The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 15, 1964 · Page 37
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 37

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1964
Page 37
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CAtTJTOAT, Auaurr is. tw . THE OtTAWA JOURNAL TRAVEL Naif York Stmt I Mr tj .aw, m. M On'ario ( iv . M and RESORTS Recreate Old West . T1m color tad fascination of the Western frontier la recreat-4 dally it Frontier Town, Hundred of cri of wilderness have beta uied to capture the thrill of the Wild-West; Each .year new features are added to Dm how. . r Pat added (Mturi It a ttir- ttm Mlat o h cavalry aad wagon train. Mm Includtd la tht I how It th arrival of tht pony txprMt and tht rali on tht town by mounttd baa- mtn. Evtn the 'most retervad visl-tori find themselves tattrlni Into tht fun when the outlaws art capturtd aad put to trial Finally they art ducked la tht duckini pool . " " 'For a frtt map. and folder, writ to Frontier Town, Ktt. . N. Hudson 4. NY. Nw York Slat HOTtL SYRACUSE ANNOUNCES NEW SUMMER RATES - JUNE IS thru SEPTEMBER 7 Knjay til tht conveniences of downtown lodging in ent of " , tht natton1 leading hottlt at thttt low Summer ratea. ' Swimming tor Hotel Syraeutt tutttt at our COUNTRY ' HOUSE pool, Juat mlnuttt away. Quest welcome hV.r , tatual trtvtl attlr. Write or phono for reservation. ; MMHimy am ctNemeaiti restaur km rati mhw HOTEL SYRACUSE SYRACUSE, NCW YORK HA 1-1111 ' ' Ontario ir ,v.. J OLD FORT HENRY Sinct tht War of 1(12. Fort Ntnry hat dominated tht city of Kingston. It it now a anneum of living history. Tht old stoat walls house infantry, cavalry, artillery and naval arms and equipment of Canada's miliury past. In the shoemaker' nd Milon' shop, skilled raftsmen demonstrate their trade. The colourful pretence of tht famous Fort Henry Guard brinp tht Fort to life. This precniorMriined contingent of "summer soldiers,' draahd hi 1167 uniform, daily executes tht rigorous a nil- : lery and infantry drill of tht British brie regiments of I tS7, Canada's Confederation year. Every Wednesday tvtnfng In August, tht Guard performs a special "Retrtat" ceremony. Tht annual "Sunset Ceremonial" takes place August 26. Open unta September 15. UPPER CANADA VI LUC aWheoyc pass through theltSO toQt,ymtJurarAtepckwmtm. Back to tht 19th century, to tht pioneer stag of Ontario's history. Youll vitrt Cook Ttvem, the focal eofat of VOlagt activity;' n iff tht unmisukaW aroma of frtthly-baked bread wafting from Willard't Hotel bakehoutt; taktiU-eurery ride on tht bateau. Hera art sight and sounds of another day. magically itcapturtd for you. Open daily until OtUbC 15. ', ' i ' ' ' -c" :.a :.V :" v': , 171 MILt OF PARKaUAkmg tht beautiful 8t lawece Seaway, from the Bay of Quintt to the Quebec ' border, lie a chain of fourteen parka. Take boat trip on the St Lawrence or Lake Ontario, or launch your own boat from one of many ramps in the parks. There are facilitiet for eainping, picnicking, fishing, riding, golf and water sport. Parks open until October 15. A M M ..... , THE IT. LAvVRENCC PARKS COMMISSION mmaiiewra, vhihsiiv - 1 MW I mM'. Jtant,D.C,ma WttMereOiwer M w 7 inn wi mijiii iiiiii .mnimiiiini . t ,, aai mini mmmmm y. - r" - ' - 'A. .- VnL '41 KITE FLYING AT KIRK-KOVE v " ' Wlr til thrill mrt trtviiti vry SmnJtf throughout tht Summtr . at miarby KWh-Kovt, Ontario. S hr it ski pro Km Kirk practising jof4,rtcnt kit Jlying tontt. Kit flying it a tricky butiuttt and many ' thitrt hav 1kn tpillt from varying heights . . . but itt all fart of Ih shot at far at tht crowds ar concerned.1 . 'A third eurrtney guide for travellers , has been introduced by 'tht Bank of Montreal. The new Far East guide follows ' currency - guMea which have proved popular with travellers to Britain and continental Europe and to tht Caribbean and Mexico, All' three guides in tht series ire pocket sired. ' They' give U.S. ; dolltr equivalent of common jdenominsUons of currencies 4n tht' various countries. Tht new. guide covers Hong Kong, : India. Japan, Mtlaysia. -the Philippines and V Thailand. Tht previous guide deal with Britain. Austria, Belgium, Denmark, .France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland; Bermuda, Bahamas, British Honduras, Jamaica, Barbados, Leeward Islands, Windward blends, Trinidad, .