The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 15, 1964 · Page 30
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 30

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1964
Page 30
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Page 30 article text (OCR)

T "WWW PTt'f I I a t pi nym i ea my p a ' 11 SO THE OTTAWA JOURNAL SATURDAY, AUGUST 15, 1964 -4 V v. if 7101 COTUK ttn Rt Jill .(Coat, treat tatMlM Oolunuli MALL fmvATt un it , , mllee put Thurao. 110.000. hall WATERFRONT LOTS ON PAT-' teraoa Lain, M mlta north of Perth, t mllee aut of Wateon a tornere. as ana tio par loot Roly Peraooa, BR 3, Litnk, 111 (OTHKS WAITD . JT AHMLTOH ASIA. mimwT. able lakoelda cottage, geeoa ,,. nan Augieu. 3i-eie. 711A lOOBIS Const anci lake lodge cot- uin tor rant, boat. Telephone n-3U- fcXRl CUAI VACANCIES, housekeeping cotugee, boats, l- - 000 ft. lata iwimmina beach. aparloua lawn, picnic ublea, out- - now nrvpiacee, tenting grounaa. I Reeesnable. Write Foran'o Lodge. M I. Eganvllle. 712 IISIN0S OPNRTUIItTia AUTO MOBIL! HOWKOOM. OP- , aquiunKiii, atratvgic ,,p lata aua. .aa-ieii. BAWKESBURY. GROCERY tor, ehowtng annual turnover of 14J.6M. Aaklng prica 134.500. Lao Brunt, Raal tatata Brnkari 133-aMa. evenlnge 733- 0370. BULL, HARDWARE. OOINO CON. earn, eeUbltahed raeantly. excel . lant location, - parkint. Baaaon (or calling ui health. 777- M0. 771-il. I O T I L AND RESTAURANT aqulpmant and auppltaa- Oval : Bar and Flxturoe, 701 Somereet Wait. CE3-S143. INVENTORS. DO YOU WANT TO aaU or llcanea your Invention on each or royalty baalaf w r 1 1 a Kaaalar CorporaUoo, NC-000. Fremont, Ohio. - : MACHINE SHOP, IRVING Awnua butldtnd. - maehlnanr. etoc ana tooia, neaiuv Tle-SlOt. 140-7741. MO CAPITAL NEEDED. GREAT ' aayporiunltv for anyone Intereet ad la etartlng own buatneia. . Store plua living quarters. SIS 770. evening lSS-4121. HOE REPAIR SHOP FOR SALE. Altar a. f t i-aj. OFT ICB CREAM MACHINES. alectrle troaaa. new and weed. C. - Marcoux. TTl-ovla. . store;' rideau street, be- iwean VHrnovriens-ivinn ' v- ward. o'W-ajos. evetunga 7 , BOMEO'S , Saaaka Saap -'" ' Bldaaa St. IDEAL FAMILY BUSINESS. . food leaao. Call Vara Bebaa for detaila. t3S-431 or oranlnaa Tn-t41T. Royal iron, -aiaaiior. BONALB C JOBNSTON aumatt and Baal Batata A re prior I-aoI, Btabara OIOBtO M ACRES WITHIN UMITS OF Amnriar. Suitable tor Induetry or kouamg. Entrance Hlshway SXCELLENT HARDWARE B U 1 1-aaaa In thrtvlni Ottawa Valley oommuauy. eaw.ova win nanoia. T- t NURSING HOME r OPPORTUNITY . Buay abaantoa awaar haa largo SO bedroom hotel, - St mtlea from Ottawa. Haa largo dining Would Biake excellent hi homo ar hotel tor eentor ettiaena. Will rant entire building Uoa plua heal. lanaa ana tnauraace. only thsee able to auko U.0O0 or ' collateral dapoall as rental oaeartly Bead apply. Apply I L. XAPELLER. . . J R. BESBIN -1 Mlcnaal tU Ottawa' 711 mum CONSTRUCTION AND CONVEN tiaoai loana. GuaUlted anorala- ora. Crawford Realty Laaltad. . cii-oaai. : CURRENT MARKET RATES OR "let and Snd mortgagee, residential, oommerctal, city or out of -.1, anwn. Private fuada. Baa E-ajO. , journal. FIRST CONVENTIONAL WORT, ' gaga loana available. Bonraue ,, Mortgage Placaaarnt Agency, . os Cork Avaaua. TU-Mal, ui- aeaa evening. WILL BUY AND LEND SECOND . mortgagia H. J. Dwaaa. IS- oieo. 1ST AND SND MORTGAGE inana I wiu pay anorua lend money an them. Hon tore 911 Uagae treat, I3a-M71 or 793-0701 "X rntST AND I SECOND MORT-.. . gagea tear aala. Boa E-aaa, Jour nal. . " MOBTGAGB LOANS ONE till a, MORTOAOE, ONE law BMBtMy payment. Flral or aaignt, loana on aB typaa of Braneruea at low current ratea. Phono T1I-ST40; evening T Sex. Mataoaad Capital lavaaV . LOOK i' , Mara M lal , i CHOOSE YOUR OWN VONTULT rvpaynwnta ea first and oaeond mortgagee at ao extra oaat to ' you. If thla ouggaata o aalutMa ' lor your money ptuulonaj. give " vauraalf a welcome break. Cali CEO-OUS. William , CONSULT Ottawa's Isrieot AiTantors of i ' MORTGAGE LOANS Zftt all IndnatrlaL aaainiirrlil - and loaadiatlol mortgagtag ra eutretnanta by aaOlag , - GLENVIEW ' . INVESTMENTS ' (Ottawa) Lunltod . T7 Mrtxslfs St 336-919S 714 vanmt sua ADO. IS OR SEPT. 1. 