The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 21, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 21, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE POUR. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVlLLE, PA. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21, MS. 5ijf flatly (Emmrr. . HBXE.T P. SKTDER. Founder and Editor. H7J-151V KPJUTC, - . . X. X. SSTIWB, Prwlde.t. . JAi J. DRISCOU* to« »d Treuurer. Builaen JOHN U OAKS. Hanatfnr Editor. WAiTKK a - cier BHto-. SOSS'LTNNB Society Editor. MEMBER OF: Associated.Press. Audit Bureau ol Circulation. PranxjrlYuila Associated Dajl.cs- Two cent* Her copy; 50C, per J" 1 "* 1 ' 15 per y»ar by mall if paid In advance. Katend as second class, mattor »' the Conncll5.v!U«.- fa. , . · Thl* need bu oUtcd from the very tor. wben tiro stt one-bill years »fO. Germany comaitted her first act oj aczresilM,·***! toe United States, bat'w* tU»4hr tallied to prepare to neit it »·* "Joae ij Wwblngton, but prictiaOU' " ereryiriiere over our brp»d iMi - } ",'jluci of the blun« must rest with Congress' «Hd tte administration, but the people as a whole cannot absolve themselTes from part ot it. Thes% j and' also Washington, must admit j j that, although we have began to make ] i use of Che great power we possess as I a nation, we have been unparcionabir j slow in making the start. As the penalty of our neglect ive must nerve our-, selves for a'-\var ot longer duration than would'hsve resulted had we ex- j ercised the prudent foresight to prepare for it before it began. ETE-C, FEB. 21, IMS. · 1*« Associated Press l.i «· ·"clnslVely entitled Br "". U.SQ tor republicatiou of nil mm-* dia- · '. patches credited to It or not otherwise credited ia this paper nnd also the local new= publisher! herein. The "Tefn Agers" .iro yhtnvhifT Lod^.y ( that they are also the 1Ceen W o r k e i s j in the Sunday schools of the t-r/unty ) The Crefiuency with which the "Boys j of '61" are celebrating blrthdjys gives 1 rh,e to the suspicion they are ! adopting the custom ot the lamented 'Has Stiiruuc'l in UoUliaK two of these hapiy occ.tsions .1 year. ! C'.imli oroof. imaors seem The n i n t h inspection district haa sain proved thai. It can both product' enormous tonnages* of coal and con- THE FlIv^T CONSIDER V- j s c r\e human life at the same time. · TH»V That there but three more fatal ac- tdcats^inside and outside t'te mines To miimnin family traditions t he rr real-Brands on of Chief Cornplant^r oucht to be studying agriculture/ m- "2 of the .ninth bituminous inspection ^ district in 1917 than in the 3receding j ^..J_ ear * SP^S eloquently o£ the care' with which the oinpIbycS ~were~^afe- r guarded. During no previous year in ' v_o^_ih;_e-epab-nrti3nig Indus-* s't a-stress , lomh.'The | coke-) . #ven t o j ii^usty H ^eni.*ra*.Iy "by the \\at-, called' foKa, rate-o! speeding-up- in fuel pro- dpjjtipp^wiiich wn^ unpreteilenttd -in ' iifiirrensity and duration. stead of mining. Ky Francis J. Oppfcnheimt-' The victory of Germany would mean Tueifixion of the highest dreams of __,,_ [ or w i,i c b the broadening o£ her , political^liorder would come a narrow- ·Undcrthc mteasive jiressure lo in- · lag _ autotnatically--ot all human crease""^rodut-tiou it was to .K I o\pect- ed'^that the hazards of mm n.; would hope, tion. and tliy ei-erj- benefit of the doubt withdrawn from @®sg I ® l sx2X'Xas-XS^^ Notice to ultimate extlnc- ideal, treasured \ be increased. ludiiidual employes as- in aad cre atcd by the spirit