The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 15, 1964 · Page 39
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 39

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1964
Page 39
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VT :; AUGUST jfewisKChotr Ais Artgjicans , IX)NDOrf (RNS) - An Ortho-4a Jewish choir gavt benefit nfitai la sutxjrfcaB Afltllean chitrca to help (Inane a nek toff for the building. . . IS ptrformanc look place lotlowioi a service for Antllcan parihloneri. Before iha choir; tiafred tht church All 'Saints' a' ts vicar, tht Rev: Harry Norton, had all Christian syro- UVEXVIEW PAMt ; ' icotch of christ l -Jits tnwut catscSNT ftEAN CUnTH, Minister !f, , ' ' 7SS-3SM J SUNDAY SEMVICES.i....' Ji'ilb.;- II un. . 7 bjsv ' Wedoeaday, IM BJB. CALVARY BWlTtO FBNTBCOSTAL CHUBCH lit, bcbo DB4V con. main at, ie ejn. it aaa- t ae pa. x trieaeeaay a a. libit Study ' Friday Young People . . ' - WHjCOMB v pastob a. e)wimie.v- '' KaTttMTil ABDttlB VV tftilUa : IM A.M SUNDAT ICaOOL 11 AX "IK pun of iwowa"; j .taun Sublet. 4 i If. :rviisaBiicsav " -Hymn, et aoae . . . CKOl.tM 4B. Ml mm SUNDAT SCHOOL. II a,ev ' Morning Worship. 7 P.M. " -FROM THE DUST OP THE GROUND" PaatoT Mervai G. tueoftt- Maatcal UtoeMiao mas CMfNiiuMW stuns -4in(T raetUUee Available trial -Minute MMtpx n4l i mmmmmmmmiwmkmmmmmmmtmmkmmWk. "O- a l l mm t B; II ijlilllJiflriiUHWIiW h t -' )''Ta m ef; ',.; , - CFRA Dial 580 KC CHRISTIAN AND MISSIONARY ALLIANCE ; , f . (Ooaaot Taaarmacla tee Baak atreatj B.49 t.m. Bible SCTIOOL . . ' -11 W a-rn, Morning Worship., , i . 7M D.m. Evangelistic Servlc.. , . REV. RICHARD SAUVE A : " r.i..' . 'Prayer ant Praia amrlea to wnieh pahlia , . ale. cordially lnrltad. REV. ARTHUR tt SH" aaa . ' LARSON, Pastor Bt STIWaBT L ICCuMH, V llkk) Wrtf. ' tt mm i Kcsa ,: 11,1:. 7. i. I IM ss IWIaa ta am -tujut Hew. pncraai eve CBOT." . t.a s Seu.ay Bthkr. Wheal. Claaae lue AB Aeaa. , Saacltl Satattr - rtrtJtJtttl TtftSa) f-- spidf4 Spitsbf - ;;f fV; - 151964 boll covered out of raspjet far the Jewish group's religion be liefs. Later a spokesman for the Archbishop 'of Canterbury laud ed the mterrellglout- gesture of goodwill as furthering better re lations between Christians and Jews. Ha said there could be no ob-lectlon to the visit of a Jewish choir in an Anglican church. ' BIBLE SPEAKS TO YOU "Finding Freedom From Al lergies" is the subject of Sun day's Christian Science pro gram on "The Bible Speaks to You.'' -'!- THE SALVATION ARMY y IM Hater llml Cast, iiul Mn' a. lee. V w : ( Caras Otleer. ... ,. '. 11 ae sjb. eed .. ..-.. .: . Woreh. v.,i ,,.,: S IS im-ODM Air Service aa Spark Street I .' , .Mall. LUTHERAN ST. PETER'S turn. j. (The Basstarni CmnAm Myrod . 'Luthamm Church In AmdrrVB ' Ortrlooitln Gr4i of th ' CtfiMf of Bparfc. ind Bay. Th. Hv Arthur f canratf. PMtor sh.: PAS-oaSl. Church: CE1-MI1. H. A: UTI SI M, AW t M, Ortantat an4 Choir IMtaetarV' M m. Th sarb- atTTtc t ie a m. AuiMlar Scboot . 