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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 31

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 15, 1964
Page 31
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IATUKDAT. AUGUST 1S..19M f Water skiing By GENE HANDSAKER LOS ANGELES (AP) He : never button bis ministerial robe. Seatctimtt be lean an elbow oa the pulpit ' If another speaker bore hit. bT silently translate the dull - snowotogut into Italian, Spanish ar French or surreptitiously studies populatioa figure from pocket calendar to keep himatif awake. ' ' ' - M YEARS SERVICE Naxt year Rabbi Edgar F. Magnin will complete M years with . the same congregation, oa at tb biggest and wealthiest hi faith. 1 Yet this "poet' ia tb pulpif" good-Mtund maverick," ab ha beta' called, baa aatew writtea a sermon. H rtnly announces a sermon sub- - 2andingxundr the eoaring dom f Wiishlr Boulevard Tamplt, wllich a alpd huitd m l he speeks pontaat-ausly, from the heart. To nreatrt. at read md- Itasly1,' omtim finding rime i for.thi by parking sua car oa , Bquit aide street. Ia the pul-. pit ha Ignore hi aotas. .' - - If he runs dry. he (top. His preaching maxim is: - "Don't ever bore them." .' , . DOESN'T SHOW AGE " Bhtnt, warm . hearted, la-. formal; heavy -set. with ample . doublt chin; 71 but mora like a vigorous is), Dr. Edgar Foget Magnin la: Spiritual leader of a lM-year-ht aongregatioa that, iactudet 1JM famUita, Jack Benny and Eddi Cantor. . ' . Leader of reform Judaism tn tha-westera. United Stat. A "dear friend." la the words f Jamea Francis Cardinal Me-Intyra, Roman Catholic Arch-btshop of Lo AngeJe. -f"A fine scholar, real gemle-' man aad a wonderful aelgh-bar.V'. says a nearby leading Ftotestant' pastor. Dr. William ..Meyer of Immanud Presby- tariaa. . ' ., . ' And. k the words of a grateful resolution by tht Lo Aa-gele. County Board of Supervt-tort: "One of th great spirit- aal leader of America." ' .The resolutkxi was voted f J r catitroveny threatened ", H' i ('1 Slalom Course a Challenge Om of th top thrill in - w lr kiing comet when you . pii.yeur skill against tht regu-ItftMi tialoni count. In tht upper speed ruitt tht slalom court pose a challenge that tdy tht tru champion can nfttt'but at tht lower cpeed 'tbt treekend akitr caa find ikrOl gal"-'' A ratulatioa tlalom count 'consists ol M regularly (paced . buoy anchored solidly to the ; bottom tiM art gate an ' boat guises to direct th boat . ' arteng tht centre e( the count aad lii are coniewant or turn. ln buoy., Th color of tht . too type of-buoy should b different tig eliminate any ctanct'of confusion to tht akitr or boat, driver. The American Water Ski Atsocla-tio. Technical Committee ha approved th colon Green and . Red for us on slalom coune. . Red for Hi gates and guide and 'green tor the .turning bttoy. ', , III YARDS LONG . ; ' The entire course is exact-rf '111 yards long and M yard wide. Tht distance Jong the centra line from tot '- taming buoy to tht next is , IIS feet. Th turning buoy are 74 feet from tht centrt liine. The distance between th ge and beat guide i alm? ft. Rabbi Mqgn i in 50 Years With Same Congregation tb traditional staging of th Nativity scene last Christmas ia Lo Angeles' historic pfua. Tht -Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, a Jewish rv- ica organiMUon, ques tioned the legality of putting the display on public property. Up spoke Rabbi Magnin. himself a past district , president of B'nai B'rith: . . "Human relations art mora important than legal technicalities, r Jews- respect the great J teachings of th Christian religion. It has been n mutual relationship." s f ' That settled H. The tableau went en as usual.' BORROW CHURCH v V Twice each fall at Roth Hathana, the Jewish New Year, and Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement the overflow from Magma' temple fills Imman-ml Presbyterian's 2,0 - seat sanctuary. ,, ' 5 This Is a hit of reciprocity going back years to when both congregation were located