The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 15, 1964 · Page 27
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 27

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1964
Page 27
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Page 27 article text (OCR)

'V tT11'll"T"!'Hlt TTT va op aji .. v. y v, ww-e. n,sg V' 1 ''Xp-n-e 'i. v. SATURDAY; AUOU8T IS, 10M THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 27 502 ;: reuu ia waito (Cant from Tiwmm Celumti pleasant rcssov ros Hougg- keaptrtg duties. Mum live la. Post Salary. 1 adults In ham Olrtt area. Apply la persea. National KawlwaMl S r v 1 8. Ml Slater. MO ISTI RID NURSE FOR STAFF. M bade, am B-471, Journal. i RELIABLE WOMAN TO MIND little luk, tree at, wvexcnos tree TIHW. ... . , RELIABLE OENERAL TO UVI ha, ragereneea, 3 chuoj-en, gooo salary, asa-tees. - RsXlABLB WOMAN WITH BSF-, mm lor light boueekeeplns 1 da d babysitting. elWnoona, vteuitty Urbendale. 7H-7131. RELIABLE WOMAN TO LOOK after i wo cniiaren. itirt ui. Tels-phono Dnunmood Csatrs, ima, soiled. REQUIRED IUHID1ATILY, Dooeeeepmg macnine uyuta-or, mux hove typing, general office 'VO Wl 121-11 duties, m-uet, 14, Mr lire. CI Clark, INCH RESPONSIBLE EXPERI IHCID malt, vi E-4J0, Jou ectieal . aura. Be x , RESPONSIBLE LADY, CAR! FOR a-year-old flrl end tl-year-oJd twin ban. Queensway Terrace, I M to MP, 1 days weekly, W- SECRETARY RECKPT ION I IT Dutiaa -4o Include ewitchboerd. ; typing and maintenance ef correspondence fUa. shorthand da- strsbie, e-eay aim, an us-eai amplaraa benefits. Apply K. . Wlntart Canada Iron Foundries Lte- isee etas nf nn, ie- SEPTEMBER. I1L1ABLI. pasture, mother'! helper, ami live to. 733-77W. Box E-497, SOCIAL. SECRETARY FOR FOR' ale embassy, perfect lutowledge ot English required. Letters stating background te Box B- Ml, rfoun-at- . . WAfTUM. EXPERIENCED ONLY. Faad and beverage. Full lima, I Apply Rad Door Tama Raatau- naVWI 0801. i ; - .'- - WAITRESSES WANTED. DAY OR 1 night ah lit, assailant wages. 113- 03U8. WANTED FOLKS JN. OTTAWA and district ta show ear exciting Una of Clwutmas cards a friends and Mishears.-- Na ex-psrlcnco necessary. Our big, full so lor catalogue makaa It eajy to ft plenty at ardera. Ears Astra money thut way. Write today tor Cnrtonnaa carda on approval and Co, Dapt. li. SIT Cannon, Bam- WANTED. LADIES WITH FLEAS tnf .paraonalltlaa mtcraatad In naiplng othara whlla filling ra- , wardtni lull or part-tl ma ponV Won. FUantng now, will bring gra-tar proftta for C h r 1 1 1 maa. t flMdtl. a-t pm. ' . EXPERIENCED , COMPTOMETER OPERATORS Kaantrad Iranwdlataly for lam- CaU r VMtt VICTOR COMPTOMETER . . Hiitrn - , 227 LAURIER WEST " Koom 220 : SEAMSTRESSES 'ck . W haw faoimdUte opening ta - ar traprr hccMim. Knpft-t mat in 4npwy tad dip covtr wfk aTml . Tna Fratanaa Employ aa Rana-. . in Paw. Araly . .' rHETMANa PEJUONNEL OFFICE " FREIAAANS ' DOWNTOWN , OFFICE POSITIONS 5 I 1 , ' j ar-OMea ' elarleal arararably with atatnantary fcnowladpa . I af turns and boakbaaplnf. ' i Youngt wainan Wraka aa ( v MUlng Martina aparatar, - day waak,. Tna FYalnua Employaa Rana- nt Apply FRSYMAN-S PBRaONNaa,1! OFFICC FREIAAANS DOWNTOWN - -.CASHIER ' HARDWARE STORE IMMEDIATELY 1 f AH amployet btmfits. UoX E-495 JOURNAL ' CITY OF OTTAWA DEPARTMENT OF 7 4 ; 1 PUBLIC WELFARE Tna'' Dapartmaat ' at ' Tublld Walfara naa aaaarnl vaeanalaa ' far poaitlora af warfara Work ara for whlc applloatlana ara kwMad front Intaraatad par- DUTIES -To ual-t naady faml- . Ilaa to aaubllah allglblllly for financial aaalatanea and to fftva auoportlnf aaaawork aarvlca wbara thu k indicated. , '-I o (alp paranla and thalr chll-rari wlOi aoetal and aeon om la . pronicma ay cxmnaclllng. noma vlatt and by rararral ta haalth aduaatlon and athar approprt-atd aoetal walfara aranoMa ta tha aommunlty. Tha.aaaran abjactivaa af tna) daparrmant'o - atokaa hi .