The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 15, 1964 · Page 21
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 21

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1964
Page 21
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T SATURDAY. AUQUSf 15, 1M4 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL COOKING COLUMN 'CTT ANN LANDERS 1 0 BV w I, Dr An Landeret The world will not rise or fall oa your answer but I would like to know whit you think of tba following: , - ... : A friend of mini has a habit of introducing- bar domestic ' balp to any guott who walks into her borne. I happen to know Emma, tba bousekeep-er, became I've been teeing her (or about II yean. I don't mind when Emma apeak to me. taat week I took my new-, daughter - to . law ever there and thia friend Introduced ber to Emma, as if aba were a social equal. . My daughter fat . law. was pleasant, but I was annoyed by the poor manners of tba hostess. Comment, please. BINGHAM PTON. Dear Blags Your aeee la 4:i "OTIt POO) Y V etc wt II ' .. .. EASTVIEW Shoppinc Centre) Montreal Road at Riverside Drive . ( Where something good.; t j Is always going on Introducing Help 9uick PizzQS That Please -.a .... .. i - "j : .. Not Social Error , Poise Is Important Of Every By GILLIAN WADSWORTH r V. .harm. - i lng. You have lot of ala- . gant clothe. You should have ao many data you're -out every night of the week, but you don't Why ' It may be because you lack noise. No man like dating a girt, who bj clumsy and -awkward, no matter how , pretty she Is. When be take ber to' din at the most x- T v elusive restaurant In town, he's embarrassed when she Upsets water glasses clambering ito her seat . : ' To complete an sttractive picture of yourself. learn to s move with grace and ease. There's a correct .way of doing iytMngV 1 : ? Let's talk about that night an tha town first. , i Your escort ha a big. big ear, with low. low teat. How do you get In without how-.. big meral yard of teg, and - Iota. of lingerie? V'. . . , 8WIN0 IN i It's eimplK first sit on the : edge of tha aeat with your feet and knees together. Pull iA Hands Need V Hands often give a woman' age away.: As a matter of f facw tbey frequently loo k.. touch elder than aba does, , The bands of modern wo i man are extremely versatile Taey may wieia a gou uo e tennis facquei. mauiaw all the housekeeping chore and cooking and still look lovely across the dinner table. . However, thK doesn't Just happen. It reflect regular, simple, daily care.! Frantic -periodic efforts will not do the -Job. No part oT a woman' . physical ensemble shows neglect more quickly the the . hand aad these are always . so much in evidence. - Use only lukewarm wster; e the bands, whenever possible. Do not use a nail brush which is too harsh. Moat (a portant. us a good hand to- ' tie, aot Just at night, but , whenever you wash your bands. W all know this, but few busy women really sue a hand lotion this often. mm . ' ' ' - r. i v -. cl guirinTf?! --" caught ea a sky-beck. Sister. The, hostess committed no' social error whatever whea he Introduced Emma to your daughter . in law. She was simply acknowledging Em-" . ma's presence, which, demonstrates good manners, plus a degree of self-assurance which you obviously lack. .' , : w ' ' -k Dear Aaa Leaders! It'a beta . two years since my husband -suited to pair . our .four (400ms. The Irving room la a v disgrace. The old paint la peeling off and be has one wall '' partially acreped, but be still hasn't put a brush to It After , hours , of nagging (which didn't help) I said., "Rich, h'a plain to see you don't cart much about pe luting ao why don't you repair the broken window oa tba Successful in your bead and then, lean in OVr Slifhtlv 00 TOUT laft ' uuin. awtiiK r iwwv to gether on the car floor, r : v Although your beau wont expect you to sit m tha back eat of his car while he's, driving, you should know the best way to get to there