager, 82, dies at S co U dale. X. J. A. Cyphe · resigns as member of City Council, Charles F. Howe being elected to succeed him. S) C. Wesley ]1 Honour, SI, old time d r u m m e r , dies at Star Junction. Con- nellfivillo car shops of Weet Penn Railways Comp my complete 392 consecutive days without tinglo lost Urn© accident. 10. A t t o r n e y I'red ID. Munson dies at Merry Hospital, Pittsburg. 11 1). K. A r t n i a n , councilman oC Trinity Lutheran Church eince il organized 40 years igo, retires. Organization of live trade body authorized at enthudli'etic rally 12, Hlrekine Ham bay makea g i f t of $25,000 toward W o u u t Pleasant High School. 13. One-way traffic: on Summit .Vlountc'n d u r i n g reconstruction ol' National Pike, asi tired, 15. Correll J. Poole, district m a n - ager of Fayelle- County Gas Company, transferred to St ubonvillo, O. Diph- t h e r i a treatment administered to 170 school childien i t Vanderbilt. Rain spoils opening of t r o u t Reason. H. C. Frick Coke C'otni any fire6 250 ove-ns at Southwest and Hotetter. Ifi Thirty-elgbt take written examinations for mine foremen. Mrs. Grant Dull dies. 17. Hospital A u x i l i a r y will realize over .f 1,000 f r o m v a t i o u s benefit programs. Star J u n c t i o n school in finst aid and safety Ilirtt closes with tests and banquet. IS A n d r e w J. CIiorge. well knoT\ n Itotel man, diM ui Hospital. New b n s i line unmeet,, t h i s city with Somerset/ 19. Corrado Ccal Coke Company flros ovens at ita Fort Hill plant near Dawson. 20. .Frick Company ordere 1,050 ovens fired In region. New ami modern equipment being installed at Dunbar quarry of Now. Caetlo lAnw* Stone Company will be ready for o p e r - ation by Juno 1. 21. Free will offering of more lhan $1,000 in cash received fil nnnlver ary day at United Brethren Clinr-ch. 22. A eix-ouiice otone falling fi'om top of coke car shatters what le believed to be one o£ the greatest safety records in the history of. world \\hen it strikes Pittsburg 1/ako Erie workman at Dickerson Run* beneath eye and causes him to lose a day'e v o r k bringing to a close a no-lost time accident record of 1,277 consecutive days. Fire damages clothing etoro of M. M. Siiyder. 23. Janice B. Yohe to retire as t Ice- president of Plttelnirg Lake EH 3 in favor o£ son, Curtis, native of C'on- nel I svllle. 24. Dr. Leonard R. Fox, liea ot bureau of research of Pennsylvania SUi-te Chamber of Commerce, comes here to give- assistance to etee ing committee in organization of B o a r l of Trade. Farmers hoets to folks f r o m city in remarkable gathering at Daw- eon Driving Park. 25. Alex H. Hood, midsMpnmr at United States Naval Academy, )s intercollegiate rifle champion of United States. 26. Frlck Company orders 40;i ovens into blast at Hecla and Kyle plants. 27. I/ e g i o n airport committee awards contract for 1,200 pounds o£ special seed and eight toivs of fertilizer for landing field to Frisbee H ird- wara Company. 28. Two small eons of John W ila- gory, Leieenring No. 3, lead 16 c rws to safety when .lightning strikes b i r n , which ie threatened uy fire. 28. Rev. Michael Kozlowekl, 51, Mount Pleasant, dies. 30. Emma Josephine Pinto, three, die? of ecalds received when she iaKii into bucket of "boiling water at homo of parents, Mr. and Mre. Peter Pinto. Mrs. Jennie Kuhns, 54, $lea of burns received when she faints and pul a a boiler of hot water onto her body. of 1 Frank Matlbea, 27, has when truck plunges f wn into Moumtz TToek. Suppb" nf for Yough river promised Tv K-eoidall C. Jit. Y'ih\ of Connfll.sville, sure* "-H his fathe-r, J. R. Yolv, as vloe-pn'^il- denf of P. £ 1, K lltiliroaA Davii! 