The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 22, 1918 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 22, 1918
Page 9
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1 FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 1913. THE DAILY COCKOfiR, »CONNBLLSVrLi,E, PA'. DEATH ON GALLOWS (flodern German Pirates Deserve Fate of Buccaneers of Old. Bailors Serving on United Statei Merchant Marina T»d»y Knew Man Who RemtmtMrtd Fat. of Spanish Frttboottrs. j' Stories of piratical methods employed 'by German submarine com- panders in burning undefended mer- fttaat vessels and mistreating defenseless crews are no novelty to thousands of mariners on the Atlantic coast, such f* are now enrolling for servieu in the pew merchant marine. I Some of these sailors, who are to (nan the emergency fleet of merchant ships being constructed for the United States snipping board to take supplies jto our armies in France, actually Jcnew men who suffered at the bands of the jast pirates of the Spanish main, (·Those methods were similar to those of the German*. } Among the men who reported for fluty as mates recently at the recruiting headquarters of the shipplns board [were some from the Massachusetts coast who had known a survivor of the last ship taken by Spanish pirates of the Caribbean. Thia was Capt [Thomas Fuller of Salem, who died In 1906 at the age of ninety-four. I Captain Fuller was able seaman In jtte crew of the brig Mexican of Salem In 1S32 when, laden with saltpeter and lea. with $20,000 In silver stowed nn- Ifler the cabin floor, she sailed from her home port for Bio. E August 29, near the coast of the schooner was held up by a 1 described as "a Ion?, low, straight topsail schooner of about ISO [tons, painted black." which hailed and (requested the captain of the Mexican to send a boat alongside with his pa- jers. 1 The boat was sent, and cam* buck tn charge of an in-looking armed crew ft pirates from the Spanish main, who Grove the crew of the Mexican below decks, fastened down the hatches, and feegan looting the vessel. Finding the vilre?, they sent It aboard their own ' [ The pirates next cut the galls and ·rlfflsg of the brig to pieces and startled a fir» In the (alley on deck, which they expected woold soon destroy the big. Triey then departed for their j»wn vewe), and sailed away In search ·f other victims. 1 Bat they bad neglected to fasten Jtown toe fakfn skylight. Through this 'the brig's captain crawled, and, getting *to the ftrm, ·plaehed water on it until fee had It lo control. He then caned It to anoke heavily until tbe enemy was cot of eight. - Ttw crew rerlned their vessel, and favored by a gale made their escape from nch a dangerona neighborhood. Salem sailors today recall with satisfaction that the long arm of justice noted out retribution to the pirates. A few months later a Salem vessel waa la the hartor of St Thomas, vacd a low, black Khooner anchored near her. Tbe Salem captain was Wapiciout, and Inventing an excuse went aboard the schooner for a call. On her deck he saw two (pars painted black which he recognized as belonging to the Hexlean. That night the stranger left tbe harbor, but the Salem captain notified a British man-of-war captain of her character. A few months later the British brtg- of-war Curlew caught the Nacfe stranger In the Nazareth river, a slaving locality on the weat coast of Africa. The pirate crew fled to the shore and found shelter^ with a native. They were hunted hard, and four were taken. Later 11 others were taken at Fernando Po and St. Thomas. Tbe pirates were conveyed to Boston for trial, and found guilty of the attack on the lleiican. Their captain, Pedro Gilbert, assumed innocence and the air of an Injured gentleman. He was found guilty, with four others. In ·entenclng the , five to death. Judge