The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 15, 1964 · Page 26
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 26

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1964
Page 26
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T-y Tf'f TT'T ' T'y'-yT'-f w e1 w r a rfi t"w rTfr"y i wn w '" ft IM i THE OTTAWA JOURNAL' SATURDAY, AUOU3T 15. Iflgri, 28 T -"V " 303 I0AT. UD MAIDS CABIN CRUISE. M FT . 10 FT )Mtm. i fully equipped with ST cu. Inch Chev. V- motor, automatic bilge pump. Mowers, to. Priced for quick wl. Phone M7-UT, Perth, Oat. HIIUTI CAR TOPPER, USED, Ideal for slsselne a hmlli of 4, tit m er atsuonwsgons. The WMf to the boat owner who .wonts to novo hie sleeping accommodation with him. ABC Camping Equipment, Almonte te ei -OUTBOARD MOTORS TO RENT. Johnson's Furniture, 111 Mur ray, ws-sin. SAILBOAT. VUD VERT little by present owner, m 14- eeeeoa bargain WtT. T4a-f37S, SPUOBOAT. M. OOOD CONDI-Moa, w-mi WEYMOUTH OUTBOARD CRUIS-er, 1 ft. SO h p. Evlnruds. fully equipped. 1 bunks, convertible. u,,.. mm. ideal foe rnitlllU. water skiing, complete with e- wneai waiter, ras-sous. YOUR TRAVELLER BOAT AMD Johnson outboard motor oeeicrv eslss and service, elwsys food toek of need motors on hand. Tommy and Lefebvre. 4M Bank Street. CE-7J1. tiiLi MMMi.fcH strtaT TBAtL- or. St b p Johnson, WM. 72- otls or 1310 Ainsisy wive saw U POOT MOULDED PLYWOOD, full eoutDocd. convertible top, 95 electric. No reasonable offer ret used. TU-4U0. evenings. , rrn . m e-raia WINTMIIIKLD steering wheel, nylon cover. lets' SO n.p. eiectraa worn an m ai,-, MM. Green Valley Lumbsr L'd too Montreal Road. 13 FT. CABIIT CRUISER. SLEEPS S. Aylln built. IMS, full galley , sink head defrtn-eounder mcni, meet wnui we. nmj aw wnuj we. nmj For information call Amp r t o r IS-4IM.. eveninss or a-J473. ft FT NOVA SCOTIA SLOOP. It h.n. inboard engine, excellent alls, two berths, heed. ft dinghy, seen at Long Saalt. S1.J00. R. Jackson. 330 Sixth Street East. Cornwall. WEJ-41M evenings. ' . 40 It P. SCOTT. tM MODEL with controls. Salt. PA1-17U 1M3 SHEPHERD -CRUISER, tS h.n.. 1U ho. (used): 1M4 Shep herd Sunltner eruteer. M ft.. 110 hp. inewi. Holiday Marine Selea Ltd. Exclusive dealers for Shepherd Cruisers la the Ottawa V alley, saemcavwe. eee-seee. 1MI Tlk H P. OUTBOARD MOTOR. good conninon. siea. sse-esje. LBO BULK AOS ' ' Carletaa Place Paaaa IM as ISM It-FOOT PACESHIP. PLYWOOD, . with wtaosntsM. new sieermg , maHmmiI eencre neck iwwly refiniehed. powered by It electric start motor. Vary good boat. wlnoshnuo. 14-FOOT MASOW MAHOGANY inpeiraKC o v e a. www iiiih, hardware. utt mt seat and split beck, front seat, vinirl deck, boar b) new, powered by M hutsepuatar Ivtnrude electtlc. la i COCKSHUTT POWER ' binder. - S Tt-. goo " SHMTtSr COCKSHUT M ferae machinery. Juneeu. Hawthorne Road. Davidson, toes icott Strsei To-ises. 1 Ma.M mww 'aa e a rnumKK Cora Head. Matthews con- tlnuoua flaw (rata aryer a' - motature meter. MexvUle, 517 seel Write MexvUls, Boa t I I HC, S-CAN PORTABLI MILK cooler-, s vorsonna. awe a" binder; 1 Ceckahut. 10-foot power grata binder; I Masse y-. Harris 44 dleeel tractor: 1 I H C. aj nviM dlaeel araewrt a , W I, tractors, several i-i . - PanM auo- . alv. sUchmond. Oat IM-STTLl 3M KilCTliiCl :. STEINBERG STORES TO SERVE TOO BUliBtd Br1t Plaza WMtfStS Sbopplnf CMtPt Eattvicw Sboppinj Centra Bmvalt Sbopping Csolrt , Ki Montrssl Rood IS Lsdue Stnst, Hull RED and WHITE FOOD STOKES EXTRA SPECIALS . V AT OUR NEWEST , RED AND WHITE . 780 ST. JOSEPH BLVD., HULL, QUEBEC FOR SUMMER SALADS ' RICHMELLO SALAD DRESSING DOMINION STORES LIMITED a&p . : FOOD STORE A&P INSTANT MILK ' Hv Csrtoa' tO 1Q SPECIAL S' ' 7 Mors than 173.SM forest fir occsr snwuilly to th U.S. . About M.4M rnilss of M 0.1 rtvars aavlgibKt. ' ., excellent canape, vean. terma, , . L..,f . 