The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 21, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 21, 1918
Page 5
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21 191* TIIE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVTLLE. PA. PAGE FIVE. FURNACES EMBARRASSED WITH A PLETHORA OF BEEHIVE COKE Long- Belated TrmMsit Hare Been In. ·ORE THAN WAS NEEDED Outfit UBS, But C»n»oi be Xorcd; »f Rettortft to The Wetk'y Courier G, Fob SO --Car supplies last week eu the Moacngahela railroad averaged about 41 per cent., while supplies on other division* were j on the whole somewhat better Thia week open with a TO pec coat allot- | meat on Monday agaiost 3D per cent j on Saturday and 50 per cent the pro- I ceding Monday, hat the week as a whole is expected to aho* a decidedly better average than last week. Accorduij to all accquats obtained from, railroad sources the railroads fcave mad* excellent progress in tha past fortnight in clearing up congestion. Today two weeks ago the mild weather was inaugurated, following a temperature ot Below zero on Tuesday February 5 Car supplies ar« not the first result ol better railroad operations when there has been congestion, as the first effort is, naturally ,to tnoTe loaded cars on to destination and the return of empties follows in due course. In the past tea days many blast furnaces have been embarassed by the plethora of coke. Shipments CCHTvB IKAUIt. SLMMAJItl "With Vhe clearing of siding 1 ! yards aitd junction points oE long standing- accumulations o£ loaded coke and Cial ears the ConnellsvlUe region leUa U\ condition to ret-elve the signal for a spring- drire the object of irbiUt is to increase tho pio- ductlun and shipment of eok.e The form of this signal should ba a larger CAT Buppljr and more ffectH e iiiotKe powei on the railrojuiB. While ti eix are In dltaUona ot improvement in vh* former there ia less probabilU u£ material change In tlie lat ter riie jump tu 70 per cent tar auppU f o r today a loa.dln^ ib taken as *v hopeful sign Die tx Ptjrienca oC weeks and noitUa h-wingr been tliat after Monday of each week there hoa been, a ateadr decrexee during- each of qucceedVnp: flYB da e The completion ot the clean up «Jlich dame laflt iveok, to Brother with rceumptlon ot riv^i Bhtpmentn Cor the firft tlm*- durinjc the j ear sireHcd thi* i L- corded totals tu 23C 209 % gjin of 9 "2 torn o^er Ui« jnccedtoff ·w««fc This was \\tthln 6 400 t»ti» of the week ot Jtntiarv 1_ with 290 "13 ton* -\rh ch i* the record of the year to date, liut not auch aa tho r«fflrn is deposed to boast much n,l»a«t. eflpeci\llj whf-n mca^urca a*,inst tho rcfflon x cApaolty The stimutu* gl\en car m JTE mcnt durlnx the houeo clcini i^r period was carried alonsr th« line. 1 / between en ens a^id fur naw* -with the result that the ttallcd cars pourcii into the f u r - naces during- tho pist "week, in "ucb number u that auttii of them had to form coke stock piles stalled-in transit at various points were gotten through and some furnaces had an. absolutelv unwicldly accumulation of cars to unload. Two courses were open, to use the coke auaplj In Vaccordance *ith daiiy requirements or to unload* :-nd stock th* surplus and the latter course has be«n followed as much as possible although labor shortage has stood m the Tray in some instances. The cote not re p re sent any large Increase long t m ttie rate O j shipment, but merely the receipt of coke delayed tn transit hence thej are anxious that shipments be continued at AS aeav a rate as the car supplies permit. The market quotable nominally at the set prices Furnace J6 00 Foundry "2 hour si_iectel J7 DO Crushed, over 1 Inch J7 3C MONEY SPENT HERE WILL INCREASE THE PROSPERITY v AND MAKE V/AGES HIGHER Below are found some reasons «hj- moner spent In Conae-UsTiIIe \vill result 5n increased ivages fat Uiose employed here First. People Itriag In ConneUs- -llle should spend tbeir moner In ConnellsTille because the} receive their money trom Connellivtlle ludusr- triea. Second People from the surrounding towns come o ConnelHn le ordfi house and it iierei returns ' Firth It 13 an. old earing ehailijr begins at Lome" Then buj in Con- nellsUlle, not because CaueellsvlHe is m need at charitr, bat because It is home Sl-tili Urn in Connellsv lie The shoes '"III Bitrelv fit you !