-Tobago, British Guiana and Mexico, Tht guides are available at any branch of tht bank. ; ' 1 Thousands of Canadians, many from tht Ottawa area, have tnjoytd rldet aertet Lake Champlala for both eowenleMce and enjoyment. . The sleek Chan plain ferries link the States of Vermetrt and New York via the famous waterway, YtottkMcn head-big for tht New York Werhft Fair and for vacations ka tht New England states have found tht ferry service a big time and snooty saver. Many r V rrmmnt N Jry Travel t jUANSFIEID motel , - t mif n.w. m at. is ... I STOW. VtBMONT 4 Malt all mntn Htt rtae, retheeiet eHti, tnet-UoMlljr funilalMd room all with private baliw ana TV's. Nar rS-'ina atablea, Mnnla enirta. sIT II- eoweai. tuataanim aataeeet. AAA .n, I Fboat (142) 151-4 1M Rnr Par Twlca tti Pilcar AMMNiMmRmI" 300 $4M tenrt tweiH invar seat tRn). SsSMfeaf RrVtaSt " MfVMt WJhl ktJHI MIW SWIMMIN rocH Am Man BkMtl COMMODORE- CLINTON til hsmi -. It mani FM ariAimt errr, m. J. i VlHl lif Itatoftelft MP ait tttU MtaMr othera, tsptdally those touring tht Adirondack, have taken advantage of tht scenic ride which run on a frequent ' -. . ' The Enchanted Forest of tht Adirondack continue to thrill crowd of vacationer daily In tht Old Forge, NY, area. Tarzan, of court, ' it lb big attraction this year. Children and adults thrill to tht daring feat performed by the legendary jungle man with an array of' wild animal. Other head) inert in tht twice-daily wttkday and three Saturday. Sunday and holiday (how include Miml, star of tht trapeze and Bumptey, tht original "sad sack" clown. New this year It a apecial Family Fun Pak which include IS rides, good for any member of tht lam-, Uy at m very reasonable coat. .". -. v " Houand-Amerkn Una baa announced a total of S tranaatlaatle - aalllnga from New York and Canada tt Ireland, Eaglaad. Franco, Tht Nethorlaadt aad Germany during IMS. The une't Wg Three," hoary Iteert the Rot ttrdaa. 'Nleuw Amsterdam and fMatandam, as wed a tht Maaadant, Ryadmaa, and Frlntee Margriet are scheduled to carry passengers on tailing dates from Jan. , S through Dec IS. Continuing popular policy, tht In will again ' feature : hs weekly "tvary-Frlday" departure program during the "high aeav son" with ships leaving New Yerki epadout nonary pier at West Houston Street promptly at (toon. Canadian departure will be mad from Montreal and Quebec . on varying dates throughout tht season. It haa also announced ha Dating of IS cruises for tat Winter-Spring period of tht 1M Caribbean vacation schedule. Tot new anaooace-njent supplements the earlier IM4-IM Fall-Wlatar eraise schedule of II West Indie Itlaerarlee, Local travel stents can tuppty all details. M i'v'w'7."';-'!' During the Winter , when tht Whiteftct' Mounuln Memorlaf Highway It not m use, tht tunnel leading to the elevator develops an ice plug t Its entrance. A huge fn en mast which develop from natural dripping of tht rock from insidt fills tht entrance from top to bottom and often extends as much a 20 feet into tht tunnel. ' Travel ALLAN'S CAPITAL' ESCORTED )YCr.LD TWS8 - Vl VT . Vi A!rv " los"' ;r Ah- .V'. ""ind lui Att. : t- gept ... ., . Oct ' : I xh jrd ' $t FffOM ox Wirt rot roiotu ALLAN'S TRAVEL SERVICE UNITED (t Sparks Bt, Ortaw ;; StSvSTM " It Ttarf KtptrUnc n Jftit Fork tow ' Visitors from the Wert can enter Rumania with a minimum at red tape. Visas are Issued at harder check paint In a matter of minutes without charge. .What la snort Rumania, unlike the ..other, countries of Easter Europe, doe not demand bard currency exchange at the border. , , 'Although out of tht Adirondack's newest attraction. High Fall Gorge, near Wilmington, NY. has been thousand of years in tht making; Tht uniqut