The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 23, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 23, 1918
Page 5
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SATURDAY, PEBRtrART'isJjuris. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEIiLSVILLE, PA. PAGE FTVJBL ;| DANGEROUS ENEMY ALIENS BEING TAKEN TO AN i V INTERNMENTICAMP SOMEWHERE IN THE SOUTH | ·MXWXVUMXKI WVMMMf Save Wheat Use substitutes for wheat Flour and you -will help bring our boys home ! ! What Are You Doing to Win Your War? THE LEAST TOU CAN DO IS TO EAT OXE M.EATT.ESS -AJO j OSE TCHEATI.ESS yOfJ.L TODAY arinents The Supreme Reduction of the Year '' Dangerous enaray aliens corralled by' secret sendee operatives marching through Philadelphia, lo the station to entrain for a detention cairp "somewhere in the Soua." The men were de tained at a concentration camp at Gloucester N J until enough of them were in tie net and a-special train carried them to a place where they will'be out oVniischicf until the end of the war. Armed United States soldiers guarded the party on the (rip south. r HIGH SCHOOL IS WINNER IN GAME WITH SCOTTDALE Women's and Misses' up to $48.50 Regular and Stouts, at $10.00 Women's Misses' and Junior Values to $25.00, at $10.00. United Profit Sharing Coupons With All Purchases. LEFT ttOLl, XKV OISDBU I-\ XILLIXEKX USES TRINITY REFORMED CHURCH! Stmti Plttsbnrg and. Green- · streets, : Her. Ch»rl«s E. Wagner, pastor. Sun- dw school at 9.45- A. M. Morning worship »t 11 o'clock. Sermon, "A Mother's Lore and a Mother's ifciae'THuniaaHy." Christian Endeavor at - »mee at T.SO. The topic will be -A Wasted LK»," second or a s«ri« o» tie Prodigal Son. Special L«nU» dCTOtkn»l serrices 'Wednesday eTe»ta« ac-7.30. Subject, "A Beal Pmritential Prayer." You are welcome to all our services. Confirmation Saturday afternoon at 1.30. 0 church, J. L. Prondfit, pastor. Sab- hath school at 9.45. Morning service at 11; subject of sermon, 'The Earthquake and the Voice." Evening service at 7.30; subject, "Enthusiasm of Town Team is Taken Orer Bj- Local Coys By a Score of 34-18. REAL BASKETBALL SHOWN 6.30. Wednesday evening praycr- meeting. .ASSOCIA- I il. B. ilc- I THE EVANGELJ.CAL tion. South ConneilsviLie, Laughlin. minister. Sunday school at 3:30 a. m. in charge of Samuel Witt Worship with sermons by the minister Sew IJnenp of CoanellsviHe High irork.s IV-onders: Local Hold Ijead Practically The Entire Game; The Preliminary Is Won 3!y Jnnlor Girls. Counellsville lush school showed some real basketball form last night anrt Ceteatcd the ScoUdale high, 34-18. The score at the end of the first half TWNTTT IJJTHBRAN CHURCH, Her. EK» B. Bnrjresz, pastor. Confirmation clan at S A. M. Bible school si 1» X 3C.: Latter Le ^ue at 6.45 P. M. Divine serriee» will be conducted ay the pastor »t-ll A- M. and 7.30 P. M. Morning seraon, "Babes of the Sin(*om." Erening sermon. "The Irm oJ the Lord." During Uw day the ·.ami : irill be completed for the "National Lutheran Commission for Soldiers' and Sailors' Welfare." No lidtationiirUl be made of families not connected with the clmrch, hot all contribution* wtll be E.aMulU received. Strangers are invitad to ·wor- ship witt as. THE 'nRST TT^OTD BRETHREN church. Sunday school at 9.45 A. M Preaching at 11 A. M. Junior Y, P. TOWN MAIL CARRIER S. C. E. at 2.3» P. M. Senior Y. P. S. C. E. at S.SO P. M. Preaching at 7.30 P.M. Bev. R.S, Showers of Bradford. Pa superintendent of Erie.conference, £^r^^^^ ers,^asior:of the United Brethren! to Hire Distinction. church, of" this pi«e. Evangelistic While Dunbar Is entitled to the at 10:30 a. m., and 7:45 p. m. Y. P. A. i was 15-8 and one the opening of the serrice at 1 p. m. to be led by :,»ra. | second period, Scottdale came within. Charles Durbin. 