The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 23, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 23, 1918
Page 4
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rPAGE-FOUK. THE DAILY. COURIER, .CONNELLSVILiLE, P A.- SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1918. tfl^ feuhj (fimtrirr. Fouwler ud Editor, JJJ»-1J1«- TICK COUIMEH ~-K M. SN: Prestdont. . .?: ·-;·; ^.JAS.:X.I ; Itto'jr '«A Treasurer. 1 : The, transportation., experts-. Bele.cted a. poor time to view conditions in the coke reeion if they desire to learn som^-of.-the re»l troubles. The)* should have dropped'. »round a. £e.W weeks fcsro .--on the day of the sleet storm, for ;inst«iice-^»nd ;held close communion ·with" their.;brothers, ot the cratt ."who .were trylno to.keep the railroads runtime. ; . : ... . ; Managing Editor. .-·' The .open season.for pis'pers. ia now * er -{ on. -. . - · · ' ' , . - · f ·'.;·"'· ' ' ' - . " . ' ! . . : ' . : y · h-.ih«.fact that the'G'ermaris l-ire nuujs: f iiit'/thiir. toroestUor ' the "big" .drive ttrar:hav«.hal;3omethinjr to dci with the plaii r of th'o "Seil'CrosK ' to mass its chapters Into .county units. MISS £y*NE B. KTtfCKLI* SocUty Editor. MEMBER OF: Associated Press. :" AiKU Bure»«^.« Circulation, a. P«nuylTinJi.Ai!«oc!itea" DaJli"- . Two «eiUjtar; ! '*T ^«o-B«r month; i jwr year" by Mil tt paid IrTadifMce. -- r. ?" Jr. Surprises are no longer-to be ex- Entered aa *we*bd.clM»-m*tttr «.t tie r-peqted from, Russia^ They Jiiive.'pulled The Suuday schools, ^ust like individuals ..lad. other. organizations, have war'.problerns of ;their own. .but jipntj more. Important than keeping: the young jn the straight and.narrow tt-ityv -* postofllce. Is- «*-,- ·»SisiV«ly «ntitl«d to th« t» lor iVpubUcation of all n««?» · .!is- · Y4tchcs credited to it or.-aot ·«»er«i«e credited in thi»,'pii«r juid aUo the local news published herein. off- about everythins tl: that Jlne that aeems to be £ JBVRCttE ^ IB-common with-alf'lfie'iiatldVs .eii- in th« war America is experi- ^ juler4*Iinquenctes. This the r many? sad, unfortunate and -distress- ing Zcbuseq.uences of _w " .like + "When', we louglit -the Apaches it was alivajrs la. problem for otir soldiers to ·find them. They were enormously cunning in hiding themselves ia the hills; they were masters' ot carnbu-- flage before the word was introduced into the military vocabulary. /"The- country is BOW besei by great ..... . _ ,,numbers of Apaches who do not fight cncrOK an alarming increase' 5n JUY-" 1" the. "open but use weapons that ,.j,'.., ,,, ,,,,.,_ ,----- _»«.·-_· range "from casual innuendo to brazen lying!-' It Is '{he-business of all loyal Americans to'protect the men who ·have;TOliantly;HttdertakeE to fight for ns by land and sea from the consequences ot the malicious speech- of these insidious enemies. The Kaiser has a. long .arm..; His- flngers tickle ·first 'one group-in America and then another. TSose who respond to nis selective arts will find' money ready to aid them in'tueir purposes. As in ^UieToId melodramas, it will be bidden in the roots of a certain 'tree down by tie old'bridse." Persons of German ancestry or birth who. not being against the Kaiser are against America; pacifis^r who advocate peace at any price; malevolent gossips wao lie - oUtturbl its evils mustKe.:i4Ceil..TWaj' -__ Itsett Joeing the greatest of evils "it is _; inedible ttat its' influences in all di~; -rections and upon all classes are the .C tsaft opposite^ p{ tlie^jnfluences of ~ peace."