downtown. The Presbyterians' aging building was condemned, so the7 next Sunday they rented theatre. "What foolishness!" Magma said when be beard of ft. "Our tempi isn't used oa Sundays. Soviet Lags Behind In Button-Making By JOHN BEST MOSCOW (CP) In th Soviet Union' headlong pursuit of industrial nd scientific preeminence, a number of gaps have been left at lower level of th economic teal. ' Thus th nation that ha led th way in space exploration ha sometimes failed to provide its 'people with enough of the things they need for everyday us. ( - Many Russians recognize the Irony of the situation, aad a campaign Is under way to rectify it. .- " - A cat tn point is th button. "It it mor difficult to find a j CE1 - i - .CANADA'S TRAFFIC DEATHS 4,000 ' The buoy can b anchored to the bottom by various method ranging from cement blocks to "screw in" type anchor. Light polyethelen lins can be used to connect th buoy to th anchor. t only" know' of on complete slalom court set of 14 balls, red and green, available commercially In Canada. It costs about tllr However if yo don't want to go to-the- expense of buying good slalom balls court can b constructed by using whit on gallon polyethelen Jan. These ar th Jug that bleach 1 sold in at most supermarkets... - "; ' The' object of the slalom course 1 to turn around th contestant buoy which art alternately placed en either side of tht course. Th boat, of course, drive traight down th euiddle of to course a indicated by. th gates and guide. Afier a successful! pass through th court .th boat speed Is increased by two mph. ' BOAT SPEED . For competition skiing the boat speed begin at 2 soph for all .classes except men. who begin at 2 mph. The top speed used in competition is 31 mph. After that speed the A XI 1500 1 v '52 '55 '59 '63 .,road deaths climb. .; Intensified traffic safety programs art being In- V, .iroduccd in alrnott very province this year in an . ,,f'ort to reduce the rising number of .traffic deaths -en Canadian road. . Fatalitie hav been climbing ; ateadily tinea 1958, at shown on graph tracing road f deaths ainca 1932. StatUtlc "for th first quartar.of. this year Indlcat th number of traffic death In 1M ! ' wrffl eurData 193 record of 4.1M. (GswevntM enaiwi i- rope Is shortened by 1J feet then in Increments of six feet. This ha never happened as It Is re re to see perfect run at M mph at Canadian tournaments. ' ' ' . Just to giv yon an idea of th staling pact that must be maintained at the' speed of M mph I could mention that "it-takes t ha boat only II I seconds to travel from one end of tht court fo th other In this incredibly short time th skier must raecros th course not Just one but six lime letting up six high speed turns in the process. It takes a highly trained skier to reach perfection at 3 mph and th shortness o' the Canadian season explains to a certain extent why w don't' tee too many 31 mph run. , I don't Ilk to dwell too long on the high (peed runt for Just as much fun can b hd t th slower speeds and it-! safer too. There is great feeling of achievement as you, progress up the speed ladder ' in slalom. ...-.,, ". 'I' would recommend the you use a special water ski UfeJackef tor all slalom ski-, tag.. At the high (peed that ar sometime reached en slalom course a ' lifebelt Is often prone to being ripped off In fl. S Come on over and use It." Tht Prtsbyttrian did, - for several weeks, until they got new quarters of their own. 