The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 25, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Monday, February 25, 1918
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TWO.'- THE DAILY COUPLER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. EARL RUSSELL TELLS OF-UJFEm FRANCE OWB will meet "Wednesday eventni' in dd Fellows^ hall. , oiShe" Missionary society Protestant church he'14 last evening in the church. The slides -w.ere'amony'the finest ever seen. ft«re. They.,were_made in Japan'-and were beautifully colored. ..; Mrs. · ChirlJgMort and JOB Kati£: "W5men oTTSinStlifield will register \rlMr-Otto .entertained fHibds -6t Jbr "war service Wednesday afternoott -The C. Girls will . meet Friday !Tenin£*t4he3i«ne J iohanr-«t Sou*-'C« . ;; weniag la honor" of 5r. Otto wholelt lUIII'l-^ "IKIII i i, a..^,^,... f , IN ,,-__^. irday eveoiny. Ten persons were bom£_ofj;Mr3r3fort in |jntj-whMever tbjpcall maj come. _ Tlie Treeklj-Tneeting of-the Business Women's Christian ' Association will be held; TKursday night 1n the asso- cfation ro6zns r iii "Odd Feilows temple. South Pittsburg street. The business ·women" irill 'meet-tonight it the Red Cross headquarters to sew. aisl3Cr«wford ireBuer-irhe fipnor Jiesfwas presented -with- jP-oomfort tit. ; : . 'Tie" Women's? .TJnSon.- of the Christian Church, .will this. ,weelc begin. a ;;'" -Jyitimatrc" campaign Earing, r fort .Its ;; pbjectjpaying a visit to ever member t~ ·( the; -eiMtregattoii.^This -will; £on-' :; tiaue for the next_ 10 .days and will -'. ,£?QBfttrt^wHh.^a^winter^^icnie-in- the ;;" church on, Wednesday of next week, to ~-', which 'members are invited to come, ~'s bringing well fitted baskets with them. -- · Tie Grand International Auxiliary ·- ·to~thrBrbtbwbooCot.Locbmdtive.Ea.- 2~ ; gineera will meet "Wednesday after;: noon in Oid-FellowB'' hall.-- "AH mem- ~ bers are invited. :; Thrriiaiwi'. circle -NO. 100 to the ;: WilUaia F.'.Kurtz Pofct:?io. 104 Grand -- Army at th» Republic will meet Thttrs- ;· day-afternoimin Od£Ferio"irs'_hallr A ;· larie- attendance of- mem6ers""i"s '.de' " ...... ~ .Thi L.-C; B. A. will ieet'Wediies- day night in the Parochial school Irom-jt'to' 5^'clock.'- Jtiss Perie 'Abraham will be in charge and every wo- n»ay-e*-t«e «ged Toientoll with the United States government for The Knit. .and Win. Unit of . the CharlWtoi "Cornfdrts Branch 'of the N»vy"Le»gue'w1n meet tonignt'at the home of -ill*. Barry -Reagan in Eighth" street^GTeenwood. Mr*. "W. K. JUieri will 'entertain 'the Silver Trimble club Wednesday at her florn* to. Vine .street. . _ .._ . . ' Tie W. "W^ "Rckrtt class or · the Mtthodist Protestant Sunday school will meet Thursday night- at-the home of Mrs. Rockwell Marietta- in -.East Crawford avenue. All- members are imvited. .,, .; , - :;, ... ; . . : v ; - The regular business meeting of .the DaughWrs- of Isabella will b, held tomorrow night in tbe Parochial school auditorium.--- - - · ; -- 7;- · ........ A new "time patriotic concert and an old tim* singing concert will be held The, Outlook club -is meeting this attempon mttihc home: of-Mrs. J-'f Thompson in East Cedar avenue! Mrs. C. C. Bittner will entertain the Busy Twelve club Friday night at her home in Ninth street, Greenwood. Friendship Temple Pythian Sisters No. 25 will meet ThursdaW afternoon in Odd Fellows' hall. A musical_;erent of iinterest;is~the annual 'cbricert of the F._Q: M._ class of the. Meffiodist.Protestant church to be held-Friday highL3ir Jthe',' The proceedV~ate Jn T ;the';,benent of the new "Su'nd'ay, school fond."'Ah. interesting program : )j«s-'bien'arranged, .-^--"?'.-*~.~^~:-" '.- " . Mr. and Mr». Walter'·.*."