The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 15, 1964 · Page 17
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 17

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 15, 1964
Page 17
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Immigration Chief Verbal Blast ' By RUSSELL ELMAN' (By The CP) Immigration Minister Tremblay u bombarded Friday by protMti from 11 tides of Um Commons over bis department' policies and dministration. Focal point of the criticisms was bis announcement that the amnesty for Chinese who art la Canada illegally will end Sept. 1 after which RCMP and Immigration officers would apply, the law to Chinese the same way as to other residents. WANTS EXTENSION . - Ken Mora (PCRegina City), oe of several MPs wbo assailed the announcement, said the date should be extended to at least September. 1965. Only after four years was the Chinese community beginning to trust a government promise of no deportations tf Chinese came, forward, told the truth and had their status made legal Six hours after be made his Initial statement, Mr. Trembley toia tit commons the Sept. 1 deadline atm stands but the Government will be prepared to prolong the amnesty period if there are more people who want to make statements to ad- lust their status. X ' But be added he thought there would be sufficient time before Sept 1. Hef estimated 3,500 Chinese have coins forward under the amnesty since I960. , ' Friday's proceedings were devoted to the 194-65 spending estimates of Mr. Tremblaye department providing a vehicle ' for a wide-ranging debate on ll aspects of Immigration,! citizenship and Indian affairs. LAO AGAIN MONDAY 1 8 The flag debate la scheduled to be resumed Monday but it say be preceded by debate n the report ef the Privileges tnd Election Committee Into fhe Girouard affair. . : ' Gerard Girouard (PC La beDe) alleged be was offered election funds end other benefits to ewKch to the liberal ranks before, he decided -to have the Social Credit Party for the Conserve three.. The eotnmittee'a report found evidence of bribery. i Mr. Tremblay, whose depart rvfi. . SHOULD IT TURN OUT ithat la thia marathon flag de bate nrnament na uutaa Kaetf Into the third election la three years, a large per. centage of MPs, aays Douglas Fisher, are going to find themselves in campaign trouble. . ' For an alarming Dumber of elector, reports the NDP Deputy from the Ltkthead. are still mad at this Pari la ment i'.x?y i!"3- ' And he himself doent claim any exemption from thlt lasting grate-root anger. The continuing disenchantment with thia Parliament began when only Conservative Leader Ditfenbaker and six of his followers, supported by three . Socred -CredltUtes, voted against the Increase which zoomed MP pay from aa annual f 10,000 to 111,000 with $8,000 of It tax-free and a' lot of fringe expariat-ee-count benefits. ' . Mr. Fisher la frankly con-earned that any MP going Into the next election whenever It may come, this FsQ or aext-Spring will be runnlQg under a handlean, : Any number of people, he feels. wUl be voting agslnst the MP simply and solely because he was a member of tnia Parliament; i ?,'tl,di -J' AT THE OUTSET, many MP hoped, perhaps even believed, that the Initial public outcry against the Parliamentary pay raise would tub-Ode. , - . , But Mr. Fisher hat been disturbed to discover that thia resentment die extremely hard, even after 11 months. . He and perhaps a majority of MP feel thia continued orittciam I undeserved and unfair. ' "i t. Parliamentary pay at Ho,-000 wit a personal disaster financially to most MP, tf Fire Gets ' ''V ment was previously given a two-dsy buffeting by Opposi tion MPs l an interim supply debate, outlined various steps aimed at attracting substantial numbers of akilled immigrants. Provisions also ware being made to apeed the arrival of sponsored fanmigranta, especi ally etoae relatives, and to as sist immigration of more refu gees. There would be improvements in the department'a ad ministration and organization. The minister said be will visit European end other coun tries next, month to inspect Canadian immigration off car and discuss Canada's immigra tion plana with foreign govern ments. . ;. - f- f LITTLE CRUMB V ' Andrew Brewin, (NDP To ronto Greenwood), an immigra tion lawyer, described the announcement by Mr. Tremblay that nances may be ponaored for entry by Canadian residents as rthia utile crumn, wis moi produced by the laboring moun- in." ,; - William