The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 15, 1964 · Page 28
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 28

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1964
Page 28
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r- THE OTTAWA JOURNAL k SATURDAY, AUGUST 15, ISM 28 ' ' 701 MUSES FQt U1I (Cant from preceding Coktroh OTTAWA SOUTB EAJU.Y POaSISMON. T - ROOM brick bom on own Atidii with hum not on viira iioor. Oood condition. Call O C. Ed- ' wards. nHW. malnci ill' ' N. Khodee Bawl I ts te Lknlted. "Realtor.'' ' FAMILY BUNOALOW Bldeea elver Front riMNtl Blgltway I ACRES Or BEAlrTtTULLY treed grown, with epecloue V bedroomed bom. approximately 600 ft. or mora of itw front-n, on main channel of ilUdaau RIOT. If yon Ilk prtvaey on country atmosphere, wo reoonv mend you eae thle oeeutH u I homo. Asking 35 000 Call Roger Saraaen. KIS-seol. or evening, HS-4003. Rhode Real Estate United, -Ksallor. . nrviMiDi ajuk qalck Oeeaoaaey MODERN aunuAWw nj i '- . a hUndM JMlWOOd iL? etn bedroom or den on .lower level. Many extra todwl wLb mrf mmuium oicvjre flre- jlac. Garden overloohe t r o J d B a belt . Sss-eeal. or evenings 'S-'0" l te L teat-ted, MANSFIELD AVENUE - . . m -war NEPEAN Behoof ana. e-ov-"". . . bethrooms. recreation room. rSii rage. iniiiw"i .77' - . MtMM TV . Donald O. Charbonaau Ltd- "Reel lor SS-04. . - A w, Uf I AREA WnrSW BLVD.. 4 BEDROOMS, anianoa !". i 1 occupancy, M. H- " Brawn. Broker. Pl-oJTS. ' WIIT END ' .j,. COMrOBTABLB S-BD0M bttnfaiow. nrepwscev noma, landscaped, eonvetilently locate. Easily financed. S3- nrv&n B All ' i-s',uis u, wana a RtnROOM bungalow with carport, 1 year " old natural atone fireplace, bay wtndow. walnut kitchen, full tile bathroom, wt r .'". "zrr , kv Many extras. Muat oil. K real cnanco, craat Drive. 7-lJa TBJOI. ITMA) LTD., BEALTOE . tM Mateairt itrart IM-ai nmm Svanhua Till 1 la. . . u a m trairon Will. omlaad duplan will utt eoupla parlartly. 17. 500. Upper .JCTUd. DELUXE DRIVEWAY DUPLEX. neautiiui locaucn w w- rivervVew,0'bonoauw, ' pw- r Bias, hot water beatrnt, nice ... . location, all brick. Reduce 4VU VmEMAT POESE8SIOK. HTCE . block borne, large lot. Nation . River. Juat 110 000. 11.000 DOWN BUYS SMALL IW- . caiow on niw nuw. ,wt vr ooo or make anTilfar. . aaa annUlll T fM I I I I I ... -Realtor." Open erenlnga till . M-191. ' . .. MACIKTTnE REALttEt U-ti ar , (Il-aall . .. -i rjf ATLMER - TRI-UtVEL " hooae. 1 yeara old, living room. mentMa playroom and poaalbla 4ib bedi oiim. Built-in oven and ato-a B kitchen. nw. - . f BEDROOMS, t DENE ttractlvn view, highlight hia featurw tool umrou to ffMtv ' SoTMl-S 4714. A. r- S3-4M. fminW mMl OPEN THIS WEEKEND KEND y i HOME - - 10 TO W 4-BEDR00M ' ,iutn nccftFAMCY Kaw atom and brick apllt-leval and bungalow modela. a bathe.