The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 15, 1964 · Page 18
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 18

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1964
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

I r r r T' " i w w I- V "is i. V THE OTTAWA JOVRNAL ' , SATUKDAT, AUGUST 16, W4 ' -1. Sta rkly Sim pie. Styles 1! 4 For 'Cocktail-Crowd i jp . n p .. i. - T 'i! .1 ? r , wiii km. n ii i.i mi i i iihum ii i e.1. -mm mi i V - n. ; JV .5 V, -A,' a? . 't'm-.s in",t ' " if-- , Mr :n: J iiu n i . uMUw.wiirftA;iti.. yJtrii v- 'r f'f '' x r ' Kr,riii.M nfmii - ' i Tracked down to provide much of tht fashion interest In Fall shoes, cobra has . teamed up with tip suede for the seasons newest look. The crescent tot, set back beet of this shoe has up-front interest provided by a collar. j I BOOT IS BACK Appear inJftll Shoes n MONTREAL (CPK-The nsdian woman shopping Ca- for shoes next season will ,. find styles are- becoming more and more comfortable. , ! A fall-winter ' ISM-gS fashion nreview here bv tha Shoe In- I formation. Bureau of Canada that... although the standard - pump with, illusion heal is still popular, mora em- basis is on the lower heel and more rounded toe. .- - The' styles,- especially good for. walking. Include stacked or set - back heels and crescent- J . uipn tuv, . Styles In pumps range from ! J - i. L . I , ueigni-piae types who ennn , Successful Uving. . V DORIS CLARK A Canadian Social Worker: Helps With Human Problems I DEAR DORIS:,. . After my. mother ; passed i ' away, my father would not let me have a bedroom suite that mother had grven-md..' until be was through with kw ' When be did give It to sn we had to sell et as we aad 1 hought one of our own for ' the spare bedroom.' I would ; i like to have had that one for' sentimental reasons. ' . 1 I asked my father for dif- ferent things, things she had ' said I could have. His answer was: "You leave things ; alone. According to you, your mother gave you everything." But when my brother and his 'wife asked for any-thing, they got It. - ' , . ' Doris; doesn't a daughter . have any rights? What have I done wrong"- '" ' ' , in-Used aad Hurt. You wrote me IS pages of . Ul-usage; which tells me yoa Shop Friday 12.30 to 9 p.n j. otfctr dir ;, , P 9 a.m.. to 6 d m.V ifeMttutl FIm lags AMD (artellai Its flank St tl-II4l J AUGUST FUR SALE or narrowed high-rise fronts to closed Aloe pumps with open aides or sung backs The 'barefoot look Is still popular. .. 'f;, ' , Materials are smooth ot te tured leathers., batents. suedea and reptiles. Combinations of these will also be seen. The main color is black, but browns, blues, reds and nd greens tular than will also be popular. Boots are more popular- ever, coming In all styles. heights and colors. The 1 hlgk I boot is narrower this seasonXI 111. I At. ..LUuJ . W b 1 wiw unn lit aaivvvH iniuuan tipper snd elastlcized gore o- ings. J are brooding' over, these . things. This is' not' the. -first time - material possessions lave come between family ' members. ' One family has now carried ft quarrel jnto. tM I k It d : generattant - . '4 You aral not In want; and : you have your owa loving .husband and children. Insist- lug. on your rtghtswlll get rye nowhere. Get oa . w 1 1 1 1 living in the present. And -without presents from the dead! ' - ... -. . ..' e a .,,.; . DEAR DORISi - My ton's wedding Is being held at seven o'clock hi the . evening. What should I wear oa my heed? ' Not much, perhaps but V something. A twist of t 1 1 e, ' a flowtr or feather arrange- '' ment, a small evening hat, or r a vogulsh mantilla. A woman enters church with her bead covered. ...... , . - DEAR DORISi . u - For those that have pretty -cards and toys they -want to . give away, any school for the ' mentally retarded would proo- ably love to have them. They -also can use any yarn left -from rugs msde at home. If.J. one wanted to, all you have te do is call and rm sore they , will say If they can use these . things or not. I know the one near us does. , "' lt'''i "Meg. ' Check and double c h e c