The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 15, 1964 · Page 25
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 25

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1964
Page 25
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i.ipieji iipi ay epa is i v Vyv. If V 8ATUTOAY, AUGUST 15. 1W4 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 23 Iirmiajiljwaa aHlayi V,' lei : inuiunrain ' fCoo t. from Preceding Column) - ' Witt BHD l-SKDROOM DUPLEX. SPACIOUS kitchen, choice of recreation com ec Hfnit baaeraeut, fill, . heeled. 24 -411 t-U LENOBE PLACE 1 BEDROOM, fta 60. MODERN, electrically equipped, laundry fecilltlea. linltM unrln. plug-fat parking, alas partly furnlahad. mt Jo. . 131-134 after a, 70-707. TBI IUMMIT IM WUbred (tree! Luxxry Air Ceadltieaed BACHELOR, I AND 1 . B E D-room eultee. some with J beth-room. laundry feci IM lee, eleve--tof. perking, superintendent on premleae ar 137-3310. ' . THE rOOB WINDI APT. Luxury Lfetng At ft Price Yea Can Afford NO LEASES REQUIRED FOR OUR fully furnlahad bachelor, I and 1 S-bedroom eultee. Listen, dishes .aaa ma parking, plus weekly 1 maid' Mrviee Included M our aaeentional cffer LOCATED AT I7H BASELINE Road at Havana Drive. 7Z1-7J Ml RRSIZIN1U, t BEDROOM FROM 0770. FUR-ntehed, available. Apply Apt. 101, 73S-13S7. IMJO would yotr fat SMse fob a 1-bedroom epertment, electrical. . ly equipped In a raeldentlal ana, which M only 14 nlnutaa by bua tram downtown? You would!. Phone 74-4O0f ar 74-l. MANOR TERBACB LTD. (.BEDROOM TERRACED BOMBS. kathmma. beet, be watar. ateve. refrleereeor. sarklnd with l-tn. ail nrnanny mw, rvo- 'THESE ARE THE NICEST WE'VE SEEN" Ttiii remark is often made by people viewing the ditplay - 1-BEDROOM and . . BACHELOR SUITES In the Brand New - Extent ion of , The Algonquin 22SLISGAR Peace Tower Proximity. ' '. 232-0381 (BR EXECUTIVE Coatee Town , tut MERE II A BACHELOR AND I-btdroom aulta that la unaquallad i la atyla and daaicn- Located on Matcalla and Lawta SU. iuat off Ellin, only mfnutaa away from ahoppina and tranaportatloa. Enjoy tha qulat atmospbara of ona at OtUwa'l Hnaat addraawa. tinilMwl ttm flm aflanffwt wttll automatic alavatara, ml top laundry and aanthaaaa rataxa- Uoa. tn-so aarrr any virrace ltd. BACHELORS. UVINO BOOM. , mim oft. iiiarinm araa, fcitabaa. aaramla tilad bathroom, ' atavo. rarrlaaralor. baat, not , watar and alactrldty auppUad. Fraa car aiua-ia at your door. Madam laandrr rooaia. SSI Brittany Drlya, t4V0Ml. THE ian 153 NEPEAM ST. Jutt ettt of Bank SL f - Modara atanataray, HrtaMW ' vatar bulldlnf iaaturlag bal-eoataa. dlahmabara, tuily drapad apta.. and many other faaturat. Rami ona oadroom. brooTr Oora for taaoactloa dally. Mn. Hoiarta, SI7-ISt, SI7V SaJS., , . . .t,... , . r THE Du 680 ST. PATRICK at CHARLOTTE ' V ' A aaonaia ona- and two-oM- rooaa apartmant balldtna jnref , for economy mmdad QH atoplo. from .... : f , Fur,w-.x -i..;,$100 1 All arnrloM mcludlt In rant. Mr. Prwlay. S3BV44SS. , - Ownod and Maaaead by ; KASSEU REALTY LTD. . ' Al Kasouf. F. Ellis COOPER STREET BETWEEN O'CONNOR AND MET-- calf, tor Oct. 1 aonmaney. 1- baaiaom. $9: l-badraom with . TBS LEXINOTON tot BJVEIIDALE AVB. I AND I . Maay TSS-7SS4. . . iiiiiw wn r. 1- AND S-BEDROOM 'APART-! . asaota, SSS and era; laraa uvtna noma, electrically ooulasad. r vary comfortable! alas nacnemr, SH: off-atroat aarktae. CES-S407, MANOR PAR t BEDROOMS, FUEL FIREPLACE, private drive, entrance and lawa. . f lao. Tie rata. BOCKLBOwB TKRRACa S BEDROOMS. UVINO. D1N1NO .loom, kltebea electrically caulp. . aaa. aaramla tua oataraam : Private baaamont wttk laandry tuba, keeled fan re. Heat, bot watar aupplled. Ochoola, aboaa. eharcbea Ooee f. SSI anttaay ' unve. reaaai. THE NEW RIDGEVIEW APARTMENTS ' ." Catrelly Located at ' 311 BELL ST.