1'rayer meeting on | one point of lying. - Connellsville got Wednesday evenint;. meeting on Thursday dial invitation is extended to all. THE METHODIST PROTESTANT church, West Apple street, John H. Lambertson, minister. Class meeting ·at 9 A. 3l. Sabbath school at 9.45 A, M. Morning worship at 11 A. M. Christian Endeavor meeting at G.45 P. M. Subject.'"The Power ot the Cross m Asia." In the evening the Woman's Foreign Missionary society* will hold its annual thank offering service at ·which time Dr. C..B. Wilbur, editor of Sunday school periodicals of the Methodist Protestant church, will give his illustrative lecture on Japan. The slides are the finest ever seen photos taken and slidea made in Japan, color- ed-heautlfullr. YOU HAVE WE WANT TO KNOW WHAT H IS Putting out good printing is our business, and when we say GOOD PEINTING we don't mean fair, but the best obtainable. If you are "from Missouri" give us a trial and -we will , SHOW YOU In nautical terms there is no sn Cottage prayer in some nice passing and, with McCon- evening. A cor- [ ncl land Stniule both getting away for Boine clear shots, literally ran away from their.opponents. *" The new combination. Lyons anil Struble forwards and James JlcCon- nell at center, worked out well, Moore and Banner holding down their guard positions. * The scorelng in the first order, tor the ship rolls whether order it to or not, but In millinery lines the order now is left roll, exemplified in this stunning-black satin j hat rolled up on the left side. The hat IH very simply trimmed with a wide band of ribbon and black aigrette as an ornament. ; 1 No More Guesswork T when you bake. Noi 11 (',,'ooorlydone bread,nowus --no -worry, because of wrong o»eo| regulation, services will be conducted each aing next week by the pastor. Bev. Kaapp will be here until March 4. The Kible conferencer will open March 5 at ;. P. M. All are welcome. J. S. Showers, pastor. , · CHRISTIAN CHURCH. .MOKKING subject. "The Slari With Ona Talent" Evening subject, "The Programme of Carist." George Walker Buckner, minister. . rolicemmn Hies. .'· , Henry Miller Altman, 3G years old, a member' of the Greensburg. police department, died Thursday morning of typhoid pneumonia. v " 'Who to Fatrnaize. Merchants .who adrertlje their good* Tie Daily Courier. ' THE METHODIST EPISCOPAL jburch, G. ..L. C. Richardson, pastor. Tomorrow, being the nearest Sun'day ;o Washington's birthday, will be observed with apropriate exercises; Bible school at 9.-15 A. M. . At U A. M., ·Washington, the Father of His Coun,ry: Some Lessons From His Life," ·viU be tie-subject of the pastor's discourse. Junior League at 3 P. M. iarry'Fowler will tallc to thf children. Spworth League, at 6.30 P. M. Evan-. ·elbtlo'service at 7.30 P. J'. ' THE UNITED . PRB3BVTERIAN ihnrrts, South Pittsburg s-rcet and. Norton avenue, William. J. Everhart, I Minister. Morning worship at 11 .'clock. Evening .worship at 7.45. labbath school at 9.45 P. M. Juniors : .nd intermediate Y. P. C. U :tt 3 P. M. '.enior Y. P. C. U. at 6.45 P. M. Prayer leeting Wednesday evening at 7. P. r. ; THE FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, 'outh Pltsbui'g street, WHllmr Ke'I-|b!ned in'the tcrtn "of tbe'present 'white on pastor. Sunday school at D.45) ointment. It takes the place of out-of-'- Fubl-c worship at 11 A. M. and j *te mustard plasters, and will not blister, .ru i- * - KTm^mte tic..