- There' re-u-iiettnrs;' down,' a : lessenine of.c«striupt.jiat is.harmful^ - particularly upon the youtfg. "War - comes so infrequently Cin..tir. genera- tions of people "as Vwtdle Ofat wKen ^it^doea.'break^tbe- orderly .-routine -it ...occupies so . large, a place in the that about the Red Cross and . i "work; i fluence they may have had, iudividual- i If or collectively, over the young Ibses I its force. Before we are aware a. other , jars -^ atte6 p t - to in , pede thc ^ wholly ^ew^attaWd^respeoUns^pre-j,.,,^^ or ubmy ^^ undec one pretext or. another;-al! such are en- .listed:in the Kaiser's .armr of mendacity -that is now at work to destroy the eSectiveness of American, arms in .the most righteous of all wars. * Reports" have lately been circulated 4T delinquency. They do .apt despair at that the American government Is dis- ' . the conditions as they;.', have' found j O rlmlnatin.g against members of the _ cepts has been assumed. 5 marvel, but later .we become' alifrme'd 5 at the change.' 7' !'':·' :.' ~* That is the stage reached by those ;scb.pol;workers· who have_in- 'tte incriase -In- '"" '"""'' ·3 found them, but they are concerned S lest; sufflcient^or proper effort, be not ;£'inad«"to. correct'^or at'least retardkthe j% tendencies in the -direction of a low-' H *red moral tone in our youth. 5 This has been correctly appraised as ? a big Job. It will call for the best ·ell directed and long sus- [," of : tbosefSrno "''Jtave"- given- 'thought to thesiTtbingsan'd it'should enlist the interest of every citizen who cares ought for the:-future otbis community, sta'te"or natip.n. Tiie'.'ch'urcb and the Sunday school must address themselves to this probU'm and giv» to the world some new lessons in a practical application of t!ie principles for which they' stand.; 'This does "no.t, cEu-ca";'anr".:.Sund;iT Catholic church. a typical lie. In my own city -(Indianapolis) .the Catholic cathedral flies over its door daily a mucn-bestarred service flag, land Catholic boys of-my acquaintance have won commissions on their merits without any consideration whatever of their religious belief. They themselves 'never, though oE such a thing. But the Kaisers' agents have hit upon this as a means of spreading dissension. In Indianapolis we have had repeated evidence of tb.3 sjiiteful industry ot tlie Red Cross liar. The Bed Cross liar is the man or woman' who says that money contributed 1o the Red Cross is wasted;, that somebody is making money out, of Red Cross con^ tribuUons. or. that hospital supplies soldo, as "organized: bodies 'riiust be i are improperly or wastefully made, weighted down with the whole of the) Another liar in the Kaiser's American " . responsibility. It roust be shared by I arm i" o£ liars spreads reports that our individuals in their relation-asipareats I men l " thc cantonments are dying by and citiwas;..-? · 'f ; ', _' '. . : . jtttbusanOs for lack of proper attention. - '' - : ' " ' · ' ' ' '. 