of! suited more than ordinary risks in j mAn . s uc h an eclipse would I , their efforts to add to ihcu- daily out- I D C t i le g rca t tragedy: .Matter, as tnat- }»ut t .while ihe accelerated movomcnt ' t er, vronld be unthroned, canonized, ot tho entire -operation .mroducert \ dcifiod and the Hi- given to that band new elements oC danger or increased I O E holy men, tbe Prophets, who said § ihose already presept. V.'iih all this, ^y sav G O( I «.j aco to face." and the g however, tho actua loss of life \vas aot above the normal ratio oE the num- those other holy men, the Gods' hei- of faUliffes to ions Of.coal rained. j o p t b e intellect, Plato down t o j Had not thermos been 'underlie I Kant, who throughout ,the ages, constant supervision of ofi.cials v.'b.o! sp jt e O f everything, have kept an have been trained and drt'led in the ^ altar-light before the Unknown. And principles and practices oC Safety , t he sweet dream.of Jesus would be First, as the ConngUsrilLe region has | lost! { long 1 en\pioyed and constan. ly impror- j Freedom of thought--more precious. 1 TK'I-STATK ed upon, and bad the workmen them- I than freedom of action--would forever! ; VMBER selves been without the beueGts of j fade from the fair earth. Loyalty j m^ii^ ARMSTRONG'S KESTAUHA*T such training and'instruction, or the! would he in us, but no faith; religion,' ieaec-ifd* mine Inspectors less rl?l:ant and ( but our spirit dead. M'orae than all' watchful for the maimeuai.ce 01 safe-jtlutf, \ve would become like the ma- '^uards and compliance \\i : i tho pro"- . chine-ma16 Germans themselves, effi- HERE LIES THE WAY ew3®®S»SXSS®®SSS®SX5Iiax:®®»SS» "WAXTED -- YOUR .usineet.. KENDINE'S. EAnBEUING If -- CHAMBKUMA1I' CUPP'S KESTAUR.VNT. 201 AT · FOtl t? babi' coiu- Ill \Vouc i:-- UATTLESHIP C5Bi:Y u'-ed 4 montlis Apply No. ylo H t r c t t . 20fcb2t* A. .3J. specialty of collecting renbj. ACTORY GUILS AT LXDV co. ir'b-tM FOB SALJi-- 0 ROOM HOUSK. locadoa: paved street and sidewalk Pantry. bitli and two porches Hot air A'ollco, heac. Address "D. J." care Courier, (iniay-ttfl ' visions of the mining law?, a. far dif- ! citmt bat with no perception. Witless ferent record would have been made. The record would have beea such that the public would have had occasion to point to it as ghastly evidence of our disregard of the value ot human life in our mad ha.-ie to take advantage of a. period of extraordinary prosperity in the mining industry. Quite the contrary U shown, however, and vastly to the credit of those who, under the un- manikins all, goose-stepping against a leaden sky. And our masters would be as cowardly aggressive_to us as to the "other subject races, J until in our enforced docility, we, too, would cry j out for our brother's blood. iwr vn: U P JOHN s. AiLLLKr.. L.ATK oL" t h e t o w n s h i p of Silthclt. county of Kayf[-e and M a t e c« Pennsylvania, *K- cea-sed Letters on tl.e . a b ' n o n a r j r d o^taie h a v m K been jjrant- FOR KtAJ*K--TWO L9H KlVi: PAK-',.,! to th* umtc'Mf; d. notice itf hisrc- uyrer Fords. mc 1316 .lI..a.Hel3 Demon-' bj- f;J*cn lo all fM-r.snns indebted to --^r ! »traLor; out \Vjll5,s K i i i K l i t i i v u p.i^B(;n- f-.nil c - t a t c , to make, immediate pay- VANTEI--BOVS AND G r m . S _ O V h , n ; i f u r . one I ( ( M j l l t c h u 1 Jli'c pabsenycr, m -n(. *ml t o ' t h o s e haUn»r claims ca.r in p e r f e c t ouuutU"n. W i l l demon- ( a^ainbL t h « ^arms 10 prcncnt them jsr.tra.te. 1-1 Tri-State. DLXBAji j proper!y nuth.