The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 22, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 22, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE rotm. THE DAILY COURIER, CUNNELLSVlLLE, PA. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 191S. $* ftttig (tartar. SENKT T. SNTDEB, aa* Editor, H7I-19H. X. M. BNTItBK, . JAB. J. DJUSCOIA, naaunr, »««i»««» Muac*r. JOHN L. Minuting Editor. - WALTER a srriMictt. City Editor. KISS LTXNE B. KIKCEIi, Society Editor. MEMBER- or: »jid-l.t.T« 4o*bt lnflu«»ei Director O«Bml IfoAdwi and rgprwcntatlTn of tb* nihny iBtvlojM department'of U» American THtentlou qf labor to a agi««mnnt mBpendiBg- and certain onto* rule* affecting locwBotlTC and car. repair work. This ( wUl help Materially but tierc mil I still b».a««d'lor more workers. It is [ therefore a: important to recruit men ! to fill the repair shops as it is to re- News oC the Past Con- donsed; from the File* of The Courier. FMUJAV, MAKCH 2. 1WW. ytftrcp oom.cs Jn ]Iko tbo proverbial lamb cruit jnen to build ships to carry. Goonse w liltl ' entem suit, itcuns freight wiiicli the railroads, for lack i t n e Baltimore Ohio railroad Tor ;et of motive power and cars, cannot through to the stamship docks. . Bureau of ·Circu]»tic», Dallies. *»· «eut» »«r copy, »5 pwr year by m a U U a H J a .SftRIDS QJOXOUS 'ID TOSMOtfLVTaj, Your -"election means more t» j the countrv and the Republican SOc per month, j _ partjr than anytnme e i s? a t this - time could halve meant. , ,,,.,... _,... ,,, That "-is the full text of a congratu- i only by the* prompt action of the Co) 000 (Zaroaffos'. Ho |o*t the finders uitl t h u m b of hi*-, rijrht hoix! when he Mir* pert on a loose tii ^vhllu (.'oupllDg? unr?*. Tho memorial iorvioes of th* 1 Kniphta of Pythian wore Ueld in (ha OrUl Fut- lovrs. hall Sumla.r afternoon AfMre.^cs were mude by Rtws Edits a.nd Alary **n and Elder 31cKc« Tho ,ro"ki'ncc of Or K Phillips ill Xew ETawnn catches (ire tmd li sjtved M noeond oJa*s matter at the , W o«t»flc*. ConneJJsvllle, Pa. 1 latory message sent by ColomJ " j Theodore, Roosevelt to "Will H. Maya, TROUT XTEXDFGy FEB. K, IMS.(the newly elected chairman of the ^^-g-yi"_-v_'"_.-__ ·-·_ ·. _ " · ' · '·· --_;^-. I Republican national committee. ...--...-.....---:--s=-r* j - , Republicans throughout th* ('"Country will ba 'sincerely Rra.tifi?tl I r.'tc- Leajfu^that tho, natia^a^ eontmit- - tee^adjourned-WLth complete harmony " prevailing; on every Mde. ^,irr. Hays has the reputation of being ono -of the b«st political or" gajiizors tn the country. ' - That Is the Jvtim. and substance i'f 'a statement issued by Boise Penrosc , senior United States, senator from Pennslauia and the Pennsylvania Cmwford Fire Sultf is entered against the by Thomna Guard of the South ! boronn 1 0»r , »atcM|T'OTcJitftd to U or act ·therwi*« credited in Ihia pa-iMir mxd aUo tUe local iiev,a tubhsne'l herein. j when hti full ovor an embankment at ttia'Cunnell Run bnuj^f The young Republicans of the boi- j ough held'a meeting 1 in Newmyen? hall [ Cor the purpose oC orEantzing- n. t:»ri^T club. Simon P. Franks begins the erection oC a bLore on the JMttaburs; strett lot formerly occupied hy \VUhry'q ni«.tt market. 