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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 1, 1930
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last Hsdition I rice Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. The f eat Advertising Medium in the Youh Region. T i VOL, 28, NO. 43. The 'VVeekl.'lr Ciiiirlrr. Ktionded July 17, 1870. ' , (ler/ecd. The DnUr Courier, Founded November 10, IfWS'j Jatr If, 3020. CONNKLLSVILLE, PA., WBDNESD-f.Y EVENING, JANUARY 1, 1930. TWELVE PAGES. WATERWAY REVIVED Young Wife Killed, Others Badly Hurt As Family Watches Opening Of Christmas Box Containing Bomb ,1-Incrlnoors Study Four Routes To Connect Capital With Grwit Lakes. *ALL EMBRACE , OUR STREAM Plans volvad by Georgo Washington for a waterway from the Potomac to I'Uko Erie, w i t h route by way ot Connellsvillo, luivo boon revived. KnglnerTB of the United States A r m y , having completed an intensive s t u d y of the Potomac between Washington and C u m b e r l a n d , are now s t u d y i n g four routes between Cumberland and Pittsburg to l i n k the Potomac Klvor with the Mononija- hcla and the Ohio. A report will be made to Congres on the feasibility o£ the- whole project. Four routes being considered are: Wills creek and Cassehuan to junction with the deadly bomb whon tho family of John Hall gathered about t h e kitchou table in their homv here to open it today. Mrs. Naomi Hall Brady, 18, waa ]· tiled; her mother, Mrs. Nora Hall, 14 Congressmen Pledge Support Tc Canalization In an open letter aiidressetl to the citizens oC Western Pennsylvania H members of CJIIRJ-OSH from the aforementioned art a plodgj tlinmselveB t o t The hospital was unable to learn their WASHINGTON, J a n . 1.--A belated [ about one fool «;rjudre a td "was wrap- Chrhitnius package t u r n e d out to bo e| pcd in ordinary ijrovvn j aper and tied 45, was blinded, eluded: Mre. Margaret Others Injured iii- TJromloy, 86, flvore chock; 1/eolie Hall, .I'i, finger amputated; Thomas Hall, eight, minor injuries. Two other Hall children \ \ e r n injured and taken to tSibley Hospital. insistence on " f a i r treatment KO that | all waterways in our State tributary I to the Mississippi and having potential i Savage- River by way of 1'lr.ey creek and Casaelman River. Deep creek and Youghiogheny Rlv- or. North branch of I IIP- Potomac ;,»tl YoughioEheny. As will bo noted, all of these routes will end in tho Youghiogheny and would plaoa Connellsville ou tho proposed Washington-bake waterway tonnage to j u s t i f y I ho e x p e n d i t u r e may be i m p n ved for navigation and tnado part ol tho great Mississippi System." The letter i -ado: " T r a n s p o r t a t i o n ifi tho greatest f a r - tor in Industrial development; a n d HIP River | u p b u i l d i n g o f - N a t i o n , state and comm u n i t y . Our lirst mothort of transportation was thi* watM"iv?.ys. Then came our splendid l a i l w n y systems, which, for m a n y year,, met all t h r transportation renurrincnN of the- c o u n t r y . names u n t i l relatives c.iruo to identify The Halls I I m l at Seat Pleasant, Mil , a few m i l e s o u t s i d e c,-f \Vnshiiifi- ton. Sometime Saturday n i g h t n box was luFt on tho f r o n t p o n h ot Mrs, John B u c k l e y on Carraody rood, it was* learned. It wan addreti^ed to Naomi Hall, in printed sc.rtpl. The- box was w i t h elrong rope. Mrs. Buckley found Lr i box Sunday morning whon the wei t ont on the front por-vh io got. a pa) c-r from Hiifi- soH Violet, who saw lh woman pick np the- box. Violet is a n -wspapor carrier. Tho woman kept i ao box. in the house u n t i l I hie rnornin , as she was not acquainted with tho [alls Today ehe called ^eelie Hall, Naomi's brother, who tt ok (he- pack- cige home. Mrn. Buckle} eaid t h e box though it being was l i g h t and r . i t t l o d contained n u t s . ,« The f a t h e r of tho [an ily is held by pollco for ([uest oning, State-, c o u n t y and d strict millet! today in an a t l f n p t to tolve tho crime. A u t h o r i t i e s b -lievo the tiox contained black powder, lynaraite anl