-ftroplaoaa, carport, ! mortgage, low down payment. , DIRECTIONS: Watch lor our . olgna on ruUan Ave. off Bbal. .y A.. ,.IV ,. ..r-, . MERVIN GREENBERG UVIT-O REALTOR 33S-18U OPEN HOUSE WtttN: vMfcn4t I to I, wttkdayt I JO tot. WHKRt: Vancouvtr . AM. DHv out Bank St. 1u$t mmth of Walklei &L, turn oaH on Vancouver St, foilow our dtrtctumal ortowt. WHAT: BunoaloiDt and two itortyt, firtplaci, pow- Oer room, garogti, cor-". ports. Thru dlftermt .models ot VtfOO $ttit. ...... . ,- . REGIONAL REALTY LTD, REALTOR 232-7315 . -, YOU ARE . INVITED TO VISIT BRAEMOR V PARK An netuttvo area of fine licmea dealgnatf oxpnmly for onecultvoai areotad to rafleet the rtatui of an enviable group f Ottawa famUtaa. New oval ma prlaaa tram 10E Va Leeated foal eeuth and wart eg the Ouee-rway-Maltland Ave. Btterehang, . SALxa ornci 728073 ' QUEEN SVITW CONSTRUCTION ADiv-donof CAMPEAU : : "Your Kty la BttY Llvirj- 701 HOUSUFCiUlI (Coot, from- rroeedlng Cohimnl CRMTVIEW 1. YEAR. OLD WHITE BRICK S- . bedroom MacDonald bungalow, carport, floor to celling fireplace. Cleenpaa baaement, ,ulet, public, eeparato and high achoola wunui waiaing ouiance. rrnrnvm aale. 117.500. tio-bbh. LOUIS TIT LEY LTD. "REALTOR tnsnrane. Loan lit Rldean I)t-I1M OTTAWA SOUTH. Hi -STOREY rooming' house, fully furnlahed. Immedlata possession. gai.S00; 3.JO0 handlaa. Mod Potvla X34-34M STE. ANNE PARISH. CLARENCE Street, modern stucco duplex, t-roora apt., recreation room, ga rage with paved drive 130.000: ' terms. Exclusive. Roger TlUsy, SH-tlBB. BEL-AIR PARE, BEDROOM BUNGALOW, DIN-Ins room, fireolaca. playroom. Sept. I possession. 4 mort- THOS. SHIPMAN LTD- REALTOR 441 Rsat street tll-eltl Open Evening Tin s. ba. RIVERVIEW PARK, BUNQAL O W duplex. A sacrifice at S14.000. Geraga. hot water heating, private drive, baaement apartment rented 470 month. M0 full oown payment, any octar aldered. GLEBE rAMILY HOME. I ID room. 4-plec bathroom. S3 x 144 lot. brick plaster walla. Rue-Co window and door. Garage. Asking 17,00. Near Bronaon Inlet. Excellent condition. I19.00. SPLIT LEVEL- GARAGE, paved drive, beautiful patio, landscaped, colored bathroom fixture, fireplace, recreat tan room with bar. immaculate, condition. Must be aeen. CENTRE TOWN DUPLEX. S BED-room each apartment, new wlr-tns ' nlumbuu. furnace, com pletely Insulated, separate cop per not water laruta. jsew root. Vendor 111 must be Bold. TUNNIYS PASTURE DUPLEX. brick, fenced yara. aluminum ment, excellent Income producer, $17,900. . BUNOALOW. B ID- rooms, cerasm nauvsn, petiv. recreation room ana, near pub-lie and BSDSrate .scnools. low tax. Immediate posssnlnn, real am. iuinaunun. DOVBLC, Mw narktna area, close to all convenience. Immaculately L-.H mm asiiil. a hnat of ex- txss. Asking only titMt. Caljij THOMAS SHIPMAN LIMITED. "Realtor." Open evenings till S. gu-aaii. - nl.ArxnURM AYENCE BUNOALOW. MODERN. OUIET, partlculais and inspection please call Joan rovreti ass oaie. ai. Roamaa Tas-4404. or Mrs. Me-Kowoa 444-44M. C. A. PltSBlm- mooa and Co. Ltd.. -RaaUora" and Insurance. Mortgages. 