£ ou try them on See what you buy and satisfied Seventh |3uv in CouaellaYiUB h to shop -reach, prot es that Connella- ciuse Comic svllle merchants teli the up to-f at« vllle has, better goods for less mone* Third Fvery dollar spent in Con- DellBville by tlie ConnellSMlte nidi vldual will go toward laimng tht wages and giving GoaaellBvllie labor j Ninth Bn ers a hotter ehance for a ppimantnt ---"· J ~" home In Connolls\ilic Fourth Mark a dollai go out .mil ipend t, by and by it will he ijkc vou- best friead You will meet it neany every time you go up the street Mark a dollar end Bend it tn a. mau tmtli and guaiantec their goods. righth B(iy In Connollsrllle bp- rauso novheie can you puicUaso more than in Connellsvllle in Connnllevlllc for each dollar spoilt trill doublo in vain [or yon before It leaves town Tenth Buy in Conncllsville because m orybody biiy» In and what everybody doe* immt right OH! THAT AWFUL BACKACHE IT'S YOUR KIDNEYS An unhealthy bodj ani tho u n h a p p l - | ·jt'-lnjrv urine too freauent or sup ness al misery -\\hich tollcw maj lie preHsacl p lasiEci) 11 these twrti nature: prevente1 bj (,rilmar\ ju5gini-nt itn 1 5 si(,n^ M t \v l irn vou of bj . rdmarv judginmt t-arc Keep; your atom ich and, kidneys In slinpe and \ou \\ill tiovc good health Tho ktdiieM*" -work l« t throw- oil t i e palsonouj matters M life enter tho body II t h o j r c r f o r m tills work lorlj k l l ne{ o" bliader w h i c h maj lead Co Cat il Rrlfclits iis"oae oOn 1 v, L't u n t i l thtt is i.pon * au Cf to your drujJTKifal At onco (jet t trlil ho^ jl GOLD MI-£ "Lti Harrle-r and .lutomiLycatly the othtr O 1 Cxp-mles They are made of the w i l t take care of Jiemselve 1 * pure original Imporlfrd Haarl m Oil sed condttions of tho blatlder 01 he kind your irreat rrandfather used itcd by nervousness ·ilueiJle 1 *ane«N Lnat tired wornaut Cfcel 4 Inff dizzinttrfi ntusiu backache lum- biffo rhcuria.ti^nt pain tn the l j w i * r trcubleii «e\er« pnJn and discomfor w hon urniA In^ 1 I -dy cloudy and \bout. cwo capsules each day -will Ket.p you fned up and Jee Ing- flu M o n e y relundod it they do ^ot hel J j o u Bu remunbor to isk "?or the Imported aad In melcl pnrfe, 60*, and 55 DO---v\d\ Production has been almost eiactli t transportation under jri\ato manage Jn harmony with shipments, as mills Uad practically no more s jrage capacity On Lho whole tho increase In production hag been slightly less than tb rt increase In sh pmeiits The pig iron market is a trifle more I through the much better operation ot blast furnaces pig iron is accuma active There are occasional tranaac tions m prompt lots from carloads to that was in transit over and above j IQQ toss but this business does not the normal amount tliat is necessary j represent anj* regular offerings on. tie ran weU rnto the thousands ot cars, (pan of merchant furnaces but rather though no precise estimates are | an accommodation, to needy custo- railable This coke %as aot e\only mers There Js a little business being in foundry iron tor deiirerv in second naif of the year all such distributed among furnaces, and there / remain some that, are not properlv j supplied, but at the majority of Eur- business being with the provision that naces tfcere has been m-ore coXe riisn prfce shall be adjusted to the gorera- needed in tie past week The result of this condition has been a large increase in pig iron production, Tluch ts now at a, rat- o£ fully 80 per cent of normal having a1 times m the past few weeks dropped to 50 per cent