'Magnin' book-lined office I on tb second floor of the tem ple, an imposing, tan -.colored structure with marble, paint ings, mosaic and stained glass In n complex that would cost il3.000.eo to reproduce. Magnin, on leg up on a cor ner of bis desk, his voice boom ing. Impetuous, crackle with quote like: - - Tv long thrown put th old techniques of tht mlnittry. A minister should bt a human being. H hasn't got. a private uiepaon tin to Qod. "I resent ministers who .know it ail, who make themselves special agents of th Almighty, who talk in a falsetto, whining, monotonous rok through their adenoids."" ' ; In-, hit half-century her bt hat seen a diminishing in ami-temitlsm, . be t a y s. thanks partly to th National Confer, ence of Xhrittian and Jew and, locally,. the University Re ligious conference, of which he la president, at UCLA. A dotea different religion use the same building "W believe in dis agreeing agreeably." button an ordinary nice-look. ing button to match a suit color thin to tk grand piano fa the fifth floor of a small- apartment house." said the nun. licatioa A Week ia a recent is- u. 1 . , . ' Tb wrltr, .V, Veselovsky, told of visiting itore here called Button. Though, sup- poaeaiy specialising in audi appendages, this shop offered him only one type of button (or hi now ull. ' V. ' ne ataea w see-ux com-plamti book. It contained "hundreds of notice from unhappy people who lost hours and day us quest of a outtoa. ' A person with a blue suit was , ..i ito m aye u ..Because "our factories don't product blue button!." Women complained about buttons with pasted-in loop "as auraoie as the stems, of toad- stools in hot weather." , Commented th auihor bitterly: "We learned to make good material and we learned to ew, generally speaking. And now our woollen shirt may be distinguished from a foreign-mad on only by the button And it hurt." - He talked to tb director'and chief engineer of a Moscow factory which produce Ht.MM.Mt buttons a yar. . .. . "Everybody criticises us," the director told him.' "And you are not right; w have many achievement." . Moscow' House of M e d I s uses buttons designed in a special workshop at the factory, said 'th director. And fashion designs from th Hous of Model had won prires abroad. "In on word, w lupport th prestige of our country on a International scale." . ' - Noting (hi "very nic" button on th director' eult. -the reporter atked who mad them. The director was embarrassed. , "This Is a German mad suit," h rplld, ? adding hastily: "But w r going to tart production . ef such but tons." . -THE CAR - - - - Howes Uy, I don't know martyred expression a yea a ARGENTINE CREED Sister Mary Cult Schisms Develop By ALFONSO MAURI " , BUENOS AIRES (Rutert- Som 100, people in Argen tina believe that at the turn of the century Christ was reincar nated in th person of a hum ble woman known a Sitter Mry. ' . - '' When ah, died in 121 at th age of 71, ten of thousand wlkd In tear to th cemetery. For months, her tomb was a mountain of flower. Now her fame, although lest spectacular, tar probably mora solidly established. Her follow er registered their faith and their church, and bad it listed among the official denominations In the country; They built chapels and community, halls, and produced a doctrin. '. MARRIED TWICE - ": ' Sister Mary cam from Spain a child. Her nam waa Maria Salome Laredo. She was married twice but-left no children. When sh was ; under the influence of "tear" Jncho Sierra, the decided to become "an instrument of God." r , ' Sh preached throughout the country and bar home wis visited by a stream 'of pilgrims anaious for relief of their spiritual and physical pains. Sister Mary' bom ha been turned Into n sanctuary by on of bar disciple, SisMr Leooi-das, to whom ah left th bom. Tb drawing; room hat become tb sanctum of tht Initiated, who flock around Sister Mary's 7-yar-old heiress and keep on Woman Fined $200 ' KINGSTON (CP) Mr. Dorothy Mount, 53. of West-port, Ont 40 mile north of her, wis convicted her Friday of causing bodily harm to a 83 year-old real estate salesman. Sh was fined 1200 or three months.. Arthur Herbert was shot In th hand and the abdomen with a .22 -calibre riflle. He testified sh (hot him because be refused to spend the night st Mrs. Mount's cottage, i Evidence revealed that the woman shot a hoi in Herbert' car lira nd alto pumped a bullet into a tire on her own car so he could not leav. ' Herbert spent the night behind an ice house. Mr. Mount found him the. next morning nd travelled by motorboet s cross Devil's Lake to get help. V"v,V ' ' ,; - ; I Herbert laid they had been! drinking at the time of the Incident. 