-nUcatecl ff. AUTO CO, CQCfcblfd j KL1S5A M T L L K R , 16 years a SILK MLtJj. ch« CON: player at STOP.G. } -- EXPEKtK.VCED PIANO __ _ __ ilcCP.OTlEY'S S AND lOc Poll K.\1,K -- 60 \:HK FARM, ISfebtfd Kxccutnx. TTANTED--BUT TO ACT AS PORTER and work in drug- store. J. C. MAORIS. I S f c b t W rowed all Roman consciousness, ' so ( street. that these conquerors had to ape Greek culture- and imitate or steal the WANTED--OIRb t-OR C £ N * U R A L . j "' f i6-t South f-'ittsburg i -- UOCebSt , .tii b.ith .(.nd heater, yood j I barn, nt-w gj.ruirf. t;oo(i ^ p r u i f f .water.} (.15; H i i n u t t . ' ilnve f r o m , b o r - ' limits, i u r SUM «0 JUT acre o n ' U. F L ) e \ \ I Y T . liell t ' h o n u : ScottdaJc. J U 19feb5t -i Head, r.i 11. O MAV, Attorno 7 ' 21fftbGl-thurs , t c r u usual demands of the year persistent-| Greek design's. So has German mili- ly and consistently mane "Safety the I tary law crippled all German con- ritst Consideration." ' sciousnes-,. manufacturing, at the | Bailie time, a race of mental perverts ' wfth minds o overtrained that the THK TKXALTV OF Ol'K SLOV.VKSS., uil of the nitheriand wa Stf af tbe pro- That the greater part ol a rear wilt '· fc^sioual logic; ot its "\VhheImstrasse have elapsed bo*uween the call for I h e j bureaucrats. Gennan. reasoning is first draft and the call foi the second [not European or Aracricaa reasoning, shows that while we have made com-1 making for confusion all round. Road WANTED--YOUNG to do typewriting in "D," care Courier. FOR SALJ5--CHETAI'KST AND MOST, .convenient building: I 3t " ^or workman i AVAN*T3j and others. City wntcr, n a t u r a l f f as, morutn^s. WANTED--I^VBOKKUS. APPI.V Mc- KEE CONSTRUCTION* CO., lit. Pnmbar Furnaces, Dunbar, To. -JittbSt. WANTED--TWO FIRST barbers. Best u-a£res paid. Apply TRUST BARBER. SHOP. 19feb-tues-thur-mon electric trolley service. -- -- - · ,, » . . ,, - , ^.^.-., r WANTJ3£-- TO P.ENT B OK D HOOM , modern house, location. Fosses( KOTTCK IS H E R K B Y O t V K N THAT a p c t i t t o n u-;is p r e b o n t e d to thi- T f o n o r - | .Ujlft, the J u i l ^ c of the Com i o£ Quai-ter i}L j u.*u'nh of tho C o u n t y of Kay-cite, K e b r u a r j 12. 191X .Lt Xo. 1*J, L-ucem- r SCSS.OIIH. IL'tT, «,' 1) . and ordered filed .prayiny f o r a u t h o r i t y l u proceed Prlcco w ^ t -' 1 c ^ c reconstruction of a *-- foot 6 ran^e Crom SOO to " $ tuo, but moitiy , inch P 1 ' 1 ' 0 rlriler bridge w i t h proper range around $JOO I n q u . r e while th" appro:ichta u v p r Jacobs Crook between last at thu omcc uC THE CONNHULS- f Kulltrkin townsinu. \tyeuc C u u n t y . and VJLLK KXT12NSION- COMPANi, Tb*' H u n t i n g d o n towns.nlp. A V c b t m o r o l a n d C o u r i e r nuildmi,-, C o n o e l N v i i i Q , Pa. - C o u n t y , to oJd Hrldpa No. Sb __--.^_--j-- r= - -~-- __ -,...._ _-..___ ' w h i c h ia unsafe, of i n s u i l i c i r n t w i d t h Lo^t. ' " -- - 1 f t j ) d r t o f t s n o l (.onuo-m -with tho l i n e s of ^--^^^^-^_~^^-^ w ~^-^,_^^-^, I th«- r o n d to Mio b-st futvantaRe Said j r.OST--1*1 f t H AMJ ULM, Sa-1 C A l ^ L t application w i l l b e laid b f f o r e t h o ] MOON'S TA-\E J l f f b J t ' G r a n d J i r v on Frfdaj. March 8, 19JS, · . ' a' 1 30 o'clock P M. LTNX V. PHJL- IXDST--nvi: IXOEaSoTAi K C L l P b K . L l P S , County Solicitor. f«-b-l*-21-28-' mendable progress along certain lines 1 outside of Germany, in any nation | smYthtcm, P*. oC our war preparation, we have been {where the mental nerves are respon- 1 amen tab ly slow along otbers. In no 'sive to the treatment of normal logic. sion March or April first. Box 6(58, j watch Tuo and J^air-v j 71S-VT. d.ii u f t - r u direction have we been slower than in failing to earlier realize tbat otic part in the war will require not one small the other side of the $Lhine, addressed army, as armies are rate-! the.