11. Cook T^-ei!e-etod t resident of Pe TV- opolis District No. 4, layette Coi nty Sunday Scho-it jV-ssoclatlon. 2 Frank Stehlo, M. dies at Coalbrook horn* a.fter stroke- of paral^als W. D. M-cCtonls olected preatden' of Rotary Club. Frank O'Connor, 81, re- tlre-d contractor,, dies. Tornado causes ·$30 | 0,000 lo^s at Davlslown, virtual 1 ! y wipin.g out village. 3. Board of Trade will be formed under direction of steering camini -tee after a-otton taken at mas^ meetlni; of 250 citizens. Airkt Wolfe. 19, O lio- pyle, OVs from Injn'rleh received wuen Ills revolver aoctdeu-tally goes off. 4. Mra. R. B. Earner elected deivt of Saturday Aft-arnoon Clu'b E. Thousands survey ruins Darts town, while others fall to reach village because of condition of li gh- way. 6. School tax reduced another two iml'ls making cut of five since 102-f. 7. Ohiopyle legislates against cc ttle 'running at large. 8. Dominic Ingegnerl, BO, Scottnlele barber, shot four times in toeasi in his shop by Ontenso G-attero whi is arrested. Members of Davistown, Church ask funds to sre- destroyed edifl-co. 9. Christian churches of Jlay-jifcte coumty hold spring con/vontlon T/lth Dr Cloyd Goo.d«'i'gbt, pi-e-sideoik of. B e t h a n y College, as speaker. ClaT?n'e K. Crowe, 68. killed by B. O. freight t r a i n near Broad Ford, J. !. Ixvwnoy, 7S, dies. 10. Erskiiw Ramsay adds ?20Xfi 1o hla gift toward now lilgli school at Mount Pleasant. South ConneUsi UJo playground formally opens. Debutes o£ Greene and Fayette coumty guosts of Wayiicslurg Oolloge diopter of Tau Kappa Alpha, national honorary debating frateralty. 11. John Davh will direct campaign to enroll 300 members in Board of Trade Frick Company issues orders for firing; 130 additional oveiia. 12. Joseph K. Berp, SS, dies at Pritlstown from heart trouble super- induced by storm of May 2. 13. Connellsville Lxdgo of Elks - v i l l seek permit for operation of rs.dio broadcasting j-fation. 14. Thwinas RichiHM-. Point Mar an. wins rl;rht to go lo IFarrlsbui-g to Lomrpote for f-Lcile piano cliamplon* hip of Pennsylvania Fore-nflfo r/eaj in'. Thomnti Neville, v e t i i e d , prefer fed with gold watch a n d chain ny B. i O. Veterans Association tS. James llrundige, G'i, well l n r \ v n as trapper, die?. Kali l i c k 1o\vnb1p elecitors vote in favor of bond igsiiJ' of 518,000 for f u n d i n g existing i n d i b i - noss and road repairs. 16. Ifirskine Hain^-tn vi.sils M o u n t Pleahant and a d d s a i w t l i e r gift of ? iO,- 0000 -to IIP-W high school th^re, j i i a h l n g total of fi?5,000. 17. Rev. George H. K t u p p forms 11 y insUlletl a»siijew pastor of FirM Umlod Presbjicrian Clniicb 15. Salvation A t my Advisory Board fixes b u d g e t s f-oi llht-al yeai at $5,000 in to be made iu O to- be r Ifl. Perry Township High Sc] ool studenU hear a n n u a l class sermon 20. Larg-6 boulder on Pennsylvcnia Railroad tracks near Dim bar dertiH loconiti\e o£ pasfnnger t r a i n . 21 Board of Trade onnvass-ars begin 300 members drhc. West P-nn Power Company experiences peak 1 Kid of history, exceeding more tiian 2 W , - OOO kilowatts. 22. Hospital A u x i l i a r y with d n i t - tion of $2,00 m a k e s t o t a l t-lft.s to i hat. I n s t i t u t i o n $12,000. Georjio arnlth, 5'), wounds Ella X chols, :'t, of Mill Hun w i t h shotgun and s t a g e s Kittle \ ii!\ State Pol1w. 23. Ruth Mitchell and How did

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