4 HO smTh. Banrk. . ' -t Kav. JaUus NaaT, Darovlew. Oat. LUTHERAN V - CHURCH CANADA Churrha. mt th. Lutharaa alar ,. r.- IKlawarl araoS) K ,i MT. CALVARY LUTIL . amrth R4. wttf taall B'.v. .. Br. H. A. MarkHaear. Pailar. ' -I TSS-41S4. . ae saa-IMvtaa snla : . OUR SAVIOUR LIM Til Rsnavalt Amu. . ' Paul Pfotanhaaar. Paator. Owrch: PAt-eaot: Ba.i PAS-1SN in la-rOrlM Barvtra.. IS M Simeay ScbaoL . ' ST. LUKE LUTHERAN MacKajr and Naal. Jaha Karaok. Pmmc SHB-ItII a am undar School M Blbl. Claaa. -J liae amtXvtoe Saraloa. i ST. PAULUJTHERAN Kla Baward ana W libra.. , . CBoeati. ... IS II a.4-auaeaj SchaoL - . , 11. as m-m. DKlaa Barrlc.. Await Public Reaction To Ghu rch Radio J i ng les By AUBREY 'WICE, ' " Religious advertising ' jingles which are being broadcast aver Canadian radio stations' were oiiieny critic ueo ny u a t ' e a Church Observer editor Rev, C. A. Forrest. -. v : But so far the Jingles, which are by controversial U.S. comedian Stan Freberg. have a at produced any adverse reaction Faith Lutheran Churchy Commission Service Hans Rubarth. wbo-ls pres- may the head of the Oxygen Therapy Department of Ottawa Civic Hospital, will he commissioned Sunday at Faith Luther- Church on Meadowlands Drive. The service at I.M a.m. will be conducted by Rev. Russell Finkenbine. pastor of Faith Lutheran Church. Rev. John Slender. Buffalo, will , be - the guest' preacher. The Oxygen Therapy Depart ment of Civic Hospital was organized under' Mr. Rubarth't direction, and be. has served a bead of the department since its beginning. " While serving this capacity, he completed bis training m hospital admlnistra-ton, and received certiflcatioa last year, la New Guinea; Mr. Rubarth will be la charge at a ciy nnsvjEn M. by.' f ..' .. . tt ' QUESTION: 1 Will you explain please, the versa la Epheslans 1:4? I am puzzled by the meaning of the word Jottta to this vane. J.M. ANSWER:' The verse you refer to to "Netthec lilthlnesa. nor fooiiak talking, aor Jesting, whiob are- not coaveni-ant, but rather giving iBanks." . Some Interpret this to ateaa that Christiana should never ngage In light-hearted con-varsatloB, but I do not hart nil vtaw. Notice the words: "which are not convenient As you have observed, soma paople try to make a Joke out of everything. They make pons during aerioua eooversstion. and their resserks are hiap propriate and out of harmony wish the intent of the conversation. Life to them Is a laugh, and to them, nothing is sacred. This is what Paul or as talking about: "foollih talking, and iest'ng. WHICH ARE NOT CONVENIENT." The Bible sayf "there 'ii a time to laugh, and I believe that Christiana have more good, clean fun than anyone else In A N Gil C AN THE OTTAWA JOURNAL from the public.'' . V. Frebert put lb nuuic suck lines as: . I Doesn't it get a little lonely sometimes out oa that limb without Him? " ' ' Why try and go M alone? The blessings you lose may be your It's a greet life but it could be greater. Wbere'd you get the idea you could make It all by yourself? .