The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 1, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, January 1, 1930
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 1, 1930. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNB ^LSVILLE, PA. PAGE PJVE. Baseball By JAMES M. DRISCOU,. Basketball e Atlantic League Season Will Begin May 9; Teams Make Preparations Schedule i r i l l Embrace 120 Games, Campaign Ending On September 1. FIVE ROOKIES ON EACH CLUB The 19,U reason of the Middle Atlantic Baseball League will get under way on Friday afternoon, May 9, it ha« b(*wi learned. Although Hit' schedule has not been drawn and *i'l not be released u n t i l early in February the officials of the various clubs ire paid to have, agreed on tho opening date. There is a possibility, h o w e v e r , of the moguls chang- i n g the opener to tho preceding date--- Tlmifeclay. Maj S. Monday, September I v (Labor nay) will bring thr schedule- lo a clote w i t h a double header. T h e i e \vill be 120 e outers I'i the array instead of the 126 flt~, waf- billed last yeai. A ne\\ "rookie" rule has been adopted by the chmlt. It provide.* that every t l u b must carry five so-called "rookies." It It, necessary that each team carry t w o men i\ho h a \ c never IKtrUcipatwl in organized baseball. Tlio other t h r e e ineu under the "jookle" ttasUieation are tfeosc who havo not playrrt more than one season In the league. The idea of the "rookie" rule irf to encourage the use of young playeis so thU they may be developed for advancement. Indications arc the tamo comb i n a t i o n s of 1 ( 29 will line up for play in l'ir.0. T h f y are Scottdale, Jean- nettc, AV'heeliiiiC, Cumberland. Char- 1-rt-o", C t a r k s b u i K , Fairmont anil Johnstown. Posblil t h e only u n c e r t a i n t y is J o h n h i o w t ! \\liieh had .1 d i f f i c u l t l i m o n i n e l i n g u p last \ e « r s ^clietlule C l a r k s b u r g and all or the others a t e ' a i d to bo r o a d v to go to the- pole lor Hie i a t " t h a t w i l l again be f.pllt into I wo «,eittoito There w i l l be one ton- f,o!otion, a c c o i d i n g t o present a i range- ment-i, for the club that wlm, both portions of tho race, a« a $1,000 stake \ \ i l l be d r a w n up by tile circuit and a w a r d e d to t h a t outfit w h i c h w i l l then compete with tho Blue Ridge League ( ' w n t i p i o n foi the Tn-State l.iurf Is. TRI-STATE BRIDGE TOURNAMENT WILL BE HELD JANUARY 16-18 Tho second a n n u a l tournament of t h e Tri-Stato Bridge League w i l l bo h H d on Jamii'iy 1C, 17, and IS, at ihe N \ l " t o S w a n Hotel in U n i o n t o w n 'I bcro w i l l be a. new champioiibliip «!. ,t.ike. It b -ing tor contract biidt;e. '1 he f u s t l o u n t l of the c o n t r a c t liul!,e L h a m p k i t i b l u p w i l l begin on Tli i i w d a y a t t t r n o o n , w i n d i n g up in the t \ t ning, dame", on Friday afternoon w i l l be loi meinbpm of tho National Brulgo [,e,igiti only. Only one o£ a pair need be a member of the organization. I ' r i d j v nlgl t w i l l find tho team o£ t o n i t i l l o at f notion luidecj bc-ing dib- ](;- ed. Un Saturd.i.' d f t e i n o o n and evening, ,-iiKiiou p.ilr r harupioiifclup w i l l bo ,i\k aided. A t t o ! i i f t i t o i g e A I J l o - a r k of I'HIs- l i i i ^ . t o r m e i l v ot Fayetto e o u n t y , w i l l ] | i - h e n t t h o n o p l i j f o r t h e ( o n t i a c t fime. 