- not -ataraly to allavlata aeonomia nad but ta andcaaonr to In-; , dltlona In famlilaa whlct) wauld otharwlaa contrlButa .ba nag-, laet and delinquency among ' ehlldran. ' .. - ' t. . . QUALIFICATIONS: ' ! . Prafarably a dagraa Hi tocial work; , atnarwlaa a unlrorrlty . dagraa or apactallaad training and aapartanea In ralatad Maloa audi aa nunlng and taachlng. SALARIES: , Salarlaa will be com men-tire re . wltb auallfleatlona and expert-. a nee Working eonditmna and paiaonnal practloee ara vary food. ,. ' u Applloatlona anould ba' .' LMractor of Penonnel i';,cmrHAii, '. : Sussex street, '. OTTAWA' 502 FEMALE HELP WAIITED - (Cant, from Preceding Column) WIDOWER IEQina.ES MATVSE hauaakupar, muat Hva In. two taanagera. modern con rani enoee. pneie room. HS-ton, or Ba B-ef, journal. WOMAN FOR DAY WORK. FJU- oeya. nrrerencre jas i I a aa ram urtva. iaa ioat. WOMAN WHO CAN DRIVE If you would enjoy working S or 4 bo ure a day eallmg regularly earn month on a group af BiMiM wri enameue aiienia an a route to ba eatebltehea in .nd around Ottawa and ara willing to make light deliveries ata.. write itudla Qui Coemetlca, Dept. CD-4. ata La Flaw Avenue. Montreal ax. Route will pay we1 ee Kr hw. arVetKNT ' ark ' an" aieetn Want H fne full mm wit llm. of flea. Muat apeak cngllah uuenuy, pi per nour guaranteed eilary. CaU Mr. La belle iw appwiuneni. gee-llaa. YOUNO LADY REQUIRED AS -' isnt en neuonai ar-ganliaUon. Soma editorial experience and an abUlty to type iniei. laa-ai at . CAN TOO QUALIFY TO JOIN A SALES STAFF OF real aetata apeetaJiata. and become a member of tha moat Informed aalaa force t Our office provide every tool available far tha lady who want a real aetata career. A confidential Interview may be arranged by calling ueorge -nomas, ax let pianager. 1M-SMI; even Inn, 1M-&07J. Taornaa antamaa Ltd.. -rieaiior . AVON COIMSTICI AVON IS CALLINO IN YOUR Mlghborhood through TV, Ba an Avon repreaantatlva and turn epare tuna mio money, lee-aaaa. DAY OR EVENINOS Wagai and Tlae Falf Tuna EXPERIENCE PREPERRED BUT not eaacntlal. Wa wtu train you for waltraaa work. Apply m aer- aon. snarry a nceiauram, npari at Q-Coctnor. REAL E1TAIS OrrORTUNITY FOR SINCERE SALESLADIES who can qualify for our requlro-meota. thla celling field of fere you unlimited xocome plus aa- toy able everyday coatact wltb people who require help In aolv-Ing their housing problems. Free educational training if you have tha proper personality and enjoy meeting peopi Kealttaa Ltd. la. Ernest 1. Oliver 'Realtors," x- AITOB CNAPSAUX LTD. SALESLADY, MfLLTNICRY AND handbaee. a-aay weax. Diiinxuei. retell expert no preferred permanent position. Apply 197 RK deeu Street. ., BE A HAIRDRESSER I Great cpportunlty. learn hslr-dreasinc Pleasant, dlgntflrd ' profaasket. Good wagaa after graduation. Thousands sua-' easaful Marvel s t a d s a t s. America's greatest system. Ilhietraud aatalogoa free, dsy , claasee Wrtta or call f MARVEL . s HAIRDRESSING SCHOOL TO Rl-feaa Street .OtUws ; ,t CE6-0815 - ; -j VSENIOR'- I secretary; i Requlrad foe, ascondery afflca. Applicants smart ba j typing. given to v those with previous school Medical and pension plsn available. Initial aalary tM .monthly, plus experience K lowane. . , . . , Apply In writing ta J WILUAM VTCKERS ' f , uelaese Admmletrstor ' 1 COLLEGIATE ' ? . , . INSTITUTE ' BOARD OP OTTAWA (82 LYON STREET, ' ' ' OTTAWA , ' OFFICE .. MANAGERS W can now supply you wjth complete, tin of Temporary Office- SUfft . , , , CLERK-TYPISTS ' . . ? STENOGRAPHERS ' j BOOKKEEPERS RECEPTIONISTS ' ! Rernember w . offer . top service at the lowest possible rates. . f; . ( Apply to , ' VICTOR COMPTOMETER LIMITED - 227 LAURIER WEST ROOM 220 232-79M 503' txttOTMfll WAITTEO ACCOUNTANT, BILINOUAL, aeena run or 7ta-171- BEAUTIFY YOUR ROME, PAINT- ing, oacoraiing, anterior, exterior. Free eettmatea. Tad-lSPa, BILINOUAL GENTLEMAN SEEKS . pwiimau la years experience, auo knows switchboard. Boa E-4U. Journal, ax phone Tto-aOO after six pm. : BRICKWORK. CHIMNEY RaV palra, cement work, flagetooe and Maaka, Fro eel I met ee all. Stat. - CAPABLE, EXPERIENCED Sil ver, -etc anernoona ana e V e- ninaa oniy. Tav-eeaa. CARPENTRY, BLOCK BRICK end cement work of an kinds. i floor and ceiling tllea. Interior. exterior painting, tu-oaj. CARPENTER, CEMENT WORK. , bioc enimfiey, painting, (tone facing, TiS-UM, TW-Mtd, a v a- CARPENTRY OUTSIDE. INSIDE, naming, -roofing, aaveairougn- mg, Ceil tot. t..-otaa. . - . t CEMENT WORK AND STONE rnaaon uuaranieea, rrea ae- tlmel. rest aarvlca. TIa-ITlS. EUROPEAN EXPERT WILL Re model your kitchen, R price. i--ooa7. EXCELLENT DAY WORK BY Ex perienced women. Iteseonebie. Anywhere. S37-OU1. EXPERIENCED lOOKKII PER oettrea tui or pxn-unv wata. in-U1. . ; EXPERIENCED, WILL , CLEAN, paint, fence, landarape. Reasonable, guaranteed. gss-IMI. EXPERIENCED RELIABLE MAN , deetree washing walla, cleaning waxing, lae-loM, :! 