'JTiic reports of the'chlef medical officer. THE BIG T.VRM yuOBLKM. ' i o f tb * Arm/' are published constantly No meeting of the Friyette County' a n d aTe accessible to all. There, is no Bureau sjnce its organization is likely j foundation whatever for such stories. . ; ,to : be- of .niore, importance·to-tie'-fai-ni-j -.Watch tor ; -the Raiser's liars! iag industry of the county than the smeetiiig to^be held. one. week- from tcH day. At that time the-' annual elec- ~. tlon of ..Q'ffieerSjVill,:,be.-lield,^aj review of theivort of the past year given and .-. .pjans Ipr-the year-.a!!eiid v,-ill,be.rtis- ' "cussed. '··' .. Jt ''that have its,, greatest.' importance..;. Ever; "well posted" "farmer'in the'county is aware of. the unusual conditions the I industry-wilT havc'Vo'iaeeV during the ! year. He realizes that winning the ; -war is very largely dependent upon j the increased production o! food stuffs ; -, and that a tr^fc? 1 '*^? 01 ??^!'!}"-rests i upon the industry of agriculture than i America has not'yet been honeycombed with sedition as Russia was, but the work is going on. There is a great work to do id America to maintain iia domestic security while the war proceeds to its triumphant conclusion-a conclusion that will demonstrate the futility of any red-handed "war-lord's is. io,connectiort.w!tli..ilie latter tutulor ct any red-jiantieci war-iorns 'the" '^.th'sfing. "of farmers"will [ attempt at world domination, and incidentally destroy lying as a fine art as it is directed from thc'high councils of Berlin. FAREWELL FOR SOLDIER """ »""*»· " )f»rt HOHENZOLLERN, THE HIGH TOLL TAKER CORN STORED IN i CRIBSOVERWINTER IS UNFIT FOR SEED Oue' Cent · Word. No advertisements for LeM Than 15 Ceata. Classified columna cloM at nooa. Advertisement* ot -wunta, MU«, etc.. received after that hour wtll hot apf«mr until thfr d»r fotlowtax. Continued Irom Pa^e One. L time. Unless germinating tests arc ! ·run on every ear of seed corn, small j basl ' n ; ss ,' yield, undoubtedly wiH be received due j to low germination." Tho farm bureau has suggested the following germination test: Make a wooden box 20 inches in size and about two or three inches deep. Every 2 inch-es ~ou the sides cut in F»T Sale. BABBEEINQ tt "WA.VTED -- JCUPP'S KKSTAUF-ANT. WANTED--THtRD TRICK COOK AT . O. Keatauranu 2i!Ceb4t FOll SALB--60 ACRE 1TAHM. 7 room noune -n-tth bath and aeater, good barn, now- g-arapL-, sood spring water. n .. . ,, fifteen (IS) m i n u t M , drive from bor- _M8U»t oua . h i iml i Bi f O P }i34.oo per acre on I ternm }·:. F. ueWITT, Bell Phone 290-J. (Scottdaie, Ps. 19feb5t ' WANTED--COOK AND CHAMBER- niaii AHMBTROXG'S RESTAlTKANT WAXTED--EXPERIENCED player about S-8 of an inch with a saw. Fill j _iM«-tfd the box to within a quarter of an inch ] of the top with sand or partially decayed sawdust and thoroughly moisten. ' D i v i d e "the surface into squares WANTED--liOT TO ACT ASPOKTKH by lacing twine through the saw cuts i and work in drus store, J. c. itoOR Igi'obtCii FOR SALK--A SDC KOOMED HOUSE and lot jind a vueitnt lot located on Kurnaeo Hill near the Dimbar furnace. [ AlKO eiffht lots on Speiirs Hill. Dunoar. PIANO) Vtf further Jnforniation see S. R. McCKORBY'S 6 AND lOc! COPKMA.V AT William Anderson's re.i- ISfebtW I 'Conc*- T it F.