The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 15, 1964 · Page 40
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 40

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1964
Page 40
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i MUST HELP WITH CHORES Chinese 'Feudal By AO AM KELLETT LONG PEKING . Reuters) Chinese mn who do not help their wivU with household chorci have bean told to chant their "ftudal idtu" and out on aproni. ' But the aim It not. as in many other countries, to allow wives to to out and enjoy them selves. They will et more rim so they can play their part in "building socialism." The campaitn was conducted mainly In the letter columns of newspapers, as such campaign! usually art here. 11 started with a drive against men who think themselves "too big" to help in the house, A typical 'letter front an un identified worker was printed recently In the national labor ' union newspaper Workers' Daily. He wrote: ' "On day when I was very busy d o 1 a i my household chores, a friend of mine dropped n suddenly and asked ms to 0 out and have a toed time with Mm. I told him I had let f work to do in the house and could not Join him. , . "He was not at all pleased. He said to me: 'You are not a grown man at all, but just an old woman.' CHIDES FRIEND "At that. 1 told my friend that tie was taking the wrong view and advised him not to ply at beint the 'big man.! i "As a matter of fact, I my-aelf once had the idea that I was a 'bit man.' During the early days of ny marriage, too. thouih that It was the duty of wives to do the household chorea and that It would be shameful (or a man to do -them. '-. j - ' I "Later, when we had a child, my wife was so busy that aha rushed out to the factory where She works ' and back i again very day. Sha was so busy at homo that she had no time for work or study. - i "On day, while w SHIPPED ALL OVER : Bulletproof Vests Still Big Business j By ALAN ALKEft 1 LONDON (CP) - Two tired man delivered U bulletproof vests to a fashionable London ' hotel Just before the Second Werta War began, ; "How are you going to get .them out of the " country?" asked Leonard Barrett, whose staff bad worked overtime on the order.; ,.'-;, ,i "I have my yaobt." replied 'at anonymous - and muffled man with a thick German accent at he paid for; the vest ta i small bills. f.'ji-, i Whether the vest were for i Hitler and hit chiefs of staff re- , maint unknown but it it prob-'able that British-made bullet-proof clothing Mopped bullets !and flak on both tides; of the bettlellnet. '' "" " i Wilkinson Limited, best known for swordt. mtde more 'than JO.eOd metal waistcoats during the ar and the firm ' has letters ' of ' thanks' from . many Alhed airmen who owe . their Uvea to a few leaves of metal sewn Into canvas. ' Today business it not what K ' was but wit the cut end thrust of modern politics the London 'firm Hi plush Pall Mall still tells about IN vests a year, i ' j El King Farouk of Egypt trotted Into the Wilkinson base-; mem and bought four assatain-, proof vests and necktie at i aa afterthoutht. r- - ' , Madame Chiang Kal i thek't 'portable shell had court tahn ;-and prpeedger. , ELECTION FROTECnON . . Bsrratt r e e e a 1 1 y shipped . a vest to South Africa. TKaaksV the. buyer . wrote back. "It arrived Just In time for the election." " I Aa explorer bound for South America's , Amagon Jungle 'bought a tpeelal armed skirt aubblementlng the vest, to ward t eft aolsan-tlpped arrows, and became "the biggest armadillo la the Jungle." at Barrett put t Some French-detectives ; even wearing armored bowler !att- i -.('.. , .,('. j , Barrett' atandate vest It k made of elurntnum alloy plates. I It will stop nearly any pistol or revolver bullet et alt feet and it powerful man's dager can't 'pierce it either. At II pounds, tit'l light enough for the wearer to flee, handily alter tne iirtt I thot. i'V l W ' istrte li preatett ttieliway It aliautaa ereas Oowntowa uctwaro t m Told to Change Ideas' About resting, she began' to argue with me. 