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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, February 23, 1918
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,,j».»i- T" ·atiMP'l'fl r*V ^ ConnellsVttle'* Biggest and; Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, .6,533 : VOL. 16, NO. 89. CONNEL1SVI1JJB, PA^ SATURDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 23, 1918. EIGHT PAGES.. TURNING OUT RIFLES FOR SOLDIERS AT THE RATE OF 9^47 WEEKLY ' ARE DIFFERENCES OF ot*I Stack Jf ow on · Hand Is Ordnance Boreas ECORD NEVER EQUALED tp«t fe : Doable'"fftat Engtua WM PtotiKbg at the End of TtaM ant utair TMtn oi War; Cartridge turn- rfactare Kwplag the; SUM Face. iVASHINGTON; '.;.. Pr F.ib. '·. 23J--Seven adredjthousaad rifles-liave been'pro- =ed i« .trie United States since the mtry-'entere'd the war,'according to ·.tatenwnt'made public today by the usance bureau of the war depart- nt. .During the week ending Feb-: try 3 -the total production., was T,805 fields^ »nd 1,442 Springfields. or a al of 9^«. added to the stock 'every s]c. · ^addition the government re- ved 10,115 Russian army/rifles dur- thc week, making i total weekly put of 72,152 of this class of arms, 'his production, the statement says. the 1 greatest ever achieved by any tntrr in a" similar period of 10 nfh"s,^,lt is four times greater than British, .output after 10 aionthB of ^, and twice as.large as the British put at the two and a half years of ??e have today,"'the statement saysy otal of l;3i0,000 service rifles. Only nt 50 per cent of the troops carry «.. :We have . in addition 160,000 gs/.lpO.OOO Kussian rifles' and,some 00-Bioss- rifles 1 , or a total of about 000 training rifles." '· i · , ifle cartrSags production is on a ilar- scale,.the statement- showiag '.-total of.7,300^)00 iras the. daily rase output in Januirr.' - Tork''with, a cargo^ of ..'cork. The steamer's .crew was picked up by the Spanish steamer Clandio Lopez, which also was' stopped -by the submarine, but later was allowed to proceed. The captain -of the rescuing, steamer had the greatest diScnlty in; inducing the commander of the submarine .to allow-him" to'continne the voyage. The submarine commander wanted to sink the liner: because it'.. was; carrying ;a number';-of cars consigned to" -.the Spanish- - Northern railroad which is partly French owned. "V - ·;".- . . -. · ··· Deetruction of Spanish steamers by German submarines has been more frequent. 'Early in.TDecetnbcr the Germans announced that.the submarine; barred zone-was extended'to include the Azores and in January tne zone .was extended to the Maderia and .Cape Vorde islands.' 3KS KESTHTE HGHT - AfiAIKST THE RUSSIANS. ONDON," Feb. . 23.-fThe: Tursii .ies in the Caucasus have* begun-an D°;iv,e. a correspondent o£ thc.Ex- age Telegraph company wires frron headquarters oi the Russian west- Cray. The attack was started be- che;.expiration of. the armistice. Turks occupied : Placata..-_'·' ong after-'fightiag ceased on the 3ianiGaHci»n front the : Russian', pa ii' : tlie Caucausus-kept.up tht ipiiign. .but for several weeks no ?ns fron this Iront have neen re- 'fS. ·· The- Kussiana 'agreed at 'it-Utovsk to .evacuate Turkish itory- and the- withdraw*! was un;way at-the.time ot the:new-Turk- · attack. Occupation, o* ; 'Flacana ;]d cut off the retreat-of Knssi»u is along the coast west of that A Feeling of Disappointment at Prospect of Losing' Identity as Unit. ; 'i' : ' '· : INTEREST MAY SLACKS* UN10NTOWN BANK IS SOLD FOR $700,000 TO JAMES I FEATHER Efforts t« Have Federal'.Coiut Stay Proceeding by Injunction .ire IVithout fruit. .The First National Bank, Uniontown, .was sold this afternon .by John H. -Strawn, receiver of 'the- defunct bankiog institution, to James I. Feather of'Uniontown 'for $700,000 after-ineffectual efforts were made in, the United; StatesiDistrict court in Pittsbnrg to have the sale 'stayed. The banjc was appraised at ?750 V 000 and it sale was contested in : the be- iief that'll would not bring that figure at a .forced sale.. '." . - . the first bid was ?500,000 by Mrl Teather. ' W.. A. Stone boosted it to. talO.OQQ. The third bid was 1650,000 by-W. ,J. .Sherrard of Vanderbilt., Feather and Stone were alone alter that.