The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 23, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, February 23, 1918
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.PAGE TWO. THE DAILY CO0KIE.R, GONNJflJXSn'LJJI!, .PA. SATURDAY, msHKCAAY 23, 191S. anal reception oit She Masonic Association held, last evening in the Masonic Temple, _Stutli-- Mtts; burg stretlgijn ^commemoration : - of Wa»hiniton*a: Wrthaajtj^-TQ, conform with the prsSerLCJiay waT'CCoiidltionif the ·with tbc : -"ann\ial 6iriqa»l~and~ r iiislead hoU-jr-fel^bration in the formi'-61 a patriotic gathering. ^The decorations werejejtirelr patriotic; thevlarge jiiall- iroonr »od otber^ooms .of thojtemple, nev^r :3nresentiTi£.:a -..more; ;beaiitiful scene.- With rthe exception: of .three XSffiOWc-W«.hingto ) i~Dnp" he ?; d ? omorrow eve °i ng ' J^^ · · . · ' 4£ tHi nttnvrtl. A l l a l»rgr Ztaehutiirnrthe lodge rotmcan two^siafler : onti." aorohung^Uie ..ball- rooinv ;7lkgs, . profusions- ot which" were eflectjrelr about the rjwmsr'weTe-aSed In carrying" out th» attractive decorations; which wtrc in chatge:.of O. ii^F.r.obst- · '- ' .T^~ : FollotVlfl*. tBe,:i'.ec'ept1on- : s patriotic musical r piop'am;tKc openiBSf.Bnmber being. "MfCooBfriTnaS-' of "Jhee," -was rendered, s«S^JoiiBily'"a' 0 oooble male quartet of ^niontowif. '1'eB "- by Mr'. Chamberlain^ Jbeing^wett received.' "At the conclustpn; of the -program/- R. C. Beerbbwer, -taas3m,as.ter,;. - Tntrpd 1 uced George RanlM;.' Jri_M. -SOTfciisburg, the principal "speaker: ot:tBE3S!r?nJns. ilr. Hankin aoijuSSC.Tana. - forceful address *brT~i!Ma5oBic,'Dut3%!' ;; telline the Masons . ttaK-4t',:%ji""; ~ duty to buy thrift .stamps,^ liberty; " bonds, etc. Mr. Rankin led-up-to^hls i~. address with illustrated .stories_pf -a 'orders for^France. Miss McKee is a". ' McKee of Con-. Mr. Wfertenbach came 'here -td' see his nephew, Aupgustus H. Wallace, who was home from Camp Hancock on a furlough.. . Mrs. James Risseil of Dawson left this morning for Camp-Lee, Petersburg;-Va., to visit her husband, -who is in- training there. - The 'regular- meeting of the Friday Afternoon Bridge Whist club was held yesterday~ afternoon at the home of Mr 1 B:' : Harry.JB.";Schenck in Bast Green street^ .Luncheon was served at the close of.the games: A..meeting of the "Sacred Heart so-' ·ciety-will ;be held tomorrow afternoon _»t 2o'clock in Maddas ha!l, First street, : Wiest.; object of the meeting ;is to ;plaij. for the advancement olthe work of the society during the'sprlng anrtrs'uminer.': . ; · ·;An unusB.a.llv;interj6stfng meeting_pi the .Epworfh--League ;· of the /First Methodist Episcopal church -will 'be inilt church. AH are 6:30 o'clock . especially: "th young people. Several able speakers. have -been secured. Patriotic decorations" will prevail. Mrs. Thomas '-Courtney, a "recent bride, was tendered a surprise mis- cellane.on.8 shower-last evening by 28 .employes at Kobacker's store, where "Mrs. Courtney wai^ a clerk-, for the past Jour years. The affair was cleverly ..arranged and,- a "most enjoyable .evening; wa spent'. -Mrs. Courtney's friends pr.esented:"her with a number of ·.handsome'. and' useful gifts, includ- in'g-'.'cut' glass.rsilver,. linens', pictures .andrchina..-"D»in£y refreshments .were ·served" "^Before'-'her m'arriage^-to Ser- ·geaffT'Majbr .Thomas Courtney, "Mrs. Courtney was -Miss Marie Opperman. She first "missionary box-opening of the^Young:J?°eop_le's Alliance" ot tbe fcpnnensrjje- church was 'held very entertaining nature.. He held-the : i lasl;_cyening at the home of Mr. and attention ot the large assemblage of" - guests from the beginning to the close ; of hi* .address.