The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 1, 1930 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 1, 1930
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. 1A1.L.Y ,. CONN! T ^^^^^s^^^^r**^*^* 1 **-!^!!^ 1 ^ 1 *^* 4 *^** .#******** ·44Sr4**'t*^^J**#' H * P E R S O N A M E N T I O N Mrs. John Graft and three children . o£ Youngslovm, Ohio, are guests of - Mr. Graft 1 !, parents.. Mr. sind Mvs. Charles R. OraEt ot Tfoungatown, Ohio. Mr. Graft, who accompanied his family here, has returned homo. Ctieh sale o£ all remaining fnll and winter millinery at reductions of one- : third, one-half and even more. Flora MeFarlatul, Second Floor, 'Title- Bldg,--AdvortisonMstrt.--SWecSt. Mrs. Jamt'3 Swarncr returned yes.'.. tcrdtty to her home at Krio aEter, spending a week, visiting. her -parents, Mr. uud Mrs. A, K. Kooser of ynydevtown. " / ' " . ' , - . . . Slant the New Year rig)vt with a now sot of booktj, leclgore .AM loo«o Iqat supplies.'nt K«6tnM-'s Book Store, 125 West Apple- street.--Advertisement.-" ' Jacob WaiTiek has returned to his homo at tmbois, Neb., after spending six woeUs hero as tho jguest o£ r?la- ' Uve-j and friends. Mr. Warrlnfc IB a brother 01' Mrs. A. .K,. Kooaer ot S n y d o r t o w u and Mrs. 'S. W. Showman . - of the West Side, and "a brotli;v-!n- lu\v o£ Mrs. James WavricR ot Rogovs, " Mill. Cash «alo of all remaining Call and · w i n t e r m i l l i n e r y at reductions ot one- thlr:l, ·' um i even more. Flora Mc.IC(rflun«l, Socoml Floor, Title Oldg.--Ad vt}rtl»emoivl.--31dee2l. Mr. and Mrs. C. Roy Heine! of "»Vest Cedar 'avenue wen! to Bclhu'tio i;lis morning to visit the lattcr's hrotUcr- · iit-law and sister, Mr. ami Mra. Stanley P. Anue. Mr, and Mrs. W. S, Hooter of Monroe, parents ot .Mi'3. A she and .Mra. HeUel, are also guosts nt tho Aalu- home. Mr. and Mrs. 'Hooter are p l a n n i n g to leave BOOH tor St. Petersburg. Flu., where they \Vtll upend the -remainder'of Uio winter. Onuli calt* of all remaining fall and w i n t e r m i l l i n e r y al reductions of one- t h i r d , one-haif and oven more. Flora McKarland. Second Floor, Title Bids.--Advertisement.--31dec2t. .James Cret-don ot West Apple street, who was a patient at the Pitta- burg Hospital for observation and treatment, has returned home. Those popular eye Inch cur lore at Kendine's Harbor Shop.--Advertise- ; nient.--.vldeeut. Mr. and Mr?. W. C. Rickey ot North.' ·First si root, "West Side, spent Tuesday In V'ltt'ibtn-E:. Rev. and Mrs. 13. A. Sclvultz nntf IHtle ?on. A r t h u r , of -Lincoln avenue, are- visiting Mrs. HelniHz's parents, ' Mr. rind Mrs. R. E. Flegat oC Phil- Airs. Thomas L. Door Joy inul I H U j : daughter, Ava A n n , and son Law- ren.ce, of U u i o u t o w u , visited Mru. Uoorlev's parents, Mr. and Mrn. P. , f . Tormav of itlllcrest y e s t e r d a y . Lawrence le^fl today tor N o t r e "Diiine, Inf.., to resume his studies a I. Notre IJame U n i v e r s i t y . Mr. and Mrs. Wade i f . Alarietta of \ V i l l K road left Sunday for St. Pclnrs- burjr, '!»., wiicro they w i l l spend tho · winter mouths. · ..', Mrs. James J- Kylatid aru! c h i l d r e n of Mount Lebanon^ Plttnburg, have l/een Uio quests o t ' f r i e n d s here tor £bo past few days. , Mr. and Mrw. O. H. Newcomer o£ Eurit Fuyel.l*«troot will leave for thoir wLntor lioine ne*tr Aiken, S. C. They ·will go by motor, to re-main until tho ftrtH of April. M ! r«. J e n n i e flutter. lia« gone to P l i i l l i j i H to visit her grandson-ln-hiw and Kranddaiightcr, MI-. u nl \ Mrs. ITiirry Mans«!. Ir». I l u t t c r «j)tjit ( C h r i s t i n a s w i t h her son-in-law rtittl lu«;;lilor, Mr. ami Miv. Ju«pc;r Fuller of !''