The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 15, 1964 · Page 19
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 19

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1964
Page 19
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X aap)aaaa j- - .. .. V5 SATURDAY. AUGUST 15; 1964 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 1 Preparations Made Now for School5 Days Ahead AT KINDERGARTEN a Parents' Gan Allay Fears and Tears i. By CATHY MtVrCAft V' The Journal " The firat day of Khool la leal than a month away. Al-ready mothera thould begin ..planning for the big event, especially if their children will enter school for the flr Dr.-John R. Unn, inspec. tor of special aervlcea for the it 01 . G - BEADY FOR SCHOOL, , ' The little girl who starta kindergarten, fliia FaU will, be happy with this plaid dress. The white trim- t ming and "pussy-cat" bow add to Its charm. - if ( . . ; t . TOP MARKS ; ' Thie pert little miss will be the apple of bar . teacbefa eye when aha wear a cotton knit sailor dress. The striped dickle is trimmed with pompon.' . t Fashion Shows' to Boost 'Buy Ccihadian Theme 1 . TORONTO fCP Port Arthur will see the- first to a aerie of day long programa put an to ... . r, r"1 T " T . iflian. a J TW win ip.l.a. '" gshowt, panel to discus Cana- 'Xahow. panel to discus Cana- Jdlaa pro dec ts from several Fpotats of view, film ana taias ej member of the Ontario ee- Vpartment of economics, end do- tveloomenL Economic Minister (Stanley RandaU win speak at !tha Pnrt Arthor aetsioa. I . 9 The programa are sponsored fby the, women' advisory com- Wea of the dtphrimaat, headed by Cbairaua Mrs. L. G. Understanding Ottawa Public School Board, recommendj that parenta prepare the child on all level mental, aortal, physical and emotional. Talking frequently about achool as a pleasing expert; ence will do much to dlspe a small child's fears of the ' unknown. Give hint the opportunity' to be separated 4 J V 'A ' Lymburner of Port Colhorne. The fashions are from M Tor- rT,' . ? They will be held from Aa- S" through April la II Ontario centraa Port Arthur. Tlmmrn. T- eonwgh. London, Chatham, St borough, London, Chatham, St Catharine and Toronto. ' ,-. - ' V PREVENT CRACETNO v After process ing food, (A rmvnt rrarklns nlasm hat n M foMcd MWspaper or, rinIK navmr m Mid mar. - race. report bom aeon-; omiits at MacdonaM Insti- toto,Ooerph, Keep jar away from drefu tmtH they cooL ' . ' - ' . from his mother and to play with other children his own age, before the first day trf achool rolls around. - If he can picture ' hia teacher as a' kind person- It will be easier to leave him alone in the classroom. Appeal to bit feelings of independence by letting him dress himself and put away bis toys. '. -;- ' ... DEVELOPS RESPECT . .Once school has begun in earnest, be sure that the child attends regularly unless he Is ill ., Showing a sincere interest In the things-he brings home from school will help him to- develop respect and pride in hia own progress. Good stories, books, , movieaTTadio and television programs should be selected v by the parent The small v child is not able to discriminate and should be guided in these areas. If he asks many questions about the world a r on a 4 him, booka and movies can be found to supply the enewera In ways be will understand and enjoy. . In abort, once be begins school, do not- leave everything up to the teacher. Trips ! and t reunions undertaken by the family, to study nature, : to see the museum pr art gal- ' lery, should have a part in the child's education. , CHECKUP NEEDED Right now, the first step to prepare for achool is a visit to the child's doctor for checkup, vaccination against smallpox, arid booster shot againat diphtheria, tetanus .and polio. . .. . . If the child is not eating ' a proper breakfast, now is Kin dergart To Meet Teacher. S By JEAN SHARP TORONTO (CP) The first day of school has Begun 'to, loam large la many a young : mini Whether the day win dawa with a glow of excitement and adventure r to a ' fog of fear and trembling is . largely up to mother and dad. ' "You can tell when the cbO-drea come to achool what the family's attitude has been," saya Toronto kindergarten teacher Mary Ellea Hayhoe. ' Miss Hayhoe, who