The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 22, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 22, 1918
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. THE. DAILY COURIER. CONNEI.LSVILLE. PA. EUYING AT HOME RESULTS FRIDAY. PEBRCAKV 22, 191S. _4 : -- THE ENTIRE COMMUNITY The buy tn ConnelbtTUle campaign it strictly adhered to, would prove to te .the greatest cooperative aflilia- Uon' with' tl« ultimate results of great benefits to iJl. classes,, becau*»: N 1 jy^Flrst -- It .yould increase : th» volume fnT.all builneU' and thtrefcre the ;VproBts and tlhrldeads of airflrms. - j*Se«m*7-Tlie eip«nslon .ol "business ' »»d WoBt» Vo«ld; increase the 1 , work-: '_1»»- force* and' aalariea. ;."'-" "·:.; V; "; Third-- The increuo of business would naturally. .increase the-.popula- -. tlon of our cttj.^v;.: : - "..'^''KA''?,*"^- ' .:: rtejrth--Th«; Increase. ot' population nwuis expansion oC; territory,",: thereby . a large demand for raal Mtate. resi- ' ' 1 " ^ - "' ·· '. Je. . ·: : " ; ! ¥ ; I: It . Fifth -- It wonld^natrirally .increase the depbaita of our banking institu- · · ' · · · tions,. and' give rtiie. money .-markets a broader-.elasticity:-^ ",'',,!--{;:'.;.; : : . . . -Sistfr-rlt would. maJie'.Cbnnelisvil}c'i a greater trade center,"" .../.' .-;·' Seven'thT^It, would .hwito : invest- ( menta' iif manufacturers. ' - 'Eighth^It'would' become necessary to/enlarge obi- truck farms and stock raising: · |- ' . ·;" : ' · · · ' ' · ' · · ·"Ninth--It would invite .'out-of-town'' trade, because our merchants, manufacturers, truck farmers, ietc., could ^compete with the wbrli 't.'Tenth--It iWJovlii.-entirely eliminate the'mail order houses; keep our money at.;hpin'e,'and select merchandise with our owrr -eyes, cheaper and better, from as good selections as. could be purchased, in the United States. At MB lAJUKOtHT. "NBtELt ' BUJUUED."-- Starring Hadte Kennedy, the capable young comedieane,' whose work supplcment- rd' tin lau*h-»roTokilig situations ot Hariar«* Jaayo-a acreen version' of - .3UM. 1 * J» Wing presented to- TSe "Nearly Married" situation it thiat at a ynonf couple fho ha»e «aamled became the husband ob- JKU to^l»Tini bto wife's brotlier ae- eomaany tbeia on tl^r honeymoon. it: la- a rapid itri' eonuKly-'-with action frp«i_;i*art to teih; fl»J a Bwift'suc- ' l»Ud to ;»tertain a nation. ion» happenlnci InroMsg bridal coapl*. who become aeparated within a couple of rcinwtea' after the wedding .'e«moo»r -is terformed; \ a proteeiional . oo-reBfradwrt . with an Cbnneilsville friends. _J V J. 'Doiigherty of Connellsville was here on business yesterday. ' Ivefson Morrison ot Hill Bun was a basiness'-caller . . Mr. 'and Mrs. John Dahl of Mill linn are spending today'.with Connellsville friends and shopping. INDIAN CREEK, Feb. 21.--H. L Fisher spent last night at his lumber camp at-Roaring Run. ·; . ; Mrs. Emma Krepps of Miil-Run is spending today with Connellsville friends/and shopping. ; "W.- Barg'er of Indian Head is a business caller in Connellsville and Urriontown today. Mrs;'Ralph. Baylor returned to.her home in Connellsville after spending a few days among Nebo friends. H. B. Smith of Indian'Head is a bUBiness caller in Conuellsville. · R e a d the adrertisetzieota. Mrs. 