The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 15, 1964 · Page 38
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 38

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1964
Page 38
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; . - .......... , j: .... ,w , .'V.- sfi SATURDAY. AUGUST 15, 19M . ... , ' THE OTTAWA JOURNAL ' SATURDAY, ATOU8T 15, 18M ' Visitors From Many Cdunftier f . ,4"? . . . ...... - ... . ! ".v.v - Worship at St. By J., FERGUS GRANT Members ot St" Andrews Presbyterian Church have enjoyed the privilege ol worshipping with soma 3M visitor during the Summer. The guest registers, which visitors are invited to sign following the Sunday morning service, indicates that worshipper from every province in the Dominion, and one .from the North West Territories, have derived some satis faction and pleasure from their: visit m the santutaiy.' -1- As Abe oldest Protestant church Ottawa, having been founded hi ISO. M is natural perhaps that visitors from the United States and other countries should take advantage of the opportunity to spend a short Urn in this historic church. While. It cannot be compered, architecturally, with some 'of the beautiful cathedrals m Bri tain end on the Continent of Europe, Its association with the earliest days of what is now Can THE SADDEST thing I last month in the Holy Land was the Samaritans. For that ancient and proud people known to the world by the Good Samaritan ' and woman at the well now form a smalt Inbred and dying remnant. "Oh. they're that sect of Jews I who inter-marry and have all the deaf and dumb kids. an Arab guide somewhat lictir ectry said. But be re flect1 the (popular am- Itsstraage that m people excluded by the Jew far mixing their blood with foreigner are now headed lor extinction because wf their ea- clusivenes. One could become Samaritan, end marry one of t their girl, after year's hv . Mructkm. But one doesal. Wh To i . - i Rev. A, C at . ; I WENT to their famous eM syngogu at Nabtup (Sheckttn . of the Bible) after; visiting Jacob's well and having drink el water from the welt from . which the woman' of Samaria the one wjth the five husbands) gave Jesus a drink. Our guide first got a poHeeman to ac- ' companying us. for be said w Heeded it for protection from x- the Samaritan children who are such xpert and forthright beg gars.;; 1 The High Priest wad walking ada's capital, leaves with visi tors to St. Andrew's memories of a 'Structure m which many distinguished persons have wor shipped. . ; FIOM MANY COUimtlES Among 11. other countries re presented in the guest registers ares. Australia, England, Franca, Germany, Hungary, Iran. Italy, Jamaica, Malaysia, New Zealand, North Ireland. Portugal and Scotland. St. Andrew's has welcomed - visitors . Irom 31 state m the USA and the District of Colombia. ' ' Thirty persons, giving Ottawa as their former place of residence, have worshipped this church , during the Summer, alone, with M from other sections of Ontario. By reason of the fact that St Andrew's was originally connected . with the Established Church of Scotland, it is natural that many pf the visitors are from that country, though their number is exceeded this Summer by the number Ha Samaritans? A. C. Forrest about on the roof of his house. and while we waited m the Ut tered yard he brought key to open the synagogue. The second in command brought second key. and then the third brought a third key. After cerentonioos- fy unlocking the three lock we inhered m by a fourth man, who brought out the an cient Torah and let us feel the goat skin parchment. He said R was MM year old. 1 couldn't accept that, but if R were, be shouldn't have been letting foreign tourists finger R. Then hav ing reminded us of tha Good Samaritan he said It was now necessary for the world to be Good Samaritan to them and and kelp them build a icnooL The tVJpMTdH hood and took their worship to and then we were Invited to "ylp. Gerirtm. Services iit Chinese Held By Representing the. Board of Missions, United Church of .Canada, Rev. Samuel Choo, minister of the Ottawa Chines Church, accompanied by Mrs. Choo. held services la Chinese and met many W the Chines families when they visited m . the capital cities V Frederic-ton, ClMriottelownr-Halifu and St. John's. They were else m touch with groups at many other eentree. and brought greetings from the Ottawa Church. '.