The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 22, 1918 · Page 1
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 22, 1918
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IT Connellsvifle's Biggest and Best Newapaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,533 VOL.. 16, NO. 88. CONNELLSVILLE, PA.. FRIDAY EVENING, FEBEUARY 32, 191S. TEN PAGES. DEFENSE TO THE DEATH I APPEAL OF BOLSHEVIKI TO THE RUSSIAN INHABITANTS icp«blic Is IB the Gravest Danger, Froclamatioa Sets I'erth. TGHT FOR FATHERLAND s a* tti«*i Cnc»4 to the SrfaJets ud ITvrkmeB Wko Are Directed to DMtror -HI Stores uoi Xnke Eflort to Impede Adrwic*, By Assod*t*d Tr*t. PKTKOGRAD, Thursday. Feb. 21, Midnisht.)--A proclamation ordering esrstasce to the German advance, ailing on all Russians to defend the itherland and declaring Petrosrart in state of siege, was" issued tonight ·om.the Smolny Institute, the Eol- hertki headquarters. The proclama- on was issned at the order of the "eopla's Commissaries aad is signed y Premier Lenioe and Ensign Kry- mko, the BolshevUci- comiEander-'m- aaef. PFEA1 ASSS SOLDIKKS TO BESTKOT RAILROADS. LONDON, Feb. 13.-- "Defense to the Datb" against Germany is ordered the proclamation of the Russian nu»fssioners Reuter's Petrograd ^respondent telegraphs. 'The com- 'issioners appeal to the soldiers' to railways and the provisions id compel the noblemen to dig enches under penalty of death. Th« commissioners' appeal to the Mintiy abo intimates tht the Gerans plan the capture of Petrograd. '"Th« German generals," it says, iesire to establish their ovrn order Petrograd and Her. Th« republic in the gravest danger. Tba duty of ossiaa -workmen and peasants is dense to the death of the republic ;ainst tlw macses of noblesien and iperialiats of Germany." An Exchange Telegraph dispatch om Petrograd s»ys the evacuation of aland hae been ordered by the eom- iasictners. The German advance into Kucsia Is it th« march'oC a conqueror. Up to e prevent it has not met serious op- FLEETS OF ARMY TRUCKS MAY TRAYE VIA CONNELLSmil Movement Started to Have Them Koutcd this Way lo Knst Instead of by Uncoln Highway. The War Department at Washington has been asKed to consider the feasibility of routing its fleets of army motor trucks through. Conaells- ville on their way to eastern points. If the plan meets official approval, the truck fleets destined fol" Baltimore, Washington or points south, will travel over the National Pike for the greater part of the distance. David 5. Ludluin, director of the Department of Motors and .Motor Trucks RECLAIMING THE DELINQUENTS IS JOB OF THE S. S. Boys and Uirls of Sation Fall Away at Alarming Kate, Speaker Says. PROBLEM IS A LARGE ONE But it Cnn Be IVorkpd Ont By Intensive Effort, Chieagwn Tells Men nod Women at Teen Age 'Mass Jltietbijr; Conference Here · 1% Success.! The "job" of the Sunday school today, in tho opinion of A. R. Waite o f j Chicago, as expressed in. an address last evening at the mass meeting in tbe Methodist Protestant cburcU in connection with the conference of the older boya and girls of the Sunday KKO CROSS/ t U1VK'OltTS OUTFITS. Under authority from Xiition- al lieiidiimu'terfi of t h e American Jlftl i'ros'i, permitting local distribution tif knitted articics ·made here, tlie TonncU^ville Cltaptrr vfill tomorrow pnnidc each (iniftcc from [Msfrit'ts ^ and ." Ifiiiinfr for Camp Lei' Titli a muffler. wriRtlel.s and sofks. Distriliutiun irili ]e made in the ul'ternuoii nt tlte nrruury. Providing for the bojs before they.iro to camp Ha«; iniide pob- siblu tlvroiialt the tSorts «i Chalrinun J. Fred Kurtz who la'it'niglit niri'd Wnshington I'or permission to break airay from Uie hard fust nile. Some of th« IjuyB wore prr- pnrlnff iu ninlc pnrolmse il out- Ht« from Uvelr private fund* mlJier tiiaii to fro to camp ^ritli- If Mouutuin State Cats , Sapply or it Become? ;PLAN OF ABLE ENGINEER IVell Kiiorrii in the Coanellsvlllo Bejf- ion; Wrald linlld Huge Hy-Prodnct Plant And Turn tins Into the ripe -"Lines Already I.uid imd in. Use. The ieUva! In West Virginia of the RED CROSS WORKERS i BBr ? css I8hnw i*su rtatenmr Calling Tim 71 AY COMBINE \ i ng i-orsoia is . IN COUNTY CHAPTER Uciil Women to Cast Vote For or .Against Consolidated ' Organization. * ' In order .