'I lie .n.trd lut, bcc'ti named in In , honor. K'^ervalion^ arc c o m i n g in f i o m all - r i t i o n s anil yeotcrday Cumb'-rland, Md , held a i n so section i t h c i v e d . Cleveland h.i ilreudy rcsu.r\ed tin e n t i r e Hour tor the play. La-it year's tournament \\uts larger t h a n either pe hummer or winter n a t i o n a l p!i;, CM coding all other meets OKcept the Ohio State louina- jnent. 1929 Champions In Sport World; Boxing Suffers The champions of 1929 in the various department of sporte follow: 1 Baseball. World Champions -- Philadelphia Athletics (American league). National League -Chicago Cubs. Leading Batter (American) -- Lew Foneeca, Cleveland Leading Batter (National)-- Lefty O'Doul, Philadelphia. Most Valuable player (American) -- Fonseca, Cleveland. Most Valuable I 1 layer (National)--- Hornebj, Chicago. Eaiketball. National A. A. U -- Cook Paint Company, Kansas City. Profestlonal -- Cleveland Roson- blumfc. Bo\ine. Heavyweight -- V.icant Light -- Vacant. Middleweight -- M Ickoy Walker. Welterweight -- J.ickie Fields Lightweight -- Sammy Mandell, Junior Lightwefi'ht -- Tod Morgan. Featherweight-- Hat Battalino. Bantamweight-- Vacant. Flyweight -- Vac.i at. Football. Intercollegiate i undefeated) -- Notre Dame, PltteburK, Fordham, Western Maryland, Purdue Tulane, TenncsBee, TPJ.SH Christian, southern Metliodiet, St Maiys, Utah. Prtifes' ional- G 1 ron Ray Packers Golf British Open -- \Salter Hagan (U. S I Brltieh Women'.- -- Joyce Wetheied (Gnat Britain j Naltonal Wome i's -- Jlenna Collett. P. G. A.-- -Leo Diegel Ryder Cup -- Grf it Biltaln. I 1 . S. Amateur-- Harriton Johjistouo. U S Open -- Bobby Jones. \ \ c e t e r n Open Pouitny A r m o u i . \ \ i f t r m \\OIIIPI '»- Mr«. O, R. Hill. Stanley Cup -- B otuu B r u i n s Row 1m,' Intercollegiate- Columbia Uiamond Sculls -K. AS STANFORD HALTED CAGLE AND ROUTED WEST POINT Stanford stopped Ecd Cagle, All-Amcrican Iialfback, in one 'f the lending post-season interaectional football games of the year, and turned back the Army, 34-13, before a crowd of 80,000 at Palo Alto, Cat. Photo shows Freatrup. of Stanford, making a subhlantio jjam around end during the first hall. Cleveland Rosenblums Champions of United a Play Before Fans ®~ Buicks (live Profession^ Title Holders t»r^at (ianio Although Det'calctl. FINAL SCORE IS 49 TO 38 MOUNT PLEASANT LEAGUE CONTESTS ARE TRANSFERRED M U l ' X T 1'MiASANT, J a n . I A ne has been rnatle in tbo door c h e d u l c of h a u l 1 - 111 Kecliuii X ot t h e V,. I'. I, A I i w h i c h t e m p i lot* M o u n t r i e i ' - a u t , GreMif-buig. Scoltdaic, J e a n M -tie, l^utiole, L'liiontow u and Cou- iii-llsviUo. Tlio original schedule had l ' n i o n t o \ \ u opening at Mount Pleasant, but u p o n rwiue.sf of Mount Pleasant ol'lclals the j.ame has been re-carded l o r L'u ion town M o u n t i'lea-.uit off.tittls malo tho ifMiw-t to al) Soitiou X ftthoolti urging t h a t a l l , aini'fc bool-wl for M o u n t I ' l - i a n t d u i u r ; t b o lif-t h a l t o t t h ·-e at on be p l . i v o d on toriMj'i tluni-, «it, i h o M o u n t PI M ^ a n t c j i u n a e . u m is not loiupli'ttd a \ e t The gv uiDci^ium ih ( \ | J t U i I l o b 1 completed b y t h o l a t t e r IMI t di J a ' i u a i \ . Sviijiuning Men -- Walter Sponte, Waltei L a u t e r , Geoige Kojac AS'omen-- Kleanc.