-- Mr,- Rankin,' who is "; cashier of a ·Wilkiisburg bank, has a :; son in the service and since last fail i; has been toortng Western Pennsyl:: vanla delivering pjaUiotic- -addresses, r. Following hia address the "remainder j" ot the evening was spent at dancing ·" 'and'cards'. KiferVe's six 'piece.orches- :: tra 'rendered'"* program of entranc- · - - ing dance mus'ic of " unusual exc'el- ;· · lencer The affair was perfect in all. " "its' appointments -and was one-of-.the ." ..most enjoyable social; functions- ever · held by the association, but of town guests were.from,.Unibntown, Scott"dale, " Xunbaf.' Dawson "and. other points. The committees were as fol- -;lows: · . : Arrangements. Robert'fJorris, chair- 'man;- John L. Evans. John W. jrc- Claren,.Alei..B. Hood, f Eugene T. Norton 'and William.. D: 3!cGinnis. Reception, Eugene T. Norton, chairman; Ralph C. Beerbpwer, William-R. Long, Stanley P. Aahe'/'John'-A'. "Armstrong, Samuel R. Goldsmith. William R. Bowden, Saokey W. Meuler, Samuei N. Osborn,- Ross-S. Matthews, Clyde Weihe, William E.. Crowe, . Earl, .C. Moore, Louis ,P, iicCormiclc, Francis M. Rich'ey, Jr., Samuel G. Zimmerman and Williain O. Schoonover! -'· At the regular meeting Pf the-Von Bpro,class of the .Trinity Lutheran Sunday school held last evening at the home of.'Miss-.EstlieT.Crim, a service flagi : containing 24 stars representing the number of young men ot the Sunday school," who are In the service,'waus" made; Twelve members were -present. . Refreshments .were served."at" ihe close of the business meeting.' Flags and liberty bells were nsed in- decorating.!- '-The*-next-meeting .will- be held as the-home o£ Miss Mabel Peterson. ··Tlie-'mo'ntaly"dances ot the Conneils- ville Masonic -association will be resumed Tuesday evening, March 26, in Masonic Temple. - --A weir-attended meeting of the Ladies' Aid society of .the.- First Baptist church;.was. held last night at the home of-Mrs._A. B. Stauffec in North. Third street,- "West Side.-Appointments in 'ke'eping with Washington's birthday; were, "carried.out, small:'red; batcheta being given as favors. . Refreshments.. were, served.. Mrs:'Fred Swartz in Murphy avenue. The program consisting of music and readings was in charge" of the,literary and social culture committee, ot which Mrs. Annabel Durbin is the chairman, knowing the program tfie. .missionary boxes were, opened, and'ligh'f refreshments"wer#-served. About 40 persons were present to enjoy the occasion. The parochial ichool children ot the Immaculate Conception church observed Washington's-birthday with patriotic exercises yesterday. At the forenoon session'' recitations wore heard -as usual and at 1.30 o'clock the classes were dismissed and the children were entertained by a most Interesting program, presented under the direction of the Sisters in charge' 1 of the school. The first part of the program consisted of patriotic songs rendered as scenes of the-' life of .George Washington were tbrow.n on a. moving picture screen. -Master Stanley Sudziak recited Sheridan's Ride, illustrated by moving" pictures, in a very capable, manner. Part two was a travelogue; "Prom New York to Constantinople." The unique feature ot this part of the program was a descrip- tion.'ot they appeared 'on the screen by the children of the Seventh and Eighth grades, who had previously made a careful study oi the subject. Part three, consisted of the Eassion pictures and a lecture on "The'Passion ot Our Lord." The Daughters of..America, will meet Monday evening in Odd Fellows' hall. ' ; Mrs. N. B. Kell was elected president and Mrs. Charles. Kern secretary of the Priscilla Sewing Circle last evening at a meeting at the" home ot Mrs..;Kell _at Poplar Grove. Mrs. Kell succeeds Mrs. C. -W-- -Erbeck. Tiie nxt meeting will be at the hpmo ot Mrs. John 'F. McGinnis. The annual thank ottering services of the Woman'se Foreign. Missionary, society of the Methodist Protestant church held, tomorrow evening in the church. -. - , . -· - .- I PERSONALS; - H. G. Batten of the'Maccabees, was in- Pittsburg on business yesterday.. · Mrs. Roland E. Brewer, left, .yesterday for her home at South Amboy, N. J ;t after a visit with her parents, ARE DIFFERENCES OF OPINION ON THE PLAN TO UNITE RED CROSS Continued from Fae* One. distributed to the branches. The knitted and seared 'garments and surgical dressings .will, it- is supposed, be collected -at" county headquarters-- and shipped in-bulk, which will result in two handlings and two sets ot transportation, charges. The plan, ap Con- nellsyille members - understand it, contemplates th«- employment 1 ot a salaried secretary, at county -, headquarters, which is an added expense, that work having- been done for the sereral chapters or the county "'.without charge. · '.' j .