'N'atunU sras pressure drops on ar~ coi-nt of water ffet,tingr~lnto tn» mains near Mount Xic.holu.3 iiOc\K ^ n * Hiss Mury Kruw, nre quietly married in Gret'nsburpr . A blizzard smkos Fayetto XOXK itiMKiXEXTAE. - ' coramittoe. _j This flapping toKucr of the coz- IH-tiae ~ia.a3ut*tatTiC**liGrars office, Jfliciing wings of the Republican whlh isTs'pecIficrairyVclia'rged with the *-party'tefls a story*ot Republican har- ' custody"ol 7th"e ,iffu§t8r7 rolls, reports raony, says'the Greensburg Tribune which in the nature of ait political things,.must, be ominous to the Demo- and"all 'records"' relating to the men comprasingj-the ' the Untied Slates, has'no^iJi6re-*Bpccific or more " [member of the Republican n a t i o n a l , the temperature drop? to four depiticb , ft.bove zero. The only damap** done iii this city is the blowing do-wn ol" roir.e brick -work on the new hlpli Mjhaot. John 1 .Frisbee purchases thp Ijucaa property on Apple street. The con sMeraUon is S3.BOO Indies* o£ the iletheKlist Protect ant cci]rch reaH«e J200 from a festiwtf hold in Newcomer 1 ?, hall. Hunparlana have been leaving t h e coke rot!on in targe numbers tor their native land, The work of cutting* down HcfTfi-er- luan'b rock near I«iyton along thtj Hal- Limore Ohio railroad has been cu-.i- pletcd. ' A number ot employes of the Somerset A; Cambria railroad are a r r u s t t d for irorking- on Sunday. Tlio efTorts of ProC. K C. Uarbei. of the Curry Institute. PiLtfaburg, tt» g«l up a era i tar claas here, crats of. The country~ From 'hjs home up-to-date jnfonoatio"ii-about tjie men From 'bjs home ( \n Indianapolis ·who; have goge^pvgraiMtB-'i'aan it.had 1 Chairman Hays .Wired the national abogt the men on-bjjQrd^eTpsca^ia, icommittea "lt"St Louis his accept- fneuds of the boys who ~faaYej: across are destined to be kept in much suspense wUen seeking inieihgence through, this source. To the civilian It would setnu that TM P"\ tO* - one knows that thero will be -poiiticaj activity. The Dcntocratie par^y has beei^ busy for jnonthi.. This political activity should be open anl acknowledged and of :L character and on a plane that netictp no subterfupc. Littio wonder, indeed, at Senaior FOOD SITUATION CRITICAL IN WASHINGTON'S TIME AS IT IS NOW the -Adjutant General's »office would i have m itsjwsseasion, at tho time o f ! J J ( l t l , nu ,.« t .. ,,.»*,*». « t uv . m .». their departure, the name or every j Penrosc s recent staement on Loo member of every comma-ad or p a n , f l o o r of tho Senate that Pennsylvania thereof vrhich leaves our shtires for | would bo carried a£ the comiog state France. "WTiea the Tustania was sunk 'election by an overwhelming Hepub- it developed that Uie survivors had | lican. majority. \ to be assembled and a census taken before it was known, definitely who fcad, been aboard and who had Jiot. The deficiency in the information. o£ this character is further illustrated in the - case oE William Lewis Ball, a Conaellsville mfember of the 20iK En- Kineers, Ohlv after the names ot the survivors and the lost on the Fuscanik had been cubleil back to Am« rica i-vras the-Adjutant General's onlc* able to" aastue Congressman Sterling, who interested himself m learninjc the fate Brt r Ground m«s is remmdms us | hospital Sam Hood assumes the cierk.'liip hold hy his brother, A A Hood, In the ofliut ot I.. K Anarell at Kveraon John Calhoun a.ncl I'ts m n t h r ^ »-eliu .1 from an extended vi"»it to So.tith-1 :i California 1C some of the old-timers of Iorgan VaJlcy coulfl return to the scenflB of the pioneer~days in coke making, hpw great would be their :LatonIshment at the figures btci for w h a t they J-=ft in the hills mi unrecoverable and uj-eleb^h ' The "Switchboard Soldiers' had better learn to speak German while learning to spea-k French. Thoy are apt to ha.