The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 25, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, February 25, 1918
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"f' ConneDsville'i Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,533 VOL. 16, NO. 90. CONNELLSVILLE, PA., MONDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 25, 1918. BIGHT PAGES. OFFICERS AND TWENTY MEN ARE GAPTHRED IN AMERICAN-FRANCO RAID arol Also-Gathers in Machine amd Other Yaluable ITar Materials. T A SAMMY WOUNDED le CasmaJties iraMg the Kiiter's rees Arc Scported to Be Heavy: iftoratiom «i Xanaichy iu linssia Ue JUm »f tie OrKin Xack-ne. By A*BOciat«d Press. TTH THE AMERICAN ARMY IN iNCEj.I'eb. 2E.--An American pain the Checain-dea-Dr.mcs sector onjunetiOB with a French patrol T yesterday penetrated '. a few Ired yards into the German lines captured two'German officers, 20 aA4\one machine gun. lere was some sharp lighting and amber of the enemy were killed wounded. There were no Ameri- eunclties. The Frtnco-Ameri- pitiral was under the command of ench officer. . - w "War OfBce communication Sat- .y reported that north of the AiV- rir«T,' which parallels the Chean- *-Damw. .French troops had trated-the Gemma lines as flrr he nd^iborhood of Chebrigny. r. mrc reported to have returned m*t«rU» aad IS prisoner*, in- mg two oMeen. " '. IK PXTBOCrRAD . 36.-- Tie «U at a conference today at determined to dm in Petro«rad ytnt\n[ ien m*f. Th» g«iu«4-b«U« in ero- r ctrttm to tt»t tbe German j wtich tbe Beimherikl bare ad to «M»t are coached In rach tarnw that.Uny rantt be tborocihty More ttw of "lUMBto. en be · ue A. Scm muntiri of the «tmff al- r IM» Wt TrtO. otbm wiDl 1mm ·ar of 1ft aril on a »p«d»l trartt Jrt. TtM oabuntou bm» not OF X01UXCHI El BGSSIA Fefe. 25.-- Germany plans tb* mconhr in Ronia, to » t«!«graiB dated Friday 3toocnd'to-t)w:JfarnlBcFot .It th« Orand Dike of Hum : afpotat*d the cnmaaader iV th* section of the German front ' i* litter." the dl^artefc »ad«. the ·r KavreM Aluandra. aa the fflan of h«r tcm, tke former Txare- . u the favorite - a«cnka .can Ibr tb» throne. The former em- ; wOt not aeccpt tbe ttirom» from I AOCMT TKKKS, _____ IKSCn TKLLS OHDOTTBE. -TBOGRAD, Feb. 25.--'Their ) az*.'om our cbit aiid our poai- ]f helple^," declared NMfaoIai le, tke Boteheriki pjetnier, in the ie of tdi long 'speacb to the Cen- Eiwc«rre Committee ot the all lam Conwfl' of. Workmen's and en*, detlegmte* m which he in- itly urged the acceptance of the ro-German pe*ce conditions, how- oppmeiTe and unfortunate they t appear. · · ' · ' bij pa«ce must be accepted as a te," be continued, 'enabling us epare * decisive reftictaxice to the HDen and imperialism. The tariat of the whole world will to our mid." ' KaraUnn, who was secretary of .iuaHw delegation at Brest-LIt- expUined to the Associated ; today th«t the Bolsheviki gor- .ent considers most ambiguous art of the German terms con- as the demobilization of the ian army. A literal translation ip to newly formed battalions," 'arakban said, may either exempt iclude the new Bed army. NDERED UNITED STATES it PfcMMt 6«maas HrU _U Smemj AH»». . 9p«ctal .to. Tti»' Courier. iCNT PI^EASANT, Feb. 25. -- /Weimer and Joe Reidman »re : ^rrert here charged with being y aliens who failed to register also with slandering the United a. .·· .