Joseph Story used language that reduced -the court to tears, dosing with these words to the condemned men : "And In bidding yon, as far as I can presume to know, an eternal farewell, I offer up my earnest prayer that Almighty God may in his infinite mercy and goodness have mercy on your souls." The five men were hanged in Boston, and with their exit piracy ended In the western world. HAS ONLY IMPULSE TO RUN ;W1wn Undtr Influwie* of Fear, Hen* ) H» No O^her Idt* S»v» That of ! Blind Flight It wai pathetic to tee til* -terror of London Worses when the tank passefl through the city recently, write* · correspondent Many of them lighted the new-fangled contraption at a distance 'and stood -with ears pricked forward, eyeballj starting and nostzlfi distend- ·ed, and had to be held and screened ratn It passed by. It was, of coarse, the saaie to the early flays of motoring, but despite his tendency to panic the horse is intelligent if given a chance. When bicycles were novel tle« '--en acquaintance tells me--his horse, In^a Cheshire country district, showed great fear until a' bicycle was one day brought to him and held beneath his nose so that he could inspect it in detail. He never minded them afterward. According to Romanes, the horse "is the only animal which under the Influence of fear loses the possession of ererr other sense in one mad nnd mas- Serins desire to ran." THs pathetic failing was utilized by onr mtn In the recent advance on Cambrai, when at one point, it is recorded, a squadron of cavalry dismounted and itimpeded their horses, which jled panic-stricken in the darkness toward the enemy lines, and so drew the German flr--Man- chester Guardian., ;. Intricate Mechanism. 'T don't,know how to take mil chicken apart." declared the bride. "Well, wa tackled an automobile successfully;' said the young Imsbaad. 'TVs ought "to b* able to .handle a sinsB jcb Uke this. Where'a the book QtlBstnictloni!"--- ' Special to Tl^e Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT, Feb. 22--The congregation of tha Second Baptist church gave a donation to their pastor, Kev. William Wilson, at his home here on Thursday evening. Many good things were brought the minister and his family. Rev. T. C.' Harper attended the meeting of the conference extension in Greensburg yesterday. Among the Mount Pleasant ladies who attended the Missionary. Institute In Scottdale yesterday was Mrs. H. C. Morrison, Mrs. M. A. King, Miss Nancy Traxal, Mrs. Harriet Jamison, .Mrs. Laura Zundell, Mrs. Hugh Close, Mrs. C. G. Page, Mrs Jacob Fox, Belle Stouffer, Clara Burkbolder, Mrs. Emma Pinatan, Mrs. Dave Fox nd Mrs. Charles Mullin. Ohiopyle. ·OHIOPiTJS, Fob. 22.--MM. George, Heishberger spent Thursday shopping in Connellsville and calling on friends. Rer. H. G. Trimmer, pastor qf the M. E. church spent Thursday greeting friends in Ohiopyle. He states the regular service for Sunday evening here will be cancelled. He also states what a wonderful meeting they are having at Harnedsville. where he is folding services. They have at present IS converts and more asking for their prayers, all aro taking'a Ine!y interest and the revivals are meeting with success. ' Mrs. James Hail of Sugar Loaf spent Thursday shopping in town. Miss Verna Cunningham schcol teacher near Payette city, who has been ill at her home here, is able to be about her home her. Miss Hattie Ixwry of Uniontown, arrived here yesterday to spend a few days the guest of friends. Frederick Mason of Brownsville arrived here yesterday to spend a few days with his parents. He wtyl leave Saturday along with George Calvin Stewart to go with the No. 5 district boys for Camp Lee to train for duty. Mr. -Mealy of Pittsburg was a bust- ness visitor here. GAME BIRDS SURVIVE n«d ITild Turkeys Seen in tho XounUlns East, At least a few of tlie game birili hare survived the rigors of the winter. Bruce Henry ot ScuIIton, on one of his periodical tripn to town, to .1 »me local hunters o' seeing a covey of quail at that place. Pheasants still go thundering through the brush, though whether they are a" plentiful aa before the long cold season is not known. .There are still some turkeys. Austin B. Kern of Mil] Run reports seeing a flock of seven fly over his farm the other day. They were evident!