\e frequent calls for a certain number in UerJin before thuic term ot service entK * FfHDAT. VEBKK7AHY i'3. JSltt*. Detailed report of the ConneUtrvllle coke trade for the week ending February IS ahows a IpLil of IS,80S ovenn in t h e rejrlon of which 1-J,SS^ are In Itlaat and 3,726 Idle, wfth a total estimated production of loS,l£:8 tons, . Shipments for tlte -week mtgrcgated S.BSn CU.T* dl'i'rlbutPd as follows: To I'fttsburg-, .'j.OOI cars, to points wept, 4,173 cars; to points *-ast, 1,455 ears TI increase of S4 curs! a"* coinpaicd w l t l i Unless ample provisions arc laid up j It. has turnec o u t that the forces m the course of this winter and the that figtit foi freedom, the freedom oL approaching spring, nothing fjuorablt- | all men all over the w o r l d ab well as is to be looked for Crom Uie operations ' ovir own, depend upon IL» in an cx- m the 'next campaign; but our arms iraordmary unexpected degree enfeebled by the embaruissmcnt of ir- , for sustenaccc by which men are to regular and fluctuating supplies o E ' l i v c and to light. We aio fightiug ab provis-ions, wUl reap no other fruHb t r u l y for the liberty and seK-g-mcrn- taan disgrace and disappoint 1 -- ' meut of ihe L T nitcd States as if the \\AY Georpc AVashmg-on's Speech to ' h e . or our Reu)Iuuon had to be fo isht Congress Comuuttee, January JS, | ovei again. -- Pres'dont Wilson's 177S. c pCiCcli to the Farmers, J918. ot this young man. that he was not on the ill-fated vessel. But no information could be furnished relative to Ball's whereabouts at that time. Pursuing his inquiries Congressman Sterling learned just yesterday that the »ecod3 of the Adjutant General's oi.*-1 flee contained no laier report about j 2!aU than 'December 31st, when he today that he is silll on the'Job. tho previous Blowing: up of the Dattlesh[p Maine in Havana harbor i« the topic of con- lersat'on. The war f*\er is r u n n i n g hlKh. report t-C the foUa-ijo St.Ue hows 'J5u porwons entered Hit. Otto Cent a Word. No advertisements for I^eca Than 15 C*at* Clauaincd cotumns cto»« «t noox Advertisercenta ot w«nta, M.IM, *tc.. recarved 1 after tiiat hour will not aune*r until the day Honouring. Tilt West Virginia s~ay honrderg betray sitrns 1 of A wjllinffneus io Irritate the ctanipJe of the man who cut ofE his no^c to spite hi 1 ! face. quart Washington. I ' ACeantiiue that hatlalion of the 2uth Engineers to which Ball had been as- wgned had been senc to France, on orders p^ns through th.- Adjust Institution during- the je.n. T w e n t y ot then fifed. The three voh.:e.