- ' . ' Between Carllnf Ave. . - - .( . and the Quaanaway ;, FREE electricity, fabric drape, berouet floore. eeuna betha, fymnealom, Individual ther meetau, maalar TV antenna, prtvite baleonlea, . ana deck, . aarpeted oorrldora. SEMI 1 BEDROOM, Q3 TWO BEDROOM, C1 TO from I 4mm "Cannot B Beaten 1 Tor Value" SScTfllatheftt ttSMI afVtUoMt . Model Apta. May Be Bean WEEKDAYS S A.M. TO S P M. SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS .. V - M A.M. TO e P.M. : . -057 233-710J (ConUnued oa Neat Column) r 2oi . ipn iutj to in (Cont. from Precadtn Calutnal BBONSON APTS SOS BRONSON. MODERN SPA-cioua bachelor. 1 and S bed- - room apartmenta, electrically equipped. Within oaay walklni dletanco of Parliament HIU.. Priced from as. By appoint ment, sso-aim or apply to buuduif aupermtanoani oa ' Mae. 1M-S7M. WARRBN ABM 8, ttl MACLABBN BACHELOR. I BEDROOM. EQinF- ped, waeher. dryar. Furnianed optional. 3e-S04; evealnfi, 13- riNTRAI. LOCAtfOM ' BACHELOR APARTMENTS. MD- arn i and comfortable, larce room, SSS to S0. Would fur- nleh. SM-aPT. . eee ni aee MADAME YOU REQUTRE A t- eoulpped and heated m a lanltor erviced buUdlnat Only 14 minute by bua from downtown. Phono 7 -! or 14-too. ALBEBT NBAB BBONSON 1 and t Bedroom It to S ELECTRICALLY EQUIPPED, heated. Aooly 470 Albert St.. Apt. i. or S. G. Macy and Son. SOS Launar Ave. can. bmw GOOD VALUE PRESTON BTREET. 4 ROOMS and bath, roomy. S4S. M. S3- SANDT HILL . 4 and1 Bediaame (lie to SIMM oL. LIVING ROOM. DININO ROOl balcony, electrically eoulppea. Barklha. Apply S. O Macy nd Boa, -Reeltor- and Oeaaral In-auranee. tat Leurler Ave. East. X37-10SS. ENJOY THE COMFOKT ' AND CONVENIENCE : . ."OFTERED BY . "The Augusta" . A new S-taroy, Se-anlt prt-. meat bulldina. Now nearlnf complatton. at the oarnar of RIDEAU and AUGUSTA Featurauj: CARPETED CORRIDORS HIGH-SPEED ELEVATORS . PRIVATE BALCONIES INDOOR AND OUTDOOR PARKING . SAUNA BATH PARTY ROOM DRAPES SUPPLIED ON ALL WINDOWS 1- and S-BEDROOM tlHI APARTMENTS from I UO No Baaamont Apartmenta. Model Apartments Open -From 2 to 9 p.m. Weekdays, 1 to 6 p.m. Weekends 233-3611 or 749-7243 TNI SAXONY Weat Bad) tu to tittse . MACY BOULEVARD, BACHELOR. 1- and t-badroom, nreoroof and aoundproof "buudlnf. ceramic ttlad barhrooai. . aleetrtcaUy equipped. laundry faetlttlacv Inekera, iaarier aervlee, garafaa. car pluaa. Apply Apt. 110. Ita Macy Blvd. or B. O. Macy and Bon, 'Reeltor'' and Oeaaral Insurance, sot Laurter Are. Baat, U7-19C. FRANKDALE APTS. 360 Frank SL off Bank ' 1 and t bidrooaia, broedloomed. drape, elevator, parkins. . 1 BEDROOM .. S10S 2 BEDROOMS .. 1125 Dally t-S ,. TURNER REAL ESTATE REALTOR 729-6117 BtT CENTRAL LOCATION AVAILABLE SEPT. 1, SPACIOUS S-bodroom, SI OS; l-badraom. 00 awdara well planned apartment. Briaht - largo room, electrically aulpped. Venetian bltadi. Apply Caretakor. Apartment S. 11 Frank a treat aaar unvaway. zsa-aaaa. ; $65to$95 - Bachelor' - '.'.. i ,..,it 1 and 2 Bedroom i ' '' " " '' ' ' y . Electrically equipped, colored fixtures, laundry facilities, free parking, Janitor service, t- " ' . . , .. . J, . , , Apply Apt. 3, 378 Lafontaine St.. Eartvitw, or " S. G. Macy & Son --t Realtor ami u ;. General Insurance , " " 265 Laurier Avenue, Esit 237-1595' ELOtN ARtA BACHELOR IN MODERN BUILD- , .,. CENTBB TOWN . , Bacbelar, SW ' ' v- . t raaaa. t CLEAN ' SELF CON TATNED apt., heated, laundry faclllUe. Apply renuu .ecrioe, a aiatar. . ., HAVE CHILDREN, NEED S.BED-room malarinatt. electrically aoulpped, only 14 minute by bua from down Iowa. Phone TtO-OOOt OT 74O-01M. FIRST MONTH FREE AVAILABLE CENTRAL, STOVE, ' 1 bedroom.' too, S?