The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 23, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 23, 1918
Page 8
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:-, PAGE EIGH1-. THE DAIL,T COURIER, CONNEX,LSVrLLE, PA. SATURDAY, FJBBRUART 23, 1918. IpTECTTNG CIVIL EIGHTS OF DRAFTED BDU1TOFLAWYERS ..... .. Kj-'.TVJia. W'fli..Be Organized Into Is.----CoMmittee Under ile |i:f- "" Defense Council. · IftYMEN TO BE INCLUDED "of Legal fnsn, Saperris- !·»« Piorertjr awl-AdjtistaeBt «*' Oe Bislien A««tos of SoWteis to : ": be tht Tokl o Uese Orirn»h«tl»»«. |:";,--v - . ... - , 'I..- . S'c : ,;In .order:: .to assist- drafted men by «";-' advice, to arrange-their £"";; .affairs. sind:to make-provision for their :fe'dependents and care for their proper- s'- tr, .so.lthat when, the nual call- comes ?(·· '.there '..will. be. little confusion and ·j- "hardship, tie-Council of National Def,7_. fens* has .proposed.-the organisation Vi ;of legal committees,. These are to be £1". created in'the several -states under }· (he state defense councils on a. plan |; ^hich - has been -approved- by · the S American Bar-Association. Local bar |;j: association's are..asked to form the ~g. /local committees fpr.the purpose of *i performing'tbe .following duties: ff! :'; (») T O draft and propose -war emer- W- geney legislation foi the State leglsla- *'','tur»i. r "'-.' "'··;;""· ."'. · - ; · ; - ; ^·H''. (W To draw np-a-booWet of legal if:./ rmlec'for the guidance of soldiers and ]fi. ;saBors entering the-»erTlce, toJ« used I? bV tire ;'lpe«l. legal committee as a E" : handbookfor tbelr wocrk and as an in- W?-\ fttrnment './for making · known to sol- ff:;..'««(»."and. lallora '.the need of legal |j'";preparatlm, care being taken to in|:- r form local cpmmitte«B of changes in ^cr'airs 'br'Ye^nlatioiiB sTtoseqnent to the fe IcompilaiioB oi "tie .booklet. . tt !-"'"· c) To aorpervlse the formation and t^:'. work of the local leg»r committees. f::, -.. : -whb*e orgiaixation. 1 is proarided for be- fe;-'-iww. "'· · g-t' -/-That 'a. legal committee to advise fj':'.sol«ers and sailors be created as a »V; subordinate committee of each county S ;-'or orther- local council o£ defense, A %. lew ' states t»v« created lo»l legal g,'·'··:. committees- of- this ; type, and their §' work has demonstrated the value of p' .. such..agencies.' . . '· .""A"list'of the names of the members|S "6f~thi»« boards in'each state is filed ^;; "with the 'adjutant general of the state. K : f-W» ncammend that the first step in f Jormlnj the local legal committees he ,? : -the pioenring of these lists. Such i£: icommittee sbouldaTe the following PIBST -· JAYAL CHAPLAIS AI-POISIED CONNELLSVILLE STREETS ARE NEVER IMPROVED BY [ MAIL ORDER HOUSE MONEY Richard J. Davii is tie first Christian Science, naval .chaplain and the only one wno has been .appointed thus far. This is the first photograph showing him in uniform at the Boston navy yard, where he i.: stationed..3Ir. Davis lor .a number of years has been doing sri»t work among the men at the station, though not in an official capacity. He hopes to coEtinue tke'work sttc- cessfully among the' followers of all fsithe" in tie serriee. SALTS If BACKACHY AND KIDNEYS HURT Stop EatinfF Meat for a Wfi lie If Tour Bladder is Troab- Too. become sort of paralyzed, and.