attraction was formed by tht rushing water of tht Ausablt River, creating apt-tacular rock formation and tumbling waterfall. Unusual plant life also took root over tht years. Families visiting High- Fall Gorge havt mar-veiled over these light tnd other, Including the continual trosion process.' For those wishing souvenirs of High Fall a gift ahop is located at the antranct and feature many rare type of rock and other interesting Ittms, r . ;...::.;.y s 1 7T Travt Algonquin Travsl Strvicu TAKES THE TROUBU OUT Of TRaVB. tltl WdtlattM St. 1S-Itt MttMM 07 ' STUMJH v ; lootYATioia - us tutw at, cM-tiil Braaak Offlni iataa.tssre ': caniaiws. PA-St f ONE-STOP travel: service i punalat erutseT ; A ' , A trta te tiuese W . ... isecM , . . " ' 1 ' ' Bawant Yea ea S , esataare tkwa all BQ MM sftttei We ' ft are eaeate fee 3 ssMaashtea,. air- JoL kaMU' Morrison & iW r-.-. UMTTEDV-""- ,Trtl Agenta ; Ml Hal St. J3J 966J .. for All Your Troy I Ndt-Largi or Small ' - '- ' , . 1 '- . -4a, mm m TRAVEL REC'Dr LI ' . ?. fW' yonr,rrI igrnr"; :...'' ,' ( ''.' V infl UITV I'lVI f' BTTt l.' TTi-aiin ..,1' aue piaai sfSSMat , , ( ' JJJJU1' -; i: " tteeaeJtelteae naaarvaaisas U 'tkaets l''Atrltee ttaaatskte ' wwi'' , w, ,wFrr w f f " ; f T ' . r f TV " ' ? T' '' n HIGHWAY TOURS present CALIFORNIA TOUR J Sept. 5-27 (2 day) Accommodation, Transportation. Sightseeing Total Coat : $340 Contact TED GIROUARD 2U Albert Street zSl-bOSl or U-MI , . New Yfr Stat CANaMaN SWMIT tccsmt at HI a . V HOTIL m ' 1,3' ) mm Wellington DRIVI-IN tJARAOa AIR CONOmONM . TV traMaais at letal . . . with AlaearWIydrlte-fc earsea. TaVi aa Hmt CtUla ). -136 STATS STRICT orrostn nAncArmx (t.T Mm Yrk Silt Sit SANTA'S WORKSHOP , NORTH POLE. N.T. 1 '"yf IMbwsj ON WHTTEFACC MOUNTAIN v.-v whj ixr Avt. sravman - Ei3wr C -'itrrx rt-H rott ali. . . mmrnr rrmtw mnseanr a wora k free TV . . ..' AkCeadaleesd,,;.. Vl J f1 , 1 W M mf rr Wiak aViiCa. iwsww me mUjM klukMiik. fiiaUHuut. tutti ummiK ear-Maw snap r tt klda tlwnlaa are Ox ipniliii. giaas-kiever. wmmittr MS etkan Vse wul mm tm . ante ais auar essmm. Unt ka a umms iiiii Mi ehaf actara la auUwatM Miiiuma Ya na raa aat ft his real mnesar aaa the aw atew aa'tmala ta tea park far thnus rw sa n aaaiaa raei mm erau . . . M tana t fun as a ae-teue nw. The auaiw luu) aseaial NMw carauaal eat Imi psar r wmUw ahMtfe nse. Be taau s (ims el hw mht Wraekaiit the say . . Uv n-snacuaaa ml lha NativHv Paasssi ar in rut par-sannams at hie ahMrtisaaa. raaatias aaar ear. SANTA'S ORIGINAL NORTH POU WORKSHOP Th Vlllaga m4 ffataakaa h at mm aoHiaitm t. mm- .. ii ?. t TTrFr. as; 1 TTTy' if n r-mlSfL.- wsa evwn paiins ah,rnenv vrwsaoti. " ' mmwmmmstmmammmmo VVtaktnd Qpvcl-I Any I 4aJ a-.JMl wk tBltMaPH AAbBW . VnW""W - a a. . ' CaaCfcltSsI IdaVJVSyt ' WkMWmmmuWm rvsBsv WHITEFACE MI LAKE PLACID REGION IN NEW YORK'S ADIRONDACK MTS. c I MASSENA . . . a MALONl tttit , . ItteWfl J - ..Jkm - I -, -5..: M Kef 1 ; laaawaawawaJ Nl2A .f- IfclwiLMINSTOM SARANAC UKEObxJ 1 aire m armw.' . j . ao' m , ' sr. N PKI WILMINCTON-AUSAILE VALLEY LAKE PLACID HOME OF 1000 ANIMALS HIGH FALLS C0RCE NORTH fOLE LAND OF MAKEIELIEVE WHITEFACE MOUNTAIN ONLY 3 HOURS FROM OTTAWA FWitnj , lottinf'. ,- Swimnirri , Mottll t . , CamptHag . ScMMry UdgM Hettls Retorts ALL WITHIN 10 Ml US "THIS WEEK W -: Aug. IS S rairrvAL coitcaar S.1 Aug. It to SS U 1 . LABI PLACIV PlATBODtg f wwri rot , wi tcowr ..t . WHITlfACi HT. HWY0RK 3 KAMI Planning . f a Vacation? The journal Travel IUcX,ln(mrmainocibyAt237CaMa . ' ' Street, bold many brachurM, pamphlets, ttmetablea and ' t, so fortlw-perhapi Just what you hav been looktnt; tar :, . te plannlni your vacation. ' And it Information' it not . . :V ; arallable en tht are yoiTrt mteretted in, wtH bt giad S to tell yotfwhert and ho to get it 80 naxt Uavt jout '.',' dWntowaC -v. ' -. :; - v-; :; drop: in iand look through the JOURNAL TRAVEL RACKS X V 1 '; "; V '.x. .'-..A .'. .:..... . ... . . . . ; ... ,,;,. .;. ' i . . -:'" I 7 I

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