^e days, but that we imib-t supply- mon m very much the same cacio to our popula- the diplomatic notes of, Zirainerman and Jngow were unintelligible. On to a nat : onal consciousness "made In Germany." they are taken for natural WANTED-- FURNISHED ROOS1 FOR man. Evoning 1 meal and poi-sib) breakfast. Mu?t be first-class dress "I- C W,*' The Courier. ) H I ] , PlO.Sp L'aJ! Tri-St, Sllttbl: :ct| Ad- 1 | 20£eb3t* [ TNABLT3 Charter ?«'otic«- NOTICB TsTiKKRBT^GTVE^ THAT .-in application w ill be made to tlic Gove r n o r of PcntrRylvHUia. on M o n d a y , tho 1th day of M.irrh. 1918, by E B. Zim" WANT1I13--OIRL FOR Housework. F a m i l y of three. Rofer- encc "Atliiress MRS. C. .'. POLING. products and, strange as it seems to: 2317 "West liberty aVunue, South HU/a non as the other. totmtr:'"s are doing- [the rest of UiG thinking world, even j station. 3'ittaburt', That we have not. been" made pros- along this' line has been due to invincible' in their logical processes, i -wANrKD--MIKERS WANT CD WHO This perversion of the German spirit i are studying- for czaminatiotiB to sot " bill *or the finest engraved wedding Invitation tor announcement. We prlnf anything--everything--do It promctly and do It rht Call the man at TIIE COUR1TSU ottlce. Both phones. 27-tJ our periistent adherence to the com-! out of which once spoke Kant and the bost minins .H?°^,^ u ?^E hsc %- A R 1 Sl' fortias delusion that "something" was \ Ftchte and Schelling. idealists all, is ^AW? ^c^'tdalo! Pa_ ^Prlci $2.25. "* " i troing to happea sooxevtiere or a t l t l i e "blqt on. the scutchooi?" i of the sometime thai^would^ blips tiie war 'subre-clanding Kaiser. Tbe intcrnat- to au end before it' bcca;ne necessary icna! generaliisatioTis of these spiritual) Tor vis ,to actively partiVipate Jin it. [giants have been substituted by death- This belief has prevailed to a greater! d'ealing-Krupp-forimilaes. Tho Tree of or less t'xient throughout the coon--j Knowledge of the Kantian circle ot rry aod has been "streii'gtlierictt, or t German dreamers ble\v dts blossoms hiisuineil. by evcrj- semblance of a ' HUO the air. The race ha.s since movement "or development toward a. j learned, through many strange teach- peace sotilemeat."Tl)is"fsaiue of mind ers. to yoarn downward. And UOTV, in has been maintained at the seat of our ! P'aee of spiritual "systems," tiie national government and to it may be | Germa^ scholar's affinitj- for matter .tttribntod the dispositior^of-Secretary ; nas made him precocious in issues o£J KCj -«x--u«« xnjnv V-IMV*. Bakec to make calling more dratted.; chemistry. .Where once he starrert^lhcl nat mo Oorn convcnfences, su South men /'dependent upon developments I black night of .European materialism, puisbitrg- street. S. s, S.VADKR abro4n\" - I n ' t h e news dispatches "of ! ht * J " 3 DOW *P"te satisfied to lead tie yesterday annonncing--The- fact- Uiat 1 world* in. the production of aniline order directing-the second draft to be j dyes. However, you cannot, these made about May 1, is awaiting Secre- da rs. so rery far interpreting any tary Baker's ^signature. jt v is., shown j German-mind without insensibly mak- that IKe official mind has been more ^ n e an analysis of old "mother tenackmsfy"inclined' £6Va"rd tne'belief f nature -" B 7 Padding along this line, that peace would confe tfian'ff fias"-to-t- vou will be certain, eventually, to ward the fact thai the *aTmust~to go j BtamWe upon SOTIie chemical dlecov- ' cry. 