The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 15, 1964 · Page 41
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 41

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1964
Page 41
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Page 41 article text (OCR)

13, 1L4 BATTJRDAY, AUGUST THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 41 Entertainment -Directory MOVIE TIME SCHEDULE :"Tha Mtaedventuraa l Merita Tke vtetort . avaa etiiee I a m. Mow starts at 'Aeta aky-f "Molorloua LMdladr". Box office epeae at pm. Mow atarts at doea. Brltaaala Wto'i Curtioo". -Bide the WUd urf '. Box office span at -" Mar eurte at diua. CaaUaa- Tha Carpetbassen-'. tit - 4 . M. earlier "Ootlata and the Sine el Beby-loo". 1 00 47 - f.T S4. narrtful1, 1-41 - 1 i. '. Ceatre ' ii 14 . l la -5 50- as. "Danauad Goods", 1.45- SI - t.10 IU Loot eiow 1 Ctaefaa ee Baite II - 10 l: -Cotapoetteure et ehaa-we U rarta". TAB. IS. Laat ahow at l kre. . -i n.tiiiM mUbm. TJeors ac 11 aa. "World at Hearr Orient all (as t St . 1 45. Laat ahow 1 so. a "The Tth Dawn". 11.41 as .M - 113 - 14a. Mat ' Lima siita ' Ta ailaaea-. 1.50 - ISO - U t.4. . UaM -Son B famatm-. J ?., ttl: 'hnilMf Mafte", I JO -1 00- , 0.40. Last ahaw ISO. f - Marfalt wwier Dealers". U M 4J0- XM: "KlartB"" Conine". t.U la a JO. Laat ahow (.00. Molaea ;. pk. a.n m the Boraae Va Vra-TVao . IS! . 14- Loot ekow 2-00. - i ' r Oaaaa Qaiwway Toe World of Henry Orient' e mm off ko i aaa. ahow starts at ? r , i j Btiaat "Cleopatra". I ll uaa. toe ieao: Tanai. TSa MfnlcJi-. VM TOO; -Klna K"M . taila". . - 41. . . J: . . Bieaaa "( ( ui tha wild Burr, troe W iaoVtJo - o so; "W'cJ 4M 50 . oat. Laat atww 8.10. . " " " ' ataa a ' i mu a to Oa". "The Vouna iwlntata. Bo offlca opaaa St 1 -m. Bhew atam at ouam. , . aaaiarat ... 0 rw world of H""f Orianf, ahaw eJO. ' Daaeing floor Show ; aa4 I m. -.. BIXLB CLAntB Iraaa T . CUTS mPrKl Maaw, ATtNCAO cixm p"g " twa (loor akawa altkUy. mom, OUVI".NAT Oaa jtna a4 I Vaa liaama oaal BKaaottae Pea-1 raauaa. - . - ; taiintovTirciAb it it ' i u -jr.DiAiae " aaMina wantir. OTTAWA OUIB-Maala OrtU. , , t. LOOM BOTH. Paartal WTAirottmAU. JMnetaa otai r aatartanaaawt aighuj.. - TAUSM AB I a la t , Blfhllr. DancUl ritday I aaturdar BlaMa. , t "row BJO08I vcrrrt. r maiawit aifhtiy troal 10a. SUNDAY j Tkeatre Krtctorj MOVIE TIME WffiDUU , ALADDIN i fa Vila": twuum " fjonor", Boa afltca- fl ikew rUrU at auaaJ . Bra antca-apaao at . AUTO 1BT OTaM War anal MlnO "Wod. Lenlaaa. Boa afilca apaaa at a thaw ataxia at auak. CAPITOL . -Tha CaiiMtbaeaera-. im - a oo. d i- .BRITANNIA tna. tha Wild Barf-Whe-J Coakoo-. Boa off lea asana at a ajav ahow atatta at duaa. . V CABTIBB " ' - v.--'Oollath ana tha Una of Bakr-. km". 1 00 4 07 - 4T - 054; . - CBNTBB '"' ' -om ooodr". l ae. 4 ae IM . e 45; "Tha BWdtvar", 00 U . aao. Laat ahow aJO. . CINBMA DC PABIt ' "Chartltaa lldol.