440 BQ. ft., 1 entrances, loading areaa 744744, tao-oiTO. bank gTmxrr, Ottawa soirnt, . . SJMM) aauara aeat. a : Oaya, T-TaJ0. 191 AO SALE JMLfBTATa UFB. AVTOMOBILa. ' -tuan laauranaa. awathry pey-menta, . Ckarlaa MaBrlda. ' CBaV-i .' ANTIQUE CAR. 1010 6URANT. nod eonatnoa, H.oaa onginet ml lea. Iota of eartre parts. Aaklng 4350. Tja-tltf. Bargain, o5 ' vauxha ll. (500. a-dner. very good a o a d lr tmn.t cream, no rteja, Janntnga, Oaa-JlU daytime; BFBT OFFER OVER 044 OETS . tmawcolata 1004) tllltlll Valiant. 7M-I330 toi Autos mun. ICoat, tram wreceaBn Column) BU1CK lost. BOAJ3MASTEB SE-dan. automatle. naw tlraa- radio, aaoallant running condition, ona ownar. ldaal car pool trane-poruttoa for college etueeat osier, rea-eoaf. BUS. 1MO VOLKSWAOElf. Ex cellent aaadiuoa. 40 h a. recoodl tlonad angina raeantly Inaulled We bava purchased a new Volke-wagen window Van ao anal aaU our old ona. $1,071. TSS-M7S. CADILLAC 1955, SEDAN, GOOD concution. T2X-TN0. CHEVROLET 9t. AUTOMATIC. a cyimaar, aritnnai c a n a moa Ilka naw. low aaUaasa. Ttt-7a09 CONVERTIBLE. PONTIAC. 1M4 cuatoin aport, fully aqulppad 1U-113S cTanlnca. ENVOY. IBM, GOOD CONDITION, toos. Call attar . 7ta-a4M. EXCELLENT RUNNING CONDI- tum. 105 volkawaaen, bua typo, 1M4 platca, MJJ. 740-4377. FOR THE BEST DODGE DEAL IN towa caia -Baa Sauil. 7M-0O7O. INSURE TOUR CAR WITR F, Norman McFarlaaa. CES4094. JAGUAR. 4-DOOR SPORT SEDAN, 4-apaad atandard tranamlaaton. Bucket aaata. Bxeauant condl tioa. W75. FAB-mS. JAGUAR XKlrO, FIBREOLASS Hardtop, tu-7021. JUNKING 1PM MERC. 1051 AND iaa uoata. atl parta lor taw, M4-BM1. LEAVING CITY. MUST SELL 10U Ford. A-l condition, clean, beat oner, ttt-obii. METEOR IM1. STANDARD, f cylinder. Moor, clean. S30-MH. MINI MINOR 10. DELUXE. food condition, 7M. foot Bloe- aofn unve. MORRIS MINOR CONVEBTBLB, xo Donald, after I. MOVING TO NEWFOUNDLAND. Sacrifice. M00. ItSO Ford, auto matic, maw. J -door. 733-0494. MUST BE BOLD IMMEDIATELY. 950 Pontlao baurantian BOaar hardtop, Immaculata aandltloa, fully eaulpnod: haa baaa prlvata- ry owaaa. . wilt., finance, ay monin. TO-a3tT. ; OTTAWA I LARGEST SELECTION of Engllah care and aoorU con vertibles. 50 to choose from. All reconditioned and la top oondl- Boa throughout, from 424 and up. Percy Camera, 43 Mont real need. T4p-aiea PLYMOUTH 1040, NEW ENGINE. one owner., asza. Taa-sssa. PONTIAC 1037. 4-DOOR, S CYL, aerreet eonanion. ire- culate. 1 Best offer. a. TtO-7300. PONTIAC 1041. WHITE. S-DOOR. automatae tj ai'isinlsslon. very good condition, naw I area. 1 own ar. Private. May ha ftnaaoed. PRIVATE. UK VOLKSWAOEN deluxe, excellent condition, reasonable. 133-1447. STUDERAKER LARK. 1941. cylinder, automatic, radio, excellent condition, clergyman own. ed. 41,450 or beat oiler. IS Blackburn Avenue, 231-4470. VAUXHALL VICTOR. 1001. EX. cciieni condition, one awaar 050. 133-0033. VOLKSWAGEN 101 . GOOD CON- dltlon. Call Rockland 74)1-4007. VOLKSWAGEN, 1000, ONB OWN- VOLKSWAGEN. ItOa. DELUXE. vary good condition, $430 eve-alnga, 740-0037. WESTERN CAR, 1951 FORD. Re built v-s. oaoo or oaat oiior. Can he area at Ml Ball. Manotick Motors Sportt Car SpecUtUU ' Lotua. Austla Baa lay. MO, HIGHWAY 16 . a2S-2SSS , Selea Orrloa Open Evenkaga Tueeday and Tkuraday Until fm. ,. . ; MACK ;, TRUCKS MANUrACTURlNO COMPANY OF CANADA , - HAVE PULL STOCK OP PARIS FOR ALL GASOLINE AND DIESEL MACKS Service to AO Heavy Out Trucks. . 