-to determine whether the ConiiollEville Chapter of the Red | Cross u. willing to consolidate witlu Uniontowii Point Marion and Browns r | \ilk\ in one big coimly chapter under j OlAR FOR YICTEjI First Soldier to life in Fight fur Ik'Tnocrncy is to be SiirnaJly Honored by .IH'tJiodist Episcopal Church aad the t'onunnnity la Central. movement to tuy an embaigo on the I the direction of a counly licadqliailers, | Ont of resl)eel lo t!le mem ory or -'-'"-- ........ ' ·-- ·- ·' ....... - located at one of the foui places, a Thomas A .Llewellyn. Scottdalc youth vote mil be taken next Wednesday | who lost h l B life m the torpedO mg of plptag of sue from that state. ly 01 i n i e i u d i w h e n considered ir. connection with a project* for the manu- fauturp of f u u l on a large scale for has advised George S. Cornell, e«cu-l a ** Ml » of t h e coun ^ ** to overcomo live secretary of tlie Fajetic County i de«««iuracy of bora and girls which Committee of Public Safety that he has '*\ ave ^.reaaed at an^ alarming rale taken this matter up with tbe Wash- ingtoa authorities. Chairman H, D. Hutchinson of county committee on motors and motor trucks, wliose receat efforts in. enrolling: automobiltsts wcrfe so successful into to service receive especial commendation of the state headquarters, has been asked to take up with tho county and state road authorities tbe matter of having the road from. Coalbrrok to Feitnsville completed at the earliest possible time in order that it may be in s^hapo for army motor trucks to travel over. Once this stretch IB completed the motor trucks would find YirtuaHy no hreak in the improved roads between Pittsburg and Baltimore. AMERICANS RAID GERMAN LINES ON ANOTHER SECTOR For tho First Time Censorship Permits Xevrs of Appearance in Chem- in-Des-DnEies Kcgion, L,' Associated Press. ·WITH THE AMERICAN ARMIES IN FRANCE. Fob. 22.--In a patrol _ ^ _ r fight American from units instruction «itjon- Th« comparatiTely rapid j la the famous Chcmta-Des-Jiames sec' tor killed oac German and captured ogrea* is ascribed to the fact that e Gccminu found a clear passage. Special dlspatcbee from Fetrograd, ne ot wbich are dated later than eckMedw, indicate that the inraders e collecting immense stores and , irmTntirma, foods and other property which th« disor- aaAian armies abandoned in eir Iran-fed fllsht A dispatch to th« jrntni Poet s«y« that there is one riiion of emTalry and one of infan- r. PieorcmiCTtion ba tbe Rnas:axi my has 'reached an extreme point d there is no IQcetthood ot icy order ing obeyed, according to a dispatch m Fetrograd. Th» natnl ;iothori- « at Reral report tint in order to v« the Russian naT7 frozn the hands the Germans it will be necessary remore the ships at Beval and Hels- to Kronstadt. wounded. This is the first time it ,has been permitted to reveal the tact thai new American units have entered this line. The troops have been there Cor some time, suffering slight casualties, but their presence was kept secret until it was certain they were there. the enemy knew TO^ET.ttOSEVIEW since the outbreak of the war. As compared with the six months preceding the .struggle, Mr. VTaite pointed out, juvenile delinquency has Increased over the country not le?s than 32 per cent in any city in watch a census has been taken. In NewarK, N. ANNUAL SESSION OF THE FARMERS CALLED FOR MAR. 2 tho supply of western Pennaylvania, upon which Putsburg nartiafl have been engaged for some time past. an.! Tbuisday. The decision will be I t sent to national headquarters. transport Tuscania while bouud jioi a European port m Uiy service of . , . -. - · J., which he described as the city near- , Reports of Past Tnar 1VHI B e » '. rgl f m ', ana , mpo tio sas OIltput to The other three chapters 1m e sig-1 his country. Burgess Barnett C. Prctts nitied thoir willinguebs to consoli-! of Scottdale yesterday issued a procia- date and it practically remains to t h e i m a t i o n calling on the ijeople of tl:e The iiliui, which was originated by i Conncllnville cLaptei to make the! town to display flags at hail; mast for S. A. Taylor, the eminent civil and | final