-. v '. i ' . SOe-bed . hospiul at Yataum operated, by the American Lutheran Church In co-operation with the Evangelical Lutheran Church of New Guinea. A train ing school for nurses as well as a number of village clinics will also be under his. supervision.' The Lutheran Church of New Guinea is aa autonomous church Rev. John Kuder.. a native of Buffalo, and a personal friend of Mr. Stfcnder. Is bishop of the New Guinea Church. Dr. Theo dore Braun, from St. Paul, Min nesota, b chief medical officer of the hospital in Yagaum. , Mr. Rubarth. with his wife, Lore, and children. Hans. Philip, Marcus, and Connie, will sail from Vancouver early In September. . v . ' the world. But we must strive for balance. I would paraphrase this Scripture this way: "Let not your conversation be weighed down with frivolity and Inharmonious Jest lag. which are not In good )udg meat, but talk of the things you should ba thankrul to God for." There hi a time for light heart tdnesi. hut there Is also a time for gratitude and soberness. ': , . r;. - ELECT LAYMAN . . , OCEAN GROVE. NJ (RNS)-r Paul Carlson, a layman tram Minneapolis. Minn., was elected moderator and vlco-prasldent of the Evangelical. Free Church of America at the dc nominal ion'i (Ota general sessions here. , FOR HISTORIC CHURCHES LONDON (RNS) The British government has agreed to provide S360.0O0 on an equal sharing basis with Church au- thoritiea for the preservstion of historically or architecturar ty interesting churches which art no longer used for ecclesi astical purposes. - t uoairar iwww. rww. m mm wm. air. Bwaa sfaCaaUj. Orfaalat.: CHRIST CHURCH CATHEDRAL1 The at. Bav. . 8. ftaai - The "err Bar. F. . Oartratl The Bav. B. W. Smith Th. VaurrahM C. C. PhUUs V .Oaaritay Bawltt, MC6. Orgaaiat seal- -' " " ' '' TimrtTT xn. .... , . , tje aaa Holy Cniainualaa. lias mm. Holy Coununfc an. Saratou. ;f . ' Praaohar; Caaaa T. Bailey. M.A I D, , ' ' Aaslleaa Thaoloaieal CMIaee. Vanewrrar. ' ' TJO J Bvaalat Prayer an. Baienaa. ' " i Praaohar: Vary Bav. r. B. Oartratl. " ""' Dally Barvteaa: Momtng Prayer, eat aJ4 SrarUnf Prayer. 4.11 pm Holy Comiouaiou: Wadnaaday. tSJO mm.: Thuraiay. Ije mm. . Hmuary aravSat tor HAS aai. aarvle.- . ' . TfUnaartrT Auauat la ate sa. Portal Eaeaiang ta ha tune ay boya trara Chair Camp under direction of Mr Bat Hanaoa. si aiusaa by araaa eaaitai ay ST. JOHN'S W at TUB tee e-a-tWhr ''tasawaalsa, aUKDAT ArTxa tbimtt. ' .'" ltat aaa, Meralat Prayat lisraeeeeet CKOTi Pie.aHaW The Baetar. TtO PJU. i awnint rrayor. rruaeuwt in. Oatt, C-rr iJtMata. at JJI a aa oh. Thuranav a.a. Saturday at t ea aaa. ST. p thk: Meteslla ; t' kJ. JZfi. T--W - W-r--. T Jjt visnrma church at Olaaeaanw ' taear Uarlart '.' faellltias available.! Baeteri The Bav. ,: Ham. Aartl The' i Taaiai Tea the aaak Maty U.4t pja. (' ATTEND:, CHURCH'' THISV .SUNDAY , OMCHOF' ST. BARNABAS A & M - Beat ana aaaia. auuauk Cleeayl Bv. J. W. Cornuhl. - Bav. J. A. Wlatara. OrsaaarU Mr. H. 1. B. Ueyt. ' - TBI If ITT xn. - aat a M.ttiua. -- , .. ax Buna tiKhariat aat TJt pm-aotaaa tviaaWuT aat Dairy: Toaa. 1M a a4 et T tt JTaThe 111Ww eTrio, WrBea ) aauar Uocuul SSS a at. Holy Cauumuitou. lltt BJUv-CSMral Cuehariat. (Nursery t aa a aa riaaln. rrayar Tuiadly laliiinnleas B. Be. P. L. P. Ptayfatr, .