The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 21, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 21, 1918
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THIS DAILY COURIER, CONNEULSVILLE, PA. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 1918. INCREASED PRICK ARE EXPECTED BY COALWERATORS Airuee of 25 to 40 Cents Per TUB Predicted Within Short Tine. NOT SUFFICIENT MARGIN Bttwec* C**U of Prediction and the Tnttmt Fixed Prices, it' Co»t.'»tlon ·f Producers; Coat Sheets Skew Hi(k F%«res, Sometimes Above $3. There U a feeling jn coal producing circles that an advance tot 25 to 40 ceats per ton in the' "at the mine" "price of coal will be made within the next 10 diys or two weeks. This expectation Ii based upon three happenings of recent occurrence. The first was the granting a week ago, or a raise of 40 cents a ton to the operators of the Cumberland and neighboring districts. The second was the privilege allowed the producers in the thin ·vein mining districts of Pennsylvania to chcrge 60 cents a ton more for their product. Both of these advances followed a presentation to the Furl Administration of data showing the inability of 1i»e operators in the ri-gions mentioned to produce coal and sell it at x profit at the prices nxed by the President The third factor, taken as an indi- ~ cation of an advance which will ap- to the Plttsburg, Connellsvflle and ; "Virginia districts, is the most leeent order of the Fnel Administration which eliminates jobbers' com- ·missions-after-April-1. -This onler is taken_by the trade to imply, if it not .expressly state, that an advance in price, will be made sufficient to cover 'the allowance by producers of a com- lalwlon to jobbers when the new rule . becomes effective. There is no inti- rct«ao« aa to whether or no the ad- vane* will more than cover the usual Jobbers'- commission. When the order eliminating job /rs' commission becomes effective 'Jiey * -will be obliged to look to the producer for their compensation. "Without an advance in the permitted selling price operators- contend that they cannot par a commission. They further contend that with the constantly rising prices for materials and supplies and other increased costs of production, the ruling set prices do not afford sufficient profit. Coal operators in the Pittsburs and Weit Virginia districts have repeatedly warned the Fuel Administration that without an advance In selling prices in the near future they will be compelled to close down some of their mines. For months they have been running along at aa average of J5 per cent of mine capacity which has made low cost of production out cf the Question. The monthly cost sheets, vrhich are sent to the Federal Trade Commission, are reported to hare TEE VARAHOOfT. "GiATES OF GLADNESS."--A »ve part p aotoplay in which Madge Evaus, ·The "World's Kiddie Star," appears! as an- artist's model, is being present- j ed today. This new picture gives the popular little actress an excellent role and she doe* some of -the best actiii? of her short, but highly successful, career in It. The story is an unusual one -and is full of interesting, entertaining incidents. From start to finish it is enthralling and attention- holding. George MacQuarrie, who has won many friends through his work ill other "VTorld pictures, is seen in a forceful magnetic role in which his splendid acting abilities are seen to the best advantage. Roscoo "Fatty" Artrackle. supported by Al SL Jolui, is appearing in "Out "West," a two reel comedy. In his new comedy, "Fatty" plays the role of a reformer, I successfully, albeit very humorously. ] Thrown off a freight train in the heart j of a western desert "Fatty" lands | eventually in the Tillage of "Mad, Dog," described as the toughest, wiltl-' est and wooliest town in the west.' Here our hero mixes up with more , bad men than Nick Carter evci imagined in his wildest flights of fancy and finally after cleaning them out sets out to reform the whole torn, with the help of a pretty Salvation ' Army girl, several hundred feet o f ; film and a barrel full of comedy situ- j ations. THE ABCADE. The new bill presented at the Arcade theater yesterday Toy the "Eon Ton Revue company opened to the usual packed house and again demonstrated their ability as real enter- i tainers. The hill _is entitled "Oh' John" and Tecfc Murdock in the title role keeps his audience in perpetual good hnmor with "his" eccentricities. It is rumored that Teck Murdock stands seven feet one inch in his socks and claims the title of the human scissors. The company is well balanced and with Mr. irardoek as the "big man the show is up to the minute in ail respects. Iris Kennedyvand tho "Ole Jass Four" are featured in new numbers. The Hawaiian guitar im- mitutions were repeatedly encored. The special scenery and lighting effects add greatly to the show and help to make up a real musical comedy show. One who wants to see a real up to the minute musical show will j make no mistake in seeing this one. The management of the Arcade sure picked a good one when he booked "The Vengence and the Woman" pic- i ture as it is one that holds "attention at all times, full of thrills and shows real cowboys, horses and all the wonderful things that they do in their country. The show and the same picture will be repeated today. ORPHEUS TJIEATEB. "Mdi-Y GO GET 'EM"'.