Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on May 19, 1974 · Page 99
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 99

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 19, 1974
Page 99
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beautiful natural areas in eastern Carolina, I would also have to add that there are those who are doing their best to keep it from being so. A bottle collector could have a great time there. Every back eddy, log jam and cove was loaded with garbage. On the steep banks the garbage dumpers are actively at work, especially near Trenton. Surely rivers should have protection. Actually, it would make a great deal of sense to zone rivers, keep the garbage and sewage o u t , keep the streams silt-free, so they could fulfill their destinies of flood prevention, of drainage, of water supply and a source of food and recreation. I see no harm in keeping them clean and free- flowing. Call it nostalgia, but don't knock it, for nostalgia is in style these days. I thought we were last on the river, but Randy Turner, a botanist, and Walter Nelson, a biologist, cruised by with their life-jacketed sons. They were busy identifying plants and animals and birds. We watched them, too, fade out of sight. It was quite a while later when we heard a strange noise, like the buzzing of a bee, and looked back. Around a bend came the big camouflaged canoe. A tiny quarter-horse motor hung on the stern, purring away. Franc was leaning back, half-asleep, fishing rod in hand. They slid alongside. I threw a hitch around the thwarts and the two canoes slipped side-by-side down the river. I confess, I'm no purist. I've even put aside a fly rod when the fish were hitting only spinners and I'm not above hitching a ride sometimes. But alas! another illusion shattered. I'd believed that Franc was above this sort of thing. As we rounded the last bend and saw the canoes rafted together, I cut loose and let Franc speed past. Hastily, I picked up a paddle. I wouldn't want my reputation sullied so publicly. FORGET THE GAS SHORTAGE... Take a Vacation by Canoe By John Shuttleworth Cindy Cooper -- a young woman of north-central Ohio -- t h o u g h t her husband Steve, was joking five years ago. After all, he had just suggested that they canoe from where they were.. .all the way to New Orleans -1,900 miles. Just like the early settlers used to do. But the more Cindy thought about it, the more she adopted the idea as her own.. .and it wasn't long until she and Steve cast their fate to the wind (or, perhaps, the water) and were on their way. For the next 67 days they relived history, saw the heart of this country as few people still see it, met hundreds of interesting people and -- in general -- had the time of their lives. The Coopers say that anyone can duplicate their success and, even if 1,900 miles is too much for you to tackle, you might still want to consider a smaller version of Gin-, dy's and Steve's trip. At the very least, a vacation based on canoe transport should deftly sidestep any possibility of your f a m i l y being stranded somewhere along the way because of gas rationing! · A l t h o u g h the Coopers spent a total of only $200 during their 67-day excursion, they invested somewhat more than that in equipment during preparation for the j o u r n e y . Somewhat more.. .but not a whole lot: Steve and Cindy purchased most of what they did buy in surplus stores and their $230, 17-foot, unsinkable Grumman canoe was presented to them as a gift. "Upon entering a camping store," say the Coopers, "you'll be amazed at all the things you can buy. Don't do it. Our gear consisted of just a tent, extra paddle, life jackets, jumbo sleeping bag, tarpaulin, cooking utensils, containers for fresh water, maps, camera and many odds and ends that we should have left behind. "If you think you might need a piece of equipment, Winter Rates in Effect Through June 13th Pay for 6 Days in Advance; Stay 7th Day FREE OCEAN VIEW BEACH KntHy on Waterfnnt on Route 60 IN NORFOLK, VIRGINIA Minutes from: VRGINIA BEACH. NAVAL BASES, PORTSMOUTH, WILUAMSBURG, JAMESTOWN, YQRKTOWN, NAGS HEAD. ANCHORAGE