too. Stand beside the car, draw m your rear first, then your 1 upper torso and head. . - Sit, and draw M youf other foot, bringing your knees together. Fashions this Summer har decreed that long skirts ar THE look for Informal entertaining. Long skirt can be comfortable, but unless you practise, yoa ,may have a little difficulty, or look tin- . gainly when you walk up atair... '. , To pick up the edge of your skirt and allow your-, elf a little mora foot space, let your band fall beside the . skirt to tba plot) where It .naturally reaches. There and' exactly there, pick np a bit of your skirt in the tip of your fingers, and. lift It Just, hlgh enough to clear your foot. ; You should be able to do the : 4WI t V AVf. g Daily Cart 1 " : " If the cuticle around your nails la dry, push It back each olgM with an orange stick, after massaging a cuticle cream Into the dry skin. The idea of exercise for the Uait fooUj, WDea band may we use them so constantly. However, the hand can profit ' by exercise, too. Have yoa, " ever noticed the bands of a ' great pianist W could all ase a little of the grace and flexibility wfaicl) they have because of years of practice. - ' "''( ' Let me give you a couple of good exercises today. These " also will be helpful to those . who find that their finger are . prone to become stiff and let flexible.- ' ' . . - Hold your bands up in front , of you. Clench both fist. Now . straighten she .finger end fling them back as far as 5 possible. Pull backward with them. Continue bending end straightening the finger. Again, bold the band up m front ofl you. Touch the bv, dex finger of each "hand to the thumb of die same hand.. Hold the finger with the thumb as you try. to pull the finger away. Do the same with each; finger. '- . ' ' J- V you would like to have my exercise for the bands,, send a stamped, self-addres- , sed envelop with your request (or It to Josephine Lawman, m care of The Ottawa Jour- , nal. ," : Ottawa's' - Selection of rOIL PAINTINGS J r PICTURE FRAMK r ARTISTS SUPPLIES , : i -tr PAINTINGS RESTORED it PICTURE and PAINTING RENTALS . : Wallack's "art shop and', GALLERY i' 103 Bank St. , : back porch?" He replied. "You are nothing but a nag. I'll do at when I'm la the mood. Leave ma alone." . Tell me, Ann Landers, bow . can I get my husband to accept bis responsibilities in tba bouse? We havent entertained for two year because I'm named of toe way. our place ; look. Help, please. v .;. .. D. FEATED. "V Dear D-i la the aasae way that aease children became "asslhar deaf" tease bue-beade become Ife-deaf. So gat smart aad save year pipe. Lady. . Quit naggmg and air tne work done-Some husbands decide, afteri paying some out-: rageoue bill for work they could have done themselves, that they can't afford eheNux-ury of procrastinating. Element Date 'stairs without having to look dOWtt. . SLIDE ABOUND T Many restaurants , have round booth, and you may wonder bow to get into them. The answer ii to tilde around wdont crawl , . .Vii v J Enter the booth sideways, together. Sit oa the edge of the seat, and use your hand to push yourself In place. Summer the time for outdoor living aad there wjll be swimming, picnic, and parks pa a holiday by the eee. If you happen to be one of the fortunate people able to wim at a pool, yoa will know bow unbecoming some .women look Whea leaving the pool. Their suits sag with the weight of the water, and they scramble out. To get out prettily, bold both rails of the pool ladder with your arm extended so they do not bend at the elbow. Pause as you get out of the water, and lift the edge of your bathing auit gently to let the water ran out Hold yourself erect.' and turning altghtty. keeping bent over the other, do exactly the same thing on the other aide of your cult If you do this daintiy, chance are nobody will notice.' 