'WiBiam Turner of Connelte- yille spent' a few days · among friends at Killarney Park Inn, ' , . a friend who takes' things Iwtsnw by trying to .repair the ^·"^rTf done and a Hindu Innkeeper Jirokei- bottle* strewn hi the road, ' provides fan'that teHterallr fast and furtons, Mark Smith, who played the part . of "Tom.". ik the\ original stage production ot -Nearly, Maried," has the same rede in :the : inrpport'6f Kiss Kennedy. "Nearly Married," when presented. several seasons ago In New York, was an aH-waaon Boeeew at the (tetrtr-jUmtr* and played to-tre- mcniloM ·ndioinVae tTirnngJiont America. Monday, ..Emily Sfarrens will, be leen lm ; "iOayore«k," a Ore part Metro »ttracto»n e«.»BU«Ul interesL Friday »nd Satnrday, Mardi 1 and 2, Alice Brady'-wil! be featured in "Her Silent Sacrifice," a Select picture. Mabel Tallarerro trill appear sooa In "Draft v;«^»;;-llirtro. : featnre.'. -AaoUwr at- tractjon to tw shown in- the near ta- ture.jii'.^Saandal," In which Constance Tahnadct K l«atnre.L GREAT DANGER AHENDSCRODPAND WHOOPING COUGH fcj- tfce Hlgkeat AmthorHtc*. 5iv« the. c*ilW».t once-a quarter of a tejupo.nfur*of ITorkolft- Jelly. ·· All soort drurgiita h»v« thia. In a minute the ·little patient \rl)l feel a gentle Rlow throughout lh« throat and", chest and the hard choking matter will be easily coughed up.and expelled. /\.It's 3imj»ly wonderful hoW "·· quickly thic pleasant, tasting- jelly acts, and all mothers whose .children imrter from snofflew, cronpy coughs and colds ,ton- silitia .etc., are strongly advlsod to -hav* a email jar on Hand for emerE»r_- clem. , It will .aav* yon many nnitou^ momenta. Forkola never fails and every druserlst-In the country puaran. t«ea it on th« money;.back-if dlasatb- fied-plan, so try Jt at our expense. · Brine result*. Co*t onlT lc a word. ··AMIS AND THE GIRL", the Paramount ybotoplay which is appearing- here today and tomorrow, follows closely the stage version which met _with...such snceoss n. few years ago. Blllie the Ptar.. Briefly, the plot .is as follows. An American girl, ·traded i« Belgium »t : the opening««t«nt % . war, iknqcently ex- ehangec her pascpo'rt .with a Rus aian.jirl--a apjr. .Another American-a yoani nan, also helps the-Russian" ' Ctrl-by. the'loan of his automobile. 'Wbeia th* Germansisei2« the tpwn the two'Americans who have not beer aMe to eacap* are held for complicity, especially the man who l» ordered to *P shot "The Girl"» Kim by : declaring him to be the finance she 'few been waiting for, and as if to, * prove h«r statement, the German general orders, the two to be married at nee. Thia is done and the two young people find themselves is a'most em-. bamadng position. .The husband «s- cxpn, however, while in, the mean. time.' the real nance appears. The latter jrores himself to be rather a cad to tte aewry'married couple who are beeomrog very fond of each other resolve to do oothing aJxrat annulling the ceremony as they had planned. Altogether this-Is one' of/'the-most chansinxlr knviorotis and vivid photo- playD.otlth* »«asen.: "That Night" a IPJB cosmedir witi also b«. shown.- , ... TEK SOISSO5. ! .. - - . | ""WHY OHULfi GO WRONG."