17 Spark Street m-7IS. SPLR-LEVEIj BUNGALOW Bay an Save BlI.Be Oewa NEW LISTINO. LOOK WHAT YOU get I s full boaiooin. specious California Bicnen. naueiee rsm ily. room. Extensively landscaped wttk paws, 400 tuup bulb. ISO Genuine bargain. To so rhli emallty buy. Mr Eerie TS-1S0: Mr. Monro US-9M4. Leelle Wong company uaiin. gj-o. ; 114 WILL BUT BRITANNIA. S - BEDROOM 1 1- stony sooq mv owner inovtiiM. Terms. 1J.00. L. A. McKinley Ageneta Ltd.. "Reeltor.- 123- 1631. evenings Mr. O'Cannell. URRYIII . ONLY TWO LEFT 1 1 3 BEDROOMS TAYLOR BUILT HOMES IN BEAUTIFUL COPELAND PARK 1 Whether jroa choose the bun-(alow or the split-level you re assured of a home end location to five you years of unexcelled . living pleasure. Both homes have carports and open fireplaces. The split-level is completely liod-scaped. Both have the built-Taylor quality that made Taylor built homes so famous. See these homes today, oa the hnl. south of the Western Queennrsy at Mattland ' B; TAYLOR CONSTRUCTION " 739-3193 .GOOD NEWS , ' FROM ' vJijiiNTo ; Canada's Most Honored Builder t V ' - I, i ' .. SEEPAGE , 3 BEDROOMS , $15,300 ' QuBllly Built. Sensibly Prlcef AAACDONALD : , - HOMES LTD. Colored oeremle tathrwrnvj. mahogany kitchen aaWneta. aeparst dining room, family else kitchen, tare lata, arlaa paid, kitchen oxnauM fan, poured Beams la fouada- I0. ... ...... ,.,t : -. $500 lavaVt $93 atosTth At Tssvmont Drtv. 1H miW aoxtk al BaaBUa an Marhrala 728-1791 - 728-4041 Real Estate Column Charles Lynch, whojReal Estate column is regular Saturday feature, Is on holidays. His column1 will be resumed on his return. - 701 ' 1 " HOIQQ FOt SALE (Cant from Pnosdlng Cohunni MA NOTICE 4 Bsdreeaa Besae gill Top View SPACIOUS HOME WITH bathroom, two Srep laces and ' recreation Toom. EXCELLENT VALUE. IXCLUSIVE- nartgage- cau net wuune. mano-i UCR. OJU-300. AUII Realty Limited. MS-SMS. MANOTICE f 11.90 ONLY. A REAL FAMILY home, two storey room oh largo lot 4J.0O0 down. Vendor take back mortgage Can Neta Clark. Mono- tick, toxs-sssa. Auit ; Realty Limited. SSS-034S. THOS. SHIPMAN LTD- REALTOR 1B Mata street lis-0tt Open Eveatas Tin OTTAWA EAST 1 . STOREY. RB- dueed to S17. Its bath, garaa. S registered lots. Beautifully bndaraped. $1900. COURTLAND PARK. S bedroom, den, sunroom. attached garage. ' 4U mortgage. ST. LAURENT. SEMI-DUPLEX. extra Large lot. 110400, (1400 handlaa. KENSON PARK EXECUTIVE bungalow, attached ganum. pro- lessiimsiiy iBnaacapoa, msnv extrae. S1S.0OO. WINDSOR PARK DOUBLE. HALT duplexed terrific duced to Sioaoo. 4 BEDROOM BUNGALOW. NEW condition, schools, buses, wall to waU carpet, naved drive, beau tiful Hawthorne Meadows. TOO. SUNNYSIDK ECONOMY TRIPLEX. quiet locaiion. giiuo, mjm nanaica. S-BEDROOM MODERN B U N O A-low, almost l-acr lot, SO min utes to downtown Ottawa. As. Ins oo. I PON THE PRICE OP 1. S11.SM toul buya two Ottawa East handyman' specials- Both rant ed. terms arrsnrvd. 