BEST WESTERN ^^^TKotel and Apartments 1020 £. Oceii KiM A«. Norfolk Vi. 23503 (S04) 583-5814 This Modern, New Waterfront Motel on Chesapeake Bay with Bayside Pool and Private Beaches offers the finest for Family locations. Business Trips or Military Stay. Close to Golf Courses, Fishing Piers, Amusement Parks, Azalea Gardens and Shopping Centers. Tastefully appointed Motel rooms and Efficiency Apts. come fully equipped with Elec. Stoves, Refrigerators, Two Double BeaVair cond. heat. Color TV, Carpeted, Drapes, all tableware, dishes, linens furnished, phones and maid service. Credit Cards honored. Free brochures A tour info. For Color Brochure Rates write: ANCHORAGE BEST WESTERN MOTEL APTS P.O. Box 8247, Norfolk, Va. 23503 City State Zip forget it! Purchase only those things you are certain to need.. .anything else you can buy along the way." "Yes," Cindy says, "we did take extra clothes with us. . .far too many. Still, we'd advise others that this is the one area where it's better to overpack then underestimate. "Make sure you have at least one complete change of dry clothing carefully stored away in waterproof bags at all times. Otherwise, after the first heavy rainstorm in which your ponchos do not do their job, you may find yourself very cold and miserable. "We encountered what seemed to be vast weather changes, and I suspect this would be the case during every season of the year. One day we'd be hot in bathing suits.. .and fierce cold and wind would have us bundled in three layers of clothes the next. Hats are especially desirable for warding off both sun and rain and we went through five sets that blew away or were left behind." K Steve and Cindy carried plenty of matches in watertight containers and Sterno -- canned heat, which they used to start driftwood and deadfall campfires along the way. They ate mostly canned food and replenished their supply by periodically pulling up on a bank and shop : ping at riverside towns! Usually, the Coopers cooked their evening meal and breakfast ashore and ate peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches for lunch right in the canoe. Mark Twain once observed that a true riverman always stirred his cup vigorously after dipping it into a m u d d y s t e a m . . .so that none of the grit would settle before he could gulp it down. Just the same, the Ohio couple preferred to get their drinking and wash water from the faucets in towns, homes and docks along their route. They generally filled two five-gallon containers »*·*·***·*·*·***·*·********··*·* HAVEN INN MOTEL and «5TAU«ANT 38 \11. O»m Vl«w, «»·. NORFOLK, VA. 3351* Phon. 703/313-4566 U.S. RT. fiO. On Chesapeake Bny. Safe. Clean Family Heach. EUEN ShAV , (l- 8 r. ilron Blmrfioldi I*********************' MOTEL Apartments On the Waterfront rfcwfcing lemtiful Chriopcoke lor OCEAN VIEW, VIRGINIA MODERN I 2 AIR CONDITIONED BEDROOM UNITS Golf, fishing, Sun-BathinR, TV Lounge and ' Game Room. Playground for Children. On Route 60 Centrally located Between Bay .Bridge Tunnel and Hampton Roads Tunnel. Write or Phone Mrs. Charlotte G. Biggs 2060 East Ocean View Ave. Norfolk, Virginia--23503 Phone 804-587-0141 every two days. The Coopers plunked their canoe into the Mohican River at Loudonville, Ohio, and floated down that stream to the Muskingum. The second river took them into the Ohio at Marietta and -- at Cairo, 111. -- they launched themselves into the mighty Mississippi. Steve and Cindy portaged (carried their craft and supplies across short stretches of land) five times on the Mohican and Muskingum and once on the Ohio. The two instances when they had to portage on the Mississippi were due, as they say, "to sheer stupidity when we decided to take 'shortcuts' that deadened into sand bars." The couple usually paddled and drifted, about 10 hours (30-40) miles a day. They passed through rural, urban, resort and wild areas in 10 states and feel they saw some of this country's most beautiful scenery and ugliest pollution. They got to know themselves and each other as never before and are convinced that their adventure -- like the water on which they traveled -- was flowing and