·· '-Schenck will entertain the I5fU club^Thiirsday erening at their home in South Pittsburg street. The Zionist Culture club has , arranged for a benefit dance in MTacca- tomorrow night, -jd the high- auditorium. .-All are invited. school Mrs. George Blair-- will i, entertain tte it. k S. Fancywork clurb "Wednes- d*y afternoon at her home in Eighth street. .West Side. alias Grace Rxnkin will entertain the T. C. T. rancywcrk clnb tomorrow evening at the home of Missee Elizaeth . Clan Pattersoi: in .JWest '' ' ^ MorteiT avenue. are being '"ito uidajr afterpooB.'nt.the-^ringr;y by .the. thi American ReToikuotLf: The proceeds are for the henentvpf liie Red Cross and it is 'hoped that 'quite, a large »um will be realized. The- ad- missJou is twenty-five .cents. . The party will begin at 2 o'clock and the afternoon will be spent at knittiag. JJi irhpj.attend; are asked lo bring..* cuB-.'spQCDjiandlsugar. ' _ · ' · - · - · ; · Andmportantmeeting'of "the eitecu-" tive committee, of the B. Y. P. O. of the Flrst:Bspti3t church will be held Wednesday night at the close of the regular prayer services. The .Young Women's Mission Guild of the First . Baptist church will meet tomorrow evening at 7.:30 o'clock in the church. The election "61" officers. followed by a social meeting, will takt place! The regular -mseticg of the Women's Missiooary Circle Trill be held Thursday afternoon at i:30 o'clock in the" church. All women of tic cong.-osati..r» ar: Invlteik. ..... '-- T.wp -new r: -Banies," Harold ' and Carl KBIT,; whcHeft Saturday'night .jit i.;.M.ra. :-~VYV E. JOt le"d" t to "th'ej tenor rpfF-of'^th; I TJap'ferchurch,.,^ ; - -.---: ; The Ladicsij[icr-"sbciety.-af-tbe Tyn- ity iAttharaB-ohurch-jnll meej : day -afternoon-Jit tfie^h'ooiexif A ward Batr Ner M3--?i3B-st'r5ot. ThelaaauaC^onliiicafvtai · -- -.--^.^ i, ...· ._;.-. ,,.j... u j : - . ~ . ~ r -March in tie . . :; Hardy^of 3potalale. ;r Ir..C. E. Wilbur, ediior of the Sun-. -· day School periodicals of 'rhe Metho- ^r dist' Protestant church gavo""a spltn- :j did illustrated ley.urs on Japan, at ih* bee hall tonight o'clocdc. from :8:30 to ".12 PERSONALS. Miaa Nannie Williams .is confined to her South_Pittsburg. street home with a complicatiaitrof-aihnenta, If VncterSfO.'' Is Tjioeturnishlag you with that new spring suit ; you ; baa better let me-Tna)f»Tjaa one.' 'Daye'Coh en. Tailor.--Adv. ' £-£·';":''* '· Richard Robson. was i labme ,. from Pittsburg: over Sunday . to "visit .his parents, Ml. and.iars.. J. J. Robson oi the West Sl«6.'- : ·· . -:^-^ ' - . The best irtace -;to shop after all Brownell 3tioe"Co.^-AdT..' . -·' Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Coll, ot Pitts- TWENTY PER CENT SUBSTITUTE WAR \ BREAtf IS HERE Boy Member of Orchestra ud Tfonld Join Regimental _Band. .InteresiflDg sidelights 7 'on life ip- PranoV ,with ttie ISthiEngineers are SiTenib'y'Earl RusseU'.of Connellsville. ii a' letter "to his mother;'Mrs. E. S. Russell of" Cincinnati, a part of which appears below: "This was Sunday and I have just returned f rom · church, hel'd in the l r . A.- 'it.-~was-.the second service · I have been able to^ attend since leaving the .States.-; I was 'one of." an prthestra..of. tour that furnished music for:the..occasion.. We .have violin, guitar, mandolin. and banjo. As long as we stay in our present location I anTgoTng "toTattend.every 'Sunday. 