'We live In a new so ciety now,' she said, 'where men and women are all equal. Therefor they should -both do out worrying, and that Is very conducive to the building of socialism. . . .' - , v ' ' "Sine then, I have been doing soma of the work la the house. I could not do it very well at first, but my wile taught ma patiently and, as I persisted, 1 gradually became used to It - "Now, no matter whether H is washing She dishes, looking after the child, going shopping, or cleaning I do it all. My wife Is very kind . and aha always the household chores; BRITISH GRUNTS, Bloodth i rst Rampant In Staid Plush Hall "' By JOE MacSWEEN CROYDON, England (CP) -"If you want to tea the English ladies and gentlemen with their hair down," laid Jim, "come with me to the concert hall." The concert hall? But then it developed that wrestlera not musician make music in this Kentish town's impressive concert hall on Tuesday nights. So ; Jim Rutherford led the way to well upholstered ring side seats at George Lawsoa- Peeke, master of ceremonies. announced the' five -light pro gram in cultured tones. The fans at respectabie- lookini a group at you could find anywhere trooped to their places, the men com piste with neckties and the women tmtrtly dressed. There wat lit tie of the raucous atmosphere The standard Issue costs about 11 Barratl, (1, Joined the firm m III,? and worked under hit father.. The rest style then was of squares of solid steel sewn Into little pockets. Barrett later designed the leaf-type version. , Experiment! continue. When a united States firm produced the .44-callbre "magnum" car- trldie. world's most powerful handgun round, Barrett turned to titanium from aluminum as hit working metal. But a pure titanium vest to stop the "mag num" would coat about 20e. ALSO GARDEN TOOLS 1 ! Wilkinson display windows show garden tools in an idyllic setting that contrasts Ironically with basement fitting rooms where potential assassination victims can gird on armored m- u ranee in two mimitee. Customers are not pressed for their real names "It's mostly coder the counter, you know," said Bar-ratt with-a wry emile at he locked the door. CLEVELAND (UPT) The Cleveland Indiana end the New York Yankees attracted almost 5,000,000 paying customers to their home garnet In IMS. The Indiana drew 2.620.827 to estab lish an American League record; the Yankees' paid attendance that veafwa 2.373,901. T V - "T Ht HOMt Of III! MNOtr , . VISIT THE NATIONAL COLLECTION OF HISTORIC AIRCRAFT ei bbput it wckuri am. i -: . : . .t , ora dait i jo n m fx v ' ADMISSION FREE , Eatrance oa HemloHt Road via St. Laurent Bhrd. fCaurtaajr el HaUoaal Muatoaa at Cawaaa) DININQ OUT TONIGHT 7 METCALFE RESTAURANT N BtETCAtn ST. f t W Enjoy ear GOOD POOD, aleataaC V and RECENT RHYTHM ttocJrjroeoMf -A MUSIC bt DrrCTf0ff Queea St ' 'What it more, if you give me a helping hand, then I can do my work is the factory with-that the can get a good rest and. go to work again with f-njenty of energy. When I am on night shift, she does Hie same for me. - "Now both my wife and I can join study groups and do social work enthusiastically. "She is the leader of her production group and also of the labor union group. Her group works so well that they have earned a lot of praise. "When 1 see her organizing production so well, 1 am pleased that words can hardly expresa the pleasure jrhica t feel," the unionist declared. GROANS encountered on these occasions In Canada. But wait. The shape of things to come emerged when female fane our vicinity yelled, lustily for Joe Reagan, a Lancashire lad. In his welterweight bout against Ezzard Hart, a West Indian. - "Come oa Joe me lad." they exhorted, "I'm for you EttardV shouted Jim, aa Irishman, -and a certain air of frozen hostility congealed around us. - Thia wasn't eased when long-ited Pasquale Salvo seat Llndy Caulder, beloved of the women, floating up among the crystal chandeliers. 