11.000 DOWN. MULTIPLE COM-I merelal spsrtment at excellent repair, wast End potential area. Must b Been ... axcelienl term THOMAS' SHIPMAN LIMITED. "Realtor." Open evenings till . s,e eiea. SECURITY REAL ESTATE rotuws) Ltd. m-nu 11 MacLarea Street Axytixss ais a'B our, eve near new Trades School, angel-stone and brick bungalow. S bedroom, recreation room. eut 2.000 sown. Kan Hail, in- eves. j BRITANNIA. 1 - UNIT APART. ment, only 411. Sou, monthly rent IS4. Lorn Manner. 74S-94M. ALT A VISTA. B E X U T I PUL sput-ievsi, oeoi uome. living room, dlnlna loom, family room. recreation room. I1 bathe.1 double xaraee. aig-Tlsa. MEADOWXANbS. 40 HARRIS Place). Mica Bungalow, a boa- room, breeway, gsrsge. beau- y iuui jgaroen. jues reuura se ,i,.vuv, s,ai veiny. e,s see,. VKIBTAi. BUCH. BtKIUa. AMU wood siding bungalow, living room, oining room, awarooi extra room In baaamaiiL n achoola. Only SSJOO down. Har. nun Bever. vta-aeM. ELMVALB ACRES. BRICK BUN- flow, llvtng room, ouung room. bedrwama olavroom. near all achoola. Just 41.004 down. Kan Halle. TSS-saat. MOVR MONT IN. 41140 RED BRICK SEMI BUNGALOW. complete with tiimaioom. a my 80 foot raereattoa room: try a otTar with 41400 down. Wset End Varna Cook. "Realtor." TU-lia Mr. Otto. TS-4440; Mrs. Pox. 7IP-1J. BEL-ADI PARK. SI4400 S-STOREY S-BEDROOM. 4-PIECE eeremic bathroom. Si ft. Irving room, fuel fireplace, large height . kitchen, aeparai dining room. ?iaeter well, gujik S4-4T14. v EVERY LOCATION OFFERS A DISTINCT BUYING .'. ADVANTAGE SINCE , ' '. .. INDIVIDUAL . TASTES VARY, NEIGHBORHOODS APPEAL DIFFERENTLY TO . EACH FAMILY. , ' Tour personal desires coupled with the educated opinions of experts are your Suaranteeof Mtisfactioa ta obtaining the rtrht location for your family's next honve, QUEEN$W00D PARK ,: .. Just past Orleans and look for Capital Sign " Navaa M7I - , (call, collect) ; Models located on . Ryder Ave. at ' WaDriejr Rd. -;' 733-17U , ' CAPITAL; QUALITY HOMES " ALTAVISTA 701 tOBOfCtSlil tCont from Pisieilmg Celussxl CANADA PEUgANKNT TRUST , C si pa ay "Raaltar- Iil-rTSt Sit MUTUAL. S-BEDROOM BUN- aaiow. near Rtaaau Mian cnooL Asking 11400. down payment S1.000. MLS K-1SS1 VII ILLA CRESCENT. S BEDROOM bungalow - with S-car attached srae. corner lot. wealed near log Back. Priced jSlOoS. OTTAWA SOUTH ON BARTON Street. S-otorey alngl brlek ; veneer. S roaana. corner lot. Asking flLOOS. mused la Is possession. Call John Downey. 134-S7S. . MUST SELL S-BEDROOM BUNGALOW WITH carport. Minio. Crystal Beach. S14.400. 4700 down. S14-41B0. rAIRCREST EIOaTTS SPLIT LEVEL. 4 BEDROOMS. S bathrooaas. den. library. S ear garag. ralaad petlo. fully land-ace ped. An ideal family boaaa. -private sale. - fJB.aoo. 7U-441S. . OPEN BOU4E - Hearts Desire Heighta - ' Bogale ars COME THIS WEEKEND AND SEE; this s l tractive area, at the and I of Wooaroft Avenue South, not: to far out. reeturme targe lea. : plenty of room for garooalng and I , the eaoyaaent of peace and quiet1 to ha found la country Uvln. ideal far children to grow up free to romp and play. Per Information call -The Old Pro," BiU aVevwrtdgo, -Realter," S3S-S4f. .URSANOALE BUNOALOW. S BEDROOMS, areplace. carport. Near achoola. traneportauon. ahopplng centre. . charchaa. 