--Margarita Fischer, one 01 the mobt charming girls on the motion picture screen and one of the most popular of stage In- genues, is given a.refined tomboy role shown that it costs considerably more | in her new offering, "Molly Go Get than the "filed" price to deliver coai, 'Em." Molly is one of those irrcpres- OB boerd cars at tipples. In some [bis younger sisters, not yet formally instances the producing costs have j introduced to society, whose elder sis- been shown to be in excess of ?3.00|ter's beaux and party affairs are on- per ton. It is Oils condition which has caused the operators to urge a reTiifoh upward of the government Trices. The prices ftzed on August 2t last vied by her as the most desirable elements of life. Wee, winsome Billie Burke personifies independent Young America in Belgium at the outbreak of tho present great war in her latest were »2 for run of mine, »1.75 for i Paramount picture, "Arms and the alack, and }2.TO per ton for prepared! GW shown Friday and Saturday. Her dies. An advance of 45 cents per ton ever these prices was granted by the President last October 29, making the present figures $2.45 for run of mine, |2.20 for slack, and J2.70 pT ton for prepared sizes. Theic prices rule- at tipple mines, At "team track'* mines aa additional charge can be made to cover hauling to consumers and for delivery on cars of coal intended for use by railroads, also an additional charge for coal loaded In box cars. ·-WHT GEUJ3 GO WiRONG."--Al- ways on the alert to give Manhattan patrons a play out of the ordinary the Soisson management announces as the attraction for today and the remainder of the week the sensational comedy drama, "Why Girls Go Wrong." The play is a forcible story of the struggles of a country girl in a large city with its numerous pitfalls and temptations. The thrilling episodes arc a potent lesson for young | men and women and should be seen ty ! all. Next week also has an abundance | of good things in store for playgoers. I Two wonderful successes "Lena Eaatetm BomJs Boroe Ban o» Kg | Rivers", and "The Christian", will be Ire*. Coal and Coke P reseatcd **! tno Manhattan Players _ ' ^ . ,, " during their farewell week. The The Hew York, New Haven Hud- Retail dealers are permitted to add SO per cent to the margins of last yeary plus freight from mine to yard. Retailers do not anticipate that any change will be made in the charges they' are permitted to add to mine cost, in case there is an advance in the" fixed prices, although the sross coet to consumers will be increased by whatever increase is authorized in the prices producers may be allowed to charge dealers. experiences in this thrilling photoplay are typical of that of thousands ol American girls stranded at the outset of the war In Europe, many ot whom missed the pleasant adventures that happened to Miss Burke. Karl Dietitz, an. ex-lieutenant of the German army is responsible for the accuracy and correctness of tho German army maneuvers shown in this picture. XHE 90ISSOK. IJOUBGOES son'Railroad company has lifted its embargo against shipments of pig Iron onto New England. Similar action wu taken a few days ago on ship- Bients of coal and coke, but some of _ tlie connecting lines still maintain - derr embargoes on pig iron shipments Including tie Delaware, Lackawanna ·· A Western which will accept eastern ^ ahipments only for delivery to con- , ·uroera'on its own line. TEAMSTER'S LIFE SAVED PETERSON IS HAPPY , (Lfter mwryibiiiC eUe falls Peterson'* Ointment Cures GUI and Kunming Sort*, Eczema and File*. T was afflicted with a very SCT«C io.-e on PL? leff tor years. I am a teamster. I tried £ awdicinca and sntTcs, but without suc- K.O. 1 tried doctors, but they i«Jl«d to are me. I couldn't sleep for many niffhts rptn -pain. Doctors said I could not live r more than two years. Finally I'eKT- oYs Ointment was recommended t ine. »d by its us* the sore was entirely healed. linakfnlly rour». William Haaae. West Trt, Ohio, rare P. G. Rdtr. Box 100. "I am proud of the above letter," says * f* tcrsou; "It makes me happy. \ I have radreds of others that tell ot wonderful era of Eczema. PUes and Skin Disuse*. 