-leV NEAR OTTAWA UNIVERSITY MODERN 1 BEDROOM APART- ment, healed, electrically aaulp- pad, newly oecoreted. J07 lau- nar aaat, or aaT-aojo. 202 LOWER DUPLEX FOR ''SEPT. I t bedroom. auiet. aarkina Bandy Hill area preferrad. S reliable adult. V 40-717. MOTHER, S-YEAR-OLD. I BED-room m home able to provide cvanlnt babyalttini while moth er woraa. aja-ios. OCT. I. S-BEDROOM DUPLEX OR . apartment, Gleha or central, S ladiee. Boa -7. journal. YOUNG COUPLE, ONE-BEDROOM apartment, electrlcall equipped, realdentlal area, preferably private home. Muet be well maintained, outet, parking, fat. 7aa- vae eiivr B. v 203. wxm UTS. APARTMENT, : ALSO FLAT TO rant. Sept. 1. WeUlnttoa Street, weet Baa. 7-iM. AVAILABLE. SEPT. 1, OCT I. eontral.' modern, newly fur men i ed. decorated apartment, llaaa. aiaaaa, waaber, dryer, parking; 1 -bed room backalor. W-414J aas-oaat, " AVAILABLE . IMMEDIATELY. Eaatvlaw, 1-bedroom apartment. euuippeu, paramg. Tea-iso. CENTRAL. FRONT. SMALL apartment. newly rurnunod. euuippeo, imeviaaon. aae-aTsa. COMPLETELY FURNISHED - room apartment, irviag, at Welllngtoo. 7a-0Ma. FURNISHED APARTMENT. weeaiy, montniy, maio aarvica includes. 7t-e70. GILMOUR NEAR ELGIN. CONVE- neent to averyumg. garage. ' ground floor plue baeein ant. front verandah facing lovely park, ventre haU plan. Irving room 01 a 14. -fuel fireplace, leaded bay vrindowa. doting room 14 a 18. bedroome IS a 14, IS s 11. II S. Kitchen and 4- pweo bathroom, alio. a-jaa. district. 7 BOOMS. comnietalv -furnianao. rinianea beaementr equipped kttcbca, recently redecorated, garage, yard. Suitable ambaaqr ar aimuar. sae-tni. IMMEDIATELY, LARGE BACHE- lor, near pamoaia, fos. urr Wellington. 71-4J; 135-1341 D4MXDIATELT-etrBNTBAL NEW. ly furnlahad. doooratoa apart- LOWER TOWN 7 BOOMS, F V R- nianen, aawony. naateo, equipped. SM-OSSL SANDY HILL, BACHELOR apartmenta, mooenuy lurnianaa. U, laaaa optional. U4-U17. WEERXY. MONTHLY, BEAUTI- fuuy furnianao apanrnenia in every part of city. 130 weakly. 7aa-t4TT 1 - BEDROOM APARTMENT. parking, no children; aoa. SO Laurence St., otter o. aU-OOl. 1-BEDROOM APARTMENT, SEC- ond aoor, siaa. sept. i. jomer-aat. near O'Connor. tt-fM41j I BEDROOMS. CLOSE TO TRANS- portatloa, acnooi. cnurcnea. available tmmedUtely. PAa-asa. ROOMS, FULLY FURNISHED. t badroama, leaecoraiea a new. Raferencaa. I00. SH-7I4. B LOIN ARRA BACHELOR IN MODERN BUILD- . tng. 90. loo waver lay. Apt. a siS-t4t. McKBLLAB PARK APARTMENT IM! Carting Avenue 7IX-U7 . ua-iui . OFFERS FULLY FURNISHED t, t and a-Baroom aparunenia, aieo Unena. dlahae. TV and mold avaltanie n requireo. OardeM. awlmmind booL nonthly. rental wltbout NO LEASES ACQUIRED Ottaws's Leading Apartment Hotel " THE SAVOY 140 Slater St CE3-S27S OFFERS: Funy farawaad bechalor. 1-and - t-badroom oaltaa wlt complete hotel ecu lea plat fully equipped kitchen. ' DAILY eir WEEKLY la the Heart of Coat ARISTOCRAT iSl Cooper St at Ellla FURNISHED 1-BEDROOM SUITES from $37.50 a week ' mclmtlng Hnen. dlahaa. Maid aerate and aerklng avallebte WEEKLY MONTHI Y YEARLY Onrum'shed Apt. Available SJt-4700 Day or SU-tlte HACt TOWMH PROXIMITY x Spaclou bachelor, J- and t-bedroom aultaa. AttraeUv rata for chert and ' The Algonquin ' MXTCALFE 04 USOAR , 232-0531 ANYTIME 2031 SHARE WC0HM00AT1CW LADY, OUTDOOR TYPE, SHARE laka eotuga. good community, any duration, like ructldtlec. Bos B-444. Journal. ' THE SHAR1NO BBOISTBY SPECIALIZES IN MATCHING quality pre elected people la obare living aecommodatlana oa coroina in inair maiVMUai ro qulrcrnoate. No charge ar obtt-gatloa anlcc a agracmaat ta naro at raechcd. Free ragtatra- tloa or confidential Information. SM-aest. anytime. 