1.TM. 7U-JM4 Outstanding Value $14,200 eVotorey brick older home. sxeeUent condition. ' feeing heanftfnl Damdoaald Park. Separate living room, dining . rosea and kitchen. 4 bedrooms. place bath, finished attic glaeaad In sunporcb, garag. Tlmken ell burner, low taxes, aU aasanlllee ar readily evs liable If yea da not want ta lea this exceptional buy. call SO6-0505 todsy . montrWItrust COMPANY 11 ' 1 f $15,000 CITY VIEW AREA Lovely S-bedroom bungs low. Large kitchen, cetbedral aeU-has In Irvine, dining room Pfcw Isbed recreation rosea'., rwlfy lendsrapee. .Far Appoiatment Pleaea 011 ' , c MRS. BESHARA . mWS& 723-7S29 728-13S. , Royal Trust . . 23S4311 34 CANTER BLVD. $22,000 4 bedrooms. Ideal family house on beautifully landscaped let. hedged a back aad fenced on two Sid ss. School wttbaa sight. , clos la shopping, high schools and churches, pawdot room oft family alaed kltehen. Now MLS. Erga. call Vern Be bee. TXa. THE GLEBE 178 Powell. $26,000 t out, aaodera kitchen, large It, tag re nam. fuel Ore lace. , LAKEVIEW 36Hallview, $25,800 with at- cioae ta choow. 69 AERO Drte $24,900 a real Uvhta room adjoining family room with fuel fireplace. Call Vern Bsboa. TIl-eJt ar Murrav O DeU. TSa-aMS. Royal Trust Realtor ' NEW DESIGNS, FROM ' MINTO IN PARKW000 HHLS with a rrfroshm dl,rsnus. You II find a denghtful an aepeet ta mil slaib4 B Me . with aleganca evident as every ourelenaing lecture Mlajtel eaallty rsa lire !! ' and awareV-wtnnmg design I now orrered at a truly erw nomWl pries . . . oa lovely hllWde aeltlag In Ottawa' Beast , Sanson lent . wimmiiallj DOWN PAYMENTB PROM . ,$795 , PARKWOOD HIUS Ykdl awr aaedela an dWisy asory evening to, eluding aetur-deyl mi e. aVaadap tal 4, , OTP rmitt AVE. JUST ' : KLO BASEUN8 RO. . A 728-5837 JGL?;. CUSSIFIED Gatkieau ITJestgate built by ' GATINEAU CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD. Only 4 bousea left with special rebate for immediate occupancy. Dont wait, act now If you're planning to buy in 1965 take advantage of our special BUDGET PLAN by reserving, now and saving $500 rebate under Winter construction program . , , , " v ' FULL DOWN PAYMENT low ejial NO SECOND MORTGAGE $35 is all you need 'to reserve your lot and select the model of your choice. ; A MAURICE RENAUD "REALTOR'' 332 St. Rent Blvd. Catineaii 663-5381 ....... ' ' 663-6907 DIHECTIONS Take Hlshway S. proceed ) miles past Gatlnesq Point Bridie on HUhwiy I to CaUneau Mills, tarn off at traffic light oa Main Street, then off St Rene Blvd, to sales office. ' HOMES CUSTOM QUALITY AT A PRACTICAL PRICE" and look at these features ... . ' Three and four . Watottt tdtcbea eaMiiett nmm..