'j - ,1 'tnttniied oa N- I t',lia,n 503 iMPlOTrrllT WAITitt (Cent from Pracadlng Column) FAMILY. NEED OF ODD JOBS, truck, hedge trimming. U5-044S HOME REPAIRS. CEMENT fOUN da'.lana, reois, ata, Evanlnga, 3t- evee. KITCHEN MODERNIZED.' GEN. , ere) alterations, beat workman ship, raaaonaua rate. eeo-IsM, LADY DESIRES DAY WORK, Ex perienced, first cla be-eeus evanlnga. LANDdCAPINO, CEDAR HEDGES aavastroughing, ton truck avxli- able, eartage. le-npo. MAINTENANCE COUPLE. LOOK. Ing far work Imanedtately. tvee. ; - . i . . MAN WITH TRUCK WILL HAUL refuse ta dump. Reasons b I s rates. Taa-pawa. MAN WITH TRUCK FOR LIGHT moving, cleanup, iawa awwing, Tta-tall. ' MAN. BIO FAMILY, NEEDS work. Have truck, elcaa yards, painting. landscaping, hedge trimming, au ose eeeeptee. oa-vesvj . MARRIED MAN WILL WASH wslls ana jobe. 743-2. MIDDLE-AGE COUPLE DESIRES Janitor mamtananca, lady housa- aas-iuea, NIGHT WATCHMAN FOR A FA lory. 134-0927. ODD JOBS. CLEANING BAoE mant, yards, etc. CEe-AeM. x' PAINTINO, SATISFACTION guaranteed, axperlenoed painter. raaaoaaMe ratca. ije-seii. PAINTER. EXPERIENCED. BIG or smsll. til?. . Well do them all. CIS- PAPER HANOER. PAINTER AND "l v , irea vauoiaiea. a-lf lor PLASTERING REPAIRS, STUCCO. -"""-, verr-m-ry. cen-eni. arxs; aa-ieaa, aea-a7ea. RELIABLE HOUSEKEEPER. . weekdaye. ! hourly plug carfare. 71g-S549. RESPECTABLE LADY. EXPERI. anead. desires cleaning. Tuee- eaya, Thuraaaya. aa-aaag. STEADY EMPLOYMENT DESIRED oy rvitaoie rnarnaa man. cleaning offices, also able te da painting, g years' experience and 10 years with sanitation Depart' mant. 3J-017. : STENOGRAPHER OR TYPIST, run or part-time. iu-an7.- W ELDING PART - TIME. 8ATUR. : daya and evanlnga. 745-aaee WILL REMOVE OLD CARS AND I una, sen usee parte. SU-B144. WILL DO HEDGE TRIMMINO. lanoacaning, painung. rrea estimates. Kefrre ncee. odd ioka aa-repted. Jja-7e0. - ... -. WILL DO TYPING EVENINGS my noma. Cell 7M-OM0, eve- WOMAN DESIRES HOUSEWORK. pies aa aour. aoc for trane- . portatloa. m-lTao. V . - 1 WOMAN DESIRES HOUSEW O R K oy aay. si .13 par hour. 133 -a-is WOMAN DESIRES HOUSEWORK ny aay. ae-7B. YOUNO MARRIED LADY DE- airaa any Kawt of work. 113-ISa. - YOUNO MARRIED MAN DESIRES eteady employa-ent. WilUng ta do anyiniag. aapanaacea ta aarvtis aiauon. gai-eiea. YOUNO FAMILY MAN DESIRES morning employment, gooa education. I years' office experience. 7aalv4. ,. IPUNO CLEANUP , MAN WITH TRUCKS TO CLEAN Kirda, weak wlndowa. painting, tarler, exterior, hedge Irun- anisai, yaiTtqe. . esa esse. 504 TIIXKK. AITO INeTRlK-PORS FOR PRACTTCAL anslnssa tralntng. Day or night c lasers, a uu time or part tuna, Lucrative poailtoo. PO Boa a, Ottawa. NURSERY SCHOOL DIRECTOR and teacbara for Bavahoro Nur. , eery School at the weet end at Queonaway. Top aslarlea. na. veiu. - TEMAOAMI AREA fT' Na. f ttrarhy - r." v.' . kxper traced Teache FOR GRADES ONE TO EIGHT tor September, lat. Pleaaa stale experience, aalary requtree end rvloue Inspector. Apply to S. Burwaah. chaarmaa, Goward, 505 nimoi At 4 f BECOME BtLntOOAf. IN It weeks, g in group. All languages. School af Modern Leutguagea, all ansae rest weev c get! IVENINO CLASSES IN FRENCH, experienced esacner. xu-aaat. LEARN -ORAL FRENCH. BUST' aaaa converssttan rroen retired mUngual executive, by dtsca, tape recorded and private tuition. aru-Ties. MATHEMATICS, CALCUtrUB, physlca. English. French and enamiatry. PAttue. evelnga ' FRENCH CONVERSATION rVENrNO : COURSES. PRIVATE . luiiiaa. amau btouds Parle Europeea Collage graduate, in fill 504 liJT JOYICQ BABYSIT BY XtKt ' rt" HOME, a-ywwooB village. g-a-og5g. nilsrvrr vka-r utib.-.. imw oay-ecnoat tor children - v-wnina rnotnera. vpan year round, g-iay week, 7Jd to I Large fenced pUygrounda. h a I rariiiiva, eoa-eivi. MAIN - rUVERDALB. MOTHER 104. cnuu my noanv Sae- MIND OR BOARD CHILDREN, my boma, Qllreniir, Paray. 