dynamic, unpredictable. "There are two main premises that one should accept before attempting a journey such as ours," says Cindy. "One is: Do not plan. Plans mess up everything. Too many beautiful trips have been ruined by planning when, where and what. It's better to let things happen as they may. "The second rule is: Accept every offer of assistance or kindness. When people are doing something unusual, as we were, others are interested in becoming part of it. We were offered free meals, overnight stays, water skiing rides, loads of beer, money, a jaunt to the county fair, barge tours, clothes, decent advice and a lot of cheering on. Our acceptance probably did as much for the givers as it did for us, the receivers." Whether you decide to follow Cindy's last advice or not, you could do worse than consider a long canoe voyage for your vacation this summer. It's a great way to rediscover the outdoors, part of our nation's heritage and yourself all at the time. Ask the Coopers. For a more complete report on Steve and'Cmdy's^ 1,900 mile canoe trip and their suggestions for making such a journey, sent 10 cents and a stamped, self-addressed long envelope to EARTH AWARENESS, Box 957, Des MOINES. Iowa 50304. Ask for Reprint No. 136, MISSISSIPPI CANOE TRIP. HOLIDAY INN PENTHOUSE RESTAURANT MOTEL ROOMS + APARTMENTS ... Air conditioned ... Color TV and Telephone. Close to Fishing Piers + 3 blocks North of Pavilion. 87 Luxurious L'nits. 'Golf Special.. Member Seven- Courses .. Of-.. .,4^ WRITE FOR RESERVATION--Manager l ««v ^^ f r«· fartkj... riMM Ml Mi 3141 1 12«R.lciMlM,M.I«4»-llrHhlt«eKS.e.Wn PHONE: ·f919) 256-3728 OCEAN FRONT Brand New in ' 20 E. SALISBURY STREET · Color TV · Guest Dial Phones · Air Conditioning · Electric Heat · Private LJLJ Balconies · Wall to Wall Carpet WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, N. C. 28480 CRYSTAL MOTEL AND APARTMENTS FISH ING PI EH .. 'Jf righlsville Beach, N. C. 28480 For Reservations, INionc: PI KR 919/256-2822 MOTH!, 919/256-3234 ;in I ·eJ*BM ;.«« ROOMS \\» I 2 KHIIKOOM AITS. Room TV. Koom I'honr. H«ll-4o-mall Ciirpmiiitg. Air Conditioned, KKSTAI KAVI. OH .S'cason Kali-s !n Spring and Fall. ROBERT A. YOUNG): *»«MMtes,hc. * 0«r2S«CottHB. ·» ItrthMticilwB. * L.U, » e |if went «·»«. · r.0.lK2IS-?hMctlt/44l-SS44 · KIUtEVI.IUUS,l.t27t4i ·*· * ++»+»»+»»»»»»»·»«»·» Mr SIZE 1UCI IUTIU 1 (· 1 IEMOM Mrs. George Stone, Realtor Ocean Isle Beach, N.C. 28459 KtAHUK plume 919 579-6216 or 6217 *********·*·******-. SCRUGGS MORRISON · Really · Rentals · Property Minafl emcKl · CotlOfts · Apts. · Alk for Rnclnre LONG BEACH, N.C. 28461 Phono 919/278-5405 EDGEWATER MOTEL O« Beautiful SOUR-* to w^iCoi-jmbioSt WRIGHTSVIUE BEACH. N. C. 28480 Phoru 919/256-2914 ROOMS--APTS--COTTAGE AirCond.--TV--Private Pier MR. MRS. W. H. KELLY P O- Bo» 597 O»'»«-r- and Marjg("-. f CAROLINA BEACH REALTY 1 P. O. Box 303 Carolina Beoch, N. C. 28428 ffu-^iK Oceon Front Cottage (SoBBaStJ Rentals. Real Estate. Phone 919/458-8239 ^ BALLOL SLEDGE Realtor* P.O. Box 28 REALTOR REAUOR 1 ATLANTIC BEACH. N.C. 28512 Phone 919/726-2531 Ferrell Real Estate, Inc. LOKG BEACH, I.C. »f SORT SPECIALISTS, Complete Listings, Property Management Permanent Homes PROFESSIONAL COMMERCIAL YEAR AROUND MAUNC ADDRESS: Star RL 2,loi 330 Soirthport N.C. 21461 PHONE 919/278-5580 ,SHI» KI:M.I (N'Win Front Id'nlnls lli-an I rnnl A 2nd !!«« llrlirrnM-nl llnnil-s. :|N7 |J*.- I'urk HUri. IM). I 11\ \ Bl \« II. N.« . »m-»l9/5»-K: and ir.H-SJMW n.ll.SIII\\. lti-:illor OCEAN FRONT SJccordion Itlotct CAROLINA BEACH, N.C. 28428 Phone 919/458-5476 GRADE A-Color TV-Swimming Pool Air Cond.-Privole Parking-Free coffee in lobby'? block from Amusement Area. Fishing pier/restourants. and shaping. Close to everything. REE AND JACKIE GUSSON MembxF Molel Ann. ··················«··» King's Motel OCEAN FRONT CAKOUNAIUCM. N.C. 78428 State Magazine, tidy Iff, J974''' Rooms--One and 2 Bedroom Apts.--3 Bedroom Cottage--All units with TV-Air Cond.--Swimming Pool--New Restaurant-- HOt. AND MRS. LEONARD ». KING Owners-Managers 166 Ceroiine Avtt. North PHONE 919/«i8-5S94 CHARLESTON, W. VA 29m

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