-enport No. I lamp ! shanty. . :3fe!i2t' housework Sin Kast Fayetle. around edge. Instead of saw cuts, tacfcs may be driven, in to the sines of the : bpx and the twine laced on them. As the box is "0 inches square 1 there j will-be just 100 of tht squares, N u m - j ber the squares ou the outside of the · family to take care of Carm. Appiy^- box along each side beginning at the .upper end ..numbering from left to right, one to ten, and likewise from FOK KALE--TJl"O 1314 FIVE PAS- SDDKcr Fords; two 1917 Maxwell De- monstratora; om; Willys Knitcht five WANTED--GiKl^ FOK GENERAL j Iiaraenser; one 131+ .Mitchell five p»£- G'OOU JtAN sengrcr car Ih perrect condition: "one 1917 fiive passenger Pafpe. W i l l d(l- «H«9 ! monstrate. CaJl ;iS Tri-Statc. DUNBAR WITH AUTO CO. 20febtfd L. STADBK. W.VNTED--SECOND H A N D TYPE- writer. .Call Bell 13-K, or Tri-State the top downwards ,. but beginning j 88-w, Mount ficasant. with/ zero. ' ----- Stebtf The ttpper left hand square then will be numbered on«, .the secoutl one of the top row will be number 2 and so en. The first one in the second row j nouscworR. from the top would No. 11 asd thc sec- ' fsm Tri-sta end No. 12 and so on to the last onej ''''" ctl " trect (n tuat row hlch would be No. 20. .The ) lower right hand square then would be 100. Nunaber the ears of corn, to he tested to correspond witb. thc number in the box either by drawing WANTKD-- LABOUEKS. APPLY Mc- KEE CONSTRUCTION CO., at Uunbar Kuriuiccs, 1'unbar, Pa. 21teb.tJ 1. FOB. OBNERAL Xo waalltnK or tranins. t 45U-VV or at 132 tVus'v rANTED--A HOL'SEKEEPEtt. AP- ply OKO. HlXEiVBAUGH, Hilltop, Dun- 1--«!. T1R1C TAXI. RJM, 33-4, CAL1- E. WAGOKER CO. ialty o£ collocting- rents. D, MJJ1 KSTATE OP E; Attorney. bar, between thft hours of o'clock P. M. Am home ail and day c WAXTKD--KlVJv'MRX WITH SOME abiil'.y of tlie CO.. Cleveland, Ohi them out iu order and keeping them L c!lin p o^pcrienoe ' i n " that way or by fastening a slip ot pa- Oomnenaation SL'fin lo J4C") per month: per to the butt with a small nail or i limited only by . _ ,. - . c'ri.^T^nv nil, tack. Take from ear !NO. 1 five grains I ot corn, select them, from different) parts of the ear and place in square No. 1. In the same way take five grains from each of the other ears and place in the corresponding squares. Cover with blotting paper, if convenient ot with cotton flannel which has been washed with soap to rem,ove grease, aud make it iiold moisture, or - j shall, Deceased. Letters testamentary n I on the estate ot Kdward Hays Marshall, i late of thc City of Connellsvllle, County of Fayette, aud Sta-te of Pennsylvania, been granted Iiav thu WAXTED--MINERS WANTED WHO are studying: for examinations to got i thc best mining- boolc published, "Min- inc in n Nutshell." by JAMES WAED- , undersigned, notice is hereby sriven in all persona Indebted to said to make immediate Mttlnmcnc, and to , those having 1 claims against {he sani" j to present then-i, properly aalhtintieattHl. ·, for fietUement. ELKANOK MAP.SHAM THOAfAS. Execwrix, Counellsvillc, "Pa LA-W", Scottdale. Pa. Price ¥2.2 Sfeb-Mt Notice. it has ev.ej before bqca.pb!jge(l;. -A farewell party was' Ueld at the. some. '. . " j home o£ Ifr. and Mrs. Uncoln Hart at wijii , ve t newspapers, Other papers J'^" Coueioas as he is »f l!ie ituporianl j Jtmiata in honor ot their son Ky Q1 ,. eover i UK should be placed over I fro.'. relation he at present susUtins, as j Hart, u'ho enlisted_ in liie United jdj 1 t«p to prevent It from drying otit. |'0 "' i ot .t2ie. Itfiiah factors Ja'. the-^uc-; |.States Cavalry and "ceulal conduct of tli; war, he knows '· for. training camp. last Saturday ANTWD--AOISXTS. MARK BIG ^ - s o U i n f f fur eiti-actrf, iiei'fumos, creams, faoo powders, spices, ciiu;s-', etc. fioamiful hiph yriu!