- "The "change"in plan may be necessary in the direction of centralization pi direction and control, and I am not going to interpose any objections to it, but I cannot help pointing out.some of the reasons why I prefer that no change be -made." Another member viewed, the question from a.different standpoint, saying: , ""We toot membership in the Red Cross as an evidence of our patriotic desire to do something substantial to help win the war. If we are in real earnest in onr desire, we will not quibble over the means through which, we may do our part, or be too critical about the methods employed to utilize our efforts. To me it mak'es not difference whether the ConneHsvillc ·Red Cross members constitute a chapter or a branch. It is enough /or me to know that I am a Red Cross member myself and glad of it,, and just as glad to do work for It whether the 'things I make arc sent to the soldiers from Uniontown, Connellsvillfc, Brownsville, or any other town in tho county. To the sick and wounded j soldiers it is not a question whence! a sweater, a suit of pajamas, or a; bundle of surgical dressings come, or how they reach him.' The big Question he Is concerned in is that the women of. America have been patriotic and generous enough to provide these things for his comfort and welfare. So what's the difference whether ; we are a chapter or a branch? What! each of us must be, is a worker." TJiefooc mthourafaiilt Made of high grade cocoa beans skil- fully blended and manufactured by a perfect mechanical process, without the use of chemicals. It is absolutely pure and wholesome, and its flavor, is delicious, the natural flavor of the cocoa bean. , T h e . g e n u i n e .bears this trademark and is "made only by WALTER BAKER S CO. Ltd. RALLY AT PECfflN Prominent Men Speak on Issues of the IVar. The Pechin. community turned out in large numbers iast night for'a rally at the Pechin school. Addresses were delivered by Attorney P. E. Younkin of Connellsville; Bev. W. B. Purnell and R. K. Smith, of Dawson. and County Superintendent J. S^ Carroll and Joha'Zj. Keffer of Dunbar on phases of war work. The meeting, was under the direction of (he county.committee headed by Wooda N. Carr. y TO JI/X10RS. Tf this model fs a sample of the next season's trend la hats, it is pretty certain that conservation of materials is not going to apply to hats. The designers don't care how large they maia their creations and if all their results will turn out as pretty as this charming hat, few will wish, to curtail, them.. Through designed for spring, this exquisite hat is just the thing Cor those who intend to spend the rest of the winter far. below the ifaeon-Dixon line. It is of black and white voile, with a brira of black stra~w. Band Will - Also Be at Methodist Church Tomorrow Night . The Junior Order of the United American Mechanics will attend services tomorrow evening in the Methodist Episcopal church. The pastor, Rev. G. L. C. Richardson, will speak on the subject, "America for Me, "vniy?" . . . . The Junior band will accompany the order. ." 'Airs. S. B: - Dull will . 'be hostess' at the | Mr. and Mrs.'-C. T. Giles of Green next meeting "to" be"h'eld 'Thursday ' street. .--At_ the^Spisson -Theatre, 25 men and 25 women to work as · ".'.' 'A~bTrtndiiy "surprise "party in" Honor' supers in "The Christian." Apply at ct-her.lTth.birthday, was-holfl bn.Miss',',oncc.';af:stasre--door; Gall for Mr. Elizabeth Huir at her North Pittsburg Bedell, between 2 and 4 Saturday af- street .home-last-night. - About · 25- -tsrnoon 'ant between 7 and 8 on Sua- Sueat8^Kere~preseat.~ Tie -evening'udayl-^Adv.