301 AMOB FOR UU A-l .FLATHEAD S PONTTAC. 104. roar end. SSa-caas daytime. ACCORDION. HOHNER. ISO BASS, black, excellent condition, fits. UN' mciuaea. T-afvB, ALMATEX rO ALL VOUB Ctlng rcqulremeala why neat wholemrt prteeaf Wo carry tha avaat lampliti Uaa ed Super Sana Latex Sarnl Oloaa, Var-nlartee and exterior aetata. Lanreattaa Trading Poet, iu ana atreet. Fbona Rzs-iaya. ALUMlNUk WINDOWS, 14, vaiioua alaca, ft cock. IIS-U14. ALUMINUM WINDOWS. SUIT-able tor cottage. TOS-eaSS. ; ANTIQUE GRANDFATHER - cioek, oaeepuoaal ooadluoa. Tat-OSM. ATTRACTIVE, INDIVIDUAL modal, l brldalc brldcamalda, knltwccn forvnala, aulta, cock-telle. London deaianer ' on premue for ataae-to-meaaura. By appointment. 710-4COC. AUTO PARTS. USED, AMY MAKE 744-1M7. , BACHELOR, FURNISHED, CBN-tra Town, heated. SM-eSTl, eve-ning 14-47. AMFORD REGU LTD, WHEEL-ahalra. walker, commode, arthritic chelrt. Rental or ceil. SOS Kent atreet. ca-411. , BASSINET, NEW, NO MATTRESS! (IS: rood refrtavrator. MO-. krcehler eheaterfleld: (Irl-boy a meycm, equippea- coubie bod. compleux CEO-Slit. BEATTY WASHER GOOD CONDI- tion. ehaap. sia-aiM. BED. SOFA. CHESTERFIELD. CRMS M (VMWVi IOll( VwM wRrw wrWeMfptqsT, wReWltaRTMrflpfSjaf , 914 eecn, atnor ortMiec 70 ioo. BIC YCLB, SACRIFICE. NEW. laa'aTBawlelghv olS-7tSl. f to man' 10. ., reaoaaiti .'a L, not r mm-mmii I ea gm 13 PREPARING FOR OLYMPICS .Mrs. Mary Rand (the former Mary Bignall) and Britain's treatest all-round woman athlete, in training; at her Henley-on-Thames home for the British Olympic team which "will visit the Tokyo Olympic. fFeemewe Journal Photo) 301 UTKifSFOtSAU (Cont from Preceding CoHimal BICYCLES. NEW OB USED, ALL elaea, US-070. ' BICYCLES. NEW AND USED Top quality at loweet prtcee. Byah. Roe and Company, ail Bank. tsa-tedO. i BOX STOVES.. BRAND NEW, Ideal for camp, starting. ,911 50. Johaaon'a Furniture, 111 Mur ray. CAMERA. NEW. FCJICA. XI II. piue Heeabiits lit electronic ziaan. rji-eoao. CAMERA. SS MM XONICA nA wita anaerunenla for nlghl ahotography. U-40M, after 4 and weekend!. CASH FOR HOUSEHOLD. OFFICE furniture, complete eetatea. You name n. jonneea'a rumitura, 111 Murray. - CEMENT MIXER. 14 YARD. ON ruoocr area. 24-540. CHEST OF DRAWERS. DESK. oroxeneee cone mate, glial Ublea. 710-4110. i CHESTERFIELD SET. ELECTRIC. i eppiiance. noueenoia enecte. all lino furniture, leaving Ottawa. RX-a7io. CHESTERFIELD. CyjMVXRTTBU eat SSS; eevera! other Item of rurmture. aao-710. CHILD'S CRIB. flfr. PLAYPEN. e. aei auaor, aocncinxc. CHROME KITCHEN BCT. T3S-400S . CHROME TABLE, a (rHAUtB. BED. record cabinet, lamp, girl'a CLOTHES TO FIT "BARBIE Don," oc eeoa. ualvaraal, COAT. TEENAGER'S. WINTER aiie is and other clothing. 72- avie. COAT. GREY PERSIAN LAMB. alee 11-14. raaaonablc ost-OTIt. COLUXR'R ENCYCLOPEDIA. St volumea, lo children volume. piua oooacaao, oaoo or occt oner. 114-0017. - - . . COME IN AND BEE OUR LARGE aToBwaTrertMB OC loVWII Md ffaatflMIl auppllaa. B. F. Goodrich. 04 Bank. aSS-tttl. COMPLETE CAMPING EQUIP ment for com. Tll-elT, CONTINENTAL BED, DRAPES. ruga, etc ui-eair. COTTAGE TOILETS. COMPLETE with eaptle lank, tew left ta clear at fits, regular 140. Ot-tawa' - largeat aclectloa of plumbing. William'! Plumbing and Haattng Ltd. 14 Monvele Road. 721-iSM. Cloeed 1 p-m.. Saturday. DAN BLBCTRO AMPLIFIER twla 12-Inch ! . ocat after. TAS-1M0. .... DININO SET. 0-P1ECE, BRAND BCW. TZO-TH8. MOFFAT DRYER l'rr'JTS 139.95 fuAn sf " ! rriR & A. COHEN . BANK st LAURIER , 236-7451 , . KEEP COOL . , At Rom ani at the Office With Bciiablo Fan Fraa . . , . ' OTTAWA STORE - ' AND KITCHEN 1 - EQUIPMENT . , 240 Bank St , 232-0121 Demolisher . ,. Clearing Lumber Yard AIL MATERIALS FOR SALE Forced sir- furnaces, ofl tanks, blowers, burners, pao heaters, floor furnaces, doors, windows, stain, bath tubs, sinks, batins, (toilets, fhreX-ins, plywood, 1.000'a of feet Of 2x4. 