decision The consolidation of a ueriod of SO days. The proclamation mining engineer of Pttuburg, and I (he chapters would in no way inter- applies to private residencies, business pcrsonaJly known to many persons in I [ ere xv itii tlip work Chat is being car! liouses, offloes and inamifacturing i Uio Connellsntle coke re^-ioB, is, brief- j r j ec | on at present and would greatly!plants. ly staled, to construct an euormous | simpijfy the work of the national] The memory of the first Scottdale I by-product coding plant at a suitable headquarters in sending working d i - ' « o y to give his iifc m the tight for I point in a good coal field of West ost to Pennsylvania In which there | has been observation taken, tho rate j of increase was 102 per cent. In rowiy j othor cities it has hoen abnormally high. He didn't give any Pennsylvania figures. Mr. Wmto. who IP International young people's secretary of the Sunday schools, and P. 0. Orwig of Philadelphia, secondary division superintendent of the state, were the speakers of the evening. Mr. Waite talked on aims of the Sunday school organization in the upbuilding of the work. He complimented Fayette county on having such a thing as "a boys' and girls' conference, something that was not heard of when the older folks were in school. He was pleased with the attendance 'at the Connellsville conference, at which 14 of the 17 districts in the county were represented by a total of 176 delegates. Some of the delegates, he said, walked ttve miles to get to a trolley liae or railroad. D. M. Hertaog, of Union town, county president presided at the eveniny another. One American was slightly^Uession.--The attendance -was rather small, one section of the church being almost entirely vacant. A song service preceded the speaking. The afternoon conference of the 'teen, agers closed with a banquet in the new dining room of the church at which the wheatless and meatless idea o£ the food administration was carried ont. Messrs. Waite and Orwig provided the entertainment for the young folks after tho banquet Rev. Wilbur Nelson ottered prayer at the evening session and the bene- F.xperts IVfl! Inspect Coke i dictj on was pronounced by the Rev. m*tl J. Harry file* Dtfane in Ac- don U Tteceiei Co*l Sale Fees. Samuel J. Harry yesterday filed an idavit of defense specifically denying s indebtedness to William. B. 3loth ot X'bnrs in the sum of |8,400, claim- as commission on the sale o£ 112 ;es of Sewickly seam coal near atztown, "Westmoreland cointty, vir. Harry admits that he agreed it if Roth, made a sale at a satisfac- T sale he would pay a commission five per cent of the selling price, '. denies that the defendant made a e of the coal to any concern or in- idual. ' Begiou Conditions. A special train carrying the members of the railroad operating committee which has had its headquarters in Pittsburg for several months, and the operating officials of a number of roads will be in Connellsrille tomorrow. The party will visit the coke region for the purpose of securing informa- Ellis B. Burgess. Continued on P»eo Ftv SON SHOOTS FATHER at Armfcmst is Orer Abuse of ConneUsTJIie Woman. Jack GosTrick, formerly of Penns_ __ ville, is in the "Westmoreland bospit- Uon "al to~the Traffic" sttuSSiTand~lo- j al at Greensburg suffering from a bul- cal conditions with a vie-w to clearing congestions and preventing them in the future. The train will move over the Pennsylvania road, stopping at Connells- vllia, Unioatown and Brownsville. BANOFF"WEINERS" $30,000 FIRE 5 OW \, e at Tiunch Stands on Days. tndrr, Barber Shop uU Confce-i louwy Store .Burn at Brownsville. \ \ portion of the J. H. Herbertson ! 