- At ?700,000 Ston*' threw up his hands with'the words "I'nV through." DISAGREES WITH HOOVER Director Centra] McAdoo Bjt'larej; There Is io Danger of Food 'Shortage. ' ' By As?ocfa^c(l-.Prea^.... WAaaiNGTijN,'.Feb. 23.--Director General: of Railroads ,; McAdoo : has taken »Sa«$e issue with Food Administrator Hoover on the possibility of an.acute food shortage, at least t£ the eitent .that, the conditions of which Hoover has spoken are the fault of the railroads: la a statement issued last night Director'General McAdoo said: .-· - . "I wish to reassure tie country by saying that so Car as transportation is concerned, .there is no danger ot suf- j feriag from'a serious food shortage in ! the eastern part, of .the country." The-director'general declared that if the food administrator will give def- Kl EBBASSIES i: ,.-' KBHAEf Mf XU9SIA. i , . - - , - i). tne loou aommisiraior win firv cnu- ·?TSOGRAD.,Feb. 2S.--The Allied; inite in f orma tion on the location of issfes will leave Petrogiad in the-, stbcks ,,, EUpI ,iies intended for the ,t". that. t h e . German.:-'advance, A ,, l2S) tne raUroai i 5 w ni move them atens the cJty..-They are ready, - -- · aver,', toi : ;aid ^Russia to flght.; the oian 'The emfaas3ies are yirtually dmous'in Jobs in .any itually threatened tie embassy 3 probably irili · procetd inland toe .Bolsiieviki goyernmect, ·ever' it may move; promptly-to seaboard. .Simultaneously the railroad administration gave out figures showing that the movement of a decision not to breafc | cra , a to primary'markets in'the west ny event. If Petrograd.j ^^ tbe 1^,1 10 days was Jar great- ISIAITS JQCT JTORCE8 .: TTMif '*H*i 1JKK.VSUSS irroOJf. Feb. 23.-- Austrian and Bian -tibops ;· are ncaring. Kiev, Jtrcnian capital now^held by the levilci, according to dispatches ^Potrograd in the: late editions o( uorning newspapers. . ; It is .said Polish troops aided the Germans :cupying 'Minsk; srograd. newspapers, it is added, ·t -that 'Russian soldiers. on the lern front seized 27 'train's which leing used to carry 40,000. of- the =rs to Moscow. The Germans are 8 no prisoners;' merely disarm- ie 'Russians and liberating them. er than in previous years. AT SiEJTDS SW51SH "-- STBiJTEK TO TUB B0TT02K DHID,: .Feb.' 23.-- The ^Spanish ler, Maria Caspio, has been sunk submarine on her way to New RAILROADS RESTRICTED Not Permitted to Create Position* aad Boost Salaries. "By 'Associated Press. ·· WASHING-TON, Feb..23.--A general order' restricting the creation 1 of new official position by railroads or the raising'of officers' salaries was issued today by Director' General McAdoo. TTnder the order- a" railroad, may not fill : a vacancy above the grade of. general .manager or even.create such an office .without the..'director · general's ajvprp-val. ( ; . · : . This action was. prompted by rum- ·Ors that, a few roads were planning to create new high! salaried positions on the assumption ' that the salaries would be paid by'the government and that'' .the railroad's ' compensation would not be diminished. C. 2lf. Gear Sells-Property. Charles M^ Gear has' sold his property to ·William Lewellen for J4.DOO. J*LY RELIEF OF SUGAR SHORTAGE IS YIEWED WITH' DOUBT BY LO^AL DEALERS · repeated announcements of the Administration tnat the supply jar will presently be ample .for .