2x6, 2x8. 2x10, wooded beams, steel beams, aluminum doors and windows, . brigand blocks.. ' Many Other Itemt Tno '.Numerous to Mention, ' ,V""-.. , " ;' ';.' ' " '' - Osgooda Lumber Co. Ltd.. . Located at the end of the Albion Road, 1 mile south of Ridesu Carleton Raceway. 301 UTKLB FOR SUE fCont from Preceding Column) DININO ROOM SET. STUDIO couch, motoriaea oaroecue, moving. 7SS-S4JS. DININO TABLE. CHAIRS. SSO-. chrome table, SIO. electric vte-trola. componenla, S17M: floor DINING SET. WALNUT, C-PIICX so-tott, -a oayume. ' DOUBLB BED AND DRESSER. mahogany; uroner acout uniform. 740-lfno. DOUBLE BED WITH SPRINGS. mattreaa, good 711-4710. DRESSER. KITCHEN SET, RE- frlgerator tmgidatrei. ctnM cote, atudv Ublea 11 Hender- eon Apartmenta, S11-1SOS a V e- ninga. ' ELECTRIC EXERCYCLE, A GUIDE to phyaaeal. fltneaa. Beat Jfc-aiw. Journal. ENGLISH. FRENCH SONGS. RE- eorder. oraen muelc. Muew cea-tre. Ml RMeau. FLOOR LENGTH WEDDWO dreaa. Kventnge, PA-77a. . FRIDGES. STOVES. WASHERS. dryer, recondllloxea, guaroa- teed. Appliance aervlee centre. Somereet ' and Roc baat ec. 124- aio. FUR JACKETS. COATS, BTOLBB. aaav pai mi, amiwi, m, PAS-aaa. t-- FUR COAT. LXNTH, LIKED. 07. sir-ooa. FURNTTORK, ALMOST NEW, PBI- GAR LIGHTS ON SALS, fSSS; ga refrlgerelora, i-rear warranty, buy aow. Maalaa Propane Oea scrviee. as Montreal aaaa. COOD USED BUILDIN aaatartaai lor eaie. taxi imni GUITAR AMPLIFIER. USED. 14' apealier, eo. Jhea Planaa, aWS-Terfl. HAMMOND ORGAN. MODEL M-IOI, wnn nuui-H levmas apinet. o at ox. HAY FOR BALE. ALFALFA Tlmoaay, Clover, etrew. rea- HOUSEHOLD FURNITURK, DTRV ette euite. cneaienaem. .e.e. IRIS ROOTS, BEAUTIFUL IM- araved aamrd varwuea. rnai aow. TZ-7M. KITCHEN CHROME SET, WASH- tng maenma, rangewe. nnx-eeva. KITCHEN TABLE. S CHAIRS. S11-01S4. LEAK TL-1S MONO AMPL1TIXR. tie. Pope 01 eaoo. ocruo enmra to S; 74 ai ctnerwlee. LEONARD REFRIGBRATOa. good eoadiuoa. 070. LEAVING FOR ABROAD SEV. erei oiecea ec rurmture rev eaie; refrlaeratora. electric otovo, liv ing room eat labia, ear. 741- 1700. McCLARY EASY RANGE. itaa able otter. 7OO-021S MICROCORDER T B A H S I STOR tap ictoioer ny weoear. wwai they laat. toes. Valley Aadtc-Vlaual Ilea Wellington Street. lniar sell industrial sew. lag MrhtieV oiealna. tie- 1901, ' OFFICE FURNITURE. NEW AND need.- Poooam-. lia-lis Aieen Street. 117-111 OIL PArNTTNOS OF YOUR choice, Venetian irtat ta- SIS7. BEARINGS BALL OR ROLLER IN STOCK SPEED REDUCERS - ' FOB ALL PURPOSES ' ' i COUPLINGS , ! V FLEXIBLE OR RIGID; - .'" AA. ZAGERAAAN & ca LTD. ' 100 BAYVTEW ROAD, OTTAWA, ONT.. ' Telephone PA9-51U ' , SALE TEAK FURNITURE dr FLOOR ; nooKCAtea ..... COFFEt TABLES .... J . END TABLES DININO " , . TABLES $39 $15 $9 $65 DIKING nnno ia- CHAIRS 1 M MATINEE SFURNITUREN 297 A MONTREAL ROAD 74O-02M ' NOTE: Open Every Weekday Evening Until 9.30 p.m. 301 UTKLQ FOR Sill (Coot from Praeedlng Cammal OROANS OF QUALITY. CONN i naturally i wear mem at "Kan Panateo Plana Studio." SHS-7011. OWNER BOUGHT NEW KEN- more range, naa lor eaie Kel-vtnator te-mch electric r a a a. goed ton. coraaiuoa. only fee. tan OWNER BOUGHT. NEW KEN- more, naa I or aaie aeaca 4-Inch range, good condition. After pja77ia-M4T. OWNER BOUGHT NEW KEN- mere. baa tor aalo General Elec tric wringer weawcr with pump. OWNER BOUGHT NEW COLD- et iae lor eeav aacx-iary neing- 5l ifUt ', very goan connnioa. 