3s Foundry in South Brownsville, I connection with the confectionery ' re of George EHen and a barber i p of Harvey Worcester. The data- i - to the foundry was ?22,00« and ' George F. Titlow, hotel and eating house representative of tbe county food administration, after consultation with Administrator Davidson, has j ruled that the lunch stands may sell ' "weiners" on meatless days. I In Plttsburg permbeion to dispose [ of this popular article of food on | porklc^s days was refused upon the round that a very -small portion of ork enters into its composition. let wound in the head inflicted by his son, Jesse, in defense of the latter's mother who had been separated from the husband because of alleged cruel treatment The tragedy was enacted at the son's honre at Armbrust where Mrs. Goswick, who had been staying in Connellsville, was taking care of j her daughter-in-law who is ill. It is not believed the wound will be fatal. Tho son was promptly released under bail. ilrs. Jack Goswick had been for sonin time staying in Connellsville and i her brother, Prank her sister, Mrs. jSrnm Workman, Goswick. insurance was- carried, Terry ilcOoTern Dead. NE^' YORK, Feb. 22.-- Terrj- Mc' Govern, former world's featherweight .Tie nre departments of the three i champion, dieoTat the King's county 'ns all fougat the fire, aad ii was hospital this morning. He had been to their 'efforts that the valuable | ill only iwo days. He \yas 37 years chinery was saved. {old and was bora In Johnstown, ?a. fE ARE FACING A FOOD CRISIS THAT WILL LAST 60 DAYS, SAYS HOOVER TASHINGTON, Feb. 22.--Food Ad-1 stuffs, even to the exclusion ot much listrator Hoover itsued a statement other commerce. . night which gives a very alarm- Inability to moye the crops. Hoover view of the food situation. He sets forth, has created a price margin lares that the eaetern United States- between producer and consumer wider ;s a food shortage which is very! than it ever was before. Potatoes, ·ly to continue for the next s. He declares tbe food situation oe the most critical in the ccun- B history and that in many large sumisg areas the reserve stores at a point of exhaustion. he whole blame is put on railroad gestton, TKhich, bus thrown the d Administration far behind in its jrara lor feeding the Allies.' The solutioa Hoover sees it a great- acreaced nil aamaimt ef txd-i tha food administrator declares, are spoiling in the producer's hands whll.s consumers have been supplied only from summer garden crops and sloren carried over. The Railroad Administration rftsents Hoover's hlame of ills railroads and suggests that grain and food holders be urged to release their supplies that the cars now available may be utilized in moving them. MANY NEW MEMBERS Kitnl Teams Si'cnre 52 Men Back in Contest. The memnerhip campaign being conducted by the Knights of the Mac- cabees throughout tho United Staes, has netted the Yough Tent, No| ]59,~ more than 101 new members. -Applications are in for initiation next week at the Thursday nisht meeting when the campaign closes, and the 12 who were initiated last night brought the present total up to 104. The campaign here is being conducted by two teams, the Red and Blue. Tbe teams are now tied, each having secured 52 new members. For the first time sines the opening of the campaign the Blues have showed any sign of being winner. -HIT BY ICICLE Woman I'assinc Wciu Building on Is Hurt. An icicle breaking oft the Wciho buildins last night and f a l l i n g on tho head of a woman i»l»o -was passing at the time infiicted an ugly cut near the left temple. The wound was not serious however. . The Icicle, ono about an Inch Lliick and several inches long, fell Just as the womaa stepped under it. The ice glanced from her hat but struck the face near the temple. Rend nut) L'tana Made For the Coining- Season. WAR WORK TO B£ FEATURE Interesting Topics HTO B*ftn Assigned yi*n Who Know How to Present Them And Aurli is In Store for Tlio^- TJpen to Feed the YTorlA, Notices were mauled yesterday to farmers at the -ouaty by Farm Agent P. E. Doughort}-, calling attention to tho annual meeting of tho Fayotte County Farm Bureau to be held at the court house in Umontown, Saturday, this section. Tbe plan does not contemplate tbe construction of now pipe Hues, but Uio utilisation of the linw; and compressing plants now in use for tbo trruiPinissson or natural gas. The steady decline in natural gas supply gav^ birth to -Mr. Taylor's idca. Ho has realized ibat before raaay years the gi.s suppjy upon which western Pwnnsylvunla is now dependent will have bccoaio exhausted, aud without any reasonable certainty that another aovircti of supply will be discovered to tak* 1 tbe place ot the West Virginia fieldb. Familiar