} hovering near to civilization on a count of tne scarcity of feed. CHUB'S PAETT DRESS 01' lUBBOJf JUfD LICE. The judicious use of ribbon and lace makes this a charming party dress for the little lady Intent on keeping up with her social obligations. Either Toille or crepe de chine may be the material cbosen for this frock. There is a tucked lace insertion and a large bow at the back, with- smaller bows of tie same ribbon on tie sleeves. Sheriff's Sales. New Departures in Sleeping Garments Sleeping garments are shown In sucii c variety of designs this season that every lover of fine lingerie may clioose among night dresses, pajamas, pantalettes with mandarin coats and combinations that are neither night gowns nor pajamas but a little of both. The two-piece garments tire mostly made of crepe-de-chine or wash satin, bat nijrht gowna remain fairly faithful to flue cottong. Whether of cotton or silk they are lace trimmed or embellished -with fine embroideries. Flesh and pink are the favorite colors for silk sleeping garments vrtih embroidery In tlie same color and laces in \vhite. Occasionally white satin mandarin coats are bordered with a light color in satin, to he worn with pantalettes to mntch. In the most elaborate sets the coats are embroidered In gay lloral patterns in scTeral light colors, « Among the prettiest and most desirable of new night gowns there are some Fpeclmpns that are entirely home made. They arc of crepe-rte-chinc or satin witfc yokes or trimming of home made crochet Small medallions, much like those that ore familiar to us in the Irish crochet laces, are made of colored silk floss, matching the crepe or satin to be nsed In tlie night dress ID color. The medallions are set in about the neck and along the edge of the short sleeves, which are cat in one with the body of the garment. A narrow beading and edge of crochet finishes tbe neck and baby ribbon threaded through the beading, provides the means of adjusting the gown, to the shoulder. In the night gown pictured, of flesh- pfnk satin, the crocheted yoke In the same color has bands ai*d figures la pale blue worked into the pattern. If longer sleeves are wanted, elbow length ruffles of satin or plaiting of georgette may be set on 'to the cro- chetted bands. This is a very interesting garment for the girl who In ing her trousseau. p Pittsburgh ami Unlontown road, thence along line of sold road North 02 de- ETfeos 30 m i n u t e s .Cast 29.3 to a point; Uioncc by said road North 51 degreea Bast 200 feet to the place of beginning:, containing- 3 acres, rnoro or less. Excepting- and Ittsiorving, however, thereout, ant! therefrom all the coal In a.nd underlying' the said described tract of land. Tlie a-bovc driAcribecl tract being- pjj-t of the tract of land davised to Chrlstojher C .Martin by lila fa.tliei. \ViUiam Martin by II!H will The stvine beinjr n corded H the Recorder's Office at "Uniontown Kn.yet.te County, Pennsylvania, reference being thereto It ·*·!!! more f u l l y appear. There is erected upon the above described lot a two story frame dTvcHlnif house, ajid other o u t b u i l d i n s . Seized and taken In execution as the property of U c defendants at tho suit of "Willi-tm J. Stevens, now Cor Che uiie of William S Stickcl. The following described properties ·will be oxposed to saie by Thomas .L Howard, Sheriff of I'aytte Co, Pa on Saturday, March 2nd, l»lb. at 10 o'clock A, M. at Lne Court House In Unlontown, by virtue t£ the below stated writ, issued out of the Court of Common Pleas of Fayettc County, Pennsylvania: Brov.