14- MIND CHILD, MY HOME, PLAY- yard. Bel-Air. rao-aaia. ORLEANS. WILL MIND CHIt, aren, my home, good cere. 74- SANDY . HILL, EXPERIENCED. win mind children, a v a al a g a- t-aiio. WILL BOARD NEW-BORN CHILD nynorne, weevuy. xae-aetrf. WILL MIND CHILD MY HOME. -w,n ,na sN-aru. rse eejov. WILL MIND CHILDREN MY nonve. lea-irvu, , WILL MINIS CHILDREN, MY Borne, Aita v isis area. 7B1-X3CI WILL BABY BIT CHILDREN. MY noma, daily or weekly, j area. 74-14r. after I. YOUNO CHILDREN. ROOM, ooaro. my noma, eauy, weekly 711-4471. - , . , - i : 507 , Position TACAHT BOYS AND OIRLS. EARN EXTRA money selling new flags and transrrra tilt altar Sill BlUon ija-eoai. COOK. MALE OR FEMALE, I OR e-oay weea, lor reatornce ec 1 1 aen,x cMrrnanent ampins rnent, too weekly minimum. 1IMIM, Monoay, Aug, sr, aemteu ia-u, 1-4 p.m. .'s , (. MARRIED COUPLE. rHOUBB- kaaper and handyman. Perms : nent work fa out-of-ioern hotel . For Information telep-torto eat- led. Mr. Jscqitee Laree, Shaw. ' vtlle, Quebec. aea-R-l. r I : ; J . I '-.'V r' 'T.'.'r-.C-I ' DRILL CHAMPS ' . . Winners of the Central Command Cadet Trades training Camp drill championship at Camp Picton, the Cadet Leader Instructors marched off with the ship over two other finalists in the precision event. Among- member of the winning squad, shovn above with their liroph y are, left to right, .Cadet Warrant Officers nut- j it.. . one mi . rvi. j n.-.ij 1 1- . Tfa . ... . . . l sti-iuuu nuget, dim ncitua or Ottawa, and Cedet Corporal Stephen Day of 507 Nsinon VALAXT : (Coot tram Preceding Cohu.r.1 ONTARIO AUTOMOBILE Asso ciation, full . part time rapra-aentatlvea. Cell Fred Veenstre. Ill -504. ' LONG ESTABLISHED CITY CLUB offara Aitchen con oe, ion. October to April: Short order to banquet requlraanenta. Excellent kitchen fscilitlea, I peraon operation. Large membership.- Refer ences requlrad. Boa E-471, Jour- RELIABLE OLDER COUPLE wanted aa careuaera far farm home, close te Ottawa. Choree Includa mamtenance. care of fvorsas. Befarancas. Boa E-47. Journal. , . rftnsij aaaiiraKD REDUCED 'RENT. FOR LIOHf tanitor outies a-unii my wi-.., building In attractive Jvcat End loceUon. Apply Box 7. gutlon 5 D.J ' y ... '!? v - PHARMACIST) j MALE or FEMALE - DISPENSING ONLY r. : 7 Excellent wprklnf conditions, ' Msximum oiinortunity. t Salary' $9,000 plus bonus. Replies confidential' s,-.- ; i.t' ji. : ; j ..a "' ' BOX 1-488,' JOURNAL' ' .,WEST6ATEvf REQUIRES 1 ALES STAFF' f t : ,. .. .' '. . i If yea enjoy working In ptras-' ant euiTouadlnga end alr-rr.n.: ; dltloned -eemfort, ws -, Uee full-time permanent potltlona ; In our Shoes, Sportrvrear and Mane Veer DrpertmenU 1. ' day, 40-hour week. The rm-s-ian ajnployee bsnsftt plea. . " Apply ' . )f f CREDIT OFFICE f e-1 " '" '(V ' --y i t . - fc t ' FREIMAN'S . . ' i - . WESTGATE PERSONNEL OFFICE FREIMAN'S DOWNTOWN t''Ta':J';'. Vaf., (Ot lOOKSTOin ACACIA. ROCKCLim PARK furnished, parklstg, gentlem a a, near Ash bury Collage, bus. 740- ACCOMMOOATB LADY. , CEN tral. aedeittlng, telephone, kltcb- en, pnviiegee. ua-ieie. ACCOMMODATION, ROOMS, weakly or rdonthly. some with ' running water. Vendorne Hetel, ' tee Soanereet Street Weet. ALBION NEAR BANK. ACCOM- mooetiona for 1-1, board aa-tkmal I23-1JO ATTRACTIVE BEDROOMS. TWIN beds gad single bad. clean, quiet borne. Reasons bis. Gentlemea. 1U-1117. '- t- , S ATTRACnVE, SINOLB. OENTLB- rrent. . near vi-res . vnnvrNif, Private home. gll. 138-lall. ATTRACTIVE. NEWLY DECORA Y- ed bsdrotaa. vary eeatral.,, 139-111. - ' .1 - $ - .. ATTRACTIVE DOUBLE, USE OF kltcnen, private entrsnce, Laurler East, near King Edward. 13V- , 1771. I BEDROOM WITH BATH, OLXBE, aWBUaaxaa. Ut-THI. BEDSimNG. WITH KITCHEN pnvliegea, ee Daly, sie-tlM. BEDSITTINO. PRIVATE EN- , trance. 371 Maclaran. 234-37 14. ! 133-137. BEDSITTINO KITCHENETTE. Hi, aiso single roara, gsa, central. laa eiorn. BEDsirrrNos. large, also . singlee, completely furnished, . newly decorated, stove, refrigerator . reasonable. (I M a r r a y. 133-381 1. . '-. ' . BEDgrTTINO. CENTRAL, FUR nisnea, private entrance, rafrigv orator. Stove) parking. 133-1310. 1304717. . BEDSITTINO ROOM. WORKING U Central Ave. ll- BRIOHT LOVELY ROOM. PARK" ne, a-satview. rv-ave. BRIGHT HOUSEKEEPINO ROOM, weu nrrneinee, sink, reinrersior. rangatta. aa ratrmont. 7ie-a43e rRIOHT FURNISHED BftDRrrC rjng, nrrvtlegee. Hurorr- Wellington. 711-aisV 733-1 lag,' " CENTRE TOWN, t FURNtRHEO, tove, rerrtgeeator, iev au-eaei. c ; 6AIIY PUlZllTS ANSWIRt x . Sorlicd - Pilot - Banal Hisder - ALCOHOL v arrive, aiiu syvnaiQ nairraun, 601 tOOHSTOin Coat from Precedinr Colemnl CENTRAL, DALY AVENUE. FUR-nlah-d. auit 11, privllegea. 