- · ritf John P. Kilgore has asked ess Sam P. Sterens to hold the pending action by United States ict Attorney E. Lowery Humes. imer became involved yesterday I . affair with .Robert Groeser who | ted to his attentions to Mrs. ler. W»tmer and Mrs. Groaeerl arrested, \relmer was flned WO, Grosser |15. BOYS LEAVING CAMP LEE EVERY DAY FOR FRONT. SUGER SAYS It WEI Be Four or Ptre Months, He . Believes, Before .the Lst« Contingents Are Hwidj. Steadily, the boys ot Western Pennsylvania at Camp L«e are moving toward the battle front in France, according to a letter received from Ralph P. Sliger, former linotype operator at the Courier, who recently went to camp." In a brief note to Mrs. K. M. Snyder, president ot The Courier company, be says:' - . "Today being Washington's birthday we are having a holiday until tomorrow. They made announcement yesterday that the ones who were not in. jhe mess bail by G:30 tills morning would not get any breakfast. I was down at the door waiting for. it to open. This drilling'in toe open air surely does make a person eat. We get plenty of good wholesome food and I am sure this life will be good for me. "They are sending fellows from bare across. Every day some from one conrpuiy. or. another are selected to go. Perhaps it wili be- foar or five months before the men that came with ine will be ready, but when the. time comes they will'find men ready. ·This a wondertol place. When you are oat on the drill ground you can look in aoy direction and see thous- juwiB of men at drill. It makes one realize that this is not play but work and that there is a purpose in view. The bora here are a happy lot. They aft; swot. good fellows and are TMdy at all times to show you or tell TOO anything. The company to which I h*v«- been assigned. Company H. 319 Infantry, is considered the crack one of tbe regiment. Will close with." best wtonen to the whole Courier force." A STREET IN PARIS AFTER I THE VISIT OF GERMAN GOTHAS T OFF FOR TRAINING CAMP 43 ARE RESCUED FROM RED CROSS LINER FLORIZE Victims of Cap* Kace ShJp-j wreck Landed Tlu'g Afternoon ait St. Johns. TO DISCHARGE ALIENS at Ca»v I*e U be Grren Tbtir BclcaM Soon. Br Asvociared Pre*^. .CAMP T.Jffl, Feb. 25.-rJi«arly. 1.000, enenoy aliens in training here for the Army have been recommended for discharge and will be permitted to return to their homee, it iras an- novnced at division headonarterE today. Moat ol the men are Austrians and m«nx are said to hare asked to be permitted to remain. in the army. . Tbe men represent practically every eonnty'-in Virginia, West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania. Since the United States declared war on Austria the men hare been attached to the depot brigade. OB. BOAT ATTACKED OM ABerieiB Kflled and Three Are ir«udei : 1T Beriea. Bandits. 1 - By Aastci%l«i! Pram WASHINGTON, Feb. 25.--One A- nterican was killed and three · · were wounded, in an attack by Mexican ban- dita on an oil boat at Tampico Saturday.' · ' The names' of the Americans, were not included in the brief report received today by toe State Department. Officials hc-wever regarded' the incident as'a case of robbery rather than outburst of an U-American feel- hie. -The government has called the incident to the attention of the Mexican government. ALL SUFFER TERRIBLY Water P»t» 0«t tt» Fires and the Ship Is !· Darfamn; Relaihcs Xake Frantic Efforts to Iicttrn Jfanx;? of SmrriTors of tbe 'Fury of tae Storm, TO STAJfD WHEJf B.VXSKIl IS fUYEI); IS JUECTEJ) Special to Tht Courier. MORJi^T P1J5ASANT, Feb. ^5. --On Saturday evening in. a local club "The Siar Spangled Banner" was pla/ed on a v'c- trola and every man but. one in tic room stood up and lifted bis bat. The man who refused to stand up was approached and the hal knocked off his iead. Still he rHd not. s'-and up. There was no room ia tho clut» for this man, so one of Lhc patriotic sons took, him to t*»c door aad '.fare*? Win down th^ steps. STERLING WILL TELL OF THE WAR SITUATION AS WASHINGTON KNOWS IT At JSavy JU'cfjue Jloctiiijf Toniglit; .ITuviDB J'iHuri'S of Local Soldiers iind rntrivtic 3fusic. While no forma] title has been announced as the subject of ihe address vo he given by Congressman Bruce P 1 . Sterliwg, under the auspices of the Edwin S. Porter Branch of the Nnvy League in the