'Break hit nose," the women tcreoraea. . ... , t "Be fair to the Italian." yelled Jim, j. . 'oh close up, they volleyed back.' REAL WRESTLING DULL Blood thirst wes rampant when Winaipeg'a 241 pound Georges Gordienko, M, battled Geoff Per It, British heavy weight champ, to a draw. The Canadian has been ia Britain tit years.,-;. '.;;,U- ; t,T- The mea fought without gim micks in the freeatyle tyttem a : striking testJ of skill strength and the crowd, de manding more tectacular action, received a reprimand from Lawson-Paeke. "You're finally seeing a wrestling match," he said se verely.- while those fane who understood the sport applauded But it was the totalled Mr. T.V. Pailo. long hair beautifully styled,; who reduced the crowd to frenry of bit bout against Alan Colbeck. European welter champ, The thowmaa Pallo arrived in a glamorous dressing gowa and toon inspired hatred In everybody but Jim. - . .After ever - more outrageous assaults oa the virtuous Col-11 beck, Pallo climbed moakey-llke onto the ropes, grimacing at the crowd. He offered lo eee one critical f ringsidec's . wife home "then she'll leave you for good." 'Good old Pallo," shouted Jim. ' ' "' ' "Kill that dirty, dirty fouler," shrilled one young lady, making for Pallo with a stiletto-heeled shoe ta band. Dignity vanished ia a final, burlesqued bout. Litter rained oa the ring. Amid rage and laughter; fans chased away a fat bad-man wrestler. Aa unspeakable cad, be was.- Late leavers from neighboring pubs -seemed mildly surprised and envious at the hilarity outside the concert ball. 23-07 NOW PLAYING HERE Here's Peter Sellers as the flashy, piano-playing title role star of The World of Henry Orient, now showing at the Somerset. Elmdala and Queenswsy Drtve-Ia Thiatree, Nuns Change Fashion ? Habits ST. LOUIS (AP) - Hemlines up six laches. Waistlines Ightly fitted. Narrower sleeves. Box-pleated skirts: No Uior creation, but still a step toward, modernization Jor 4S.t0t aunt of the Daughters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul who will change their habits fat September. The change will be the first nt 114 yean for this world-wide Roman Catholic community. The . tailored new dress has: little link to the old floor-length habit resembling clothing worn by 17th-cewtury peasant women in Normandy, France. Only the blue . white colon remain the amt: "'. 1 . I The sleeves are narrow, the apron hi gone and the waistline is slightly fitted. Drip dry synthetic fabric replaces linen that had to be starched. The Iwaddreaa hi streamlined from large comett to a short, boa-! covered by a blue coiffe. The collar it shorter. A ' box pleated skirt replaces a bulky - - THE Chateau Laurie r prasenft enoefiifw 1 A i treasnxal Cewfwsioa TIIECOnilAII DCOTHERS 9 Ttmaa ea the . " Jack Paar anew .. ' a' skowo imii - -' loaeoas taaaay e CoMbwiai ataawe tiai las . trmm 1 pml. ta tea wntt m . La Weeeee aa htt arcbaa Ira M-a4U,T,', r ' cosnwa ATTBAmoKa aiary Trisasla ' Yofeubi Geawarel 1 1 . From VIENNA I A LAVISHLY STAGED LIGHT OPERA "17 E D N E R B IL. U T " ' i: Vienna life - v r Cempony of 65 - Corp. d Bolltt - Orchtstrti LEADING SINGERS FROM VIENNA'S THEATRES t MAGNIFICENT COSTUMES AND STAGE SETS : LOVELY MOVIE STAR GITA RENA SERVING AS MISTRESS OF CEREMONIES GIVING , AN ENGLISH COMMENTARY OF THE HILARIOUS PLOT . -".-r." - ' THE BEAUTIFUL BLUE DANUBE WALTZ ' ; CAPITOL TIJEATtlE TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY - SEPTEMBIR 1 AND 2 UO P.M. f ; ; V TICKETS - 2.50 - 3.S0 - 4.50 - 5.00 1 ; NOW ON SALE AT ALL S DAVIS AGENCY STOKES ...CAJUJNGWOOD It! SPARKS ST. -a RULINGS BRIDGE PLAZA A ?i I Clay Weds 'GARY, Ind. (UPI) Heavyweight champion Castius Clay wed a pert 'black-haired model In a closely guarded ceremony Friday and husky bodyguards roughed up photographers who tried to take picture of, the newlywedt, ' y , Clay, who used tut v black Muslim name of "Muhammad Ali." . set - hit ' lieutenants on cameramen aa be end his bride tried to slip away after the brief wedding ia a Justice of the peace's office.