-. . - During their absence. laymen and women gave lea ship at the Sunday The boys 'and girt set a record of attendance) at the Vacation Bible School, and on em) Sunday a group from the school conducted V service. Kim Chew led. Emeng Hong tend lb Bible leaaba, aad the Intermediete das of teenagers explained the banner of Chriat-taa symbols mad by thera ia " v , . ' There, pre "now , only tft Samaritans left m the whole world, he said, divided into two communities.' Nabm ha BS; over beyond the wall and barbed wire of the. Jordan Israel border m Tel-Aviv m Israel another 1S1 live.', The Israeli and Jordlaa governments permit the Tel-Aviv Samaritans' to the border one year to celebrate the Passover' and other feasts la ML Geriiim. A Nabta Jpolicemaa said possibly not with complete accuracy that the Vacation . School. Ml Evelya Kicker gave the message, which was translated into Chinese by Normaa Toy. With 71 nunlla attendlnc the Daily Vacation Bible School waa under leadership of Miss Richer and Miss Jean Souimer-j viflaL anlllcrf kw 11 tHrkml and -five of the young people. Dennis Won aad Miss Mary! Ellea Roe gave special leader-f skip. - Recently arrived from of Ernest Ing had their first experience in a Canadian Vacation Bible School, and were mad welcome by alU k . Rev. Samuel Choo wiH coo duct the service oa Sunday tn the Caere, and announced that th classes ia English wiB be- eiaNafter Labor Dev. and the Chinese Language achoot. with! Mrs. Samuel Choo a principal. will open at the same time I The Church School Nursery and ;i drive-in . . . Each Sunday evening from tM to 9J0), weether permitting, a Drtve-ln service being held antfl Oct I at Westgate Shopping Centre by th Open Air Cam paigners fa co-operatma with Ottawa churches. Plat- form, material and the organ ar donated by West End foeidianta. i Leonard Percfval, Ottawa director of OAC shown on th platform. 1 Lower left art Don Hafley, of Bromley Road Baptist Church, tha organist, and a . Kilobit, Mrs. John Harris, Other worker ar stsnding Andrews Church b ' : .' S: ,4.. of Nova Scotians. Fifteen ptheri indicated their homes are m England and two in Ireland. The erection of the original structure, which was built on the present site of St. Andrew's, may be attributed in part to the construction of a military canal between the Ottawa River and Lake Ontario. John By, after whom the town was nam ed, arrived in ISM to build a watenyay that would by-pass tha then perilous United States, thereby providing what would prove to be a safe artery be tween Upper and Lower Can-ada. . Ten years before the arrival of John By and a detachment of the Royal .Engineer, there was no habitation in what Is now Ottawa. Across the river. however, Hull was a flourishing .centre, founded by Philemon Wright, who welcomed this notable engineer en behalf of the community.' ; ; t ' ' the Samaritans withdraw into Geriiim for a month' religious celebration each year. He also said the Nablu Samaritan are wealthy. : J , TO THE outsider the. Samaritan still appear to be Jews, for their priesthood descends from Aaron, and they , keep the Mosiac law, tltbfe circumcise. maintain the Sabbath customs, and rever the first five books of the Bible. . . J.v :. ,' But the Jews who had no deal ing . with tha . Samaritan in Jesus' day have not dealt with them since. They have not for given them for their opposition when they - returned captivity under the leadership of Esra and Nebemlah. ' ' - The Samaritan have 'not for- Ivea the Jew for refusing them permission to help them rebuild the ' temple. And the division was , made complete when they set up a rival priest. I found R aad that a religious tend could last for ljot years. That a .tribe made known to us all by Jesus' kindliness should have come to such a sorry pass. and sorry for the little deaf and dumb children who bung about. and for the sad old high priest passing the collection plate to strangers. f And sad at the thought 'that without an Infusion of tilnnrt ill 1 - . . t t,, , I --- 1 DOOQ, UV IglUrWwaa mMFITQ QCV- cfdanU of a one strong and lwlgtont tmkm Kigbt dlMppear from the earth.' opened NorthernLcured Ottawa Minister dn Tour Kladergartea were held during the Summer months. The general Church School, which has reached new high records ia attendance and Interest, will ra ru'r t'on ul'Sep- ho TrOtn sliwice ; V before tha platform. ' ' ..'