'We will have a piano next Sunday and are- going to organize an orchestra, Our -regiment .is going'to'organize a. band. 1 have, made application for a place as alto player; I hope that I ... .. ... ·T ha-re taken ont $10,000 worth of insurance, made payable to Mrs. Har- rie't A. Kusseli. No doubt you are already familiar with the way it is to be paid--In monthly* installments for a period of years. I'think it is a great very cheap rate. The $10,000 cost's -me $6.75 per month. "We are going to have a football game this afternoon. The weather the pest few days has been ideal. "We moved since I mentioned about candle light. In our new location we have things more convenient--electric lights, hit water and a sawmill to cnt .our wood. But just when we get comfortably settled we are moved: ' One .of our boys rigged up tbe hol.' : water system. It surely is fine and- saves much work. "Toil know now that I received the Bret ; sweater. Cv K., also wristlets, helmet/and most everything else. "I'hsve been, trying to locate Neil for the past two months but so far have not been successful. It takes time. So -far I have not met any one 1 knew before the war. Continued front Pasro One. into-a-feeling that.-bread is becoming cheaper, . . . . . " tocal bakers are all using the substitute today in the 20 per cent mixture. At Krampe's bakery barley and corn Dour are being mixed. The bread is somewhat darker than, usual. Mr. Krampe stated this morning that he had ..enough barley and corn flour to last-for about a month, at the'"-end of which time he expects to secure some rice and potato flour. He .has been mixing barley flour for tbe past month. ' At Templelon's tbe full 20 per cent mixture was used for the. first time today.' Mr, Templeton said he did-not have a good supply on hand but had orders in at two different places. Corn, flour, is being used in the* mix: ture today. "Rice flour is what I want," said Mr. Templeton. "I am trying to keep away from tbe dark bread because some peopl* think it has a bad taste, whether it does, or not." In a letter written on January 18 Earl expresses deep satisfaction at having become a member of the Fifteenth Engineers. "We sarely have a dandy crowd of fellows," he says. At the time the letter was.written the weather was very spring-like ancl also conditions under foot were very muddy. Earl writes that the packages that friends have sent him have been coming regularly. "I am very well fixed for almost everything," he continues. "I have, enough tobacco to last me until next summer." burg, are-guests- or "Dr. . "Hugh Colt of iSprth..Pittsburgh street. Miss Anne White was the guest of her sister; Mrs. R. E. Umbel of Uniontown yesterday. For the best and cheapest repairs on .that roof, conductor or scouting, sen F. T. Evans Estate.--Adv. T. Scott Dunn, returned to Philadelphia yesterday after spending a few days here. He reports that Mrs. Dunn ··who Is ill} is getting along nicely and ·frill return, home *.a« soon* as .she is able-to stand tiue^iPK^T.-j;"'^- ~':'rMr. and Mrs,'. 1fariT : '.i.pftier and ' i Porer . J. i).;Percyj(3rW«st^Pe«;fi : street, yesterday.?! .;; IP-ir^i''. ." ;: "£ rj^ivirs.--.J,_.Ir;Cochran aricT "daughter, Mary r Cf theriner were guests · of the 'former'sTTnother, Mrs. Eli Huston of Da-irson yesterday. '. Attorney Harry Rush of Uniontown was 'in town this-morning on his return from Dawson, where he spent Sunday, -with .his mother;, Mrs. Anna. Rush";: ~ .".'.!'.''. '."..."^ :',,···: Mr. and Mrs. Edward. Buckingham and- children, of McKeesport motored here yesterday and were guests of Mrs. Buckingham's: mother, Mrs. William Trump of'East" Green street. · MTs-.-A. : W;-Hart-of'the West Side returned'home-from a.