134- CENTRAL. LARGE, CLEAN, BED-aittlng. grill prrvllegea, Jlnen wpvuea. sja esew. j CENTRAL. ATTRACTIVE BEDBIT- ting. own television end grill. 333-0841 evanlnga. CENTRAL, BRIGHT. CLEANrUR- nianaa oeoaitling. secLeod atrvex, 134-1341. - - - CENTRAL. LARGE BRIGHT . front room, all privllegea. CBS-0701. CENTRAL. LARGE. BRIGHT, wall furnlahad room, grill prevl legee. Ell-MM. CHATEAU LAFAYETTE. 41 YORK. smMlern. running water, single. Ill waaaiy. S3 dally. - COSY BRIGHT euriroarn Civic tie-em. ROOM WITH Hospital -area. DOUBLE HOUSEKEEPING. FRIG Ida ire. grill, linen, telepnene. students, penitoners. ebstalnara, vicinity Normal Bchool-Muaaum. Ia4 Wavarlay. corner Elgin. 133- EASTVtEW. FURNISHED ' BED-room, near hue, part ing. 7 tenia. ' ,- EASTVIEW. ROOMS FOR RENT, all privileges, private ec, Prl- 74SV-1233 EUCLID HEAR BANK. rURNlSrl- ed roosna to wt. a-7e. FENTIMAN. AVAILABLE. S alngle bsdrnaene. gantitmsa peo ' Xerred, peratag. lee-ewe. FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, -' 1 rooms, superior accornxnooa- tlana. cu-stog. FURNISHED . BEDROOM, SUIT middle age srornaa. gg, avj- s-itB-dflauvrb smarviu wrrr-H, cn prlvliegve. gg Hanslltoa Ave- FURNISHEEr ROOMS. PARJUNO kitchast.' TTI-leaa.- . .v - - FURNISHED BEDROOM. WITH kitchenette, refrigerator or reng- atte. auit g. 10a uulguea. FURNtSHED FRONT BED- sittlne. kitchen, balconv. llantea, . heated, electrically a 4 u I p ped. SaaT4ea. FURNISHED, t ROOMS, REFRIO er HOT, arove isswiy bbuwi airs, giriB. 7IB-8JV7. GLEBE, ABOVE AVERAGE BEO- roorn, sitting room, p r I V I jogee. QVLEBE, SINGLE HOUSEKEEPING apartnvrni. quiet gentlemen, wv 731. 133-M38. . HERON PARK. VICINITY CBC, lurnlahed, gentleman. 733-0008. HOUSEKEEPING. EQUIPPED, furnished, near City lull. ana pae. rep aaaa. . , - ; IMMEDIATELY. FURNISHED, UN furnished 1-1-room flats, p a r k- Big. LARGE BEDROOM. QUIET HOME. Fourth aee; Bronson. way esuy, tS-Taai. METCALFE COURT, DAILY. weakly, sae Ml service, pontine. Ml Metcalfe.- CES-Mli. , Middle - aoed oentleman, 133-4117. . NEWLY DECORATED. , wanaportetion at i legca S34-783S. PARKING, oar, prtvl- NEwtY FURNISHED K ROOM, cooking arlvtlagea. M King Edward. Apt. I, 133-1447. OTTAWA SOUTH. 1 ROOMS. FUR- n ished. 107 Ayimer. r s r a inc. CEj-eyn. :: POWELL AVENUE. BEDSITTING - room., aitcncn; prrvuegoe, mb-eniy. na-libe. ' PRIVATE HOME. NICELY FUR; ntsrvro ganuvman PAS-eaet. ROCKCUFFE AREA, BACHELOR. , furnished, base mant, private entrance, bathroom, grill. 7a- eiiT. . - - , ".' - ROOM WTTH KITCHEN. PARK-mg prlvllagce, cleee Cetranerea High. 131-53i. - - - ROOM, FURNISHED. ORtLL. 44 Base, clean, parking. PA 8-8037. SHORT TERMS, MONTHLY BATE. . Rrverslde HoteL Attractive rooma. T4S-487S. . ' SUITABLE FOR S OIRLS. S FUR-. Blshed rooma, balcony. 131-87 4 WEST END. DOUBLE ROOM. , powder room, twin bade, grill. ' fcutt 1 glrla. T1S-71M. I OR S GIRLS.. LAROE BOOM. ; meals rajmonal, chlM wal a a m s. T33-88M. I ROOMS TO LET. REGENT 138-3171. ,, S ROOMS. WASHROOM IN BASE mant, gentleman. T33-81 88. - - . B ABOAINr4 i"- FULLY FURNISHED. BEDSIT- tlng room, rem i-prt veto, comma- . any aiarnen, equipped, teievt Hon,; glrla. 1117481. -1 ; . SANDY MILL COVwi RENOVATED 'THROUGHOUT, new furniture, water In each room, carpeted balls. Kitchen ette, lie Osgoode, SM-43M. Journal Want Ads bring quick results., - - ; WlrtdsoY. Avruo Vincent -.treci, DOUl loom wunTD ROOM. SMALL KITCHEN balcony, lady pens Ion a r, ana. box a-eis, journal. UNFURNISHED BOOMS RETIRED WIDOW REQUIRES 1 unfurnished . rooma la central loeetlon, . preferably waat of BankVte Wlmeur aouth. 134- 603 1MM AW lOUft BATION FOB . LAROE twin beds, gMtview baa- 7484010. ACCOMMODATION FOR I OIK, tlernen. English horoa. IN Cax- uer. 333-ovra. ACCOMMODATIONS. HOME cooked meala. perking, construc- - 110a workera weeroana. M3-eeei, CENTRAL . ROOM ANO BOARD - for gentlemen. 11 Frank. 133- loir. CENTRALLY LOCATED. EXCCL . lent board single room, gentle man, peXKUVg. 3J-tUeO. GENTLEMEN, gig WEEKLY. laundry, Dutch family. Driveway. 133-1131. GOOD MEALS. OPENINO NUBS. -ng home, auit pasasaaare. 133- BOOM AND BOARD. QENTLB- nan, students er govarnm e n t peopio. tag nwmwooa. gsa jail BOOM AND BOARD, TELEVISION - pnvuegaa, parking, gag tstiasaur, BOOM AND BOARD. 