1mpt«R, Blackheads and opty blemishes." Petenon'a Ointment Is 30 cents ftt all " i, and there Isn't a broad m cded la America that won't praise- It, Kantiattan Players are well worth seeing in every play. They havo the happy faculty of making the play a delightful recreation for everyone. Ii Yon Want Scnnetbing Advertise tor it in our cJasaJfled column. One cent a -word. NO JUDGE. Scribbler--So yonr father likes my poetry. Is be much of a critic T Edith--Why. oi course, not! Buy in Connellsville Save Gold Bond Stamps Washington's Birthday Friday, Februar^ 22, 1918 In this year of 191S, we should pay a greater honor to this revered man who made 1 it possible for us to reach out our helping hands to those patriots across the sea who years ago helped us. Let every citizen pause a moment in honor to the man nnd what he accomplished. Let every liberty-loving American breathe a prayer of thanks and appreciation for this great, noble man who made our country a Land of the Free, and the Homo oE the Brave. Patriotic Concert on the NEW EDISON .Friday Afternoon from 2 till 5 In honor of this event we have planned an Edison Concert for Friday afternoon from 2 till 5. A program oE patriotic airs (both old and new) will be given anfl we hop« many of our friends will find it convenient to spend a pleasant bour or BO in the enjoyment of this highest form of musical reproduction. Program --No. 30290--"American War Song"--Brass Quartet. --:\'o. 50451--"I May Be Gone For A Lons, Long Time"--By Shannon Quartet. -No 50422--"Battle ot tho Marac"--Bv »N~. T. Military Band. --N'o. 50151--"Under the Don- ble Eagle"--March (Band) --No. 503+3--"There's A Long, Long Trail"--By George TV. Ballard. --No. 50435--"Uncle Sam Medley"--National Guard Fife and Dram Corps. No. 50444--"Send Me Awav a Smile"--By Arthur Fields. --No. 50410--"New Colonial March."--By New York Military Band --No. 83071--"Star Spangled Banner"--Dy Anna Case. New Dress Goods For iose There are goods of standard character--novelties, plain colors,--cloths for suits, coats and dresses--materials for children s dresses--so many we cannot here enumerate them all. Prices moderate. New Floor Coverings Anticipate Your Needs Women who like to have their new floor coverings selected and ready for use before Spring housecleaning time will find we have anticipated their needs. Linoleums, Rugs and Carpets in new color effects and standard qualities have teen added to our stocks of unusual floor coverings, making a complete and altogether desirable collection to choose Crom at prices that guarantee full value. Wright-ttetzler Service in making and laying Carpets and Bugs is flie standard bj' which others are judged. Ifs free. Dressing Little Daughter Age Two to Six Years --Or her older sister of six to 14 years is a problem easily solved in the Children's Section where there is a pretty array of simple, smart little dresses, reasonably priced. The First Step in Building a Wardrobe is a Proper Corset And now is the very best time to make this step. At present we have a very complete stock of all sizes in the various proper models and the very best fitting service is possible. And we've found them the best Corsets you can buy at ?1.00 and upward. Also Ready--the most, attractive and complete showing of Brassieres in tJie history of our Corset Department. Plain White Fabrics Bought Cheapest by the Bolt --36 inch Longcloths at ISc, 20c, 22c, 2S5c. 30c and 35c yard. Bolts of 12 yards a.r, ?2.00, 52.25, $2.50, $2.85, $3.50 and S4.00. --36 inch Nainsooks at 20c, 12c, 23c, 30c and 40c the yard. Bolts of 12 yards at §2.25, $2.50, $2.85, $3.50 and ?4.G5 the bolt. New Curtain Materials and New Overdraperies for Spring 1913 --36 inch and 38 inch Fancy Marquisettes, some with borders and some without. In bars, blocks, stripes, lace effects and figures. Prices are 45c, 50c to 65c a yard. --36, 40 and 45' inch Plain Marquisettes in ivory and cream at 25c to 50c a yard. ·--36 and 40 inch Bordered Marquisettes, to sell at 25c to 50c a yard. --3G inch White Scrims, bordered and with plain or barred centers, special at 20c yard. ' --36 and 40 inch Cream Color Scotch Madras at 35c to 50c a yard. --40 inch Scotch Madras with colored floral designs at 50c the yard. --Narrow lace edgings, almost any kind you need, at 3c to 25c a yard. First Showing New Spring Skirts Silk and Wool--$5.95 to $19.75 --In serge, poplin and other suitable woolen materials are smart new models in navy, grey, tan, copeii, brown and black. Fancy plaids and stripes predominate. The price range is $5.95 to {19.75. ·--The charming new silk models in silk poplin and taffeta come in plain black, navy and Roman stripes. A pretty collection. The price range ?15.00. is ' $6.50 to Women's Spring sr O Modes for Street an in the New d Afteroooo Wear These are the very dresses \vomen is-ant for choosing now, to start the season aright. As they are presented here in all the freshness and beauty of new displays, they show the dominant style features. Detaife! Materials are taffeta, crepe-de-chme, foulards, serge, georgette, stripe talfeta, and delightful combinations of setge-with-silk and si!k-«ith- silk. Shown in navy, grev, taupe brown, mfantrj blue, white, green, rose and black. Coat effects, tunic