-visit with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. C. a-poiing'of-Pittsirarg. Mr, and Mrs. O. B. Craft of North Plttsburg street have returned home from a visit at Chattanooga, Tenn,, Atlanta, Gal, and Camp McClellan, An. niston, Ala. At Camp Anniston they visited Mrs. Craft's brother, Lieuten- au W. E. Allen. · ' Mrs. William Cpokus of Hazelwood is the'giiest of Mr. and;Mrs. O. B. Craft of North PittEburg'.street. Er : -Rice rJ jeturned to SL I^UMEOPERATION JJelcroft Coal Company Starts Mier Cold Weather Shutdown, The Melcroft has resumed operations at its inines'in the APPEAL IS DISMISSED Coal Company Held Iilable for Injury to Evans SUtlou Boy. Judge J. Q. Van Swearingen in an order handed down this morningf dismissed an appeal-Crom tbe award ot the Workmen's Compensation Board and sustained the award in' the case of 'Alvin. Chisler against-the Evans Coal Coke company. The plaintiff is a boy not yet of age, employed about the tipple of. the defendant company. He was sent by the UppIe.Twss lo the { latter's.home not far away to get his j dinner bucket. ; . . · j "Wliile returning, the lad was struck | by an-engiae and seriously injured. The question at issue was .whether or not, at the time he was hurt, the boy was acting in the line of his employment by the company or was simply on. a personal errand for the tipple boss. The referee to whom the case was referred, under the compensation act, made an award in faror of the plaintiff and the defendant appealed. Indian Creek above Davistown. The mines'have been -shut down several weeks on account of the cold weather. ' The "coal" company has material for several .hundred houses at the lower part ot the valley and work on getting the buildings ready for employes of the mining company will soon begin. AMPUTATED. Adelaide Van is to Hospital for Treatment. Four new patients are at the Cottage State hospital. Frank Leonard, employed in tbe-mines at Adelaide, had the middle-- finger on his right hand amputated' as the result of an infection. . . . . . Glemr T.oqtbman, an employe of tbe Baltimore . Ob.JQTailroud. while working near the Sand-*-Patch tunnel T^as struck on the. head with, a stone. Mrs. Nora Grinuii'and. Mrs. D. Assey wore admitted' for. 'operations. JESSE GOSWICK IN JAE Bat Effort ITfll Be Made to Secirre Re, lease of Slayer. Jesse Goswicfc, of Arbrust, who shot and fatally wounded his father Jack Goswfck of New Stanton; formerly of' PennsvilJp, went to the office of Disr. trict« Attorney Nerin A,' Cort' In Greensburg early Saturday morning and surrendered. Paul L. Feightner, Westmoreland county detective, made an information, charging the young man with the murder. Gas wick waived a hearing and was committed to jail for a habeas corpus hearing this week. Following the shooting young Goswick was committed "to jail by the state poJice. He gave baiL last Monday, pending the outcome ot the injuries of hia father. Jack Goswick died Friday night in the Westmoreland hospital, Greensburg, of menin- ANNOUNCING Waists for the Spring of 1918 Our waist stock is about complete and the assortments are large and the sizes are not broken and everything is ready io start the Spring season of 1918 -with a whirl. / . - · Dunn's waists are the best waists you can buy and Dunn's prices on waists are the lowest. That's "why we lead in the waist business in Connellsville. W ecordially invite you to inspect our line of waists for the coming season. , "The Store Ahead" tHtrgy i JCd.j U« HOME J QUALTY *m .ttttolU N PlTWmn* 51 . COMVLLSVtit I Butterick Patterns gitis caused by the revolver wotmd iii the back of. his head. shot is in i Bryner Frat'tnres Limh Climbing .1'enee. Orval Bryner, seven-year-old son of Mr.