-eds are: ;received . with "slfee ings by inercianits -who : have study to. the- situation. · They ; that the receipt of the Cuban ,viU add very considerably to the ; ble supply,.but so far as serving tore stocks to anything lite nor- )uch as existed before tae war, ; egard it as:wa«Hy improbable. : tact 13'jpointed oot that sugar otiott in Belgium, France and nd has been very much, reduced, : almost brought t° * rtandstili; war. and that we must continue ke shipment abroad ef every ;. we can possibly sare throiigk .rietest observance of .the lood ;-7atipn rules. It is Icnowleagt 'i. situation which warranted a .QcriU* merchant to daclare: '» aotton ttat tk* world ia aoon to have a practically unlimited supply .of sugar at;ita-command is foolish, it it were not also dangerous as it is IDtely to be- through influencing our own ,-people to' make freer use of- it than.; barest necessities require." . -This observation, was.'called forth by the news, from Washington that Food Administrator Hoover has an- nouaced that as soon as the car shortage is relieved there will' be ample supplies;.of sugar; for use by householders, packers 'Of fruit, the manu- iacture of condensed -milk aad home preserving.purposes. . : . The sugar situation in Connellsvtlie Is about as it has prevailed for some weeks past." Practically all retail 'dealers have'Sufflcient stocks to take care of their.. customers on 'the ."pound-at-a-time"."-.basis.' ; · A .carload iflj eatDitcted to arriTe during the coming ws«k 'which .wiir be distributed amonj dealers In this section. TO IINITE RED CROSS Some Ulenbers Fear, Bit They Are Sot Disposed to Oppose tbe Action Bcemed for Best; "Knst Be Workers Whether a Chapter or a Branch." DRAFTEES SPUT UP. B»»ph Sliger. Writes He's Uie Only . One of IiOt in Company H. Ralph'P. Sliger, formerly linotype operator for .The Courier, who left with the''list lot of draftees from Conneilsville, has beon assigned Company H,-Three Hundred Niner teenrn Infantry, according .to. a card 1 received by James j. Driscoll ot this paper. '."They splitl'up the bunch'I came'with and I donft know a man in my company but I'll soon get acquainted," he says. "We drilled all morning today and are waiting the call to dinner," he continues. ' "It is rather chilly here., in the 'Sunny South.' I'm -wail and do- Ing fine." .. . 1 There,.-are differences .of. opinion among the members'-of "the Conneils- viile- chapter-of the-Red Cross upon th» /question of consolidating all tie chapters of Fayette county into a single unit under the direction of a county headquarters. There is hesitancy upon the part of some of the busiest -workers in the chapter to discuss the question, but they, are frank to say that tbe- pjan does' not appeal to them as desirable, even if national headquarters does^regard it as necessary to a more efficient administration. While" they express a willingness to abide, by such action as may be deemed best, they do not conceal their disappointment at! the prospect of the Connellsville chap-1 ter.losing its identity as a unit of the' great organization which will be so intimately associated with the. war, whether it be of long or short duration. '·'I am afraid." said a member who bas been in the center of the chapter's"--activities since the day of its organization, "that the change from a chapter to a branch of the county organization, as would result from a consolidation, will have the effect of lessening the interest of a large num- ber'of .members.. That our cbaptet has" done, so much, and has such an earnest band of .workers; that the citizens of. the community as a wholo have responded so liberally to_ every call made in behalf of the chapter, has been very largely.due to the fact that it is a' Connellsyille institution. The members .and the contributors havo h a d - a · wholesome Iocai pride in the things done for and by the Connells- vi!le chapter, which I believe will not continue to be shown when we become a mere branch instead of remaining By" another member- -it was .pointed out