'You see, in Germany, Mind and to mid (,hf s u i t to s u i t yo'J «.t the store. f nn-rrnan, A J. "\Vild dnd .i A. V T e r t h c n - j Order it h e n , t a i l o i o d exclusively f-.r j buch u n d e r the Aot of A-SBcrnbly en-{ j o u and matl« tint- w -ty you want. Wt? tilled. " \n Act to provide for the i n - I only make h pjh-clasi Er^rmont 15 .\ ' corporation and regulation of certain ]..a C'liimna. 'Jl'fi F U t d b u r p r street. Con- ! :oriorx.iloit»." afiprovi:U April 25, IS?*,' nellsville. P«\ J U f c b t C , And the supplements thereto, for the _______ _^-_ ri ^-- _-·- ~- ___-._ _-_-._ ...----^_ __,, _ charter of ^"n intended corporation to ~ "~ " j be cutlrd Zln^^le^^^a.n-^Tlld Company, f^-~ ~'~- ' . . . - - ' . . --......, s -- ^ ^ ^ ^ t h t j rHaractor and object of fl'hich is iuj ing 1 , selling and leasing at v bole- [ ;aic ,tnd retail, ^oods, wares and mcr- } ihandise ot n.\\ kinds for household.' A. FOE ftK.VT--ROODS' TT1TJI Ol LVithout bourd. 312 33ast Cednr avenjus FOR KBNT--OKE nnti] Kaiserfsm is _detaroned., "TOrasnal s1sni.ftc«nc attaches to the fact," says the dispatches,, "that the administration has" decided to he- fin drafting the second increment of the National Army 'In '.JfaF. Secretary Baker recently said that no" date lor tanini: raore drafted men trar under ·onsideratlon and tiiat')he drafting of another increment (iersidsd Jargoly upon devrfoiKOots abroad. "*U ia l^x^rrpd. thcretors, tliat ihe J^miniatration has about giron up hope of peace tills spriag and is preparing for another yer.r or more ot ·warfare. It also i3 inferred that the \ · . FOB RENT--THJIBE NICELY FUI1- nishei rooms for light housekeeping with uso ot bath. 1217 Sycamore Su FOR RENT--FRONT OFFICES ON" second floor of Dnnn Evans building. Inquire of HARRY DUNN. 8jan-tfd K SOJURY d b u i l d i n g furnish In ff" and o q u i p m « n t find for thcto purposes to have, possess and enjoy nil the rights, benefits n.nd jjrivily^tip oC said Act ol Assembly, and supi'lcmentH thereto. She ! y the wt*iti she oskod us to sne wji bad The n i f f f i t (hat dine; Anii shti i caiiy appeared ,ne.\ bly sad Becaui.t the had hoped 'Iwon fine. Sho was -;orr\ to .ioar that in. hrul a cold. And s s c aliaobt shed tears that. Clxartcr fivtlcr. JTOTJCB IS IIEaBBY~GTVEK TtlAT an application w i l l be made by "W. E. Pvico, Loffan Kush and Thomas IJOYC to thi* Governor of Pennsylvania, on Saturday, March 2, 191S, at 30 o'clock A. if., under the provisions of an Act of As- satiibly entitled, "An Act to provide for tho ircorporation and regulation o£ certain corporations," approved the j 29tli d:.y oC April, A. D . 187-i, and the! And how sorry a/ie -was, ^o niost [ supplements* thereto, for a charter for- feclJjifflv loltl, ' i 1 '! Intruded corporation to bo railed That Ihe" j-Uajn ua-rn t on m the 1RWIN" VALLEY GAS COAL. MINING fiat CO3II J AN"£, the chardCtcr and object oC which is the- mintnE of coal, and the manufacture of the samo into coke ajiti tli sale of coal and coko, and for these jasst as w«l! have had purposes tc» have, possess and enjoy alJ the rights, benefits and privileges by downrat't and ter- j Stiid Act of Assembly, and the faupple- ,j monts there 1 to conferred. STERLING, .vas late. I iriGBKS MATTHEWS. Solicitors. othis t h' 1 pugn ; Matter have become one and the same; FOR RENT--FRONT ROOM, WITH use of bath and phone, gentlemen preferred, with or without hoard. 