-. 1 J W- Ij-4f- o.u - 0.17 - loao: -Laa aompaanono Inattandtia". .1 1 -154 a ST ( N 10.0. Laat ahow ate.41hfS. - ' , XMDALI Worla at Hnry " 1 40 . 140 . 540- 1A0 140. Mat -Ohow-aJa, ' BLOIN The Tth Dawn- tie - 441 - ase. Mat show saa.. UNDBtt - ' "The Caatlllan-. ISO B inlVw 8am". J0 - 4.11 -tJO. Laat ahow TJO. . . umi atonf ' - lika Bttaajaa". ISO 10 . IS fst.. a.40. , htATrArB ' akmaay 1 JO Kattaa fiuoukf, ' NBLBON f " ' . -Tha Till af - tha Baaiaa Btnvlra-. a oo-lse-SJO. , ' ODBON-4VHNaWAT ' ' "Tha 'WaelS of Hanry Orhfif! UtrrMal'l Thraa". Boa .affiee aana at S JR. Laat ahow etarw ei euah. ' 1 - - ),; . :' t aOMBBaBT ' . "Tha World ol Henry Orient". 1 40 . 1.40 . 1.40 1-40 1 AO, Mat show 10. . . -v ' ' :: -- BTAB TOP "What' A War ""t Tha Toune awlntra. Boa offlra opaaa at ( l a. Show rUrta at Saak,, , aUfaa i '' ! 1 I -"Oaopatre-. IJB 440 - . , . . .' BIALTO , ' TKa Baatlaaa Taara". 4.0a . 1 IS: "Bummer Lava", 1.00 1.55 - 10 05; . -rtve WHS and i lnnooaot-, M- -:-.. - hintAr r- ". ' t"Ttlda tha Wild Surf, J 10 - 4 se- 150-. -Who i cwkoe", 1.41 SjOI St. Laat ahow 1.10. ; ftetn daughter of the) voice of God! .vjjrf, : Dutyl If that' nam thou : IwreVft.-'.'.Vtv-sr-:-! -Srho ar light to guide, Mr v 'ATTRACTIVE' City; Artists Display Paintings at YWCA Soma attractive landscapes and till life art on view at n exhibition by tlx Ottawa artists hold at tho Orange Troc Cafeteria at tho YWCA. E. L Coupland'a canvaiea Include "Rideau River Near1 Carleton University" and "Hogs Back Overflow, 1964,' Marjorie- V. Delacourt, who teachea art, abowi "Autumn, "Kin time re Road," "Early Autumn Near Wakefield" and an attractive atill life of purple lilacs.: -: There la a sensitively-handled flower atudy by Joan Mylei and Henry Brigman baa painted "First Snow" and another can- vaa of a lihthouae. . M. Haiih derivea inapiratloa 'from the Gattneau wood and Aylen Lake, Some of the colorful ape:U of By Ward Market are de picted by E. M. Read who capture the mood of this buttling area m the Spring. ,.- It wu pleaiure to view TONIGHT ONLY mm. TICTWCOtOa THAT-GO-GO" GUY ANO THAT "BYE-BYE" GAL IN iTHE FUN CAPITAL OFTHEW0RLD1 COLOR ELVIS FRESIEI AniKIARBRET PnnetteX (grows up h;J K irJOj3ZeWS 1 I VaaBaaaWaairaBaiBBaaaJ tew gjHr.8!wjjiitMiHJji- mm mm mm 1 flXTTTT. f 1 iiri'ni H TK MtT mMK akMtTEtJ w u TBKC1ASI BUS-MU SS. , STARTS SUNDAY II w bbo i f m ; . -I il na maiiiiiiii aan i i ml ajBBJBJfJ ' V - . . . '. theae paintinga: The Druahworfc ii excellent and moot of the artiata have a good aenae , of color and depth. - The exhibition will bo on view for aome time according to Mra. Delacourt The artiata have been given this central exhibition area through the kindness of C. Cecil Morrison. The work of additional painters will be shown from