1 STOLE BIBLE William Maynard Moor. 32. of 523 Bay Street, - pleaded guilty to theft of a Bible when he appeared ht Ottawa Magistrate Court Friday. H was sentenced to six months bi County Jail. Police said Moor was with several ether persons who were ransacking car on Parliament Hill Aug. 13. Moor was chased by police after th theft of th IMbl and a jacket from a car. Only th Bb was recovered, ( '. . " :." a,' v' GETS STX MONTHS 1 ' ' rtvv& V .At Edouard Gervais, 41,. of OTTAWA JOURNAL , TOONS soul who can put oa sue a can! th place packed with wreaths and heirlooms, including a hug doll en th bed where sh died But, l:k most other religious movements, th' cult of Sitter Mary dvlopd ht own schisms. Sister Leonida Inherited Sit ter Mary's small estate.. I Eleuterie Cueto, on of bar disciples, inherited her spiritual authority." CLAIM KNOWLEDGE ' Consuelo Quinteros, Cueto' widow, and Sister ' Loonidas each claiwi to posset the whole truth about Sitter Mary' mission. . . ,-' Her follower claim to be ChristaVna. But it is doubtful whether Christians of any orthodox church , would accept Cueto -tenet that "Sister Mary i innst reincarnated, because th Word (Christ) returns to this world and choose a differ ent body every 1,M years, and this Urn he chose that of a Spanish peasant girl, twice married, who surrendered herself with ipoftles and preached ner faith throughout th province of Buenos Aires." Car, Truck Collide, Three Hurt Three Ottawa men were injured Friday night when the car in which they were riding, was In collision with a five- ton transport truck. - Jean-Guy Decarie, 30, of 63 Pinehurat Avenue, and Joeeph Decarie, 1 88. - of 733 Albert Street an recovering in Civic Hospital today from what police describe a sever lacera tion and head Inhirie. They ar listed as being tn satis factory condition. , " i. : A third' man, Raymond De carie. of 733 Albert Street wit treated and released from Civic Hospital. Folic (till hav not established who was driving th De- carl car. . . " Truck driver was Gilbert Bills. Tb accident happened bout t.45 p.m. at the corner of Booth and Head Street. Th 1933 Decarie car was wrecked. REFUSES TO GIVE DATE WASHINGTON (AP Chief Justice Earl Warren refused comment. Friday when atked when th report on th Ination of President Kennedy would be made public. There have been report it probably would be released about Sept. 14, although this dat may1 be - subject . to last-minute change. J rjEt-JS Bolton Street, wit sentenced to av total of tlx month In County Jail in Ottawa courts Friday on charge of theft and assault. Gervais first appeared before Magistral Sauv and was sentenced to five months for theft of money from parking meter In th By Ward Market district July 23. Then h was handed n extra month by Magistrate Carter after pleading guilty to assault i causing bodily ' harm agiinit a Rldeau Straet restaurant owner. r - e, r - - a - t ' tt i. Frondizi Blames me and my friends," Frondizi charged. .. -' Interior Minister Juan S. Pal-mere saidhe personally would apologize lo Frondizi ' in his capacity as titular head of the federal police and would offer police protection in the future. Frondizi; who became president in 1M with the help of followers of de posed dictator Juan Peron, was himself ousted Sole trntfm aMrsatW to the iMKerttsM ia Moloe BTOvMrd toy The SI. Urnnn Inm Authority wbwtt sn mark TENDER FOB CONTRACT NO. 4SJ" srhie are with rotpm la rna BEWoi.iTtoM or tnk arpaaaTnt'CTCBB, . or aaiooi no. i-wiujms camal win he rwwlv at the offlet ml The St Ltwrraea trawar Author. My. Mm jlir nuildin MS Cooper Street. Ottawa 4. until a p.m. CD.ST. Wednesday. almbr S. ISS4. ' ! Plans, Bpoelfleatlons. Porma of Tsndar. Labour Condlttasie sr Form of Contract may foa obtained, by . applicatloa to the offtre of th Chief Encloear, SIM Ttrnrr Street. 