110 OIL-tnour near Hank. 134-3131. 11NOLE. QUIET. CLEAN. GOOD meats, near .Buaaa, -gaauem e n. - 134-3438 VICINITY OF LEES AVENUE. 1 GENTLEMEN TO SHARE ROOM, MCaM-lwoeai area, rna-aaje. 701 nousfot iau ABLE.- ORACIOUS ASSISTANCE. Thomas Snlpmea Lknlled, "Rs . piwr. . Ba our aoa. . ACTtfla - arm srnn t, -, . Ingr CaH Jack Bothwell, "Reel u, fevauif. ALL STONE FRONT 4 - BED- room aunfaiow, carport, alone -sreplace, Dream home, roe son- ay pricaa. aa.8-a.. -rite Cling an, "Realtor." 7Ctl-4t8. ALTA VIST A. BEAUTIFULLY ImU-u-I 1 -!, a a. . Ilk baths, 'oak fioers, fireplace. farage. naa urea lor quicx sale. 33-3837.. 1 ALTA VISTA. 0 - BEDROOM ranch bungalow, fl replaces, ga rages. 13808. Pred McCoy 731-1814. C. A. Fil Co. Ltd. 111-7113. ANOELSTOKE. BRICK SEMI. bungalow. 1 hsrarnonia. Hi bath- roome. McKeitar para. 71I-00SS. ANY i PROPERTY WE UXT IN the ally we feel we aan sell Percy Kerwln. -Realtor," an ew. ' -! .--, V : 1- -. .'.' ATTRACTIVE RANCH 1 . ROOM trungelow. Immaculate condition, beautiful netting, well Isurdacapod Jot, 170 a lan, fruit treee. gar- oerver s peraoise, reel fireplace. tool shed, attached gerege. Pine Glen area, handy schools, sttop ping. eartatendlng value, 1183418. ai.OOO down. . Edward Seed, "Rkaltar.- 7U 3331. AVAILABLE. - ELMVALE ACRES. Private l-atorey, I bedrooms, dining living and recreation room, urge kitchen, fireplace. 713-OJS9. .- - I . ; . BEAUTIFUL 1-BEDROOM S E M I-, Irungalow. on large landaceaed lot. Cell for appointment, lan osoerg. Broaer. 733-3304. t . BEAUTIFULLY KEPT 1-STOREY centre, door plan, a large bedrooms, gracious lg t, living room with fireplace, ax-pare t a dining room, well planned hrt-. chen with eating area, finished recreation room, powder room end garage, west End weal 10 a. Private sale. T 88-1138. BETTER BUILT BRICK BUNOA-Jow. West End. 1 bed rooma. arsgB, landsoaped, 117,100. 711-138. BRICK HOUSE. I ROOMS GOOD condition, Sandy Hul. enclosed ' yarn. 133-8471. BUNGALOW. . 1 BEDROOMS, mbipu. iy-cu vri ess.aiu am, nai . Rnckcllffe Airport. 711-1430 , alter a. i.- r- BUNGALOW DUPLEX. MODERN, with revenue. Weatgaw. Law - sres payment, eee-iete. BUNGALOW. RIVERFRONT, deau Oardena. firenu Boa E-ltO, Journal. . CITY VIEW AREA SEMt BUNOA - low with extra at. Excellent eon. " dlUon. Close to ell services- Own.' - er transferred. Apply SO St. Claire Aveaue. T10-1701, COPELAND PARK'SPt-rr-LEVEL , hidtoeme, dan, fireplace. 721 1 MOl. COPELAND PARK, LARGE BRICK end engelstane, 3 bedrooms, 1 u, i baths, 11 ft. finished eeeraatlon room, fireplace, garage, paved drive, rencen, emraa. 7XX-0004 evenings ana weaXe-vas. CRYSTAL , BEACH, S-BEORCOM buncete-e, usmg " kitchen, built-in s carport, fully landeceped. gig,. .M2 BE weet ' 1 . ICmllnu-d ea Neat txiumni 70 MOUSES FOI ULE IConl. from Praaaaing columnl DUPLEX. RICHMOND ROAD. Churchill Avenue. 1 years old 1 bedrooma. rod brick conatruc. tlon, hardwood floors, carpet on main floor, ewnlnga. private Caved side drive to a brick and lock double garage, pnsssseion of main floor, vary reaeonable. 13.000 down. 710-7 104. EFFICIENT AND PERSONAL service when you era buying or selling. Call Hudson and Evans. "Realtor." 133-3101. FOR PROMPT SERVICE CALL Albert OSIS A gene lea ltd.. "Realtor,'' 71g-ai, or Almonte 5S 1. FOR HOUSES. ALL TYPES, CALL Bert Kali Real Estate Ltd 1U-ai CLEGG STREET. 101. WELL built 1-bedroom stucco home, all heat. Offers considered. T. A Clal''Raaltar13a-77go. HOUSE. 1 FLOORS. lll.aOO. J.- ooo casn- 004 uuramings Avenue off Montreal Rood IF YOU ARE THINKING OF BUY- ing or selling real estate, call Major Realty Ltd 7as-Mdl. LARGE V, DOUBLE. PRIVATE driveway. i Erst mortgage. 7H- 1477. OPEN .EVENINGS TILL t P.M. new bedroom stone ano or lex spin-level. 1 baths, atone fireplace, 'carport, a1. mortgage. Located an Pulten Avenue off Shelley Avenue. Bob Gencher, 733-7311. Mervln Greenberg Ltd., 135-lgll. OWNER TRANSFERRED. . BED room, ltfa baths, baeement Ba- Ished. close schools, low teaeo. 7e-17eO. PARKWOOD HILLS. 4 YEARS old. brick Bungalow. 1 bedrooms, lit baths, with carport. 