- and- Sirs. M. 1.. -Bryrler of East Cra.wford avenue, suffered a simple tracture oE the right leg below the knee, Saturday night when climbing over a fence near Sis home. His foot caught at the top of the fence as he jumped causing the bone to snap. He was helped to his home by a playmate and a physiL-T-in lyvaa called to reset the bone. ily today. - He is r.esting eas- Home From the East. Miss iuth Heeter, milliner, for the iWright-Metzler company, has returned home -from. New York, where she assisted -Miss Harriet Ridgeway mana- j ger of the.millinery departments.of the a few,i o c a ] a j|i] rj n io n town stores, ia buying Joseph__G._Re_ndine of Carionsburg HaJT.returned home after a visit with .b'is^mqth^c^Mrg:-..',Josephine Rendine ."ofrCarhegSepiveime.'^ .-' ~ " ~'..~ CSDaugh_pf Pittsburg, ·fprmeirly vprincipal' of' th'e' high school t 1 th»Vcatyo,ver' Saturday. spring-' and sumi-her millinery. j:C-.~J'.~CrltcKgel'd reTtuniea to Col- Resigns I'osition. Miss -Esther. Towzey, who has been employed inline o'Bice of Wtigh'l-Metz- ler company has" tendered her resig- last night with the i nation to take effect Saturday.' Mon- | PitUburg and vicinity MINSTREL BENEFIT $350 Dnwson Folks Realize Handsomely For the Ked Cross. The proceeds from the minstrel presented Friday and Saturday nights in the Y. M. C. A. auditorium at Dickerson Run for the benefit of the Dawsoii iRed Cross, were about $350. Both performances, were witnessed by large and appreciative audiences, and every number on the entertaining program was greatly enjoyed. Miss Mary Mc- Conneil sang patriotic sougs in a very delightful manner, while Miss Alverda Soyder, accompanist for all the song numbers, displayed ability as a musician. The minstrel Will be presented Saturday night at Star Junction for the benefit oC the Red Cross auxiliary there. PLAY F.0R CHAMPIONSHIP. t. Vlcasant Superiors Besfln Series Tonight. The Phy-Mo-Me basketball team of Scottdale will play the first of a series of three games with the Mount. Pleasant Superiors tonight at the armory at Mount Pleasant, for the championship of Fayette and "Westmoreland counties. . Much rivalry exists , between the two five and Scottdale is backing the Phy-Mo-Me. glut) to the, limit. The second game of the series will be played at the Scottdale Y. M." C. A. e'nd at his home here. ;.Jtiss. May. King 15rrisiting; relatives ra't.Dawkfn:today. 1 .'· 'i : ' · . ' · · , -J.:. E., Bute--of ,,th'e West;Side ..wi11 "ieaw torifght-for-'Aurora,'ill'.; to" visit relatiyes-and look a-ter business mat- .ters. . Mrs. : Bute : -has-been, visiting there for tbe past few days'. ^ W. P. Clark was at" Dawson on busi- Bol) O'Connor'in Camp. Robert O'Connor,, son of Patrick. .O'Connor of Hazelwood, formerly of Connellsvilie, .passed through here draftees from on their way day she will' become bookkeeper for j to Canip..Lee. Young O'Connor is a nephesw ot Prank O'Connor of Bast Crawford' avenue and of Bernard O'Connor, of the "W'est Side. Sinclair; of, !Wellaad, ,pntari.p,., are ...visiting at the home of. Mrs. Scott's parents, Mr. and .Mrs., paniel Sinclair, North j"Itts- burg street. . . , J Mrs.-H. K. Sease has .returned to her home in Pittsburg' alter, a, visit, with Mrs. dharies' Mo"rt" of Cfawtprd avenue. . . . .. ....,, ; ' .'·_ . . ' . ..Read..the. .idverUsements. the Frisbee Hardware company. Back on Duty. Following a month's illness of grip Miss' Blanche Rube, assistant chief operator for tbe Tri-State Telephone company, was able to return to work today. , . ELI F. SHALLENBBRGEK. Eli F. Shalleaberger, 75 years old, died yesterday afternoon athis home In South.Brownsville, following- an illness o f . complication of diseases. Funeral . tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock from tbe family residence in Water street, with Rev. J. M. Belts, pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church, officiating. Interment in Bridgeport cemetery- Mr. Sbailenber- ger was born in Dunbar township, April 25, 