303A 6JU-4JUII)Saf IIS TOP SOIL PTLL. HALT-LOADS vaUabk. SM-4MT. 384 ' tan wiimii - l ORAtM SOaetuoa. TRACTORX AND idltlea. end other . . .7 306 Miuniiam I Coat treat lreeedlag Coluasal ALLIED FOOD MARKET SAVE 13c ;, AYLMER T0AAAT0 SOUP 9 'SnT $1 EXCEL STORES" HEINZ KETCHUP 4 "X&i Loblaw's Alpine Club Lime Rickey A refreaMng warm weather "r.y . ' treat. 307 FfinKI ADORABLE POODLE PtlPPlaa smau. standard. blue-Black and orown. rsasonaoic. l-aes-4131 BEAGLES. WEEKS. 1 RlMUa .from, top show stock. Pet t wood awenneis. a37-os4. BEAUTIFUL FOX TERRIER. I montna, sa up. lis Kant street Mull. i BLACK LABRADORS. RECIS- . rea i montos. w hum Club. BOARD WANTED WITH APPRE ciauva city or country family aw una saner null una aog. 7tJ-01J. BUDOIES. ASSORTED COLOR moving Bsssssitaasa sale. 7ZS- arws. DALMATIAN, t YEAR, LOVABLE. aooKing i or gooa sble. T-SM-iill. DOO. BLACK BOSTON BULL. years em. sou. r-AS-aTSS. PLUPTY KITTENS TO GIVS away, nouaeoroaen. TM-grm. POX TERRIER PUPPIES AND others. Arlington, phone CEt- eees. GERMAN SHEPHERD PUPS, rerlatered. . Dr. G ranter. Voter- anarlaa. TTI-MIT. GERMAN SHEPHERDS, t MALES and I females, m weeks; ateo i excellent snow prospect, femsie, I weeks. Pettswood Kennsla. U7-0M4. LABRADOR RETRIEVER, T74-J74S, Wlachsstsr. Oat.. LOVELY BASSET PUPS. MALE. female, alas aeegies. reason a rue. PEDIORER TRENCH POODLE. aula. Mack, aainialura, I weeks TtS-TTse, batwasa T-S aesalngi. PETS AND HOBBY CENTRE. POR. kmt )v in Laurtsr wast, a located at 117 Bank seer Somer- ael. Fire sals aa now. Mt-itu POODLE PUPPIES. REGISTERED. white, snlnlstures: s a-ltt. ' .PUREBRED DACHSHUND PUP- pws, see. Mt-ltll. REGISTERED WHITE S A MOVED puppies, s weeks eM. Price HO. Apply. W. Buffaav- Boa tt, i mm arm tne raits, urn. ISTERED CHIHUAHUAS FOR .ssie, g weeks cm. Tso-seu. ISTERED WE IMA RAKER DDlr Ronald Perrault. Mavaa. auR. 1. Teiepnone . eisi. SILVER MINIATURE 'POODLE ILVER M pupa, bo puns, born June p. vaceinatea. ana cuppen. an-aeso, SIAMESE KITTENS OP REOIS- tereet at nek. seelDO&ni Bit ly so go. lae-iaav. . KENlfELB. boarded, bathed, clipped and groomedAAII types of puppies for sale. 11M. WsUlngtan.. 71J-S31S, suthWUIetlM. Complsts una or TOY FOX TERRIER PUPPIES, re gartered, gu-iesr. BOARD ID1N Rl RDETkB KBNNELS PETS board: BATHED, CLIP- PS d, new aenneia. etayea. es. Tse-saoa. 30t uvmoa V Niani DAnrr cows bold ON TIME aa dowa payment, as montna to pay. Phone IM Embrua. or write 19ft Meriborougn. Ottawa. FOR SALE. REGISTERED POLLED Hereford bull. 4 veers eld, aulet. Bert ,G. Argue, SUttsvUlc, SM 1T FOR SALE. 1$ HEAD Y tkia !. a kavaeeM R AND Heifers. sVnaa cows with cai loot. J. D. ' Oat, RR 1. Phone HI AT FOR RALR. CLOVER. Timothy, Alfalfa. , Tve-leU, as aaa-sais. HORSES BOARDED.- LA ROE. alaaa box stalls, automatle water. Ing ay stem. Bast at! oare. River Road, Its nxUss south at Up-lands Airport. M. Whalaa, tU- n BOARDING STABLE Trlple-L Ranch, good hay, pro- tacted winter nag. asssrvs now T4S-S37S. 4 REGISTERED HEREFORD BULLS. IS months. Harry Ueeley, Carp ais-areo. SHETLAND PONY COLTS. TOP quality, from SAO up. Baker's Pony farm. Carp, Oat, Phaas SHEEP AND M LAMBS, R1CH- nond tM-ttos. SOO BALES OF HAY FOR SALE. Apply Doug DeankMa, Kempt- vuie. vm., aa a soe-sea. , 4400 BALES OP OOOD HAY IN borne. Write r phono Ambrose Cervla, Elgm. Oat. Paaaa Elgin 3091 nimincoss ANY AMOUNT OP CANADIAN OR Anesrleaa proof -like sets, dollars, ate. urgently wanted. We w 1 1 travel or call Cola Centre eg Canada. s Sussex, gaa-sasi BRITISH COLONY MINT STAMP collection, approximately S4. value, will cell ell or sorts at to or aaoa to first arfers. sts OTTAWA COINS. COIN INVEST- atent brokera. We win buy or : aell coins for yon aa our tele type at a rtsianabis rata. I WE BUY coins. Best prices Hava ear wul travel. Melt Cola Bar. IM Quaea. ttv-SSM. t Journal Want Ada bring quick results. 