255 ST. ANNE STREET. EASTVIEW " 745-15134 MORE AUGUST VALUES IBM CHBVT H etattou wagoa. . eoulppad, radio, heater, outomatlo COitO el 101 CNEVROLBT 4-door Bel Air, with radio. Beater, UT $2695 10 CHEVROLET ' otottea . . wagoa, radio, , heater, ; '. automatic, power brekea. 19 OUtbMOBILB Super 0. , radio. Beater, automatic, . power praxes, power t- $2695 1MI PONTIAC Btrate" Chief r-r$i85p IMS CHEVROLET W-too park. "$1695 Ontario Residents . Do Not Pay ' Quebec Safes Taxi ' GUEST . MOTORS LTD. , Aothorlarrl Oevrolat, Carvalr, . ; Oleamoblle. Savoy and Chevrolet True Dealer T2 LEDUC STREET ; HUU 777.JTJS 101 - AOTOS m SALE (Caaa. from Preceding Column) WRRCKINO 10SS CHEVROLET, 0 cylinder, reconditioned motor, an pana. rri-eeer. 04 00 A WEEK 1 WILL BUY YOU a 100 VauxhaU deluxe aedaa Ownar tranaferrad. WIU consider offer. 710-544-'. 104 OALAXIE oov FORDOR. DE- sirs lor. powaf aoulooed. 4, 000 mllee. Mark Thompaoa, S33- aeaa, evenings 714-7143 1004 FORD a AT. AY TV gad e.nnnn hardtop, equipped, trade i a a d ems ecvepien. 741-aaae. HaM CHRYSLER SARATOGA eat offer. CES-TOOl 1944 VALIANT, V-100, FACTORY warranty. 01.100. 733-1477. - IPS3 FORD GALAXIE XL, S-DOOR , hardtop, bucket aaata. beet of far I for ajuaca aala. 7X0-3470. ltdl TBI. VERY GOOD CONDI- Uon. owner muat mil. 744-4407 IPS! VOLVO lias, FULLY EQOT7- paw. penaci conouion, uj axa-iaua. 1943 FALCON FUTURA. LOW mnsara. aecrlllce, pi .too. 7JO- asvi. . I08S CHEVROLET 4-DOOR HARD. top, fully eoulpped. weekend nyecai. o vote eeo, jsptgee noea 1943 VOLKSWAGEN. CUSTOM, DIN. ( 14.000 mllee. 01.190. Pope pat toi office boura to 0; Tto-0004 einerwtae. . 101 CORVAIB MONZA, EXCEL ami oonoition. wa-ooar. 1001 CHEVROLET , IMP ALA S- daca? Hardtop, a cylinder, automatic with power eteertng, radio, whttewallx wheel discs, ate. Only 43.150 at United Car Mar- aa avi nana gtreev i3x-booo. ISM BWSfVtS J.STS I Bnss automatic ana radio, 01.000. zu- fuei. faa-aoa. 101 PONTIAC LAURENTIAN. I- aoor naratop. good coaaitioB. 7aa-aaae artar a. 141 VAUXHALL wtra-o ear. 101 VOLKSWAGEN VAN, Ex cellent condition. 710 ajyi. after 7 101 SPRITE MARK I. GOOD eonanion. ssuu. s.s-ssoe. 101 BUICK LB SABRE, 4-DOOR hardtop, 01,454. ruuy equipped 134-0100. 1941 FALCON. AUTOMATIC. radio. Excellent condition; tl.100, or beat offaf. 730-0314 ..WAIT.,, SEE THE ' "BEST IN TOWN' 1963 OLDSMOBILEM J-door hardtop. 1963 PONTTAQ convartiblt, 327 V8 angina, power tsaritif and ' brtkea, ' bucket seats.'-' 1962 PONTIAC . UurenUan , sedari. ' tllRcler, 'automatic. - i ' ... " - "v .. 19S9 BUICK -door sedaa, autonutic and radio. HYDE LETT AUTOMOBILES UTX . 479 BANK ST. 234-9525 27 1959 CHtVROLETS to choose from' -''-'at;:.-. :-v he Big Dealer" BELISLE Here'a One Ezarople at ' ' Big Savtags: " ' 1950 CHEVROLET Blscayne 4-Door Sedan ' . Autonutic t rant mission, radio, completely recondition. 1 owner. Wag S1.4B5. N0W v $1295 AUTOMOBILES LIMITED Tour Chevrolet, Corvatr, OMamobilo, Envoy ana Chevrolet Truck Healer U) MONTREAL ROAD. OTTAWA Eranlnga 740-1 04a, fMMt MYERS ; AUGUST SELL -A - RAMA i ALL UNITS REDUCED '. . IN PRICE ' . " 1961 CADILLAC . ' Coups de Villa ' , 2-Door Hardtop '; Automatic tranmlMrOO, cua torgr tadlo, power equipped indualnf power windows and -wav power spot, dark blue hi cot or wltk matching 2-tone .:,:.$3295 MYERS ELGIN at CATHERINE 333-365 233-S411 . BELISLE" 101 AUTOS FOt SA1I : r (Coat, tram Preceding Coltuna) 1941 CITROEN ID 10, IN GOOD esanas. raoio, front ana rear haatara, defrosters. Superb cora-fon and roadablllty at MM. 414-7447. - 1941 FORD CONVERTIBLE. BEST ",'. mmw eew, ise SUTT. 101 FORD SEDAN. RADIO automatle, oleea. . Aaeopt trade. faa-vaai. 101 PONTIAC IA7JRENTIAN eswaa, eutomanc. lataaacuiata eondltloa thrournouL Can ar range 0 Bnanclng end WIU accept mae, 733-4311. 