3S43. "Wien a young roan ho went to Missouri, hut later returned to Brownsville. At the age of 18 years i he enlisted in the Union army, four j of his brothers being -in the same army. One of them was killed at the battle of Pittsburg Landing. Eli F. Shalienberger was taken prisoner and spent 205 days In the Andersonville prison. He was a member of Company C of the 8611.1 Regiment. For a number of years Mr.Shallenberger was in the employ LV the government. Later as a contractor and a builder he con- i structed many of the large ware- 1 houses in the section of Brownsville. !He married Miss Hannah J. Booth, '· and' on January 11, 1916, Mr. and Mrs. . Shalleaberger celebrated their golden : wedding anniversary. Deceased is j survived by. his widow, the following I children, Mrs. R. R. Bulger, Miss Nora Shalienberger,. Miss Sarah ' Shalleu- bergar,. Mrs. Mary Craft, Walter F. and -Lee -"W., and Lou B., all ot South Brownsville; one brother, James A. ShalFenberger and seven grandchildren. MRS. RACHEL A. JOHNSON'. . Following an illness of pneumonia, Mrs. Rachel A. Johnson, T3 years old, widow of Elijah Johnson, died Saturday afternoon at 1.30 o'clock at her home at Vanderbilt. Funeral tomor- row'afternoon at 2.30 o'clock from the Presbyterian church, with Rev. D. C. "White, the pastor, and Rev. J. E. Kidwell, pastor of the Christian, church at Vanderbilt, officiating. DANIEL M. CARS. Daniel M. Carr, SO years old, died Saturday at Mount Washington, Pa. Funeral services were held this after- n.oo,n from the Baptist church at Flatwoods. MICHAEL WHALEN, Funeral sen-ices for Michael. Whalen, who died Friday at his home at Leisenring No. 2, were held yesterday morning at 9 o'clock from St. Vincent, de Paul's Catholic church at Leisoa- ring No. 1. .Requiem high mass was celebrated by Rev. Father Canova. Interment in St. Vincent de Paul's cemetery. Mr. Whalen was 74 years old. Chimney Catches Fire, A chimney at the home oi! John. Per- ,'CX.Bn;JVest Peach-street -caught flre yesterday afternoon. No damage was done. When Tou ITnot Anything Advertise in our. Classified. Column. Patronize those .who advertise. · _ - . ; - JUsigrM..Position. "· AviHuMt has" resigned his \position with the Semet-Solvay company, at .. Euobar tp/acccpX.? similar, position at -"·* ,\- ·.«*-=· *** ORE THROAT or TonsilUii -- gargle with -Warm, salt water then apply-- VAPORi 00 YOU WORK INDOORS Then you need a winter tonic to keep up your blood-strength and nerve-force. For nearly fifty years physicians have prescribed \COTTC /ENULSION/ because it is a true food and an active tonic, easily digested and free from alcohol. · If you are rundown, if night finds you tiredjmd sleep is not refreshing, by a l l ^ means get Scoff's Emulsion today. Yoa Neod It. KOBE IS STOtEIf. New Speedometer is Also MissinR , From Sonth Sidcr's C»r. A valuable robe was stolen from the hood of Harry L. Carpenter's car last evening between 6.30 and 7.3* o'clock,while the car was standing in front of the Carpenter residence. A new speedometer |hat had riot yet been attached was also taken. Speedways of Communication The million and a half miles of wire in tbe Western Union System are the speedways of communication open day and night. Fifty thou'sand employes are trained in their -work of assisting the direction of the enormous business of a mighty nation. The mature ; efficiency of 67 years is the value of this- organization in these timei of stress. WESTERN OTIOIT Telegrams--Day letters--Wight Letters-- Cablegrams--floney Transferred by Wire THE WESTERN UNION TELEGRAPH CO. MUST RETURN MONEY Unusual Case is Decided in Court Today by Judge Tan Sweurineen. Bequeathing $2,500 to a friend on the eve of a