400 rWOILUS A. M. DOVE MUSICAL SERVICES. punas tuned, repeirea. instnw thm on band and archestra la- Btruments. New pianos and mualcel InatrujnenU . fat sale. Tta-dtt. . , ("'' ABB: I WONT HAVE TO SELL your ouiooaro motor an ouy ne wonderful Cone organ, at Kea Parisian's: they have assy ami. savvo- .iaooeyi. ARE YOU THINKING Or BUILD- Ing your owa furniture Design service ' and facilities available. roc information call CARD AND ' MIND READING. atao vsa naves reea. ase-vfie. DISCARDS FROM YOUR HOME Ki'Viae work ana wages' for tne ndtcspped sad needy al the Ottawa Nalghhorhood Sarvlees Work hope. 7s-s'lf DRIVINO TO REOINA AUG SOTH, room tor I paaasngan DUMP TRUCK, -TON. AVAIL sols tor traeh retnovsl. 230-3717 EXCELLENT CARE FOR ELDER' ly people, room and board. IM- 1M. ... i - i .i .I, GRATEFUL THANKS TO ST. juas tor favors recetvea. a.i HAVE TRUCK. CLEAN YARD. cellars, maintenance wont sad repairs. a3-sea7,. HAVING TROUBLE WITH YOUR wssnery For free; estimates, 134- eeee. v LAMINATED IDENTIFICATION cars. si. ror laformauoa sail spva. " MOVING FOR LOWEST RATES and expandable service cell Capital .Fully Insured. T4P-TS1I. PIANO TUNING OR REPAIRS BY experts. Your piano will last longer and retain Its value If property maintained. Phone Robertson. P ingle and Till ey Ltd., M Sparks Street, Stf-IMI. PRINTING. LETTERHEADS OR envelopes, sis uiousana, earns T. flyers its. Caahprtnt. 112- REGISTER NOW FOR PIANO. gunar and accord Ion lessons tn Mualcs studios at Will Is Co. Ltd.. Ittl Wellington, St. Tat "1tS-lt7a. ' RETIRED GENTLEMAN, lilt. tng noma near bua route, would anare expsnscs. ao young sail-dren. Box E-4to, Journal. ROOM, BOARD. AND CARE FOR eraeny people. Reasonable rates. fae-atsi. SCIENTIFIC INTRODUCTION centre, -so Avenue Road, To ronto a. um. aas saaa. SINGLE YOUNG LADY INTEREST. ad In meeting profeeaioturi aa-attached aentiemea.. lata twee. Uee. eompewlaashlR. Box E-434, MTHl, SINOLE. UNATTACHED. JOIN raennsnip cist, IntrodMcss people of goad character, a 1 1 ages. Out-of-town Inourtee wel come, comioentiai. Tatapnoaa ui-itTt. box d-tib, Mtarnat. SINGLE GENTLEMAN. 140), IS IN- isreswa m meeting an attractive, unattached young lady. anap appreciated but not asc sary. Box K-492, Journal. TRUCK. lli-TON. REMOVE RUB- bish, cleen yards, , bsssmsnta. SIt-tltO. 'i TYPEWRITERS. . , RENTALS. RE- 'IS r. Evening delivery UPHOLSTERED FURNITURE Re covered, slipcovers, repairs, kitchen chairs recovered Quality materials. Low prices. 7Zl-717a. WENTWORTH HEALTH STUDIO. tad steam, opera Leo oy Binimn Phone S3S- graduata 0351. WHY NOT RENT AN ECONO-CAR for your vacation? Ha travel re- autctkme ana weekly than you think. All matle. Insurance, seat beHa., raf ale. Teiepnone 74t-14s. TBSA HEALTH STUDIOC GRADUATE MASSEUSE. STEAM- bath, lamps. SOt Leu 7- U-t7aa. " WHY VACATION ALL ALONB LOCATING ETHICAL VACATION. share partners is another servlee provided -M the Sharing Bsgls- try. Free. Informs tion, SStOajM. airy lime. , . .- OOIKQ SOUTH THIS WINTER, MAY WB LOOK Slier your aouae ar yet ment Tor you. Wa will weU. sn-oiot, - pay you WITNESS REQUIRED WOULD ANYONE WITNESS I NO accident Involving eutomobile and motorcycle at intersect I a a .of carting ana cnanasr, en July av ivoe, ei epproxmHiaaiy s p-n please ut-a7 R. w natal 711-J7M. SEWTNO CLASIBS BEGINNER'S COURSE, t LES- 110. Tslephona tor format too reasrdma . regtstrattoa for thai oauree and alao briar- snsdtsta and advancea tiuuisss m drsssmaklng. The tewing Basket. avs Lourair waes. sar-waes. Thuna's Herbal .Treatment,. 397 Bank St,' OtUwa . 