nailn. Tho hox wa« opc-ned h Naomi Jflall Brady an the f a m i l y gat e-rod around, i explosion. Tlio oxplouion blew a hol« in the k i t c h e n floor and lids were blown irom the stove by the force o£ the blast. Mrs. Brady's husband was not here today. F. L. Augustine was the flret person to reach tb-e ·scone- of the explosion. He wrapped the Injured in blankets and commandeered automobiles to move them to hoeptials. Augustine t-aid the bodies were badly manglde. Faces of the injured were hardly recognizable, he said. Tho hands were blown from the body of Mrs. Brady, he eoid ,and her boiy was almoet e-evered in the torso. One of the younger girle had hor shoea blown off, according to AURIIS- line, who was about a block away in his own home when he heard tho ex- piorilon which he- eaid wae about ae loud as the d«toiiflflon of a 12-inch shell. Fensone a mile away heard tho WEST PENN SUBSIDIARY SEEKS RIGHT TO DEVELOP CHEAT RIVER'S POWER Trolley Cai? Crews Shifted to New Runs Through Seniority ano, forward looking t h a t in due time the Hut, 25 ye-arh men could SG Nation would require every moans of t r a n s p o r t a t i o n to meet the demands of ci'inmerco, and civic associations w e i " orKuniised in various 1.929 RED LETTER PERIOD FOR CITY IN NUMEROUS WAYS: Productive of B o f f i n n i i u r s Thnt Einhi'acod In tho project also b:t sections to a d v o c a t e tho improvement WHI tunneling under tho Allegheny Mountains weal, ot Cumberland. Writing In a PittsburR paper tho river editor suggests that tho proposed tunnel would start at a point near Wosi Newton. Tunneling trom West Newton would or necessity moan a boro probably 150 miles lonjr to reach tho wine level on the Washington «ldo o£ tho mountains. What i ! o s - autl engineers arc said to be considering !· t u n n e l i n g through the top of t h e m o u n t a i n s of our waterw; ys, These associations united in a general organization which they named tho National Rn-crs and itarbors on^ress. "It IH now cl ( I n i t c t y feottled that we are going to h ivo t h n greatest'inland waterway sra.isportation. system in the world, wh ch w i l l iuclutlo the Jlississippi and m a n y ot its t r i h i l t a r - Pfcsidont Hoover IRENE SCHROEDER STILL ELUDES POLICE IN MURDER SEARCH i Hy U n t i e d Press. PITTSHHRC;, Jan. 1. -- I r e n e Kchro-edur. :!t-ycar-old blonde (11- vomn\ w « s stii! missing today as State I'oU'-o took her four-year-old son, Honal'1, who accused her of kill- ins a Pennsylvania State motor patrol man over the route traversed by t h e w o m a n and her two companions in the hope t h a t lie may recall other details ot tin- t r a i l of banditry and the f l i i j h t after t h e k i l l i n g . Ycsterxla-· the tot ttootl beside the (laskot ot Coporal Brady Taui, slain ofllcor, at Hickory. Pa., and said "my mother kilJod a pollcwnan like that," according to police who loft after tho f u n e r a l for Now Cattle, near which city tho shooting occurred. Donald, who was left at his grandfather's hwuo at Bcuvrood, W. 'Va., by the mother Sunday nl^ht told police that W.'nn Dague was one of his niolhor'B companions. Ilo referred to , Uagne us "daddy." DtiKiio i« a salesman of Viola, W". Va., has a ^'tfe and two children. .For, snnio t i m e lie has been the sweetheart of Mrs. Schroe-dcr who worked as a waitress in Akron, Ohio, several months »po -according to police. The- other man in the party waa called "uiK'le" by tho c h i l d and police said bo nat.KHl one of his mother's brothers as that person. Police ecok Tom Crawford brother of the woman for qw-stlonlnic. Another brother. Joe Cr.twfonl, end his father denied all knowledge of Mrs. Schroeder's whereabouts. refers to :ib t h e 'MfssisBlppi System. 1 Whon cample-t 'd and connected vvlth our Intracoast; I and other canals we w i l l havo a b o u t 18,000 miles of connected i n l a n d valerwnys improves Cor navigation. "Iu Western Pennsylvania we h a v o ( J o m l n u i d on l'a(?o Kour. THEATRE FIRE DEATH LIST IS PLACED AT 69 !!y I nlt,-il Proas. PAISLKY. Hi otland, J a n . 