Skoreyko (PC Ed monton East) suggested that Mr. Tremblay bold talka with Communist countries in Europe to see whether Canadians might be allowed to establish I micratioa facilitiae there. : "I ' am mire the ' Russians would not give permission to set up immigration office In their country but surely they would bend sufficiently to allow the immigration branch to nave an agent in Russia who could operate out of our embassy In Moscow be said. - The agent's . prime function would be to encourage and help those in Russia who have rela- tivea m Canada to be reunited with their kie, WANTS REVIEW " ,' ' Ian G. Wahn (L Toronto St Paul's asked the Minister to review sections of the immigra tion Act which make distinction between ratativea who can be aponaored from -Esvopi countries end those from coun tries of Asia tnd Africa. - ' . -The landing requirements should ' be the same for aO people. Irrespective ef racial origin, so that ta actual fact we can take the position m Canada that our fanmigratioe ; ' Hill Talk '7 By Richard Jackson" if they didn't actually go broke and a few did they had to scrimp and ecrape to get by, and often barely at that ' Some since have conceded that $18,000 waa too much too soon. . . But it wasnt aO that too much, contend Mr. Fisher, to warrant such continuing condemnation. . , . r I "r w :. WELL, ROW MUCH, if at all, too much waa Rf - Few have mentioned it before least of all the MPa themselves but they have emerged as the nation' highest-paid group. ,v , Federal politician' make more than anybody else. , Who says aoFi ' ' The Taxation Division of the National Revenue Depart-atent . In lis "Green Book" of current "Taxation Statla-tics," the Revenue Depart-' ment ' reported that Mock broker, bond dealer end money lenders enjoyed the nation'a top average income of $18310. All of K taxable. No lump sum sxemptioea like the MPs $8,000. They were followed by: - Doctor end surgeons at I1S.14. v . Uwyera at S15.3M. t Engineer and architect at $14,545. . ', ... DentisU at S13.707. Accountanta at $11,183. ' From that pay pkteau, the drop I precipitous: , "' . Salesmen at $585. ' ) Other - professionals at $5358. iusii Small at IS,- - risimneu ai ejn, . Fsrmsn at $4,498. J ' -Teachers and professors at $4,631. , Federal Civil Servant at (4,448, . Municipal employees at 4.43, r TbeOttawa Jotjrnat. : '...yj'.- FOILS BANK HOLDUP v Mrs. Martha Roae (right) walks with unidentified - woman following an unsuccessful robbery attempt at the bank where she works as a teller. Mrs. Rose arrived .. late for work Friday and noticed the blinda were drawn en th wirulowa. Srie called police from a atore -' next to the bank. One man was shot, another arrested, . . at the scene. - ' ' ' - KJmnt Wuifaete) REQUIREMENTS Let's Junk British Subject Law-Grit (By The CPJr - A French- speaking Liberal . MP J from Quebec praopeed Friday that Canadian citizens should bo longer be British subjects. Auguste Choquette of Lotbl- niere, l-year-oid lawyer, told the Common the British status may please a great number of Canadians, but be edded: . CANT BLAME YOUNG . "You cannot blame the young of my generation who' think the fact of being subjects of an- practicee are not diacriminatory and are baaed upon the prin ciple of equality. ; . , Milton Hem .L Montreal Certier) said Canadian must question themselves wjten they condemn South Africa' racial separation polieiea as to whether or not perhaps -"we are practising passive form -of apartheid m Canada by refusing to admit people to thia coun try.- v ' r "What it the use of condemn ing South Africa if we will do nothing about the West Indietr be asked.. ; Provincial Civil Servants at UMl. i . Thorn an the big dastifi-cation. :, So there they are, the MPs, top income-dogs in all Canada, with $8,000 of their lit,-000 Ux-free, which m any National Revenue calculation puts them far out ahead oven of the front-running stock brokers, bond dealers and money lender. MURDO MARTIN, the NDP MP from Timmina, was sitting la the House the other afternoon, fascinated, watching External Affair Minister Martin, so fuH of such impressive dignity, "softly stoning the Opposition with marshmallows," ' as Vancouver Liberal MP . Grant Deachman so aptly has described It ', .1 They were questioning him, of course, on Cyprus. - r ' Slowly, even grandly. Impressive almost aa the rising sun, Mr. Martin got to hi feet and rumbled out a great misty cloud of an answer,, f Bemused MP struggled to