232-6388 .' aottd Until , September 21st An products available at ' Steven ton't Drug Store 390 Elgin "232-7364 501 MAU KLF WAITED AMBITIOUS GRADE Xm ORAD-aalaa for training as chartered accountants. TSs-SI4i. BARBER WANTED IN EAST- i view Sbopping Centre. Tta tttt. BOY WANTED FOR LAWN MOW- big, Champiam Park. 771-sros. BUTCHER AND COUNTER MAN. bilingual, experienced only. Ap ply aa ay ware stars et. CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS afflea requires Intermediate ar senior ca student ar reaaat graduate. MacLeod, C o at r Ik and company, iss-sill. ENOINEER FOR NATURAL OAS furnace wanted. id. Apply toi It. Itt Bruyare St.. C har lee mi Ottawa. tetding Canadian Distributor of American and European 'Musical Inttruments Seeks , t EXPERIENCED SALESMAN ' FOR CENTRA!, AND NORTHERN ONTARIO Several new axclostve lines for Iminedlete awvelopment, OUTSTANDING OPPORTUNI- . TV FOR HARD WORKING) COMMISSIONED SALESMAN. COMMENCE IMMEDIATELY. Apply as own hend writing cut-Ing qualifications, age, marital status, eta Interview to be arranged im Toronto. OXE-477, JOURNAL DAILY PUZZLER : A DAILY DISH OF SCRAMBLtO WORDS ' IRsad New Hm Below forf Unttrambls toftort of tht OtM to Antwtr of IWo 1! fTbl,1 1 in j-nori pa ., , . SwislSsselHsj Excess B , c d oT ' SPARTANBURG, S.C.-A jury II I 5 ' l I could not dsclds whffjr WIr- ' ' ' ' I bur .AIIIsOO WOt QUllly Of drunk- eewwawwwaaeswweBWaaaa . ndrMrvg.doiplltocop'tword T 1 l O T fhot Alliton rtsksd and was i , 13 14 i ttoggorlncj. Alliton'i b a r b r aKaJaJwaJvlJaaaJ . TOttifiad that h had glvtn him ansmamsmmasm-smm-was o haircut shortly bsfors llhs I A N 8 A arrstt and hod doyd hit I i 14 .- ctSsnft hair with 70 I I I I I tonlCi ? mmmmmwmmmmmmmmmm What did rha hair tonic centaln R 1 D . H 'IN Cepr.SmireehraCara, , ', a . ! . I fMWsftd sifMilaid f saeJLMaJaaasaaaaaawaaaaasw. PRINT reUMURcO UTTERS IN II 12 II 14 IS It 17 THfSt SQUARES " I I II UNSCRAMBLE ABOVE UTTERS , 1 I I I I 1,1 DAILY PUZZLER ANSWERS NEXT PAGE 501 MILE W WWII Cnnt tmm P?ocedine Co umm EXPERIENCED MAN FOR FARM with purebred herd. Houss available. Box E-4S4, Journal, EXPERIENCED SINGLE . for dairy farm. tit-ITU. EXPER I E N C E D TELEPHONE aa la amen wanted. Apply Mr. Murdoch. 7aa-aotl. EXPERIENCED MANAGER FOR sa bar. East End. bilingual, aggressive. Box E-37, Journal. EXPERIENCED MANAGER FOR gss bar, East End, bilingual, aggressive. Box E-35T, Journal. BTlCPXnlENCED MARRIED MAN for dairy farm, modern houss. fuel and milk supplbjd. good wages. Box E-440, journal, 4L FIRS CLASS LICENSED ' ejhsala. Apply la parson, Ut Me- L. . ...i. ,, FIRST CtAII BILINGUAL clerk-typist reoulrad. Apply tot Lid., Bronaoa Point Flo FIRST CLASS MECHANIC AND maintenance maa required tn Ot-- tawa dlatrlct Box E-404, Journal. FACTORY REPRESENTATIV: For- tits - Province of by a vary well estebltaned rapidly expending Wast Coast manufacturer. Product knowl-, edge given at coatpany factoay. Postlioa raqulresaklll la personal ewmtact, sales promotion, asotlvatloa. training of dealer pofounnol. Travel required. - Good tnittel aaUry plus car and expanse allowance, coupled with profit sharing and salary tnereaee potential which will piece ,010 right maa tn a top income bracket. Unusual (rings benefits. The menaaament is . aiogi assies aad dad lee ted to hs teem splrtt of operatloa coupled with aocour aging fuH envelopment of the Individual potential and. giving of com- . meneursts rewards. -Reply in strict . confidence), giving fun particulars ss to aducation, exparienca. tale-pbona number and othar par-tonal data to , I;: BOX E-482, JOURNAL for Intarview at one of Ottawa's leading bo tell August 21, 23 and 23. - A LARGE ELECTRONICS COMPANY IN THE TORONTO AREA ENGAGED IN THE . ; ; MANUFACTURE OF , GYROSCOPES. STABLE PLATFORMS AND INERTIAL NAVIGATIONAL SYSTEMS INVITES APPUCATIONS ' FROM: 1. Englnetrs and Senior Engineering Technicians ;v i; .' ' Who are recent university graduates la Electrical En-gtnaerlng ar Fnglnssrlng Phr sees ar graduates of s s year full-time course of a recog-aiasd leehnlcel toutltuts with some trouble sheeting and testing sapsrlenee. Dutisa bs chsde the final ehetheut end trouble-shooting of lasrtnl asvlgstloa systems. 