effects, tiered effects, and some with pretty overdapes. Prices are $13.50 to T49.75. One Extra Special Lot Ladies' and Misses' Values to $17.50 Your Choice For IMPORTANT TO AIL WOMEN READERS OF THIS PAPER Thousands upoa thousands of "women have ladney or bladder trouble and never suspect it. "Women's complaints often prove to be nothing olse but itidney trouble, or the result of tidaey or 'bladder disease. If the kidneys are not in a healthy condition, they may cause the other organs to become diseased^ You may suffer pain in the back, headache and loss of ambition. Poor health makes you nervous, irritable and may ile despondent; it any'one so. But hundreds ot women claim that Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, by restoring health to the kidneys, proved to be just the remedy needed to overcome such conditions. A good kidney mediqine, possessing real healing and curative value, should .be a blessing to thousands of nervous, orer-worked women. Many send for a sample bottle to see what Swamp-Root, the great kidney, liver and bladder medicine will do for them. Every reader ot this paper, who has not already tried it,- by enclosing ten cents to Dr. Kilmer Co., Binghamton, N. T., may receive sample size bottle" by Parcel Post. You can purchase the regular medium and large size bottles at all drug stores, --adv. When Ton W»nt Anything Advertise in our Classified Column. Advertise your wants in Daily Courier. West Side Department Store "The Neighborhood Store." Smotz BuUding, West Crawford Ave. at Sixth St., CoaaeSlsviile. Our Opening Day Sale last Saturday was a great success, and we take this means of thanking the large number who came, and who bought so generously. We invite you to "Come Again." We want you all to know that your money will go farther here, and buy more than anywhere else. Our expenses are small, and \ve are satisfied with a small profit. The West Side Department Store is a neighborhood store, and we want you to make it your store,, where you can buy what you want, small or large, for any member of the family, and where you are safe in sending your children, to shop if you can't come yourself. While we aim to give you good value at all times, it is our intention each end of the week, to give you extra value on a few articles. These Specials we will make as interesting to yon as we possibly can. Watch for these specials each week. They will save you money. Special No. 1 in Men's and Young Men's Suits, the newest styles for this season, in dark blue and black serges, also mixtures. Special' for Friday and Saturday, up to $25.00 p-| O AA values tor __ «pJ_O.UU Special No. 2 Early Spring models in Ladies' Suits, in tailored and dressy suits, in the newest creations of this season's wear, and all the latest shades. Special for Friday and Saturday only $18.00 Special No. 3 The Spring notes in Ladies' Coats will be shown in all the new Spring shades--black, navy arid all high colors. Special for Friday and Saturday only $15.00 THESE SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY RHEUMATISM LEAVES YOU FOREVER . I)coi» Seafe-tt Uric Acid Uppotilta Arc I UtF,MoIv*d nnd tUr lUtcumntfc Poison j Start* to Leaic t h e System Wltblu Tv*enty-fonr Honrx. [ The Connellsvllle Drug- Co., whom you all K n o w is authorized to cay to everj rheumatic sufferer In this vicinity that if two bottles of Allenrhu, the i b u r e conq.uerer n£ rheumatium, does j not stop nJ! afjony. reduce swollen ( j o i n t s and do j v w n y frith c\ en the blightest U% injro ot rhcuma-tic pain, he ' w i l l jrla.dl r c l u r n y o u r money u ithottt ' comment. I A l h ' n r h u has be*n tried and tested j for 5«irs, and really marvelous re- I s u l t ^ ha\ e been accomplished in Ihe j most severe c.ues where t h p *;ufrerin£ ! .ind npyti.v i n t c r s e and piteous and 1 u h c r e t h e patient was helpless All'-nrhu relieves at once Immediately after you ntart io take jt the tfood w o r k beplni. It searches out the 1 uric ncld depoMU, dissolves the pe- i crctions and di ives r h e u m a t i c poison out of t h t * body t h r o j f f l i the kidnes ,ind bowels. It F 'narvelou^ how quickly it acts. r Blessed relief ofion romes in two da s 1 and even in ca^cs vi-here tho suffering: IT mtm p a i n f u l .til traces disappear In a f e v,' da\ * Mi- Jarues H, Alien, t h e discoverer of 1 All* 1 n r h u , who for mn,ny years suffered th* t o r m e n t " of .icutt' rJ-f-umatisra. de- I Hires .ill sufferers to K n o w thai he doea j i l t . v. ant a cent of an one's money an! le-9 A l l o n r h u (K'eusi\ cly conquers this i w orst of all ilii-eas-'S, and he has ln- , structed t h e Conncllffvllle Drug: Co., to (mars-nice it in every instance.--Air. ; Don't knock Conncllsvillo by seuI- i i n g yonr money out of town lor your job work -whoa The Courier company can do it here at home. Let us ftiv« you prices.

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