-'.i . Clsatntng eak tkaarlBf ; Aastittsag ovaUmd waafty aad toiottra with Mcfc and rtaood flsiores '; StoiTM aad eereeas Vhrrl asbestos Ikter tOe Ahnaushara stona doors Sagwkee fuDy paid ' MANY OTHER EXTRAS TOO WMEROUS v TO MEsTION . Priced Frora 91tMO.0O ' ' ATTENTION SAVE 1965 GOVT " WINTER REBATE BY ORDERING YOUR NEW HOME NOW FOR SPRING DELIVERY 1100.00 WILL RESERVE THE LOCATION OF YOUR CHOICE 4 HOMES ONLY FOR IMMEDIATE ' , , OCCUPANCY . , 'MODEL lOCATJON " v Valley Drive off Pleasant Park . OPEN HOUSE THIS WEEKEND' and DAILY 10.00 a m. to p.m. PHONE 731-4615 i k PRESENTS r- HOMES .... .', . . .. ... ( . V '. ' tCdmttMH mm ft owl cwimmm V1 .x . - j . r EDSTAN HOMES NOW IN 2nd YEAR - ' "'-..i'-""' ' Eds tan Homes are now well Into their .second -' year of building homes for Ottawa families. Construction Is progressing on the final group of lota la the Alta Vista area on Valley Drive off Pleasant ' Park Road New borne are also being constructed, in Fisher. Heights subdivision. A new and exciting ranch style bungalow win he finished for display within three weeks in this area. -I, ' Four furnished model homes are now open for viewing on Valley Drive off Pleasant Park Road 'Jn the Alta Vista area. An invitation is extended to all to visit the modela this weekend. Families living la Eds tan Home are most enthusiastic about the con-' venient location, which Is Just three blocks from the Elm vale Shopping Centre, one block from the Haw. , thorne Public School, four blocks from Arch Street Separate School and within walking distance- of the , new HiUcrest High School. There are churches within, the subdivision and transportation Just three blocks away. ' '" - This year once again the Government is offering purchasers the 1900.00 Winter Work Rebate. la order to qualify orders should be placed now to permit sufficient time for mortgage processing and foundation installation before frost Lots are still available at the Edatan Homes site la both Alta Vista and Fisher Heights. . For further Information readers are. requested to consult the advertisement on this CHOOSE NOW! and Save op to $750.CD This new section i strategically located in the picturesque foothills of the Gatmeau. It gives you birds-eye view "of the skyline of Ottawa and Hull. It offers "complete city services with country like surroundings . . . Visit COTE du NORD and get this reeling of the "BKJ COUNTRY ATMOSPHERE". ' I ! ! See ' Something New and Fresh ; in ' . j i. . I M j " " " . . i -C ' 7 ..i . ' . " . . 'for- Z Over 35 plansawalt your selection ' . t ir,:,M . '. i bungalows, split levels., four bedrooms colonial styles THIS NEW SECTION AWAITS YOU. 'INSPECTION THIS WEEKEND . " ! Housing ' V. ea - . - i i . .1 " m . - lir ; ...'el ' :vn s CONSTRUCTION LIMITED . , Bxclmhfo to Blsson 1- B0NDED HEATING 2- FREE 1-YR. BUS PASS , 3- HIGH ELEVATED PLATEAU v.. Model Homes open this weekend from 1 p.m. to t pan. DIUCTfONS Cms the Chaudiere Bridgr Tara left a the AyttsMr Read and tura right at the HuO Arrswrtt to Paby Lake Parkway thea follow slga of COTE da NORD. " JBIQOOTV 771.1-flQ o) -

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