114 AUSTIN HEALEV SOOO, good oondlttnn. t tope, at oar extrae. isa-ian, Tae-epsa. 101 CHEV 1-DOOR. V-l. AUTO- matic, radio, oi.oos. 134-1104 leaf vii iiw inenuiet le 00 mllea. exceptional condition, private, .aiwa. inu-. 100 CHEV STATION WAOON, 4-door, V-l, automatle, vary v,rM. etve. .-.! tva. 100 VAUXHALL DELUXE. GOOD eondltloa, 11,000 anuea. 4430 134- aaaa. 10 ENVOY SEDAN. MINISTER'S , ear. Bucallenl condition. Will accept 2S mootalv. 733-0314 1W FORD OALAXIE SEDAN. V-l autoroatla powered, radio. 140- 4007. - CONVERTIBLES 144 CHEVROfJCT ItnpaU. 1S CORVAIB htonaa. IMS FALCON Future. 101 CHEVROLET Bnpela SS. ' 1031 SUNBEAM Alplna. 401 FORD Fab-lane SO. . 40 CADILLAC. ARCHIE McDONALDf 280 LAURIER AVE, W. J 235-6723 .235-6723' aMT-A ' 1962 BUICK LeSABRE , .4-Door Hardtop Power steering, power brakes and radle. Special for weekend. Onl? ..-..-. $2595 ; CAPITAL DODGE. . CHRYSLER 1554 . . 1962 CHEVROLET - BISCAYNE 4-Door SUtlon Wagon Autoatotao tra nam lesion, ana. . tore radio, arnart Ivory and red t S-one with red vlnyi Interior. tT'TURPIN yTOrniAC. BUICK LTD. 424 Richmond Road . . . 726-1717. . 1963 PLYMOUTH e evllnder, avrtosnattc. radio; etetallle green. tOlO0. araatchlaa anterior ...... - i -,., PARKWAY -The Brifht Spor . , RICHMOND ROAD 21- 729-3121 1964 CHEVELLE Malibu coo- . , . vertible, equipped with radio, neater, sQtoma-tic transm luion, V 6 , , motor, power wtadowe, windshield wash ers ' wheal discs, whitewslt ,' tire. - padded dash, 3J56 miles. Finished in ermine white with ssddle tan Interior and matching top. Balance of new car warranty. Priced v ' at .... $3395 1963 PONTIAC Parisienne eonvertible, equipped ' with radio, beater, automatic " trans miMion. power l tsarina. 6 cytln- i der, windshield wsihers, ' wheel discs, whitewsU tires. Finished is tuxedo block, maroon Interior and whiU top, 23,174 CABELDU'S ' Your Authorized kick, ' PonUsc, Acadian. Vaushall nd CMC Truck Dealer, ALBERT at BANK 235-4371 1957 ; FORD . . 4 DOOR HARDTOP V8, power steering, power brakes, radio, automatie transmiMion, maroon, ex eel-lent eorrdltron. A TadQ real special ...." '''' it ' TERMS , ' 1 ; " . AT JIM BROWN'S ' Ottawa Motor Sales , YOUR FORD DEALER ' 1850 BANK ST. let Walkley Bead) 733-6931 CARLOTS AVE, 729-3116 - 1047 , 72941 : CONVERTIBLES ' - x X I I 101. AOTOS M SALE ' (Coat, from Preeedlng caiuajai ltd VOLVO. P V. 144. ONB OWN- ' eidHF-di w wwwo4uajB. 1000 PONTIAC LAURENTIAN aedaa. radle, heater, new pauat 01,400. 433-1441. evenings. 100 rQRD, S CYUNDBB SBDAN, 111 PertUnd Avenue. 100 OLOSMOBfLB 04, FULLY equipped. whltewaU Urea, p a r-- feet condition, like new. R'aaon. vompanr car auppiaao. esa-1 USJ. 100 CHIVROLBT IMP ALA CON- vertibie. 0, automatic, . SlJOo. 14-7lf. 100 STUOEBAKEB- HAWK. S- aoor automatic, s cylinder, radle. dual exhaust, aeat- belts, front reclining aaata. s saw Unas. original paint. A-i eondltlan. 01.320. 7I0-O141. 1030 FIAT 1300 gPORTS CON. veroble. good condition. Muat - eau. i)9,iii. 13 VAUXHALL, SS400 MTLBS las, oto-ioar i .,. 103 PONTIAC DBLUXB. CYL- uiaar. auiomaue. custom radio; parted condition Inside and eut- eioei private, urgent; muat aell Immediately, 0003. 777-3000. 1030 , PONTIAC. CYLINDER a aa oa I a, Bvua ITIIIIMM tlon. 7il. 7H-T703. ! PONTIAC. VIRY CHAN asv aeiu, easy aarnav rAO-0741, I0SS CHBVR0LBT AUTOMATIC. raoio new paint.. 713-7703, ITO rONTftC STATION WAOON. orionwy- use new. at a u r 1 0 a Motara110 RMeau Street, 134- vase 1 CARAVAN STATION ruatea. Dot running. Bl 30 nff-r , V. , . , Manor. Rockellffe. 15 PORD SOO. HARDTOP. BX. cell, PP. aeu ' out. 'lieni. Ol.wa. 713-1477. 13 MBTEOB 1-DOOR MARD- tpp. v-o, automatic. Fully aeulDped. Spotleaa maMa and out. Will Snanoa throuah any hank for 030 monthly and will accept any trade. 7aa-O310. 