The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 15, 1964 · Page 42
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 42

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1964
Page 42
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Page 42 article text (OCR)

7 l"::.. 42 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL saturda, August is, ibm THEY'LL DO JT NO fTS THREE 1 PUTTS. J.P. pOUft SHC6-TM4T PUTTS livOU 4 S'XCN NeVEQ V MOLE,(3T?I PLAVtt) A SKXJL0 0O4S wOPSS (1 QOOO-l WISH I MM J V HAO M3UR UFtf X TOUCH- 3M V, EVERYTIME- HE'S Ivt IS I COST! IS PLAYIN' cut oh ojsioEffs eat A NINE THIS owe sn vvoRse saw THAN AnVBOPt WHO'LL GIVE HIM TO SHOOT RELVEDERE AN OR0R if 05 V It HODSETHAM HAVE TO rYTTrl HORSE CHESTNUTS BtONDIE "f ' k' A,Um'.' ft AVO. HERMAN. BRAVO.' - 1 rUl&k LtASS CD ' SVL( -ivaae Nov; e, ) fxV no out cuts haiW y lyi.)' ' 'l?1?.? "Vl my PB, ! wi g&sd i mm BMffltsiss'ffn sxFj:ztm BW,iasiaa 'unsjj y$ u Wl tiW Mf' 1 ' ) RIP KIRBY ... ' , ' ' A ' "ICE 'KX&. Tfl I" ' ' I r4 --ditJJ 0N"r "1 I BTEf ON MC-. J HT V aV'' 1 '?'' rw ' r .... . ,j '.,.,. 1 ; I3"TTLL li I eai-.iwi. ajM(au v .WW.".. MATT I f not MM tffvtf , IV , t home : MARK TRAIL''""-"" .".'"f1. J" 11 'a J f sthh ah Xtxt what 1 was TMerV 'T LETS oo ej jtf ut ought to M crrtat'l , , . f TtSH. 10I FOB X WCT BETT6B OO SOAETH I , SUOTY XT1 MM JUCS SHACK. ANCV I ' L.iMn. .LrTSlaT r imall - aMMfc-,aan l -r nr 'i Ha g . " LARRY BRANNON ' V'-"M-v-. " ' "J ".- ... . . aaaaaaaaaasp- '.jSnniws J znt wrn cm a -J : gear am l" askim -SJ mct.-J sow nt'a 1 -v J , 2STT4 Vrra. aUTAsiAaxy H M S- . Jrwrni T 1 ' -till aaiMMYnZini 77 . rts. i 'n tVJ ici 1 1 ED X'i I ' rsrW PiTvS I , W ; JUDGK PARKER ......... .. . - ... -. . . , i laaarsaaaasii mmt.i ftua W.vt sr. 'J f Vi w r1 ' iasi sat aa as fw mm 1 uAMOia rr?.. I r wmst we ayujif aui a3 I IT WAS IHAs wg lUMtM kgmcp! I wmcm kdsj Aane1 VOS CAMT I . I . IwuottAT vcj ia u. ytnere ww M pw. ueurtxANT t J 1 1 mm A taa; w tku wtth 1 1 eT aw. Imovi i psf J j .Vi . i "STriiSpSBirv By JIMMY HATLO diVIN THE F4T 60V A TAX 1 that score he had KWE HE EVEN the eoeeN f THE ONLV OWES' ANGLE DCWNl ON APE OTHER PLAY SALES.VEN iSSBST1 X... rflw ow MARMADUKE PSyCMIATTO$Tl "WImlow, Send M- . SATURDAY :, ; CBOT i IM liaseball Came.'- Dizzy Dean and Pea Wee Re tport from Chicago aa th Cub play; ,tne iittburgn Piratet. , 1 . g.M . M2. "Diary of ' mentalist John Scivoletto. Num-Small Boy on Vacation."'1 ' A bera' include: Tlco Tico; Who summir vacation a seen through the eyes of "young boy. The boy la the guest of Canadian writer Farley Mowat who Uvea at Burgeo, Newfound land, film- ahowa trip by Mowat and the boy on the writer little schooner Happy Adventure and a visit to Mique-lon, a French island about 60 milea from Burgeo. ' v .. SM Buga Bunny.' The Prize Peat," "Stupor Salesman" and "My tittle Duckaroo " , a Couatrytime. Host George Atkins preaenta a film ed visit to the Natural Science School on Toronto Island. Cwr- you noed o real restl Mm on voeorlonl" "" , .'ran m 31 I g .' At .'