*m.u of the tnw.i Earth old Uo-tler. Thomas ^IcUon-itd and George FIctzel are surpriffed irhen Burgess J. S. Bryner informa them they are ri IMC harped for neplcct of du* t v Complaint- .ire Pled that tiitll m"n from South ConnpHf-vtilc ofl«n i.fim" to t o u n with con-,1 durable rnont; u.hvut i h f i r person« and when they fire arrostC'l Cor mi^onducL they iay i h f t r moncj- Is j always mysteriously rmHii£ when thui sober up Hush Horan. employe of the National f Pipe Foundry wor^s at Scottdal^ i s The friend* of Private Ball of the j run over by a freight train T^ho leaden of Americanism has permeated the ranks of the ahipbulJdlng' volunteers as ertectually at it has leave nd the Armv. When tt oom«s to reported with bis comnanv then ! canning the Kaiat-r wo are .ill Union ***** i« Tw« e M-»*«« * i m*n wh«her we belong- to A union \v*«teo. yufi: J..O.ST--TlJ«i: AJSD 3tL.M, 53-4 CALL tf MOON'S T A X I 2Uo b J u WANTKI) -- Cli-VSlBEtlMAID AT cuppa JIESTAtritANr sofeb-ft ·WANTEIJ--THIRD TRICK COOK AT | B. fc O. I'.estaiu ant :2fo!)4t, , Tnllorlnc. \ V J J Y W O R l l Y "li^OAUSlT \ X A b L E J to ' r.d Uie s u i t to "nut you at the s t u i e . [ Order it ln-'tv. tailored c x c l u s l v o l fo" i It is a very appropriate time for a Furniture Bargain Sale. As usual, there will be very much moving this syring; that means new furniture, and that means if you -want bargains it would be a good scheme to visit our furniture departments. Parties just starting housekeeping can get entire outfits from us. and after you investigate and look through our lines fully \ou will be absolutely certain that we can save you money. 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WA*TEL»--COOK AND CH-AVBJ3R- ma!d AJRMSTKONG'S ilJJSTAUKANT lOdec-Ud Croaeral's office, and had anived safely at it* destinaUon, as a card receiv- ' 21th Engineers are gratified to learn j place ind dT-j.pUatod. Andrew u'Brien ed by Bali's friends-;ta-,Conn«llsTi!le I about, him yesterday has ijappily pnivaa. Biit for his efforts to and out wliat thu adjutant penferals' otncc dirt not. know . »il the while the Adjutant Guneral's | \d_" e .other ' contingent oC draftees tomorrow. Don't nejflect your _ ....... ,, _ .......... __. Office appears to have b e n without ! duty c ta.kA part jn the demonstration information as to the personnel com- '" lhelr Honor. prising this unit at the )ime of its departure from America, just as it had also been without definite information concerning the pirsonncl of the Tuscania's paisengers when that Tessel left on its last" voyage. These facts, which .Congressman j MOREAnEimONTO .FOOD CONSERVATION OR MORE REGULATION into moiuu ot tho shaft ac Oliver Xo. 1 and stantly Wiled. First church weudins oC the solemnized in the Trinity clmrch is that "ft'ANTE D--EXt J D ttUJNOKU player n t McCROKt-Y'S -' STORIJ. ' 18 "WANTED--BOYS AXl GUtLS O Y U I X | 15 years-- at Ihti C f jNNKL[ J SVlL.L.E SILK M1LJU, I b i e b C t .NOTirK js n^r.KHY GIVKX 'IJ-X-\T p l A X O j a p u t i i l o n t t d b * prcbei.tad t o t h e Honor^1 i U s - j . t b l e .the, .fudt^ti of the'Court of Quar- -btCfl i t o r ^oHstuns - i C tho C o u n t y of Fagotto.. -- - -~---- i F e b r u a r y T. 1'J18. ...t No 17". JC'cc'infier j WANTCD--BOV TO ACT AS I'OKTfcl. ^^ians, 191', C. U *ntl ordered filed, 1 ana Tvofk in d i u u .sror\ J. -. ItOOKi.. | p r a i n K . £,,* , l u thori IStebtfil Sterling learned Irom his jtersonal inquiries at that office in Washington where such inlormatiqn is presiimed to be constantly available, would "indicate^ that our stovrness in undertaking -war preparation is exceeded only fcy the slowness of the offit e end of the keeping up the mover mciUs of the units in the camps and OTitXJt BKCKriTS A££i»Kl^. In. the Eatt that 55 miles of track »rc ,being occupied hy -bad order" ears; which tie investiK.i,tor3 of-the. Interstate Commerce Cocimission re- l»ort,,is-,to be iound one OL tho-©cplan- IVillApplY to Other Commodities'Hum - - i£ People I»o 'ot Take the SUnation Xore Seriously. PHILADELPHIA. Feb. 22.