-nfield. Goodstoln McDaniels Attorneys. No. 41 March Term, 1018, E D. 'William J, StepJicn*. now for the 1 use ot Wllluun S. Stickel, vs. Oliver H. Sisloy, defendant, and Annie L. Sisley, tere tenant. Fl. Fa. Sur Judgment No. 237 September Term, 1017. All the right, title, interest and claim of the deJendEinla in and to.- AJt that certain lot or tract of land lying and beinj,- situate In Ferry township. Fayette Coutty and. State of Pennsylvania, bounded and described as follows, to-trU. Befrlnnins at a stone on line of the PlttaburgJi and Uniontorsrn road; thence by land of Christopher C. Martin North 34 degrees 15 minutes west 489 feet to line of land belonging- to the "Washington Run Railroad Company, thence by same North 85 dc-rrees Ifi minutes \Vest 00 feet to a point, thence South S3 degrees 43 minutes West 177.G feet to a rtone: theace by land of Christopher C. Martin South 34 degrees 1.' minutes at CiJ3.4 feet to a point -on line of the R 3f. Carroll, Attorney. Samuel and Hosier ·'- U o o d s vs. Lydia Nickh,v. Aleas l r ! Pa. No 37 March Term, 101 , E. D. Sur Judgment No. 317 March Term, 1016 All that certain parcel or lot of land situate near yit. Braddock In North Union TOY, nshlpj Fayelte County, Pennsylvania .bounded and described as follows \1?: Be^-lnnloi; at a small hickory tree at the line of a p r i v a t e rood, thence North f o r t y decrees wett two hundred b l x t y four and five-tenths feot to a puHt," thence foouth f i f t y de- grec'i \Vest, three hundred twe-nty nine feot lo a post* thence South f o i t y degrees East, t ^ o hundred sixty f o u r and five tenths feet to a post on the l i n e of said p r i v a t e road, thence by aj,kl private rood Xorth flft degrees East three hundred twenty nine foot to the place of betrinn-ing, containing two acres, strlt t measure, being tho same land conveyed to Samuel Nlcklo-w. by deed oC Daniel .foues and wife, dated Oct. D, a SOU and recorded In Ded Book Vol 1GS at page lT, and being the same lot of land which the said Samuel W. Nictilow convoyed to the ftfJd LyGIa J. Nlcklaw by deed dated* March 1^. 190?, and recorded in the -Recorder's Oltice of Fayctte County, Pennsylvania in Deed Book :!78 lise 173, «s.nd upon ·which is erected a yood f r a n c dwelling house of f o u r roomo. Seized and taken in execution as the property of the defendant, Lydla Nicklow, at the suit of Samuel and Hester N". "Woods Playford Phillips Attorneys Patrulla. Brothers \s James Lancaa- ter. Fl. Fa. No. 28 Huron Term 1018 E D Sur JudgTiierit No. 232 March Term, 101S All that certain piece or parcel of land being and tying 1 In the Borough of South Brownsville, formerly Bridgeport. County of Fayettc, and State if Pennsylvania. more particularly bounded and described sa follows f r o n t i n g llft {50 feot on the eoit sldo of Clo\ er Street In said Boroug-n, and running: back one hundred fifty (150) feet or more, even width to owned by said James .Lancaster on JUly JO, 1904. the date when the lot hereby described was deeded lo said Jc.meh Lancaster by A O. JJockhart, and bounded on the'no-rth by land formerly of the s«uid X.ockhart, on tlie south by other land of said A. D Lock!,art. on the east by othef land of James Lancaster, H* afo-iosaid, and on Hie west by Clover Street. Reserving- and excepting the coal underlying: said tract of lnnJ together with Uie mining- rights as have been heretofore conveyed. Being" the same piece or parcel of land that TMU» conveyed to the sa'd James Lancaster by deed of A. I. Lockhart, as aforesaid, dated, July :0, 1904, and recorded In the Recorder's Office of Fayette Cjun-ty., In Deed Book