2. Senior Engineering Tecnnlclans and Engineering Technlclana Who are grsdustee la Ctoo-tro-Mechsnlcsl Engineering of a I year full-time eourss of t recognised hrehaleal InaUiuts. Dutlss include assisting the Teat Engineers la the operation at consoles with a possibility of assuming duly la the, field for suitably quellfted ap-i 3. Electronic Technicians Who hsvs s sound knowledge of basis electrical theory together with soma knowledge of frenelstors sad allied circuitry with at reset two years' capers . ence oa airborne electronic . systems. Duties will Include ' troubleshooting of electronic . components of Inertlal systems or la-plant repair of system ' components. Sultsbls eppll-eenle msy be considered lor ' short periods of field duty, 4. Mechanical ' Technl-. clans Who have three to five years . expertenoe la fine electro-mechanical assembly, arefereoly la the nsvigetloa tnalrument field. Dutlee will Include the , repair ar assembly of navlea-Ilea system components, luti-abla appllcaats may be eon-, stdered for abort parlsds eg field duty., Excellent working conditions with a wide range of com pens -benefits. Writs giving full do--taus as . . ,.','., v , Personnel Manaier ' ,' IIHON SYSTEMS ' (CANADA) UMJTED. " 23 CITY VIEW, DRIVE,' ... REXDALE. ONTARIO V; , (TORONTO) , ,..( ' Telephone 249-1231 Ontsrln ; WWW W 1 VF rtl luFW( SOt MUI KLP WAITED (Coot, from preceding Columni FURNITURE REFINISHER. TOP eeUry, benefits. Only highly sxperlenccd need apply. Hender-aon Furniture Repair. PAS-aoit. INDEPENDENT.' LIKE TO BE , your owa boss, have the ability to work hard with minimum supsrvlsioof Then eonsadsr the reel : estate profession for a stake la the tremendous growth of our economy. Full on the Job' training provides. Age ss or . aver, good health, car required. For personal Interview call Bryee Beckett Tta-xttl. Marvin Oreenbsra; Ltd.. "Realtor.'' US- tan. - ...- JANITOR REQUIRED SEPT. I, for apartment building, u Regent Street. Ue-0111. JANITOR FOR t-UNTT APART- ' snent la Bastvlew. - t-bedroom apartment, available at reduced rent. Daytime SM-711; evenings SS4-S71S. KITCHEN HELP WANTED, EVE-nlngs. HMH JANITOR REQUIRED FOR p-UNIT apartment building la . Bandy Hill. Free one bedroom basement apartment tit exchange for -light duties. Apply I t7. Station D, unit! sox OtUwa. LICENSED MECHANICS' WANTED at Shell Service Sutton. Mont-r-real Road at I Seed Road. I4a-l tU4. , - WE ARE NOW , . INTERVIEWING : .'. STUDENTS For Chartered 'Accountants' " - ,- dffic . . '' University degree or- ' Senior Mstrtcnlatioa required: alee tk at ttk year students. V-.- ' Beply ftp confldanos to . Peat Marwick Mitchell and Co. 353 DALHOUS1E STREET , 232-1546 DRYWALL JOINERS AND ' CORNER BEAD ' APPLICATORS TOP RATES - -.STEADY WORK ' MlNTO BAYSHORE TIMB'OFFICI RICHMOND ROAD Y ROUSSEL T TO IS AM. : ' CARLETON .. ' UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF -ENOINEERINO '. REQUIRES A . ' "MACHINE SHOP ; . V . TECHNICIAN " Starting' November. Expedience la maeMnlag pre. elaioa. Test equipment aaoee-sary end la sheet metal working, weld tng, ar bra sing desirable. , Oood working conditions tn " well equipped shop as asw building, usual fringe benefits. Salary dependent . on qualUU cations snd experience. . Reply giving age, experWnos tad educstlon, to ; Dean of Englneerinf ' CARLETON- ' -UNIVERSITY SYSTEMS ANALYST Oar aompany. a medtum-slBsd. multi-sinll arganisatloa, a .leader In tne protective east- tnga industry. Is seeking e University graduate, preferably . In Commerce or Buslnsss Ad- ' mtnlstrstioo age tS-M, who ... has had at least ana year of systsms ssperlenoe and at , least one year of experlenca on data processing at ths aparatar or pi ogi stiunsf level fpreferably ea IBM lOt series cnmputorsl. Hs wlU be located at our Head Office Montreal, and will, Barry out systsms and arn-' aodurd stud lee covering wide areas of our