.',' ." :'"'.' -Among tboe who hav assisted In this service ' r Captaia B, D. Craddock of th Salvation Army. Rev. W. T. Duffy, St Paul' Presbyterian; Rev, Jamea , -Shank. Weetboro Baptist; Rev. Mervin Summers; ' Wesleyaa Methodist; Kenneth Beach, Pin Glen Chapel; ' Rev. 'Jame Cleinens, Parkdale Baptist; Rev, A. B. ' ' Moffat, Scobie Memorial; Rev.' Roy Had, Church of 1. ", the Nazarene; Rev. Cameron Stevenson, City View Pentecostal. Hon. .Thomas MacKay John Red path, of Montreal, se- the contract for construct ing the Rideau Canal. -and brought number of Scottish stone masons' to Bytown. Delays were experienced In determining the actual location of the canal .entrance, which enabled MacKay and his worker to meet the pressing demand for a Scottish kirk. A suitable site, af what It now the corner of Wellington and Kent Streets, was purchased for the sum, of 2M sterling of the lawful money of Upper Canada from Nicholas Sparks, a noted rest dent of the town. The task of building a church, SS feet long and 4 .feet wide, which would accommodate 500 worshippers.' was undertaken with despatch. One can only assume that the Scottish artisans were filled with enthusiasm. and that each was free to perform as much work as be could from day to. day. The exterior was destitute of decoration, as can be seen in a photograph in the church archives, and the property was surrounded by a stone wall, surmounted by. an iron fence. A few yards away was the town pump, with a trough for the use of horses and dog, 't The Presbyterians of Bytown worshipped in this long plam building under the leadership ot tnree successive ' ministers from the Church of Scotland. the first of whom was the Rev. John Cnilckshank. It la record ed that be was a most scholarly ana conscientious churchman. typical of the Church of Scot land. He established a library, which I believed to be the first la Bytown. on receiot of n hoi ot nook from Edinburghr and drafted rules governing the loan or these books. ';... s , PRIZED. POSSESSIONS Among ' some of the" prised possession of St Andrew' are a number of communion tokens. CANON TOM BAILEY, pro-lessor of theology at the Anglican Theological College la Vancouver, will be the preach-or at the II o'clock service at. Christ Church Cathedral to- tember, with Paul Mcintosh as General Superintendent.. The young people are using the facilities of Glebe Ha ted Church hall for weekly' basketball games. . .. ' . Way ! .".:;"':. : .''.':.. " !'-.." ... . ! " 1 It w 1 II II seven . eighths of an Inch square, dated 1831, which bear the initials of the first minister. J.C.,M and a symbolical (lame ot fire. Around the perimeter are the words: "St. Andrew's Church, Bytown" and, oa th reverse side. This do m Re membrance of Me." These token were used in St. Andrew's, but they were also carried fat a saddle bag oa visits by ties, where some of them, were recently located. ' '.. The original church was en- larged In 1SSS, and the power of St Andrew's, for good In the tend increased as th commum- ty It served gathered stature following th decision of Queen Victoria In 18S7 that Ottawa should b th Capital il of' her , .. . - r, k Ufl. Province of ' Seveatean year later. ". nvV. cTv-building lZ ; . , i-l" .. . ...... ent position In the centre of Ottawa, opposite the stately Su- preme Court Building, was laid by Rev. D. M. Gordon.' At- though time 'were hard, and money scarce, the present struc ture was built B years ago for Se.M, which included repairs to tha manse and the provision of fencing for the erounds.''" Despfta its own financial prob- '- leau, St "Andrew's assisted In the establishment, tn 1S7I and UTt, of what are now known as MacKay United Church, the sit fat which waa donated by the family of the Hon. Thomas MacKay,' and of Erskma Pres byterian Church. . NOTED MEMBERS Many distinguished have worshipped ia St. Andrew among whom are numbered the Earl, of . Aberdeen, Governor- General from lSU-lSSs, Lard Twoodsmiury Governor-Genera! iro-lMt, Rt Hon. William Lyon.' Mackenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada from Mai lt) and again from ItCS-lt, and Her Royal Highness Prin ces Juliana of Th Netherlands; who wa resident at Ottawa dur ing th Second World War. She ntly donated a beauti ful ' leetera to th church m commemorattoa of the baptism here of, her daughter. Princes Margriet Francbca. The Royal Coat ot Arm of th Hons of Orange, and th motto "Je MaJntieadrai" are carved oa the face at the desk.. v Rev. Arthur W. Currte, min ister of St Andrew's, wilt, re- occupy the pulpit of this his torical church tomorrow (Aug. It) after spending a holiday at his Summer residence la the Haliburtoa Highlands. During Ms hi abasnc. th Sunday morning service were conducted by Rev. Ronald H. Balsdoa, Chris- tiaa EdacatioB Director. When man's busy; why, ; -' teisur '-..' ;' Strike him as wonderful pleas- . - are;- : - . ; . , , Faith, and at leisure one U Straightway he want to b "usy:. - - -..