Vol. 237, pag-e 51. Seized and taken in execution as the property of the defendant, James Lancaster, at the suit of'Patrulla Brothers. I E D. All U i e right, title, Interest and :ialm oT tho defendant In and all that certain lot,, piece or ;ratt of JajjJ situate in Meniillen ttnvnsh'p, Fayetio Count}*, PennsIvanlu., and bounded and described as follows, to-wit, Begin- n i n g at a polat In lino of land n-ow or formerly ot Thomas Cassady and cor- I ncr of land oC James :«IcCa' i j hoirs, ! thence by said M.C'Gay l.ind Kouth *i3 ! degrees East 43S fe«t to a p o i n t at ' Ride of K f u b i l c road, thence by lino j of roaj hoi-th G dosrees and 3" i minutes Runt 104 feet to a po*t at in- 12'section of .L private road w i t h said Public road, LhPtice iUonTM- *s.i(\ private roa-d South o*l degrees and 4!J minutes West -10 feet to a stake, th once t) y lino of land of G UK tat S iHlor, formerly owned by Elranor Se^ae, North -2 degrees and 7 minutes U'cst 632.8 feet Lo A stako in line of lan«l of said COK- sady, and Lhence by said Caawuly land North 60 degreei Ea^a '2X feet to the place of beginning Co n £ a i n 1 n sr Th r**e A.JU! tweive-hundredths ( l"t aci oa i.Kce[thi(f am] reserving, however, all of Uie coal of the n i n e Coot vein or Pittsburn scam In Ji id underlying tho oiiove described ptpcp ot land with tho sarno mining rights J.nd privileges that are contained in de«'d from Eleanor SCCEJC to William H. Boyd, dated April liUi. 1000 and recorded In the Recorder's OSTlco o- Fayette C o u n t y . Pa,, In Deed Hook Vol 377, page 2J7. [ Up-on.4d.ltL above described lot of land tiro erected a frame dwclMnj*; house one arwJ one-half atory In heJg-l-t vrith i kHehen one-stor nlso a chicken ^otise j pig-pen *ind fltaule I Be* n £ Uie same pi e-TBlteg that "William 31 Harford convened to said I Nicola ClottI with t h e na,mo spelled Nico-la Crottl, b e i n g Lhe same person, | by deed, dated Ma.*cl* 1'Hli, 1917, and recorded in the .Aforesaid office In Doed Book Vol. ::G;;, p-tge r ''. Seired ami taken in execution as the property of the defendant:, N i c o l a Ciotti, alias Nicola f'rotti, at the n u l t of Ewlng- P. May. F. P. lUisu Attornei Tlie SeoUdale ^avlngi and Trust Company vb. W P. Hurat atid Fullc Hog-sett and some ^ b and Puller tJoE'ee. Al!as Fl. Fa. No 3 1018, E D. Sur. Judgement No Term 1914 and Plurla March Tei m 1918 12. J3. Sur Judgement No. Term 1914. All the right title, interest, ui u claim of the defendants in and to t h e following described jjrem'acs, to-wit: 1TIIU3T--AJi th-ose Ct3"taln Uireo lots of ground In tin- hocoiul ^\.ird of the Olty of Unioatown, Tuyette C u u n t y , Fa Iron tin R: on GalluLin Avenue, and k n o w n in the plot of ]Jt-j laid out by 13. M Sayeri, j j a q . In his addition to the Uoroug 1 . of U n i o n t o u n :is lota Mos "li" "4", and "f.", mine P.LI ti^ularly described, by metei and bounds, as follow b- \ViWam Han-| ilarch Term GOT September i Fl Fl. No. yti 10 December ard C. F. Kcfover Attorney, Swing" P. Ma vs. Nicola Clotti, alias Nicola. CrotU Stir Jude-erncnt No. 81 J u n e Term 1017. Fi. Fa. to No, 32 March Term 101S, i j v i i iitu MJ . f u u n vriiHUgJlor; [ I l O n C Q 'South 73 dcg-rceti "West IJO feet to corner of lot No. "i"; thence South 5 1-4 ' degrees' "West 48 feet to a. p o s t , thence j along the line of said G.ilia^hei Noi til' 87 3-i tlegrrces Woet 9.