!atsvoMli-. . . . MltSri Olh-f Dlomn of Hti«l Kivint'iis avenue, left Katvuxliiy for New .Vork to "spend it weok. Aunt Het "I reckon none- o 1 my children was perfect, but "I never had to explain that any o' 'om took afifer Pa's fojlcs." Just Off the Wire JJy U n i t e d Press E N I D . Okiu.. .Ian i. -- An oxpiotiiou. oc:cu:-rwl in !!u. Plllshury flour mill- elevator t o d a y . Kohcrl hen Mistar, a swc-cpei', was k i l l e d «nd three ptho-re were injuved, on seriously. n * · l!|-;HhIX, J a n . 1. --- Five jiereons u e r . k l l l w l and H|.\ jM'iou«ly injured «t I ho fOii^t I'riuwlati t o w n at Inster- iturp w h e n a t r a i n t-truclc a motor bus today. « * Ik HAIUUSIU'HC;, J a n . 1.-- A u d i t o r trenerwl (,'huvlws A. Waters t o d a y an- iiouncel that (1. Harold Wagner, chiet investigator in tho "buz erne county inlioritaiiC'O tux office*, · hfi« been lis- wffitjed. The uudltor geiiBval -would not assign reasons tor the d MANY AT WATCH - ' NIGHT SERVICES; USHER IN 1930 . ^V(^tc!l n i g h t sorvf,ces were held in various sections of northern Fayett-o county in \ i ' h e r i n g the how yettr. f r a n t i c a l l y a l l of th-e communities in w h i c h similar programs were pres4nt- ed found hirpp crowds In attendance. There wen Uvo ni'et.lngfl at. Pe-rry- opolls. At, tiie Christian Church, the program opened w i t h the mirl-weoU service nft^r which tho official Iward mot and received reports for 1029 ant! ·mado.plans for tlw *nstitng year, Tho watch meeting; followed in th« social rooms. The y o u n g people played games and had a social gathering, Luncheon was s-ervcd. Tho Kpworth. 1/eague ·'opened the jroj?ra!ri at tiio Methodisl Kpiscopit! 'hurc,h. ijiitich-eon was .served. Bey Inning at II o'clocit. tlie watch nig-lit svorvlce was heW. Stereoptleot) views of. psalms and h y m n s wore shown. The- regular initi- we-ek. se-rvlra will he held this nlnjj. . There war a large gutrtiering at. the Kast Libert ·' Presbyterian CMuireh ai Vands-rhMt wbers i h o Christian Ka- (|t;avor' Society ootKliicted a sr'vlfto, Lunch wa.H served prior to adjourn- men t. An I n ' o f ' s U n R progra-m was conducted nt t 10 watch B«rvlce at Philip O. Momorinl Mjtliodist MpiseoipBl ' t i u r c h at Dawsori, v/Jil«!)i was largly^mied. Tlie «V(«tilng was (Mvidod hit-) four periods. Kov. William F. Seittcr, pastor, condiu-.tod'live fli-Rt. lie- j dvo an appropriate talk to MX) larg- galhwiiis-. MIHS Kathvyn Sticke.l, r,tiifloiU at. Ithaea C'onswva tory sftf M-isltr. sang. W. U. Keller, president i f the KpworUi l^a^ue, w«4i in chargo f tht v second sje-saioii In th« chapel. A W. Fisher of 'Scoltitalo gave an i l l u s t r a t e d UH'tnre. A. H. Cooley an i Kugen-e CJoJ«y i Instrume-nial «oloctlona and Cooley save a reading. Waniin. T^oyer- Kood, toxu',- sans a solo. lOlixabet T OunnJiighiini ami Lucretia Sj.roat le;1 th-e. third period h i . t t t o . speiitl and--- toriuin. Thore- were games a n d l u n c h e o n . HesUer Cooley waa in charge- o-r Uio tinal session which .was lovoted (· prayer. Harold J/ut/ cbn- d u c t e d f t . Fayette County Tax Millage Will Not Be Changed UNION mlllagn tf satno as a tncmbt present r Formal however, J a n u a r y ws w i l l new /ise; penditurf 'i'OWN, Jan. .!.