3,38 ' East "Washington avenue. 21fcbtfci No, we cannot stop uatil we liave forced this blue-eyed race back to its own boundary. Arid if it ever 'replaces the poison of its bland baby-stare by the white light of its once great soul, "We tti-y. take it back into the fanuly of those nation? are somewhat con- corned xrith the c£aims of the True, the Beautiful and tbe Good, as she now values exclusively the rewards ot Corcc. But not before! Virst Annual FOR SALE--KIC5HT ROOM HOUSK. Modern: North Scottdale. C. S. CARLSON, Scottdale, Pa, 12feb9t-eod" She buid slip « ribly plum JSecauso her decir husband Sne apologized then for the h o m e ·was in. · For the state uf the rugs and chairs. For tlje children who tnado sutil horr blti d i n . And then foi the tipicak in stairs. When the FOR SALE--6 CYLINDER 7 PAS- senger Mitchell Auto, 1914 model. A bargain. ISAB13L, N. EVANS, Bo\. 802, City. SOfebSl* FOR SAZ.T3--ONt! CAR LOAD FINS fat corn fed hog-s. Uresscd 26c. liive 21c. Both phones. Ca.ll on M. J. ZiOHM". 20fcb2t nf *ripripr.n trnf»n« * , is i oo reasons of ATuencm troops PVening itt the cachran banquet bail "RllSTACRANT. be Tfie ' it tK« seTimw r»s fast as 1 trained." With what vfiu .pr.bibiy i^ t h e , j r ., and Philip Tarr. Kiferle's on-heb-. sr?*trst ofleDSLiVe movitxneai of ifae · [^.^ will plu.v T war stxm to "be nndertafcea by tho ' * ~~ . Germua array.* nombrr n? millions, it CnTernweflt Orders Cars M« rather late to infer "the serious Th» Carted States goveratneut baa FOR SAX.'E--GOOD PAYING RES- taumnt; rig-lit price if sold at once, tills i Good reasons for selling-. Address For tno olive small; She was cert ui nice. And the soup She vfus sorry hh f i feh instant! OC trout t h u t But bl:c hoped dtnr.or bcga: 1 because t-he c. he apolo- the were ery, too, wasn't didn't, sui', · couldn't pro! her at \vh te- he fishmonger sen;. t h n t \vc'il -maiuiao Though her din JUT menut ,.ire C(»uri*r. She s r jol; i OFFICE OK CITY TRTI Cortncdaville, Pa. t ·-February }S, 191». J N u L i c e ia I'c-reby given that the iol- lowuifr \VIiJs Hoad street Improvement Konds, Nos 2, 5, and 9. having been called for payment, will be r-- duemed by the City o£ Connellsville by its Treasurer on presentation March 1, 391S. a f t e r which d.xte interest upon the s.mie shall cease. E. R. U?LOTO, City 'C.easurer Oi'PICB OF CITY TJtEASUB35}l, ConnE-lIs\ille, Pa,, Pobru.iry IS, 1018. , Notlc« in h o i e b y ffiveti tliut ihe tol- lowlus "\Vashing-ton A v e n u e .Street Improvement Bonds, Xos. 1, 3, 5, S. 15. I IS, 21 tu\A 22, liavmg boon called for i payn^ent, w i l l be rodoemed by tho City I of Connellsville by Us Treasurer on i p r c s c i U a L i n i i Maruh 1. 1918, u f t o r M'lifi h ] date n.t(»r bt upon (lu- fc-un-' *.h:i]I v«?afi M H 1'T.OTO, f'H\ Trc:is-u-;r of Atnertcan tro-nw fajH t dfplrfbuteii orders for 4 MO railroad ! ror. f.Ai*K--orr VOL* KNOW TJJ VT f it is almost inipo3"ibi« j to rent u li«m.c* j or llat irt ^^oiiuellsviHe ut the- pn-st:iit ' ntne" Tht- solution is Lo buy a home, i I-X. -. We have a number of bargains. Don't! She "fla^ wait for the April rush, but buy novi. f thru while there is a s°o»J Selection, anil | Thiju^ : i 1 ^ a chance to i;et A ad b-^^i ^ and a« rim % mx ,,r ,LT y can b# rnxistered, anrt tranted.