.' s ' g iJs)jm t,ms-i '-iktw.w . wu:: ilV IIWL .-;uL- Lj "isilt'-U'.' t-ti iA-l.JUltll.H4ll, ktA.A k.A..AkA.Ai A.A..A..A. A-A-A-A-A.A-A - . It,l Sn 4 4 Television Highlights Idener kUrt Cox talk about Summer ptrenni!, M keynotes. Mutio and, n lrom EdmontOB with pian- iat Tommy Bank. Harry Boon oa orgI(1 wilh vocalistfonlrhope of aavin the rocket Buddy Virtor and (ueat iflttru- Will Buy: Ebb Tide and Mare. 7. Haacock. The Night Out." Tony doea the town, but isn't ouite sure just what he'a done, ' when he awakens the morning after in the bridal suite of a hotel with two women. Featuring Patsy Smart and Marina Martin.-' - 74 Cesnedy Playhouse. "Cliquot iat File." The local undertaker ' In a amall French country town in 1926, takes ateps .to remedy his lack of business. But the ' situation rapidly -geta out of control. Featuring Eric Sykes, Warren Mitchell and Henry Oscar. - t.M CFL Football. Dan Kelly describes -the play as the Toronto Argonauts play the Montreal Alouettea at the CNE Stadium, Toronto. Fred Sgam-batl provides the color commentary. ... ,' r$ "I ' ltXIS The Case ef the Muk-1 Mneae Battle Horn British comedy stars Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan track . down the thieves who atole a rare musi- -4il instrument, a MukUneae battle horn. from a British museum. . I.6.4S Senae a A prize-winning i Easotloa, Czechoslo- vakian film showing the con 1 1 ivt -nviwwn kiih aim emotion. Sense la represented by trumpeter who blow his magic 'trumpet, changing the - oiwroerw awnery info a aoypUB0 in , G Minor meincaiiy assigned uy out. namqun rcprescnui emotion, blows his magic pip and eu at! in disorder again, fl ving freely. t " ' . 11JS Satvday Nltht The. atra. "Edge of the Clty.T 057). John Caasavetes. Sidney Poltier and Jack WardesT star. An Army deserter land k en the wateriront jtna after being befriended byt gangbosa must decide whet to face the mus.! ic or run way and hid -.' --minutes.) UOH , BaUachlM far the Bud Sherman Inter-! , VlW tk IMlil.M .n.r All Blue Bomber., ballet-man a Corona ns. : IM Saturday Mevie. "Ore gon Passage.? A cavalry lieu tenant becomes the bitter enemy of Shoshone chief Black Eagle when he rescues an Indian girl from a ceremonial camp. Stars John , Ericsoa, Lola - Albright; Tool Gerry. H. M. Wynant and Edward Piatt. ' ' "",'-. : - i The Frank Clak jhew.i Football forum : with, the' head coach of the Rough Riders, with Rocky Robillard. i Joe JtJt h";Snin: Tn acrylic w ilia wvva a t B min w.i.,. .- -iii., r rnnn a . vwnvn n vttntv wtvn tips from younger players. 