or less 1 It has been difficult for merchant furnaces to ship pis iron, su tar supplies h tve increased but slightly none) of 'he important embargoes have, been n moved and shipping permits are not granted much more freelv than form-' The steel works have had almost i equal difficulty with their inc-eased j output of pig i-oa as Jiev were unable 10 sh»p much more ilnisbed steel than ; ment price at time of i;| A GOOD TIP FOR RHEUMATIC FOLKS ment wai the sidetracking of cars needing repairs The transportation division of the ~aJroad admlnisuaton will undertake to solve the problem of car repair at once in the light of Commissioner \lcChorrts disclosures Jatiag There is scarcely any impio\e meut m sb praenta ot pi£ Iron merchant furnaces. Conditions arc wo'st at Philadel-' ila Pjttsburg Harruburg \Koona j by I Cleveland and Buffalo It las aho«n | The Pennsylvani i early this wtck had i ^Vaahingtoii is making a 'resli effort 3 D32 so-called bad ord r cars at Al to find unessential lines of steel con | toona 1 233 at HarriEburg more than | sumptioa in order to effect a reductun j 1 oOO ai Couway yard, nej.r Pittsburg in the present scarcity ' ' ' operations would be Boirn At best suco 890 at Cleveland, 411 a Philadelphia, insignificant I and 510 at Buffalo compared with the increase la pro- it was estimated cripoled curs even auction that can be effected througL i Al thobe main termlnal-i occupied fltiy- the restoration ot normal traffic con- j fi vo miles of track The Philadelphia diUons Heading had J.052 tad order cars Somewhat more interest 13 bcgiau- j in its principal srwitchms vards, covering to he sh wn m the pig iron mar-1 Ing sttteoti miles o£ tnvclts Tha E-io kets, and some signs of interest in. the i had 509 at Buffalo 36" at Port Jerrls atccl market are beqionmg to appear and 2S6 at Jersey City malting eight On the whole however prospects of j miles of track, covered by defective commercial buying of steel are pool i rolling stock. The Western Maryland ions Superseded bj I ajld for a fow wcek3 at lcast the trade bad 414 at Cumberland Monc and the CtHMMMDd Bneartked *"" COBtlnue to oe interested chiciK i Baltimore it Ohio had 144 in one yard TM · tn th«* raovemant of steri already i at PhtladelphLa. bought. CHiAP AS DIET ASH BMTES OCT "BHEU3CITIZ." ag ap mornings stiff and numb rheumatism wont lot an man and production of stetl had or w omaa do much worjt and when to be restricted in consequence with i ^ e -pajj^g get up around the shoulders the result that some pig iron has been j TMj arms damp mornings you can t do allowed to accumulate , anything at all. There has been a progressive a Climate has a lot to do with it but crease in the movement ol coal to byproduct ovens, the operation of -*hich, in general, is now close to normal, af- t«r havins been a.t one time do»n to a general average of about trot. no use rubbing or waiting and the diBcovery of Acid Iron Mineral down m Mississippip gives most anyone a chance to soon be free from ^tch per troubles One man, Ur J E Wattans. | of Troutvillo Va., writes '1 suffer- express the opinion that with, about a Eortaigat more sp sood rallT»ad weather tne railroads will be very nearly m normal working order, and able to perform almost if not H«te"as much service as they did last October before the unprecedented succession of spells of bad weaner pat them us /snch bad condition Roundly speaking, tt has required a tortniglit for the railroads to clear 3ff the worst o{ their congestion ind ;et care forward to destination, while mother fortnight should see a fairly tre. movement of empties back to shipping points, whereby conditions wlli o* more nearly normal on the railroads than at auf time for three 3ionths past Tlie coke market, as a market, cou- jnues practically absent There is no 'ree coke In normal times the sorp^ts f coke at some furnaces wonld h»ve esulted m those furnaces asking-tor usen5ion