company actlvi-tlee In the manufacturing, distribution aad retail sales fields. That la a newly created poet- tion which offers sn above ; average starting salary,' end excellent growth opportunities. Pleaae apply tn writing giving full personal, education and experience details, to BOX -403, JOURNAL'. Your application will be', treated in strictest confidence. I ? r 501 . male kip waited (Coot, from precealng Column) . MECHANIC . COUNTER MAN FOR modssa bowling asubiishment In East End. Mechanically mind-ad, bilingual, training provided Box E-sis. Journal. NATIONAL ORGANISATION, RE- quire s smart young men is-11 yssra. to treia for Sales Career Unlimited opportunity, bilingual J referred, but not essential. 4 to months training program at fixed salary. Box E-410. Journal. REPRESENTATIVE FOR LARGE food manufacturer, Ottawa and district. Must hsvs chain aad wholesale experience. Salary and expenses, bonus, fringe benefits. Box E-4M. Journal. SALESMAN TO REPRESENT noor covering wnoiassier, aenou Ing leading Una of herd surface Boorlng In city and Ottswa Valley Knowledge of retail Boorlng trade desirable. Car ssssntlsl, isas to St. Attractive salary. . bonus plan and ether benente Box E-J81, Journal. SHOr SALESM AN.MUST BE Experienced, excellent position for Tight inan. lit Bank. STOCK dt-ERK. YOUNQ MAN. IT. It. for buslnsss offlcs. willing to leerm rvpsu- Of orttce e mem. minimum 9 years' .V.,D. a-- hlgl esno. asa-sosL SUPERINTENDENT lANDY MAN. full time for 5-storey modern apartment building, eouple only. rvv a pari men i piue gooa salary. Rsfsrencas. Apply Box, E-1M. Journal. TAXI DRIVERS. OVER tt YEAR at age.' Apply 1000 Wellington TAXI DRIVERS WANTED TMME- oiaieiy. cau Tls-ftUl. WANTED. EXPERIENCED OIL burner mechanic, bilingual, ut Anamr atreei. ssa-fsts. YOU EARN MORE MONEY CIV ing itawieigh Service amoagat your friends end rrlsUves. Bet- ter man working for a boss. Essv to start. Write RawUlgh. ueps. n-sia-aii, suos Hichsllei Street. St. Henry. Montreal. YOUNG MAN. PREFERA R I. V wtut some camnMUCtal and eecre-teriel training for work la Engineering Sales Office. Go ad future, age 10-at appointment. Tsa-rrsi for OVER ONB MILLION '.' Pear Haadred Taeassad Hollars . , IN REAL ESTATE SOLD BY OUR aathuaed tales force la July! Join this opportunity - minded salsa groua that are smashing records, every month. Experi ence tna term of helping people Snd their dream home I The most satisfying, welHpeid lob In aalaa In Canada today! Plenty of help, training, prosae loads. Call and auke annolntment to chst about YOUR future. Call George Thomas.. Seles Manager. I 1361; evenings, 154-5073 Thomas Shlpmaa Ltd.. 'Iteertorv , Test Technician . Minimum 2 to 3 years' experience in inspectinc t sting and trouble - shooting: power supplies, motor-generators snd control circuits. Semi conductor tuMwladge desirable. : l . Apply . B0GUE ELECTRIC . OF CANADA LTD. ' Riverside Drive , , Otuwa, Ontario SALESAAAN , Required for Retad . ' Trade in Our Showroom. Age trauatf St with good education, experience la the field required, bilingual, good - ep-port unities tar the future, , For Appointment Call . THS MANAGE ' . BYTOWN LUMBER ' .' ' ' LIMITED 745-6825 - - ' ' J1AA-STUDY.' r. OBSERVER In an phases of study I Machine Shoo andor asscmblyi. Tdskmg up of standards helpful. Excellent working conditions.' Ont. HosplUl. P.S I.