- t ' Ami Coons, a' Gary 'Post Tribune photographer, ssid be waa struck on the Jaw by the eioow or . shoulder of a body guard who set up a hallway blockade. Free lance camera man Charles Diller Mid three bodyguards . rushed him and shoved, him roughly aside, .. Clay and bis bride, the former Mist Sonjl Rot, 24, a Gary model, leaped into a car and sped away. The wedding party wat reported to nave reserva tions at a Chicago motel and A eui-raa nichx club wna a visw or rAtuAaiM mu, Lost Evening Beautiful JOYCE BRTAN ( t -4- t ,A,r ; ' SUNDAY A- J , CAFE DUVEINAY . 4 tVKBY ICNDAt I . M. GASTRONOMIC DINNER XI sht eauraes af selatUd aaem by our BMMer chat a)s yaw lavartte bevarate - aortal Mraa tar Cbildraa AaK IN TIK NtJW DUVtR. MAT MOTOB HOTXI. CAJtAQI ore MAIM IT. , 207 MAIN ST. HUU TttmbUs Ctmctrt PrtMnttit Show Scots h Highland ; , Donees EDINBURGH (CP) Twenty-four British Columbia dancers make their Scottish debut Friday', night, ' performing tome Highland dances that have not .been seen in Scotland for more than 400 yean. The girls, mem ben of the Mary Itdale school of dancing in Vancouver, have already won praise for performances at two dress rehearsals before large audiences, 'During the three-week military tattoo, performed nightly on the grounds of Edinburgh Castle as part of the Edinburgh Festival of Music and Drama. th "girls will execute ancient Scottish dances, torn of which have, been revived by Miss Itdale. i .;.,; . Miss Isdale, whose married name it Mrs. Mary MacNab. left Scotland for Canada about KA i as an Intematioaal authority on Scottish dancing. Brig. Alssdalr Maclean , hat been producing the Edinburgh tattoo for years end in 19l went to Vancouver to manage a timilar event Were. It wat then tha-t he taw the BC girls penorm ana invited them to take pan in this year's Edinburgh tattoo. : Pert Model it wat though the couple might alto have a booty moon apart ment Hideaway m Chicago. ine couple obtained a riaga license ia Crown Point, the lake countyseat They wen permitted to waive, Indiana's three-day waiting period after they pre sated result of blood tests token In Miami, Fla. Putting Self -Through College Alleged Myth VANCOUVEV(CP)-A uni-ven ty graduatono aayt he put himself through coJIege it kidding himself, says 1od W. Macdonald, r chafrmaa of the University of British Columbia alumni fund drive. ;s Student feet for a four-year arts count are about tl.Me but it coits. the taxpayer aa additional ,1,2M, he tayt. , . , , . OPENING MONDAY SHIRLEY HARMER NOTtJi oaa week taMtnaoat rua as aa early hi U i RESERVATIONS rty,'Jf7MM. , v' ',AXKI ' fs ni - RICHELIEU LOUNGE last avamtta ; MEL HOWARD ' .NONOATt tax raattLoot CHUCK ALLEN DUO -,- K Al, I. FOR CHILDREN (-12 yrt) For Period August 111, IBM . ,. , A weekly service of the Children't Theatre Section of the OTTAWA FILM COUNCIL U the rating of current Hlmt being shown at local theatres at the weekend. Ratings are taken front; reviews by British Film Institute end Parents Magazine. . .... Filmt thown at recommended "R" ere' considered exceptionally good: films shown at acceptable "A" are eontidered fairly good; filmt not litted are -eontidered adult entertainment only. , Ttti FktierM Not suitable ri "A" . . . Mas sultakle Amum Trader, The CmiiUuis, The Cleopstrs rati nt th Kamsa gmaire. The Jwlfmeat s Ntiramtert Kluin' cmMMt autore aia h wim aun ..... aavsse aaiB . ---tea Dawa. The awmner Maele ......... What a War to Oe WkHhr' OMler World nf Hrnrr OrlMt . Young awlnatrs. The ' Several Important scenes in "Fargo," starring Mlchtsl Parka and Celia Kaye. were filmed in Stockton, Calif., landmark, the B and M Cafe, built in ltd. Edwin Booth reportedly stayed at the then femed inn while touring with his produc tion el Hamlet in 1M1. Journal Want quick ratulti.