that "it. is not pertain that the active ' work can be bandied with greater efficiency after a consolidation than as at present. The county headquarters .will receive all communications from tbe division headquarters in' Philadelphia and the national headquarters in Washington and must in., turn transmit these to. each of the 'branches in. the connty. This will consume considerable time and double the expense for postage. In like manner supplies will have to be sent to the .county'headquarters thea Continued on Fngo Two. i CORN STORED IN CRIBS OVER WINTER IS UNFIT FOR SEED This Is the Serious Situation Confronting the 1'ayette County Farmers. TESTS ARE DISCOURAGING GERMANS DISAPPOINTED That They Could jiot Stampede I*bor, S»TJ Secretary DaoieU. By Associated Press. v ^ NEW yOHK, Feb. 33.--In an address, delivered here-last night Secretary of tht.Navy Daniels declared that tbe. bitterest disappointment of the war for the -Prussians .has !been- the shattering of the "fatuous belief.that the labor of the 'United States could be stampeded by "Insiduous propaganda." ' · : - ' ' "It is an open secret--I can talk about- it- freely now" said. Secretary Daniels, "that the real hope of tne PruEsiane that America would .never be effective in this war lay in.-, its Jainous belief that labor .could be so mis-led by hired-agitators as to. insure nation-wide strikes, almost upon the declaration of .war. Far bittere'r than the failure of the submarine to .sweep the seas has been the failure of the German -spy" to tie this. great republic hand and-, foot by stampeding labor, organized and unorganized, into something "very nearly approaching a. .so-, ciai'revolution.". . " . . · · None Jfade By the Farm Barean Was Boa Above 65 Per Cent; in Many Instances Tiey Have Bus as Low as Fire ler cent; Test Formula Given, i "Draftee Prom DRAFTEES REPORT, READY TO LEAVE FOR CAMP TONIGHT All ^ut Two in district 5, Every One in District 2, Answer Boll Call. CONNEIiSVSLLE ENGINEERS COMING WEST FRONT DA.TCE FOB DBAl'TEE. That is Indicated in letter Be- ceiveA From I/ocal Boy in French Camp. i Dairson Society Pays Honor Io Men I Louring Tonight. DADAHI* Tfi MfVUli AT C1YI ^ crnoe rE of the Pequa-wk club o i l -- rAOfll/E 1U lUUrt Ai 5IAI Da-wson gave a dance, in the Cocbran ,»,,,,., If , pifrmrmim __ - I banquet Uall on Thursday evening in j LOCATION IS 'SHROUDED -..,, ,, , ' - . , _ , ' ^nor ot W. H. Rush who leaves this I Boys A\iU Be Escorted From Armory I evra i ng wilh lhe dr:i f lees tor Camp I to the'Baltimore Ohio Station By)Lee. Fifty eoupies participated in the ! But the Prospects Are That Tooths Military'Hand and Citizens; Public affair which WHS under the coc-.nm- ia .Urged to-Turn Out For Farewell. teeshi '1 ot Tomas and Charles Zire-1 merman ami V.'. H. Rusb. Miss Helen Bell Rush sang and Kifojrle's orchestra played. Guests were present from Connellsville, Scottdaie, Smithion and Pittsburg. Proceeds of tne affair are to be given r Drattees from Districts N'os. 2 and 5 reported at the armory this morning and out of the two districts only two men failed to answer the roll call at 10 o'clock. In the No. 2 district, 37 men reported, there not being one delinquent Two men out of 29 in the No. 5 district failed to appear. Frank B. Spaw ot Chalk Hill, called the armory from Uaionrown, and said he was on his way here and "would report as quickly as possible.. Tie other, j Marshall Snyder, is thought to have not received His orders. The draftees were dismissed after roll call to report again this afternoon. They are identified by the badges worn on the coat lapel. No. 5 district men are wearing a Tight bine satin badge . bearing the words, Local Board No. 5, lYho Left Here Tilth FiftcenHi Engineers TVili Hove Important Part, to Flay Holding Back tlie Huns. "What promises to be an extremely difficult .proposition to overcome