1 -- SLxty- D u r i n g 11IHO. TRADE BOARD TO BE FACTOR A review nt HIP year Jfl2! as it affected publii- and p r i v a t e life in Con- iH'llsvlllo ia an ux optionally i n t e r c H t ' Ins one. ,Xot o n l y t h a t , but it IHIB been an i m p o r t a n t twelvemonth in t h r history of IMP coinmutiHy and is r*- gM'dod as h a v i n g iWn tho s t a r l i n g p o i n t of a new ora of prosperity faith o whole region ISaeli succeeding year has seen f u r t h e r and g r e a t e r a c c o m p l i s h m e n t s by UB people for Connellsville, but 1929 will go down as beginning of a c o m m u n i t y effort to revive civic and Industrial life, the awakening of an air-minded attitude, a realization o£ tlia p o t e n t i a l water power and transportation values of tho Youghioghe-ny P. .1. TOKMAT K K A D 1 K ()!·' THK COIJIirKI? K Y K R sixn: ITS ).Eur T xji\o Among t h e New You callors at The Coin lor ofltcc xva; P. J. Tor- mav oE Jltllcre-:!, rot red Frick siipcrintcnde-nt. Mr. 't ormay v i s - ited Iho- several flopai n i n n t s and -'.\ipnd'(l (bo sianon'fi g n - p t i n g H . lie dropped I ho i n f o r m a ion ( h a t h« haw l)Ci'n a reader of ' 'he Courier over since it wa eil iblifihod IIn 1879, and bpfoi e l h a t for thr?c joars h wns a subsci her to t h e lo T r i b u n e . liss Mary K. Batter, High School Senior, Dies From Carbuncle A carbuncle on the ne k yesterday caused the death of i\lis« Mary Kath- cni Butler, 1!) years old, i daughter of J u l i u t i and HaUic Wolf* Butler of Franlvlin avenue. Sho 1 ad been ill jilrit a b o u t a week. Tho young woman wvs . member of thf senior rlase of Urn 'orniellsvillo High School and alflo of the Flret IUve«-, and tho start of construction Mulhort!st Kp| KC opat Chun h. Sho was of a now railroad to its terminal here. The past year has also .seen a number of familiar faces t a k e n from tho group of leaders in the- civic llfo of Connellsvillo and there have been tho born in Weal Virginia ni J had resided here a b o u t 11 yeare In addition lo her pare its sho is survived by one sistor, M 13. Clyde K. n i n e children, ione over 1-1, are dead, J various changes lit businesses always ' G o o of Eighth street, VVe t Side, ami and more than 150 arc iu hospitals), some i-o s e r i o u s l y i n j u r e d I hoy will not recover, a: the r e s u l t of a fire and panic in llm G l u n motiou picture theatre. A fund, already mounting to t h o u sands of dollar , has been started for the rolle-il of the sufferers iu this worst disaster in tho history of tho British film business v hich occurred yesterday. But no Umd cay. assnaqc tho grief of all Sco'ltuul, where the u s u a l was and noted. Probably the outstanding achievement was the organization of a real C o n t i n u e d on Pa#e Two. BAR PROTRUDING FROM CAR STRIKES WOMAN IN FACE one brother Paul Hutlcr, f Slat en 1s- iaud, N. V. The f u n e r a l service w i l be hold at ! 10:30 o'clock Krld.iy inon ing at the. I rersideiice with Dr. David K. Graham, J pastor of the First M-elho list Epleco- | pal Ohurch, ofilciating. Interment will I be in Addition Cemetery i i charge of Funeral Director O. C. Mi chell. The party will t r a v e l o\erland o the cemetery. Weirton. Steel Head Predicts Prosperous Year !i , L'illicit I'i s-s. HTEl r BKNVIM..K. Olilo, J a n . 1. Predicting ;i prompt 1 roil.- y r a r ahead for the ,su"-l i i u l u M r , .). C. WHHunvs, president of U'l-irion S»t".'l C o m p a m , recently nu»med with N a t i o n a l S f ""l, ye-itenUiy ui uouiu-fd .in i i p p r o p i i j ] ,un of Sti.iiHUHiO tor v\p:uisiou :ud joyous New Year celebration turned into a day of *horror Tuourning. The victims li id been admitted to the theatre as a special treat--at three cents apiece--for a holiday matinee. They wore c r u i heel and trampled to death when a f l a m i n g film, t h r o w i n g dense smoke through the auditorium, started a stampede for the, doors. An assistant operator, 15 years old, discovered a bl.ulng film, threw it into :i contains, and hurled It into tho street. Bui before this act of. heroism had b en performed, the theatre was in an uproar and I ho a u d i t o r i u m ^ a s a pandemonium. U'ith few a d u l t s to l e n d H h e m , t h e children rushed for exits at either hide of thy siTPL' i. Theatre operatives tried to (inlet f i r m , b u t tho crowd's frenzy wa 1 ; ovei powering-, and wtih- i iu a few i n i n u t i ' ; piles of screaming horror-stricken children w e r o juiii- miu^ every dooi The fumes ot carbon d i o x i u e KM .