--Food Administration officials today inOi- caiod that j\mcrJca is approaching a penod of food regulation that mil sa^or of Prussianism--unless Americans promptly give more attention to the. conservation program "which is j being described in detail at thousands o£ meetings all orer the state during the food conservation drive. "Washington dispatches which tell of the absolute need for more food for Europe are'ecboed by oflieials^of the United^States Food Administration in Pennsylvania. One of the officials of Miss BPTSIC Krnesctne Hamilton, I L. STADElt. Onue-htcr of Mrs. Josepji S Jiru*r ant! step-daughter of Burgess Cryner. to Clarence- Wllbert Hays Mr .and Mrs. IJ M. Parkhlll observe the fifteenth anniversarj" of their ived- dinfr at their home in New Haven As J. result of a ·wreck on the 1'itlb- bun; Laku Erie railroad at Dickcrsou Hun, Knglneer Frank J Lint, 27 yean oW, is so hadlj- scalded that ha dios at j tho Cottage State hospital iiisfl Ida Soisiron ot ConneHs\-111e and Dnniel L "\Vilhelm oE Adelaide arc married m the Immaculate Conrepticu 1 churcii. The eroom is the son of former Sheriff "William H. "Wilhelm ot WANTED--A GOOD Jt.VX family to take care of farm Appl J. WANTKD--T.AItOHKRS APPfjV SIc- KBB COXSTIttJCTKjX CO, nt n u n b n r Furnaces, Tutibj.r, P.u ·WANTED--fURXISHED HOO3I FOIi ma.u. KvoniiK? meal and pyslbly oreakftihl Muit be flrst-clasa, Address "Lj. C. W,' The Courier. JOlebKt* ·itj to protced v ith the reeon.stri.cuon oC a double ti't foot WITH ' span r r l n f u r r e d t o n c r c t r an h o\ er ' jP.etlstone Creek between Btdstone a".ti 1 Jpfferson townships to replace oM / bridffo No. 4 w h i c h is unsafe, of i n - 1 sufllcient width .in ddoen not conform \ v l t h the lm«s at the,. Said application will br 1 ild before the Grand f u r y on Krldaj*. -^C.irch S, 3«Jis. at 1 JO o'clock P. II. UX.V v. PHILLIPS County So! id i or ieb-J3-22-mch-I ·lions o£ the car shortage. Shippers la\e been deprived ot the use-o£ these-, summed up thesituadoo this way: cars* aaJTtfic ^carriers of me revenue p^ots of the.i»eople are doing alMhey that'couid be derived from tbat use,l can ' b u t t3le n^joritr, nnfortunately, B this extent, anil so thoy*_Temain idle, they are'contribut- Ins'to lie cUfBculties of clearing up the freight congestion. Wiiflfe all railroads, even in normal timesjiave more or less, "bad order" cars"-5h rfceir storage in*hags, the-ac- ·iimuUons ha\-e-never befoiV bem! ca - nEf 1 unlefas ·o large nor have_Jhe_J(Jle cars ever bcezi-^juiio so badly needed as now. la a statement issued today, this official satd: "The Food Administration will resist as long as possible any need for draa'iic regulation of foodstuffs, hav- patrlotism. of Ameri- Jarffer proportion of' the' people are willing to forego l i u s faUh -l !1 Sull F.tnaer is seriously injured