in Fayette county is the seed corn situation", says an announcement today by E^rm Agent P. Si Dougherty. "During the pasi month many farmers Uave submitted to tlw Farm Bureau samples of corn to be run io germinating tests. Results of these teaU have been received, and indications point that practically no corn that has been stored In cribs during the past winter is of any use as'seed corn. : "To date 16 different tests have been received and no test bas been found to in Payette county, regardless of how Connelisvillc, Pa., for National Army, Camp Lee, Va., February 23." The same words are printed on the pink satin badges ot the No. 2 men. The "turkey tags" arc not used to identify Connellsville men any longer. The two contingents will be accompanied to the station tonight by many organizations of the city. The parade will line up at the corner ot Sooth Pittsburg street and Washington ave- to the Eed Cross. INCREASE IN PRICE OF 1918 WHEAT CROP UNDER CONSIDERATION Bills in Congress to Boost it to $2.75 n Bnsliel to .Stimulate Production. By Associated Press "WiASansTGTQN, Feb. 23.--There ·A-ere indications today that tbe. price of the 1918 wheat crop would be in- ' creased soon by presidential procla- j maiion. Under tlie food control law j lhe price for wheat of the 1U18 crop was set at ?2 a tmshei but that is construed to be a minimum and tbat the President has authority to increase the price if he considers conditions warrant it. .Upon recommendation of the special wheat committee headed by Dr. Harry A. arueld tiic President last August fixed $2.20 a bushel as tbe nue. H. 0. Keagy has l)ecn appointed | price of wheat ot the 1017 crop now chief marshal of tae parade'. The eity i icing marketed. police -wiil oe at the armory to keep run over 65% when corn was taken from the crib, while in many instances tne tests run as low as 20%, aiid even as low as 5%. From external appearances one would say that the 5% corn would grow as it is clear, bright in color, but we cannot see the germ, "This brings about a condition which involves the entire corn crop in Fayette. county, and the v adviceo. pC, the Farm Burcau-ift Uiat every-f armor 1 promptlyaT""R' o'clock ait the special order. 'The organizations and the order in which they will .Hue up are: Con- nellsvflle Military'Band; mayor and city council; Camp Firo Girls: draftees from Nos. 2 and 5; Boy Scouts; Jfnisterial Association; Parochial ca- 'dets; male school teachers from Dun-} KeT. VF. H. KJadden iuid J. G. Hicks Several bills arc pending in Congress to raise the price of the 1918 ·wheat crop some of them proposing to put it as high as $2.75 a bushel. DOUBLE CEEBRATION bar township and ConnelJsville; Con- ncllsTille and Dunliar township school boards; New Haven Volunteer Firo department. Tbe. train which will carry the draftees to ha has held his seed during the past the training camp will arrive over tbe winter, should run a germinating test "~ on every ear of seed corn in plenty time before seeding so that only good seed is planted. "SCany persons think that a germf- natrng test is exceptionally difficult to conduct. The following instructions are given for a very complete germinating box to 100 ears at a j Continued on Pa*o Four. FREEZING OF MAINS , ON PINNACLE BURSTS THH», NO WATER YET Both Edna and Ogdcn Streets lines Are Found Defective After Staam Holier Thaw* Them. Hill residents of the city are still without water although the mains in their'sections have 'been thawed out. "Wlien the thawing of the mains on Edna and Ogdcn streets was completed yesterday and water turned into them, the pipes were discovered, to be split. It will be necessary to strip these pipes and replay now sections before water can be turned on for consumers. Queen street · residents are also without water, the main'th'ere .having .split when .the watei* froze in it during the recent, cold spells. There seems to be only, a little trouble'on the West Side t one two inch main on Schlcy street, near the head ol'-Mor- rell avenue, being frozen. This.Hue feeds only a few consumers. The water from the split main on Queen, street flowed into Fairview avenue and even down to Pittsburg street where it has froxen on the' surface. All the frozen .mains are OD hillsides which makes the leaks difficult to find. The mains on Gumniings avenue and Wills road are service Bridget MeGaritT .