* Ceet to t h o i place of befflrniag- on GilUtin Aveni in Deer] Book No C4, pal'c ICO ; SECOND--Also all that certain lot of i (-round situate in t h e city of Un-ion- | town, aforesaid contipuous to the first j above described lot of pround, to-wit Beginning- at the corner ot a atone t wall on lot first above dr jcrlbed and In ] lino oC rlfi-ht of Way of the State L ' n o ' Rail Itoad Co., and r.mnlnp: thence Eastward along- tha lino of utild rl^ht Of iray. until it Intersects t .e line of lot of Emily Y. Sturgeon t h e n c e running- North alone sa'fl line of ^and of Emily V Sturgeon prolonged uncil It Inter* st»;t«! tho · Imo of loc JTornerly ownftd oy R. H. Lindsay; thence, along thfe ' line of the last mentioned lot, In a South*ft est direction to an iron pin In the bank, and. being a. corner of lot hrst described; thenco, In a Southerly direction about 33 feet, to the pli:ce of beelnnlng-, containing about 90 porches of laiid. Reservln £" ho~wover, as a.i eajsemjunt to the l a t j of Jacob B GaJ- layhe? over-tlic land herein conveyed the cdllar drain from said lot of Jacob B Gallagher, said drain is not to be used as a p r i v j drain T'lej lots o£ ground above described con-stltuUng 1 to-getaier Uio lots k n o w n aa the "Jjlndaey Property," ar.d being tho samo prenaise'i conveyed to said Fuller H'ograett by Bllza "\V. Llndsey a n d j husband by Deed dated May US, 1902 -cuorda Ir Deed Book No. 3M, pag^l 312. \ THIRD---Also al chat certain piece ar parcel of. lujid situate In thd Cit o£ Un'rfntott'n, aforcAaid bounded/and de-scribed as fo'lows, to-TTlt: Bogrlnnlng 1 at ft point In It" e Jo f lands aboVt' descr beji an-d the past Side of a fifteen f o o t a l j e i ; thenco North 75 tle- grees Bist lfJ4 Xcc: to a'slake, Uien-ce, North 17 degrdes-41--mmutda 6 feet to an! alley, thence, by suJcS allev 72 decrees i: minutes Wea( 126 £ect to the 3at Side ol She fittecn foot alley afor^oild tliunce, by said llfiocn foot alley Soutli r.'i degrca West 09 feet to the place or beglnr.ln? Being the sa-me premises conveyed to said FullorTIos'- sett by J. V. Thom^-soi Executor of .liioo-b B G a l a f f h o 1 , deceaaoil, bv deed dAted September 1 3910, and recorded In Deed Book No iJ4, pa^e 307 Kxcepting 1 auO reservinj*-, however, from the lands abcn o dcacrlbed, Uie folhvriner dcscrUiect parts thereof heretofore conveved by t*i!d Fuller Hog-sett to Robert At-ttliJeson and wifp by deed dated Oct :',0, 10] ], and rocoi fled in Deed Hook No 31i, pa^o 100. bounded and described as fnllova' Beginnlnff at a point In l i n e of s-aJd Ilog^ott. and East Siac of a fifteen fool alley; thonce,'South 7- 1-t degrees r^iat 101 1-2 foet to a. stake, thonce, .Lions' An 11 1-- foot allej North 1 1-- decrees West -15 feet to a stake, thonco .ilonff naid alley Nortli To degrees Dast SO feet to T. stone, ;hencG, Norih 17 dc- B-ees -15 minutes J)ast 0 feet to an all e y , thence, by th · j-lley North ~2 1-! degrees "West 1-G feet to a i rJley Jlf- tesn foot, v, de; U ence, by said alley, ftouth JI1 dc^'res West. 71 fct to thO place of b e g i n n i n g and contaln'ng 73G1 square teol more or less, and being' composed oC parts of lota conveyed to said Hog-hott b K'.iza AV, Ijtudscj and Inisbind, ami b j i;\ecutor of Jacob B Gatlag-her, doceaed, as a b o v e rec'ted The proirrtses .Umve described to- gthor comprise w h i t H k n o w n as the Fuller Hogpen residence propc-ty, and Vhere Js ertctc'l Uiereon, ono larfjc modern Manftkni HOUSR, CJarafe'e and other out building t Seized and taken in execution as the property of the defendant.!*, V/. F. Hurst and Puller H l o f r ^ e t t and sime vs Win Iain H.inkins and Fuller Hop'-ett, j.t the scaft of the Scottdnle Savings Trust company Tounff Trust C(mpany of Connells- vlllc, Pa , vfl John George Walcker. In the Cour-t o f Common Pleas of FayeLto County I'a, Io. --Mju-ch Term, 1913 DJGSCKU'TION OF rROPEItTT. All that certal'i tract, or lot of pround. sltua,t*l in tho Third Ward of Connelsvile Boiouiyh (nov.