high school auditorium tonight, the aiicakev will deal [with Ihe wac situation as it is known ) in "Washington. The position Con! grcssman Sterling occupies brings him J i n close touch with tie laiest develon- | ments hence bo wili be able to impart a furid of information concerning the-, progress of the-part our coun- ry is taking in the world conflict, as well as to point out the things tiat we as citizens need to do to help American win the war. A program suitable to the purposes of the evening.haT^becn prepared. The introductory number will lie a vocal Departure of Two Local Contingents Marked By Largest Parade Yet. THOUSANDS IN CRUSH TWENTY PER CENT SUBSTITUTE WAR BREAD IS HERE Little Delay is Encountered in Get^ ting the YontMnl Soldiers on Their Way to War; Red Cross Provides Them WfiUi Comfort OutfiU. The fifth increment of men from Connellsviile and vicinity, Districts Nos. 2 and 5, were given a sendofl* Saturday night that will linger long in their minds. The crowd ivnicb gathered at tbe Baltimore Ohio station packed the platform for almost an hour, there being probably 5,ODD persons out to .'itness the departure of tbe draftees, .7 men from District No. : and 2S from District No. 5. The soldiers wore escorted to the train in a parade whicb stretched for scvsral blocks. The various organizations were lined up at "Washington avenue and South Pittsburg street and selection by Miss Mary McConnell, fo!- i a few ' TM«"t tes after 0 o'clock the lowed by a selection by Kiferle's or- Parade; . headed hjj the Cotmellsville chestra. Moving pictures of the camp -Military Band . "arched to the station. , The draftee specml arrived on time '"· tb TM e wcre DOt abl ° to - life of our local boys will.then be presented. followed b y patriotic selections. . . . . . . by Miss McConn.ll with M, 55 Pearl'!^,^\*^TM^ «TM n ^± Keck, accompanist. , At tnr conclusion of Congressman Sterling's address moving pictures of j Local Bakery 3fake Use of Barley and Corn in the ' Adulteration. I westbound .track pulled. out. There was o£ yoom Qn ^ train £oj . aU fflen l cars aL . lached to the rcar _ provide1 for in . _ . a patriotic character will be present; wements from Rockwood and M eyers- 12-ouNCE LOAF ALLOWED! ed, the program concludicg with the singing of the "Star Spangled Banner" by Miss McConnell, Tbe exercises will begin at 7.45 ! o'clock. But. Ynth Decrease in "Weight the -H«n- nfacturer ami tlie Ienler Arc Ite- uircd tfl Cat Down the Price, Says tho .Food .Administration Order, By Associated Press. ST.- JOHNS, Feb. 2S.-Forty-tbreo HFARINfi IN I INDl'EY persons aboard the Red Cross liner | "tHIUnU ll\ LUIULtl Beginning with tbe bakings of yes- NEW TRUST COMPANY Will be Formed to Take Orcr Union- toirn Bank Building. The announcement has bean made in Uaiontown that a nevr trust company will be formed to take over the First National Bank building and utilize the banking rooms for tie new a storm yesterday,, 'were rescued today. Three. reS'ciiVsmps brought the first of survivors to port and others rere on the way. The tost, lot of survivors was taken off in life boats and four dories, but the sea was so rough that they were unable to approach the shore near ··HABEAS CORPUS ACTION BEGUN IN UNIONTOWN tarday-. the proprietors ol all public fina ncial enterprise. ! twkories are required, under the -orderi- i t is -understood that James I. lot the Food Administration, issued feather, who purchased the building January 28. to use not less tlmu 20 · per cent of substitutes in the manu- . facture of bread. Alleged Slayer of Frank A. linrUcy ; in view of the shortage of substi- Seeks to be Released tinder Bail. Hearing of witnesses in tho habeas corpus proceeding of Franlc M. Lind- whlcb. the Flortzel struck early Sun- I ley, who is accused of slaying Frank day morning