time to time. W. Q. K. Will Show Indian Film In Ottawa An Indian film shown recently at the Montreal Film Festival ia to have a showing here. The film, Go-Din, a etory of Indian peasant life 30 years ago, will be shown at the Medi cal Auditorium of the Univer sity of Ottawa on Wednesday. Aug. IB, at a.lS pm. Sponsored by the Indian Students' Association and the Canada-India Association, the .showing Is part of aa effort to raise funds for a proposed lec ture series called The Nehru Memorial Lectures." It ia hoped that these lectures, on variety of subjects, will be given at the University of Toronto and University of Ot- lawa, i. - - - - The film la baaed on novel by Premchand, a well known literary figure in India for 35 years until hia death in 1936. The education branch of the United Nations selected this work aa the first Indian book to be translated into the major languages. Director of the film. Tritock Jetty, and the male and female :eads, Raaj Kumar and Kamini Kauahal respectively, wiH be present at the showing. Language of the film ia Hindu with French subtitles. Tickets are 11.30 at the door. Any inquiries may be answered by calling 232-1866 or 233-8380. imVniDinTSE f HU9tt JDAIMI rjSPKT-BSil km turn SMBMKE TODAY ONLY f. . SMra ."T- O I ' ! , ilnthiMtwo T-M-TMnen 4t the crack up thiloYi-llfiof aking-tlzinutl r v -I in ilium, i ii b fTVE WEEKS AT RADIO CITY, NY MUSIC HALL , QPP Takes Control 5 ; ' In Lafleche MONTREAL O) The Que bec Provincial Folic Friday took over the police department in auburtMO Lartecne. . The community bat been the scene of administrative chaos during the last few months be cause of a battle between Mayor Alexandre Girard, several aldermea and police chief Georges Beaulne. . ; Mr. Beaulne was fired and reinstated to his poet several timet. QPP Staff Sgt, Anatole Roch took over Friday as In terim chief ; for ht laman force to replace Chief Beaulne who was suspended. The financial affairs of the community -of 12,000 were recently taken over by Marc Perron, a chartered accountant named administrator by the Quebec department of municipal affairs. , TONIGHT ONLY tuatvjtxm SKS THE HOTTEST QUCSrDNCf THE mmwmtn i cMm IT j Cots They'r AH Her I All TlM ScWMtaao , All The) Shocktaao j All The) Angry , Scniciliovtiaa cnlo:n BBBaarki Vim). LA aaaafSF- NwJ. IZ - STARTS SUNDAY ' Studs 1 A nMCOCS J f I"! Iwwfj fiMiii gnsiT im ,; , ,. ; . i.4 a. 1.40 Mffijv M0 .Viijitr'iiiii'j I 1 NOW1 IAS -3.1 S ' Except Stmday Added Foktaro at tlMDrlve-ta Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin m "IQGUXTj tkbit . fTBCBNICOLOat ' m -hp ranUTTlACTCIOflUTia wirstum wiaiii if 4 Auoiaiy REGENT SAM AT VAIM (T. M-MU A Famous' Players Air DIMANCHE CoatinueUe do tevs i 1. .JS Ololaeaot do Jaoa Holoia ) itrez w a 4 V l JYC Vacs jZgf r A llipaawtlffl rrtialaeaa. t &3 I IT . I LUNDI 17 AOUT Contteiielle de 6 k. a atlautt IS I 5 Mrw peraa ysV&. awwaaasaaaf ar BfaBBBaa.aBBfaaaB J a B II BB aPV I IwaklBaUono DUTY WORDS TO SOME... , . CAJUUSS 10VT TO OTHOS. F tUttfX TTI rVCM AMI BksUAV aaVWisrak aw ew-H AM FATHERS in i ISfiiifiilliilG DOLORES ?.MHalim SKYDIVERS" ENDS TODAY MM IVs - rt.. "WHEELER Mondayt "Sword la Stotte - ; ENDS TODAY! WALT DISNEY'S . "S UMMER ' . Ptaa "SON Of 'LJ m Starts AT PO'UUI WKB Continuous Showfatss at MS . AM . M milt THEATRE t 'l o AdaM aaurlllaanaf I I Conditioned Theatre HULL RUE IAVAI SOIR W Quand un homm de5cld do) s vetnge-r des femfnet! mil ihtim 'A i rrjJiw. iUnlilasi tie) Artdr Hwnft), UK 16 AOUT mldi a mlnuit -,; mw MAUStlCI RONIT MONA DOL1 JIANNI M.OKIAU SECO B!G WEEK! Recommended for everybody 4tl. w except poxes ts with a guilty I arwn III sje,a awtvri ntPta CAirT.,.j()a WONTI ii iii-iiin PAfTH i ' 4 aaaai. ADULT . mum Color LEVihtWRaae ; Tor'trreflBf 1i'me! I DEALEKS" efVa asd -7 Faces of Dr. Lao" fil.'I.N.' MAGI C:v: Color SAMSON" i Color Sunday 1.30 p.m.' ' ' The reason why we find so many dark places In the Bible is, for the most part, because there are ao many dark places in our hearts. -Prof. Tho! tick. TONIGHT SHOW STARTS AT DUSK tf. "j 0 oouasrouax Iff'Szl "Wmuaru; - (ADULT) '' 1 Ti4 SHIRLEY MacLAINE ALWAYS A PAUL NEWMAN COLOR CAKTOO.V ' 4TH BIG you will see ii EMUKM ARD HAHUDD BOBCmKlS -: lBjllWi ejrv.n. seo aw ULM iVaV lUlllhV MARTHAHYER EUZAieiASHliY LEWAYRES WEEKDAYS 'V' ltU SUNDAYS 1.S0 A ' COMfOtTAMV AW PROGRAMME POUR TOUTS LA FAMJLLE (En; Clnenuucope et Technlcolcx') "Goliath and th Sing of Babylon" svoe Mark FORREST at Michel UUPO . . DEUXIEME FILM EXCITANT 5 ( . , 'TERRIFIED" , avec Rod LAURENT et Tracy OLSEN aa- tg m i - - ifiS tmjl 5th WEEK! SEE, IT NOW! KEVER EEFCRE A SPECTACLE UKE to - WJBLBR0NST0N eolor SOPHU 10RDI .- SltPHffl BQuj rIG 6UMSS ; . r CHRISTOPHER PUJUMER Matlaaai- " Btaa.l.AalUSl.- Bvealat Sta. SI. Adalta I SO CelMrea soa aajtUaM trtXAU m Dafly (Inci Sunday) at w A laUa.aVli Ja' AIM CONDITIONED waejavaa , TODAY aa TOMOBBOW ONLY "RIDE THE WILD SURF" I "WHO'S CUCKOO" .v a v" i -e ' 7." I i 4 t 7 U tea if-:-ma- " rr"' " i aA. Daily (except Sua.) ab .a-a TterkBmoVMMetriU atniTI 114aaJSSA V Ind Hit! r rankle Avaioa M - 7JS4S.40 a a aaaaaix I4MMS "THE CASnUAN" tloe -v. Behind is life and its longings, Iti trial. Us trouble. IU sorrow Beyond is the Infinite Morning Of . day without a tomorrow, W. S. Abbott , WEEK! 15 .M ,1.55 - 4.M . I M COrffilJIONfO BANK QUEEN asz-im SALLE CUMATISE . pour voire coniort : , . - t.i . 99.eo . ni otm fl I 1 L . W & U- k.-ii k1: MUOM . cs - t 146 S.3I . SM . 7.85 . M i .to ue f jo U..M r. Ult.M Waw-aaiaeiaseVV SECOND DIG WEEK! i i w TTHrd Week! 4 m j a; LAOUlTJ -ft 3 1 . i i i s i

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