The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 22, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 22, 1918
Page 5
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' ' ' : ' ' ' THE'DAILT COURIER, CONNBLLSVTLLE, PA. FIViS. RECU1IINGTHE DELINQUENTS IS JOBOFTHES.S ! LARGE FORCE OF CAVALRY WILL \ BE SENT TO FRANCE BY AMERICA from Pare OntC · Ia*.the afternoon separate sessions were h«ld for the older boys and older (irlii oBir, and Cor all adults who registered. Kqbert Scbell was chairman-of .the pfder. boys section, and Mis*;: Sarah-Dearth) chairman of the older girls section. P. G. Onvig, A. K. IpfalJ*-.a»d. Harilf F. Poste were the; principal apeakcra. A joint ses- »»»V loHtnfti; after", which a wheat- Iwa'and meatless luncheon was served U» tke drains room, of the church by women of thj church. Snort addreses ·were given snd colored slides of plde.' boys and 6Ber girla training camps irere shpwi. Delegaterin adlticm to those named 7esterdar fere as follows: UlHar TV. Bumgarher and Eleanor C. Lincoln" ol Unibntown; ArriilK K. Barnes, Ji, Dnabar; Htlen. Patterson, ConnellsTti*; Hazel Provance and Nellie Jc*s, Dunbar; Virginia Ellenberger, Jnnbar; Beulah Mocahan Mojrer; ISIbar WSlson, ConnellsTille; Florence Conaway, Connellsrille; lawrene "Wearer.. South Connelis- via«;' If*. A. C. Herbert and Mies noiese Colem»n, ConnellsriBe; Miss I Hilda Jowman, Duiibir township: Itiii' 2*rtha TThetzeJ, Upper Middle- i town: iiuw Myrtle Collen and Ruth j Rider,3ho«f; Anna Molenock, Union- town^ncy Baer, Smithfield; Anna E. | Millet Oliphant; Maude A'. Ho well. Falreince: May M. Harvey, Oliphant; ElJiaeUi Mo«r, .Uniontown; Bessie M. Ionia*, TJnaontowB. . . Xfe Dwiheity,' Loin Rjluxl, Ma? B.'Titt, B«asie M. Bacr and Goldie R. riorge, SmttMeia; Etta Ball, Lels- eiuto; Elizabeth King, Elizabeth Abibam and Catherine J. George, Soufleld; Lucille BeerboVer, Dun- bat* Blair Younfcin, South Connella- ·tfZ S. TL Grtmmi ConneDsvffle; Cecia Burk, Union town; Lillie Bailer, CHSer, Ray B. Feather, Roy -Wise^Or- ^jlc Mathews, Paul EL Bowman and bert Nixon, Smlthfleld; Anna 'Wash- rgton, Lcimnring; William Cans, onnell»TtlIe;'C. W. Sherman, Opn- eltoTille; Myrtle Taylor, Percy; Pansi Collier, Uniontown. Alvie Layman, John Layman acd ?eail , Hoover. . NonnalvMl*; Edgar lollltr, UidimtOTrn; John O'Neal, Un- ontown; Otnera. 'Wads-worth, Mount ·"elaMni; Ie Fulton, Hary Weiraer ind' .Stella Layman, Normalville; Iva ;rawfort, Buobar; James Darby, Le- aont; PbiliSisler, Newcomer; Sarah X. iDeartt, , McClellandtown: Miss Catherine ftouffer, Pennarillc; Mabel ..owery. .Dinbar; Frank O. Brown, Tniontown; Bose Hardy, Dunbar; )aY)d Ansetl, Busbar; Margaret Smites', Maude Hay, Stuart "W. Speer; Pan! ipatght. and Eleanor Senor, Dunbar; 113S Ora Ciranaugh, Pennsville. Mrs. W. H Friend ol the We« Side, lad charge'of the .registration. Janus of the West 'Side was in Somer- ' Doa't worry about eczema or other set yesterday transacting business. isW" troubles. You _ can have a clear, , S8ltlnS tie form ' er ' 8 ^^i Zemo^nerally removes pimples, black- aunt lirtng -there had died. .Mr. and heads, blotches, eczema, and ringworm Mrs. McDonald left last nighWor .Mar- and makes the skin dear and healthy. Unaburg. ^ . ' Zemo is a clean, penetratinB, antiseptic UWONSUPPLY PATRONS · The cavalry -w»« believed to be an .almost useless unit of modern warfare until It proved its value in assitlng the tanks in the allied drive against the Hindeuburg line at Cambrai. Am erica will send overseas a force of caralry greater than any now doing duty on the west front. The photograph shows two of Uncle Sam's eipert. cavalry'riders performing a difficult stunt. Confluence. CONFLUENCE, Feb. 22.---Mr. S. JL :f Relief from Eczema Mr. and Mrs. G. R. McDonald retired a message from MartinsimrE, healthy skin by using a little zemo, obtained at any dni.T store lor 35c, or extra large bottle at SUM. Thomas Coetellc-, of Fort Hill, Pa., was in town yesterday transacting business. : Joseph Ream, a well known resident of Draketown, Pa., was a business visitor in Connellsrille, Pa., yester'day. H. C. Trimmer was visiting friends in Ociopyle, Pa., yesterday. John Trentle was in Connelisville, Pa., yesterday visiting friends and business. liquid, neither sticky nor greasy and stains nothing. It is easily applied and costs a mere trine for each application. It is always dependable. The E. 7T. ROM Co., Cleveland, O. Mrs. Charles Russell left yesterday for ConnellsviHe, Pa., to visit friends. Andrew Taylor, of Ohippyle, Pa., _ _ was in town yesterday transacting 'Akron" O.,"iv-liere"s!ic "had" "beerT "cm- Meyersdale. MEYERSDAIJS. Feb. 20.