while on a voyage from A. Burkey in the lattcr's office here this port to Halifax and New York. All had suffered terribly from cold and erposnre. A wireless message from the Prospero to John Crosbie, minister of.shippiog, .early today was the first .word of.bope that any of tbe 77 passengers and crew of 69 had been December ivas begun in court in Unioutovrn at 2.30 o'clock this afternoon. Lindiey who bas bei'U in jail tuteti at the time tbe order was issued bakers were allowed to begin the making of war bread with the addition of only live per cent of substitutes, wUch was to be gradually increased up to a maximum of 20 per cont by February 24; . Substitutes in use have been since the inurdcr is seeking to be re- j barley, corn, rice and potato flour and leased under bail. j few consumers have noticed little dif- Frantic efforts .were made by tires of "the. passengers aboard, j lumber business. He testified of being rela- in the office tbo^ evening before the the Florizel .to-lcam the. names . ol those picked up by the Prospero. The first message from thatvessel, stating that at least 40. persons -were waiting:to be rescued, .held out: hope that others might be saved and .the Prospero's commander w;is directed by the minis- ' the case would not be coscludcr] until The flrst witness called was A. L. terence in ihe quality or taste o£ the Schweibinz, associate of Burkey in the j loaves. Increasing the substitutes to " * ~ ' ~ ~ J 2 0 per cent may affect a greater I change in the bread, but it is one to murder and of cumins to the office ; which consunle {. Si in , lho JBlerest o£ the next morning and finding tbe body ; flo|lr Con5ervaticm ' wl) , .,, ,,,,',, t of Burkey. His evidence was prac- ! tically the same as was siven at the Inquest. At 3.15 o'clock Sch-weibinz was being cross examined. It was expected for 5700,000 at tha sale on Saturday, has associated with him a number of trial circles in the county in the organization oE tbe proposed naw trust company. A certified check for $20,000 was handed Receiver Strain, after "Colonel" Charles M. Fee, the auctioneer, declared Mr. Feather the purchaser on The special -did not leave until 7 o'clock. dale, after Everyone of the 37 men called by the local board for District No. 2 ?-sswered both the mornisg and afternoon roll calls. In District 5, 28 men answered the roll call. Only one mac failed to show up and the members of the board think he did not receive his notice. The baggste of..lie d-aftees wtr hauled to .the station on the fire truck, which brought up the rear ot the parade. . . Pittsburg and Peach streets were lined with hundreds oJ people before 6 .o'clock, who were waiting r for the parade to pass. All along tlie line of march the draftees were greeted -with cheers and handclapping. Someone made a mistake at Apple men prominent in financial and indus- street and the police -were ordered to open up the crowd to let the parade puss. The line of route had been scheduled for Peach street and Street Commissioner William McCormick had cleaned Pittsburg street as far as that street, and had Trashed Peach as far as the Baltimore Ohio sta- WASONTUSCANIA Fvnter Perryopolis 3Ia» is listed · Among Tose Saved. Attorney Ewing Stephens o£ Seattle, Wash., formerly of Perryopolis and known in Connellsville, was among tbe survivors ,of the Tuscaiiia. A letter received tnis'morning by Mrs. O. B. Craft of North Pittsburg street, a cousin of Attroney Stephens, told of his ,salety. Attorney Stephens is. a sou of Mr. and Mrs. William Stephens of Seattle, former Perryopolis residents, and is a nephew of ft. W. Allen of Morrell avenue, .Greemrood. He was born at Perryopolis.. . WILL AID PARR I. Wttsburg Hospital. i. William Ridenour of Browns- was admitted to the Presbyterian Trades Council Boosts , Shipbuilding