-loggy. I tim railroad bill now before the Sen"When your kidneys get sluggish and ilte providing that government con- clog you must relieve them,, like yon . ;' 'a) To explain the selective-service ' law to drafted m«n. ' (b) To give legal: advice as to the benefit* of war-risk-insurance, allot." ment of soldiers' and sailors' pay br the'Federal governmect, government family allowance, the soldiers' and sailors' civil rights act if it becomes * 'i» Wi and oher war-emergency laws re- latinc to men entering the service. ; ; The committee should atao assist in ''· drawing up the papers necessary to '": be. filed to claim the l«nefits of the '·· Joregoinj laws. - ····' (c) To draft -wills and attsnd to f earing for the property and settling ' the Buaiaees .afl»lr» of men entering the aerrice." " '' '·*'·' (d), To repreflent soldiers and sail : ora'iit -coii-ct-irheTy'aeeaniry' and ob' i tainTor tiioi fhe : Venefit» of-the clvfl : rights-aet..irteii. in force.. ... _ ._ ' ; t ^*)-.To" arranged to: attend to saeh : .busi»e««"m«Uerii"ae reijnire and are caB*bl«-of"atteiaioii in the absence . of IMB to tfie» errtce.' . ' v '.: ..;. · ' (O To report to tie Had Cross home ' s«T»e« section, cases requiring relief : wnl«* eome to the-attention .of the committee. -'·' TSmnA Vocal commtttae should be : caatneA'VTimarOT of-lawyers, but sbovld inclnde la its..membership a bojinew maa, and a representative _of th» Itad Cros» thome service -section. ' The'memberm ot each eiemption . board afconld b* rnfcrmed of the scope " ot the comnritt**'* work, and asked to :' coapenue. A bulletin showing the ' personnel of the committee, its head- qoirUrs", and' the ' 'idoress of each member should b* posted in the, office : of each, exemption, boari and mailed .'to tmrj dratted man. A special ef: iort. snonJd b« made-to jeacli. those '·'.-· eUoiBed. .for early '"f^ce in order '. : to »a»bie-them to h«v' their aflairs '~. ;w«n,. takenr care of wlwn . the time cornea for them ; to enter the service. Publicity snonld'also bo given to the ".' 'weik p£ .the committee throngn. the " pubiie press, "and information as to its "·" Work snorad'be connniinlcatedto-ttie Brt Crose and other organiiations do;. -,'/. .. .:. i'aii W m»te bjr a»y K«!l»e - : .-a» It Cctaiii 20% S«k»t ' J(o stanoird' r'eceipe lor "Victory V bVead" will be issued either for. cotn- .. meiclal bakers',', :hbtels, :.restaurants, aBalpubiic'eating place*, or f or honse- ihplite. which" bake'tbeir own-bread, ac' cording ^o an announcement b7-. the ': : United States Food AtlmiiistriUon. ' 'Tlii,;pnlj', reqiireiiient is that it must -i contain not more than SO per cent of '-wheat flour, . the v -remaining 30 per '·.- cent 'to coc»i9t'...oC cprn [ me.l, corn. Sour, rice, or .rice flour, potato flour, - or^any'-ottier. cereals recommended by :; , the'Food'Administration." - - '· .·.TTictory bread" ,1s appropriate for cpnsumpUon In public' eating places .oai'wheatless Monday-and wheatless . WidiiesdaT. and .at' 'whcatlesa meals i- av«ry"day in the week where it Is .not ' practicabic' to make .an 'even larger . sating breads made entirely o£ other -cereals. ' Each hotel, restaurant, and other public eating place will'be enabled to serve its own variety ot "Yic- ' tory : bread' 1 if .-it conforms to the rul- ; : in» requiring a 20 per cent'saving of ;· wheat. " .".'.'.- Every merchant, every bank and 'business" m4n' advocates . btr/ing at ·-' hoa«- The* let us give you prices oa jour Job work this cominryear. The Co»rier Job D«pt. Fationixe those, who advertiae. When yoii wake up with, backache and daill. misery in the kidney region it generally means you have been eat- ing.too much meat, says a well-known authority. Meat forms uric acid which overworks the kidneys in. their effort to filter it from the blood and they i ^WSiy w* should patronize home trade: . . .. ; ; · : First.