114 Deer Park Road. 733-3730. PARKWOOD HILLS. ASKINO 131 - 800. s bedroom Bungalow with attractive atone front, carport end paved driveway. Immediate I poses mioa. MlB Iisea. Mr. Hrt. 110-7177. evenings 833-1704. Nicholson and Wymarky "Baal- PRIVATE BALE. 1 - BEDROOM hrtck bungalow, Rtdgevtew, close to acnoota. a years om. eiaavv. eae-ieie alter O pjn. PRIVATE SALE OR RENT. FUR nlahad, Ottawa South, rail. 134- aiei, REDUCED TO glSJUO, LOVELY Queciiaway Terrace, apllt level. I specious master bad room, large I yhested garage, double driveway. stvrsnne i.vmin a - start- room Brick horoa, ntodora klt cnen. rjomBtnation aluminum doore-and windows. Quiet eree. Plata Baal Estate I Ottawa! Ltd.. 731-4114. evenings Harry 1 nomas, vae-aoaa. SALESMAN. FULL Ol PART- time, to mu direct. anlaue well proven electronic Lnltion for eera. - trucks, farm eeulp- manL etc. Fox batter than over age earnings, write cr- phone Hylend lnltion awa, 821 Boyd Avenue, 4ttawa. I -a-' x ' a- SKI. SWIM. SAIlJ OOLF, 1 BED- boated, rsacre. 23 mlnutaa' from vttewe. uiaa aaga vas, axi 1010.-' SOUTH HULL BUNGALOW, DE- luxe. e large rooma. not water h re ted, with lovely fireplace, on 1,7 ati a as aanutliuiiy wnoacapco lend, double garage, attached. 17 apple trees on the grounds, reaeonable priced et 843 000. B. Landry. 1770071 or A. Dufreone. 1171530. Duaaault Real Estate Inc. -Year Mull Realtor, 771 ant. ... : ' , THIS. OLSBE PttOPERTY WAS developed wnn real imagination. Oak panelled living room with fireplace, eeperate dining room modern kitchen, baeement finished wtth student's room. Only i.m, tai-. r-i " I, 7114100. . ' TR1 - LEVEL 4 - BEDROOM, lit hatha, corner lot. laaeaeapea. t.-nced Urbaadele, . Available. 733-teao . trip-SkTnew. low down FAY- meat. 77I-MS1. WEST END. LOVELY B-BEDROOM slorey sad a half, with dining room. Freshly get ara ted. Beautifully landscaped wltb patio, evergreens end flower gardens, on large fenced lot. Oarage. Lew down payment, gis-toa. mvaee. PAI-S301. evenings. 1- STOREY 4 - BVDIcOOM HOUSE. , modern convenlencae. rat large bit. a miles south of Ottawa on Quum Road. For particulars, mono 084-3MI. or contact Mr. Macdonald. Room D-110, Number S Temporary Building. l-BlDRCOMBUNOALOW. CLOSE Shopperr City end schools. IS 5o0. 7S3-48T8 S-4-BEDROOM BUNOALOW. FIN ruuy lendstajng. large trees, ate bo petto, aimvaie area, a owe pay meet gi Joo. RE3-480O. 4-BED ROOM BRICK. ONB-YEAR- ' old. extra powder room, fuel fireplace, fenced end landaceaed, A beautiful family home, fiig etove and ether extras included. gu.MO. Joe Naase. a. 1 Real Estate, 13e-C733. 111.000. S-BEDROOM BRICK. DEN. recraatioa room, extree. gl-wv seas, outstandingly attract 1 v a. muat be even, 01 DOreoanens, Hull, 7714871. v 17.808. CRYSTAL BAY. I BED- 1 1. hatha, flreolace. ea- rage. gjsS-SgM. 01 MOU11ETTB BOULEVARD ATTRACTIVE SEMI-BUNGALOW, en beautifully lendecaped too a 100 lot. In blMngual. residential Fairy Lake dlstrlet. Ideal for small family, Owner muse move Sept. 1. Full price BI0JM0. J. A. Charron, 777-7174. JUST LISTED THIS IMMACU late 3-bed room bungalow in convenient area te echoete end : shopping. Beautifully landaeaped fenced yard. Low down payment, for eppowttnent cell Turner Real Estate, . "Realtor." 718-8117, evestlnga Jack Millar. 133-1108 j JIJ1T WHAT YOU WANTED TWO STOREYS' OF ELBOW roora. plus garage, ceramic nam and powder room, and one of the largest dining rooma In town. f-ompirie Wltn open as-etw ew-blnd. New for 111.130. Regional Realty Ltd. 711-4091. 1317111, evenings 161 CLEMOW AVENUE . This new exduaiv la art architect -designed . homo on the Glebe's Bvost attrsctlva treed street. H Is In excellent condition with 4 bedrooms. 2 bathrooms I and a ' modern kitchen. The lot' li well landscaped. It it Move-irent to all Knooli, ihopptng arid UiMporUtion. Early pooaea ilon and easy financing.) For furtirf-r deulli pleaod call Mra. M. Hutchison 684 3788, Mrs. M. McKewen 684-S466 or M, Rosmsn 722-6404, j,: C A. FITZSIMMONS AND C6MPANY LTD. n . ReaUors and Insurance V Mortgigajg 197 SPARKS ST. 232-71 S5 701 MffifSFOIUli I ' (Coat from pteeedlag Column) RADCLIFF REALTIES LTD. REALTOR 236-901 VSg OUH HOMK FINDER'S SBKVICt McKtUar Park Better Ltrlno startt Here In thla tree shaded long low bungalow on a eherminglr landscaped lot. Very large living room with corner fireplace pretty dining room, a good alaad bedrooms. 1 1, hatha. 38 by 4 ft!, beautifully flnlahed rec. room has attractive built Ins. Attached garage, hnmedt-ste poaaeasion. oweera have been tranafarrad. Just 834 .300. In lovely condition. No. 1881 Mrs. Cotton. 