Jtecrniliiig. At a', meeting last evening the Un- lontown Trades Council named a committee. of five to cooperate with Inspector James S. Darr of Conneilsvilie in recruiting men for the shipbuilding service. · The council by resolution endorsed' the' candidacy of R. B. Mclntyre for assembly in the Second Fayette county district. Mclntyrc is secretary' of the council. Auditors Are Wanted. On petitions presented to court, Judge Van. Swearingen this morning j appointed Carl Freshley and Walter tal, Pittsburg, to undergo an op- ! Moormen as auditors of the borough n. Mrs. Ridenour-Is a daughter J 0 f v South Connellsville to fill the va- vand Mrs. John Fuehrer ot Mor- cancies caused by the resignations of ivenue. Greenwood. George G .Gray and "Walter Artzman. :tor Kcrr Secrives C*»Btosion. J. P. K«r,,o£ Pittsburg, brother r;.Ji--French ~K.eir. received hts iission,'as; major: in the Medical Chicken-Pox Reported. A case of chicSen-pox was reported to the Board of Health Saturday. Ther hav= been sii cases of measles rs Rewrrfr Corns Saturday. on Davidi,on Hill reported. ter of send .the names at tie earliest possible moment.- Although'.the'sea today was not. as rdugh as when'the steamer struck.'on the rocks reports indicated that rescue .work was extremely 'daogiirous. The FloTizel. v/ireless. was 'srecUcd. Fires'were put and.the ship was helpless and at the mercy of tbe wavesi J)KATH LIST IIT- FtACED. AT 102. MONTREAL,' Feb. 25.-- The. death list ot -the -wreck .of the .Mbrizel is given as 102. in a report from the Capo Race agent- of the -Marconi^ Telegraph company received -Jhere today. The total number saved -is reported as. '44. late ic the clay. '! accustom themselves, it being the indention of the Eood Administration to require a strict compliance with ihe SO-20 rule. . At. the same time bakers have been granted the privilege .of'reducing the [ REID CAR STOLEN llig Automobile is TaliDn From Vest Fbach Street. A seven passenger, eight cylinder, 19J6 model Cadillac automobile, was stolen from Mrs. J. M. Ite.d ol West Peach street last night between 9,30 and 11 o'clock. The car was taken from the strcoi in front of the Reid residence. The. police of Uniontown, Scottdale, Greensburg and PiUsburg have been nottlled to be on tUe lookout for the car, Trhicli is a dark green. This morning tlie Union town police called here, saying they had discovered .the car several miles outside of that city. Tbe automobile, it developed; was not a Cadillac. Saturday. Confirmation of the sale [lion. The parade hoTvever,. splashed will be asked by the United States Dis- i through the muddy water on Apple and trict Court in Pittsburg next Friday. A payment of $200,000 will be made at that time and two payments o£ $240,000 are to be made in one and two years, respectively, after the confirmation o£ the sale, although the purchaser will hare the r}ght to anticipate either or both deferred, payments. - weight of tjaeir 12 ounces,' v.poa : lhe condition that the price be reduced accordingly.; - Bakers iu Pitts- i burg are disposed-to. resent this request, charging that the food administration's-.-new order was brought about by chain stores; or some other interested parties^ seeking a subterfuge -with which to delude tbe "public Continued on Pa£n THO*. "Water streets. There, were several hundred persons in ihe parade, tbe Connellsville Military Band leading. The Civil War veterans marched next in line and the school board and teachers followed. Jlayor John Duggaa, City Clerk · A. O. Bixler and members of the city council followed with the CampSre-Girls next. The draftees from Districts Nos. 2 and 5, lead by the respective board memoers, followed, with Joe Kurtz's drum corps and the Boy Seojits being next in line. The Ministerial Association,.the Parochial cadets and volunteer firemen followed. MORE SUGAR AND CEREALS Larger Supplies of Both Expected to Be ATailrtle SltortlT. The announcement has been made by state food administration authori- _ _ __ ties that ample supplies of. sugar, and J yesterday afternoon in every ward of a _.., ._._.!