7 J acMwea Fictiaa Tna Ire. -TTie Bat." When author Cornelia Van Gorier, her companion Lizzie Allen and her staff move into rented Summer It ia against the advice of the owner, bank president John Fleming. The servants are terrified by . rumors . that maniacal killer called The Bat la ta ftk VWM r4n Agnes Moorehead. Gavia God don. John Sutton and Lenlta iLane etar.i-. A. HaBjcssd Spectacular. "The Bridge." Story of a group of boys organized into a para military group for the defence j of a atrategically-useles village In ' Germany. ' $ura Volker Bohnet, Fritz Wapper, Michael Hlnz, Frank Glaubrechl and Karl Michael Balzer. ' 11.11 Saturday Mtvle. "Death m Small Dooea.'' A lll.S. investigator working as a truck-driver uncovers more than "pep-pill" operation; In fact fine at the girls involved Is a major "pusher." Stars Peter Graves, ' Mala Powers, Chuck Connors, Merry Anders and J Harry Lauter. SUNDAY r CBOT '.' ' t .N Caaadlaa Wrjntea'i Opeai Golf. Event took place at th Calgary Country Club. Competing are Marietta Stuart streit, winner of in cnampion-ship seven time; Gail Harvey, runnarup to Mrs. Streit last year; . Mrs.. Betty Stanhope Cole; Mr. Judy Darling Evans, and Ra Milligan. Tournament i match play. Commentator ia Don Wittman, " ' A. .Ut t Lsagwa Chaaa- iBioarshn. Highlight of th Canadian final of th Littl League championship -held at vaiieyneid. Que. Th winner will compete In the world I championship at. Williamaport, Penn. . - 4.M Coualnr Calwdar. "Top End Sution." A half-hour film documentary from Ausv 1 trails. Film shows the strut, gles for agricultural develop ment of - Australia's rugged rtonhern territory,' often re ferred to at the tropical North. : 4JS TUwe far Ashratiture, "Master of Venua,? The first manned rocket to Venue, design td by Dr. Ballantyne, to ready for launching. Mysterious saboteurs are determined to destroy it Attempting to pre- vent them. Dr. Ballantyne's ton Jim and daughter Psl, are trapped in the rocket with two iinconscioua members 1 of the Pat and Jinf decide their and themselves la to blast off. The rocket landa on Venus before the crew can be warned that Venue is Inhabited and hostile. US Kiniflibrr Cove. Guest on today'a program la Pat Lauretta, pianist, of Moncton, NB. He playa Doxie and Etude Opus 10, No. 1 (Chopin) and loins Irena Boyar to play Chopsticks. Clarence Fie iter aings Bluebird of Happiness, and Long Ago and Far Away. Jean Marshall sings London By Night. Jean and Clarence sing In the Cool, Cool of the Evening. Phyllia Ensher playa Peanut Vendor,' and Irena playa Theme from Dr. Kildart.. . .MATTHEWS AN MOZART, Denis Matthewi Britain's noted pianist, musi cologist and interpreter of Mozart, in an all-MozaiV concert produced by CBC Van couver, where Matthewa is lecturing at the University of British Columbia Summer School of the ArtsOther musi cians appearing ' on this TV concert specialare: Jack Kts- (er and Mai Tierney, violin; John Amnti clarinet; Rodney McLeod, viola; Audrey Piggott, cello; Doug Kent, horn;' George Zukerman, bassoon; Warren Stannanl, oboe. In addition to Jpjrf, ing, Matthewa ' intro- ach of the Mozart works: sonata in E Minor (piano and violin);. Trio in E- at (piano, clarinet and viola); wiii- iu mnA MMv rurinat Ouintat (cUrinat. two violins, viola and cello); Wood wind Quintet (piano, horn, bas soon, oboe and clarinet). . 