- City), Fayette County Fcnna,, bounded and cle- f"-ihcd as follows, to-wit. Bounded on the J3ajst by a 'o foot alloy, and extending aiong- tJie wild alle, 91.3 fe-»t on the North by Vfurphy Avenue, and ej-tend-ingu long aaJd Avenue WJ 1 feet to land of Lloyd Jhnstoiv on the West by lands of Lloyl Johnston, and extending along saJd lands 107 4 feet, be- in*? k n o w n and d'jsJjrnated aa Lot No 15 In "Plan of Brown's Addition to the Borouffh of Con'iCllSTille There Is erected on bald lot. a fr.tme dwelling house and out-hulldtnps. Bcinff the same premises tiiat ·wore r o n v e j e d to tlie said Jo-hn George WoJckor. by Mary K. Boyson and Harry P. Boyson. her hnab.ind, by their ded. dated October 4U,, 19O-1 ^ n d rt corded In the Recorder's Office of Fay- ctto County,* Pa.. Jn Dc^l Boof, YD] 2,10, page 17. Seized and taken in execution as the property of tho defendant, John George Wakkcr, at the suit of the Yoagh Trust company. It B BrovnOrld, K l f p s GoodatQln and E. J SCcDaniel, Attorneys -. Fac. Ko. 42 March Term, 1918, E. D. Dr. L N Burchdnal \s Lconn. Tapp T.nd N F. Kendall 13.\ecut us of t h e last \\ 111 and tesuLinenl of William W i n f i e l d Tapp, ullafa W W Tapp de- coased. and Lcona Tapp, indivldually, with notice t,o Fi'a-nk Core, tenant In poss^ssloi Lev. I*OL Sur Judgment N'o. S2 bc-ptember Term, 1017. All t h e r'ffM, title, lutorcst and clitlm of U o " sfcndtntu In and to. All iJiai certain tract of land situate aiid -yirfg tn Uio Borough o-f P^int MEW ton. Fayctte County, Pennsylvania being the Hou.hcrn Half of Lot Xo Seu'nteen Ci") in the orlg'nal plan of salil BurouK"h. and bounded and do- scribed as f o l l o w s viz. Beg'nninf; at a post on Mechanic: Street on the division line of said lot and lot of Dr. L, N. Rurc-h-inal, thence along s^rid division Sine in a. WeLcraly direction U*u (10) perches to a po?t on an aJley, thence Nortii Tvi o (i) i orchcti to a. IHI^L, Jien-ce L/a-U tt l n (.10) tierchcs to u jwst on Mcc'i.inlt yt «et, tlicnco y o u t h Two (2) perc'ica to Uu pl«icc of beginning. Cont.LlniTig one-elyrhth itcre, iaoru or lois Being Un Southern balf r the .samo lot of lard .onve,\cri lo J t i Dora Stone by T ' l o r n i o i F b t c u a r t an Ma- Lilda A Stev a 1 *! bs Deed tinted Octoboi UUh, IS'i-l, and i ecorded .No\ e-nter 15th , 16!M in Deed Book Vo] 3 ,'1, p.jjra iS2, thence o o n \ c c d by Isa Dora Stone and A. L Stone li sr uslj^ind, to \V. W, Tap;i by Deed datud May l!3t Vi , 2 r 10 and . J u n e -'1st, ittlO In Doetl Book Vol 3L7, pnyre Ol. There K erectoc upon the o-boxc described lot .i tivo story frame dwelling house Seized and take T in e^ecu'Jon as tl e property of Uio defendants it the -lUjl Of Dr. L. N. Bu.clii iai. U U. B i o u n n c l d . A t t a i n t s James A. WjKers \ s J T. 3ak.s- dalc Xo. U -\Urch term. 3'US, E D. F. FJ. , Sur J u d g m e n t Xo, :1US Sep- ten^uer Tei - 1UH. All the ritrht, ti le, interest and claim of Uio d e f e n d a n t in and to the f u l l o « ins two (-crtalu trucls of land, l o - u i t : Pus..--A.I thai oej Uln lot of g r o u n d situate in the J5oioujjh cL 1 , Fnyette Cou-uy, l-'cnnbylva.'il.t and k n o w n as L.ot Xo. S, in Block S on Plan of lota H.S laid out bv i h c Diamond Improvonieit Company .inQ recorded in saJd u o J n t y in Plan Uook '2, page 17, and oding Uie same Jot oC- g-io^nd conveyed to Ed\vaiu G K a ' b c r by fcrd..d DUmoiu Iirtprove^nejit Company, by 'I cod laLed Docenibei UUi, 10UO, and let 10 bo lecordcd. becond All tli.Lt cm tain oUici lot of ground e in i\il-ch.ii)ee_ roug 1 !), Fayeito C o u n t Feusj l \ a n l a , und - U n o w n as Lot Xo. 7, in Block S, on Plan of 3..D-U, as laid out oy Uio Diamond imprcnerneiit Oompanj and recorded in said c o u n t y , l i Plan liook '2, pa/ge 17 und being Uie wtroo lot ol g-round con\ e ed to Kdwara C. Kaiser by K O. Nixon, ty deed dated Maj 36, 1907, and yot to be recorded. There t^ crocte 1 ! u p o n the above described lots a one story framo b u i l d i n g . Seized and taken I", execution aa Lhe property of t i r e defendant at the suit of James A. Wallers. R