--Home manufacturers, home laborers, home professional men and home merchants can not exist without each other. Second. The more money there is in OUT city'the less the rate of taxes. Third: Money sent to Chicago, New YorVt and other cities increases the wealth 'there wdth a' corresponding decrease here. Fourth. · Schools churches, streets and. all .city- Improvements here · are not made and never will be made by the citizans of Chicago. Fifth. Out-of-town goods help to build up and improve the place where they are bought,-and cripple-the factories here, because we should buy as much as we'can in Connellsvillo and help, in that way to increase the capacity of home industries. ' Sixth. The buyer at home sees what he is purchasing and can get the guarantee of his merchant, who should strive to gtve the best values for the money in return for home patronage. Seventh. Pride in our city should losW mutual help Vand 1 encouragement in all lines of .worthy endeavor. Eighth. Disintegration Vonld follow the complete abandonment of home patronage, just as a certain amount of mail order business has a demoralizing effect on our city business today. . . Ninth. Identical articles can: be bought raqre cheaply in ConncllsviTle than, from! mail order houses, ncl ! , , without tip possibility of {heir being crushed and damaged In transit. Tenth. The interest in the growth of the city, the .desire for better things temporal and religious, the consummation of an- ideal, can only be brought about by each individual making liim- .self a patron'of tie Connellsville merchants, not for the purpose; primarily, of enriching that merchant, but that he .in turn may be better able to supply,. Just as the empldment of home labor adds to its purchasing power and ability to aid in public jmprove- piy just as the employment of home professional men enables them to equip themselves more thoroughly for their, work. LENS OF EYE REMOVED JR. Fleaawi Boy Undergoes Jfost Unr ·sal Operation. An unusual case was presented by William Paul oS Mount Pleasant township before the referee L. E. Cbalstlen of tho state compensation board Thursday. The right eye of Paul was injured by boing struck by a.piece of coal January 13j 1917. It was found necessary when operating on the injured eye to remove the lens.. Mr. 'Paul is now anable to wear glasses as they cause him to suffer from headache. This is caused, it is said, by having lens in one eye and none in the other. The act of removing the lens of one eye-is regarded as a wonder in skillful surgery. A number of Pittsburg experts stated that U» eye could be built, up so that it may give good service. Ownership Loses Out. amendment to tbe administra-. relieve your bowels; removing all the botty's urlnous'.-waste, else yon have backache, sick headacne, dizzy spells; your stomach spurs, .tongue is-coated, and .when, '.the ,Tf eather · is '.bad you Have rheumatic 'twinges. The -.urine is cloudy, full of sediment, channels often get sore, water scalds and you are obliged to seek relief two or three times-during the night. Either consult a good, reliable physician at once or get from your pharmacist about four ounces of Jad Salts; take a tablespoonful in a glass of water before breakfast for a few days and.your kidneys will then act fine. This famous salts is made from the acid of grapes .and lemon juice, com-.j cined with lithia, and has been used! for generations to clean and stimulate sluggish kidneys, also to neutralize acids in the urine so it no longer ir- ritatea, thus ending bladder weakness. Jad Salts Is a lite saver for regular meat eaters: It te inexpensive, cannot injure and makes a delightful, effervescent Uthia-irater drink.--adv. )jol contlim e until Congress otherwise orders, was defeated by a vote of 60 to 30 yesterday. 