« i^iu^vo territory. Sample aoan I.ACA'^LVX CO., Dept. ss. St. p. M-, _;!L"«hit* Examine tlie corn from tiny to day a f - ; better th»u those who.arc liqt.-tillers i circle' of friends by whom is held in i !i erm j na [ e a mt keep ,a record. At the ot ii* »oa tbe nature, characier and · bigli esteem. Although the ]iacting' : " ertentof Ow-dUBculties by wbith be is jbutwecn Mrs. Hart and her son was confronted .in an effort to meet the i very.touching, the .patriotic extraordinary .r*9.v! 1: '' m611 . 13 ^J-Ve situation. ~WltiUKit' an adequate supply of farm Ukor to enable'liiui tu care for crop* of-ordinary acreages, and very proud of. the fact that she has a so'a to give io "Uncle Sam," and regrets thai she does uot have another one to glre for 'the same cause. The i of the period compute the percat- ag ot germination of each ear aud the percentage ot weak and strong ger- 011. Itecollect that each gram gerainiates represents 20%. ·WANTBD--ANY KIKD OF PRINT- inr. whether ir is a calling card, Haie bill or the iloeec ertfrraved weQflmfi Invitation or announcement. We print anything--everything--do ic nromctly and do it rlsht. Call tne man at THJ3 COORIER ofllce. Both phones, 27-tf "WANTED -- LADIES. A FEW HOUKS eehlS", scjHny" oui' popular l i n e of titihablc fabrics win b r i n y a. comfort- iritieMlt ln(o«»»ti(an,iitassarance.that,!;.oyeftipg was delightfully; spent a va- It c*» tfe7»*4nr»d;.ki.".th"el"p:rdip?i'tiinetrious games and music and a most en- or ia snlBcKiit flrtS" plant, culti- | jpyablc thnc was had. Dainty re- frshtnents were served at 10 o'clocfc i ' Mrs. Hart and Mrs. William D«n-I By Walt Mason. a.hle J'reo Write immechUeJy for "IfAH'S TillSSOKS. les and particular.* OLD COLONY Tj' Broadway, X T. Send ns aomctiiing- tvery day, ' i Ttttuf* to «nfiir7oiOTi a "crop caiq-'; The guests were -Marie Rittcnberg. ;;ja)jtn't»o prat«nM«ll» for hinT-5 cai'ry ! Grace Ritlenberg. Grace Cotigheno.ur, ot llw to aidusttn wanton ivasto; we "throagli iiiffr»ifaBy^%iy^jTa-'-Qw5»;'[--VA'manfla Stattord. Minnie Booker, Ah- i drink, less milk, wo amoks less hay, £f«ta, or-tkt^fc^orts-oeffi^^^rH^man. IsaiTella HarsUman,. « r ~*J^oeell^rand "wcct I ;-iyfa3:ia-^cHay,,UIIiaa ^fcd^ey, Virgin-1 ^ onSt u . e -yc thrown our money to the j f ia ^edleyi-rBdiia Millei't .Afarguerttc j con-; Ht's' a-ometliin^ w-c have necrted.! this- lesson we aro learning now. FOR TCKNT--TIOOMS TVJTK ithout. -Ijintrd, 31.: Kn.ti Ccdai' a SEALKD IflDS, IN -OUPTwlCATE, for £urnishii»e the City of Connellsville with the folio-wing, wilt be received by the uniierJilRrned up to 7 o'clock P. M. f February 35th, 191S; A street irwctsper or other cleaning machine; two Ford chMdaia fitted wit}i Smith form, a. truck mtUichmCTit or other make of sitUichnient. The City Council reserves the riffht to rojtc'.. any or all bUlt=. n. Aprnt. I1OOVJ3R, Purchasinp fab-14-23 JJOTICB'IK HEKKBY GIV.BK THAT an application will be made by John C. Curry, J. S, Matltean and fl. S. Mat- ws to the Governor Saturday, March 1G, 191S, ut 30 V011 KKXT- wjilo.r utitl !4"as. view. o'clock. A, ill., under ttic provisions of 'an Act oC Afsetrrbly entftlod "An Act to provide for (.lie incorporation and rsyr"- !n,t!on of certain corporations," ;tp- provOLl the 29th clay o. April, A. Jt., IS?