* ifolui,, Josephms McKlm, Joan McS leehy. Wrigiey Ma rail on -- U. F. Keating, Maltha Noreliue. Trat'k and I'ield, 100-Yard Cftbh -Kddle Tolun, University of Mithlgi u George Shnpt-on, Oliio State Univeisity (with starting blocks.) 410-Yard Daeh--K- F. Bowen, Uni- veifalty of Plttsbu g. Milo K u n -- Leo Lermond, Bof-ton A. A. Hurdle -- S. Anderson, University of Wellington Pole Vault- -Fr- derick Sturdy, Los Angtlea A. C'. hhot Put -- lien uui Brix, f/ofe Angeles A. C. Discus -- Eric K i e n x , Olympic Club, San Frairleco Dorathlon -- K. Doherty, Cadillac A. C , Detroit. Mile Relay -- New York A. C Tuam Championship -- Olympic Club, San Francisco, Transtiooling. Grand American Handicap- man. Tennis. Uavie Cup--France. , National Men'h Doubles -- George Lolt, Jr., and Job my Doeg. National Men'b Hingles ·-- William Tllden t i l . National Prof ?t,ional .Singles -Karel Koxeluh. National Woman's Doublcn--Mr«. iV'atson a i d M i t Wilstm (Biiglatid). National Women's Singlet, -- Helen Will*.. W i g h t m a n Cup- -United States. 'I nrf. Tu o-Yeir-Oll-- Wbithone. Thioe-Year-OUl -Blue Larkspur. Loading Jockey -Melvin Knight. SCOTTDALK, Jan, 1 -- A p p r o x i - mately H)0 UIKH iJrfW I ho ihuelebt b a s k e t b a l l f l u b i n tlif^ N a t i o n perform a t the SKite A i m o i y ' I i i f M i . n M e n l i i R when the C l e v e l a n d K n - , r ) i b l i i n i r de- fo;Uo! the Stottd.ilo lliinK' 1 , by i htore of 4f) to ;!£. Tli*^ RObies liolt'this the rreaii) of cage n u d f r i a ' lu tho N . i t i c m , ya\c :i vlvlfl c x b S b i l i f u i «f gjoompil I w s k f t w i at. they u n c o ' K e d an offensive in the last f v u.irter. Tluv p n f e c t r u l m i n a l i o n of the team w o r k «»·, a b e a u t i f u l slg-ht to behold cm t h n ball was bent in a whiz around tho floor to w i n d up by felnki ig t h r o u g h the net. Going into t h e i t i e t i h w i t h t h e B u l i k u t a g - ging alosii,-. t h f { I C \ L .ad c o n t i n g e n t starti d the timnorlvi and v l i f i i the Una! gun went off the c l u b chalked · up a t o t a l of "2 joint 1 ? w h e i e a s the Scottiec, \\ero getting but 12 Jerry H u n t s m a n ' s great playing wa« a bnll.ojit fiot in the b c o t t d a l e ot- ferisi.e \ \ h l l e U n l g h t Fuller starred ne IK sank a ( j u i n l c t of double-deckerii after be, had dashed atvay from the much taller and heavier guard who was on hiti t i a i l thioiigout the our o£ play. It n a 0 t,aid today that tho expenses t'oi' tho a p p e a l , H R O of the C l e v e l a n d Jlosejibliun-3 e\cuedel the recuiptfa, On S a t u u l i i j evening, the Jeantiette Setnlei C l u b uliich toppled Uia Ilulcks jn u i c r e i i t performance- at Die- Olatii C'Hy will play at the A i m o r j . Th l i n e - u p : Cleveljind--10. Ifulchs--8S. Diclci-tfoon _ F H u n t a n i i u i Heck nan F ., Fullei Lapuiick (' . T u i k 'Oohnert *! J Cafferty l l n s t i ! Marlln Hubstllullniib - C l e v e l a n d , Barry, R h u r n l i - k , K c i r , H c o H d n l e , T Cafferly, 7t\mn\^\ m a n , Collins, T-Jrookman Field goals--Diekernon ), Heekman 1', Ijupcliick f, Ilustft B, H a i r y .'