M. Carroll A t t o r n e y Marj- S Rohfinbersei" 1-xocutnx of estate of Jacob Kosenberger, dccpa=ed, vj plarcrce E Ouflham and VJolct D u n h a m _. Xo. 40 March Tsrm 101S. End of the Season is Our Reason FORTH!! UNPRECEDENTED VALUES FOR YOCK UNKESTltlCTEB CHOICE OF AXT TALUKS UP TO $20.00 AH the Newest Styles and Materials for ,, _ WAISTS $3.50 Georgette -Crepe Waists at $1.50 and ?2.00 values 51 and $1.50 val., ' slightly soiled . HATS An}' Trimmed H in stock for... a"t ?1.00 Corsets at. Is Still Going On EXCEPTIONAL YALUES WILL PEE VAIL DURING THE FINAL CLEARANCE. $1.50 and ?2.00 Gowns 08c $1,50 Skirls .,,-_ !)5c 75c and $1.00 Corset Covers 49c 95c Dra-wers 55c MEN'S SHIRTS Last Call! Percales and Madras, all sizes. 14 to 19, Q K / » 3 for $2.50. 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Price, trial size 50c, large bottle $1.00. 1AUGKHE1' DRtJU C03ir.VN"Y. Sur Judgment *o 337 JFai rfi Term, tais All that our la I n u u t t ut lanU situated in Henry Cluy Township !· u cue Count) rensyU tnia, j.JJ6iu"3'JS" iJOtJb ol H e o i j Don !£· 'loirt. Henry .Shepurd and uUieis, con t w i n i n g iv.o Imndied and c.STl t acies niort? ur lesb Bel!i(? Uift same lot oT ]y.nJ C f n v c j o d fro-a H'cmaiii "Vaubicc na.u to said Jacob Rosenboiffci bi (load dJ,ted the OUi f'ay or Maim 180.! i-nd recorded In Ket-OiderS Office of Ka\ t-tte County In Deoa iiook Vol l^S, pa-ije 1M-, ard Llic ji:nne w h i c h was com eyed b\ deed, of .s,iid .lacoJ" liuicnberg-Lr and v'Jfe to s, Ol.ucnce i; U u n h im, d-ited l^eb- rii.ii v ., 1011 and icconicd .11 Deed Book Vol J13. pajre 213. and upon w h ' c h i f j o i e t"ci.LcJ u good f j . m UoiibP, barn and oihei uiuhuildinjjb Seized and Lake 1 ! in execution a» Iho property of Lhe dcfcndjiiits, Clarence li D u n h a m unti Violet D u n h a m , at the suit oC Mcir S. KosenbrKt?r, Bxocutns of the estate of Jacob Roscnbcrgcr, deceased. J. B Adams Attorney. Kuruc/. Geori? vs. Aapad G. Kail. l\ Fi. No. 44 March Term 191S, E D bur Jjclerment Xo. Ii02 March Term 1010. All tli M certain lot or parcel of land situate on "Walnut Streei in the Ecc- on-d Vi'ard o^ Lhe Citj of Umontou n, I-'ayctte County. I'ensylva'iiar, known lot No, ilfl In Plan of Lots laid out John H. McClelland, "William H. Pi ford u-nd diaries 33 Boyle, on lands formei y of JoLn Calla^ ei r doccasoU. t-uid lot Xo. ^o bounded and described* u* f o l l o w s . ^ rruniintc f o r t y (40j feet on IVuJuul street, -anci running: back fcAine* ividth oricrhunflrc-a nf t -ft\ e (15f.) rc'_t lo H l o w J v c ( U j foot iLiiej Bounded on ilic o t .jt 1"»\ LDI Xo '2Z, «.nd on L i e w p b l bv ]'ji nt,-,v or formerly of Tlionvu, B r o w n i i L l d . It bc.npr tl.o same 1 H or ir.ic{ ol land convened to A. G. JCuiJ (ali.ii, A i p i d G. Kiil; by KIcliard A, Afi.Clwsn and -wife bv deed dated Janu-irv SUi. l'H)l and recordad in Uio Uocijrdcj's OlHoe of Friyet^c County, -J'enn*}]vjinia in Peed Book Vol. 19^'. liqi?f 120. 'Said lot lias erected lheron a two- Ptory fr Lme d\.cllln? anO out build- liXS's Seized and tilten in eseo-ution as tho pro]ei ly oC the dc-fondant, A r p a d G. K i l l , at the suit of Kurucz GCOPR:. Conditions of Sle--Ten per cent, of Uie pumlfiuio money, or a. sufficient amount to pay d.11 cpsls. ,tf t^e 10 p*r cent, is not-enough, whaH bo-paid to tho Sheriff when t'lc .property is stricken r ( f£. Otherwise the pror*rty -ft ill !e Hold a,ain tho following- Monday at tins expense anfl riilc of Lkc perbon to w h o m it was b-trticfc off. yrho in case of duleicncy in i,elt resole, -Ji«.U maUo good t h e s-ime, the tyilanct; of the pm ch.ise money murt he paid bcfoic "YV'ed- neffday of J.'ie flr-,t u cck of March ' C o u r t lOJJr, Die d i y of acknowledgement of Sheriff deeds. j " THOMAS L. HOWARD, Sheriff.

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