«titr gives prompt relief honor of having the first woman mail carrier, Masontown comes to the front for the first member of the gentler sex to assume "the. duties of carrier within the limits of a municipality. Masontown's carrier hiving · been called to military service, Miss Katherine · Harbison, daughter of C. H. Harbison, cashier of the First National bank, has taken, his place, delivering the mail .three.times a day .with satisfaction to the patrons of the post- offlcp. .Jas. McConnell center . quarter was slow, but as the game progressed picked up exceedingly. Of the seven games that have been played by the team this season, four have been lost and three won. Next Friday the locals will play the Du- quesae high here and then go to Norwin the next day. Connellsville previously lost to both these teams, but with the new lineup expects to show something. Of all the games played Connells- Tillc has won the two the school -most desired to "cop"^--Greensburg and Scottdale. Honors with Scottdale, however, have been split, even. The one other tram the locals want to take over before the season ends is the Dunbar Township High School. The lineup:-- ' . CoimellsviUe 3J.' Struble forward Lyons forward . IS NO LONGER "FOOL'S GOLD" Get A Direct Action Oven Thermostat and measure the heat as cosily Scottdaie--IS. ;_. Porter Freeman --. Waug'anian Mights Lester Moore ----__ guard Danner , suard ---.Field goals:--Struble -I; Lyons 3; Jas. McConnell 3; Porter 3; Bntter- more, Freeman, Mights. Foul goals:--Struble 32 out ot 19; Porter, 8 out of IS. Substitutions:---Jos. -McConneil for Banner; Buttermovc for Jas. McConnell. Referee--Smith. In the preliminary game the Junior girls team defeated the Sophomores, 9-5, The sentiment was with the Sophomores when the game started and the Juniors sprung a surprise when the game was won. There Is much rivalry between the class teams. ' . Seottilulc Wins. SCOTTDALE, Feb. 2S.--A very interesting game of duck pins was rolled last night on Soamaa's alleys. Scottdale,. between Conuollsville and j Pyrite*, Source of Sulphuric Acid, Has Been In Great Demand Since Outbreak of War. Tears and years ago, even before I the Interstate commerce, commission,' the Stars mud Stripes or Uncle Joe Cannon were born, the early arrivals of a southern colony dropped their hoes and went to mining for goid. "Why raise food when the mountains were full of gold?" they asked as they loaded a ship with the shining ore. a^Jou'^Teasure milk in a pint Alas! the metallurgists of England c up. You simply set the was not gold, visions of) Temperature Wheel wealth trere dissipated. Worae yet j d ^^ any degree of oven The summer was over; the harvest j,cat that the receipt calls for. was past, and they had laid up no food for winter. In bitterness of spirit the shining ore was called "fool's gold," and succeeding generations left It undisturbed in the Southern' hills. Some centuries later the brenth of Mars blew over the land. America was called for Its' every resource. Steel, copper, ammunition and foodstuffs were required in enormous quam'Hes. Their production depend upon the supply of sulphuric acid in hitherto undreamed ol quantities. The ores from which It i.i extracted are imported from Spain, and there are no ships to spare. "What can I dot" asked a Southern man as he walked Into Secretary's office. / · "Find the pyrites In. the Southern hills," was the reply. """Done/* was the reply, and he found them. In a Jew -weeks the five mines already opened will produce XOOO tons a day, and save the continuous employment of 15 vessels, -while the Btip- ply.of sulphuric acid is assured. "Fool's gold" will help begin