-!, :uul Lfco aupplenicntH thereto, Vor i u «J ar-tcr for ail i n t e n d e d corpor:n.lon'l to be caUec THE ,1. C. CUJ1RY CUM.- j PAXY, the charttctci 1 and ubjocjt uJ": wuich IH buying, soHinp rind dealing j in tiin.bei- '.antlK, ;uitl ni^piLrinpr and j -- i rendering 1 tionvmercialij' availnhle t h e | ·FOUR ROOM KOCSK,} various produot^ thereof. »nd for inquirG ^:j- IC-as/L F a i r - j ^'·wlSiitWifctlrtactory-.solutloa'has'ypt Grin file, -Helen. Smith, Andy Tupta,-K. have tllfl C1 ?. bblcr P»^ cl1 Ulc hulos ' · * UKCtl -- - _ - , - . · ' , r ^ .. _ · - _ : · . · - . _ - ' . . - ._. J . F ·_» - to ca ,, m y Sunday paata when they liasgry at th« knees, but now FOR KENT--FRONT OFFICES ON Kecontl .'fioor of D u n n Evana build- In^.' Inttulre of HARRY* DUNN. Iiurppscs to have, posserii. 1 HHJ enji-v | all the right?, benefits y:id privil«j;(i: ; j by .^aui Act of A?nernb!y, .inS tlie sup- j pleimuils thereto GonCerrfKl. NTJCR-! 1-.JNU, .VJ."lGBKK . MATTKKWS, SoJicf- I .FOR KENT--FRONT KOOM, W I T H ! - .Vofir , fiichard Cerby/.Thprnas Hoy-. crop graw- ; Tlioma*" Barnhaf t, " ; production cannot b» expected no mat- j Linzy^ Itewey Smith. Ray Krepps, j;t»r bow eaaraeslly tJ»*f»rmera inay-ap- j Earl Hjardin, Joe Piinkey. Robert Qg- Xply t^em»eJf«i to th» t«k. .. ' JL T *»------ ^_ -- . mine; but now my frcciuent )oast If'the fttrmem of the .county turnJFrancia Caffcry, He lfthorp«, I*e Beatty, Harry that I cat'Jiver times jnv- wife rhch T"ilinfr. Tn former reclhved in intloJcacti · . out at thl« me«tiiit in large numbers Tie ,sucti_aa i»t«oh»nge at Tiews *nd . la!onniiiion as viU make .it pcusible ·jto evolve pians fur'makicg tlie forth, seiwn's' "crops, reir mucli tlian tito3f..ot. year,*n4 r , Harry Shepherd, f ^"^ (litl P 01 - ' ia "- t*ut-}ioxr 1 make her; I0 ^ ! Wlhlt? . ;t ^ Gt ' 1 ·rbprt Smith, Ha.l-i J^^f^JrSJ,^^^ I^f^inJl ^01^^*'"" i'OK.. SALE--ONE BlJUKOCGITE ' f c f t by R.Cocl;: SfiO.iHI value die ^nkio, Hilda Binkie, IL Kerii.; H«zel -Lfat,--Mr 1 -and-. 3Hrs. William i t "^ Deomis and family, Mr. and Miv, Uar: ;;: ' 1V :ry.. Mills, p. Biioite* and -family. [r, - aiid Mrs. I*e* Dennis, Mr. and Mrs,; "William Boyd, Sir. and Mrs. Artiiur : ··--- ·ruii»ri» s . Hadsott,.Mr.;andMra. Glyrto Hur;. hard-skips apqn iu- arfarmfirs.orsubjec^ig them to ; If T« Are J ,, ^ w ithe rfsks 6t"'losIr.s.aCcrop after, it- JaalKesUl the adiFeirtJseins. columns o f ' '" " -: - J ' ( ~ " " " v j Dmly Cwirier. You vrill J5.ud .them. U'SIV WOBRT BECAUSI': ENABLE iinl the suit to suit you ar tho store. i rter It here, tailoporl P5*!us made. the way you ' y " iakl: · 1 \vly l r.t. for bacic porch Thirfl ^Vai-ti (3,000, w o r t h -?S,1rt«. O\\-rtar Sa-rmenty. rfrason. for selling- MASON 'Urj: street. Con-J TAT ^V'fc-btjT BuiM3n=r, ."iAbK -- Ai-ODKP.X HUH. h"! «ii- r u r i i a u t ! )ir" % s;«s. ct'i;u-uiC''J collar .: iiDUf-'u; t » : i i i i v n t t r y ' lati.-idry; Belted IvluleUefH, large : public li i\\v. front and j held ijofo'' t i i t l i of bouse, iic-iphb'orbrtod. Price BY D1HKCTION OF AX ORDJ3R. OF the .Court oi' Common Pleas oC Fayette county, notice ia hereby g-iven that a petition oK Uie Directors ut the Poor mid o£ th: l-Enuse of Kniploymont for the c o u n i v oi Fayette baa been pre-; b - en(.i?rt to said court, and ftled at No, · tS3 March. Term, m». pray t n e the court" to cunftrm a. sale or JoaKO by s=ail directors of tli« Pittsbarsr or nhie foot vein ol! -:o:il underlying; the county liow ·_ f.'ii'm, oxc-Jpt ctirtain reHcrved portions rr ^. r ^' :L *' Lhei-unf, v;iib f u l l and comjiletn m i n i n g ; ' r i w i u s . t" C.norg'! TVhyu'. ut a pric«- CM ; '-- ' c u r u i i t l ' T i t U o f : of 55.000 pt-r nero, uayubk- Hft r Eal-:. lir ;! o.'