--Hisses Lulu Hocking and Mary Stotler departed Thursday for Houston. Texas, where they will visit the former's Jlrs. Frank. Selbcrt. Hiss Nell Bittner bas returned from itve» BamstniUM im Fo»d Com- scnattos u4 J ton Xlxteife. The I7nn Supply company l contacting .- systematic and eaergeiic :ampaigi3 to educate its patrons in tae nec«slty of food, conservation. Trained 'denwnstaatora are visiiftvg ·ie Sjiparate storea ot the company Ioca.t4 throngftout the coke region to lead the housewives in the coking eomnmities the best methods of util- tziir wheat flour substitutes and otirwiae Instructing them ia the ob- se^ance ot the food regulations. ieneral Manager John Lynch bsu giving his personal attention to £ issuance of instructions to store anugers as to the best plans for in- igunting a campaign of education Bong the thousands of customers at ie Onion Supply company's stores. :rict adherence to all Us* regulations id order oC the Food' Administration being exacted of 'every store mana- jr. In its newspaper advertising · the impany has given its space over to aking plain the necessity for the re- rictions that hare been placed upon e use of food. The effects of tho jap;ujQ are everywhere noticeabl" id It is doubtful that, when the .num.-. ·r of persons la taken Into account. any other class of residenti Is given ] ose attention to food conservation an the coke workers and their t ami- re. business and visiting friends. Dr. C. P. Large of Meyersdale State Health Officer of this county was a professional visitor here yesterday. Pat Burnworth a Baltimore . Ohio engineer of ConnellsvUlo. Pa., visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Bum worth, here yesterday.. Robert McNea! a well known farmer of the Jersey cuurch has returned irom a business visit to Merersdale, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Humbert and three children of Connelisville, Pa., are hero called her by the death of the former's aunt, Mrs. Harriet Hanson.. The funeral arrangements for Mrs, G. E. Cunningham have not been completed yet but will likely occur sometime Sunday. Save Wheat / Use' substitutes for wheat Flour and you will lielp bring bur boys home Safe and Soon Porkless ^aturday Pork is so valuable to.-win j the V7ar that some patriots ] have pledged themselves to 1 eat no pork Till the War is Won Tomorrow==5atu Final Reductions on Winter Garments The Supreme Reduction of the Year - · Women's and Misses' S-U-I-T-S Up to $25.00 Values, Now $5.00 Women's and Misses' C-O-A-T-S Up to $18.50 Values, Now $5.00 Clearance Children's Winter Coats Half-Price Sizes 2 to 16 Years. ployed for the last four months. C. A. Phillips is in Pittsburg for a few days on business. B. E. SWpley and son are home from PIttsburg where they bad been for a few days on business. Mrs. Wilhelraina Wiland is in Baltimore this week purchasing millinery goods for tie Miller Collins store. ^Miss Effle Basselroth returned .on Tuesday from a week's visit In Pittsburg and Youngstown, O. Miss Mae Diehl Is home from a business trip to tho eastern cities. Mr. and · Jlrs. John Saylor visited friends iu Garrett on "Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Handwork of Berlin -were Meyersdale business vlsi- j tors Thursday. i Frank -W. Hoblitzell left "Wednesday Cor a visit with relatives in Aus- j ten, W. Va. II To. Want So»et»!n? Advertise for it in our classified column. One cent a word. If Ton Are HnaHn; Bargains Read the advertiseing columns of The Daily Courier. You will find them. GRAHAM HOUR RULE Btlnf Sls^a*"**"*' "ffhy 5IV58 · flu "Was Xodifltd to Salt. Misunderstanding of the govern; ant's regulation of flour, placing its .rchase on » "50-50" basis, has been j ry general. There seems to have i en a misconception of the modlflca-; m made to cover .whole wh^at and j abam flour, containing at least 9o r cent, of the'entire grain. -With j en flveipounds ot either ol these -urs, only three pounds ol the allow- substiintes