15 bTETEOR STANDARD, gooo conaition..raato, aatow urea, 015. : 730-0300 . IN PONTIAC. CYLINDER, clean, good running : oondl tlon. n.OQJg. 733-7700 1030 IMPALA hardtop, s cyl- inaer, Diaca witn tea mtarior. 131-47S0. 15 CHEVROLET, -CYLINDER, autoaietie. paoo. 733-4300. 151 OLDSMOBILI 1-DOOR hardtop vary good ahape. 4730. ISM PORD. BADIO. STANDARD en in, neet-eiiar. 1 1 1 aaoi. 16 PONTIAC. 1-DOOR HARO- top. fully equipped. Beautiful eondltloa. Will flnaaeo for 1 atonthly. TSS-eilT. . BBBNNAN BROS LTD. I - 111 Well la (tea 170-1407, 110-3330 IM4 ' CHEVROLET COACH: IM4 Peatiaa s door hardtop; 104 Chevrolet aeden; o4 Ford Oel-aaie SOS 4-door hardtop; 1(04 Cadillac coupe S-door hardtop. ISO- CORVAIR COACH; . 143 Rambler -etoUoa wagon; 101 Conoul coach. 1043 Chevrolet eonvertlhle. IMS Poatlao oadaa. loos Consul Capri. 143 CORVAIB MONZA COUPS: IMS Rambler oadaa: loss Chevrolet oadaa: IOCS Ford OaUutla too Bdaar hardtop: loss Chev rolet aedaa-. 1041 Restaur! Cat- velle sDOrta coupe 101 VALIANT SEDAN; 101 FIAT coacau loot t;awralet 10 VAUXHAU. VBLOX SEDAN: 100 Volkswagen coach; IBM Frentanae gedaaj laoo Austin Cambridge aedaa: 1044 stude-hakar etotaoa wagoa; loae Chevrolet aedaa; loeo Meteor - aeaan. 1P VAUXHALL VICTOR Se dan: 1030 Chevrolet aedaa: 1030 Chevrolet elation aragoa. - I 130 CHEVROLET SIX-AIR S- awer BMtap: 1037 Chevrolat . CBNTUBT MOTORS , 44 Bladalena at Beat SIMM 133-1771 NO DOWN PAYMENT imi CADrixjtC rurraann Beery possible extra, t ewe IMI OLDSMOBILB HARDTOP. fully powered. 1103. IMI PONTIAC HARDTOP. AUTO- matre ana radio, like bow. oi.iej IMI CHEVROLET. RADIO, SPOT- leaa. turn. IMI COMET DELUXE, AUTOMA- ' r' avaaua enralkassaaa. V ,aWB). NM PONTIAC SEDAN. BXCEL X leBBtK aBMBIwrVatai4awas SiSI MANY MORS TO CHOOSE FROM CfABELDU'S '-, DVVN PRICED. . SPECIALSX ' SAVE UP TO $500 ,195? TO 1963 M0DaSN . IMS PORD GaUxle SM oadaa. equipped wltk automatle tranamlaalan, radio, heater and power steering . and other extras. Finished In tuxedo black with red . Interior. Down tTQC Priced to daVaVFe I OLDSMOBILB 4-dor By dan. equipped with auto. matte transm Isaion. radio, heeler, power eteering. Power brekea. Finished la iMMh, rilM. i, , 1 uc wita matcning interior,. ' enrara a-noaa $1695 S-door eoi af leal rwrvanT ry dan, equipped with radio. hMlM J 1 t. - w e.enwesw transmlaalon. Finished In lovely hortaon blue with matching Interior. Down ...1295 IMt COMET alatloa "wagoa.1 equipped with radio, heater and etandard trana-mlaalon. Finished la alt. ver blue metallic vltb t . matrhlng anterior. Down . : .JJUi$U95 IM BinciC LaSebre 4-tfoor , aeden, equipped with Outometle trarMrmlaalon, radle and heater. Plnlehad In tuxedo black with matcning grey interior. ZT ? $1095 IM Mini AC 4-door aedan. equipped with heater and etandard tranemlaaloe. finished in tuxedo black with gray Interior. Down Lr! $695 ' AT . " ' CABELDU'S Your AurJtorlted Bulck, . aontiac, aXeadian. VauxhaU and GMC Truck Dealer AXBERT at BANK 235-4371 toi - loroniua (Coat, (re 1SST PONTIAC HARDTOP. v NO rust, motor, body, axed lent. Leaving city, 0000. T13-4331. 1037 DODOB CUSTOM ROYAL S-door hardtop, automatle, good eondltloa. , 4300, ar peat offer. ae-eee. . . . 1037 VOLKSWAOEN. GOOD CtiBVlWiOfo 9309 OC bMM Obi 497. 1 V'-'-' 103 FORD FAIRLAME. ' MUST aell ImmedlaUly, radio, good Urea, low snileage, perfect eaotor and body, very diaaa Interior. Asking sue, private. flSrOtl. PONTIAC DBLUXB SEDAN. perfect eondltloa throughout Will finance for sag asoainiy 7U-O310. l0t MERCURY. GOOD CONDI- tlon; 1933 cnav wagon, reasonable. 133-1430. " 101T OLD8MOBILE AUTOMATIC, radio, S10 or east enec.. isa- 13 CHEVROLET. NEW VALVE llftere and valve Joe,. fill ar heat offer. 730-1717. tM PLYMOUTH STATION WA- oner. 171-370, after I. IN TRIUMPH TB 1, VERT OOOD eondltloa, wire wheele, S4T. Tit-ill. 13 VOLSWACEN. MECHANIC' iir nuna, very cms. mu prere 49. Cue. 147 RicbtnoadMRoad. 