near Continence when a sis: horo vrajyon loaded with cross t[esi passes 1 over his body whcji ho falls from the vrapon Mrs. Brooks tvite of Da.n- lel II. Brookb dies at Xormaliille. Jacob S«'ese and Henry who ciOu at iht els* tion [or supervisor jn 3prinff- field rowuahip settle thf mailer bj tossing a com Se««o vnns. Before one of the largest pitherinss that ever assembled on the Dawffori hndffe. RJV. Solomon Smith i*nmerfaes six converts m the Youphiogheny river. THURSOAY, H ARC If C. 1010. Detailed report of the ConneUsvilic coke tTAde for the week ending li'ebiru- arj' 29 shows a total of 36,534 ovens *n tho region oC which 16,720 are In bluht and 19,864 are Idlu, with n. total Cbtl- mated. production oC 157,982 tontf. Shipments for the -week afirgrcg-aWd 6,5*1 curs, distributed as follows: To Pittsburp, 2.884 can*; to points west, 3,^12 cars: to points east. 355 carff; an increase of -lil-cars over the previous week. 2tlss Hazel Marietta, daug-hter of Mr. and Mrs,* HOAS Marietta drives a silver spike into a tie of the Indian CruCK. .Valley railroad, marking" completion of tin* roj.A, !·* imicb up the valley. L Strawn is brouffht back from WANTED-- A HOUSEKUT.'I'KK pl GKO. KIXLIXBAUGH, lIUHop, Dun- eUe, ss. ' SVA.Tf.UK XT OF CIRCULATION. State of Pennsylvania, County of Fay- ba~, betu o'clock P. Sunday. lha hours of t and 7 ' Before me, the subscriber, a Notary Am home all day on Public wtttiin and for aald County and * | Stuco, perhonal'y appeared J. TTylie rrisco]l, who being- duly sworn .tccord. L foods ; , flour, : , fats Tbat^tbe number of .cars in need of bas increased io enormous | ami meats, their salft will undoubtedly be restricted, and thej- Vfill be rcgu- Allies notified Herbert ,_ t f 1-1 i r *"u rtiiiua jiutiiieu xierDcrt noover tor service Goi^ i step ffioDths th ^ t ,, ' ' cen possible because of tlie or caytbility to serve its car repair- fflen^~Thua Jte railroads have b*en. ' " " " -of -thwc problcms for which there is *y no possible solution* under eirsthig conditions. ot the armies depended ot the amount, of wheat this country \rould ship. Mr. Hoover appealed for big wheat savings, appealed to the people ofAmerlcac to, safcriflw , their usual 'portions'of -wheat product* BO that tho Allies might have the strength ' to hold back the-Hun. ''Some of the people "WashLneton, - Constable Josepl- Crossland chiirg:ed with ars-on in connection with the burning 1 OL' the Whi James Johnson well known farmer -H'A.XTKD--GIIUj KOK O1CXERAL houseworu. Family oC tlircc Hct'er- eucc Ad!lif«s MUS. C. I' POLING. -D37 "West l*ibertj a^unu^. Soutii MHis station, PIU«tiurfr, P« 20fob3t TV ANTED--MINERS WANTED WHO are studying for examinations to set the best mtninp: book published. "Slin- inc in a Nutiholl." by JAMES WARDLAW, Scottdale, Pa. Price ?2 25. S E e b f t t WANTED--ANY KIND OP PR1.VT- ingr, whether it is a callintr card, sme bill or the finest enffra\ed wedding invitation or announcement Wo prini anything--everything--do it promrtly and do it riprht. COimrEK office. Call tho man at TH.3 feotl) phones 27-U f.r luut. FOR BCXT--KOOJtS WITH On without board 313 East Cedar avenue FOR RENT--FRONT OFFICES ON" Becond floor of Eurm Evans build- ins. Inquire o£ HARRY DUN'N. Sjan-tfd FOR KE.VT--FRONT KOOM, \fl11l use oC hatlt and phone, grentlemun preferred, wilh or M itliout boaiu. .108 East Washington avenuu "HebtCd luff to law, did doDobti and say. That he is Asfelntant Manager of Circulation of The Courier, a daily newspaper published In Connelkv.lle. Pa.. and that the number of papers printed during tr-e week ending Saturday Fobruary 1C. 191S. wa.1 us follows Feb. 11... C.I1-! Feb. 14 ..... s,5ff Feb. 12 ---- 6.52J Feb. 15 ____ 6.50! Pob. 13.. ..6,501 »!. 