ot shipments for a time, Thicd would throw some coke on the narket but at this time the furnaces ealUe that the extra coke received Stubborn Cough \ Right Up * bt« lumi imii rtmeitrfa a far »lih rtmJte XwUr The pronpt and positive action of thi3 nmplt, mexpemive home-made Tented / n quickly healing the inflamed or swollen nembrnnM of the throat, chert or bror 2ual tube» and orcakmz up ti^hu ooEha, h» caused it to be uard m moro taam than an^~ other couch remedy jnder it* healinc. soothm^ inthinicr, aeii sorencM soea, phlegm looeenf 1 , rcathing becosacn earner, tickliDff i" hieai stops and TOO rct a good night i eatinl tlrep The usnal throat an! hest colda are conquered bv it m 2 oar* or leaa, Hothuic better for bror hitii, hoarsmcaa, croup, whoopm' mxa. bronchial asthma i or winter To mate flu« splendid eouch «yrnp, our Z oun»e» of Piwr (60 cents orth), into a putt bottle and fill tlo ottle wub. plain KTannlated sasir fymp od ihake thoranxhly Ton then lava fall pint--a family supply--e a Maeh cttar eotigti vvrup Than you covld Buy ·adyaudt for $2.50 Seep* perfectly ad children love it* pfcannt iaate Pia«^_U a- apecial aad Kl$^ily eoBceR- catcd «ora*«aad of jtcnaiBe Tforvav* fa« cxtrusCr and )* known the worul tn tat lU prompiaea*, eaw and err- unty In onvmsung siaMon »xhi ad cheat »lda. To ivoi^ dt*tp«o(a4a»«ti itk y«rr ·vnist for "S'4 omen of Kiem" with ill dirwt'ona, and toft, aaeept aor- iwg fit* fJuuwnfecd to prlve abtolnta ithfaetur .i-i«m"v promptlr rcfuadcd, he PIBCI Co, ZX Wsj i-. lad. ed from rheumatism so bad I hactn t been able to raise iny arm above my head and couldn t get my coat off tor a long time and fla.inp days a dull throbbing pain in my shoulder, especially at night drove me crazy almost but ^.cid Iron Mineral was rec otmnend«d and oac little bottle did the work lor mo and I want to recommend It. I can now use my arms and shoulders freely and evea damp chilly mornings I am not troubled in the least Its use pro\ed its merit and I m for it all the time." The big percentage of ^medicinal iron in Acid Iron Mineral is ot course what gets results in snch blood troubles, and the compound ia so strong that a half teaspoonfdl makes a generous dose mixed in water after meals Ererybody needs iron and as a. blood tonic and purifier and Bradrcator of uric acid there's nothing like it. The big outstanding feature is that it doesnt injure the teeth, cost is but little and tt does the work quickly Most stroes have it--adr 55MEESOFTRACK FOUNDRLLEDWrra Theso cars co ild have hewn repaired QUiclcl/ during the winter it railroads had made proper preparations Cor cov- i ered repair tracks In icrvancc ic cording to railroad administration i officials O? the manj eonot} cars congested « r « np in Ulc IJhl!atlcl i* a vard[ ° f t h P e TM- I ttKS sIvania more than 2 4 0 0 are coal \jt\RlJ Besnlt of Investigations By the Interstate Commerce 'Commission. caru lOpectors reported and at no limp mthm the laBi. month have there heeu less than 1 500 eraptj coal cars there awaking movement, while coal mine operators, cried for more cars ITotntn on dcrman Railways. More than 100,000 women are now employed on the o G»rman railttayi says the aunoal report ot the Prussian ot Hail-ways The report says that they have done ip'endidly In Has Hundred* of Cars AwalUng Re- j every branch of worl heir efficiency fallen on the average only i per cent below that o£ men P. R. R. WORST ite iMffercnt Tu-ds and I « Shop Siding Jtay B f Tfick Are Co«l Cars, All Badly Seedfd Thousands of crippled freight cars accumulated through the winter be cause of gross neglect of railroads In making repairs occupy miles o£ tracts in. eastern rail centers and are largely responsible for tar shortage and ' traffic congestion, ,t 13 s howu by reports of Interstate Commissioner Ale j Chord to Director General McAdoo These reports, based on first-hand |nvestigation»Kby a corps of trained