7th floor. Montreal. PS), or the SerUry. Majestic Building. SM Conpar Stroet, Ottawa 4. Ontario, or the Project Director. WeJtand Canal. SSO St. Paul Strait, . Ht. Cathann. Onlarw. on th payment of on hundred dollars istooooi which will be refunded upon th return of th sbov documenu In food order wilhia thirty daya of th dat Itxad hove for th return of tenders If not returned within tb above period the deposit will b forfeited Tender deposit lor a sun of not lose than ten par sent lfc of the tender price must be provided in .accordance with' the terms of the Form of Tender: or,- In lieu of a Tender Deposit, a Bid Bond 1st the amount of lav, of th Tender, conditional upaa entry Into a formal contract In the form exhibited with th tender documents and apon furnlahlnt aecurity acceptable to tha Authority, ahall h provided. - - - Only tenders submitted la acaordaace with our saaeifieetiom . will bo considered. - . , ' ' Th Authority does pot bin aay vendor. ... .. , 1 . V . i THB T. LAWBBNCB SBAWAT OUawe, AataM It, ISS4. . BUENOS' AIRES (AP) Former President Arturo Fron- dizl of Argentina Friday blamed President Arturo lllia's government for what he called an attempt to assassinate him at a dinner party Thursday night. A gang of gunmen raided the dinner party, attended by (00, and wounded four persons. In cluding Frondizi'i brother. Fron- disi was not: hurt. Tb gunmen remained at large Friday. From official radio and tele vision, the government is creating a climate of hatred toward Canadian Jailed By Hungarians BUDAPEST TATT" Chris tian Reuter; a Berlin-born na turalized Canadian was sen tenced Friday to three months imprisonment and a fine of $140 after a Budapest civil court found him guilty of at tempting to smuggle sn East German girl across the Aus trian frontier by car. ... British Tmbassy sources her said tb court Included the time Reuter spent in custody pending the trial in the sentence. He was arrested June 7 and therefore will leave Hungaryunder aa expulsion order issued by th court bout Sept. 7. KtX SERYU SAYS' . 1 AeeeuorUt TBANSISTOR " l6XmOl KIT. Manotlra Motors iSporta Car apeciaiisui. , a . i , . PABT AMD SXBVICB '' , Att Batlhm Cars ' BaeHah awn Ltd. sit-aste AUTHOnlZlD IAUI AND BIBV- tee. Morris. MO. alley an Wot-askry ars. . . . " BBAVrSB AVTOMOTIVB aertrlee Ltd. Sit (tiadatsna. 1U-SSS4 . ' . ami nv nioht ALL EXCHANGE UNIT AVA1L- , able. Also forotan pans, service. weioins, gaa. on. tffpnmnt T rtOOT END ALIONMENT. brake special lets. Korfmen Brake and Allanment sa kW Edward AvasHl. i.M-eiit. . mZE TEST1NO. Fit KB VSTt- metes, free cheeklns on the veil trie. Hy s Badlator Co Clean- Ins, repair,, rocoros. SS Wet- ' lint-ton. PAS-tea. Vphohterf PAfBINO TWUCK BEAT . cushion. Comber Auto Top Up holsterers, sat ttuoca. lu-ias. i i .'H'i AU. CEMENT WOBK DONE BY Terry Contractors, euarameea a to s years. Always check with a eeelatarod contractor. Freo est!- aiaiaa, s Beoaths la pay. xjS- sto. -. AtX TV V PATIOa. WALK. curbins; (uarantead. free aet- Biotas. 7SS-S13J. CKMENT WALKS. STEPS, PATIOS and stucco. rre estimates. 7ia- v r nxwT Attn LAWNMOW- erm. aeneraf repairs, isa Wood ruff, laa-sss. .. TIOH BOOMS, BEFAtftS. i. free oatimataa. A. Bruce umnoo. naj-saa. A. JOBAMNSEM asr loos 14. ttS- . VERANDAH. ALTERATIONS. ator fronts and oooiiiono. ro-palra. racreatlon rooma, rooflna and rhlna let. You nam tt, what- n at ana w 11 o r Just dial the BIO an w 11 as H today. BAVE8TROUOHIN0. RIAION- Ol prices rre siimaies. e. u. Oervln Ptumntnl and Maatln, 1X11 Bank. TSl-t.1l. , . a - CAVEaTRntlOHINO. SATIRFAC- tlon luaranteed. rre eatlmaua. B. Oryll. m-toa. , AVE STROITOHINO SUFPt.lEO and inatellea: onioerina jomia. auaranteod workmanarilp. free estimates. Anytime. 