--Th ' ,-,,,_».. ,, -it SoiMotf theater.' _ _ jy 'was' a decided success · with.': · ' the large audience* who found much to interest them In the thrilling; skitx "Why Girls, Go Wrong." The plajrbe- ·jctni ai "a" rttrai'draaia with its. country atmoapliert and then the scene is coanged 'to a-gUd«drd«Dcin«"Ji«U' in'. "-- ' . "WhyV:.Glrls----.Go . .50 Pictures Baby Walker RUGS V STOVES "the Big Store Near The Bridge." ' Extra Special iy Saturday only The real Furniture values or the city are tO;|e had at this Sale. We purdfased the Leonard stock at a -price that permits reductions jtuch truly startling. If there is a need for ycur home that can be supplied during this Sale--by all means ii- vestigate. This is' a rare opportunity. Don't let it slip. Everything for Every Room J4 to LEONARD DUOFOLD SUITES AT Big Reductions Come with expectations high for you will not be disappointed. Suites in all .woods and upholstery--and every one at a saving. SEE WINDOWS. SEE WINDOW DISPLAY Period Bedroom Suites AT Closing Out Prices Then step into our Big Store and look over the complete line of fine Period Bedroom Suites that are being closed out. The Leonard Furniture Company had an enviable reputation as dealers in the better grades of Furniture and these, suites were among their best. LEONARD DMNG SUITES AT Real Savings There are still a few of the Leonard Furniture Company's fine Period Dining Room Suites left. These suites are now marked at final closing out prices. SEE WINDOWS. ZIMMERMAN-WILD COMPANY 154-158 W. CRAWFORD AVEPIUE ***·**»* ,D1CKY; VISITS THE LADY MOON." : Tl »A1CMA." uld'Dtckr one nlgftt u I V I hl manuua Itiektd him In hU Httl» I * ted. "Ui then'really and truly ». + | Clear, Peachy Skin I Awai.ts Anyone Who Drinks Hot Water BUILDING OF ONE OF AMERICA'S IMMENSE VICTORY BEARERS . Lady In the Moon r "Thaf. wbm( ;i»!T » y ,- nplled muuna, dntwlna- uld« t%« onrtalns no' . Blckir could '»«· tb. moon ti*fftnx like n MUrttr ilckl* In Ui» dark bin* kr. ·· Dtekjr^Jar .aMonc. tint* mttmr mminxna ItK-Otm room* watchlnff Cb^Saoon. "How Iohe*ame ah« muat 1e irlth Aoth- 1M to do." Mcbed THelqr ArowiHy. "Th«t'» «J1 ywt know about It," on*i ' Says an Inside bath, before brcak-f fast helps us look and feel * cfean, sweet, fresh. · . Th«n tHcky M.W till mtt* friend, 8qu*e- 4M. through th« window on tb« tack of an bid 'rrmr owt . . f "HftTrSrould you like to pay « vJalt to Lady Moon?" Sqn««4a« uX«d wbth tba *wl CUD* to rwt oo. th« foot of th* b«d. Dtckjr alwmya- rvftity for adventure, quickly jnm»«d out of bed and up behind Sqn«cd«e OB th« rray owl'i wtog, an*A. crat th* window th«y fltw. . , , Up. »p Into th»j»oft white elood* whir* th« merry atar* blinkvd. and winked at' th*ra from tb«ir tiny window* In tb» ·ky they flew. . . · . : : 'Boon tb«y readied the tnd of the moon. P«tb. and Lady Moon crevttd them with! her lorely ·mil*. Bar. long silver hair formed the attar atckle back of b«f, ·hlclDlT facets · · . ·., . . · "So you thlnfc I mu»t vet lonevoine. do your: limchwl l^dy MOM. "I ml«ht if I didn't bav« M much to do.;but it keepal tat bogy watchtoc my brother*." - . women and~fJrl», paitlcuiarly ; will- Ttesday. . Catoe'*-i»aw«rto£'araina. "The : Uii" : It', "will /'Be ji''noteiwortiy,:prerjj' ·citation li7eyery.."'way.":.'SeTerit,ap'dr,.',- ej.plaj[rr» : ''wiri aiveuC'. "There.'wUI r .bfc.'~ an.'^inprea»ed orchestra J and-.many: oth-^ er teatnrcs that tlie Sgiitty of this · rc-moiu play"aemand»: "The Chris-- tlan'-'i is : unqo'estionably 'one" of : the : ; greiiest dr«matlc successes v;df 'the ajeV-.; It was .. formerly presented ',,. by " jnss/TJotayi!ron in the ."