_- , , " Services at Hosmtal. Membera of the congregation of the First Baptist church held services; wheat flour, substitutes trrll soon be available for. people .in', the 'western end ot the.state. . · _ Sugar shipments are already coming in more, freely. . .The cereal market is still restricted but it is improving and promises soon to'hecome still better.. " ' - ' . UNREGISTERED fffll be : lnt*rncl'by Orders of the.De- · parttnent' of Justice.' The ahnoun-cemcnt has been made at Washington that preparations havo been mad* by the -Department of Justice, for: the interment of Germans who failed to register during the recent census of German enemy aliens. Internment -wiU DP imposed npon those who have deliberately refused to register. ' Lenience will be shown those who neglected or were unaware that registration was necessary. Bics of Smallpox. Gregg Townsend, 'little son of'Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Townsend of Nicholson towusHip, died'.' last Friday of smallpox after the case had been diagnosed as- spinal meningitis. Enoch Abraham, an uncle of the-child, is "ill. Cottage State hospital. Kev. "\Yii- bur Nelson, the jastor, offered prayer.. The services, which were in charge o£. Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Dull, were tho first to be held at. the hospital for sonie' time. C. E. Jlerival On. Evangelistic services will be held each evening this week in the Uniioil Brethern church tonight. Rev. R. 3.. Showers, son of the.pastor and superintendent of the Erie conference of the United Brethern church, will be the speaker. Rev. Shoxvers spoke morning and evening Sunday. CONFISCATE BEEF Heiilt'i Officer Hetel and Attorney ' .Itcmier Seine Diseased (Jiuirturs. Health' Officer George -'Hetzel and Attorney J. TClrlc 'Renner, on a telephone Lip from Casparis 1 shortly afternoon Saturday, confiscated two quarters of an alleged..diseased beef which they 'located ill a Nortu end butcher shop, operated by a foreigner. It is claimed that the 'meat is that of a cow which became sick and died. ·The cow was owned b y . an Italian living at Casparis,' who when tbe bo- .viue died instead, of burying the carcass, cut it up.-aud sold it\here. Noue of the'meat had been sold to., customers by .tho. butcher. . COMPULSORY SAVING Of Food May Become Necessary to Affect Sufficient Saving. WASHINGTON,' Feb. 25.--The re- j p o r t of the House Agriculture Com- jmitteo on the bill giving the President i Most .of the ". draftees wore the power to regulate public eating bouses 'sweaters'supplied, by the Red- Cross and tbe distribution and manufacture while the helmets and wristlets were of foodstuffs,- indicates that compulsory conservation of foodstuffs.may be an early necessity. "The'appeals to save food have met with gratifying results," the report says, and adds: "Bat there is a small per cent of people .who either wilfully .. REPLACING MAINS iiics in psrdi'n, and Edna Streets Dc/ ,stroyt i d by .Freezing. Uacovering the Tour-inch main in Ogden street revealed that it was | put in their hags for later use. Some few men carried their blankets with- them to make certain they would be warm. All draftees wore satin identification badges. The No. 2 contingent had pink badges, while No. 5 7nen light blue, or for lack of understanding fails to | Frajlk B ..Spaw of Chalk Hill who respond io the call made for patriotic duty." "The food situation as it affects us and our allies," tiie -report continues, "is becoming so critically serious as to warrant the committee in the belief that the necessity is upon us of adopting compulsory methods aC conservation in certain well denned directions." had been repor tcd to the- No 5 SECOND DRAFT May Come t/nte in April, Certainly Sot Later Than Mny 1. ·WASHIGTON,. Feb. 24.