744 HaxaL The Countess. Hazel arts wars an ad searching for a possible heir to an English title, but becomes perturbed at the . changing ' attitude with which her friend and the town lr,"m I1..' --tMO. vnjrone. A nau-nour music -snow irom CBC Vsncouvatr Program faa lure 12-voic male , choir under the direction of Hugh " """'- " 50 year are featured. Host is Edward Greenhalgh:' V g. The Ed gullivaa Show. Ed s gueets Include ainger Delia Reese; the Kaye Sisters, British vocal trio; the Highwaymen, vocal and instrumental quintet; comic Bob King; Bau- man's Tlgera; Hrach Yacoubian and his Creek singing, dancing and instrumental group, comic Pat.' Henning; Mac. Ronay, French, comedy-' magician; i S " ' -t""? 1Z Spencei"- j . !"". loam, "Th Gentle man From New Orleans ' An itinerant Frenchman, claiming to be a ' itotorioua pirate, plunge the Canwrights into a guessing gam and himself al most into a nooae. Featuring Johq Denser. H. HarlzoB, "The Denizen of Spec." A survey of th latest space exploration finding. .'. Host-writer Lister SlncUir Introduce veraUn ,rn"" "naw' . "T" n perts .including Sir Barnard Lovatt, director of England's JodreQ Bank radio talescope; Dr. Fred Hoyle, profeaaor of astrology at Cambridg Uaiver-sity. and Dr. j. Beverley Oka, an authority on galaxies. . IMS Faatar Film. "U Parieranne,". ( lug). Brigitte Bardot. Cbarlea Boyer and Dan iel Gelin appear m thia comedy about a Forelta Minister's wild daughter and her , escapades with a visiting King. (71 minutes.) , ";.,.,.., "'; CJOH ,.vr.-V ' 1 11 - Snectrum. AH Chria- rtlan' church open themsalvea to penetrating ou est Ions and frank discussion, by their lead-era and laymen. , , 4.H Danger Man. "The Honeymoonert.'' Drake fliea by jet to a Far Easter Island to save - an ' American from the death sentence. Patrick Mc-Goohan atars, with Le Mon tague, Ronald Allen, Sally Basely and Michael Peake.' ' M - EinWrag the V a I-verse, "la There Other Life?" Astronomer Dr. Harlow Shap- ley and Dr. Philip Morrison, theoretical physicist at Cornell University, speculate with Dave Garroway on Ik possibility of there being life on t a r planets. gjg Walt Dlaney PTaaenis. "A Fir Called Jeremiah. Cliff Blake, an ex-Calgarias who now teaches smoke-Jumping lor the forestry service In Montana, play th lead la thia fire-fighting drama Hi co-star I Carol Siockney, who- playa her real- Mmmufctmrtr$ , UHafaj laTtftS' llgW. M67 RICHMOND RD, ; - . . Bu a Lonasrai KHI-I4t - CBOT ATUttDAT. AUOIST II ti-4-nn SJ0i-(Sa wbsll Cam iFitutaur At CTslrsMl S.-o Bus fauna OO CouBtrHUn a SA Km NatM I O Ncwl alui WMthca T SO Hsneork t an CwMdjt PUyk aea crL i Montreal at Toranlal 10 is Tba BavarlTHilliMlliaa . 