11 . only too. 72a-117. OWNER BOUGHT NEW KEN- more hac for aaie WactlnghcMca auiomauc waaber, 2 yean aid. Baa-aU7. PARTS laoa MONARCH. RADIO. PIANO SPECIALS. OTTAWA'S largeat aelaetlona. apartment clae. uprighta, graoda, player planaa and roll Some new anode la reduced SO. Conn organa. Ken Partelea Planaa. 100 St. Laurent . Boulevard., near the Queeneway. SH5-7071. PIANOSI APARTMENT SIZES, 0430 up; terme. Lauaon Piano . and Orgaa Centra, ISM WcUlng- eoa atreet. tjs-iio. PIANO, SEPARABLE . CASE, uooa ccaMiuoa. oioo. oao-woa. PIANO. 1J0: BTOVX. 00: RB- PIANOSI COMPUtTELY RECON- nd tuned, from fio Loamn Piano and Or- Saa Centra, lilt Welling ton treex. 722-142. Open Fridoy uu a. 'IANOS; REBUILT AND O O A R-aateed. Buy or rent with option ta purchaac. Rentals from SS per awath. Robartaon. Pinglc and Tiuey Ltd, a Sperka Street and Carllngwood Plaaa. Sll-ltai or 7a-aszS. ' pnnL rial jra a x 11. I a It. a i x a xii-raeo. erav MESS KIT" AND lor f. 11". ICS lb. great ooet 711-271. RCAF OFFICER'S UNIFORMS, t year old, excellent c e a ttlon. aiie tt mil. S2S-492S REFRIGERATOR. 1 - P L A T E grill, t aeta .leondry tub. Ilk new. kitchen cabinet taMc chair drsassr. Moving. CBS-I REFRIGERATOR, TELEVISION. gee aeeted no water tanx, aoa-pital bad. 133-1(21. REFRIGERATOR. STOVE, TELB- vleian. General Electric modern 411 Third. 134-314. RCTRrGERATOR. WBSTINO-houen, autometic S avonth 044: SIM 733-0710. iwiuubmiuii. ae . good froexmg apace, yeiiow aaa. enrome utenca act txi oo. REFRIGERATOR. WESTING- fcouea. goo conaittom, ca. ft. ft . 13 Tba.. freaaar camp or t- 74071. REFRIGERATORS. VARIETY OF auea and anaaaa. trano .am combination frooeae refrlg-cvattora. DeaTieouo Food) Bortrevc, 720-121. RENTA1V VACUUM CLEANERS. mmiiBi. rrw siuinj. -a RXNTAL CHAIRS, TABLES, OUT board motor, televlaione, r frieeretore. cribs. Office, baa auet bean rum takings. John-cea-c Furniture. HI Moray, SSS RENTAL OF VACUUM CLEANERS St monthly, day or alaht TAS-i RgUPHOLgTIRINO, GIVE YOUR furnitere o new look, worttman- 1 piece act, davenport and chair . rram greoo- vacneew a no xitmy, SIT Montreal Road. 74-1110. RUGS, CHINESE. ALL WOOL. hooked. Atrbuseoa deal i dealgn. e a 4 4 7 . 11. SU: 720-O- BALES. SERVICE. INSTALLS nan, exnxa. pa BjllMa MaaMn. drtv aThafta. taint hoc, reel, f ll- Haas. car waslnra. wsed w h anobtlo. track type In good con- oition. ueeo ewuajsnsem oouani and send. a. Bt. Germain Ltd. asaa St Lawresace. MentreeL SECTIONAL SOFA, GREEN BRO- caoo, with goto diuon. Tan-ISO. UW-IMCl MACHINE. AUTOMATIC Eig-Sag. buitnnbnlm. cow but- Pay for H by the aneath, CaU SOO-TSOB anj lima SHOTGUN Mt-GAUCB 1" MAO- sea elide aetaaa, arena now. toots, tie have It awep till hunting siaane. The ItsUri SnpHy Comnanv. 17 Dura char .CORK BOARD ASBESTOS PACKING INSULATION PRODUCTS ' 956 MERIVALE ROAD FIRE SALE SMOKE AND WATER OAAAAGE CONTINUES WITH OUTSTANDING ' VALUES AT BOTH LOCATIONS 700000. LOW V. ' Jl OC Bprlriklcra ' V' T,cmiw,,""'$.2.95 Arboctto CeSTee ar 7 OC Btep Tnbka &t.,, 7 . $9.95 $4.95 ti7or. Sr Mattreaa Mattraa ' .WJ $84.95 Che tra. .-V MANY OTHER ITEMS AT EQUALLY LOW PRICES 1 Tak Advantage ot Our Loss , "artdSAVE f $ , . ROTHMAN'S Fureitore and TV Centroe 339 Bank St, . ' Open daOy 0-0 pan, . Frtdav tfl e p m ' ; Ntra shopping bark Corner Lower Ayavter Open Eves mas V a IS paf. fCnnttnued aa Heal Cetumal 301 unas FOR SUE fCont. from praceolng Column) SINGER SEWING MACHINE. Au tomatic, fancy etltohee. butlooa. butlaobolea. regular S140 S0. re-paenma. balance SO 17. Take over pay menu, call 210-700 anytime. SPACE HEATER. Oil. COMPLETE with drum, fan. pipes end line. Good condition, reeaonable. 