k. . .. Readers with cards,' carpet., ,,' -yarns, toys in good condition, ,, please note. In OtUwe. eon-tact' the Ottawa and District ' . Association for Retarded Children Inc. ' t ' ' " Ceaftdenflal te lumpy' and . Lavert I have already dealt with these problems In t h e column. If yon would like a reply, write In again, enclos-. mg your proper name and address on a live-cent-stamped, eeir-addressed envelope. - - :V. j . '. , , -. rsnlawatial te Geeag en Ms ' I'B send yen some exercises ' for bow legs when you send me your nam and address 1 and a stamped envelope to put . them in. Also, some Ideas about ''earning some o. I e k money." , r , i : e- 7", " : e (Doris If a Canadian social worker who has. helped troubled people for many years. Write to her about your special humen problem.) ' " Journal Want quick results. Ads bring 'H" . ' -It 1 'v S - . '. easy entry. - - Variety is the word for boots' for'all and Winter. ' Ranging In height from ankle to mid-thigh, boots run 'the complete gamut of colore and fabrics. Fur Is a strong leader, 'as seen in these cossack type leopard boots trimmed In brown calf leather.- PRINTED ATTERN ; "SUMMING PLEATS " ' Waterfall of pieaU . from yoke to hem no stop for wsist seams I Isn't it delightful 7 Such Simple seaming brings you so much fashion and flattery. Sew nowL. r... Printed pattern 4MI: Misses' sizes 10, 12,. 14, IS. IB. Size takes yds. 39-lnch. .... .Forty cents (40c) in coins (no stamps, please) for this pattern. Ontario residents add 1c sales tax. print- plainly SIZE, NAME. ADDRESS. STYLE NUMBER. Send order to Anna Adams, care of The Ottawa Journal, Reader Mall JUd., 60 Front SL West, Toronto 3, Ont,' .. ' New I 300 sparkling designs. exciting fashion and fabric features plus coupon for one free pattern any , one you choose! Send for new Fall-Winter pattern' catalogue, 90c. '' J THE SKY'S Canadian shoe manufacturers' have gone to great -lengths and heights to provide boots for all occasions. " ' These black kid boots reaching well above tha knee, . pull on like socks and have elastlcized top vent for I-" .. ti'-TC ' neai -.and overrin !.IVZ!,"..J , iI-.l ren nod. often ha W war" 'cm; 1 . F .. t tut" vayiVj-s- I ? s . .'-c - . J" ..- ,1 . ti. laamo . w' ' - ' 4 THE UMIT v - V Creamy Sauce For Peas-;; v''y-And Potatoes jieas ' "fresh 'fromlOnUrlo- - gardens are plentiful. When buying peas-in die pod, be crisp, timp," contain few yellow-' Iva tough ' peas. Purchase r- ten of a pound of peas-in- the-pod per perwm and use immediately., u-. ; - Cook fresh peas in a small amount . of boiling salted water until just tender say food specialists at Macdonald. Institute, Guelph,- A dish of . peas and potatoes. will star, at any Summer meal. . J . . CREAMED PEAS AND , : j POTATOES , , Cook fresh peas and new potatoes separately until just tender. Blend with sour cream sauce: S tablespoons flow t tsblHpoona melted -' ' batter ' , M tap water . I teaspoon horseradish teaspoon dried thyme V teaspoon sak , pepper to taste . - Stir flour Into melted butter, add remaining Ingredients and beau This makes about-one cup of sauce, enough for one cup of peas and eight small new potatoes. Cheese s a uc a,,: mushroom sauce and thin cream are also tasty additions to freshly cooked peas. butter antll mixture bles coarse meal. Sprinkle . over blueberries and bake at ' IS degrees for 4S minutes or until fruit Is tender and topping golden, i Serve with cream. Serves five or six. ' - M.-t 1 Community Shower . NORTH COWER (Spectal) Miss Annlce K e n w a r d, whose, marriage takes place this month, was honored at . a miscellaneous shower given " by women of the community In the - Community ' Centre halL -"t i --; ' Assisting at the shower were Mrs. Kenneth Pratt, Miss Linda Pratt. Mist Cheryl Leach rand Miss Donna Pratt 'Miss Kenward Is the daughter of Rev. S. B. Ken-' Ward and Mrs. Kenward of Cornwall.