--While war department officials reiterate that no date has definitely been fixed for the calling of the second draft of the national army, all available outward indications would seem to point to some time during tbe month of April "or at the latest early in May. Tbe number of men to be called in the first increment has not yet been board shortly before noon. On his request to allow an alternate to take his place with this increment on account of the sickness of his parents, be was allowed to return, home. Spaw was accompanied by Charles Raymond, also on the lists of District No. 5, who was willing to take Spaw's place at this time. There -were no other changes made by either board. ,. The following draftees made up the two contingents:. . DISTHICT NO. 5. : .Ben Sleivart Means, George Curtis lloycr, Martin Vincent Mclntyre, Emery Lewis Pratt, Albert- Williams, Frederick Mason, Absolom Stayer, Israel Nelson byons, Jos. .Tinkey, Jas. Robert Harper, Marshall Snyder, Peter Francis "Hoey," James "Harden." George Eegnosky; William Meegau, John Francis Boylen, Frank Bartley, Gaetano Slerilllo, Joseph Moore, George Strickler, Jr., Andrew Hustosky, .George-' Calvin Stewart,- Albert jF®n°ecais(I Rain tonight; Tuesday clear and colder; temperature will fall 25 or 30 degrees, is the noon -weather forecast for 'Western Pennsylvania. Xcntiiui-atnre Beeord. 1018 1D17 Maximum .59 53 'Minimum 38 41 "Mean 49 50 The Yough river rose during; the night from 5.80 feot to G feut. .determined because the question of i Joseph Sharp, James T Bell ' Lester split iu many places, by freezing and i _ ollslns them has not been disposed uarricklow. John D Leigutv James preparations were at once made to £· Therc wil , be room for some of IH. Bricker and Charles Raymond replace it.. Sirni.lar action tviii nrob- y^n, ia ca mps and cantonments now! DISTRICT NO 2 able be .necessary in 'Bdna street. - - . . . . ... A force bl about 20 of the gas company's men was. at work yesterday and today digging up. tlie old main in Ogden street and making ready to put in the r^ev," one which vrill be placed belcv.- tie frost ltnp : occupied by troops and it is possible that some of tbe National Guard camps may be used during the period. Jewish AVnr Benefit. .A moving picture for the benefit of the soldiers, sailors and Jewish war sufferers will be shown Tuesday, March 5, at the Paramount. Tickets, selling at 25 ce_nts each, iicve been placed on sale It the trading- .stamp booth at the Wrighl-atetzler, company store and at other places^ln the city. Ualpa Ruth, Webster B. Stautfer, Percy Swink, March W. Sloan, Harry Edwards, Andrew J. James; Joseph C. Lucky. W. H. Rush, Slicbael Houston, A. B. Christ, Charles Teed Otto. Ho-ward K. Reppert, Harry · O. Reagan. Andrew \V. Thomas. Kay Zimmerman, _ . . Jc)n n A. Lieb, Cad S. Ken-; R. Harold inent. They were Minnie Lytle against i Boyd, Joseph P. Smith, Ralph Blu- Earl Lytle, Maud Nabors against Har- j baugh, Albert Collier Smith. Fred San- Three Divorces Granted. ; Three divorce decrees were granted I this morning by Judge Van SweaKn- grounds of cruel treat- gen, ry M. Nabors, and Rosario against Antionio Defio. Slierriek Enlists, "VV. D. Sberrick enlisted in the motor mechanics branch of the service acd left today for Columbus, O. " · . Deflo dusky, Ray M. Brown, Steve Baluch. Enos E 1 . King, Charles- J. Baird, Bedford P. Allen, James F. Dai ley, Howard H. Myers, Richard Haberer, Paul Evans, John ;S. TJtsey, James R, Smith, Bernard SUUwagon.-aad ren Hetnbaush. -

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