- . f ; B,'C CarbaU. ;....',,'.$. sw. ev nouiuw.. 1SS pm. (Church). . fat aat leas aa. IChapall ALL SALNTS CHURCH Chapel at. at Leeriar Ave. B. ' The BevfJT rjunraa. . ' The Bav. M. O. Marehliea. .- TBiMrrt xn. . IJt aa doty Ceaaaiaalaa, .juMornlat Prayer aat M. D. Mureauaa. u a. vm. ST. RfATTHEWS CHURCH .. Carttaa Aliaai. aaar Baak au aat Clareyi the Van. fc Mtm Orharae . The Bav. Peter A.W. sUits.. "' .:V' 'TBUcnnr.xn.V' I N aaM-tlely aoauuunMu. . . a mm , (wmmim - - 110 aju Choral Buoherh IJmw y.m-,iauBuiie. ' r . fraanlt ant Cholrmartari - CHn-aM Whaalar. r C O. ' anadBaauTtsBsafre fffrarV - Prhtart ltat av Holy -Oouuuualoa. - ' OraaaM aat CNalruuMan On Bearing the line "out on the limb without Him." Mr. For rest angrily said tt was as vul gar as prayers io uio man upstairs." ; -., He said If the Jingles are a success, , others may be broad cast such as: . "AU at sea without Thee. "Under the sod without God. "High la the sky without pie, or down in the grave without being .saved." , - Said Dr. Forrest: "This la American religiosity at its And he accused the church of sacrificing, good taste, dignity, theology and common sense. The United Church's chief of broadcasting. Rev. Keith Wol- lard countered that Mr. Forrest was "a true blue conservative.1 The messages, jingling over the airwaves more than 200 times a week are sponsored by the ' United ' and ' Anglican churches. Peter Flemington. of the United Church's Broadcast I a g division,, said they expected to bear "quite a bit" from the! listeners but so far there has been no comment. It has officials somew k a I puzzled. . V A survey will be taken and if the public has favorably re ceived the Jingles they could set the pattern for future messages. I A til FOURTH AVENUE t. at a IA awibw ekureh at the Baptist Ceavanttes) at Ontarta ana Wnaaa a4 Iha Baptlat raaarattaa at,Caaa. , ' Mutator: Bav. Bamuat at. HolnMa. BA. ID ' Orsafllat and Chair tHraetar: Malvm a. Yaa. ATCJL Valaa Barvto. a Warskla. Bt tUtaa rraabytarlaa Church aat raursh Avmum Baaiat Ckarah hi lias .ju tfornlne Worahla. . Thar, trill be aa McPHAH BAPTIST nana Ave. at Uasar at. Bav. B. st. Bmrth. Mlaartar'. B P. Braaeew. OraaalaL Unkn MM aa-Moraki Warahl., ' ''' Bav. P.-mmU mt Braktaa Praatflailan "CM.VARY BAPTIST7 CHURCH Car Main arnat an. sxiva Ave. Bav. O. O. OUay. MlaaMar. t ea a ..i Bible school cieM tor all aaas. Doat aaad vaur ' ehlMraa ta anhle School Brlni Theail a-m-Marnlnt Worhi. vja pai-aalin Worahla. Oueat aaaahae at ho4h eeri SMv. Boy MaUtaaoa. H Th. WaeneaSav. eoa am' Wmmmmt MaMkl. Mfwf BUtla Ctatt. Wa BaUav. la th. PtaruuT VarUal naatraUaa. of th. aertuwra. yaa Ara Cartlall Imiiat j .' to calvary Owroh. . ATTEND -CHURCH THIS SUNDAY WELLINGTON. New Zealand (RNS) Why do so many young people leave the church shortly after confirmation? A commission, appoints by Anglican Bishop Henry W. Bsines of Wellington, will seek the answer to a growing! prob lem. In the last five years. 