- ' . ' 1 - " . ' ' 1 ' i.f'- Gloucester Glen Wl ' At the August' meeting of the Gloucester Glen WI, members of the 4-H girls' homemsklng club held a display of photographs from their training club "A Hobby 1 EnjoyPhotography." Mrs. G. A. Shore and Mrs. Ormond .Gordon were the leaders, ' '- - . '; ' Fa rriily . Favorite: : Blueberry Grumble . A heaping bowl of cool, sweet blueberries, smothered in rich cream, tempts even the staunchest dieter. Ontario-grown blueberries are available now report home economists at Macdonald Institute, Guelph. Blueberries store well when cold and dry. Pour blueberries Into dry containers, cover and keep m the refrigerator until needed. ' 1 Serve blueberries often this season. For breakfast sprinkle blueberries over cereal, add blueberries to a plant muffin batter 'or serve with cream' and sugar. At lunch mix cot tage cheese lightly with whole blueberries, make - blueberry pancakes or add to fresh 'rutt salads. For an oven-fresh fruit dessert try this - Blueberry Crumble. BLUEBERRY CRUMBLE " ' t ettps blaeberries ' g tnbleepssns segar "'. Juice ef small lames) I teaspeeti cinaamea H cap ejalck ceeking relied ' . este '- ' :, '. :,"' !4 cop flee ':"''f. y":.'ZV H cup brawn sugar'-'',:'.' v . cup 'batter '. Combine . blueberries, . six tablespoons sugar and lemon Juice In baking dish. Mix rolled oats, flour, brown sugar and cinnamon. Cut In hard Conoo'o's If cr J fvrritrt t'utcm I Z7 - THa I!.::. LcUl fn .Furs ; ; meori Super: r C jalify, SryU Correctnose J ejnd C"-n ! jble Sotitfcxtion. ' , HOLT RENf&i.fV , 112 Quaes, ifreef : Si. ' V NEW YORK (AP) "Stx- m t". Galano eoncld to tkirtf. belti bandtd erett tht leu," mutttrid tlM matt. "Di brMwu on thai pin id of front, and toma back bait flung yina,' murmured . tha . ftmaJti iha body only,, ' V ', N m low you could twlng on tham. Jamta Galano bad tha la A aalf-fabrlc'sr a part - For tb cockuU crowd. Gal-word oij what tha wtll-draatod of th othtrwlM backltu-to-tha ana( racommendod darkly ainv woman will wear tbii winlar. waist number, with em dand- pi( bi( cut wools or crapts Tha only concaMioni by tna it dangling from tha . back with long ilotvtt and' ham-California designer to tha trout- band.' '.. , -, ' flared k I r t . For tha dit-ars trend here and abroad ant Bt,frora .tha.Mrtt number a eothaqua anthuaiaiu thdrete quilted Chinese brocade boetau black teml-fitted princeoi line w(ra barer, with V-plunget, hal-Jump euiu with tleevelase wing- wUhrounded 4wtton - dtutled ter nacka or ehoeetrmg atrapa. like velvet, coat over them. Ai ileevceHt Wat obvious Tburs- K far aa tha topless fashion mad- day that architecture of the cos- COMMON OLDS ' .' . . . '. fume was more important to iTMnF- ' An ave)4ee rn--;rm' ' t f j. a f fi 1 WEATHER doesn't matter when you wear this water proofed fur ."old gold-sea otter, casually belted. The hat Is In the) seme fur by J. C. Brosseau, with boots by Roger VMer.-v--; v'-1."1-' THE Vigir 'irj.' sV.'-: .;r'1. y-!t fdr rrtrr - mZV, it ' WOflt' . Among the slim coat and auil lyling details were pocket flapt. tiny lapele, welt eeaming. aide-wrappad and apron-pleated C$4 "Bontiqaej Am-; -. W I Smyth Rtf at , Riverside Drive ajl VJI'iv www..-wl , . WM'' Our. Fabulous at Special Savings for Mon., Tues, and Wed. Only. Reg. tlO Valoe, complete with styling. : . 1 ' Inother MxeUing Pern gpectai : llie . HUmJ Hmtm - : S Helene Curtis iCreme Oil EMPRESS' Pfrm. Reg. Q Af kg v Complete w U h X 70tJfi Qulck-Cgrt Conditioner' J ffVZ Open tvtrt NO Appomrmeni neceuery v But Preferred " ONLY 43 LEFT IRCREST Of the savmssi . rrvv'7. .--, . 194 are occupied Ckotst iVe7r TM Oecmpamef Pirn tt i estimated, ha. jw. ,vr colde per year. , , , . . . ' i TN U.S. um about half , tha world'! .timber crop. f-.-v H V festiyaferm Night ' tt p.m. JSff -1 ' Mr i' 237 suites left) from $117X3 LttCft (IB left) - 1 tas motnuei i--4 -'.'utStlMwi ! WtflfcerHi . ' (Wleft) tIRM ... pe.Bstewej. J "L . . . - J 1 Enjoy an unequalled rlew , ' .. ', '.'of the city ; '. - enjoy rf ,.'J l- f the pleasure of the Falrcrest gwlmmlng; pool .-.V i. ! enjoy free traruporUUon '-' '. .'J'.'l to nd from O.T.C. bug routeg , .". ; enjoy' "vit-. OtUwt'g addresa of preatlg. ' FAIRGREST Thii Weekend '732-8911

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