.-at ia itiin«tl unO rtJuuved. u u ( ' , iiul/ii 1 !!: sulOi f i i" tin* other ttrin« .'.rul v u m l i - . jnJwooil lions :ict forth Iu UK- utfrccnient h«-- j j - tu-f.-n the iurties, a cojjy of w h i c f i is a t '' MUJd petition^ 'Jiitl ihul y ' arlrig 1 on Ka-id p e t i t i o f i w i l l I)-.-" thft court, in Jour: j-onn ;*·. luy aftRi-ttooji. .Hitr.'l. 1;, UMS. at 2 oVU-t;li. :i-t w i l l e d l ; .iin- ;i M TM.r!;--- ' a.t ES- by counsel. Tor GBOKtlU "M. n.\TWMH;i..i*. It is a very appropriate time for" a Furniture Bargain Sale. As usua), there will be very much moving this spring; that means new furniture, and that means if you want bargains it would be a good scheme to visit our furniture departments. Parties just starting housekeeping can get entire outfits from, us, and after you investigate aud look through our lines fuliy you will be absolutely certain that we can save you money. Our ·wonderful lines of beautiful new designs of. furniture for every room 'in the house, and we will include the kitchen; extensive Idlchen outfits, elaborate dining room and living room outfits, complete furniture, liivoleum, carpet or rug outfits for the halls, and for the bed rooms, we have full suites, or special dressers, chiffoniers, easy-chaars, comfortable beds with all the best equipment, entire households can be outfitted. Then there are carpets, rugs, or linoleums for the Boors, window shades, large assortment of the newest designs in wall paper. You can buy on the Installment Plan if you prefer to deal that way, good, easy terms, popular prices. The moving time is rapidly approaching, the right time for you to make your arrangements is just now, and the right place to go is to the nearest Union Supply Company store. 63 Large Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. The Store tiat insists on fitting their Sboes correclly. Particular people lifce our Shoes. They're pleased with our sty! selection and our methods in fitting. | A FAMILY SHOE STORE j ·R-ith Better Shoes--Belter Values--Belter Service--for our customers ; satisfaction. Call and see some new Snoes. Purposeful Formula Senreeo's formula, is not "just little of this and a little ot that." It was derised with a definite object in view. The object was to produce a tooth pasta. posfjeaaJng medicinal as w«ll as cleansing properties--a real cleanser tbat could ho depended ·upon to remove iartsr and keep mouth snd gums healthy. The ideal defined, our laboratories set about to determine the proper combination to produce it. SenrQco is the resu]). It has besn tried, tested and pronounced good. by hundreds oC tbe profession. Try a tube. A single tube will provo every claim. Will show why thousands today use end deiaaad Sen- reco--and are satisfied "with, notb- ing less. All druggista and toilot counters. Large « oz. tube--25c. SENRECQ-Cincmnati Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring the Results.

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