11.862 persons have been confirmed in the diocrse, yet the number of Easter communicants has in creased in that same period by less than 2,000. The diocesan synod asked for an investiga tion. . The special commission win try to determine what the church means by confiimation. investigate the effectiveness of present confirmation training plans and attempt to draw up program that will relate con firmation to the total cduestioa program of tht church, determine the moat suitable age for confirmation, and explore the possibility of admitting'perons to Holy Communion before confirmation, r V In a comparative study, the Suffragan Bishop Gordon M. McKenzie reported that in England 93 per cent of notvehurch- goert stopped attending between age 10 and 20. with the largest stopping between U and 18. Most had been contimed at the beginning of adolesence. I ST BAPTIST CHURCH rnartli Ave. - th. Sanctuary at at, Ollaa Church ; - emnlns amrlea. ' v -FIRST BAPTIST v CHURCH Leaner Avraaw at Blala Buses. B.v. Stuart Ivlaoa. hll.utar. Orsa.iau C. Ua Mllaa. LB.A at tt.OS aja Mornlns Wtmhla. -. Brrrnoa: -TUB MABK8 OT TUB ;- cwuartAM cnuncH. . . Ouaat Mlniaur: Prof. Murray rart at HamlHaa. Ta f m. Informal gathartae far . worahla. .iariiaalnu an. talkw ahia. are my Mr. ioha MaePhaU. I A . BJ. Vlaltora vralevaM. WESTBORO BAPTIST SOI Blehaaoat Boat Aa SVeturtllcal Baptlit Church. Ok-.k. UUktM . Ortantat: MU 1. Ofallar. A.BC.T. Choir Director: Mrs. P. Wallet, li t a m -WHTIta AST THOU. tMlUBTiAn: ij pmthc s-rou orrm i n I'MaiaT lltudaul poaear Paul BealSh win be Sal .Seaway I eh aat eiaeets lias aaa 'uaier Church aat . laeuiuoa. BROMLEY ROAD BAPTIST CHURCH Ul Bill J mmwm ; " Mlanaer: Bav. B. P. Bias. IA, I D Jt aaa-trrt tateraeiiWy Boat Baptist Church 11 a am Bervtee ta Bethany Baptlat Church. Utt BaeeHae Beat. . - Mlnlatar Hi onarsas ' Bav. Saba C BaU. IA. BD. rmZ Mllli-. M-..B.., at .Mas. WUmmld H. gtoaVdsMa' M-AJL. D- , ! . '' '.I KNOX PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (la the Maori et the Capital I Corner Bltta eat Liasar Stroata. Bav. Dootlea Stewart tA. Director at Motto: Ullaa Pereytb Daei eaaeii Mua Butb BoUlba. lltt am. Ray. C. It. Mac Lean. D-D Daeuty Cheptala et Ihe rhMrt. Royal Cenatlaa Navy. .e. Nureery aero aunna aumtna. i v ERSKINE 4 . PRESBYTERIAN . Breaaaa Ave. at MacLerea L llae tat Unloa ' Banks wHh - . . . McPhali Baptlat Church. 1 Preacher. Bav.' Pehar B. Mi '.a ' ,1a Brukme Churea. i ;(' 1 lj , W r . ....... J N N S C I E N C E ,! i tuotav School list aaa. - ' w Harty Areata, let Bsaiha Be. L" aucept Buntey. v CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ;.; SOCIETY " ' i US aaa. Buntav Bchuoi lite lav1 Hurtery A. .- 'tee pa. Ht BHOADVIKW AVBMUI pubuc acHotN. 