-.prt'ad tluoiuUi he big ium, suffocat- li,g scores who might have escaped if tli* exils had 'HHMI frt'e? The fh''.' i t s e l f was iucoiiswtuential. j but t h e ttuiu'-i i ud the cry !\f "(IK b r o u g h t bedlam Si reams tilled t h e aiupliUlu'ativ a* Un yullmv smoke- of STEADY PROGRESS 1930 OUTLOOK FORJUSINESS L'lenlj of Money Arailablo for ("oniomplatod Expansion fn Industry, OFFICIALS OPTIMISTIC By WItxUlAM J. UUKN XJnitprl Preas Staff Corresponrttnl. WASHINd'TON, Jan. t.--American business is on tho threehold of what should pros'e to he A "Happy New Year" In the full sen^e of the phraso. Administration authorities, w h i l e making no undue promisee for the year JB30, foresee 12 months of steady progress In almost -every business and economic line. The new year ifi to see the f u l f i l l - ! moni. of pledges of expansion made by| the Nation's business lenders at President Hoover's recent eeriea of busi- neee conferences. ft will present the A m e r i c a n people with the $160,000,000 tax cut recom- j mended by the Administration and j voted by Congress. It will find a Continued on Page Two. LAST 1929 FIRE ALARM IS FALSE The last "summons" of the Five Department in the 'year 1929 turned out to bo a false alarm from Box 25 in Hast Crawford avenue, near Snyder street. The alarm was sounded at 31:50 o'clock, just 10 minutes before the year 1930 was ushered in. I Miss Minnie Colkinds, 2IJ, ,o£ Lime- Itstone Hill, was Injured about (i o'clock laot ovenfng when struck across tho face hy an iron bar projecting from the sida of a passing truck. Th| driver, evidently unaware Uiat the girl had been hurt, continued on his way anl later Andrew Paekie of Smock found her in the ditch, screaming with pain. The young woman was vralking along the highway toward her home. Tho front of the truck passed her, but an object which utuck out from the side of the body caught her acroee the bridge of the none, f r a c t u r i n g It. | Hei head woe otherwise injured ;uid she was hurled into the ditch. At lo.e Connelleville Slate Hospital, to w h i c h she was taken in Paskie'e car, it wai-s eaid Mien C o l l n m K ; " r e s t i n g f a i r l y wt'll today S. M. Goodman Rene\vs Old Friendships Washington Mill Fund Fails sf Realization; i Checks Will Be Returned Publicity 3iveu Movement .Restore Landmark Expected (o Hear Jb' Hiii. to MAY ASK STATE TO PURCHASE IT By JOHN H. 'WHO UC W h i l e the financial ca npaign to The Weather J tho b n r u n m him .seeped d o w n I'iro lH"-itrujs Apartmriit, .ist f n r i i i n · and f o k v o v o n l.ti i l . jiv to l e iiuToiim."! and a I . V A ] ATf.ANTIC I ' I t'V, J a n . J . - - l ' i r e 1)1-'- m i l l HI ijroiliu'c rails, plates ;t,n! ] s l r o j c d ( h e A r - i o d apartnic-nu. .1 sut- · u l h i ' i ' l (.'(juipiiu'iit i,i in l,e I s t o r j briol; anil 10110 buildiii'- at UIP S uiniel -M ( l o o i i m a u , t'ornicr pro- j I p r i i t o r ot t h e Vough lloue.-, and oiu-el · ] a prornituMU r L -ldent o t this- c o m m i i n - ' Warmer, followed by ra a t o n i g h t ; " l ity. wa.-' remvwinif m a n y old u c f i u a i i u - j cokier ''''"irtsday is the no. n weather { aiu"s in the comnuinli.i t o d a y . I fomatit for We stem Pennylvanta. . j T K' g-p-mal hotel man d t o i j p e d in n n - | osjv.'-i'teiHy a n i l - ^ p c n t K-C \ o r u l h a p p y ' hoti.'b w i t h trie-iid 1 ! ol o t l i p v (lays H o ' in excoll-ent h e i i l t h j Mr (!oi(liiian is now i c ^ i d i n i ; w i t h ot thn Vcair ccJobratiou. Ma tauuly at AtJaulic Citj, X. J. Tciniicratuic Rpco d. 19: 0 M a x i m u m .. 