7ia-oe7. 19 FORD 0- toool R HARDTOP. goad motor. 724-3815, beat tti from p.m. to t pat. 15 BUICK SPECIAL,' MOOf, radio. aoo. oia-oaaa. i PRIVATE, MUST BELL 1H1 OLDSMOBILB. EXCELLENT conoitioo, muea. Ullage mvnea. isa-aaia. 133 BUICK, BODY NEEDS worm, eacaptionai for caah. 333-4 40 ISM CHEVROUtr. ORIGINAL offer. 720-3004. 104 CHEVROLET BEDAN. 104 licence, ea to. (7. -An. 1034 PORD CU8TOMUNK. SS0S or Beat offer. Ttp-ioaa. 194 CHEVROLET. ALL FRONT end perfect, parta eery eneap- 7U-1130. nail, evenmga. 1033 DODGE SEDAN. LICENSED. rune wall. 045. 740-l3l, after a 153 DODGE COACH. VERY good condition. 723-aua 1M CHEVROLET. OOOD CONDI tlon. Deal offer, iie-iaae. , WSRDMABK MOTORS , Chavreiet . OMaaaeWaa . St-1 or Carp 30 IMS BISCAYNE AUTOMATIC: IMS Chevrolet Bei-Air aiauon wagoa; IMS Pootaae Parisienne S-door hardtop: 141 Acadlaa 1- door automatae: i oadaa. cars. ' TAKE OVER PAYMENT 1M FORD STATION WAGON, SI S weakly. WIU consider re. aonabie offer. 71-0371. BKPOESION IMS FORD V-. AUTOMATIC. radle, extremely good randltloa 03 3d .weeauy. . 7ia-aj7i. -' . taaa aaa rTDl . irvsi witn ' ss,s,i.. , , many artsssuilaa. 43.00 ertflaai mllea (vertflaalel, body and run ning gear fat puperB eeaaitioa. Hlaheat offer. Ceil Sandy SIT hatweea 3-00 evealada. BSTTRB DEAL THAN BEALEB FOBCED ; TO SELL 1K Mercury aadan. showroom a e a-ditlon, fully equipped. Hat ever pa-aoe, mileage i.twe. aaeex casn offer, wiu eiaaaigar oavau tt-aao, .50 CARS . TO CLEAR FULL 30-DAY WRITTEN GUARANTEE WE GIVE ' GOLD BOND STAMPS RICHARD AUTO SALES 453 Rideau St 23J-5793 THIS WEEK'S SPECIALS IMI MTTOOa 4U, VI. -,tfp-. Mtle. rsdoVts triMtect aMtt , srr.. $2195 141 CHEVROLET 4-door ate-Hon wagon, automatle. : whltrwalla. a k a o lately . uke a $2295 1M1 rORD Ftirlaiw S0A. vt. ertandard trpmmlf1nn, ,-..$1695 IMS AU1TTN Cubrlt w. dan, i-Um grvy 1 atui $1695 CANADA MOTOR SALES (Ottawa) Ltd. PAUL CARDINAL ; Limited.. 1259 WetlinftonSL 72S-1S36 . Austin-Rambler Dealers ' iUlOiWAJtlO ALL MAKES OP LATE MODEL ueed earo wanted. Pay cash ar ' trade up or down. Ctotatl Motors, 44 Oladatona at iCaat. 133-1771- IMMEDIATE CASH FOB ANT stake or model la par foot eoadi- non, gae eaaa. LET MB SELL YOUR CAB FOR . rod. I nave the time, otaoe aapertenoo end eaa arrange a financial transaction. Call Joe Marqute. 333-7344. , NEED CASH? HIGH PATOENTSt Arcme McDonald wiu tauy your ear for 4op ease, arlaa er trade aowa, roc maapsr ear ana ei nd Bart credit ea car at later dele. Arrhse McDonald, 100 La wrier West, gss-anu. PRTVATELT OWNED AUTOMO- biie, an perfect aoodiuoa. , Pay eaan. r-Aa-eaae. PRtVATELT OWNED AUTOMO- bllaa la parfett, ooadltloa. Call erievf. - RIVATELV OWNED CARS PER-feet. axmdlaoa, CasOW 7JB-1IM. aae-oiOB. WE BUT LATE MODEL OM AND rora proaucto. 710-0104. WE BUT CLEAN CHEVROLET and Pemlace, pay top cash prices or trade down at D a m I a I e a Autemokllee. 1044 Car ling Avenue. 73-3rr7. " WILL SELL YOUR CAR ON CON- oignmant for top pt age, tae-aarg. 102 AUTOS WAna - (Coat- Treat P.oredtng comma) PAI ffR'S AUTO WBSCBKBS CANS AND TRUCKS WANTED tot wrecking. Ml-iou. -Albion S03 TRUC0 AXO MMl FUEL dL TANK TRUCK, lM OMC, new motor, f compart- menta, I.S3V gaiiono, iia-ioie. NEW AND USED. SCHOOL BUSE8 anion atotore IBellevlllel Ltd BellevUle. Om. Phone W01-43M NEW AND USED SCHOOL BUSES. Large stock on hand. Factory distributors for Bluebird Bua Co.. Braatford, Ont. See ua before you buy. shepherd ssosura, nieaanorui. iUMte 77 TRUCKS. PICK.LTPa. ILL VINTiS ana maces, call Ken gey ntour Motor Selea, KemptvlUe, 13- MOS. " . IcSivROlXT 107. TON. STAKE body, cattle truck, par (act. 430 04-1101 IMI CHEVROLET PICKUP. LONG pox, very good condition. 