-; - - m Browning., me cornerstone of tne nanasome that occupies i premto- a 'Pontifical Casey Stengel"' Cushing TalcesyF lorid by Storm HOUYWOOD, Fla. (RNS) Straw-hatted Richard Cardinal Cushlng took Southern Florida by storm during hit visit to th annual convention of the Catholic Daughters of America. : Hi views on La tin-America crises mad page on news and hi view oa practically everything else mad eight-column headline In Hollywood and Miami woman' pages.. Th Archbishop of Boston wa described by one en th railed delegate as "a son or pontifical Casey Stengel." The remark got a heavy play in th papers. Seventy-three year old, Casey M known to b frank In his estimat of any situation. AMAZING FRANKNESS i ; Florida reporters wets taken aback at . Cardinal Cushing'sl frankness ... . . , , - - OetensiMy ia Hollywood to thank th Catholic Daughters for 150.000 contributed to his Latin-American missionary program some two years ago, h noted fat ' hi convention ad-dree that th Knight of C Himbu had not gotten around to giving him the million dollars ne requested for th atm program. Th leader of the Theocratic Party recently suggested that Cardinal Cushlng might mk a good Secretary of th Treasury. A noted fund-raiser for '-A V ' .1 I 1 , i 7. : '. .. " "V ' ' s i ( f v ! ' , ', . ' v.W j'.'i--.'.vv1 ;sv.' : X rf i ! - I . Sincerity Has First Place in Religion TEACHING ha alway been responsibility, which the Chris-tlsa. Church regarded seriously. Most of our great- universities were started as church tnstltu-tioaa. Before we had pablil schools w bad schools started and administered . by church groups. Freedom of religious worship -waa not the only thing which brought . Immigrant to our shores, but it was aa impor tant inducement There run through out national life a nans ot religious responsibility which many other nations ia th world do not have. ' r. )-..?' ... Th Sunday school lesson for August 23 Is entitled "A New Cell For Faithfulness." It teach- two great lessons. The tint is th necessity of continuous teaching if religious' faith Is to be maintained and advanced. Also this Is a Tmprnc Les son dealing with the sin of the . flesh and particularly with the serious moral problem aris ing from the nation's Incredible and alarming consumptioa of alcoholic beverages. , - - ONE OP the most precious combinations of word ever pat together by man under the guid-anc of God Is the so-called Shorn: "Hear 0 Israel; th Lord our God is oa -Lordi and thou shaft fove the Lord thy. God with all thine heert and with alt thy eoul and with H thy might"' ' The Jewish people through th church, h did talk about money. ,.- - "I assure you." he told the CathoHc Daughter. 1 oonot want a penny from thi con vention. Thera are others here who need money, more pun I do, and tt's easier for a cardinal ia beg for money than for omoone of tower ranfc""T He ' immediately ; added a postscript: "But If any of 70a marry a millionaire, introduce m to him". "' ? Th cardinal won th hearts of delegate on hi arrival at church for a solemn high mas. Ha strod along th street shaking hands, greeting each woman, with "hiya." H posed for tnmimerable camera addict and when . a priest approached Dim, pre sumably t6 Indicata time was a problem, ha suggested that tha priest "go take up a collec tion." r . During a pre Interview, be turned aside questions about his 09th birthday. ' 1 dont know bow old I am." hessid. "My birth data h lilt ed as Aug. .24, 1895. In th church ilocumenta, but K't lilted a Aug. 34. IS9S In city Mil." DRAWS LAUGHS ''" ' Cardinal Cushlng 'oven draw laughs wKh a gentle barb tbout the weipht of , om . of th Catholic" ughter. . ft.. ST. ANDREW'S CHURCH " Sunday School Lesson y By EARL L DOUGUSS " ejarwaawwaawaw th ages hav taken these words so seriously that they constitute Indeed the very basis ot their religious faith and life. Moses through.' whom -th command ment ot God were given, insist ed ehat religion should be a matter of th heart There ar many