serious surgical operation, placing tho. money in the hands of another, from which she later attempted to recover it, figured in a most unusual case decided today by Judge J. Q. Van Swearingen. Belinda Conn of Point Marion, tbe plaintiff in the action on November 25, 1935, decided to leave $2,500 to a woman friend, whom she had taken from the Children's Aid Society when a child and raised to womanhood, but who is now-living in New Jersey. The defendant is Mary B. Muck, domestic in the Conn home, who upon ; A Nurse's Stoit A Pa. Woman's Expcrien NEW CASTLB, Px--"I KBOW a about Dr. Pierce J g medicines. I nurse, did q bit of m especially. w and always j mended **FE Prescription* it was used a large numl cases with B u c c e s B. 'Golden DiacoTiwy' especially bei in one ca«e i ticular whet heavy cold six months old learning the intentions of Mrs. Conn,, doctored quite awhile ut did not advised her to entrust (he'money for the New Jersey woman, with her (Mary Macfc) with the understanding that If Mrs. Conn.'survied the operp tion the money - was to be returned. These arrangements were made, but when Mrs. Conn later demanded the money from Mary Muck, she met a stout refusal. Judge Van Swearingen ruled that the^certificatc of deposit in the First National Bank of Point Marion should be returned to Mrs. Conn and that Mary .Muck pay costs of the court proceedings. the Conecrt for Draftee. James T. Bell was honor guest at a band coLC-.-it and supper Friday evening at the home of Mr. -and Mrs.. Tilden Bell at .Monarch, glvea in ooncr ot b : s departure with the dr^fiees Saturday evening. The hostess was assisted in .serving by Miss SlUabeth Bestley... Solos were rendered by E. Hobert Crawford of Sewlckley; Miss Beulah Fulks of Homestead and Ed- .ward Connelly 'of Moinrch. Belt was one of the first an-..' of the Leiscnring band tO'leave;for camp. KNIT NEW ARTICLES J3B»s Marguerite Rush of Hanson Makes Extra Gifts for Soldiers. Miss Marguerite Rush of Dawsou ·was the first person at that place to knit the abdominal belt and knee protector, which have been added to the list o£ articles supplied to the draftees heaving from there. The first set knitted -was given to her brother, W. H. Hush, who left Saturday night for Camp Lee. The othor set has been sent to a j AVl^fVllltelv soldier in France. The Dawson knit- t j . V. _ ters. who always provide the draftees IlldlgSStlOn. DfUgg leavioB there with a knitted outfit, refund money if it fails; have added the two articles to the hel- *·*"""* *" met, socks, wristlets and sweaters. to get any better. Sbe came to 2} evening and wanted mo to go wi to Bee .another doctor. So we io his office and the doctor tutf lungs Jhoroaghlyj then he aslce all manner of questions. He did.! her what lie tlought, but tola her plenty of mill: and freah eggs am Cod Liver OiL When TTO got outai offico she burst out crying and 'eo might as well have told me the ti inow I havo consumption. I 'Well tho doctors don't alrays everything.' Don't take the Cod Oil. Come, we will go to the drnj I and get Dr. Pierce'3 Golden Mei)i« rovery and tako that I '11 bet bef o take air bottles you can go ai those doctors you aro worth a doici people, and before sno had finish second bottle she TT.-IS rid of thai ness through her lungs and did not bnt very little. After she had tal bottles sho tnt a well woman. ' that if she ever got a cold the''Disc ·was all she used. She was never tr with her lungs afterward."--MBS sot Lawns, 414Vj Bartrgnt Avo. BELDAM Hunting Bargains ? You will Snot tb«m In our ad. columns. H Ton Want Something Advertise for it In our classific umn. One cent a word...

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