-grou ta. eureaee, pension plea. Salary raaga MJt - till. Send complete resume te ' PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT OUTBOARD MARINE , , CORPORATION , , . , OF CANADA LTD... ' Pctfrboroufb, Ontario , ; ' FIRESTONE;,. , TIRE ft RUBBER COMPANY . ' OF CANADA LIMITED ,.' Has Immediate Openings ton Territory Salesmen Store Msntgers , " Outside Salesmen ',. Office and Credit Managers Service Managers - , AppUcsnts -belassa tt and U yasrs of age with e minimum ' at secondary ' school education ana a aucceasfui aeagrouna oc rvtall sales experience will be . giveev prefi These axaitlona offer e chal lenging and rewarding future ta ambitious men to advance ; Into aslea snd credit menege-ment positions with a progree-elve organisation. To the ssea sslscted. we offer attractive starting salsrtss with extensive bonus arogrsms, mediae 1, hospital end pension ., puma. ;J- ;;:'," , j Submit an application tn your I own nanawnting mciuaing mc recent photograph and your telephone number to the , PERSONNEL DEPARTMENT ' FIRESTONE TIRE" ' & rubber co., Limited ' 5590 Ferrler Street,, i Montreal 9, Quebec . 501 MALE m WAITED tConl, front Preceding Column) PLUMBINO AND BEATINO CONTRACTOR NEEDS MEN. good opportunity for maa with moral knowtaltej of b u I nm, war housings clerical and foaitntf icargDc. Alao job foram a a naadad- Rapljr (Ivbig fuU partt-cuiara. Bos Ip4M. Journal. - QTJEBN'8 UNIVERSITY Requires a BUYER Ta assist purchasing agent la all phasss of his depsrtmsnrs operation including customs and expediting. Replies to be treated tn confidence, should lists fuU psrtl-culsrs Including expected ssl-ary and be dlreetad ta our . Director of Penonnel QUEEN'S UNsVERSITY KINGSTON, ONTARIO - CARPET INSTALLERS . ;P FULL-TIME . ;u Experienced only need apply. ' SERVICE MASTER 729-483S 5011 11LESHEI AW 11 WITH JITO. BUILD VP YOUR owa business; be mdepend e n t. Sell at 45 commission daily used producta: profits fixed by your ambition. Customers benefit of free products and pra-mluma. Buy a case tit. reimbursed wlthla SO days If unsat-tafted JITO. Dept. ts. 1S St. Hubert, Montreal. NSW aORIZONB POR TOO! YOUR OPPORTUNTTY AS A real ' estate salesman Is limited only by your ewa desire to succasd through serving ethers Wa hava "stock ea our shelves', essay, many desirable fropertlss to seU. Wa will teach yoa how to sell them and show you the way ta a rewarding career. To talk seriously about It. osU Osoree Thomas, teles Manager tse-ateii evenings. 1JS-M7J. fori aa oppointment. Thosnas anip- aiaa Ltd.. "Raaltor-. SALESAAAN Te aall tsjnee as Ess lent Ontario for. Csnsdlsn auaulscturer. Highest aoaimla-sloae. Large repeat business. 'Address reply ta DIANNE LIGHTING - OP CANADA 118 Glen Long Ave., Toronto, Ontario Pteess mchide tsliphoaa REP. FOR TEXAS OIL CO. WORTH UP. TO $12,000 v Need sua ever e la Ottawe area. Take short auto wipe. ' Contact heavy aquly inset snd fleet eamart. . vTlej,, ' B. O DICKtRflOti . iL ' SW PETROLEUM Ut BT. Mala. Ft Warth. Texas SALES REPRESENTATIVE s Aa opportunity sxlsts with a rapidly expanding organise-tloa bs the pressure asnaltivs label Held. Oroee . aoteatlal atskea this opening aa sxoelleol position for aa experienced. Intelligent, egsreoslve youa enea, aged SS to St. Salary, commission, ex ' peases and rnmpaay ear with aeual Benefits. Reply la confidence giving full issuina of sduoatlon. sx-perteaco end aalary required. . BOX E-501 JOURNAL , WW A TV . MAKE EXTRA MONEY Was a portable TV set. while you Basse extra money. Ne experience apnea as ry, SeU ex-clting top-value Chrlstaisa , Cards and GUIs, Barn big C refits rrtende anal aslghbon uy ea sight. . Write for tree color estslogus end samples ea approval. Special money-malting plea lor churches, clubs, schools. HOMER-WARREN CO. Dept. te, 11 CWndensa Ave ....... Toroate . ' .. 