{, .Shur- tiirk, Ken 2, J I u u t s m a u d, F u l l e r 5, Turk, lUarliu, T. Cafferty 2, Kimmor- tnan 2, JJrooldinaii, Team fouls--Cleveland, 7 o u t of 10; Scottdale, 2 out of. G. Individual fouls--Dlckeieon, 1 out of 1; Bookman, 1 out of 11; Lapehlck, mjfioed -1 Uehuert, 1 out of 2; Ilu-sta, 1 out of 1; Barry, 1 out of 2; Klnirnick, 2 out of 3; H u n t s m a n , 1 out of 1; Marhn, 1 out of .". Re 'eree-- I\lurp'h.v. Score by qua; lei s: Cleveland I I ! -t 22--49 Scotlclalo . I I n 7 12--38 Daquesne Elects Co-Captains for Football and Track S quads Benedict, One of C ridiron Leaders, Aliio Ca of Basketbal DlTTSBUROH--hot. onlj Q«wtie Unlvci illty bo f a p f a l n « In f w o spurts-- !a track--but onr. of (h'! iua Icarlprs Is .lso Ihn- eaft.n hfiskptball Qporg' 1 HotK'dlct, baJfbacl? of Ih "Hpncdlrt lo Pratt" forw I n g t-oin bins t loo. In PUQUP Kport leader, HF is ca) JUar f o r w a r d n! Ooar! iJavitifi' bajjleot^rs s wfil rupciln elect of t h e 103 fKju.ul together w i t h J o h C l a r k , ann of Hfael Con I-aydpn's ontHtancitni; RU Ing the undo/an-tcd Uuqi, son Just closed. Th« rweenlly clc'ot«) Co fa plains, cho«t»n by the of tin* aquari lit tho a n n u i banrjuat, HU c does Dn- «t of co- «tball and gridiron n of the "Gan;.y" ircl paua- no's two- lain and "Chic" as a co- football "Moon" h IClmcr rcls d u r - ;ane «ea- i l h a l ! co- mirmpn I A l u m n i ed r ' u p t DUAl, LEADER .eorff^ iini-y p n r r t , . "nuqueno's Two-hport Captain Champion Heavyweight --- Dick Shlkat, l!iif Soiinenberg / Sports Fan a( (M). I , K \ V I S I H I U I'.t , Jan I-- tho ago ol 10 , Mi -, J d i i Himiuelrich i ot L^.vihinup, KiM 1 -) t in'ortultictfr, tin' Ititou'stin c o ( . u p u l o p . ,\nd p l e n t y of i I · 1 and - u l ' - t . u i t M l food, an hei for ' in tl.i t o r l o i i ' i v n . \ . slip is a U n a l ) Seeks $ar»,iiOO 1'ITTSBURO, .Tin. 3 -- A l a r i o Flood- htrom, Mi'Kecspoi', asks $25,000 dani- ai;es in a suit Ftio brought agaliiHt P. H Crosier, McKeeaportei, and 10. 1'" De'vViU, Hcottdalt in common pleao c o u r t jesterday, s o r i n j u i i e s sho Mif- tered v \ h c n 13p\V It's a u t o m o h i l o and a t r u c k of Crosiei which he wat d r i s - inK, collided November 12, in Ann street, Mt-lvocspi rt. She states the a u t o ran onto the sidewalk and knocked her down l.\.t('. in ill! lt* i i l h l " t i ( mnto. tt- Lie ouj' ' \aiit" a(I\eH;:eiueat Looking (IT Bargains J Read the ad ve "11860161118 la The Dally Courier CUAML'ION, .triii I.--Calvary g e l i c i l Chuu'li held Us O h i i s l m n s pro- g r a m UH| S.iturtld.v r v p i i i n i f . Miiny rrcit.itionh u o i c - f t i v u a c t n d hongs \ \ e r r SIIIIK by the liiiUlrcn. M i , s May Ttcdhm, a freshman at K l i z a b e t h t o w n College, and Wilhur I Bcalim, toivc-lier ot nidlheinalicH at Mount .loy I l i K h Sohool, who were spending I l i c i r Chiistin.ifi vacation at tho home ol' t h e i r p u i e n t s , Mr. and Mrs, J. C. Hociluu, have l e t u r n e d to their w o i k . Crotdie "SVlute ih i l l at home ^ i t l i a OVM c cold. fltr?. Loin a n d dauglilcr, If ai'i o i n p a n l o d hv J I i s I^olu's Mrs Dumbiiiild, vlsitpil Mr f i n c l Mr.s. George A d a m s ui' C ' o n u r l l s v i i l e on Sunday afternoon A t u r k e y dinner was ^er\ pel The progressive B r c l h i e i i Church held an i n t e r e s t i n g C h r i s t m a s program on Sunday evening, December 23. M i s Florence ( ' i a i g of lireenbnrg was here visiting her mother, Mrs. Gray, the past week. The llpstreamcis Class of the County 1- np Sunday School held a watch party at the home of W. U Barkley. Seve al f i o m the Baikley family are m tlie c lafcb Joins Floor Sc, uad To Replace ' Pal" prrrSBliR(;n~-A rwftl net" Is lelnjj Httt^tif "ChJc" hav« whi Da vita 1 tnkcn O«T the lacntrj by Coarf v^-ivrrlors. Whi-n Cuyt. "Ganjiy" fk-iit.Hfl( t, loadt Uosr MiHiul recol\eU i face wound In an au itc-clrtc-nt rwi-ntlj-, Knmrr his iwit on ami off tlu- i nitd Ujo i-eoRlvbip: etui "it«nftUct to "btwldy nl Du- · Conrh 1 sqtnul BOiletic, Elmer footbJiH · of tho Severn oniotille r 1'rn.U, rJcHron, or in- rrpurtptl t. · T)avlcs ttlrmff w l i t i a nu other footlwt! nion. of A!do "RiKT" Donnolll, halfhark and (uo-footcd punting w o a J f r w h o Krarluates in June, Honnellt developed his nahiral kicking nblHty vhlch distinguished him as^ a soccer player under tho tutelage uf JUayden whan the f u l l back of. tlie famous "Pour Horso- me.n" of Notrr» Dame came to Du- {incsno In tho Full of 1 9 2 7 . Of tho three football nion Duquesne will lose by gradual ion. two ar« soccer stars. Jxiuifi "Dor" Skondor ac«j of tackles, also plays tho association frame w i t h Donnelll. Stan Kbert, flonby reserve end, !g the thhd loss to tho R«d and Blue! tilevon. " j ruqnc»n« la tho first untverfrtty to Introduco tho du«U loaderahlp idea in Plttsburg-h Hpnry achnol- bach, 100-yard sprint star, and Jo« Pcar-1, rnllcr, aro tha co-raiptalns of Duqucsno'H two-man track team which achieved hUrh honors last Doason. Thcie Included the tylnt? of Schnplboch of thp world's record for tho 100-yard d.iih. ey Wafc Is ted Best I!oxer; Chacolate Second NEW YORK, Jan. 1--Mickey Walker middleweight champion, is rated the beat all-around fighter in tho world in tha Ne-w York Sun's fourth annual national boxing conconeiie based on a poll of 75 oE the loading oxlug critics o£ the couutiy. Walker who ouce held tho welterweight title and IB now a contender Cor light-heavyweight honors In addition to his middleweight laurols, received 18 votes out 01 pots!blo 67. Bight critics failed to me'ces a choice. Kid ChocolWe, Cuban featherweight, ·was eooond with 12 votp ; Jack Sharkey, Boston 'heavyweight, 'third with uino, "and Jimmy Rlcharuin, Vancouver, B. C,, junior welterweight, fourth with six. In Iho vbting in eech dlrlsio'n Walker received 747 poinle^ou of a possible 750 In t h e middleweight division for a percentage o£ .3M. Sa nmy Mandell, lightweight champloln i'ece!vel the sanio totals In tho 13G-pcund ranks. The leading fighter in each division, were: Hcavyveight, Jaok Shaikey; light heavyweight, Maxip lloeeubioom; nifddlowflgbt, Mickey Walker; we^- lorwelght, Jackie FIc-lde; junior wel- tei weight, Jhnmy M o l / i r n l n ; ligbt- \vo!g:lit, Sammy Mandell, j u n i o r Hght- weight, Tod, Morgan an' 1 Al Singer; teatliprwoighl, Kid Chocolate, bdntara- weight, Al Brown; Jlywi ight, Franklo Genaro. Five for«-ignors were janked among the first 10 in. tho heav; weight divle- lon. Following Sharkey came, in tho ordor named, Max Schmelhig of G-er- many, George Godfrey, Tommy Dough- ran, Phil Scott of Enplane!, Young Stribllng, Tuffy Griffith!, Otto Von Porat of Norway, Paollno Uzcudun of Spain and Viotorlo Carniolo of South America. In one division, the featherweight ranre tlni champion, Bit Battalino, ran second in the voting to Kid Chocolate, who received 727 ve tes for a ner- i ontaglo of .91)9. Hattniino got only 531 points for a mark of 70S. Four divisions--honvyAOiglU, light- heavy weight, Rontamweight and fly- w e i g h t - are without cba-nplons. Thre« ol tbo men selected in tl.eee