Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on May 19, 1974 · Page 88
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 88

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 19, 1974
Page 88
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Willie producer praised By J.P. Rool "Ella Avery, A-V-E-R-Y. April 18. And just fine." Hey, what's that? she was asked. "My name-, when .we , started the tour and how I like it. That's what they always ask." One of the real bummers of touring is running into interviewers who never seem to have read about you before and ask the same dull -even moronic -- questions you've heard in every other town you've visited. At least this time, she indicated, it was different. Ella and Williet Donna Hall have begun writing some of the material for the group now. Ella collaborated on "Soul Sister" on the new "Keep On Smilin'" album. "I'm not too good writing melody," she said, adding that her only musical training is "high school stuff." Her husband, she said, is better because he's had more training, studying music for two years at college in California and having a mother who's "absolutely great on piano." Speaking of Wet Willie's new sound, it's mellower, a little more laid-back than before, Ella expressed pleasure. "It's better material now. Before we did other people's stuff and we did it good, but I believe if you do it originally it can't be done better." Freakshow Jack H a l l , w e a r i n g a Grand Funk We're an American Band tee shirt beneath a jacket lettered Jack, is the older brother of lead singer, harmonica player and saxophonist Jimmy.Hall. Jack is the band's excellent bass player. Jack entered the room. The first question was why are you wearing the Grand Funk tee shirt? Answer: "Because it's free? Because it's there? Because everything else was dirty. Take your pick; they're all mostly true. I wanted to be misjtak- MAY2:} CHARLESTON WCHS-TV CBS HUNTINGTON W5AZ-TV NBC OAK HILL UVOAY-TV ABC ROANOKE WDJB-TV CSS R O A N O K E WSLS-TV NBC CLARKSBURG WBOY-TV NBC I PARKESSBURC- I WTAP.TV I NBC · HUNTINGTQN WMUL-TV PBS-EEN GRANDVIEW WSWP-TV PBS-EEN Morning 6:30 CD Arthur Smith © Today on the Farm O Bible Answers CD Town Crier 09 Patterns For Living 6:45 B Morning Report V-- 1 . 7:00 O © © © © Today O CD Network News 09 Dick van Dyke ' ® Christophers 7:3009 Rocky Bullwinkle QD America Sings 8:00 O ® CD Capt. Kangaroo 09 New Zoo Revue 8:3009 Jack La-Lanne 9:00 O A.M. with Debbie Thomas ® Coffee Break © © Phil Donahue O © Cartoons CD Tattletales 09 "Rapture" ® New Zoo Revue 9:30 O To Tell the Truth © Romper Room Q Tattletales (D Artie Levin ® Sacred Heart 10:OOO®©©© Dinah's Place O CD Joker Is Wild ® Barbara Walters 10:30 O ® © (g) © Jeopardy O CD Gambit ® Calvin Evans 11:00 O © © © © Wizard of Odds B CD Now You See It QD Password ® Friends Neighbors 11:300®©©© Hollywood Squares 0 CD Love of Life - 09 ® Brady Bunch Afternoon 12:00 Q ® © © Jackpot O (B © Local News CD Young Restless ® Password 12:30 G ® © © Celebrity Sweepstakes 5® Local News O CD Search for Tomor row ODD.J. ® Split Second 72s 1:00 O® Local news © Somerset ® Jackpot © Barbara Walters O Concentration CD Panorama 09 ® All My Children 1:30 O ® © (g) © Three on a Match O CD As the World Turns 09® Let's Make a Deal 2:00 O © © (5) © Days of Our Lives O CD Guiding Light QD ® Newlywed Game,, 2:30 O®©@© Doctors O CD Edge of Night OD ® Girl In My Life 3:00 O ® © © © Another World - O CD New Price Is Right QD ® General Hospital 3:30 O ® © O © How to Survive Marriage O CD Match Game 09 ® One Life to Live 4:00 O Mr. Cartoon ® © © Somerset © Gilligan's Island Q Lucy CD Flintstones © I Dream of Jeannie ® $10,000 Pyramid © ® Sesame Street 4:30 B ® Green Acres © Gomer Pyle © (D Bonanza © I Love Lucy .. 0 Hazel 09 Gilligan's Island ® Movie 5:OOO ® © Bonanza O © Andy Griffith OD Gomer Pyle * © © Mister Rogers 5:30© What's My Line 4® Trails West Q Beverly Hillbillies CD Dragnet 09 Hogan's Heroes © CD Electric Co. 