^principal .' Uieiters of "the. country:." The"; latter-" hall of rieit week Till .he -given .'.over"-' to' this comedy .draraa. '"Lena Rivers/' ' DkAy-ilttinj' down- oil "th«- tip of : th»" · ' ' · ' 1 · - ' Sparkling and vivacious---merry, bright, alert--a good, clear skin asJ a natural, rosy, healthy complexion are assured only by pure blood: IE only ever/Lilian and woman could be Induced to adopt the morning inside bath, what a gratifying change would take place. Instead of the thousands of sickly, anaemic-looking men, WOT men and-girls, with pasty or muddy complexions; instead of tiie multf- tudt-a of'"nerve wrecks," ''rundowns", "brain, fags" and . pessimists we should see a virile, optimistic throng ·/j' rosy-cheeked people everywhere. " An inside bath Is had by drinking oach morning, before breakfast, -a, glass of real hot water with a tea- spooalul'of li-mestone phosphate in it i to wash from! the stomach, liver, kid' n~eys and tea yards of bowets the previous day's indigestible waste, sour j fermentations and poisons, before putr ; ting more food into the stomach. | j -Those subject to sick headaclie,.bil- iousness, nasty -breath, rheumatism, . colds; and .particularly those who · have a pallid, sallow complexion antf ' who are constipated very' often, ire urged to obtain a quarter pound of , - . limestone phosphate" at the drug store '! vfhicfc./will ".cost but a. trifle, but is j sufficient -to/ demonstrate, the quick .'j and-remarkable change\in both, health. i and ; .appe'ararj.ce,. availing those .who '* i^ v ;!^.^lW ; IN:'IpJ)IHG- --I .i = ' - : .: -.--'·--~-r'·'-"··.,'-.., : ' . Is Pjwb.rtiJlt3r.liini7er Somm«r .Ovring , . ,. tp-wiklrif r of^n.yTi.fbinr. brother*. : .W«it;', EMV North arid. South -Wind."': .";.'' -.' * . Now.:rW«tit:r'mjjd .aind: Sooth: .Wind ' " ' - ·ihem. Into - yo .. . ]-ivenIti((,:to/roc*io : the., flower- falrifti'-andx '·he ; M«] bb-dHhJrstb slee; .': ; :', "·' - Indian Creek". ' INDIAN.,,CHEEK.'Feb. .2o.^-lV. : N£. ITense! of .Mill Ron [s a basiness-c?.!!-- cr ia'CpaneilSTiile today.. . f · : · ; S..B; McMHlah'-nt.Kcsprs Mill.- Is .·.pendins tDd»T in ·Conneitsvillc:.; or. TMiuinens, ""J. "W, Barger of Indian Head is o ' boslneae. caller in. Connellsv.Ilie anrt * Biiioixtowii today. . Mr. and Mrs. N. S. T*rwilliger- 01 are spendint todar with - ---"But. North :WJnd and' : h--. £a»t.''Wind.,* 'both " mtschteroaa ; Jnwf^ ··Wfi Jhej gel Into an "argument. { .aliray^'lcnow It's tlnic to warn folks, : that .trouble-la ahead of the'ini-for^they ··; jpmcrttllyend· In a scorm. The/ooly way '.--. : :t-ltaTe of'wariilTijr. folks on'your earth : Is ^ · ( to hid* my : face he-hind'a'cloud." So, you " .«·,. I'm'kept jprctty.bosy." · .' ' / . '. ,.* Juat- then old-North Wind panic romp- ; "tip of the moon. -And it it hadn't been · . for. Squeedee catching him, Dicky might have.had.a"Tery;bttd fall: :: But.jray 'owl\', took. Dicky-.on hla winvi. a*aiii. and caj-"- ' rl*d Tiim" back !to. hjs IitUe.~bcd r juit aa ' .Lady Moon hid'her heAd behind a cloud. ; **Sh«'s sondlnr'out her warning," said" Dicky drowsily..and befor* many s*o- ondj the wind was rattling, the curtain* and the rain was comirt; down In tor- : rents.. MyJ wasn't Dicky "clad he wan lai ' Ills nice warm bed! · ' - ·- : j ! Local ^building concerns are .pes'si- . mis tic over, tiie outlook during ,'Ufe ;comings-season; -'Except-'tor-repairs it \ .is "exp.ected'.there will be-/ little on \ hand:." One^.of 'tlie chief .reasons will : -Ue' tJhe''. inability' to ^secure ^materials · except, at abriormally.