16 ... 0,7-13 Ths Store that insists on flttmg their Shoes correctlv. Paiticular people like our Shoes They're pleased w i t h our stj-Ie selection and our methods m fitting;. A FAMILY SHOE STORE / with Better Shoes--Better Values--Better Service--101 our customers' satisfaction. Call and see some new" Shoes. Total 39,201 Da.ily A\ ur-ige 6533 That the dally circulation by mo.iths for the year aiMS to date wab as follows: 193S Month. D a H j Av Janu.i.r 1T^'9G! ti,E20 That tho daily circUaUon by months for the year 1917 to date was as .follows Month. Daily Av ! ..157.261 5,821 ..130,85^ MC2 ,.148,431 5,534 -.139,180 5,567 . .149.16J E.524 ..141.596 G - H 6 ..153.575 .,1SS,59G ..154,193 ..166.233 1917 January .. February * · Slarch Apt 11 May Juno ... . July August ... . Septlnber i October ... November .. Ducomber . ... 133.192 .. 1CS.SJS S.H1 6,155 6 16" 6,150 6 127 6,234 TOR SAUE--S CYLINDEB PASA rosldine near Doneeal falls from his I sensor MItrholl Auto 1SH model. -A breaks his leek. bargain J.SABCL N. EVAN, ios 80i haTDow and b Stratford apartments anci ofcl 5 onic-btiildine^sold by I- I* 1 . Ruth Peter Rutsck Ior t JTO,OOD^ Br Walt Huon- FEBHABT. Citj. POK SAHJ--OM; FIRST CLASH ci~ sar store and confectionery t.tand combined. Reasonable price to quick buyer. Address C. P. C., care The Courier. FOB SAI/E--60 ACHE FARM, 7 room houfai! with bath and heater, 5001! barn, new trarige, good spring wator, fifteen (15) minutes drive from borough limits, for 5334.00 per acre on terms. E. F De"W"lTT, Bell Phono 299-.T, SeoLLdaie, Pa. IDfebSt Is with UN, gentle reader, reminding- ua case of w o n t be rreatly worr'fec!, for it's' tae ^cur?^ 11 Anf^he^M'^o^/to 6 ore lut the straw, comes sprme w?h bu" -would probably constitute a \ e r y - "\\1iat happened in the .,,«,, w tonnidabio list though less in total j wheat will happen in other commodi- aumber than the "bad order" cars. {ties if America does not take wore But one idle locomotive means very [ seriously the critical Huation which and rosea . when -we'll no longer »urh more to a rai1ro*d than an idle i ronfronts this \mbeat6Q .nation " to thav °. ur fr ? Bun kn««s and noses car. " It bdin* ererynraere admitted, both Odi Fellows' ,_,. in railroad circles and out, that i n - ' The annual banqueu ot tho ladepen- eufDcient motive power is*at bresent, dent Order a? odii 1?f.!lnwt; nr .»,] fn , lTM» TlTn^Ti-o l u a n rh 1,1. 1 - 1 , , i i euows ' ot ·nd tor a long time ha.-, been, the chief i wood, vill be lid fcrtor In the coatinuert retardation ot Boclcwooa high So trhon the rude anil raucous blast in maudlin turr chill* you, and when the sleet storm, driving past, dismays and ' ' almost kills you, ' remember winter's on tlif wane. It 3s his- Arcing- flurry; spring's comingr, mild and safe mons truce AUTO CO Call 3 1 ) Tri-3tate. DLNB \R ZOfebtfil VOR SAl^E--"NOW IS THE TIME TO buy real esciitc be£oro prices go hlph- er." Crawford ati cot, £ramo house, 7 room 1 ? and halh. lat?. roof, on paved street. Street car stops ncnr. lot r2-cS8 CcoT Price SS.feO'i Totnl .. 