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When asked about touring and being in a rock band, Hall admitted he was happy. His parents, he said, "love it. although Mom says she doesn't care if we get any bigger." Asked what he'd like to do when the band makes it really good, Hall said he'd like to "take a lot of money and vacation in Jamaica, if you want the truth." It was refreshing to hear such honesty. Hall knows rural and farm life enough already. Jack Hall had nothing but praise for Tom Dowd who produced their album. "He's fantastic, you know. He takes out the clutter and can always tell you what to do to make the sound just right." Dowd is responsible for "Layla" and for most of the original Allman Brothers Band albums. He is committed to produce Wet Willie's next one, too, Hall revealed. "Dowd's a genius, that's all," Hall said. The legendary Tom Dowd also played vibes on "Don't Wait Too Long" on the new album, although he isn't credited with it. Band member John Anthony isn't credited with his banjo playing, either. W h a t Dowd did w i t h "Country Side of Life" tells a great deal about the man's power. The song was released as a single to coincide with the group's recent appearance on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert, but Dowd had them redo it for the LP. Rick Hirsch says the band had a little trouble with the tune at first: "We couldn't play it as slow as he wanted." But Dowd persisted and after a few takes, a whole new creation emerged. Dowd didn't want any of the song changed, he merely wanted the tempo taken down a bit. It was foreign to the group in the beginning, but the r o u g h edges smoothed and Wet Willie got used to the slowed-down arrangement. "A new color emerged," Dowd says . . . . "One of our favorite cuts, now," the band says. That's the kind of thing Tom Dowd did for Wet Willie/ r -·"'"-. TMv 3* RICK ROBINSON, ex-XIT disc jockey who moved to WKAZ has moved again. Robinson called Monday to say he's taken a job with WROK, Rockford, 111., for "mucho dinero." That means lots of money. His first day on, the job in Illinois' second largest city, he says, will be May 19. He's leaving this job with the station's blessing, he wants all to, know, and he has nothing bufprai'se for the KAZ staff." Robinson also had another news flash: He's getting married June 8 to Sandy Burton of St. Albans. Changes in the wake of Robinson's leaving include:. Eric Mason will shift to a 7 p.m. to midnight show, while Ctfarlie Cooper will do : 3 to 7 : p.m. Bill R a n d a l will move from WXIT to KAZ, too. . Jessica Walter iztiest stars on "Ironise."i:9:"i: p.m..Thursday. Mav 23. on \BC-TV. ? f i i - · ' · · V l f g i , .! o.l K- Caine faces prejudice CHOPPER ONE. ( R e peat). "Copperhead." Officers Foley and Burdick investigate a veteran police sergeant suspected of selling confiscated guns. 8 p.m. ABC. 09 ® K WALTONS. ( R e p e a t ) . "The Fawn." Erin finds a fawn and brings it home in hopes that she will be allowed to keep it. When the deer pulls all (tie clothes off the line and eats .the newly sprouted peas, the family Movies "THE DEADLY HUNT," (1971) ** %, 9 p.m., ft with Tony Franciosa and Anjanette Comer. Pretty interesting action movie starring hired killers Franciosa and Peter Lawford,, about to rub out. a wealthy lady in the Vancouver woods. Franciosa as the gunman, grinning in anticipation and savoring his comely target, and the polished, meticulous Lawford don't hurt this show a bit. "RELECT'ONS IN A GOLDEN EYE," (1967) **Vi, 11:30 p.m., Q CD with Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando. Novelist Carson McCullers' perceptive novel has been cheapened, and. distorted-in this film .version directed by John Huston; but there are some splendid acting per. formances that give the movie more substance than it somehow deserves. Brando, playing a homosexual Southern Army officer, has trouble with his Southern'accent at times, but he does manage to convey, in a remarkable.and deeply moving way, .the personal anguish and indecision of the tortured officer. tells Erin the animal has to go. 8 p.m. CBS. O CD FIREHOUSE. (Repeat). "Sentenced to Burn." After rescuing a man from a mudslide, Ryerson and his men fight a fire at a prison and several are taken host|ige,by convicts. Julie Mannix;and William Watson guest"Star. 8:30 p.m. ABC. 09 GDI ·,,' KUNGFU(Repeat)'The Squaw Man." Cainei-con- fronted with ignorance^and prejudice, saves an oujlgast ~ from turning a brief mtieni of glory into disast?gjfoT~ himself and his pregnant wife. Jack Elam and Elliott Street guest star. 9=p.m. ABC. OD® '»i'w£ vr*n ' i WIDE WORLD SPECIAL, "the Entertainment Hall of Fame." Gene!Kelly will host this tribute to show business talent in multiple categories -- gifted individuals who have made outstanding lifetime contributions to the lively arts -- with the awards to be divided equally among posthumous and living creators and performers. 11:30 p.m. ABC. GD Summer Special ficmc SIZE22"x13"x13" 27" LASKIN Plumbing-Heating Air Conditioning Commercial Residential *·* RHONl M2r0521 « vrf . ni - f . * S. 01 ·»«.*.*.»... ^^*:«*^^^^

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