131 4tl, HUGH M. GRANT 322 Cttherin SL ' .236-7103 ' kENTAL SERVICE ' , FLOAT SERVICE FILL FOR SALE '-: FRONT END LOADERS , COMPRESSORS ' . DUMP TRUCKS "SHOVELS BULLDOZERS BOAM RUBBER AND FOt.YFOAH fabrk-atlns Beattla Foam Rub- bar. U Baosavalt. FAS-SOue. Co,um" contains list of rtpvtable, qualifrtd busliutssM 4 "who art rdy to im you. Donl dl ull today. I J MrKVOT BROTBEB ', U E rot Street .,' tll-l (STABLIttHED tela. FASKINQ GUN SHOP BROWNTNO DEALER, BUSHNBLL Scopes, custom re load Ins. sup-plica, guns traded. Service for the shooter at Bay's Ova SUttavUle SM-4M. TOWERS ; PRODUCTION. ST aparka Street, JJS-esil. Cloaed . aaiuraay lor Aucuft. ... GENERAL REPAIRS. FOUND A- Ikma. patntlns. eacavat las. cerncnT work, rroe . ISA-1741. DISCABDED FVRKrrURE. CLEAN .up rafua. removal- to cily dump. Moderate rate. B.LJ- si. - McELHERAN. TODR LANDSCAF- er. sarden loam. Free of ood, atone or etae. rioaapt dauvery tM-ua. TOP QUALITY FIELD OD. Ir . per aq. yd. -. North Cower, esllact, ' ' MANDEB1.8V SOO - TOP QUALITY MERION BLOC eraas and mixed bin areas, nur- asry. aaa. an-stot. - FIELD SOD. lac PER YARD mm 190 yards. Sts-tos. , " e ' ' 1 TOP QUALITY FIELD BOD, !t a a, yard delivered, paeae collect Kamptvllie tia-tiat SPECIAL LIMESTONE. BEOULAB 10c, reduced ISC. Cedar trees. wallstone, soda. T-l ill. .I i. '. BABN- NVB1EBT SOB TOP QUALITY MERION AND Hehn a Blue. Ala No. Nuraory Sod at reduced price. Paeae collect. Oreeler lee. BALE. PATIO arrONEa. WH1TB. red. tree, black, re recta, assets. OUtN ACRES COB USE OUR CERTIFIED MERION Blu nursery end and W G loo-acres Bland. SU-ltet. . wren kii.LiNa'nd FERTII.IE- lnf. BeaMcntlal. Industrial. Oon-eral lews aprae aervice. Phone X3J-S17S for Otuwa. Hull area. ; ANNOUNCEMENT Aftr April 27,' our offic will be located on Highway IS IVi mile west of Bell's Corners. .- ' ", -; Our Telephone Will Be - v. S2S-9115; ' Mailing addra ; BOX 223-B, OTTAWA ' Hare Equipment ' , - ltd. NATIONAL PRINTERS LIMITED. fine q uallrv commercial I ins. til Preston, CLS-IML LO-MOR PRINTER SOCIAL. vMnmerctal prtntln. photo, o(f- aet. weddin - rovnaiewia. Clooceater. CI For Information on MR. 8ERVU call 31 Gov't In March, 1ML , Anti-peronict military leaders Imprisoned Frondisi 'until th government ordered h(ra released ia July, inn. - ; i The invading gunman shouted "Viva (Long Live) Frondizi" and threw pro-Ptron leaflet in the restaurant. Frondizi claimed this' was.' a fake attempt to blame Peronist groups. KOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Itself Ss accept at - I B. BBLAMO, Serretary. ArTBOBITT r UP TO I YEARS TO PAY for the brat In warm air heating, call Hubert Stov and rumen Ltd.. 7K-HS. M AN HOUR UP. VETERAN ran mi. Moving, tsb-psoo. INDEPENDENT TRANSFER. S4- ly coniraoia. Alao piano aaovuic ry-y inaurea. ux-sii l : A B IO UTI SATISFACTION. . paperhanslns: Inside, outside painting, reasonable.- McCallaa Bros. CE1-4411. . . e - CONNOR PAtNTTNO AND DEC-orating. Interior. strlor apa- -,ciallaed and eeutpped in Soims repainting. Quick, efficient errv-fcra. Fro SMussHS PAa-SM. - . P. MacKAY INTERIOR EXTERIOR PAINTTNO. papernanaina. rre aturw.ia. work 1-WT. ALL PAVINO JOBS DONE BY Terry Con tract ore. guaranteed t - to S year. Altaaya chock etth a registered contractor. Free ea-tunataa. 14 atonUie to pay. MS- PAVINO DRIVEWAYS. PARKTNO areas, patching. Worst suaran-teed. Thlbeault Pavtna 1X ssss... FORREST BROS. PLUMBING and heating Fre estimates. work auaranteod. Time payments, he pairs our specialty. Night and day orders invited, cu-stas. . .. REFRIGERATION. SALeX, AND servlc all branches Mnr-rienn a. SST Prseto Street, au. Jii. ALL BOOFINO AND REPAIRS dona by Terry Contractors, guarantees 1 to S year. Always check With a regietcre its-tract rre eetlmale. . s months la pay. 13-1 tot. ; : QV1INN rNSULATTON COMPLETE ROOFING SERVICES. all wore guaranteed rroe eett-male. Tetephon ay ar a v e-nlnga. PA1-U. CANADIAN CRYSTAL POOLS BY A Brut Bsnsoa Limited, tu- . . . . WELLMAN CONrRETE LTD.. for rolnfnrcod pool,. Bale jms xs-iias. BLUE LINE TAXI. 14 - HOtTR promtK arrrtee. tati cis-iiu. RED LINE TAXI LTD.. S4-HOV aarvlee. Call US-PS11. TXH yUEPtKiXG TOOLS SaABPENEO, CIRCULAR nana aows. praclatjoa work. Guaranteed. ss fot. - ELECTRIC. BTANDARD AMD portable Rem in at on tpewrners. . for aale l rental J M. Mill and Boa, lit O Connor. CU- i. 1J i j 23S-7511 '.Jl. V-

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