Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 23, 1972 · Page 20
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 20

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 23, 1972
Page 20
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Page 20 article text (OCR)

4B--July 23, 1972 Sunday Gtaette-Mail Chirlnlon, West Virginia John Birchers 'Pushing' Blue Book N. Y. Times Service .conservative patroits can stem,same buildirg as those of Wes-| Mrs. Knig recommends stock- BELMONT, Mass.--The ultra conservative John Birch Society, unsuccessful in prolonged past efforts to impeach Earl the tide, turn the United States terfield and Welch. ing everything from "Mein |J. out of the U.S.." has begun a project that is producing results. Members were urged HI the organization's monthly bulletin last March to visit every public library in the country to make sure the society's Blue Book into a Communist police state Contributing to the success of jKampf" to "Little Black Sam- because subversion is "daily|the project, said Mrs. Judith Ifo » made more respectable by the Krug, director of the Office for I ,, ._ _.,:«.., tho 1ntn , 1 Freedom of the e offlce notlfled the Intcl Library Assn. in Chi-! lectual Freedom Committees o each slate library association i,, . . · · ·«· t *u_ Hiouc mute icsyctiduie uv uie ----en «·»··.·· Warren as chief jusbce of the L^ of our £ overnrnn t, our Intellectual United .tates and to Get he ^ universiti * s . much of (Kir American Li U!N. So fTMjSZ 55 -I ^the -p.acency^^s t, -a fifniA/if tViat !«· nt/\HiiAinrr «·«_ v1 v w * KV-WJ/IV* r __ t'ne attitude of most our people." *" ' j librarians that it is their respon- . . . |sibility to provide materials rep- A CHECK with Charleston resentative of every point of was stocked. The Blue Book, the area public libraries disclosed that none had yet stocked the book nor had received any requests to do so. Rex Westerfield, in charge of the times. "Birch i public relations at the societys' about the Birch program and rec ommended purchases of the anrl !«..*: nf BIue Boolc wh «*ever there was and issues ol| any demand for it I Her notice pointed out that the I «nc, SAID she had seenj Bircn bulletin instructions to enough Birch Society books so!members were to maintain that "I no longer read them; 11continuous follow-up program to Bible," is the transcript of a headquarters in Belmont, Mass., two-day monologue by Robert Welch at the founding meeting of the society in the living room of spinster Marguerite Dice in Indianapolis in 1958. said this week that calls on librarians across the country had produced more than 300 can't stand them." be certain that the Blue Book "But my personal proclivities remains on the shel"es in the have nothing to do with how I react as a librarian," she add- library and is not mysteriously lost." ed. "Library service in this She noted in a telephone inter- Book so far. 'concept of intellectual freedom . * . . , jk.u. i^iiriaij oci viuc in uuo [ one IIULCU ui d leicLmuue uucr- order for^copies of the Blue J country should be basedIon the view that the Birch Society, while making use of the library association's open-shelf philosophy, does not share the philoso- iphy. It alerts readers to the view I It is available for $3.20 from --of providing all pertinent in- that "forces which now seem I the publisher. Western Islands formation so a reader car. make inexorable" will shortly, unless'Inc., whose offices are in the i decisions for himself." Storewide clearance. For For Men 200 Only LIGHTWEIGHT WORK CLOTHIS.Steel blue, green ond tan pants and 39 Only. TENNIS DRESSES. Two piece polyester tennis dresses in white only. Jr. miss sizes. Or '9- £88 O88 $15 to $20 NOW O lo O l O S O n l y . S I Z Z L E R S R o m p e r s a n d culottes. Assorted prints and pastels in terry velore, polyester, ornel jersey and cotton/polyester. One, two and three piece styling. Jr. miss sizes. Orig. C88 | *8S $8 to 19.88. NOW 3 to 14 45 Only. WALK SHORTS. Poylester/cotton blends and cotton. Solids and stripes. . 'shirts. Polester/cotton blends. Orig. 3.49 to 4.98 . . . . NOW I 9 ',. 2 44 Orig. 3.98 to 8.99 NOW 199 81 Only. THE LONG LOOK. Long dresses of eyelet embroider, polyester, cotton/polyester, arnel jersey ond cotton. Assorted prints -and solids. Jr. Miss and half sizes. 250 Only. BOYS SHIRTS Short sleeve or long Lee «e Oi poiy ester/ col ton Qtendi, ooiidi, stripes ond fancies. Prc-school and school age, sizes. 88' 9 to3.SO NOW 66* lo 1 200 Only. BOYS SLACKS. Straight or flared leg styling, m polyestpr cotton blends. Solids stripes ond toncies. Sizes slim and regular. Orig. - 44 i 99 1.99 to 2.99 NOW I to I Orig. $9 to $20 N O W ' 188 TO 12 88 Piece Goods 2 Only. FULL LENGTH WEDDING GOWNS. One white size 8. One Ivory size 12 with full length mantilla. Eyelet embroider and polyester/cotton. 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LI . ii u iu HUSK boomer to odd power to your gosfys, si y stcks, its ol polyester cotton blends - ' ' ' ·""**· Orig. 1.99 to 3.5O , NOW 122 Orig, 11 2.22 ood kings and cars. NOW 144 JCPenney The values are here every day. HARCE IT? Shop Penney* Jr. Chorieston. Capitol c? Washington, Monday ond Friday 9.30 'til 9. Other weekdays 9:30 'til 5. Egypt Disclaims Teaming Up With U. S., Soviets for Peace CAIRO-w--Egypt's c h i e f Eastern bloc, he added. spokesman said Saturday the country is not on a Soviet team or an American team and wil welcome initiatives from any na tion that would bring peace to the Middle East. The order for the withdrawa of Soviet military advisers anc technicians means that Egypi now is keeping all its options open and desires peace withou surrender, Mohamed Hassan e Zayyat told a news conference. He suggested that the nations of Western Europe use their good offices with the United Awarded the American States as one means of bringing Feed Manufacturers Assn. (peace to the Middle East. award is Dr. Norman 0. j However, he said Egypt would Olson, professor of animal mot accept surrender to Israel Honored pathology at West Virginia University. The award for outstanding research contributions was mnde at the convention of the American Veterinary Medical Assn. He contends that negotiations with the Israelis while they still occupy Arab lands seized in the 1967 war amounts to surrender. Mobile lo Make Fayette Stops THE NEWS conference was the first by a high government official for foreign correspondents since President Anwar Sadat announced last Tuesday that the Soviet Union had been asked to bring home its military advisers and technicians from Egypt. FAYETTEVILLE-The Fay-| He began his news conference ette County bookmobile will vis-; by noting that this weekend jit these communities this week: j marks the 20th anniversary of Monday-Glen Jean, 11 a.m-^P 1 ' 5 revolution and the oust, ,, , , ' to noon; Pax, 1 to 2 p.m.; Tuesday no ran; Wednesday-Scarbro, noon to 12:30 p.m.; East End, 1 to 2 p.m.: Thursday --Dixie, 10 a.m. to noon; Jodie, 1 to 2:15 p.m.; Gauley Bridge, 2:45 to 3:30 p.m.; "Friday-Smithers, 9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. of King Farouk. "It would have been easy in 1952 to stay in the Western camp." he said, recalling Egypt's status in the British empire and century-long ties with Europe. "Perhaps it would have been equally easy" to align with the Now, after 20 years, Egypt is convinced that being aligned with no major bloc internationally, and with an internal policy of socialism, is the answer, he said. 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