Inspectors, cover the six weeks period since the Government assumed opera tion of the rftifroad-i and indicate that, one of the most critical ills of rail. water St- Suggestion on Eczema Tt^nll take Iot*frw OMxrcnts tout** tn aod aslf as *rh*t oar oxpcrienca ha» beea m Hi* wmy of rrm.t*fnl cvttmcn wiUtbcvooUilBrwuhofeJl*,JD D II S3c eoc fuxl tl M. rmtr mo««y tak uleM the first bottle relieve* ran. AA = .e LdcruJLci "Wcxsl^j ConnellsvU!i Pa. STEE1, SHIPMENTS MAKE A GAIN 5 Good. Weather Helps in tbc Frrfgit Ckusesiion; Lfttlt iBtereit i» Itef Ordram. Special to The "W ewlc^y Courier NEW TOKK, Fftb 30--The Amcri can Metal Market and Daily Iron. Steel Report trill rerieir the ateel and iron trade tomorrow aa follows Two week* at very good r»ilroa4 weather ha^e resulted in clean-tig up a great d«aZ of s the congestion that wa» banvperiug railroid operation* Reports are in, the mam very favorable 'rom the railroad Tiewpoint From toe fctandtwint o( shippers there has heen only a slight improvement af to date, but that is in the nature ol tlie cas« since tha clearing np operation wag necesaarflr directed to- th" monng to destination o£ care already marled and stalled at varfons po!att The moremmt ot empties to shippe-s Is the second In. the general operation and has Just made a rood beginning. In the iron and »t«el indastrr thx effect to date ha»tem w well ree«lpt« of coke at blast inrnaces whereby hare a lurg« excen mbwre n- Mat*, whfto th« receipt of the ihlpmont of *tMl ban altchilr laermBed Steel ihlr m«at» tax? tw utinattd ct b«tw»*o and 7ft p«r cent of capacity O)l» ok, acalnat b*t» ««a 55 and 60 pf j e*et of onacltr week before I«st-| Confederate Soldiers' Tribute To Bliss Native Herb Tablets I j.i-1 nea-ly 8^ itars of age ^n 1 ha\c been bothered for L Ions timt- with Rheumatism ami Nothing g-xve me n lief until J u a a persuaded to trj Ellis N a t i v e Herbs Then I hcffan to improve m in petito is e:ood and nothing I eat hurts me I nou Txallc without ; stic^ and Zeel batter Lhan- I Iiavt felt for yearsr I think I am dome wonderfully well for a.n old decrepit one-armed Confader vte botdier SAil H. MdCOY ^R S. Pulaski Tcnn For over thirty years Bliss "Sa tive Herb Ta.blets hive been heip- Sng humanity to health Tounjar and old have found them a safe truld laxative tvhich act (,cntl upon the boM el3 cleans^ the k dn^s Stimulate tht. Hver inl tone up the system Thous^nd3 ha\* testi fled to thpir virtuoUB qualities A tablet e^cry niprht mtkef the no-^t d vy brifflu Ore box contilns "03 tablets GQttH one dollar in6 it you are not sa.tiefled, our drue-g-ist wi | refund the money Begin taking Bliffs ative Herb Tablets cvow ana not-* the Improvement Sold by A A Cl urke and local agents every where Be sure to pet the ---^ Kcnulrc Bliss "Vativ* Herb {jSrt\ Tablets Uoch h-wi our tra.dc xfi^ mark and comftfi in a yellow bo:; b«ii.ring portrait ot Aionsw O BI]=* HOT CHOCOLATES ^ Served in the Collins Way Surely do hit the right spot After the movies or some other entertainment, drop in and enjoy one, served -with delicious whipped cream and assorted cakes There's nothing better on a cold night Collins' Drug Store, South Plttsbvrg Street, WE SERVE REICK'S ICE CREAM *BB TOC WHO TO WES' TOliB YT-Ul! - The least rou can do IE ts eat one mealies * and one Tlieatlesa meal TODAI1 BUT TICKErS HEBB FOB KOTIOK WCTCBE8 »t the rnnunonnt Theatre, Tnp^ilijy, Mnrch utti, Dcjioht «f tin Snilors nnd ^('Tfiili Srifcrtrs. 23 tents. Coupon Sensational Shoe Sale So enthusiastic has been the response--so many pairs of shoes have been sold--so many new customers have been added to our list--that we have decided to continue the sale ail this week and have added some more broken assortments, so now you will find just as attractive values as were offered the first day, and if you haven't availed yourself of this opportunity do so today. 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