5 M i n i m u m P.I _.,,. -it 31 41 raise ?10,000 to preserve Iho old grist mill in P-erry town-ship, once owned by George Washington, flret President of the United States, was not realized, confidence was expressed by Howard Adanie oC P-erryopolis, custqdlaa of the fund, that the disseminatliin of in- Coriimtion relative to the historical landmark will reault, eventually, in its preservation as a shrine Jor the instruction and inspiration of coming generations. Although the drive- has been conducted tor approximately six mo'nthfi tho a m o u n t receive-d totals only approximately U/.100, which falls to measure · up to expectation*:,. The movement \vab bopMed t h r o u g h the no\\«uape-rs and magazines and a number ot organizations received 1-et- teni askiiiR for ufisistance. Prior t o , (lie i n a u g u r a t i o n o f t h e j c a m p a i g n , a conservative estimate was srrured (o de-terniine j u s t how much money w o u l d he rpqnircrl to put the m i l l i n t o f i e r v i r e a h : ? c o n d i t i o n . I t Continued on Pdge Twelve. A nuimber of tralum-en, ot the West Penn Railways Company, exercising theix s-eniority rights, havo assumed iiew^runft -effective today and will maintain them throughout tlie year 1930. The lists ari op ned at the- -end of oaeh y-ear and the -employes p-e-rmit- ted to bid ou th« runs they desire, the oldest in point of i ervico being given Stantey U. Morris and Charles Kathburn, operators of tho one-man cars on the Soirth Ooanellwille lino, have been replaced by G. S. Michael and M. "W. Wilson. .F. G. Colo and Adam Fo-gle remain on t h e i r runs on that ronto. On th« Van-dcrbUt line Fre«,man G. Pyle, who has beon on the Phillips route, replaces Simul 1^. TAl-otcher, who takes an earlj run on the main line. Roy Jayn-es, motornmn, re- pJacsH Charles Rite lour, who is trans- fo-rrec. to the- n.ght merchandise freight to Pitteburt. On the Phillips lino a strange face will be seen, George Bieber, who has been a main line conductor for 15 years, took tho fir: t early r u n . His motonman is G-oor^e Freeman. Conductor Charles H a t h b u r n replai-e-s Robert Kc-ys on the late Phillips r u n , and the lattor goes on the extra list. Fran'k Freeman, who has beon regular motorman in tho late Scott- dalc-I/atrobe run, is now o p e r a t i n g the daylight local .freight. S. U. Morris, bumped from the South i Connollsvill-o line, will he on the first early main line r u n , with S. L. j Fletcher as him conductor. They sue- ! or-ed Molorman \j. S Michael and Conductor F r a n k Carms respectively. Molorman J o h n liattenneld o[ the first Scottdale-Ijatrobe run is taking: a two months' leave of absence. Motorma,n W. H. Uo^e, who had the 10:23 mid-day run MI the main line, goes to the first ear y run to Latrobe. Charles D. King, rnotornran oil the local freight, takes the JO:23 ,A. M. main line succipiIlii:T W. H. Gore. Conductor J. W. Jose of Union town replaces Conductor John Stuinpf, who has been on tho m iln line about 10 years, the latter g ing to a Mu.son- town r u n . Conductor C. E. Campbell, who has been on the first einly Gr-eensburg: r u n on the main line, replaced Conductor Je-sse Forsyth'3, the latter going Iu the Greens-burg-11 win route. Others are u n c h a n g e d . Applies for Permit to Build riflnts Totaling 600,000 H. P. In Tin-hoi' Co. STEAM PLANT TO * CARRY BASE LOAD \ Special to The Courier. CHARLESTON, W. Va., Jan. L---Tins development of hydro-electric plains with a capacity in excess ot 600,000 horsepower ] s proposed in .in application filed by the Went Virginia Power Transmission Company a subsidiary of the West i'cna Elect) le Company, with the Public Service Commission of West Virginia. An extensive water power development is planned along the Cheat Rh ar waterehed in five counties in Ha northern and central parie of f i o state, according to the application The development will consist of u series of plants to be erectad on Choi! Hiver and its tributaries in Tucker county, including Shavons Fork Black water and Dry Fork. Extensi ·«' flurveye were made in thte s © c i],, n several years ag o. The territory i* among the most rugged found in |I II5 Allegheny Mountain sections of ()'o stale. The eompany believes, the applic i- tJon eaid, "that the con«tniction arrt operation of the project composed nt eaid development*, will secure ti 0 greatest proper nnd pra.