-- The 1930 tax .r K a y e ' t e c o u n t y will he the latst year, tioorso W. Miblis, r of tbc board, of c o u n t y 'inw's, said yesterday. The ite IH H mills. adoption of the tux rate, w i l l be made sometime 1n .vheii the county commi»Bl(-n- complete their plans for t h e ! year and budget their :x- Jfoiv Yeiir Hahp, Mr. and Mrs. W i l l lain A. C r a f t of 10-i J'^roeman Ixtno, were prcwe-nted with (i tlno New Yo«ir sift, this morning at 3:30 o'clock u-hon t h e i r flret son, Williiiai A., Jr.. was horn. The t'Irsl. to Bo Caug'hU CITY. Mo., Jan. I-- C'lty mid state officials are juat plain citizen* to potice here. B e g i n n i n g - a d r i v e nB'iIn-st violators oi' u u one-hour purlslng law, poilue the firdt day arrested .Mayor Earl JeuUinn, City Attorney J u n e H. Howe and Chief Justice John Turner White oC '(ho state au- premo court. ·Mrs. fluey Harper's Funeral .l-'rlduy. SCOT I'DALE, Jan. l._--The funeral service 1'or Mrs. Mary ihu-per, who died at Everyon, \vi^l )e held Friday at. 10 o'clock «!. St. Vlnoent C h u r c h near Lefsenriiif,' No. babe- tipped tho scales at nine pounds. '· B u r i a l w i l l be in ! SI. Vinoonl -'De Tho other two children are gh-te. Weather Houses I'OJHV A'ATICAN CITY, J a n . . [.--Inclement weather prevented Po'po 1'lns Xt from paying u. fonnal visit today to the Hotel Qnirinal. wliere hiss In-other, Count 'Fcriuo Haiti, tiled autlelewly last liighl. Paul CVtmU.ery. Djcy IMW Tlolutoi's Break .fail. ^ CATI.BTTSBURG, Ky., Jan. :lj- Flve F-.-derol prisoners, each under sonteiu-u of five years for violations of tho n a t i o n a l prohibition laws, last nigill ovcrpovvernd t h e ; t u r n k e y iu the Boycl ( u u n t y jail and escaped 1u v Hn auto. ; ! Virtue. I AMrtues are in the popular estimate ,' rather the .exception t h a n tho r u l e , i · There Is the tnnn and his virtues, j i Men do what Is called u good action, ' ns some piece of coui-nge or chnrlt.v, i much aa they would pny a iine in o.xpl- j atlon ot daily nonnjipenrauca on \i- ------ . , ,, H«at to Dentroy Guj-m* Dry lieut of a tmi'tn.'i'utui 1 * of 150 ; degrees C. continued 'Vu- one; ho\n- will * destroy most genus, luit tbis reudera ' soost I'flbrlt's very l i H t r l e nnd mny In- jtire them. JEost turUerials will bear it temperature or 110 degrees O. without damage, Cemetery Now Park' I l Tfre I^achalse, famous cC'rueterj; of j ?ari», now is used as a park. J*,,^. ! Carry R rubber window cleziner in f h a car In axtremft cold weatlier to keep snow off the windows c.ridt to r*nMv« iroat from iio wUcU Print for Afternoon By JSf.MK, A FTERNOON stylea often emulate *.he length of the ovenlnE^ eapncially for fomal wear. In' confirmation of which Marjorio Farrahcr Is pictured In un afternoon dresa of blue and whit* printed crepe do chine. It employs the thrce-tiuartor-IenKth alcoves, nor- tnal walstUne and longf pointed «klrt. Short or threo-ciwirter Icng-tii slocvfts arc both featured In tho Sunday evening tracks, which arc CusU- tou'u latest pcta. GOOD PROGRAM IS PLANNED FOR HOSE COMPANY BA1IQUET An jntoresiins- program is being d r a w n up for t.he annual bamtuet of Uio New. Ha von qlloeo Com mny wtyicb. ·will be hold on Tuesday e\ mlng, January 14, at tlio xllnlpgroo n of I the Greorrwood MoUi-odlflt Epiecjopal Church. I [ ·Wil»am H. siiarali of Braddoclc, for 'inaiiy years jsecretary £ the Western Pennsylvania Flrem-ei "s Association, a frequent vieltor t the local flrcm-an's o]6brations, hw sent word that h«.