10 49 Sanaa 11 ea Naws ' tl.oa Ntatat Fin It. IS Soorts nound-Ua Itja SalurUay. Ntaiit Tkaatr SUNOAT. AUGUST 1 S ee UmII7 Opan Goll Charnpxmahlp Lntla Laasua Saaaball , CKampiocuhte 4 00 Country Calendar 4 SO Ttma lor Advaoture 5 17-yCBC TV Nawa S SoXKtnaflahar Cova a ooL-MaUwara aasl Vourt 7.00 Haaal ao Chorus Anyooa oo Zd aulltvaa S.oo nonaiua 10 00 Horuon 11.00 Nawa 11.0 Niht rinal !J.l aporxa nouna-up ; IIM r.alura rtlm ooh QumMbi IS and SATliaBAT. ACOUST IS S eaaiaianehiM tar laa t Saturday Maria 4 a ajaturda Data - WraaUuvl - - ' - 1 . S Saara aa WaaUaat a IS Uulor Bpoi I ' 1 T oo Th ftank Clair Shaw 7 JO Stiaitaa Tltii Thaalra 00 Hollywood Movla Tha arldeo" - I1 00 CTV Haw. II. IS Saturdair Movla . -Oaaih In Small " : SOMBAT. ArSllST li - is Cartaaaj Pan -I - 30 Aaa John ) so apartnml 4 00 Danear Man 4 SO Zaplortn tha Ditlvaraa --S00 PlaUorm f M Mr. Ham tipreamaB B 45 Nawaraal too Daaih Vallay Days 0 JO Watt Dtanay fiimM taa Mr. Navak . a JO JiuaAay NiM Maria ta as Tha HourtUaa . 11 00 CTV Mawa J . , -ti l Sports nna!' 11 J Oauelas PMhar -1 1 .S9 London Una It 10 Brtltah TV KawS . , tas Nawaraal CBOFT , Chiaaial t -' SATt-aOAT, Al'VVaT IS I oo rum , . tJO Baaaban: 'l "Pittahure a Cktesco Sao a ana axmraaa t JO La Guarra da alalaa a 0 La Hainan da to snanos e ss Talsurnal . , a a-4.llluaMna amuaantaa ta La BaaUkiua aa Notra-Dajna au v.p . aaa r niii tl rBnill,a- "Montraal i 10 So Talalournal 10 44 Oarnlara adltlon at Battse 10.J4 Kouvallaa da apart . , 11.09 CUvama: T Xa plus baau Hunt" , - SVNDAT. AVOOaT It L'art at lea hoaae Bporta d' Champto hamppMnat eanadtan a YOUR HEALTH By Lester L. LIFE-SAVTNG TEAMS , Teams of specially trained doctor anal hospital peraonnet ar saving live all aver the world during, severe emergencies., . - ',. .. ,. " Hospiiala have trained their personnel ta insure that tba race against (If . saving tme will be unhampered - by any possibht disorganization . or confusion. . -. ' - "All hand stand by," per. forming their Job with drill- life ml of Inraatrv lAntrAul. - N 7J Mr. Novak. "On Wiy to Say Goodby.'' A beautiful brunette with romance en her mlnd and a boy who I on th verge of becoming a hoodlum complicate the day for teacher John Novak.. ' ': . V- - :. tM Sojaday 'Mwie, ''My Favorite Brunette." Bob Hope star as Ronni Jackson, aa ax- baby photographer who recent ly achieved his ambition of be coming a private eye and now. ftar being framed during hi first murder case, sits la the death cell at San Quentin. Dorothy Lamour, Peter Lorrt and Loa Chancy also star. 1I.M The Htarglaaa. "Seven littl Crosses." Th glasa on seven police call-boxet ia broken and . shortly ' after wards the body of Mere Fayet, an old money-lender, ia found in her room. Tha murder la ascribed to the "Sunday Man. a dangeroua criminal for whom a large reward ha bee offer ed. Maigret leave Sgt. Lucaa to aotve th mysiery. Ef II Solon portray Lucaa. - ' '' UJg Leaden Ua,' A look at London' . street markets. along Petticoat Lane and Por-tobeilo Road with a apecial gllmpa at aa oddity, an "an tique uper-market."' ;MtB CHRISTIAN BCIENCK . RADIO SERICB . :. SUNDAY CKOY 10 AM. , ' Tv H1 Crtta tTNDfNO FREEDOM .FROM ALLERGIES", 1 e-W' ision at tie us do Smtiill- 411 La nuuaa au am S s Paailral da Charlie a lour au neurnaur traraua lea jo LAfrleuo na d ktar a amula 1 OS Kobta aea aow ' t SO Camera 4 e SO noult-roulaait: Mauna' a OS Cinema da almanrtae -Paaaion latalo' ia S Telejauraal 10 45 Derniera