divisione, Sbarkey. lloaenbloom a n i Al Brown dominated the field in fie voting, but Genaro won flyweight lionorw by only a blight margin over Bia;k Bill, the Cuban negro. In the junior lightweight division j Tod Slorgiu and Al Slnjcr tied for first placf, although Morgan was champion when the- yoU ig took plato. Benny BHUB hubseiiuentl; knocked out Morgan to wiu the 13(H ound title. IIAGY CORN JL The Kcagy Corner basketball team will KO into action again at the State Armory tonight, meeting the- Wavorly Oil Club of Scottdale. Tlio K-eagy combination, coftqtiea'orfl of the Vorafisi Collegians, expect to "take" the veiling aggregation by a comfortable margin and are looking for bigger opposition. Tlio contest is scheduled to begin, at S oclock. The, tamo line-up that featured the win on Monday evening will bo used by the locals. Amend ami Johnson will 1) i forwards on the Scotttiala club, with Walesic at center, Spooner and Wilson at guarde. Perry Varsity Downs Alumni; Hurst Friday The Varsity bnsketcctfa s orptl de- cislone over the A l u m n i cat CM s last night at t h e Pe-riy r o w n s h p High School g y m n a s i u m . A Kir ,o crowd vvac, ou hand to ijco Ihe f lal prc- fce.ifcou oncouuleiH. The lioyi, \von by a 6core c ' 111 to !iS wiiilo the Iti'ihli.'s' ma;gin w,i J 5 to 11 F i i d a y xiiglit l l u r s i High v i l l como to i'erryopolls lor tho ('ivl gamp 111 Section XI[ of tho \Vctiloin Pennsyl- vmi,i Tnter.scholiiTtic A t h l o t i League. BROWNSVILLE PERRY OUTFIT Tlio J J ei ryopolis bowling cam defeated by tlie Brownsvil! · club at the hitler place. Tho score's: BROWNSVILLE, .Teflnes ... ..... .131 I L n MO 8S6 Lockritlgo 17« 138 .... I! 14 Wyatt IT! . M2 W c h U O A t . ., l f i -Hi, I GO 'Ki2 P o r t e r 1^') . 122 ^1^ R. Long . . . i(i Id :!2!) Sutton . 193 170 'A(i3 T o t a l s l''lanagan Baker 73t 752 752 223S Hlasco . Suyder . Wlnterhalter Totals 14ii 163 10 i .IT) . 89 17J 134 115 la 1 ) 112 150 102 115 . . 171 184 ·112 208 421 271 427 :;53 stery Five Is Ready to Clash With Any Outfit The Mystery Five of Star Junction, lcaling lightseig-lit firbL-clnba team of Kayelto (oiuity, Is open tor games abroad, writes C. M. Hliaw, manager, to The Courier Au no tioor Is available at huine, the Mystery tlub inu*,t play other Fayette county tcsuiib on th.o road. Tho oul- IH i.s s u n n i n g for (.he county mdepond- ont t i t l e aiul Kwics a challenge lo any liiriL-i-Uif.., liglitwolght, quintet. Games may bo arranged by w r i t i n g Manager Shaw at Star Junotion or calhtift 908-1, I'erryopolis, botwccjj U juul 7 o'clock in I bo evening On T l i u i b i l a y evening the tram will j o u n i p y to Odliforuia where- it is st,helulel lo lacltlo California State Normal School. That school he*, one ol tho bcsi, clubs In years and the Jlyatpiy aggregation -\\ill uiul^rgo a veal lest. Tho content lis scheduled for S-30 o'clock. Koi mor high .school start, of Kayettc ainl "Wentmoroland countiee and W«st Virginia compose tho Mystery Five'a JERRY BAFBAR MADE CHEVALIER; Will, BE FETED ON JANUARY 5 Special to Tho C urter. UNIONTOWN, Jan. 1 --A teetimon- lal dinner in honor of Chevalier Jerry Barbeir will be held Su iday, January 5, at the AVhito Swan Hotel at G o'clock. Mr. Barbar is the fl'-^t Italian eilizen of Union own to be honored with the title tf chevalier by the Italian government. A number of \vell-kno vu poreonagee will bo hero