-tlcablo utth- zalion of the power of th,, cheat Rim- wntenslifrd and t j , 0 t the proposed schome of deveiopmenf, of (he profe-t is reasonably adequate for the full do- relopnient of water power resources " 7ho application adds t h a t develop- hS ' err ", ory '·^''^'oTnomLnv justified only ns developments fc ,. carrying the n ?ak ] 0f!(I of a 6yfi[o ' r fluci, as that of the Weet p o n n K ln- Wc Cnmpacy ami its hiihfeidinriop." has a generating capacity ' f kilowatts, equivalent to 660,000 VANDERBILT BAND CELEBRATES ITS THIRD BIRTHDAY Another milestone in the annals of the Amm'ican Legion Community Band was fittingly recorded Tuesday night with a chicken d i n n e r at the Eaet Liberty Presbyterian Church of Vanderbilt which markeU the close of ite third year of existence. State Senator Hurry .J. Bel! of Daw- eon, a member of tin organization, in a moflt appropriate ad-dress commended the musicians for materially aiding in tho real upiiCt of life in the community. He said thct the- work of the band IB of auch n stable character i h a t it will outlive tlu life- of the mem- bertj and tho organization. "Xo art expresse* the sou! a« music," Dr. Bell' told the banri mem- berd, their wives, iswt ethearts, friends aaid guertts, n u m b e r i n g 42 who assembled. "The orchestra or band instructor tries to do the same with the instruments as the painter w i t h the brubh. Ho does precisely the ijann; thing an the architect in crectint', a beautiful « t r i u t u r p . J f e trJe« lo bleixl harmoniously the t ifferent iiiKtru- ments to obtain a per ect romlitlon," Ho cileil tin 1 Importance of t h e tlniost, and simplest of i n s t r u m e n t iu a b.ind or orchestra ^v'luc·h are essential to nuiliu the ren l i t i o n of eelee- tions complete. Dr. Brll also declared t h a t t l i r m e m h ' i s o t Mich a n orgiiiii/.,tHon n i l t i v a t i - the. spirit ot Conlinuod on IHffa Four. JSfitimated capacity of the propose I hydro-olectric plants is fi xe ! by 'tin applicant company at "in excess of 600,000 horsepower" « n d it is adrift in f h c application that t h e "develop- mentfi W f!l require a fi a Mind If ion pro ceclent to their construction an.I operation, a stenin electric gener-tt · Ingr system to carry the bam load wit], a total Kenerating capacity of appro s i - mately twic,. the capacity of (he waici- power developments." The application, which makes n,, estimate of the co«t of the develop meat project, was f i l e d under provj- lorw of the Water Power Act adopto. by U\o last reguiair session l of tin. West Virginia legislature. SOUGHT IN THEATRE ROBBEkYNOT LOCATE! SCOTTUALB, Jan. 1.--Police were still searching loday for Calvin Brown, janitor ot the Strand Theatre, to yuostion him regarding the alleged theft of about $500 from tho theatro Sunday n i g h t or Monday morning. Brown was traced to Kiefertown but after that the police have been unable to get any information an fo bis movements. MRS. HANNAH THOMPSON OF Ml PLEASANT DIES M O U N T PL.EASANT, J a n . 1.--Sir*. H a n n a h 15. Hoke Thompson, 73 yearn old, -one of the best known of th« I older resWMita of the town, tried ut j 10:30 o'clock today at the home o£ Jiw i .*on, Crosby A. 'J'hJinp.son, in Kagl« | streei She haJ. been critically ill hince the day before Christmas. For j f-ome t i m e before t h a t she had been iu I f a i l i n g health. | Mrs Thompson way HIP widow * H e n r y Tltomp.son and wa:s born aarfl reared in HullsJdn lowiishij). Thor* were 11 brothers and sisters. Sho waa I he last o!' the n u m b e r . Crosby is Die o n l y iiK'inbtT of the f a m i l y left. She wns n member of the Re-Vnioii Pres- b y t e r i a n C h u r c h . The f u n e r a l service will be held Saturday ;ii - o'clock a t the homo; with K P A . J M. H a r l m a n o f f i e i n i i n g . Burial will be ia Greenlick Cemetery,

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