has spent the Summer teaching other luadergartaa and primary teachers, says some schools make a preview easy. Some plan .visit (or next year's kindergarten classes end their toothers so they can see a class to action, i Some have a ' registration day, with . no class, when mothers and children meet the teacher and see the room, ' . then go home together. Others stagger the entrance dates, bringing 4n a lew children at a time for several days. -. , If there Is no suck arrangement, parenta can at least show a child the achool, .,. Miss Hayhoe describee a . general first day routine . which . aha says the child might be told about ' . She takes her children Into the classroom a few at a time, beginning with the inore .mature. There are always a Water Lawn Thoroughly . " A . regular program : of watering ahould be. carried - out to keep lawn green during the hot Summer months. Horticulturist with the On- A Mill kA hari ttaa mt mmU. able water. . When the lawn is watered, a thorough soaking ahould be given so that the water penetrate to a depth of several Inches to encourage the development of 4 deep, k1lM mm! mmmiaam ' eiMA .v. . .11 JLiiit. q inlurv tZ come greater during hot dry weather. Shallow . rooted weed also benefit from light anrinklltiea. . tUun falnfn ' b homeowner should apply e- Ma aiut 1 U hu-kaa rS water each week. To esti mate the amount of water, place a paa la the em covered by tbe sprinkler, when the time to get him Into the routine, plan to have him com bom for lunch in the Fall if thii U possible. His daUy necda include , three glasses' of milk a day SL with meals, wholewheat or oatmeal cereal, three alicet of wholewheat bread, one green -leafy vegetable, one yellow vegetable,' one pouto, meat (fish, (owl or cheese); - i k- - II I v-7--' ."C'r ' ' ' ' ; .' V " 7 1 fc i in m aiiWaayltiWrsiraa lia mi i n' tr tw44Mi4 WELL-DRESSED SCHOLAR She's off to school with a merry laugh and a brand new suit The outfit of wool double knit has a striped double-breasted jacket with a sailor collar, " it ea Set Cheeks In few crying, a few ready to cry at the least provocation, J'w,'''0eB?iejejBayajBaje RIGHT ANSWER for back-: to-echool wear this Fall includes a jumper in a aoft fabric blended with Creslan ecrylie fibre. This plaid one has pleats and the no-frills styling which are "in" this year.r -! ! V one to I H Inches have ao- cumulated in the pan uffU dent water na oeen appuea to the lawn. Watering early In the morning or early evening Is best sine , evaporation Is slower than during mid-day. Howsver, water may be ap 1 plied at any time that la ' venltnt "' v ' .-(.. ' VINYL SEASON . Janan has develooed an arti ficial ski slope-a specially pre- ceased vinyl met which Is said to be comparable to the best snow slopes. V-v Journal Want Ada bring quick results.. ' - . ' '' ; , -'-',- I V ' ee School and at least one who saya, at the last minute, "No, I don't want to go ill." . ' The less fuss' made, about - the dissenters, the better. "If the motheia wflllng to let " you take over, the child I usually all right" GAME FIRST , 1 She usually plays a group ' game first to oris tu re, tnter-est and settle down her new charges. Then cornea choosing a toy, one which they , must put together and put k back in Its place. This helps them to meet one another, perhaps to help one another, . and begin to leant classroom ; routine. The next step may be group aongs at the piano. At first - almost everything is done an .le-mlnuta shifts, because on-: organized attention spans .won't last much longer. All . of the activities start the call-. dren right away learning to navigate to a group, leem-, big to believe the teacher mean what aba says. . FEARS DISAPPEAR . , Miss Hayhoe saya the tear and fear are usually over to , a week, sometimes an hour, certainly in a month, except for a fringe group. Even most of those will-come around in time.-: ,.. She eays she haa found that with a few exception. the timid or belligerent are excited about going So achool, and given a chance, will want to learn, . SENSITIVE FEELERS . a single, antenna of the wood conUml , oW,ctory conn end 1.730 bristles, used In the senses of smell and touch respectively. s'V 11 . SAVE MORE Daring Out " ) AUCUST m SALE 17 Rideaei Street "esaet-s -yj ; SU-MM ' 'liiWiVow ivou can team . . . , mimsmvjuunp. y, -n. .'SHORTHAND - WILLIS BUSINESS COLLEGE Dunbar School Established ISM : ; 145ft Sparka St and 311 RkhmoiMl RL ' - ,.. . . 