from diffi rent parte ot tha tjtato ind Judgo Ki gene Alebban- droii! ot Phlladelphid, who l«i the grand venerable of the Sons of Italy Lodge oC I'enneylvania has n««uipi the oxe-cutlvo commltti c ho \ v i l l be IIPI- for the. occasion w ' t h o u t lail. Attorney G. Do SUvcetri, eupreirio voner- abilo of tho Soiib of Italy of l'oniiB 1\ a n u i , has also glvou hi 3 assurance to 1,6 present. Dr. G. G uralo, Italian vice-consul of Pittsbiirg who has beeii in Unlonlown. a numbei ot times, will alrfo come with bte offlc al staff, to be- etow tho title- on Mr. B.irbar. The executive commi tco Is making elaboi'ELte prepava'tions at the ^Vluto Swan Hotel to handle a crowd expected to coine trom all paits of Penn- bylvania. Reservations are now being made 'and those who in' end to participate are asked to call JOCG and make reservations. Tho executive committep. la composed of Vincent D'Aui'ia, chairman; Attorney N. J. Comfort, feecrotary; Joseph Gentllcorc, t r o n ' u i e r ; Rev. Fr. Luigi Tabbia and A n t h o n y Weaver. LIQUOR CHARGES AGAINST GREENE SHERIFF 1 MOPPED Oawson a-li r/ili; ot .ill i D i n a l i i i i i j , l a l l and \\ inter J i n l l i n c i j at i edm lloue ot oue- thircl, oiif-h.ilt a n d even inoie Flora JlcFarland, Second Flooi, THIo Ac T r u s t Uldg.--Advei ttaement -- I j a n l t . 7'IC. 7'tl 007 205)1 JPatronue thoso who advertise. Classified Ahertiseme its Bring remtUfi whon ])lac«id i i the columns of The Daily Courier. 15rp\\s(er (o Hun for Se-nafp. DKXTEE, M e , J a n . 1.--Former Ciovenior Ralph 0 Bresvster an- iioiiuced last n i g h t that he would become a c a n d i d a t e for the Republican n o m i n a t i o n for United States senator ' at the J u u e primaries to succeed I Senator A r t h u r R. Gould who recently S said ho would not seek re-election. PITTSnUKG, Jan. I -against Arnos McClell u, shciiff of Greene county, indictc I last M a r c h on e-ounts alleging e»t«,plraoy to violate tho prohibition laws Tne«da were tlismtssed. Mollon to drop tlw -hargo against t i n * r o i m t y otlicml %sa- made by Ills- lie Attorney Graham and waf g r a n t e d by .liuigo Giteon in Fc eral Court. It was baftctl on InsulUcie nt pA-ldoiicc to proseciiio. ^ Graham explained th it nolle prosse procp-edings had been i* commended by Adnunihtrator Penning' on. The matter also was laid before Altoin-pv (Jcneral Mitchell and. had his ap J f o \ a l Graham added. our "want" Killed, Two Injured In Crash. FAIRMONT, W. Va Jan 1 -- One member o£ a New Veai'a 'watch" partv was killed and »\vo others In- Jured in an automobile accident here last night Karl 10. Veattall, 16, ol Clarksburg, was killed instantly. WOMAN, SHOT SIX TIMES, FED POULTRY BEFORE SHE DIED UNIONTOWN, Jan 1.--Details of tlift killing of Lucy Prior at her homo in Filbert last July 25 wore related to Judgo S. John Moi-row Monday afternoon when tho Commonwealth pre- aonlcd ite case against. William Matheny who has entered a plea of guilty and has ackcd the court to UK tbo degree and imposo eentonco. Mrs. Sefrema Bamchri, a r-lster-in- law of the dead woman, said she enw Matheny at 4:30 o'clock on the morning of the slaying ualk along the road in the direction of tho Prior home. Ho tried the front door which was locked and th n rnado . his way into the house through the kitchen. A short time later, uhe eaid, she heard a number of eliofcs lu quick succee- 6 ion. Although