--23-lt,"" , . ,.: ·-. was" «Djovab"iy spent'"in dancing-and] MIss^Luctlle Coch'ran has returned ;; singing. Refreshments were served, j home from a visit in Pittsburg, Thurs;; .. ] % . -- . " - , .;~ ; day night_she attende'the junior .prom :; Mr.'anotMrj; Robjert'Norrjs xitl en-r^ot- the_Garnegie-;Tech held at the' Rit- 1' tertain^innbeCSoBthTSide Ejicbre'clubjltenhouse-and^yesterday.afternoon she ;: Thursday evening, February 28, - at'! saw ''Doing Our Bit", at the Alvin :r their.home in South Pittsburg street, j theatre. . ' " . » ' " "* . . - - ... ..-....'--.-... . " ' . . " - ; ' . N o ' t a i l o r within a .thousand ;nilles ·-; Mrs. Carl S. Homer was hostess at has ever'given better- material or ;; ths regular.-meeting^ of the Thursday-] workmanship than we put in- our.rgar- ·~ Afternoon Card club yesterday after-j ments. Dave Cohen. Tailor.--Adv. ·; ·Boon-at-hrr-.bome ' . i n - West, Green -I- Miss Sarah .Hosentblura, of Cleve;; street. Thr-x tables were utilized and j land, O.,' is visiting her parents; Mr. ;; following the games Mrs. -Paul · -B: j and Mrs. J.. M. ..Roseblum. Tonight ;:· Dick was awarded the club prize and she will go to Latrobe to visit rela: ; ifiss Alartlia Ruby..oj ifniont.qw'nj.the! fives. · ' . . ! / · :;· guest pri»j.".-3tom;eiu:on .was.'served.I"-The -best place- after all Injuries fatal. Arthur Turner, 16 years old, who | was injured in the. mines at Mount Braddpck, died yesterday at noon in the. Uniontown hospitaf ot meningitis. Deceased was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Grant Turner of Mount Braddock. Funeral., tomorrow afternoon ,at 2 o'clock from the church at Percy. The funeral party will leave Mount Braddock on a special, street car. BIG DEMONSTRATION For Draftees la on Program at 3Ioiint Flcasant Today. Special to The Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, Feb. 23.--The lergest demonstration in the history of the town was promised for thia afternoon and evening in honor of the departure of the draftees for Camp Lee.i The boys, 28 in number, were to gather at the armory at 3 o'clock and to leave there at -1.30. Their train will leave the Baltimore Ohio station for Connellsville at 5JS. The Ladies of the Re-Union Presbyterian church are providing lunch. GAME TUESDAY. Body is Unclaimed. · MOUNT PLEASANT, Feb. 23,--Nobody has yet appeared to claim the ,body of Jaraps Simpson who died last Sunday evening at the hospital from pneumonia. Simpson left a Pittsburg .address, but a letter addressed to the place brought no roanlts. The body is still being the Zimmerman morgue. City League Contest Will Be Between Garage and Baltimore Si Ohio. The city league game for Tuesday night has been scheduled between the Baltimore . Ohio clerks and the Garage. Since the league opened its season these two teams have never met. In addition to the league game the Scottdale girls .will appear here for the first time in weeks in the preliminary game 'against the South Qon- nellsville giris. Al! the girt preliminary games are played by A. A. U. rules. OUR EARLY SHOWING IN o Our Coats, Suits and Dresses this year are very moderately pric ed and the styles are wonderful. The materials are the best that can b bought and the shades are all the latest. Our prices in Coats range from $18.50 to $85.50 Our price in Suits range from $22.50 to $89.50 Our prices in Dresses range from $16.50 to $60.00 We cordially invite you to inspect these lines. "The Store Ahead" Butterick Patterns TWO IN AIR SERVICE Second Son' of Everson Man Inures for Xew Jersey School. Gilbert S. Gove, son ot Mr. and Sirs. Robert Gove, Everson, left last evening for Princeton, N. J., to enter the school of military aeronautics at Princeton, unirversity. He was a student in the art and design department o»' Carnogie Tech., Pittsburg, before enlisting in the service of Uncle Sam. Gilbert is the second son of this family in the aviation service, as Robert R. Gove who enlisted in the quartermaster corps in July, '1917, was transferred to the aviation corps and ·is. now a cad«t at Austin, Texas, in the school of military aeronautics I university of Texas. Tlfll® Borne Front tlie East. R. M. Evans, manager of the dry goods department of tlie "Wright- Metzler company store, has returned home from New York, where he bought spring and summer goods. $75 AND $125 JOBS doing TSeggiag m Uiiiontonn for L»clc of Stenographers to Fill Them. The shortage of stenographers is so acute in Uniontown that a number of positions paying $75.00 to J125.00 per month are said to be going begging. So many stenographers have recently married soldiers,, and are uow eagaged in home duties, that tbe num- ! er available Cor the work has been ! vry much reduced. Governinnt positions in Washington have also called many away from the county capital. 