must pe purekased. Ninetr-lVe per. cent extraction uses out "O'per cent more of the grain an goe* into the average white ·ur.. It'is to compensate for this 20 r centf'saving that the Food Admin- -jatlon'-allows a modification of the 0-50" role. , " This rule requires that a retail deal'{ in Slur shall not, -without mitten inntwioa. of the United States Food Imlilstrator. sell wheat floor to any '-raoa unless such person purchases ,oro : nlm at "the same time one pound · rheat-flour substitutes for every 'nod ot wheat floor purchased, or ^ iie case of whole wheat or graham ir containing at least 95 p«r cent the entire wheat, six-tenths of a and of wheat-Boar substitutes for ·MT pound.of such, whole wheat or ^ihsm Ifour purchased.- PARAMOUNT JHEATRE TODAY AND TOMORROW GOLDWYN PRESENTS MADGE KENNEDY IN "NEARLY MARRIED" The story of an almost bride and a not quite bridegroom In a'road- house where they serve nothing but chicken--In 8 Acts. ALSO A SELECTED COMEDY. --COMSC-- ALICE BRADY IN "HER SILENT SACRIFICE" Ettit ior *«J Crvss According to a decision of the com- =5s!»n«r 6t internal ^rewnue con- sutloas made to the Red .Crags in :7 or iS5s;arc dediiclible to ani Coirat i:«t'in excess of 15 per centi ithe- taxable net income of 7crson« fjeet to the r»yn*nt o£ iatoroe. tax. I SOISSON THEATRE COO'TBY STOBE TO3VIGHT TTTICE DULY--g.30 A3SD 8.15 See the Cnusual Play "Why Girls Go Wrong" One Girl's Expierience In 3few York XATCTEBS, lOc A1VD 2»c. EVE5EJGS, 20e A JO) 30c. SEXT MOKBAT "THE CHRISTIAN" Hall Caine's Wonderful Play BXXJtA P1ATBBS ENlARGEB OBCHESTKA Women's and Misses' up to $48.50 S-U-I-T-S Regular and Stouts, at $10.00 Women's Misses' and Junior Values to $25.00, at $10.00. "^t^^foi'^'frXti^^'^j'^'i--*,^ i ! i : Stunning New r Sprin Arriving daily, at "The Big Store." Each day sees the arrival of representatives of the newest and best ideas for Spring--all carefully selected with keen regard to style and value. New Spring Suits New Spring Coats New Spring Dresses New Spring Skirts New Spring Millinery Advance Showing ol Spring Trim'dHats Very Smartest Shapes Colors Just the sight of their clever shapes and colorings will make you want to buy. Clever little Poke styles, Bustle and Mushroom effects--some of Georgette Grepe, Hemps, Satins and Straw combinations. New Spring Shoes New Spring Silks New Spring Waists New Spring Neckw'r New Spring Boys Clothes United Profit Sharing Coupons With All Purchases. OTTO EIDUTZ IS BADE BIEECTOE 01' Big 15e f. Matinee Daily at 2:30. -Evening Slums at · 7:30 and 9:15. Clean, Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. TODAY AK.D T03IOKR01V THE BOH BON EEVUE CO. Presents a Musical Farce "THE DUKE" On the Screen---W. S. HAET. . . Next Week.--Zarrow's Little Bluebird Copmanjr. . FEATURING TBCK MURDOCH IRIS KENNEDY and the : 'OLD JAZZ'FOtJ'R Otto Eidlitz, New York architect and builder, has been named director of housing, it was announced by the department of labor. Mr. Eidlitz will be in. charge of the government's activities, in providing living facilities for industrial irorliers other, thaa those employed in the shipyards. He war president o£ the Mason Builders' association in New York. from 1900 -to 1904 and organized the Building Trade Employers' Association. Diphtheria TRY OUR CLASSIFIED ADS. ONLY Ic A WOED. BELL-A Absolutely A sore throat is a good breeding place for Diphtheria germs. Protect your children by never neglecting a Sore Throat. Tou can wisely depend upon TONSILJNE. Give TotLsiline upon the first appearance of Sore Throat--don't give Diphtheria a cUanco in that throat in ita weakened condition. "When TpNSHJNE is. swallowed it comei directiy ia contact with tho diseased aur- .face and induces a healthy condition of the membranes--then tie system can better defend the throat if attacked by Diphtheria germs, v Keep TONSHJNE in- the-house whero you can 'get it quiet when '!d.,.3Sc., GOc. and»1.00. · refund money if it fails. 25c i j» TODAY AND TOMORROW BILLIB BUKKE IN "AE3JS AJTD THE GTRV American Pluck and "Wit Triumphs When the clouds burst and th'e Huns made their futile dash for tia gates of Paris "OK Girl" was there'with, as pretty a romance -'as piquant, dainty Billie Burke has ever playod. "That Night," a Good Comedy.

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