^ ifrdsnt-cars for use in Franc*. t h e r e i t n l v ' Ny.iet! 1% hereby f lowing 1 j-lasc AppJ r ' Bonds. .So* 3, i 1 LiHc-tt for pavmi 1 by tliii rilv ot noR5t;r N j n s tim' 4 . Better ^e ·V C O M P A N Y a i o n r t r i I h r V3rn- ihMI f" Cit; Tre?i*nrttr- trhi:: t h a t tiie foi- j | SUtK't Improvement t ^od S, having- been j '"lvv-U1« I,T I T " , t on March 1 K R," FbOTO, ni. It is a very appropriate time for a Furniture Bargain Sale. As- usual, tliere will be very much moving this spring; that meaus new furniture, and that means if you want bargains it would ba a good scheme to visit our furniture departments. Parties just starting housekeeping can get entire outfits from us, and after you iuvestigate^aud look through our lines fully you will be absolutely certain that we can save you money. Our wonderful lines of beautiful new designs of furniture for every room in the house, and we will include the kitchen; extensive kitchen outfits, elaborate dining room ami Jiving rotmi outfits, complete furniture, linoleum, carpet or rug outfits for the halls, and for the bed rooms, we have full suites, or special dressers, chiffoniers, easy-chairs, comfortable beds with all the best equipment, entire households can be oitfitted. Then there are carpets, rugs, or linoleumsfor the floors, window shades, large assortment of the newest designs in wall paper. You can my on the Installment Plan if you prefer to de;I that way, good, easy terms, popular prices. Tht moving time is rapidly approaching, the righ time for you to make your arrangements is just now, and the right place to go is to the nearest Tnion Supply Company store. 05 larse Departmect Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and AJIsrheny Counties. Tbe\Slore tbat insists on fitting the!/ Shoes correctly. Particular people like our Shoes. They're pleased with onr ste selection and our methods ;n fitting, A FAMILY SHOE STORE ipitb Better Shoes--Better Values--B«Uer Service--for our cngtomei satisf action. Call and see some new Shoes. Cslesburg, Mo. Sir: Jtocember 27th* 1917. Vou are right when you say in yours of Dacera-* her 24th that Senreco is a remarkably good tooth pasto and that It hsa a strong story to tell, Irat the difficulty lies in putting that story in such language cs will convince the publio. , s ^ Tie Senreco story of a roodioinal paste that not only cleanses the teeth but also keeps month and guns healthy, when r«- on paper does not sound rery different iron the story of 3ust any ordinary dentifrice. for- that reason -wo nako every effort to gat the people to try Senreco. /fter that Senreoo tella alts own etory - and fully 90£ of then are Senreoo user»^ and boosters. fros then on. There Is a Senreco user in Pittsburgh *ho haa introduced our product into "he families of thirty-four of his friends- Enthueiasn? Ho, not entirely. Simply a case of Senreco making good. It is just as*stated ebove. If they will try Senreco - if they onco becona- aoquainted with a real dentifrice - with *hat a dentifrice can and should ba - they are Senreco boosters ""'from that tine on. Your druggist or t?ilet counters can eupply you with Senreco. It comes in large* two ounce tubwi and retails at 25^« t Why not get a tube to-day? Try it. Vt etaod behind erery package of Senreco with, a money-back guarantee. Very truly yocrs,, SEHR2CO, CIHCIKHATI. Anything, Have Anything for Sale or Rent, Try Our Classified Ads a1 One OentaWord. They Bring the Reult3.

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