731-8180 evenings Itland Pork Drive You'll Be Impreuet With the augnlfleont nnQtl) that surrounds this large end lovely executive recBtcnco. There ara actually four building lota Included, but the house, may be bought aaeje-retely If desired Charming . drawing room, par rati for period furniture, banquet Maed dining room, panelled library. 4 very large bedeooroa, a bsth rooms, a-eer garage No. loog Mrs. Cotton, av-niruri TU-eiee. , OTIC t 4 Week Yea can be for tha .flret I buagale-e In 1 very eehool loeatioa The looking tor off see. Quality da te lie thraiigpiout. l b tvstna. eoiorea age. patio. wet Ui eos. M. 1040. Mrs Mnltanaa, 711 11 48. KUgenumnt ttOOO Down: Immediate Poiseggkm And yoa awn one af the bast buys we've had 4a offer for atorey family home, aomp lately decorated inside end out, ta eperkuag axntdlttea. Paved Jdrtve. huge roams, lots of eteeett. fireplace at the Bvtng roesa, separate dralng room. Close to ell schools, ebopptng. 10 minute aua Sartrlca. end the ' new rec. centre 014.800 No 104S. Mrs. i ' , ' - it.. Centre Town. Somertet W. Near The Drtoetoof A entM rug brick S bsrlrsnm borne on the nicest pert of ' this lovely old trss 11ns 8 eareet. have geceniiy nana it s keen fraahly macu lately elaea. Paved drrra. garege. Muat be sole, we're ; Eoktng fof orfsra Mo. 181. CAoicg GUbe Location Dignified site) Deirrabtg A very fine family boma ea a lovely quiet street, cleee te a ' Beaut izui tlonal style with a hatha dee. , weU finished rec . rosea, gage age, centre bell plan wtth antra large Irving rosea, heipr separata dlnhag room. Always BtalaUlnad ta beautiful 4 tlon. 83400. No ITtl ' nlfal VtxfA 'xtrofid Hew LUttnt Of e oa a beaattfuUy terraced and hedged let. aaadad by tall eld treee. Lovely homes aatrrannd n. Profaealonally finished roe. room with flrepleee, her. el-route walla, laundry aad 4ih bedroom or dsn downstairs 82000 down. Asking .017.100 Ms I sal Mr. M. Frame. 1H- aia Glebe DpUx : ni MM Dor rmrnedlate gssstsstaa at upper I kldisam snartmerH. now weU rented, emtld ahx be . . arrenged. Excellcrrl eoadlttoa . throurhout. hat "a tee at) boat .. pevad private drive, garapa. new wiring, copper plumbing Asking 818 SOU. No. 1047 Mr H. Fromsa. 710-1118 evenings Alts Vittn i ' Long, Long. Low Bungalow -Wer. Just Hated this 4 bad. . room beauty et hrlt end Mono, situated tight middle et good schaoas and shopping, ea a fully landscaped lot custo-a bean, aisle antra nee hell, atone fbsplees m the living ream, separate dta. tn the kitchen. 1 tatl eereaue ana with vestltlee. ev. . . iau sum 'just 04.000 do am. Na lose Mr. H. Fiimsa. 7BKUO0 eve. . MaeMew:" St. Ann St. . Brick Bungalow Duplex Bach unit with S lorge bed. , ed et M0 per ansnut, svpp-r et 8118 A him mom storms end dining -noma, aaved Paretog. convenient tn fNxntreal Roa4 st-ed now 1 latins, hist Bl.eoO Oiyo. Ks9s 7U-11M I geea. ssr. si. rr Centre Town: Vooper.SL To Settle An Kttate i A naet. older hrtra lH-tavrer home, vrlde entrance hell, good living room, separata din Big room (has been need ee deal, dining ores la knetwa. 4 bed- be th. huge room with MMawa-stte, aa 3rd floor It nasat ha . sold. Asking aiaeoo Piupsrty Is deer, we can strange financing No. laao. Mr. W Behesr. 711-1140 seen in gs s : tirdrtrUrw W$ Hot Run-Of-The-mm It's a pert tenia rty attractive - - -- Is a very alee sect ten at. at. Wectrve hesnse aad barking ee , -te a ameU perk. Drematlr firaplere waU. daUghtfal din t IntlmsW braakfaet room, gay bright kltcnen. I isni) as ruswa for a hesement roe. room. Asking gnjmo No. looe Mi . 131-B. Mrs. O leJsst. 140-0411 St. Tnoma Aguinat parlth Hear Thote School BeOr King? Ton ten be settled ta time for shtnkM stcses end e haN ' home, se conveniently located and hedged It B laree , bediuoma end e bosh' agetstrs. v Ird hsdroem dowa for deni cemvMnatlon Irving room with fireplace. Old eno. Na lone. , Mrs. Kehoe. 711 -eia sssalaga Serciee it our ttneaa, and me dr hornet for every bmd-aet ' emit mi ml cas ffmil. eray weH trained and peHtrny-s)s agent mrw Bnoayg ai 9401 Alto Ifl JfU Tni eohool starts I eMtled m lime 1 belly ring to thla A-llv4f-aaMB KaMltfMi end atoai wparlor i j i - t ' f

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