121- STERUNO SILVER. FOUR (COM-plete place aettlnga. mahogany cheat, four extra pieces. After 5 20. Sia-ostl STOVE. COMBINATION OIL. GAS. Enierpriae. M". 777-1407. STOVE. MOFFAT, 14". WITH rotiaaerle, ueed t month. 731-1371. TAPE RECORDER. STEREO. 4 track Beet offer, 3S-277 evening. TELEVISION RENTAL. ' SU DE-llven, option to purchaae. 134- TELEVISIONS. NEW, USED, weekly, no caeh, with trade. 234-S103. Excel. TILT-BED TAGALONO TRAILER. S a 10, IS-ton. London winch with nlgcer head, Wiaconeta engine, tAOQ bs . 100 boraepowei Caterpillar unit. Can be eeen et Craig Conatruction Equipm c n t Ltd.. Saaellna Road. TYPEWRITER. STANDARD, aclllna laat at a low once Yaahhca camera, reflex, extra jicnaaa. mvete. s-4S7, TWIN CARRIAGE. LIKE NEW 740-141. USED FURNITURE. DESKS AND enairi at Evans and Hart Ltd. tat USED CLOTHING. HOLIDAY RE- openmg eaie. Put N Take Shop, zee Wellington. 7ze-xav. VACUUM CLEANER, EXCELLENT condition. 720-0131. VISIT OTTAWA LARGEST FUR- niturc end eppiiance trade-In department. Aiwaya an Interest-tag tour, johnooa'e Purnlturue, ill Murray- WANTED. SOMEONE TO TAXX over balance of payment of Singer automatic clg-g sewing machine. Oriental ft 40. You may have machine for 01 or ft monthly. Dealer writ Boa B-43. Journal. WASHER, CONNOR, COOD CON- oittoa. uiaxpenaive. ' rav-eiee after t. WASHERS. STOVES. TELE- vwion, uaue ma. nauy reconoi- t toned Want End Appllanoee. 101 Wellington. 710-4141. WA8HINO MACHINE. INCUS. perfect running condition, i years mo. a eromonac. . iwii WASHINO MA OB I stovaa. rebuilt guaranteed, from fit ap Tba Service Depot Limited. 11 Be merer. CES-OUt. . t BABY CARRIAGE AND PLAY- pea, good condition. 771-704. I PORTABLE BAB. ABITIBI Slate veaoo, aiaawgnay; i new, l-tncb Beach, good for cot-taae: I RCA 1 l-tncb TV CCJMOIC. radio and record player. 131- T471, 1 BOUDOIR AND BED LAMP eta. 05 99; manor tv anteiinm,' fiat Robert Uectrie, 1st Bl-dean Street. t ROOMS OP BEAUTIFUL FUR- be eatd. Kxehialve Scendiaavian Uvlng roam eat sweater acta and matching arm chair. ciMiatM nlaia coffee Scad iaoiea, temp and picture Rich Scandinavian style we tout fin tab dinette table and 4 chair. Bedroom eat. white and gold provincial deelga. eons Is ta f double dreeeer and lramad mirror, sing la canaaMda. double bed. sarin and mattreaa. tee It now! SMS Convenient terme 07 A Moat- real Road. 70-07fl. S RHEEM GAB WATER TANKS, like aow. a asniaei cam aae- 1423. te OFF 104 LAWNBOY POWCR aiewera. orccB vuey um SO Montreal Rood. 744-433. SI-INCH PHILIPS CONSOLE, beeuttfu condition, 01 oeee. 1.000 MATURE SCOTCH PINE Chrtetmu tree for ml aa the clump. Mod aeon, an o. jaeper. CARPETLAND 721 Rrshtnond Road 729-1469 1 600 Colors . WOOLS ACRILANS ' NYLONS TRILANS ' BLENDS ALL OOOOS DIBCOUNTro TERMS AT BANK BATES . Befter Oood for Lao,' . CaU V tor Bom Borvtr. v 729-1469 v : 'Open 9 o.m. to p.m. Monday to Friday ' S Only Weahlng Mcchtnc. . ..v- -r: . $39.95 t Only J- Tew-. eOQ OC . viMen Seta, fro Pw'F.T J IS Only tt" Continental .IS- $37.88 4 Only 14" Beach Stove. , : $69.95 REID'S " WAREHOUSE MART ,; - 400 Laurier Ave, W. . '. 2334993 " , EXHIBITION it' - SALE . TV21"-COLONIAL , FURNITURE CO. LTD. '. ." "' - Trade-tn Deaertment 401 BANK Dial 336-9411 . STEEL SECTIONS . Every- shape ' avaHsMe for balldlst conttruciion or tarrufactuf in4T stiipuoei. ' Fabric Heat end afoaooa err- ' tao ot pe : M. ZAGERAAAN A CO. LTD, ' lee BAYVIBW BO AD ' OTTAWA. ONT. , PAS-em . Journal Want Ads bring quick rvBults. 301 . UTrOQ fOt SALE fCont From Proeodlng Cotuaxal- RRAOLEY PIANO AND OROAN HAMMOND CHORD ORGAN WITH bench, tone cabinet, reverberation unit, complete. tM. Hammond Spinet Ml, reverberation unit and preeetc aav SI So; Baldwin demonatrator, aave 04. 