3133 ia-aeca. IM CHEVROLET 1-TON DUMP. food condition, new tlree, tl.100; OA Chevrolat U.tna. Inna how 4330. Harry Heeley. carp 14- 10 GMC SUMP TRUCK. ASK-Ing M3. Also IMI GMC 1-ton with Woods type body. Aaklng eese ssajij or aaa-aarr. KEN SEYMOUR HiChway 16 ' INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS 23S-235S KemptviUe IHC li-ton pickup. IS. POO mllee ssasIImmI imm. aiuea . . d i OQC I at.? J ISM mCiB-IM, e-epeed with lspeed sale. Ml- wheel. v condition v $1295 ,M,!rrk?-r-$400 IS5S IHC V-U0 Hl-Way Trac . lor, full air, completely -"T" $3295 IMT GMC ,-ton pickup. Ilka aewiv tl. , yDJ IP9T FORD la -ton pickup, ex. eelleal ..;,. ene condition i 4OTJ imZZt-' $1495 IMIl INTERNATIONAL ti-toq aw USED TRUCK , SPECIALS IPS PORD tandem model IM. good oondltlmt. air . hraha. . IMS FORD SO tractor, air : $950 Ma VOLKSWAOEN van. ....$450 ..WHITE MOTORS' ; CO. or CAN. LTD, ' . . Blossom Psrk. . . Queensdaie Avenue, TA2-2500 , THIS WEEK'S " SPECIALS ! 4 t V1 . ;"' . HI VALUE ' ' USED TRUCKS . r PANELS AND PICKUPS IMO VOLKIWAOEN $400 .... $150 leas mercubt . a 1 r.7H TRACTORS IMS INTERNA COi'Vl , TIONALB PJOO J'UU IMS IfTTEBNATIONAL " VU. aqulppea . $5000 INTERNATIONAL , , HARVESTER rompsay at Canada 819 INDUSTRIAL AVE. OPEN EVOS. AND SAT. 1 ' 7314201 104 mm OARAGE WANTED, VICINITY Cartler treat. 134-1004. . SOS KOTCSCTUt. , IM BOND A. IS CC. PERFECT eonanion. Bucktngham 444-3BAS BTUW AND CO. WB BELL AND aERVICB HON. da, BOA. aad Hartey-Davidaea motorcyelas; also Vaaae end kbu eeeeiere. aoo ona i7 Baaa Street. 134-or,l. tot THE ROMAN CATHOLIC SEPARATE SCHOOL, BOARD, OTTAWA. ONTARIO Staled tenders will tee by the underaigned until o'clock pan., aeptembar 1. 1044. for the conatructloa of 0 S . elaaaroom ocnooi, una. library an edmlnte- trauoa bkck at Heron Baaa, Ottawa. Ontario. Oeneral Contractor any aetata Ciena and epeclflcetlont from T. V. urraVjArehltect, loal Merry ale (100 0 to be retmburaed when doeumenta are returned IB gee condition within one week follow ing closing date of tend era. Sub-contractors for at Blumbnut. heatma. ventilation hi electrical work - muat enter copy of then tender to trie unaergignee not later than g e einea pan., aeptemoer a, laaa. Laweet or any tender not eerily eenpted. . autiaturtfj oauuiji, Administrator. 14 Cumherland street. Ottswa, Ontario. 10 I I r I- ' .' U6U NATIONAL CAPITAL COMMISSION Buiumcs ro DEMOLITION ONLY Sealed teadere wtH he recoil e aatll boob, Wednesday, Aug, 14. 1444. ay the aadsrstanse) far the dssaelltlea af ho faUewlavg hutldiBgai .) I. S-J7-T. ST Botelar atoeet ' aingle aterey fraase aaer-masonry wartheaai aad eeTlov a. a-17-1. t : atarey reuslmead eooerete and aterey crease . ana IB aad ware- 8. S-17-. I storey maaonry waraaVataao. ' Piaceduieo and' C4adltiana' f. tendering end securing of PeraBto tor Inapectloa of property may ao obtained front the National Cap!-, lal Ceeamlaaaoa, Rental Office. 11 Carling Avenue, Ottawa. Tenders wiu be opened la public la the Board Room at the National Capital Commission at 1S.IS pjb. on the day of closing. The Casern tss ton reeervee the right , la releet any er oil tendera. , ( D. L. MCDONALD. Director of Plennln ' CITY OF OTTAWA Daa3ut3B4rt Of IlaSBuBg "eg , , vat Work . RECONSTRUCTION , -in OP SIDEWALKS , Sealed Isadora ailrli seead 4a the t-nairmoa mwtm esemueie at Board of Control, wiu be received ' by lie Secretary. Ctty HalL Buaaaav Drive. Ottawa. Ontario, wp to 10 pat. fdeyllghl aavln tlaval - , TV BSD Act OUT. I, 1P0 ' construct lea ea the PallawM etreeta: . Lyaa Street aeat arora Baiefltca Avenue to Ftrat Avenue. , liek BiMMst Beat frena LAurtar f Avenue to Borne root treet. Bank street weat rroaa aePertar venue to Somerset treat. -- -. . aii. - Lugar street Nortav froat Bank Street to E-l Lot 47. i V sauoaa ptreet noma irean smbhs Street ta M ir W. E L lot S. Ouaea street Weat treat