-wi!l ba In atteiK'an. Air. Sharah will be orin of the enoakere. The preflWent ot th W stern Ponn- cylvanift ]f!remen.'s ABBO -iatlon, Andrew J. Holtlev, a member of the local orgfl.n1/.ation, n a t u r a l l y -HI'! be 'em hand for the- occasion. The New Karen unlf, conducted n very active nnd successful campaign to olovate "Andy" to that, portion ·· l they wore given great assietanco "by Mr. Sharah. Major John Kaox Blai e, executive aecretary ot t h e Board of Trade, a regular vifillor nt live- iaadquarters of the nroni-en on the 'W jst Side, is also ficlioduloii to give a talk. Invitations are to be seued to the preoklontfi of t h o Klwitni t and Rotary cluba, Peter Fl. ^\ ^ cim·or and W. D. iMcGinnls, ruspoctlvely. They are to be c a l l f r l on for brief fa k«. Tt. is l l l c t i y that .fame: TJ. Q u i n n of nraxlclock, editor ntwl v ilunleor flre- niart, will be in nltemlai o. In addition lo tho. ta: :ts there w i l l be an inlwpstniR miitM' al program, the nfltnrn of w h i c h w i l l be madft pub- He at a later finie. A ( rJcke-n d i n n e r w i l l be nerved prior (o tho program and ;ovirt \vill be laid for about 150 perwoim. Youth's First Eafnings Usually Go for Food When a boy closes ills first adventure in finance vrtth money in Ilia pockets, carried by his own efforts, his ttrst Impulse is to buy something to eat. "We hare no more Important customer," snifl the proprietor of a city lunch counter, "tlinn the hoy who tins enriJPd his first dollar, Now, you don't often find a boy whose clothing Indicates flimiiciiil Straits at a sodo counter in a drug store. His needs] are for something more siitlsfylng, ftnd ho. c o n i e s - t o us. lie lo*Us over (ha menu iviih rin eye t« q i i i u i i l t y 'rather than !' n u a l l t y , Cornell ieet and cub- bngtt Imvc n gre-atcr appeal to h i m lluin i.u'lichUes, nnd having he puts n small Up beside his pfwco will) a nonchalauce (lint .Is nntiwlnfi." Tlio boy mny have a few cenls l e f t . If''there is no urgent need for his con- t r i b u t i o n to the family budget ho stops nt n store on the way home and buys his mother something she dons not need. Thus, very curly, he begins expressing his love in Uie stereotyped masculine SIX CYLINDJiR...... SENTENCES « By DK. JOHN W. HOLLAND OO AD tiiifruardoii' wan will make i ft nnm v-'tttiton. Insincerity makes t tiellcn out of Truth. The rofiid llre?j onl. so long fls it learns. A wt'OtlpeeUer mal es progress by usln;; lis lit id. Gentlunims of soul, not clothes, nuil;os the genl uiniin. Check youniclf; an overbearing person niniies his frleiitls bear overmuch. (©. l'J!,i. \Vttltra Neic ipapsr Union.) h. Trentmi'dl of Wlinn you \ y n k f r i t t plcna.un *vuy. Do the onr nnd puit hln Is dls.iRTOwilJln for t; Jurew t h e c^iieial t tho ear. U'tu-n ch)lt w l t l i i.c-iirn on their wnk(;n(d ly i.lie- yowl enfs. ilio.v linvc a pr for ttchnc In after yi tho hoticli In such CR gutft Uic Benfi.-nce.--I h« Child child (la It in ot ttike him by out of bint. It n child nnd in- ut ensoinblo of ·en go to sippp (jiieoica nnd are f dyspoptic partly good excuse iirs, K I silt on es .1 w o u l d mill- ill A'yffl. Lontlori'n OUleit Brink London's oldest I'unlt Is nouro's, the nge of which cunnot bo certainly stated; but there !H In exlstpnca a ! roceipr. ln)(?d 1033 for rotinoy deposit- i ed there In Hirtt senr w l f b F/nwi'pnr« j Hoare, who was in business an a gold- i smith. Olci B«dgn of M o t i r n i n f f The custom ot w « j r t r l n g ' . « hlnck band on the coat skwe In token cf niournlng came from England.' It W«H introduced there for liveried Horvnnt*, whom !t was not t.houpht rujeessary lo j HI, out \n black uniforms. C o n s u l an 1 Poet John Howard Pa.vj ·, the Jintlior of "Home, Kwec-t Homi." was art nctor and ih-j writer of On malic piecos Hint were plnyed both n Kiiglutid und Amfrica, nj?.