with the possibilities of liie h -product oven, as a producer of a f u e l gas of high ca- loriilc \aJue, and tbe practicability of transporting it, Mr. Taylor conceived the ides, that it could bo made lo take tbe place of the natural product, and rections. which wouid ha-ve 10 deal i Democracy is to be further bouoicrl with one consolidated chapter instead! ky * fiold star to be placed on a j.ei- of many small ones. (vice flag lo be unveiled at an early The proposition of consolidating Ihci^ 10 hy'the Standard Bearers of tho four coimly units into one large chap-1 Mcthodisi Episcopal church of Scott- ter has been broached before, but thc| d!lle ' at wl » ch time a ineniona) ser- mattor ua.s dropped when en-1 gas companies now have in transmission hoes turned to good account March 2, beginning at 1.30 o'clock. 1 tne immense investment the natural Not all the tillers of the soil are on the mailing list and therefore the farm agent asks that those who are; when tho natural gas fails, by using thus reached bring along a neighbor, j these lines as a distributing 'system for the manufactured substitute. Mr. Taylor interested other parties in the plan and jointly they have made certain progress m Ihe development of his ideas. .Mr. Taylors Every farmer in tho county is invited. It is expected that the farmers' part in the war will be discussed and that plans for the summer will be outlined. Agent Doughorty'3 call reads: "At this time wo have a report of the present Executive committee, also life long acquaintance with the fuel requirements of western a report of the work in the county' Pennsylvania; his intimate knowledge during the past year. We will have t of the coal deposits of West Virginia short talks by local farmers on. inter- \ and o£ tho operation of the by-pro- esting topics, also a discussion of tae Farm Bureau work in Pennsylvania by E, K. Jllbshman, state leader of county agents, State College. "The work accomplished, by the Farm Bureau for 1918 will de-pcnd largely on the executive committee that is elected at this time. On each farmer in the county rests the responsibility o£ seeing to It that the proper men are entrusted to this office-." The program is as follows, beginning at 1:30 P. M. sharp:-Reading of minutes of last annual meeting. Report of Treasurer. Annual report or County A gnat, Election of executive committee for 1918. Four-Minute talks;-"Production," E. E. Arnold, president o! Farm Bureau. "More Sheep," James Stuckslager. "Community Meetings," Iden Vail. "Farm Bureau Work in Pennsylvania," E. K. Hibshman. New business. The meeting will start promptly at 1.30 o'clock. Every farmer in the county is invited to attend and to bring along his neighbor. duct oven, are proof that his project is not a visionary one. It may be somewhat Iti advance ot the existence of a condition it is designed to meet, but it has not been the purpose of the projectors to hasten its completion. Instead, it hae been considered only as a need for the not far distant future. The possibility that the West Virginia authorities may sooner or later heed the demancte certain interests in that state have made for a restriction on the piping of natural gas into adjacent stales, may give new impetus to the proposition to the extent of causing its details to be worked out somewhat earlier than had been originally intended. w i l l be conducted. thuAiasm failed to show The national 1J1C ent » 1re rommunity will be ,nv.t- hcadnuartors has wnucn u Chairman i c d to Participate in Hie memorial. The J. Fred Kiirl/, of the local Chapter, j date W1]I be announced .shortly, it »as asking that serious consideration be mdlcate:1 '« da 5'- gjvcn the matter at ihis timn. In event of a favorable decision by the C'onnellsville chapter, one of the cities will be selected as a county headquarters and officers of thx 1 larger chapter selected from communities. tbe different NOTIFYING DELINQUENTS Chief jtaivrrb Serves Notice on ilcr- cluuits to Pay License Tax. Other names which vill appear on. tho honor roll with that of Uewellyu are the following: Clyde Zearley, Clyde DcWitt, Fn- mau Fields, Harry R. Humphries, Dr. Norwm L. Kerr, George 1C Lessig, Dr. rinude W. McKee, p. E. SwarUwc-lrtCT, Paul G. Williams, Jlilford Gibson, Judson. Van Horn, MeacSe TannehUl, Eugene Perrj-, Clayton Perry, George Lloyd, Charles Colborn, Walter Colborn, Arthur Barnhart, William Fotter, Edwin Beddows, Ray Ingh=, Edward Rutherford, Jaines Clarkson, Chief of Police William B. Bower" j William HofEman and Charles Raj- is making a round of the city notify- Kepnev, who are in the service, and ing merchants that the license tax for Berisey H. Boyd and A. I* Porter meni- the year of IMS is due and that pay-lbers of the selective service board of ment should have already been made.