«! Italian Are De-j and the West Penn Power company GIRL IS mD taioed {or Unicntown Officer. Bridget ';MeGarity of McCleilaod- towa and'Ma'nsizie Moretti of .Mt. Bra Mock are .being held at the police station for West Pejin Officer Magee. They were arrested her last.night at 11:30 o'clock by -Patrolman D.'H. Turner. .':Joe --pabon'e was also arrested but was'discharged-this morning. The local police had received a call from TJnJontown to .watch: the three and Turner placed them-under arrest on "West Crawford'avenue. , - ' ;Pabone .was'-called'iy his. local board in Uniontown to go to Camp Leo today with the draftees, and he was discharged · so Ue could report this morning... The-other two. were held for tie West .Penn officer, : Hniionic Plasne in China. BOSTON, Feb. ZS-T-Tue .bubonic plague has broken out in Shansi prpv- inve, China,,'and has assumed such proportions that all North China is seriously .·threatened, advices to. this effect were Deceived 'today, by .the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign .Mission fromi members" of its staff in NortH China. . - is working with electricity on the Isabella, road main today. The water company is .in need of men and can easily use a crow of. In or- 20. Superintendent J: E. Angle,of the gas comp'any, is still lending ar mauy as he can spare. Superintendent A. E. Halstead of the '.voter company was unable to say today when the. mains will be repaired. Baltimore fc Ohio railroad at 6.30 o'clock. Good entraining conditions have been-promiscd by the Baltimore Ohio railroad. One of the largest crowds that has yet witnessed the departure of draftees to camp is expected to be at the station tonight. In'tbe No. 5 district the following men have been selected to Save charge of the contingent until tbe men arrive in camp: Bert S. Means, captain; George C. Mover, Martin V. Melntyre and Emery U Pratt, corporals. The following _raen have been appointed by Board No. 2 to have charge of its contingent: March Sloan, captain; Joseph Ltuckey, W. · H. Rush. Howard Reppert, Harold 'Boyd and Howard Myers, corporals. JACK COSWICK DIES Former Pennrrifle Kan ITas Shot by . Son in Mother's Defense. Jack Goswiek, of New Stanton, formerly of Pennsvillc, who was shot last Saturday night by-h'is son, Jesse, died of bis wounds last night at 10:26 o'clock at the'Westmoreland hospital, Greensburg. The shooting occurred at the son's borne at Armbrust when the-father attacked ttte mother. Mr. and Mrs. Goswiek had not beea living together, the latter milking her borne with her brother, Frank Workman and'her sister, Mrs. Emma Goswick in Conn'eltsville. At tne time ol * Snare Honors at Gathering. | A double celebration of the birta- aay anniversaries of \\~. H. Gladden and . As the people of Connellsville and vicinity read from day to day of the activity on. the "Western Front greater interest will attach the news from that center when they know that Connellsville and Payette county boys are among tne forces which are facing the Germans as they mass for tlie greatest drive of the war. la a letter Lieutenant B. C. "Casey" Jones sent his metier, Mrs. B. P. Jones of East Cedar.'avenue, he conveyed this information in the same . plain, matter of fact way in which the boys over there regard everyday happenings in tlieir lives, whether it be work or play. "I met a fellow last