(i his n ist funions song xvns first sung !u E ncjlodrnmn called "Cliirf; or, t h s Ma!., of Milan." H« dlcrl in Tunis w h i h he was- Borving a.i Dniteil Hlutcs coi sul, and i h n r o ho was burler). Bis 1 Ay was l a t e r ro- intcrrcd at \Ynahtn; ton. Hi!» W h i p s Kaf. ' ATHE!SS, Tenn., J a n . 1--A I ' l y m o u t h ! Rock hc^ fought, anil ricfcated a h u g e | wltarf rat here duriiifi high walers i wliien hundreds of r^is were drivc-n i from banlw. M a n y fowls wore ItiUnd, bll-tou through the- neck 'by tho rode lite. Umlei-R-ors ·Trcutinont. Cyrus Shaffer nf C o n n o l l B v l l l i j R, D. No. 'A in nndei-goinK t r e a t m e n t at the CoTinoilsvilly Stale J-Iospital, Long Way Bob nyder holds t when ft womsn H/i.vf her thirties, nnd U'l it, she'll be forty dn,v. But we ari : I ha i. hot- as;e w i l l for't.v-flv« mark. pull tbn family HI! any woninn to teil ( age.--New )rlcans to Forty ) the opinion that tlmt she's still In H the t r u t h , about n her noxf. birth- :u-!lind to believe be closer to the ,'obody- who cnn't le on her expects 10 t r u t h about her States. In A N itthelt He Is hnppy wl nsf r.-ircnrnstnncea anil. lilK temper, b it ho is more excellent who can su! his temper to any clrcumslnnccK. r 11 will be our a i m , din-ing t h e c o m i n g /ear, lo bo of greater service to our customers t h a n ev-jr before. Our prices w i l l be as low as the lowest. _ 0 t t r service w i l l not be excelled by any me, Our m e r c h a n d i s e will, be standard, or ) otter. Q u a l i f y w i l l not be sacrificed for price. We w i l l continue to handle a h i g h - g r i d e line of meats and provisions in oijir Meal. Markets. IB our Cifrocery Line you w i l l find best Lo be had and all the nationally advertised FURNITURE -- A. larger l i n e at a saving to you. CLOTHING, FOOTWEAR-- Larger as ;ortuaent at very moderate prices. LA DIES READY TO WEAR GARiVIE JTS-- Many patterns to pick from and the prices are r ght. 1 S )RY GOODS -- Large assortment of piece goods and all the staples you need. Here, too, is . q u i t e a saving. DALHY AND C'1-JfCKBN F E E D -- The best brands al reasonable prices. Save money d u r i n g iiKlO by pure 1ms ng all y o u r men.vlian.dise f r o m t h e Sixty Stores in A'Ine Counties of I'eni sjlvanla. SPECIAL LOT DRESSES $5.00 Value Light or Dark OUTINGS SPECIAL LOT COATS Values I o $25,00 Men's Corduroy PANTS JRcgulnr $8.00 Value Clothes Hampers TVitli LM Top 64x76 Double Cotton Blankets SPECIAL LOT Boys' 2-Pants SUITS SI«cs -15 to 18 Only, "With j Short, Pants Values to $10.00 S P E C I A L LOT FACE POWDERS YO'CJK CHOICE La-Bohe)/nc, 'Hogors-fiiil)et Cappi' an({ Giinlntijn. Vallucs to $1.5!) SPECIAL LOT Little Fellows' OVERCOATS Sines 2 to 1 O n l y ; $5.00 Value SPECIAL T/OT Ladies' Oxfords, Pumps and Slippers Values to $5.00 Any Ladies' Hat in the Store Values to $2.95 Infants' Wool KNITTED CAPS Values to $1.00; Slightly Soiled Y O l ' R CHOICE OF Coly's Compacts, Rouge or Lipsticks !