100 Per Cent Bed Cross School. Everyone of the 9+1 pupils in South Brownsville has enrolled tn the Junior Red Cross and paid his or her dues. POTMASTERS AND MAIL CARRIERS TO SERVE AS FARMJ1BOR AGENTS Win Find Out li»bor KeedB and Seet to Bring Formers and'Farm 1s- borers Togefltw. The Department of Labor au- \ nouncos that au agreement has been | reached with the Post Office Depart- : ment -whereby all third and lourth j class postmasters . and rural carriers are to Be appointed "labor agents" o£ the United States Employment Service of the Department of Labor. They will be used for the ascertainment of the labor needs of tho farmers of the country and for the bringing of farmers and farm labor together. : Approximately 98,000 postal em- ployes win be- made. labor agents of i the employment Service and will brine j tho service into direct touch with 1 virtually every farmer ta the country. | Ipach postmaster appointed a labor i ayont "wUl endeavor to fill applications · for workers Tram farmers of his lo- [ callty from the supply. If there j Is no flitch supply, tho postmasters j will send the applications on to the! nearest district office of the Bmp'.poy- mrat Service, j Classified AdTtirTs *""w*nte Bring resnlta. Cost only Ic a word. Special to Th« Courier. · MOUNT- PLEASANT, Feb. 23.-- Patronsl-Day was,observed yesterday the: local. public schools;'.. In -the First· and. Third irard buildings*.: the regular work was carried'out. with the Friday, afternoon knitting. In the First .xard after, hours .the patrons were guests :at the FIrdt :irard teachers at an Informal tea. At the high school building-, the four sections of the literary society hcJS society and in the evening'the Philo society gave tie following program: Music by tho orchestra; : .jresi{Jeat'fi address,.Frank StahlVsongl-soclety.;' recitations, Margaret ArXiirright "and Margaret Stouf- ferr-deelamatione,. -Mervjn. 1 Coy and Braden~y«tesk; clarinet" solo, John Cost; br'atipas, Elizabeth Clark and Mary Maniak;-quartets-Margaret Cort, Elrie--Brisker, -George -Benford and Ralph Poi; debate: ."Resolved, That Labor-Unions as they DOW-.exist in the United Staes'are beneficial to society," affirmative, Elizabeth King and Mary Gagliano, and negative, Martha Sandusky and Donald Stoner, and music by tie orchestra. . " : " " ' · · BemoTed to Crantr Hcwe. 'William Nelson was taken to the connty home yesterday. He has been' in the lockup for several days. ' TYrilaia Xeiuirl*! Serrice.. The Willard memorial service will be.held in the United Brethren .church Sunday-afternoon~at:2;so. Mrs'.W. H. Spangler of Huntingdon wUl speak. ··· Daughter Bom. ' ' .Mr and .Mrs. "Wilbert Boyer. of Depot . street are the proud -parents of a-.daughter, ;born-_yesterday. . · ' - ; : : ' · ..: Personal.. . . : ";'. . . Mrs. John.Bossart,;son,..Edward,.and daughter, Mrs. Laura Stauffer, attended' the funeral of 1 'Paul · Bossart~' at Tpungstowh.. .-:" '...,'..' '.'.' . Mr.,and Mrs. James Trainer at Erie are the guests of'Mr. and Mrs.'Robert Hood. " · :.:".'. '.·.,·:. .'.'··]-.: rs^ Charles McGoogan is'the guest of Connellsville friends. ' · · · ' : PARAMOUNT JHEATRE TODAY GOLD-WTN PRESENTS MADGE KBN.VHCY IN "NEARLY MARRIED" The story of an almost bride and a not quite bridegroom In a rxxid- fiocse where they serve notliins but chicken--In S Acts. ALSO A SELECTED COMEDY. --COJOSG-- ALICE BRADY IN "HER SILENT SACRIFICE' Trainmen to l*na Milfc. Cans. The .public-Service Commission.has rendered a decision to the effect that railroad employes... shall' load milk stations instead, of the delivering .dairymen who heretofore haVe found very burdensome the nile of the 'railroads "requiring shippers to wait for trains to load cans^ · . SPILLS: «» HIUJVU.' A ' S01SSON COMMENCING MONDAY A?TD COMIMTJISG TUESDAY AND IVED^ESDAY Hall Cable's Glorious Tiuy " 5-- GREAT THBOBBESTG ACTS-- 5 17-- CHABACTEES Iff THE I'LAY-- 17 . EHtAKGED ORCHESTBA Ail IS All A THEATRICAL TRIUMPH MATHOEE DAILY AT S.30. SEE "THE CHBISTIAjX"-- JOU LOSE IF YOU DOST. ORPHEU3VS THEATRE TODAY . BILLIE BURKE IN "AKMS AN D THE GTRl" "THAT