233J031 ' ' "t ' " V Citrus fruits .or tomato Juice, butter or margarine in small amounts, a minimum of sweets (puddings, stewed fruit, oatmeal cookies), 400 units of Vitamin D except in midsummer. Health habits should eJ-. ready be well established by the time the child begins school He should remember to take care of his own toilet needs in a sanitary manner, to brush his teeth after every meal .with his own toothbrush,, to carry a dean handkerchief or tissues . and . to use them if needed. ' His parenta must see that he goes to bed regularly at an early hour in order to get 10 or 12 hours of sleep every night His bedroom ehould be well aired and quiet SIMPLE CLOTHING Clothing for school should be simple, comfortable and easy to fatten and unfasten-It is wise to label all outer garments costs, ski-panta, mittens,' scarves, hats, rubbers. Sew a big loop on coats : and pants so that the child can hang them up without help. A "pinch-type" clothespin with his name on it is ..handy for keeping his rub- bers together. ; A coverall may be required for a small child's work pe-, nods. This-could be a large plastic apron, or a discarded man's shirt with sleeves and collar removed. A pair or' soft slippers, to be wora and left at achool." Is a good idea, as well as a - small blanket or mat for re-' lexatlon periods if your child m Ct'STOM WIOS h4 Our August White Sale Repeats a Sell-out Success - ' Buy One Pillow at Price... SUPER o SOFT for will be going to kindergarten. Safety education is lm- portent, and the mother can start 'now to train her child. He should know hia full name, father's name, address and telephone number. OBEY RULES He should be able to cross streets at corners, looking all ways, stay on the sidewalks, understand the traffic Hghta, and obey the patrol boys and girls. Teach him to handle scissors, pencils and pointed articles carefully. If X MON. H I WED. " VI THURS. U Onryi ff f .AO down filling, pink or blue satin cover, cord edged. Each SAM . . . s tor . MEDIUM . PILLOWS ' for 20 down in pink or blue floral ticking. 1 Strong cord edging. Each , '. 2 for v Telephone for White Sale Values Save Time as Well a Money Jfurphy-Gamble'i OTTOS' Th aaiept1onail lna wita lotiocu to mrtsturiaH dry or ptobtom lulr wtU ruorantoa body and nn nd - : e HAntrtECES I I UIOI USA O'Connor at Sparks - SSS-17J7 rm Parklaf, TtMva't uS Catwrk 0a Tkan. Btm. Atr CeaSIMwuS Another at 21.00 SOFT PILLOWS 11.00 FIRM PILLOWS ticking. In Pink or blue 50 down. Sterilized 3 for IM. Fourth aub Chair 54.75 Material and Labour. .. Slight extra charge for attached and loose-back cushions. .. Wing, " Cogswell and taay Boy chairs, and fluted back. ; f . : Upholstery Matenol ot Saving of j VzXo Vi Priced. OnSaleaf i ..V ; yi Handsome textured Matelauet. Tabestries. rich DamaSka : . . choose V from these beautiful upholstery fabric . . . now , Colours are decorator tones of green, gold, blue, . : 54 Inchee wide. Yard- JfarpHy-Oomble's PoartA At achool he wfll continue to practise these important rule and habits, within the range of bis nndert Landing' end geared to his needs and interests. But it is the wise parent who lays the groundwork and who subsequently reinforces the school pre- For those who would like to read more about parental preparation, the P a k 1 1 e School Board issues a pamphlet entitled introduction to Kindergarten." R You've Hem Had g Safisiidory Far More . . . this b hf YOU! Moisture Wavei for 7.00 feathers to cord-edged floral Keg. SIS era! II "W 7 Ptaut ca tmt aauttcelaf ,t aw . kaa miriM " BIAUTT SSJtVICS tmt satrr-tHS ar 1.1 more FREE WITH EVERT PILLOW . gippered cotton cover to protect pillow and lengthen Its life. A Pillow for Reg Li I Every Preference for 16.00 ticking with cord edge, Each IIM , . . 1 for ItM. pink or blue. Each M 235-3355 floor Make "i Furniture Like New! rv Upholstery : Special! Chesterfield J09.75 priced at big savings. beige, rose and brown. ki US n Floor . , I ' r. . '. A i. . . . (. ' ..-V. ' I x- .r.'-tl-u-. A 7;

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