·· Value SPECIAL .LOT MEN'S SUITS .Sixes iJS, 80, iJ7 Only H to $25.00 SPECIAL LOT Ladies' Silk UMBRELLAS $5.00 Values Ladies' Outing GOWNS In Stripejl Outing Ladies' Silk Wool HOSE All Colors nnl Sizes Winter Dress Material Values .to 1.00 SuniigJvi: Aluminum All Large Utensils $2.00 Values Men's $4.00 Shaker SWEATERS AH Colors SPECIAL LOT GIRLS' TAMS AH Colors Druidd LI Muslin Tasty Stuffing Will Gloi-ify' Any Ordinary Roast l'" course tho pleco de roslat-' anco at tho special dinner -whether It be turkey, poose. duelc, or a mforo leg of something -- must be stuffed. And not just ordinary bread stuffing-, aJthoiiffJi bread is u s u a l l y Included BJ one ot the Ingredients. A choice stunliur will tflorlfy oven a simple roust, sail Blnce It la a matter of flavor selection, it need not be sin expensive Tiilto your choice. Bhull it b* bread crumbs plus many Interesting apices a,nd delightful though unidentifiable uldJUons? Or a chestnut stuffing? Or di-ied f r i u t ? Or oysters? Juck, groose and Jamb are Improved by somo itnrt stuffing; chicken, turkey u.nd v u u l by the b l a n d e r flavora. Oyster Stuffiiic (for Turkey). 1 p i n t ot oyHtej-8 u u p f u l a of breudiiruinha 2 tnbleapooiifula of Initlev I toa.spoonful of salt % toaspoonful of pepiser Daflh ot t h y m e 3 Inblespoonfu) of onion Jnirn. Cut the rnw oynters in'.o f j n a r t p r s and mix \^th other i n g r e d i e n t s flnd tho oyater juice. Or the breadcrumbs ·i:an be mir-ed with tha seasonings- und oyalcr juice and th-i; oyetera left whole, slut)ing them into tho turkey alternately with the breadcrumb mixture. Tart S t u f f i n g (for Duck or Goose). 1 oupfu! of dried f r u i t 3 c u p f u l a of breadcrumbs 3 cuptirs of melted butlar 1 teaspt onful of lemon juica I tc:ispt o n f u l of salt % teitspconful of pepper. Cook tlri ;d apricots'or peaches or prunes iii enough water to cover, and when tender mush. Rtlx with breadcrumbs and other utaaonlneH, and moisten with enough of tho juleo In which i-ook'-'d to maltc u nmooth mixture. Stuff I n t o duel: or groose, and d u r i n g liio cuulclriK bu-ile tho foiv) with jome o,' the f r u i t juice. N u t S t u f f i n g , ' 1 c u p f u l of chestnutH, vr vrsJnuta OP' IK tans 2 c u p f u l p of r n l l k Sinai! liK.f vvliito brojid .1 t « b l p s ) i . i o n f u l s b ' U t t ' r 1 taVjlr.sp loiiful o n i « i T i j * ; V a 1 tablpHrvi'inl'vil of Wori:«;stershir« s.mei: 1 t"ii5pncnf\il of Rn.It ^ tiispovnful of The Ho me_ Kitchen By ALICE LYNN BARRY ·% cupful diced celery. Trim tho cruat off Tho bread : nil aouk in t)a !;nilk. M u u n w h t l e I.oiJ and peel cliBHInuls, if those uuls \r« lo be used. Chop n u t s n n U mix v Uh ueusonliiga, bread and milk. Raisin Sdiffinjf. Thin may be used for oither 'ur- key, duck or chlekcn -- and if. 1 , a popular dressing with thoae who aro especially fond of rulsinn. !i taljleapoonluls at melted buttur ' 2 cii|)ful« of mlllc 1 *m«!l Joar w t i l t e bread 4 tublejspuonf 11)3 of nUsins 2 tabluapoonrula of chopped nlrnnnijs irirul or chopped cit on Its tlio tiifir di». y ba nt. . SorUc the bread, trimmed of ci-UMtti, in the but milk. Add nifclied b u t t e r , bc-ul.rn e«a ttutt c Ingredients, and mix well. H -sired, a. teawpoonftu jf augur mv ttikicd. Or / two tuhlPMpoonfuJ in eat stork, or g r a v y m;ly i 0 inHtcad of t h e b u n or. i Cir 'y. fi( i lotniin or ornnse rtnd rn f«lili?fl to almost any bread . i n s , ittul wl.ll impart a specially navor, no matter what other o Hints BTO used. may stuf- f!n«

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