night," "Casey" writes, "who told me that Sam Harry's company (E, loth Engineers), was "at tbe front. I have two fraternity brothers in the same company." Other young men from this vicinity who are "members of tbe 15th Engineers are Earl S. Husseil, Elmer E. Brown. Arch McCormick and Ernest Van Sant of Connellsville; Herbert Shank and Julius Cronso of SouUi Mr. and Mrs. Raymond S. Coll of Pittsburg; Clarence Strawn of Dawson; Alva Byers, Dunbar -township; George T. Fowler of Dunbar; Milford Gibson and Walter Eliurg ot Scottdale. "Our bunch is all broken up now. They are scattering all over this country and tomorrow 30 more leave for another barracks about SOO miles away. Don't suppose I will ever see them, until we all get back home. I expect to leave here Soon, but my address will be the same. are getting the hospital .in good shape, and Red Cross nurses are £ t i coming, so I suppose every one will trom on . rajn , - f UU B1V.U J.J \tlll I I U X , U ) l . i UTi 101U JJlu-J was hc'.d at the home of W, H. Glad- j rltade veritabte mud Bo i c , out of this den, 204 South Eighth street, -West p i aco hm , evcrTlyherc vou go Tou are Side, Connellsville. yesterday after- coropo , )ert to weai . rubber Doo(s . j noon. ECV, Gladden was 63 years oid don . t be!ieve T ever s^ so much. mu d and 11. Hicks was 78. There were 17 j at ono time. We are playing a game of foot-ball today and the field looks with, nine guests. j ij) te a mv g laite." The house was decoraicd with flags i n another letter "Casey" records and on. each corner of the mantle were j the agreeable news that the sun has T.IM,,TM., n f w»«wn« n n TMA«,i^ . begin members of the Kurtz post present, | pictures of Washington and Lincoln. After singing "America" and prayer by Gev. G. W. Buckacr of the Christian church ail arose and saluted the Bag. Following solos by .Miss -Vary McConnell, "Little Bells" and "Keep the Home Pircs Burning" talks were made by Rev. Gladden, Rev. J. S, Showers, Kev. G. L. C. Richardson and Col. J. J. Barnhart, The program was concluded by a duet by Iiss Mercedes Gladden and Miss Josephine Rinchari. Lunch was -served by'-tie Misses Gladden aad Ririehart.- dried Io look habitable again." "We have been expecting to leave here every day for. .three .wccis,. but as yet nothing has happened. I received Tbe Couriers yon sent and certainly enjoyed them and read everything in them. I often receive papers from Earl Russei who gives them to a fellow named Dunbar, who gives them, to McCormick, who passes them to Reed, from Scottdaie, who gives them to me. -I pass them to Brown of Con! fluence, who passes them on to some| body else, so that they are pretty -well j worn out .when.they .make the rounds. "It seems as if I have been over here a year and just now.I am getting a. little anxious to sec you all. \VTien you \vrite tell me all the news and write often as I like to hear about everybody. About the only thing wo do. "in onr spare moments is to .play base ball, but writing letters is an important pastime. I am quite well and Song,''America"; presentation of flag, am. enjoying good-1 health. Don't PERRY FtAGDEDICATION Program is Arranged, for- Tomorrow in Christian Churclu: The 'dedication of a service '.flag, in. charge of the : Sunday school of the Christian- church at Perryppolis, will take place' tomorrow morning;at 10 o'clock. The program is, as follows: Freda Hixenbangh; acceptance, Rev. C. G. Huffer; response by the children. "tkd Save Our Men"; solo, Charles Blair; recitation, Thomas Hixenbaugh; song, junior choirf recitation, Mary B. Echarrt; song, "Say a Prayer worry one bit about 1OLI.EK BECOMJCKSDED. the shooting she was taking- care of i her daughter-in-law, who is- ill. When his wife refused to return, Goswiek became abusive and the son shot him. Following the shooting young Goswiek was arrested but was later