502 rauuRarwAiiD tABYtm-KIt - mUeMBLt WO- wn, Wwtfat um. TM-T74I. BCALTTY COUNSELOR flgQUtRU full, paittiM. amMUoua wcwms. kVairirrrVara utnm . imn for ctrntxeti OttAwa Valley mall lumber supplrca. Reply vtatlng eWXpewrpBfnotl, BOX -wSU, aftWnUU CAPABLE MATURE WOMAN wantad to taka full ctoarga onf nouaa. witn i cniidrtn. in u inrej in, 7U-4UJ. CHARTERED A C C O UKTAim yfT(c haa opanlng mi atad, for - aTtpartoncaal bookfcapr. Boa. Mr u, journal. CLERK -TYPIST t-day work weeh. group In-eursnos and Ontario Hospital fully eetd. : . . Operatloa of dictating equip-meat en asset but not essea-, tlal. i . Atmllcsnts te apply la ewa handwriting ststing ags. tnsrl-.tal ststus, experience snd typ- , tO ..J .I',, BREWERS' WAREHOUSING CO. LTD. ' P.O.BOX 4500. ', STATION "K", OTTAWA (We telephone eelle will be t -,. ;..:. so2 rouUrttvwAno (Coat, from Preceding ,Coluautl DISHWASHER REQUIRED, FULL, time, tareesi veuey saweni, . nt-trae. . DISHWASHER WANTED, l-OAT , week. t-J. good aslsry. APPty la parson, tl Cslelerls. if Mai-calla Street, from a-lP am. , ;, CFFIC1SNT CLERK TYPIST, Iff- isrssting posiiieai. iviwewa SU-lltT lor appomtaasas, ; EMBASSY RSQUIRES IXPERI- enced cook, praieraoiy live - an.' good salary, oa aVeae. eeurnel. EXCELLENT OPENINOS FOR branch stare managers .and checkers, steady smployaaeal, guarantaad weekly salary. Apply at head office only, Brook-shire . Cleeners Limited, t7T ' Boyd Avenue. I blocks south, off Csrllng at Webb s Motet ; EXCELLENT WAOES FOR QUIET , housekeeper, live, in or out. Ens-. lish ar Oermao apeak lag. Set-' ISIS. f . .'.' EXCELLENT SALARY AND COM-forublc living quarters assured capable girl, not afraid of busy young household. IU-SS01, , EXPERECNCEO HAIRDRCSSER aaslsUnt lor psrt-Ume work. EXPERIENCED WAITRESS. EVE-nlng work. MP Restaurant, T-123. ' . ; EXPERIENCED WAITRESS, CL 1 plaso Restaurant, RUUngt Rriags, 7t-77l EXPERIENCED HOUSEKEEPER, live in. Stt-teu or tie-toss. EXPERIENCED BALES CLTP.K for bekery stare. Apply SS 4-deau street. - s O I N I it A L HOUaXXSEPINO. fond of children, Bve la. toe . eslsry. Experienced, TSEdWO. HOUSEKEEPER. LIVB IN. St monthly. Must be lend at call-drsn. Boa B-4st. Journsl. MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, LOOK after I ehUd. Uve-ln. tta-Se. Freiman's ; ' DOWNTOWN ' ' Hat eusntnga for full-tlms sad c pert-time sxpstienced Salesladies' ; In ladles soots, resdy-to-sssr. . and msfl's furnishings aeparv ; menta s-day week. The Prelmaa Em-; ployae Benefit Plan. APPLY -, 1 Personnel Office - Freiman's DOWNTOWN , , ' MANAGERESS WANTED ;; ' Capable lady to take charge of ladies' ready-to-wear storey Good salary plus eotnmlt-tion. Lon-range employment BOX E481, JOURNAL CLERKS A. !. Wa hive several ananed lisle openings for store end office clerks. It yoa are latersstsd . la year "round employment with steedy weakly aslsry, apply today e . ,yii wa VAIL'S 1570 CARUNO AVE, ' at CHURCHIIX LADIES! Becom a figure work specialist by training as a Comptometer Operator. '. CAU OR VISIT VICTOR " ' COMPTOMETER vt , . ,., , LXMITED : . ; Room 320, 227 Lturler West , ' 232-7M9 SALES AUDIT , CLERK . With eesapoter experlance. 46-hoar week. Pull eomaany bene file, . Please spply tt person ta the Personnel Dept. . 1 'r SIMPSONS- ' . , SEARS: ,e . ..,2165 CARUNQ AVE. - Air line Opportunity Ba An Eastern Air Linet t . Stewardel ' -,v . Here la the server opportunity'1 of your lifetime with TRAVEL, PRESTIOS, AND OOOD PAYV Vou'U ba trained at MUml ' Springs Villas . . , Amertcs'l' most beautiful ' slower daw . Ustnlng centra where you'll enjoy swimming. goHlng, and ' theeachanUng , resort sano- ?o qualify for eonelderalladi si ea Bsstsra Air Unes stewaro-' sss. you must be: A high sohoot . Jreduole; single (widows snd. 1 ivoreees. without children,, eonsideradl; at least St years of age (tlrla lt't may apply , for future eonsldarstioni: ft". . to te" tall, weigh between IDS and 14 pounde Oa proportion. " to height It aad have et kasst SOee vision (contact lenssa How lntrviertng for nmAt and future optntngil , f. 4 ' n. a. nttx ':;V; lord Slgia Hotel. ;;, , ' Wednssday snd Thursday, " ' August It end St; . ' -: Wsdneedey, te pm! 1 Thursday , Id ta 1 and 4 In t pm. or write to R. O. HACK ' Rsglonal Employ mant Msaaaer IASTEPN AIR LINES, INC Miami Intemettonel Airport. , . MiamL P lor Ids tMiT ... Y - ' USA. , .

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