-liish prices. /The \ ijiii ted'.'.'States - 'gbyejr» has- for! : mdnths'.'beea ; drawing teaTiijr on. : tije . lumber A supply .-for · ships.". - and army \piatonine'nt^: As'"long .'as-i,this con-' :'linites* i6;';is'said; : tliere,ViH be littlej : in. : the Tjuilding .]iae, ; foi* 'the spririg' and .['·". Just no.w.:- tbeire. is ,a.;.scarcity . of I poplar; a.builder.said;. --This lumber is j used largroly"'-in - cabinet - work and' j contractors;,are'exp.erien'cing trouble: j in filling Borders. ..' . · } Every merchant every bank ' and j i business man advocates buying at 1 ! ] home. Then .let us prices 0:11 ·syotir job work this coming year. The; i Courier Job Dept. THE LAST EXAMMATIOJ OF WAR'S DRAFT MANY STAR JUNCTION STUDENTS LISTED ON SCHOOLJONOR ROLL Fifth Monthly Beport Shows linroll- ment tu Have Beca 510 and Per- ccntsgc of Attendance 90.. A report ot the. schools of Star Junction, for the filth month,'.ending Tuesday, February 12, prepared by E. % Kamsier, principal, show.5 thai; en- .rollment lor the month was 516 and that the' attendaace averaged 90 per cent. . The .report shows the following by gr.ades: No. l-a,.Mias Ruth;Thorndell-teach- er, enrollment, .57; percentage of attendance, 80; class leaders .John Mohaw, John Brutrian, John Puskar and Helen Yonusko. ' . . ' ' . " · .No. 1-b, jriss Bertha Linderman, teacher, 'enrdllmeut, 60; percentage, 85;' class leaders, John Shovel, Frances Uricka,- Nellie . Thrasher, Elmer Lammie'and Frank Staaik. No. 2.--pjfss May Rltenpur, teacSer, enrollment, 51; percentage, 89; class leaders,. Katie Kobtony; James Short, 31ary Clinging and Lizzie Filip. Xo. 3.--Ifiss- Irene Essington, teacher, enrollment, 5i; .jercentage, 93; class leaders,.John YoKobayage, John FcdJk. Charles.. Thraster, Paul Butchko and ManueJa Peti. No. 4.--Blanche iU'.irphy, teacJer, enrollment, 52; percentage, D2; claw, loaders, Emma Brown, Helen Lud- wicls, Robert White, JIary Kovatch and Anna irotnrack. No. 5.--J. Jlyers, teacher, enroll-, ment,'52; percentage, 94; class leaders, Joseph Aspimvall, Marie Beard, Mary Kovaly, Andy Hornick and Frank. Pimclk. .. No. C---Ruth Brown tacher, enrollment, 58; percentage 88; class lead- j ers, Frances Cenkey. Anna Timshic, ' Anna Urick, Valentine Lughi, Margaret Kptona, Lena Kurdelia and Helen Prank. No. 7,--(Ella Mac Pollock teacier; enrollment, 49; percentage, 91; class leaders Frank Roebuck, Baric Bnrns- ·wortli, Mary Shffvol, Elizabeth Schubert and John Timcik. No. S.--Garnet Jones teacher; enrollment, 41; percentage, 91; class leaders, Irene Butchko, 'William Ilite- nour, Robert" Thrasher, Josephine White and Edward Aspinirall. Ne, 9.--E. M. Hess, teacher; enrollment, 35; percentage,..S3; class leaders, Ona Wolfe, Gertrude Jenkins. j John Shubert, Joe Kiirdlla and | Gladys Carr. i No. 10.