- Ada bring AWrimf Nightly THE KID, MAO WOUB OF IIALLER inRLTT trautloaal CoaMSy lUn OPERDIO TOXICHI - HW .- n-aiafciwaaa ' rx a T ' -J S aw 1 A3 afutk A' ZAEETKE WILCE Dyaamle aael exciting aingtng tenaatloa. ' tsaaial attaktlaa ' , ' i baaeaou, waaaiasi, - aartltt, au. .. dinnrbs raost e f . X' BarvaUaas SSS-SSSt " eATir:sau coumarara r OM TRS AVI.MRK SMS WtBQNn OHnrt Ccmsmiti Or,aaiialica reqirlret i leflrNet DK fotrtdar for adults, one evening per week, r ' 'x Reply ta BOX NO. E-47S, JOURNAL TOPS IN VALUEI .. JOPS W SERVICE! KIIISHEII BII1G0 ' ' " OAK DOOR ' 485 BANK ST. ; nbab abstlb MONDAY, 8 PAI. KKI POT $!C3 ; flan to ttttnt - rtataant ataoa atritaas ANNtrrt - tM a'l'JtJ to&tOtrtt ftin-IMPM-tttT'eHaf 1 - yhriir MONOASiOMD tMtsf 0fmm$0m. n. tH2 HENRI HOTEl - Scion d'Or f . i . . -.' . AMCIARD BRISEBOIS '. et MM asstsnnv Oraaal JERRY CARLISLE . DANCT TO TONY D'ANCEtO ORCH. a um - RAfNBOW BOOM , . ' ENTERTAINMENT ' ' - NIGHTLY - Came lowngs , STAKDISIIALL' fTlln'-iirnTKIsTt 1 U ttatiLts riATtiaa tMPOBTtD BOVBB tOUl t m M Jf av tye tmlaavMSaai.f Tf A WAOON f -rsa-. iu iii n mmil IB .. Mat ..OK far Net - Vry Not .. CaeeUent ..Mat .. Not . Mature .. Mediocre Caiair aarkata iifs raaaiva. nntmwtT DINNsa aae Titarr Nai.sON fata Tea fntoaiaa l M.IS INCl A not) i " (S Cbolri roa nai Baaiaa tt.ts Inch A (t rhoirai), roa and YOUTH (lJ-le yrs.) . ' ' BATINOS .teat rlr "A" rlr A WonkwMl as hi. tary Mr SMtur fw aay Vr eaet suitable i Tee aanewwi PrMlev taaa available ':" (oo "A" Very e4 "" suitable To suture aodee , u yeata It" FAMILY anOAt. AWAS0 suitable -. Tea eaphlttlattad auiuale - Vary taad "B" . far meet ; BmmImmI "I" " . -.. - etedlaera .-V . Journal Want quick results. Ads bring "... Ml I I, . Jonathan Hale, portraying a minister In the movie "X Rather Be Rich." starring Sandra Dee, Robert Gattlet, Andy- Williams aad Maurica Chevalier, is '. maintaining a family ' tradition. His g r e e grandfather was a piomiseal minister wham Lincoln heard preaca. ' '. Don't Mist . KIRK K07E RESORT Ski Show . tVNDAT, ADOOST It SFtaalas Ba BH Cats. las Ceaiea. Ta b Jaetae by Mr. Wlltlass Va Mm, pmMoM at tk Toronto Aaclart AMacUttoa. WH ar farta et Na. t Bwy. id, Nortk - WaeaMoaS aiSaliSiS at t B.B. BIMNa BOOM . . atrxic aau BtAcaj RiaeaaSV OTTAWA KC'JSE raiDAy aae fAfcaoAr ' fbe Wn-Kaaaa Basertakatr' RAY SMITH SUNDAY IN TKS GRILL . from I to II pja. Vl BOBBY SARAUIT . AND MS ORCHESTRA ; rnaek sa BaslUt taats Bock. Twut, tanrmairacal ' t . tTABTt MONDAY ' NEAL JACKSON aa bis Oaartat . . ' Back a Ban Ta4st,-- ' Stratford I e.! resnvai Canada' 22t 5eeoW - ! JUNt 18-OCTOBEW 8 RICHARD II - ' whh WHIIem Him et Richard Directed by Stuart turea l Tirarrt Avan.ABLt '. Brralaei: Aasmat lt is THE BOURGEOIS GENTLEMAN ' ". -'; (Praeentet) In Bngllth) ' with Dougiet Rata e Jourdein Directed by Jean Gascon ' r Ttrarrs AtarLABtt vaalasii AasaH IS, II KINO LEAR ' ' with John CoDoot at Leer Directed by Michael Unshsaa , Batk Basarvet tsatt Oatr ' thi Country win Directed by Michael Unahem Ttratr AvarLABta . , (vaaiati Aataet IS THI YEOMIN Of THI GUARD T " Directed by William 1st ' - Musical Direction . . ' ' . by Louie Applebeura '."X, . Tirarrs availabl! . Bvaakian AasaM II, II" Mathitei AasaM l ' THE MARRIAGE ' T , OP FIGARO . Directed by Jeen Osteon ' JJ Musical Deeenon by Richard lonynoe . . with Jen Rubes et Retre end Laurel Hurley tt Sutenae . . WEEK-END CONCIRTt Directoitof Musie: Alenn (IftuU iaonenl Aoee, Oeeer thm at taailwS.Oouoa. a -! ' ' a- JTW f M lX Loratloiit l I taaa iim 1 rl NreamtMsVaohM &esTJII Bj ttttHgttttffPfcaaa riMuM taVtftltka x: t f 1 T' ka. aM.j H' a.A.. Aut

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