she heard t'^e shots the woman eaid she was afraid to go to the house until sho eaw Metheny leave. A minute after he left ohe saw Sirs. Prior walk out to (he- yard with a bucketful of scratch for the chickens. The bullet stricken woman distributed the feed and walked back to tho house. A few minutes lator Mrs. D a n u h r i eaid ehe found Mrs. Prior In bed upstairs, hor body coveied Viilli blood. Mary, eight-year-od daughter of tho dead woman, eaid she was upstairs in bed when Matbony camo in. She wae sleeping with four other children, all younger than herselt, eho salj. Shr heard a number of ishots, hou many she couldn't eay, and she rar. down: fairs wheio she found her mother standing at (lie foot of tho stairway .ind Matheny on the other hide of the room. Pier mother ran upstalre, Mary said, and ehe followed right at her neete. The other children were awake by that time and they followed the mother, shot eix times, down tho stairs and into the kitchen. In the kitchen the woman went to the cellarway, although bleding to death, picked up a. bucket of scratch, walked out to the yard and then walked back to the house, after feeding the ch.ckcnti, Mary told the oouit. "Father died while a soldier, mother was killed by BUI and now we are all alone," Mary told Assistant District Attoriey Arthur L. Byrne at t!io culmination of her testimony. Dr. Geojge H. Robinson, who conducted a post mortem, said that tho woman hed been bhol through tbo abdomen, bnttor]c«, both amis and hipt, and t h a t she hful been p i c r t e d by six bulletfc. Sho dic-d from blood poi*-- oning and henimorhago tho plnnicuin .said. The doctor oleo presnnled tbo xro- man'fe dying declaration in ^hieh. lio f,Ml "BUI dons it" and added 1hal blie didn't know why. The hearing will bo resumed Thursday morning at ]() o'clock Itefora Judge Morrow'. CHANGE IN TIME, PLACE FOR FILING INFORMATION FORML Collector of Interim! Revenue 0. B, Hoinoi» has i^ii^d a ciicuUr letter calling a t t e n t i o n t o tho lart t h a t in- foiiuatioii forms 1,09(5 and 1.019 for tho calendar sear 1920 and subscuwnit joars ar- to bo mailed lo too collector's ofllco fov tbo proper dlfriVrlri Inrtcoid of lo the Commisloner of Internal Revcnuo as heretofore. Attention is also calkx! lo thra change in tho regulations which requires tho forms 1,003 and H.ODO ioi' iho year 1929 to bo mailed lo the collector on 01 before February 15, 1930. Form 109!) is (p be used lor reporting payments d i n i n g the year of salaries, or other del-p mini able Ine-omo of fl,500 or more If ma tie to a, shiglo person, or ?3,500 or more if nmdo to a married IHH.SOU . l-i case Un» marital bl.ttus ot an i n d i u d d i l to whom payment ha.s bpt'ii m a d e is i i n K n o w u in i h o pa}or fonn Kriil m u s t be n l r d if tlio p a y m e n t ot salai v eti , d i h i n ^ t| H year amounted to ¥1,500 or more There- must aim Ho r e p o t h m on tho f c i m 1,039 payments of duklonds made to shiiro holderb who \wre paid ?fiO 01 11101 f O K ' l i d i n i n g d o car. Dividend payments of $500 or more made d i n i n g t h e ytar to i non-resident aliens should be reporU d on this to rm Be suie lo f o i u a r d returns op fornin 1090 and 100G on or bptore February la, 1930, to the Col 1 »tor ol Interna' Revenue, Plttsburg, I'a. Wlien Yon M'smf HoniPlhln? Use Uie ClassiEed Advert! asme»ta.

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