1 AIX AM WHXUMB. ' PRESIYTERI AN " ST. ANDREWS CHURCH Walluvtaa and Beat Btraet. , .Ouawa. - . . ... u . an mf OrtaaiM ZLlm?. (rlawM sarlll Bhm nisatl tw KdTV. use eju-Dona oooo." ,' rr v . Infant nureary ana orarcat wammm v yaara at at aat uaaar. wUl ha belt turtattlu Buaiiiiei aaounta. j ajr rWcordrd hroadcaat at tMralal servlea aver Btatiaa i cpba istei. : "- at Anarew'a. rauud.S as lass, vreleaaiat SU viattare. ' WESTMINSTER PRKBYTERIAN " era Aveaue : (Saulh at Blchejeat Boat) sr. Jan , Mr. aoha B. Hum. teat aja-MrBl Warahlp. Thar, wilt ha BO Sunday aetvltaa aatu aaauaiBar. Thar, vrul he MO s aulas ST. PAE'S CHURCH Vim Wootratl Aveaue. . t Bav. W. P. Outtr. BAJe. . Oraealst eat Cbatr DtraeVarl, . .C..W. Druaaaaeut. ' l '' ". iaaa aaa. '". 'V!' MVIDII AMONG TUB VlHSt ." ,: iohaltPaal, . , - Hurtery Bonder School ta aaa . C H R I S T I A jf. FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST, :i .', .' Sunday U.M, w tfirrtMONii Wadnaaday. OS SNIIS OP p at. lneludmf ' CHRIfrtAN SCIENCt KKAllrfO. nv.wu vml rirrV K.. . u. itM m mm. jp. .IBLa mrmsvtm " - i rasa BBADIMO BOOM. ' Ooou Dollf TPJS BIBLJI -METHODIST WESLEYAN 'METHODIST 1 SunnyUoa Avenue at Oreeeeaat Bee. M. a. auautiare. reeuw. U a tuntey School, Warehtp Bervtee - lias JU. ant f M pat. Tueadey. s ou 9 m a-rayar uei.iva Thursoar. eve p.m. aouu i Peaple'a Meetlut. Studying Youth Drop-Outs ' ' ;.".'N. . I -, ling Pastor At St. Paul's Sunday Rev. Thomas Charles Pfoteo-i bauer is being installed .as pastor of St Paul's Lutheran Cbiirch. King Edward and Wil-brod; Sunday evening at 7.30. The Hturgist will he his brother. Rev. Paut Pfotenhauer, pastor of Our Saviour Church in !wV REV. T. C PFOTENHAUER ... , .-;. Ottawa. The rite of InsUlla- tion will be performed by Rev. Philip Fiees. president of the Ontario District of the Luthera Church. Missouri Synod. - St. Ps ul's congregstion has a IV vs. United Church of Canada 'CENTRE DOMINION-CHALMERS CHURCH . Bev. A. Prank MecLoaa. IA. OD. ',, lev. Deatlas C lapp. I-A-. BJ ...... -. -.- Oigenael: Wtnuua rraaea. Mael. PjCCO ltat ai tnfeul plenary aat taeaar CeaetesatMuii V, - lite Tta thb arr op Dr. MirLaau is .a--AH rw comma wrni CHrsT- ' Ouest Preacher: lev. Aleeaooer P. MaeLaeo, BA-. v A. . Bat Beak. New Itaaawkk. ' ' , ; ' r- ,;.-' A eortlal htvtlaUaa Is SaMatii at vtattore. . . W and McLEOD-STEWARTOH ' i. a. I hM at .W Crvf! I i K t laa at,Arayle.- 4 aaa. Warahlp Teat: IMaeaw-:. Ilea aju Nuraary and. Junior CeaeTetsUeeArat Caiksraa UP la t rear. . - a. We lavne vlelhjes la wanhip vrltb as as ihe eaalat 90-year history and a total membership of. 130.. Born in British CorumfaU ht 1930. Rev. Thomas Chariee Pfotenhauer studied et Concordia College ia Su Paul, Minn., and Concordia ' Theological Seminary in Spring- field. III. Ordained on Aug. IB, 15. in Winnipeg, be served there for five years. He then served for three years in Stratford, Ont. Soft, Flabby Christians Scored KANSAS CITY. Mo! (RNS) American Christianity II com posed of "soft and flabby members," a Unked Presbyterian minister told the. 28th con vention of the National Associa-. tkm of