730-141. MACHINERY LARGE STOCK OF NEW AND ueed aawmiU. planing mlD and machine ibop equipment M. Zagerma and Co. Ltd, 100 Bay-view Bond. Phono 7J0-SIII HIGH SCHOOL FOB DOOt FALL OBEDIENCE TRAININO el wm. Buropeaa trainer. S22- WUXI AND CO. LTD. PIANOS: ALL CANADIAN WILLIS piano t coneidereble e a v I a g ueed and reconditioned piano from f7t up. Ottawa' largeat piano and organ dealer. uei weitmgton. isa-iaa. BICYCLES SOO. NEW, SS .S3 UP. SECOND band, lis up. Bylaa nd CO. to-207 Beak, between MecLeren a Somereet. Me-etll. Ope Friday tUI p.m. ROOFING PAPER ASPHALT SHINGLES BRICK SIDING Low Prices Good Service M. ZAGERAAAN CO. LTD. 100 BAYVIEW RD. Tel. Ttt-tlll Caen Dally 7J0 am. to I j Saturday, 7 JO m. to 11 anon 3011 RiniB CITATION II FT. TRAVEL trailer, 101. sleepe 4. S7S0. 713- eaie. OLENDALB. S BEDROOMS. COM- p lately fumiahed. dean. In ax-oelient condition. Sell reeeon-abat. Bob a Oaa Houae. High-. wars It-It, I mil aouth Highway T, Carleton Place. HOLIDAY TRAVEL TRAILER company, aaiae and rente la. icce Cerlbig Avenue. 721-474. Bva-'nlnga, 7SO-7, 13S-00, 71- 7 aaa HOUSE TRAILER. NEWLY DEC- orataa. completely I u r n i a nan. reeeoneble. Apply Bcllevlew Trailer Park, Orleene. cvenlnga MOBILE HOME St S. BEASON- bly priced. Appry euiv Trailer Park. IS Dell. iBeUa MOBILE HOME. 1 ie. com- Uent oan- pleteiy rurnienea, dmon. eaa-itit. ON DISPLAY AT OUR LOT. fully equipped travel trailer roe rant now a booktnge arc going fact. mirrara. etackar jack, etc. 722-47. cvenlnga 720-7. Sit-ease. - TENT TRAILERS AFACHB El mo. Tag - a Long, ouveniner. Sale and rente la. Everything . for the camper al ABC Camp in Equipment, Alnvante. Open dally TRAILER.! BINGLB WHEEL WITH terpauia, jllghta. TSO-iaii. osa- 1007. ' ', ",- - . TRAILER FURNISHED, TO RENT, a loeatloa water edge, weexiy. weekends, flaking. wimm I a g. seep a. Carle toe Place OM. TRAILER nUIPMENT AND AO merle, cqucuacr ancaea, awe mirror, extenaion cord, etackar jack, etc MM Carling. 7t-47a. TRAVEL TRAILERS. GET MORE for lea, fact ananctag: quality Una to choose front Raaae axle hrtehe. awnlnga. mirror. Complete part department Sac Treves Mor Trailer Salea, 1 mUee ooutb of city a Highway ai. TRAVEL TRAILER. SLEEPS 4, aquippio. Tietii It FT. SHASTA. CiOOD .CO?I- uea, aieepe e. eivv. 7 IS FEET MOBILE HOME, t bedroom, prlvaie. - 41 a SO, t-BEDROOM MOBILE homo, lUliy Itrnianw, . Ixad. excellent condition. laaa-lated cabenna. ait-1004. WRBBBND SPECIAL TRAVEL-MOR DID IT AOAW. Hew eeieapm w - tie SO, with canopy. Sea It now iT Travel-Mor Trailer Salaa. S mM e of dty en K mgh-way. No phono order pteaae. 302 wnois wwra CAMERAS. ENIIrOIRS. MICRO- scopes. WlWuwr - Iqylpmeot Ooulda. St Bank Street. CARPETS FOB PRIVATE HOME. II 12 uan. aa-w,i: CHILD'S PLAYPEN AND P AO. gooo conaiuon. eiw"". bIoheot Prices paiuseo offtco rtrntiu. vi-f-''-wed Sllnf mntnota. dupiiccmre. eeaa. tana eecorder. 11-1 1. PIANO WANTED. IMMEDIATELY PIANOS. ANY MAKE. ANY SHE. tor rash. na-Tvu. BALFHS FURNITURE PAYS, eeab tor aouavnoio lurnnere. er-eaa-afxl iCHOOL BOOKS. YE OLDS BOOK ahoppa, Ncpoaa o warm. Ut SO PINO PONO TABU, BRAS- . WANTED. OLD CABS FOR JUNK. rill sow away, we ixaw' USED vi PIANOS, , WANTED';' J We Will Buy Your Pisno FOR CASH a ccept it tn trade sfsintt any eierchandlte la our stores. Call Today; 232-1581 .: Robertson', pingle . and TIUEY LTD. ' U SPARKS ST: ' " ' tad CARUNQWOOD PLAZA FOOD VALUE CHICAGO One auart of milk la equal la energy vttue to B Bound al Uaa beet. ' ! i t 1 1 V

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