winning the -war. . ; "!. Scottdale in which Scottdaie was re- Musterole Works Easier, Quicker j t » raet j' i * ! winner ' f «*« 7*" and WittouUhe Blister * . ^^^c^^i .There's no sense in mbdn^- a mess at, return gamo will be rolled in mustard, floor and water when you cm ! ne llsvnio in a few days. easily reueve pain, soreness or stiffness I _ with a little dean, white Musterole. r' { % .' Musterole is made of pure ,ofl of mus- , - tard and other helpful iasredients, com- 1 , 'The Lure of· Verbiage. "Some questions arc never answered." "True. A great deal of discussion is like saving, Tolly \viint a cracker?' , aches of the back o · ; Ttn.' roVFV\N' p E*NCHrRCH S. ' joints, sprains, sore muscles, bruises, ctfl- ^ ** -- «- t ^ l n l t e l 5' " ver n cracker that nobody :· cnretl ubont iu the .flrst place." ·· 11 o'clock: topic, "Jesus- Civiu i'ght to the Blind." · Evening service j ?· 730- topic. ··Conditions.of Prayer.-' * Y. P^ V. at 6.4S-. "Africa Tcrtay." $ .-.y»r-ine«!tin? Wednesday · onins at f- *: Icadoi'. lar:tfl »f(x. Somewhat Dubious. '"LUien no tliis,-wife. The centena- Han says be" has eaten an apple a day siuoe childhood, ami chev/ed tobacco continuously. Just think ot living to he n hundred ypars oUI." . . *'I mteiit inflitii.^f nn tippff? a^ay, bot T fear T- qp'iiiln't clie-n- tobacco, con- ' Japanese xnd Malaya. The .Tapanesa hat resembles much the Malayan. So also does the Japanese umbrella. The ancient'.Tapanese helmet was adorned with horns of animals. Similar helmets exist In .the Cou^ i Mnla l' nn archipelago. The old-fash- · loned weapons of the Japanese police, used In particular for catching thieves, are still used by Malayan policemen. The custom of catching fish at night by torchlight prevails both in Japan and in the Malayan archipelago. An ordeal with boiling;-' water, a special sort, of football game, the popularity of cock fights and the custom of keeping singing Insects in little cages- are found both among the Japanese and Malays. All. this, asserts a writer, speaks In favor nf the. descent of the Japanese ; from the Malays. V. Agonts, T. EVA.VS KSTATE, Itoth riiones. Wi a w f e 1 OU READ the Other Fellow's Ad You are reading tins onev That should convince you that advertising in these columns ia a profitable proposition; that it will bring business to your store. The fact that the other fellow advertises is probably the reason he is getting mace business than is falling to you. Would it not be well to give the other fellow a chance S To Read Your Ad . in These Coluums? H O M E ! ELECTHSCSTY in the Home HflAKES IT MODERN ELECTRICITY in the home will do the lighting, washing, ironing, clean the floors, run the sewing machine, dry the hair, dry fresh paint, warm the, home on a cool day or cool the home on a warm day, do the baking, toasting, cooking, etc. ELECTRICITY is the most economical servant the modem home can have. ELECTRICITY can be put into your home on our easy payment plan. Call or Phone Our Nearest Office WEST PENH POWER CO. Can Now Buy Single Sheea. Slncle shoe hare been pat on sale In London, qnrlnd t special prices. This tnf been don* aa a concession to tk« many w*4ec*id UM from Uie «nuy. . Trump THITE L!H TRANSFER MOTOR THICK ·»« WAGON* LOCAL ASTJ ILOXG DISTANCE MOTIXGS. Bell S42. . Besldenee 101 Haas Afe* Trl-Statc SO, · COKi'KLLSYILLE, PA. ASD HoiirriNO A »rECLU/TT, office 1*3 K. Grai rito P- B. K- Depot. B«*» I*t«tM. COAL Good Coal. Frmnpt fferrlcc. Call Bell rhrae J3= r «:, Tri-St».t« 6T«. OOOOCXXX3OOOOOC J. B. KURTZ, MOTAHV PUBLIC AND REAL ESTATB. ·. t

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