Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on May 30, 1976 · Page 78
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 78

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 30, 1976
Page 78
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Page 78 article text (OCR)

MavSl CHAHLMTON WCMJ-TV Cis HUNTINQTON WSAZ-TV NSC HUMTINOTON WOWK-TV A 1C OAK HILL WOAY-TV ABC ftOANOKI WDJI-TV CIS CLARKSIURO WIOY-TV NIC PAftKERSIUKG WTAP-TV NIC HUNTINCTON I WMUL-TV ' MS-EEN GRANDVIEW WSWP-TV PIS-EEN Morning 6:00 CD Sunrise Semester 6:30 O Sunrise Semester (£ Arthur Smith O On the Farm CD Town Crier · Good News 6:45 0 Morning Report 7:00 0 (I) (!9 IB (3) Today O CD Network News · QD Good Morning, America 7:45 O Sesame Street 8:00 © CD Capt. Kangaroo 8:30 CD Sesame Street 8:45 O School Programs 9:00 ffi Coffee Break - . 0A.M. (3D Films of Today 0) Romper Room 99 OS Phil Donahue · Lucy CD Dinah 0D.J. 9:30 (I) Romper Room O Cross Wits ® Cartoons OS) Films · Tattletales · Mike Douglas Op Yoga: , 10:00 0 ( D O O .35 Celebrity Sweepstakes .0 CD Price Is Right 0) Barbara Walters ,08 Making Things Grow 10:30 O (BOO© High Rollers QD Rev. Adkins CB Cooking . ·'·$··:···' · · ' · : · / · · ? · ·: · 11:00 (UvFriends, Neighbors 0 Farmer's Daughter O CD Gambit ___ 0.®,® IB) US Wheel of For- ·.' .-tune; ' - , - . · - · . -·' ' ' ·· ODBit:WithKnit Hollywood Squares O (D Love of Life 09 (D Happy Days 9 Sesame Street CD Governor's Mansion Afternoon 12:00 O CB (SI (SB Marble Machine O HZ News CD Young Restless 03) Let's Deal .. CB Lowell Thomas 12:30 0 (D O 3$ Take My Advice S B News " ' · · · · 0 CD Search for Tomorrow - 0 CD All My Children. a School Programs ' CD Electric Co. 12:45 O Electric Company 1:00 0 CD Local News - 85 Somerset O Marble Machine © Pirates vs. New York O Phil Donahue CD Panorama 0 (D Ryan's Hope . QD Firing Line 1:15 a School Programs 1:30 O CB US 83) Days of Our Lives 0 CD As World Turns . 03) Rhyme and Reason 2:00 0 CB $210,000 Pyramid .·';.. OD.Evening At Symphony 2:30 O CD Guiding Light 0QD Break the'Bank O CB ® Doctors 89 Mary Hartman 3:00 O CD All In the Family 0 OB Uffi OS Another World 0 S) General Hospital O In Service · CD. Food Preserving 3:30 O CD "Harlequin" - O QD One Life to Live CB Yoga Waldi for Tlt*»e RHODA. (Repeat). Brenda and Rhoda blast two of their closest friends, whom they think have been taking advantage of them. 8 p. m. CBS. CD (Channel 11 on Capital Ca- blevision). ALL IN THE FAMILY. (Repeat). Pregnant, nine days overdue, and feeling unattractive, Gloria takes out her frustrations on Mike. 9 p. m. CBS. O (D JOE FORRESTER. (Repeat). "Fashion. Mart." Two possible ·homicides come up in the high fashion district of Joe's beat An execu- tive and a model are found dead following apparent accidents. 9 p. m. NBC. O CB ® O IS) MAUDE. (Repeat). Walter poses as a doctor at Arthur's medical convention. 9:30 p. m. CBS. O CD SPECIAL. (Repeat). "Academy of Country Music Awards." Marty Robbins is host. Among the presen- tators will be Lindsay Wagner, Jimmy Wakely, Mickey Gilley, and Mel Tillis. Performing will be Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, Tom T. Hall, Crystal Gayle, Billy "Crash" Graddpck, and Jerry Clower.,ll:30 p.'m. ABC. 0'®" ni CHARLESTON. IV. VA 4:00 CE) as as Somerset 19 Andy Griffith 0 Dinah CD Edge of Night a GD Mister Rogers 0 Mr. Cartoon 4:30 0 Bewitched 0 Hillbillies (DGilligan CE as Family Affair OS Flintstones CD Brady Bunch ® Lassie 8 CB Sesame Street 5:00 0 Bonanza (DOGunsmoke. aS Ironside a£ Mission Impossible CD Big Valley. . 0 Partridge Family CD FBI 5:30 O Family Affair 0 Adam 12 a CO Electric Co. : Evening 6:00 0 3) 39 aX aS 0'CD 0 3) Local news, weather, sports a Zoom OB Hodgepodge. Lodge ··'····»·· 6:30 85 Truth or Consequences O ® 338 US O CD 0 ® Network News GD Preveriticare 7:00 O Truth or Consequences · as News ® Nashville ffll O Family Affair O Buck Owens CD Klassroom Kwiz 0 Candid Camera IS Music City a West Virginia CB Our Story 7:30 O Nashville (H) Friends of Man ffl To Tell the Truth 85) Adam 12 aS Community Report · . ©CD Price Is Right ® Hollywood Squares ® Phyllis a Bijj^e Jean King (B Martin Agronsky 8:000 We Think You Should Know - ® 351 SS as John Davidson O Gunsmoke CD Rhoda : ' · ' · · . ' " . '..' « 3) Viva Valdez ; a CB People Politics 8:30 CD Phyllis 0 "Green Berets" ® Baseball a CB Special 9:00©CD All In the Family O ® ® © © Joe Forrester 9:30 ©CD Maude 10:00 © CD Medical Center © ® (J® OS (S) Jigsaw John a Bi Ways CB Family At 10:30 a Catch 33 11:00 O ® ® © O C D ( D 0 D Local news, weather, sports a Captioned News 11:30O®®@© Tonight © CD Movie 0 ffl Special a Janaki , . . " 1:00 f ® ©'Tomorrow " " Scene in 'Big Apple:' Daily honk and stomp By Jin Canes Here I am, just returned from a week in New York City with a report from The Big Apple. New York is probably the craziest city in the country. It is full of people with