3U1I Jlaroonert, The' plant, of the .United States I Electric 'Steel company on the West! 'Side was marooned by water d u r i n g ! .the time the river was at its Hood point- The water around the mill was ' so deep that- nothing, could be taken ) in or out. 1'ndergiies Operation. Mrs. Percy Edwards who has been on the sick list the past few weeks at her home ia North Dawson was removed to a Pittsburgh hospital, where she underwent au operation. Mrs. L. P. McCorraick. will entertain the club Thursday aflorriooTi,..March 6. at'her ·home in Vine street Brownell Shoe .Co.--Adv. 5trs. Emma C. Soisson anel daughters, Misses Rene and Hilda, went to | Pittsburg attend the funeral _ , of- Gonuencefof ^Attorney^A; V.. E,'Watterson,...who was-.hostti9..-at- a-pretiUy-appointed-} was "a .frien'd "of the" family, knitting p.irty last evening in honor j Mrs. R. S. McKee .and Mrs..'Edna ot Miss Virginia. JlcKee,; vrhose en-[Johnston Brendel are in Pittsburg to- gagemer.t to RobeTp'Pauitonr-Traversij'day. '" :i Mrs. Walter Adams..- of. .Sycamore -Xas_JU^ojinsep.._...vis5...\icKee was!.-...Mrs. . . . . . _ . - 'graduated from the Peabody conserva-l street, is spending~the: "day^in^Fitts- tory,-Baltimore.'and is at 'present i burg. · . teacher o:'. music in the Rockwood · Helen Saorrick is spending tie ,.sehootel^ME3DTiveTs-?T!as~:beeS''ap- .week-end with-triends at Beaver col- pointad second lieutenant in tie or- lege, Beaver, Pa. . . · . . . - . . ' diaace O;t-p«LrUnjEi£tZaiii3; 4^n6V sta-4 ,'3lJ.s_Gertrude;jOpperman and cousin, "···ed. at Governors Island awaiting ! E. T. Oppenn'an of Butler, are visiting ! the fnrmpr's mother, Mrs. Gertrude A « np f t Tl* A-- -- - :! Opperman of .East Francis avenue. D 1 n m A j£* 11 Mrs.',P. E. Younkin arrived home "P^** i? !"!"??*" iSg : this, afternoon from a. visit.with relatives.-at Homestead.' ·.- : · Mrs..W. O. Schoonover went to Pittsburg this morning to spend the day. . :Jacob". ' Wertenbach'of McKeesport has returned home~.after;a. visit \vlth his ' srster. ilrs.7' Xa'therine 'TVallace. IVcllnce Augustus H. Wallace, of the quar- Stork Leaves Daughter. A daughter, Nelle Penman Hughes, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Franlc Hughes of Dunbar. If Yon Vl'ant' Somutbliur Advertise for it in our classified col- terraaster'.s department, in training at j umn. One cent a word. Camp Hancock, left last night for: Augusta,- Ga., after spending a furlough with his mother; Mrs; Katherine Wllace. PJe.looks fine and is enjoying soldier life immensely. Red truss Unit. ' MOUNT PLEASANT, Feb. 23.--The Lutheran church has organised a Red Cross unit with Mrs. I. S. Brinker chairman and Mrs. William ^Jewman secretary and .tr.eis.urgr. --There are IB.Jadies in: the: unit', . " . - ; . ' ' " 1 MISS JENNIE BELL. Miss Jennie Bell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Beil of Dunbar, died this morning in a PilUburg hospital following an operation for appendicitis. She was 16 years old. MRS. WILLIAM KERN. Mrs. William Kern, about 82 years old, died yesterday' morning at her ! homo at Nonualvilie. Funeral touior- i row mornig at 10 o'clock, from the j church at Normalville. Deceased was i a widow, and had resided at Normal- ) ville for a number of years. JOHN EDWASD YANCEY. John. Edward Yancey. two years and sir months old, son of George and | Nellie Yancey, died last night at the family residence at Mahoning, follow-) ing an illness of pneumonia. Fuuera!! Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock from the house, wilh interment in Mount! Auburn cemetery. The deceased is' survived by his parents aud three sis.' ters, lola, Martha Hnd Lucy. Chas. C. Mitchell 3Iln(. Death List l(i. CRYSTAL PALLS, Mich., Fob. 25.-Revised figures on tlie loss of life iu the Amasa Porter mine accident on Thursday show that 16 men were killed when a bulkhead gave way, por- PRAYERS. mittinff water aud quicksand to rush Jnto the mine. As more water is i ' ' 'threatening to pour into the mine ii j Services to Be Meld icxt^ cek Among j , a not kBown whcn the 1)0dSeg wi] , b( , j (lie JlethotliBis. j recovered. j Community prayer meetings among; | nienshers of the Methodist Episcopal; \i Dowling Tonrucy. i chui'cli \vili be held next week as fo!-| ^. L. jiittereder Trill leave this eve-| luws: 1Z9 Sotitll J'lttsburg Slrcci. Both Phones. I employ no asentg or aoll Am doins'business strictly on m; merits. 18 years practical cxper Motor Funeral Service if Bosl NIGHT CAXJLS ANSWERED AT OFFICE. Monday, South Side, at home of E. A-. Christy, 505 East Green street; Tuesday, South Side, at home of Mrs. .FUipam, at extreme end of South Arch street; Wednesday, at the church; Thursday. West Side, at home ot Mrs. Martha Cypher,' 324 Second street; I'riday, February 29, West Side, at home of W. E. DeBolt, Tenth street. I ning for Cincinnati to participaLn in ' the international bowling tournament j to be held there next He w i l l : join a team from, near Pitisburg, the | draft having interfered with sending! a complete- team from ConriellRville. i He expects to try his skill on Sunday ! * and Monday. WAGES 1SCH13ASK1). Make Ambulance Cover. "MOUNT PLEASANT, Feb.. 23.--The pupils of the Third ward school have completed an ambulance cover for tlie Red Cross. This is the second martej here, the other having been made by' the children of- the' First ward. .Patronize those who advertise, L u n g s A r e Weakened By H a r d C o l d s QUININE The old family remedy -- in tablet form-- safe, ture, eniy to take. No opiates -- no unpleasant nftep effects. Cure* coldc in 24 hour* -- Grip in 3 days. Money bade if ItfnU». Get the genuine box with Red, Top nnd Mt; Hill's picture on It 24Tabl«taforZKc. At Any Drug Stwo South ConnfllsviJle Cd lar n Day for Ti'iims. Ministrt'l A Success. Tbe first performance of ;he patrio- ' tic minstn?.! sJiow at tbe Dickerson ' i Run Y. M. C. A. last evening proved · Adrfs Pol- j very successful. The auditorium of '' the Y. M. C. A.'was crowdei] to the! At a meeting last night South Con- neilsville council advanced the daily doors. The show repeated again loilight and will be staffed by i I wages of la'aorerers on the streets 25 I I o c a l talent for the lienc-iit of tbe Red : ' cents a day and increased the rate Cross. for teams from $6 to $7 daily. EVERYTHING COOKED LI AT HOME, Strictly "Fresh, Clean and Pi ASK FOR OUR SPECIAL CL BREAPAST AND SUNDAY DINNER, "Our Pastries Are Delicious cause They Are Homemadi NEXT DOOR TO WEST PE WAITIXG ROO.M. Bills were paid and other minor i matters deposed of. No r,ic*nses Issued The office of Register ot Wills Hen- ? WAITLYG ry Titteringlon and Recorder of Deeds H. C. Hays, had an off da;.- Friday. For ; ed today, the iirst time :u many years, no marriage licenses were issued, no wills offered for probate, 110 administrator's Luavfls Hospital. William Hazen of Morrell avenue. Greenwood, who underwent an operation at the Cottage State hospital, was j Triumph Pmf TMsl^ n *^ discbarged Wednesday. R. X. Hess, f nendohlo, N«i sold at dru?r t=ton letters' issiied and no deeds recorden. A. number of mortgages were filed, of Martiasburs, W. Var, \vas disthur^- : n ° l c x P e r i l » c nt. with others; ; uijpointnient. Write for "Ilelic ! particulars; it's freft, Adrtrcus X^ f , ~7T I i A I j M1 D 1 CA1 - INSTITCTli, Milw (.runted 3iarH»ge Lict-nse. Wisconsin. Samuel Euglo ol Cumberland, and Lela Morrison of Confluen-ce, woro granted a marriage license In Uniontown. -·acrcnize Tiicsa Who Ad-?e:

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