| District No." 7, Westmoreland county. With the second month of tbe year! drawing to a close, there is still a long I list of merchants that have not paid up their license. All the West Side delinquents were, IB °- T Scouts Will Sell IVnr Saving TO SELL STAMPS notified yesterday and Chief Bowers is covering tlie down town business sec- For the The Connellsville troops of Boy once notified, warrants will be issued. lion today. If the license tax is not Sccmts '""" so °n start a campaign for paid after the merchants have been! 010 salc of War Saving Stamps in the city. Tbe movement is lt:iov.-n as the red postcard system. The Scouts are supplies with red post cards addressed lo the postmaster at the city. Then they go to the homes IVeight anil Price 1o be Cnl is Hilling ° f residents and ask the purchase of NQWAI2-OUNCELOAF of I'ood Administration. WASHINGTON, Fob. 22.--According to a ruling issued last night by the j the stamps. If the "customer" agrees to buy the stamps, ihe scout fills in ibe number wanted, to be bought e\ery At the time of the shooting Goswick j was trying' to induce his wife to return and had become .abusive when she refused. ' , TAKES NEW POSITION Lyell Knttermore NOT* TOh Machine Oar Supply Company. Lyell Buttermore, until recently yard Corernau for the H, C. Frick Cote company at Adeiai-ie, today became secretary and treasurer of the Connellsville Machine Car Supply company, succeeding Howard H. .Myers who bas been called to leave with, the draftees of District 2 011 Saturday. Tho new official is a son-in-law oC Gra'ni .Myers, head of the concern He iias been with, the JFnclt company (01 a number ot years. Before going to Adelaide he was Cor three years pay roll clerk at the Davidson plant, He becomes a member of the supply flrm. He will remove from Adelaide to Connellsville, taking aparunents at the Myers home la. Poner avenue. UNDLEY SEEKS FREEDOM Habeas Corpus Action is B«pin ly Alleged Jim-key Slayer. Hearing in the habeas corpus proceedings mst.tuled by Frank M. kind- ley, of this place, who is conhned in tlie county jaii at Unionlown on a charge of killing F. A. Bui-tey, in the office of the Ljndley-Burkey Lumber company. Second National bank building, will be held Monday afternoon a.1 2 o'clock befoio Judge J. Q. Van Sweaingen. The petition for a writ of habeas corpus sets tortb. that Londley is "UD- justly confined m the common jail for some criminal or supposed criminal matter." Food Admiuisiraiion bakers arc" au- da ^" or rach week as « desired, and thorized u sell a 12-ounce loaf ol' attcr signing it, mails it to the post- bread. | master. The stamps are then delher- Heretofore the smallest loaf permit- j ed b v ^ e postman on that route and ted to be sold weighed one pouud, b u t ' n e collects the money, recent investigation has revealed that! A scout who sells S250 wouh of this size is too large Cor the needs stamps to 25 different persons is ghrn of many small families. Tbe price of ac "ace" medal. The badge bears tho the three-quartev pound loal, the ad- wa r saving stamp emblem. A f t e r a ministration suggests, should he rela- scout earns the "ace' medal he is lively loiver than tb.e one pound loaf, (given a "palm" Tor every additional TO BUILD LINK Between the Lincoln Highway ami the !'atioiiiil Bond. Contract has been awarded by State Highway Commissioner O'Neil to William C. Evans of Amber, Pa., for the construction oC a link to connect the Lincoln Highway and the National Koad, at a cost ol 5238,538.20. The read w i l l extend from the northern boundary line of Somerset township to