SIGHT" A PARAMOUNT-MACK SENNETT COMEDY WITH CHARLES MIK- ·RAY, "WAYLAND TRASK AND MARY THURMAN. OLIVER MOROSCO PRESENTS 'JACK PICKFORD . HUFF IN "3ACK-ASD JUX." AND LOUISE Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% On What You Spend--Save Them. Spring's Reflection in NEW BLOUSES . Tie Wrigbt-JIetzler Blouse Section is the mirror in which are reflected the new blouse styles as they appear. As usual this spring only the very best values will be shown. New styles of the simple refinement women ahvays wish but cannot often secure for so little. Blouses in unusual variety are now ready for all women who would be early choosers. Advanced Styles Spring Waists at .00 --One very pretly model is In pleated voile with long sleeves and convertible taflored collar, with a lace medallion inset. --A popular new novelty -flraist comes ta good quality plain voile with plaid gingham collar and cuffs and gingiiam piping: --A ttiird becoming spring model is in dotted Swiss ·with, embroidered convertible collar and long sleves. Ex- cftllent value for the money, --Completing the ne^ r Spring styles at $1.00 ifi a pretty little ^aiiit in striped dimity with big collar and crochet buttons. Advanced Styles Spring Waists at $2 00 Three of the new models are especially worthy "of individual mention. One in good quality plain voile has lace trimmed cuffs and lace trimmed convertible collar. Hemstitching and tucks. Another is in 'White Tub Silk with low neck and lace trimmed collars and cuffs. The third is in striped s.cco silk with white satin collars and cuffs. May be bad in stripes of blue, laveudar and black. More Elaborate Styles in Elegant Crepe and Georgette FF1 1 Ji^i! Planned for the Near Future Watch Daily Papers for Particulars REBFEEN--The Corset of Beaiity and Service Just as surely as the selection of a proper corset is the first step in building a wardrobe, an inspection of our complete spring stocks of Redfern and Warner models is" the first long step toward lasting satisfaction. ' Spring styles here for every type of figure,-and a fitting service unexcelled. New Styles in WARNER CORSETS $1.00 to $3.50 --For tho young girl is a specially dfr- srpnod model in batiste with dainty lace trimming and elastic top. Trice $1! 0. --For averagy figures are correct new styles in pink and white batiste with the pr«Lti!st of lace trimmings. Fashioned with intidltfm and low bust--long kip. Trice $2,00. --For stout figures arc specially designed models with medium low bust, long hip and elastic insert in hip. Reinforced in front with heavy boning. New Styles in REDFERN CORSETS ' $3.50 to $6.50 The new Redfern models for Spring 191S uphold the reputation of their predecessors for being the most authentically and comfortably styled and the most splendidly finished corsets to be had at the price. One mode] in particular with low bust and long hip is In pink brocade with lace tops,--a touci of daintiest blue ribbon surmounting at!. You'll like it. Other models are equally attractive in appearance and varied in style. A Complete Stock of Warner Brassieres at 50c to $1.50. Big 15c ' Matinee Daily at 2:30. Evening Shows at 7:30 and 9:15. Clean, Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. FEATURING TECK MURDOCH: rais KENNEDY and the OLD JAZZ FOUR Presents ,1 Musical Farce "THE DUKE" On the Screen--TV. S. HART. Next Week--Zarrow's Little Bluebird Copmany FOR SALE 300 TONS 2B. 30 AND 35 POUND . IN STOCK. Prompt Shipment. GEO. YAJTPCXLSKT P. 0. Box 305, CLARKSBURG, "W. VA. 'F YOU HAVE ANYTHING FOR SALE TRY OUR CENT-A-WORD ADS, Homer's § aotMagf ooocoocooooooooooooooooooo Anything Made of Metal .STEEL CUTTING . ANYWHERE C . BELL PHONE 52 51 Arch Street, Uaiontown, Pa.

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