AJaart Street to Queen Street Bank Street Weat front Arllrat- . ton Avenue so seesaw sr - Bee fMsBS aUaaar Streetx to Spark tree. . t Street to MeLarea Street. , . e.b SHm Vwth f ream Hlk. ealfe Street ta I-L lot 14. . u - ba tsiess ssbttB- Avenue to Foarth Avenue. . , , Thld . Avenue South Croat Beak Street ta Driveway, Bank Street to Driveway. - Gleoresler Street North tTB". Perry Street ta Bronaaa Avenue , pecifieelione. tnf erajattea a a i Forma of Tender mar fee obtained treat the Boadwayo Bretvch. Boom . e-e vie. aimer Danartinant df Plaanlng gad Worka. City rUW . - mi.., rtnieria. The Corporation doea not btnd tender and ta Particular at enly V IS leceisoo vnv viii. a right to select it. A. T. BAarrr. w . .. . .. City arfc..'ie. Ottowo. .' . -;. , Aug. Ilr IPee. . crnr or Ottawa iVuJls-t et tiBBhit snd Wsrks ' " RECONSTRUCTION OP GLADSTONE AVENUE , Board af Control, will he , .received ,, by llo aeuotcry. s-ity asau, ea - Drive, Otuwa. Ontarta, tap to SB ' m- loayugns eweuea , TUS0BAT. SBPT. It.' I(M .- . . i. i.eii,M ed Ateek letone Avenue from Bank aareet ' o a-ia Street, Canaraat No. . . . 'e -: Seectricatlona. miormencai save k. eauatitad . 901 on application to the Reed ware j,. Branch. 1th Floor. Depestmsstt of v Planning and Worka. City Halt. a DTtve. Ottawa, wtawao. The rivmrattoB doae wet Iteelf to aocept the leweet. or eat at aerticuiBr n emr i - - she. f-itv reoarveo the right to reject U. . A. T. RABTT.T. City Oerfc. ., 11. 1M. - - otuwa NOTICE TO CREDITORS ta the Batata of FOITJ BLi BLOS-SOP, et the City W OttewaM late of the City rfOttewa. ta, of July. IM4. ere hereby notified , to aand partlcularo af oame to , r the uiideralgned. ea er before laa, lews, anav w n iv m , e.i. mMt he Slili ill ills tl ird only ta the e la tree of . wnn-n Mie e""", --- aottce. and the undersigned wall", not he liable to any person of whom claim oaey onaii Bat waaa have notice. iwa netaen thai SBth dap : Of Julvv 1. - . at. layni at. rfsuoeat aa l Executrix ay: DIVINE and McOOVtRN, 1 . Barristers and aolsrltora, e 43 BMeau Street, Ottawa, Ontario. , ,o.,-i Her Mlettora. ' , NOTICE TO CREDITORS h , AND OTHERS la the estate-ef FRANC MART i LfOKl, er tae cat at onawa, i ta tae Ceaatv of - Carletan, ' Narea, Beaeaeed. i . , h ; . I All DOTrMfBt toTtPaC CUIfM IMltJl ( Itaak sfaem gas? tKeB gekwwwa. garraAael ' diraaaaa. tale ef the City e Ol- I lawa. in tae s-eunty ea taricieaa, : who dead on the lath dey at June, f 1M. are reeuared to Me aceot a I eame with the underaigned ea tor i before the at, day af Ssptambat. I 104. ..... -u - 1 After that data the Estate will 1 be distributed having regard only to the claims ef which the eerier I signed aaaU than have had not lea. t DATED et Ottawa Bua 4th daw 1 Of August. IBM. . - f GUARANTY TBUST COBTPANT. , or t.A-iAua . V I , . . EXICVTOB ': N I Bank atraei v - OTTAWA. Oatarta. . j By DEVINB and McOOVERN -4 Rldceu Street. OtUwa. , - Ito Sol Ic Hera. - j TREASURER'S SALE OPj i LAND FOR TAXES . ; ,; CITY OP OTTAWA ' r 'Publle notice tt hereby glvca f met the llal ef lande ka the City af Ottawa for eala -Oca- sue.,. of Usee, end retee end ehargea : rayabie an Usee eenaputed la the-. let day af Pccaml.ii. 141. aaa mb prepared; that coo lea thereof - mey he hod et my of flee la the Ctty Hall and that the as Id IM haa baaa aju hi acted la the Ontario Gaeette ea the let dey ef August. 104 and that bt defeuN ef pay ment of the aaa teaea and raise and ahareoa payable aa taxao and coata, the asm lenda will bp oold by Pubiw Auetiaa. at the City Hall, 111 Suaan Drive, m the City af Ottawa, ea Wedieaaney the 4th of November. IM4 at the hour of tem-Uiarty ecteca at the (ore- -.- i,V J. II. LOWTHER, Commissioner ef city Trl .1. '

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