151. HJ o,8^J And further bayct'i not .T, WYLTK DRISCOLL Swoi-n to an tl bub^cnbtid bofoi e me this IStJi daj of February, IMS. J. B. KURTZ. N. P. ptre^t. hfnsr. rooi", 1 room_s and batli, hot u'ator hf it- . . , r ,. r . sos and elnctnc, uard -woea l\: , this evening in the sane, and yon should cut out worn-. This H a new houc. .v targaln. auiJLtorium, Sprins a ^ominc with iis birds and I ss.soa. POSB»SSIOM m jo days. Tli t-which !s icti« because it lacks j mwtest sca-Ie as compared ·rtain r*^»kfl fo ro*i* it serHc*«J»l« 'mer Vrars ii-fc **r i scfinlp that soothe the jjJded spu-i ' i t a w r - j t Wlirl , r f o u h L | f , hlsrf np( . ~,. ft{ arrtla-d J n d chf-rr 11, It. a u J j i i e r month; p.ivfd sLrre:, lot 49xJ-2Q in j ft j r ^ i r t =^ f "' tc ^» t^f*' Terms O. K | i Dl'lfCni-U HP L Phone 1*9. 33reblL Waste Dollars d| Some users of printing -" save pennies by get' ting inferior work and lose dollars through lack of ad' vertising value in the work they get. Printers as a rule charge very reasonable prices, for none of them gel rich although nearly al! of them work hard. Mural: Gltie your printing io a goct? printer anil save money. Our Printing Is Unexcelled Doctor said, "Bio-feren had done wonders for her."-- Case 1724--School teacher: lucky, severe operation: ] s ft her weak, _._ · mlc, nervous, low vitality Phtdcian reeom- Jn*ndeti Bio-feren. , Two weeks' treatment ·howed remarfcahle improvement. 'Doctor re- Iortel "Bfo-feren had done wonders for hec." Anoiher eaie--Pennsj'lvanian, roports: "I have taken about one-half or thi Bio-feren pellets and must confese that r feel like new." A KentueWan woman uaya: "I have taken Bio-feren regularly afld fee* anncn benefited, I can use my arms much better. However, c«n not ffeC mr hand* to my head sufficiently to comb my hair, but I fee! that I win soon b*«-to So that." Tou want the vigorous health and ruddy beauty that'is dependent oa jttr-nsth, n*rv«B and red blood. Everybody does. Road those reports aboTe. ·Bain, Tou, too, If you ore draped down in he*lth and str-ngtn becaua ft ot oT-inrork, irorrj'. nerves, and similar causes can rebuild your health and ·trenffth with Bio-feren. It la not a stimulant It is a builder a, builder ol better health. There is no secret nor mystery abou? Bfo-feroiL*' iSvwy nackaBP the elements it contains Ask j o u r physician about it, or navehnr and we wUl send him conipiate formula. nd don't forget that Bio-feren Is *old only on condition thut vmi trfn return the empty package and allow us to refund y" £ 5S«Sa8eBric^?f fc£ Kw^pwtM? are DDl fU " y SatlSQed ' rICaSe b "-' *s!Sto"Sl?d for Vto Bio-foren sclla at SI 00 for a larffe pactaee. Tour drurrtat «in .(mr-w you or wo -»ill send It direct upon receipt of *I 00; six palkaccf^or J5 *f should you have any trouble in securing Jt. Xhe Seninel BemldJTM ^1 rilLTIV. 1Inmf\-nif T a m T l t a W-n^nnnll l ~ \ V i * n ·*·** WhMIi»UCt ^^CUJVUJO I^OM» Ohio, IF YOU WANT Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads at One Cent a Word. They Bring the Results.

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