7 ; r IN YOUR LAP ChUdren love the Summer outings, but inevitably come the time when one want to climb on your knee. Holding ' - a child on your lap,- keep your knee together, so that , your thigh provide a firm turf ace. Yoa can extend your legs, or swing them to your side. Your feet can be cross ed at the ankle, or Just etralght and together. Low teats are easy to cop with If you remember to keep your knees together. Sit at a slight angle, knees to one side end feet to the other. When you're ready to get op, move yourself forward to the edge of the Mat, place one foot slightly in front of the other in a walking' position, then push yourself upwards with the thigh, not twlng your hand. Start to walk on the forward foot--, vi" .! Mulching Protects . Gardens Mulching is a garden practke which helps conserve soil moisture end control weeds. Horticulturists with the Ontario Agriculture Da- '' nartment suggest mulching small fruit plantings such a strswberrtea, raspberrl and 1 blackberries. Place a protective covering of straw. J strawy manure, sawdust or similar materia j over the-, toil and root of the plants. ' Peat moss is often used ' a mulch In the home garden. ' It can be spread around ornamental shrubs such ss, forsythia, taxus and spire . thus reducing watering and , cultivating. Black plastic mulches have . been used successfully' by -vegetabl growers. They prevent evaporation of moisture and to help plants overcome Short period of drought, The mulch is laid down the row end a slit cut to allow the plant to pan through It. . Cover the edges of the plastic with soil to prevent tt from being blown away. Black plastic mulches may be used for tomatoes, mHons, cucum- ' hers, pepper end egg plants. ... - i . . . Journal Want Ads bring quick results. ; . - swwl eBBwaBBBBBBWwjSjwjw ' . s half-hour pizza ,;V,',''','''y:f':':' If you would like to make, pizza pie but never get around to it because the dough presents problem, you will like this recipe. You can make it and bake it In about half an boor. Tha crust is tender and crisp, and the topping' Is perfect For quick, teeny pizza, slice English muffins in half and cover with the topping (below). BroB slowly, 5 to inches from the heating unit, unto the cheear melt i and the pizza are sizzling hot ' HALF-HOUR PIZZA ' ' ' s S caps pancake asht H ea By MYRTLE MEYER ELDRED Most mothers are prone to , My occaslonatly. ."Yoa ' Just ' wait until your father hear about this!" Or "H won't like it. He'U straighten you oat." Thus to frustration, she grab ' at any means of control and Is relieved of the momentary responsibility of dealing, with .misbehavior. . , . . With aa older child It may ' be wise to defer discipline and 'for both' parent to decide upon a hist punisbntent. But at three and four, even if this threat slows down Johnny's ebstreoerous behavior. It is ..wrong to rely upon such a method. All of us want our son to look hp to their Dads and to be real boys. This aeccssltates a iming for man, acceptance by them and a feeling of oneness with them. The father talis become distorted ana unfriendly If the relationship hi more punitive than pleasurable. ' - ; AMPLE OPPORTUNITY , A strict father wlU find ample opportunity to discipline when he hi home without being burdened with tba necessity to correct and punish for ib for n the the dally misdeeds, un other band, if be la easy big the threat becomes meaningless because nothing ' much ever happens. ' In either case, the emphasis Wilds Mm up to be aa ogre of punishment and little else. would not bteme him for feeling misused If bis nightly welcome Is one of complaints, o If be takes his disciplinary role very ser'ouSly he may greet the youngster with "And how have you been today, son? Did you mind year mother?" Then when be with-holds favors, corrects, shows ' disapproval or punishes, what possible friendly relationship can this inspire? WANTS TO PLEASE , ' Usually a child who has fun with his father waata to pleas him. It is he who can get him to bed with ease and make him mind with few words. This Is helpful at the end