released on bail. I for tlie Boys Out There", senior girls. DUGGAN BANS LIQUOR Mayor Orders Bartenders Io Bcfns* Sunday evening Rev. HuHer will preach his farewell sermon. Hs will up his new leave .March 1 to t.ake charge at CUarieroi. Fairclmnce Mnn Passes Civtt Service Examination for Patrolman. Altha Miller of Fairchance bas been recommended by the civil service board as a policeman of the Connellsville force, to fin the place, of Andrew Ante Sligrtrtly Itemaged. A new automobile belonging to Andy George \vas badly scratched when ii got mixed up with some wire while being .driven'to Dunbar this afternoon. j Thomas, who leaves with the draftees for Camp Lee tonight, j . Miller has passed the civil service examination and the recommendation was received from the civii service board this morning. The new police- mau will probably be appointed by j the first of tne week. Intoxicants io Wraftecs. 'Bartenders of the various hotels Ike city, today were notified by Ch of Police w. B. Bowers on orders from Mayor John Duggan hot to sell liquor to draftees. The draftees can lie identified by tlie badge which they wear on their coats. . Persons detected giving litiuor to a drafted friend will, be placed under arrest and heavily sentenced. ·Fletcher to Spent. Rev. Irwin-;Pletcher of Jones Mil! wili preach morning and .evening, tomorrow in the Church oE the Brethren on the West Side. COUGHENOUR SANE Snow tonight; Sunday .unsettled and warmer, is the noon weather forecast for Western Pennsylvania. lomperatnre ficcnni. . · . . ,1918--1917. Maximum --______._TM-IO 58 Minimum _: ^__.18 -13 Jle'an _^-^__._^_i9 51 .The .Tough river .fell during tne night from 4.90 feet to 3.20 feet. That is Commission's Decision ,in ]; n - giricer's Case. The Maryland State Lunacy Commission, which sat in tbe case or John. W. Cougiienour, a Baltimore Ohio 'j j engineer,, formerly residing in Con- nellsviiie, 1 has declared him san'-?. Co.ughenour killed his .wife, Ada Coughenour," and his trial on an in- fiictmeat of murder comes up next week. .Eiver Xayigatioii liesumt'd. Navigation, in the fifth pool p.f the IVIonouganela river was resumed yesterday. ' * TWO THRIVING INDUSTRIES SPRING UP IN OLD PLANT OF THE FAYETTE LUMBER CO. The Payette Mine Car company HricaJ repair and armature winding, which recently acquired t!;e old plan;.! Tbe mine car company has added of (he Fayette Lumber company i s - a blacksmith'shop o£ four forges and runnlu's to capacity in the mamiiar.-jis installing other machinery, includ- lure of its-product, while on tbe books-Ing laihes and punches for use in are order? for 500 cars, Tjxe com- ·' turning out cars. A foundry for the pany is turning out five cars a rtr.y.; manufacture of mine car wheels and \Yith'?ii Pf days lite output will be iii-j frogs is to be completed witbin SO creased to :IU a day, it was stated Ihjsjdays. Associated in this concern arb afternoon.. ' ', i E. T. Norton, prraident; A. C. Sticke), In another part of the olfl lumber I treasurer, and Krank Balsloy. secre- plant a nen- and thriving Connellsville industry, the Yougli Elecric' company, is getting under way. This company, composed of W. H. JIcEliiiney and W. R. 'Strickler of Pitteburg and local! -men, recently took over the. electric ; Three Given -Hearings, end of the business of the "Wells-MiUs; Three drunks were given hearing* Electric company, now tiic "Wells-Mills {before Mayor John Duggan this morn- Motor Car companj'. Machinery is be-, ing. Two were sentenced to 48 hours tary. Tbe Wells-Mills company is confining itself to the sale of cars and car repairs. ing installed and in a feu- days the plant will be. in operation. Tbe com- each in'a ceil and one paid a $3.50 flno, One other man arrested during ' pany will devote its attention to elec-|night lett'a $3.50 forfeit -

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