external forms hi religion, suck as worship services, creed and pious customs. These have their place in a sound religious life, but their plac I aot erst place. Sincerity must be accorded the first plac ia religion. Unless our religion Is really in ear hearts aot just" upon our Hps or ia our minds then what we call'reHgioa Is- realty not religion at all. God must hav all' of us or He will have none, at us. Hi purpose are laid bar ia the words of scrip ture. They war set forth with Incomparable distinction aad grandeur th teaching and tun oi jeous Christ. Our trouble i that w are hist as week as 'were these recalcitrant follower of Moses who so frequently mad hi lit a burden. W too often accept the externals of religion and let the Internal, vital, living things of faith pass by. i ! yt used to weigh over 300 ) pounds." he said, "but after mv illness soma year ago I dropped to 147. . ,v .,;-.;' "From th looks of many of you women, - you'd ' lik my ractp.'' '. A recurrent theme. . at th conventloa rostrum. In hi con- versstJons with delegate and la Is conerence with tha pre, wa hi regard for "our two greet Johns" Pop John XX1XJ and President John Kennedy. ' Of Pope John he said: "Thera wa something supernatural bout that man, bees use be was th only on in Vatican circle who understood m and t dont understand myself , . . Of Mr. Kennedy, be added: "H was primarily concerned with the kind of impression he would wave In history a tha first Cttbotie - President He couldn't have left a better impression than by laying down his iir for an of us." - ..? I URGE SUPPORT LAFAYETTE, Ind. (RNS) I The National Conference of Methodist : Youth Fellowship adopted a resolution here urg ing Methodist youth " te cup-port wholebeartedly the . Civil Rlghta Aetata witness and at- tltUO.'A- mm i i Jnwl tlnwialja Wa7 I! 3! iit. ii' . THE commandment: God gave to His people thrrough . Moses ' wa tint that they wer to b sincere.. Religios was to be for Uhem ,a matter -of m maar heart Furthermore there resfe ed upon them the duty of tea col tag religious truth to their chin dren, tailing without embarj rassmant about religion a the set in their homes, and as th associated with their fellow men: They wer to bind God's law far sign upon their hands, and these divine teachings were a be to them a frontlets bet we J their eyes. .-'A ' '' In our Lord's day the peopla actually had little boxes called phylacteries containing certain paasages of scripture.. Phyla -teriea, would be hound about -' one's wrist thus Indicated that j ' th law of God must oomlntt ' vary human action. Furthest more, the little boxes weri fastened to bend which the mora pious of th Jew bound . bout their beads., allowing tha box to hang Just above an be- . tweea the eyes. This wa tb way tb people of that Mm showed their deep regard: for the lew of God. for th relationship this law had td to- tkm, thought and tight il Deuteronomy 1:4-1 h oh of th most beeutlful and effect! v ' passage of scripture found la the Old Testament. Jess ap. peered particularly to fove M and be caned this passage . linked with Levitkua 11.11 Th Great Commandment in which wa summed up all th , Law and the Prophets, v, , i- " - 'I THE committee preparing th . International Sunday School Lesson ha designated thi as a Ttmperance Lesson. Four time ' each year these lessons occur , and their chief emphasic I upon ' the ein of th flash. There ar r spiritual sins,' such aa envy, Jealousy, pride and lack of fov. such a violence, adultery, and 11 sorts of scenes, including ' excessive - drinking. - Althoes-tbere la, a wid difference Gt?- oplnion emong people regsrdlng ;i ' the right or wrong of drlnkla!( habits, the .word temperance ; which once meant the sensibl ; ana temperate use of liquor has ; ; com to mean for most people ' Mel abstinence. - : ! Certainly w confront in the ! . drinking problem of th nation a factor which be behind much unhappiness, wrongdoing, andT crime. We ar not tru to our;' religious convictions unless wa! consider this problem in the i: light ot our Chrlstisa faith. This Sunday school lesson on fidelity'', does so consider the problem' of drhiring, and we ar led to-definite conclusion regarding', the extent and aeriousne of the problem. . v . V The Saadey leheel Lease) ' for Aagast XL 114 I -A New I Call rer Faithnalness." (Ttn- ptfaMCffs) It 4-1 1. f 4 4 .1 . t 'it' I'- -:

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