Free Will Baptists here. Dr. Herbert S. Mekeet of Schnartadv. NY. farmer nresi- dent of the National Associa tion of Evangel icale (NAE), attributed the condition to U.S. Christiana never having known the persecution Ovat nas laceo Christians in soma other lands. TOWN thi bow." Milan. Btauenna ! O. WetM. aVU IB, F UNITED I R S T MleteUr: .Bee. Jean T H. Adtmeoa. BA. a.TJs. . -i Orseaarl: -Mr. W. . Bnhlnaaa, Mai Baa, M Mua. ta mm m mm Untied OTTAWA ATTEND CHURCH THIS j Sunday! OTTAWA SOUTHMLNSTER ' Beak,auue at (eaa Drive ' Baraehrr '' " - Bav. A. u a Ma. '-.-'.. ;. IJt. I.TJS. Oreaniat: Mr. Oeerae PMr. .t sse aat. -KO LOrtOKB STRAKOrM " Mr. thai lea pmihuis- eatreet ever CTBM , at lite eJa.l Kinoarsartau ehlldretl tea-tat the teear at urareMp. - lap WESTBORO Chuiahin eat lUvaaalB. Cierfyi ; Bav.' Daniel Me . Oreanlat: -, " ' ' Mr. Akm Drl outer. ' aa. Manery tar lareaaj t I eaars , . seavttet. avABATtoN raoM ooo . Oueet Praochor: . Bev. lueaae U MaUmae, ' Perth MeUMtlet Church. Brock rill. MeryuuHl. BRITANNIA lev leva a Wayttat. I A," Orsaatat an. choir pUeaaWi tat Ja." MaratM Weevbra. - Memery' aat taalar ,. luatey siohoal tee BuuiseeP Oaly .. ,. ,:-.y.v A friendly ureleeeae to eutantod Sa aB Preacaur: Btv. A. BELL ST. - Bell eat ArBattea. '.. Bav. . W. Oltrrat-BA. DB- Orsaalet aat Choir Dtrectort j( ., Merley I. Parol. teas saa. ., -: w Queet Preacher " " Mr. B. lahta OIuthui. '' - "AB A TALC THAT TOLD EAST MacKAY MeeKey Street at DaNoria It aervtaa Manor park, lack-elite aat Mew Btiabarfh- Mlnlater. - The lev. f. M Mariaa. . . It, IA. ereaatot: Baa Ciaa. ' tlaa am-, Mornlns Worship. -roa tub oooo or . , HIS CHUBCH." . Mr. Morgan preechtn. Ha Bvealat Bervlee. SOUTH ST. JAMES an. GLEBE " Unltot ht Bt. Jatnaa United Church Caraar Second Aeeaue aat Lyoa Street, v' " Mlahaee: ..- . Bev. I. U Puttruff. B-A. Oreanlat: Mr.' H. Bramtoail Bailey. 'i 1140 a atUBPIWDBBB OP THB PAITH THB - r posmvt wTtnkss - ' ' Mr. Pottraff preeeblnt. ll.e aat-Muroary tar pre-arhoM eaiMrea to pra l : . vtdet. ittelM , , WEST OTTAWA . PARKDAIE UNITED CHURCH , ' Park dale aat Oleliliai, ' . . , , . . ' Mlnlatar: lev. Oartoa C. Bmrth. I A. Minister et vmutton- Bav. Thoaaee SV McLetiaaa. IB. , . .. Dtreetae at MuaVe: Tkeam Ciaatseea. UTjC B M T. ' .'' , .. ... .PtJIUC WOBSHIt. Ai. .H4 ' '' toateas. -i ' '- !. ... . . BeraMoc -THB ITaneOTH OP TUB LOSTBLT - 'ilf': . Mraaajrtaj.,,. '5 ; aunvnar' Wlor ta the Cool tat are ate dally aialiooae. . KINGS WAY UNITED ' kUad Park Drlre at Ih. tfueeaaway. ;. i Mlnlaaart ' ' lev. Prenk B. Harhack, - 1 IA. B D. . . . ? , . rheltaiaalerr Mr, Bat Boaaaa OrfaakM: Dr. p. A- Baiuaey, .' .' Buwmer Behetule' ' 'June 11 to aept. I : . ' 111 e at C.rletou kMNuerta! 7 ' - Ualtet. ."lSJt .. Kineawty Del tot. WOODROFFE asr WeotroOe Avaaaa. '.... - - Mleleter lav. T. A.' Mersaa. Orlaakiti Mr. fj, W. lawUaej. ttataa.' - " MeralAI wereata . V Ithv BHrlnt Bervtea aat ",- ' - Junior ConsretaUea , 39 1 Tit ' ! - i

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