French, German, Rus- . sian, and Puerto Rican (among others) accents, who pretend they can't understand your southern drawl. I's a ruse to keep from being human to you, but that's not what a Freakshow reader wants to know about the city. New York runs on its own rapid rhythm. City dwellers rush right ahead, pausing at street corners with a "Don't Walk" sign just long enough to determine if they can beat the car bearing down on them. ' Even with the "Waft" sign on, they must dodge turning taxis that seem to be built with the horn and accelerator connected. It's honk and stomp all day long. New York also: · Is a city where older folks go to be entertained by younger folks. Visiting geezers saunter around Times Square staring at the guys and gals, wondering which parts of whose anatomy is artificially augmented. ' +· Is a city where young men actually make a living by slapping papers inviting attendance at a strip show into, the hands of every unaccompanied male who passes them on the street. The peep show costs 25 cents for a look and more .for more. New Yorkers walk briskly straight ahead, their fingers close against the palm so nothing slips in or put. ·*· Is a city where young actors and actresses and singers make the big time. Renee Harns how has the role of Dorothy in The ffu. She is 18 years old. The central figure in the play Equtu is a 17-year-old Boy. » Is a city where the clubs are packed with youngsters come to near other youngsters play rock'n'roll. Acts currently popular in the city include: Marbles, Milk'n'Cookies, Rambnes, Elliott Murphy, Joe Cool, James Talley, and Loudon Wainwright III. *· Is a city where such popular plays as The Wit, The Magic Shots, Rockabye Hamlet, Bubblin' Brown Sugar and Let My People Come strongly feature rock music scores. · Is a city where not much is illegal (or prosecuted, anyway) because so many people are doing it all that there could never be enough policemen to catch them at it: The music scene in New York is varied with no real dominant force just now. Salsa music is big, as is Freakshow most Latin-rock stuff, but reggae is strangely weak in popularity. Punk rock is perhaps strongest (the city, remember, gave us The New York Dolls once). It's mean, gutty music, with Marbles and Ramones the big-time local hopes at the moment. The Ramones just got out an album Ramonei, SASD-7520, Sire Records, distributed by ABC), and Marbles ought to be signed soon. Loudon Wainwright, in his new album, T Shirt, has a song called Talking Big Apple '73 which comes pretty close to the truth of New York. It says: "Sure, I know New York is dirty ,ahd ugly and fulla cockroaches and gonorrhea and rats and junkies, hookers, rude cab drivers, bad air and bad vibes and unemployment and they don't pick up the garbage. Oh, but it's not boring." DOWN THE TUBES: Once upon a time there was an ad in the Sunday Gazette-Mail for a concert by rock band The Tubes. A date had been set for the show in early May. Then Playboy magazine came out with a picture feature "uncovering" the group's act and Phil Lashinsky got scared off. Word is he canceled the date out of fear the Civic Center board would see the magazine and go into mass coronaries. Then Lashinsky reconsidered, apparently decided to try it, and set another date (That's the ad you saw). Then an Entam employe caught the group's act in another city as a final preliminary to execution of a binding contract and got cold feet: It seems the ultimate decision-was that Charleston is not ready for the Oh, Calcutta of rock'n'roll. That's what they say, anyway. What do you say? QiietionBox Q.-Is Jim Stafford coming back to TV toil summer? I loved nis show last seaioo and I was hoping he'd be back.-M. E., San Antonio, Tex. A.-^Jim Stafford has not been set to return to weekly TV with a show . of his own. However, it's always possible, so keep on looking at the listings. "Goodbye Mr. Chips" (1969) 11:30 p.m. ** O CD. Mundane musical remake of the original, which starred Robert Donat and Greer Garson. Here, Peter O'Toole plays the shy professor who falls in love with a young girl, Petula Clark. In this version, the girl is a musical- comedy actress, complete with outlandish friends and a racy past. O'Toole carries the film and even he isn't up to par. The songs are" ·laughable: · ··'·· ·''."·''*" --v;v v. j Q.-I love movie musicals and two of my favorites are "Brigi- dooB" and "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers." I have teen them both on TV but I've been told that there was a TV production of "Brigadoon" with Peter Falk. Coild this be?-Mrs. J. P., Stockton, Calif. A.--ABC aired a TV version of the Broadway musical "Brigadoon" some years back and it starred Robert Goulet, Peter Falk, .Sally Anne.Hqwes and Marlyn Ma- ·sori. - ....-...:,,. ...... .. ........... ' · ; 1976. Suridavffqzette-Mail

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