aatueei 10 54 Naurallas eu 1 1 .0 Documenta : 1 Kramiui CHOV PEMBROKE . SATliaOAT. A0tJT ti S JO Baaaball Came iPlttaburfk, at Cklai 4J TBA . . oo ro-ps - 8 Jo Busa Bunny SOS Countrr Tun S JO aaorlarlaar e 40 Weatnerman a 45 Lira On S 50 Newedeak, a. 7 00 Hancock 1 SO TBA SOB Pool ball I Montreal at Tot an lot 10.15 Tha Beverly H ill bill Me 10 45 Senas and fanotk i. on cbc tv nawa II. IS Local Naws and Svart It 2J ina untoucnapips ailNDAT, AtinVBT 1 1 45 Th Livins Ward , aa l.adlae- Open Oolf ChftmtMonahta S 00 Little Lea rue tSaat 400 Countrr Calindaa 4 50 Tima far Advemtura a n CBC TV Nawa 5 50 KWartahera Cere 0 Hanneaap a ao Sporurtew ., S 45 live at I S JO Newedeak 7 00 Haael aea zd luiitva. ,7JO Chorua Anyone ooo Bonania 10 01 Horuon 11.00 CBC TV Naws 11.14 Local Now and IIJ1 Showtime - -Svanaull' ' Starruuj Jaka luijpjsaa, wcny-carthAgi aATUBDAT.' AUOUST II 75 Nawa 00 CeataM Kanaaroa OO KMMlaa KarnWal JO Trftniim Tuateda 100 Oulek praw MaOraw : 1050 Mtcfety Moua tl oo Bin Tin Tin lil JO Boy Soarra . i 110 Sky Stua T 1150 Nans tee. Bit Ptct 15 a.Tmaat Wid We arU el Sparts a so Lawrence We JO summer Playa, 100 Ounamok Me CrAMitiaa Pra PaatkaB' "Brawns ' SCNBAT, AtJOOST IS S 55 World Nawa 10 oo Lamp Uala My Peat I0JA- Look Up and Lrra . 11.00-amarn Three 11 SO Iruluetry on Parada 11 45 Senator Keating -It 00 Church on TV II SO Dlacarar 1 00 TBA 00 Yank BaaahaB 100 Bporta ayrtaciilar . Ssa Amaumr Mont . , 0 00 I anal News ,. J 1 5 Sunday Itoport s Mr Zd ,.;,, 750 My a on cd Sullivan 00 Burke's Law 1 00 Candid CanM 10 JO Whaf, My Leae r naws - . , . 11 IS The Lete Marts ' ' : -I Wonder Wka's KlaStasI fc ' Bar Naw" Coleman, MD like precisioo and absolute ef- - ficiency et soon a th alert signal I flashed tlireugb th hospital., - '.j In th' Bethany Hospital ht Kansas CHy, saobil unit call ed "crash cart art always on hand. completly erruippod with every poasibl llla-eav-Ing instrument , , Electronic heart pace-auk-ere, automatic Breathing machines, , mergency surgieal packs, and a wide assortment of medications are ia organized rsadtnass. Ufa - aving retusciutien is actively bagua within second after a heart mergency occurs. Hospitals every hoi o are training similar team, r . The skill and speed of such well coordinated teams aftaa makt th diflmac th infinite difference between catastrophe and th happy rehire te health. , , . The columns are dnizned to reliev your fears about health through better under-standing of your mind and body. All the hopeful new advance ia madioine raportad here are knwa to d o c t r verywher... ,;i .;-' Your mdivtoual m a d I e I problems should be bandied by your own doctor. Ha knows you beau. ' mam mniiawBaiiin optical Otar aaattM praacrtpttaa sarv- . 1 Owr Easy OadM Plaai . JACK SHOVT JEWELLERS 112 Spgrii St, Otfiwg , . 4t Chassaart Bt, eaarnH PaBS - DKO'.TtT 6UT. STCJ3 V BEUS CORNERS " aetarday a ajn. ta pat. HULL IU Eddy St, ' i- tiellr a ta. to e pas. prlaay a sav ta J pm. m a 1 a

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