Jennertown. a distance of 7.45 miles. The construction is lo be ?]00 worth of stamps he bells. KURT BY CRANE Men CancM tHicn Jtac.liine Turns Over at Poirer riant. Grant Shoemaker, 14 years old. and Joo Delhcx, 48, both of South Con-' ne'lsville, were painfully, but not seriously injured, this morning about 9 o'clock, when a locomotive crane on which they were working turned o\ or at the West Penn Power Plant, .Mr. Shoemaker, the engineer, is suffering from burns of the face, hands macadam-tcUord type. DISCONTINUE WORK Slag So Longer Being; Dumped on liogc I'lll ut Yftiidcrbilt Work at the slag dump at Nellie mines was oUscoutiuued yesterday for the time beingr. Hundreds of thousand ot coal loads ot slag have oeen dumped there in the last four or five years and from three to live hundred men have been employed at the work. It was slated by a well known railroad man at Dickerson Run yesterday that the mills wer.e sending all then slag west now ins-tead of east. Hnrke Gets Furlough. Edward Burke, a member Hospital Corps of the 130th Regiment, in tramiag at Gamp Hancock, Augusta, Ga., is home ou a 10-day furlough. and foot, while DelheK, th3 fireman, re- I ceived a fracture of the leg and arm. I Both were removed to the Cottage | State hospiai. The Baltimore Ohio of the wreck train will bo used in righting the crane. Granted Jlarriage Licenses. John K. Speelman of Mount Pleas- Yisitin;," Son In (lump. ant and Emma J. Jfundell ot Ronco Mrs. ,Franli Reagan of Scottdale is and Gon Hamilton and Mary Calaway visiting hev son. Sergeant A. V. Rea- oC Counellsvillc were granted mar- gaa, Company E, Tlegiment, Camp Sherman, Ciiillicothe, Ohio. nage licenses in Uniontown yesterday. Complete OritnfUice Conrse. Francis Steindel of Mount Pleasant, having completed the course for ordnance field service at the University of Pittsburgh, left Pittsbui'e last night for duty at San Antonio, Tex. TJ10S1AS BESIGJfS. Snow tonight, Saturday unsettled and warmer is tbe noon we.itR.or forecast foi Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Jtecord. iois ion Maxim um M 50 Minimum ____H 33 .Mean - 23 -12 The lough river fell during the might Irom 8 feet to 6.-10 feet. Patrolman Quits to Go to Camp ],ee lYitli Draftees Tomorrow. Patrolman Andrew W. Thomas, who went on the force during the recent police shake-up, lias icsigued to go to Camp Lee with ihe draftees from District No. 2 tomorrow night. No successor 10 Thomas has as yet been named. Tlfcre are several names that'liava bnen passed on by the civil s'orvlco board. Bnte In Prnnee. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Moylo of Rockwood, have iccclved word that their two pons, John and Ralph, who are with tie Dniteti States Expeditionary force's-, hve arrived safely in Franca, HOG ORDINANCE IN EFFECT TODAY BUT RUSH TO RAISE PORKERS IS NOT NOTICEABLE The hog ordinance, which in its re- i those ou the outskirts of the residea- vlsed form allows residents of t h e i t i a l section to raise pigs. The re- city lo raise noriers. provided |quesis that have been made for per, they follow strictiy its lequirements, I nuts have come from persons living (became effective today. There has I near the city limits who, in ail prob° been no overwhelming rush to secure lability, can easily follow the rulings, of pig permit?, but Health Officer George \ the ordinance. Hetzel has had several requests from { Health Officer Heuel personally persons who want their pens viewed. makes measurements to see that tlia Under the ordinance, persons rais- ; pens are the. required distance from ing pigs must build pens for them j dwelling houses and also inspects tho not less than. 100 feet from a. dwelling j pen. The pens are 10 he cleaned three or highway and tho floor of the pen j times a week to keep thm in a sani- nvnst be two leet above the ground, tary condition. A heavy penalty has aad the boards placed tightly together. been provided for violation of tnia so that tiirre ivlll bf no To keep within the provisions of tho ordinance it is not liiely that it J from, the north end. will be iwssible tor aoycae except section. -Most requests for pens have come

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