--E. I. Kamsier, teacher; enrollment, 17; percentage 90; class lleaders, Mary Malatin. Ijllian KefCer, i Ruth Piersol, Grace Allison, Ralph iBfttncr. , ' ' TO GIVE DEPOSITORS FACTS Congressmun Crago AVaiits Rejiorls of Fuiifd Bunks to be ^lade Public. · WASHINGTON, D. C.. Feb. 2]. -Representative Cargo yesterday introduced a bill making it mandatory upon receivers of laired national banks to file with the United States district courts in the districts in which the banks arc located, complete accounts of the bank affairs. "Under the present law." said Mr. Crago, "the receiver of a failed na- I tional bank fliles bis report only with ! the comptroller of tbc currency. It is a secret, report, and is not open to the insuection, of any interested party, as it would be if filed with the court. "If the bill, which I have proposed, should become a law. stockholders would have all the information contained in the report of the receiver. They could file an appeal with the court if they were not satisfied with the action of the^recelrer." Many a man hc£ £al?en o test of his tvator shoived ably tilat he had Kidoey disease. · The ludneya arc tho scaTengci: and ' the^ wovi day and night .in sepaiting tor poisons from tho 'blood, Tbei-sig- nslH of ilistrces are easily recogized 1 aad include sudi symptoms as backtho, ' depressions, drowsiness, irritability, hid- nehce. dir-ziiiess. rheumatic twills. dropsy, gout. i "The very best, way to restore ie . Mdneys to their normal ?tate of heah and cure such symptoms,'' says 1; Pierce, of Invalids' Hotel. Buffalo, N. "i **Js to drink plenty of neater and obtai from your favoritn pharmacy a sma . amount or Anuric, doutjlo strength, ivhic 33 dispensed by almost nvery druggist. ; You -vvil] find Anuric more potent tha Jithia. dissolves urie acid .is'water doi . sugar. Send Dr. Pierce lOe for trial pfc, : PHILADELPHIA, PA.--"About one yet ago I had son **: trouble With ir ·' " back in the regie of liidneys. I sei for a supply of il A n u r i c Tablet Aftc-r taking the: I hare never fe the least pain in ir, back, or anywher 1 keep a bottle f I band so J can talw a few every mont ! or so, for prcrenfion is better than cure j --\V. G. lUcMiLLAN. 323 X. 39th St." ] WAMPUM, PA,--"I was afflicted wii , mr Jddneys aud my back hurt ir.o so i) '· teneely at times I euulci hardly endure i · I bad io arisfl four and five Mines in i night. I scut for Anuric and am entire' i cured now and :un feeling fine; can c i lota of work. I have just passed ir : . 7Gth mile-stone. If you arc trouble Tritli .voiir.'kidnejs, I advise you to g* Dr. Pierce's Annric Tablets; they core me and should cure you."--Mtts. E. j Posncn. Box 85, Eoute 2. TVIio to PaJroni/,e. Merchants who advertise their good The Daily Courier. Musterole Works Easier;Quick aiid Without the Blister There's no sense in mixing a mess mustard, flour and water when .you .a easily reiisve pain, serene^ or stiffne with, a little dean, vjtc Mastercle. Musterole is mace of pure oftbf mt ( tard and other hejjpfu! ingredierts, coi i bjned in tbe form cf the present whi ointment It fekes the place.of cut-c date mustard plasters, andvrill notbisU Musterb!e i 'usua!l:ir gives prompt icli from sore throat; -bronchitis, tonslit croup, stiff neck, asthma, neuralgia, tea ache, congestion, pleurisy, rheumatia lumbago, pains and aches of the bad joints, sprains, sore muscles, bruises, cv blains, frosted feet, colds of the cht (it oitea prevents pneumonia). 30c and 60c jars; hospital size $250. Patronize Those Who Advertisi

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