of the day: But if a child becomes resentful, defiant or very Intimidated by constant correction, be may make ao much fuss that other has to take Ideal discipline should be immeuieie ana appropriate w,j the misconduct, aa when Junior must play alone for hitting another child. Also. It should be e Impersonal as possible. Not, "You're a bad boy for throwing your plate oa the floor." but "I guess you're not hungry, you'll have to lesve the table." ' t ' Postponement alone . makes k difficult for child to ander-stand for what he I being punished. When ft Is held ever It may becom a tirade of personal disapproval, rather thaa aa honest snort to teach blm behave wMCtpt Father ably. H cup shortening y : H eup milk Combine pancake mix and cornmeal; cut In shortening until mixtur resembles coarse crumb. Stir In milk, just to dampen. Turn out on i floured board; knead gently ' a few seconds. Divide dough - in three piece and roll to inch thickness. Place on ungreased cake or cookie pan. Pinch edge up to form -ide. Tapping Image Both parents should have their ahar in discipline for ' misbehavior In their presence. It Is Just as wrong for Dad to say, "Com do something about this child, 1 want to read 'the paper., -; Obviously mother wilt have . to do more than her share during the long daytime hours . and if she wishes to have any control aba should set her foot down at the moment. She only makes more problems by placing this responsibility onto Dad's shoulders entirely, e . It's not ao easy rearing children. Often they commit little misdeed which require punishment You'll want to read my booklet "Obedience and Punishment.' To obtain your copy send II cents and a . stamped, self . addressed en-. vaktpe with your request lor tt to Myrtle Meyer Eldred la ' . car of The Ottawa Journal. . r . '. SPEECH IMPORTANT v BOSTON About 71 par cent of all human activities, voca tional a well a social, .involve le r racuny ot speecn. ". smr , m ar atr .. j J0 CLOSED MONDAYS SHOP TUESDAY ,1 ;" 1 " i Vt teesgooa 1 teaspoon I teaepsosi gartlc powder eaioa salt (lpiat)auh-ItaUaa smoked 1H cups shredded Mozzar-eOa or Brick cheese 4 eup olive oil . I Combine tomato past and sauce; spread on base. Mix seasonings together and sprinkle over tomato. Slice mushrooms and sausage and arrange oa top of seasonings. Sprinkle with cheese and drizzle oil over alL Bake 20 minute in 423 degree F oven. (Three pizza eight to nine Inches in diameter.) Birthday Club August lg ' Dale Malcolm Bray, age 1 . Jimmie Blackburn, age ' Diane Marie Doyle, age II , Noreen Harrington, age 5 ' Suzanne NoeL age S Barbara Sonnenburg, age S ' : Aagaat IS ' Mary Ann Jones, age 4 Twins Brian and Barry Grant, , ag 4 )',-,, , Tht Jottmtt, i tarttdsy tutor, Ottawa, Ont Ptsess saroO aw bs Tht Journal Birthdat Club. twmU .. years old iddVsss PLEASE PRINT NAME re. ssskK ii;lHllT earrM a ea wmmam.) t ft i, .i; W pound sausage "Our Constant Aim.,, to Civ Good Valuer through SATURDAY . DOWNTOWN 1.00 to 540 238-4511 , BILLINGS BRIDGE 1.10 to COO US-SUf t WEST END 0.00 to S40 13C-4663 " All Three Stores V ..' . Open Friday Night Until 9 pjn. ; COURT i iviin . v.-r - WHERE EXCITING LUXURY LIVING BEGINS AT The "Viacount", second of three buDdings that Jversid Court hu been completed. It offer the same comfort, convenience and unique facilities that made Its neighbour residence so popular a choice among luxury evJPftew)t)Q( 9QsSk8Tes " ' i' - Compare the features below with your own accom- ' modatioo, then tJrfve out to Riverside Court and ess ' for yourself apartment living at lu .exciting and, luxurious best. :, ... .-r kill-, i y QQ - ' UOOlOt, CSt TWO AXO Jm ISBOON ..' m a us Mooa unman mt..j r. Kxtu mam-mi - - ' 4 tfl Irrtnlat OrN aWgaf SVasmasg idl Sssjm lfb BtwrirdN CierB MpH rff bwi ' Dsrtni hrUti SiBtx br TNntr tosh 0JX.taSirt1ci hMiKwT An br r w3wS8 s ShnPwaTs arCkwwt mi QsTckM DirKtly OptotBi rwsasy'l gf I

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