grope their way through It as If through a fog. ; . Then out of the Chamber csme Murdo Martin. . . ' v' i Tm foing to have me a brace of those Psul Martinis," he allowed, possibly in antici-pattoa of the wine and spirit a Common Committee is recommending ' be served in the Parliamentary Restaurant, , t: Of course, as straight-man, you ask the Timmina MP, what, for goodness' take,' might "Hut Martial" be? - Too take a couple," be grins, "and yoo. talk double." . Even the "new" super-dig-aified Paul Martin I aaid to have beamed when hearing .til' .1 . . , FOR CANADIAN other, country constitutes a tie of servitude lor our country with respect to the other.' He said "we should be es sentially Canadian citizens.' O we wish te respect the Crewn which presides ever the a etea wealth eitatlatlan, why it all the Cemaaeawealth safer reciprocal citizenship rather than eashrme at the ktw tie ef eim)eeis.'" Later, the Quebec MP Issued a statement outside the House calling . on the Immigration Minister to eliminate the section of the law providing ' for Canadian citizen to be a British aublect. - All Canadians ' are " British suVJects under the terms of the Canadian Citizenship Act passed In 1M7. Prior to that data there was no such thing as Canadian citizenship.. . J(; h WANTS RECIPROCATION '. Mr. Choquette alee urged Immigration Minister .Tremblay to negotiate with the goal ef getting all Commonwealth countries to confer mutually reciprocal citizenship. THE BEST-POLKED place in all the National Capital Juet might be the G (tineas Parkway, where three different forces hsve and exercise Jurisdiction.. A wallet conulning 111, a five peso Mexican banknote and the usual sheaf of credit cards, driver licence, hospital and auto insurance and all the rest of the customary pocketbook documenution, was nipped out of a car parked at Pinka Lake. At t-30 pm Jutt an hour later, the complaint waa mad to the RCMP. ; , , . , : And at 6.30 p.m., answering the call, the RCMP aaid they already knew about the theft somebody had aeen the1 frisking ot the parked cars hsd a good lead and had briefed the South Hull Police. . , t , ' At 6.50, only 20 mmutee later, the South Hull Police called, saying the lead had proved out In checking, and was being turned over to the Quebec Provincials. At 7.15, only 45 minute after the theft had been reported, the Quebec Provincials called to say they had recovered the credit cards, driver's licence, ear and hospital Insurance and all the rest of the documentation "that I to troublesomt to duplicate. , ; .Then, 24 hour later, m another search of the Parkway bush, they turned up the wallet. .. ...-'. Was police action on the Parkway uaually a team effort, and always that (ail? " "Since, we are In the aame business .of the law we al-way work, together,"' reported at Quebec Provincial officer of hia RCMP and South Hull "team" mate, "and we'd like to make It .that fast all the Um, - I ' , " . i . '(M'. f -v Optimistic About Election U K Tories Morale, v LONDON tesders of Britain' Conservative Party believe they pan aee light at the end of the tunnel. :.. After groping in the darkness for two years they teem convinced they will be bask ing soon in the sunshine of public favor. They apeak optimistically of winning the national election two months from now. Members of the opposition contest,, i this view. Lsbor party leaders ssy the Conservatives are kidding themselves. Hsrold Wilson, the Labor party leader, still speaks of what be Intends to do when be becomes prime minister, -as though this were foregone conclusion. ODDS IN FAVOR . Yet it is obvious that worries are increasing for the Labor party, although the odda still favor them. For months it seemed that Prime Minister Douglss-Home CITIZENSHIP Speaking Tr-tbai Commons during ' consideration ' ol " the Citizenship ltd Immigration nMrlmni iiullfie estlmetes. he auggetted eatnblishment of a parliamentary committee - e n Mr. Choquette advocated that more ahould be done to en courage an Increase in French-speaking immigrants to Canada. Since 1946 only 70.000 of soma 2,200,000 immigrants had been ot rrencn euuue on-tin and thia wss unaettint the demographic balance la the country., v.-Um wamwi ' the dav could come when it would be uaeleaa to talk of bilingual ism and bi-culturallam because a French element no longer would exist. Um n,rmneit that before Stt immigant can obuin Canadian .utiMihin ha ahould be re quired not only to poesess sufficient knowieage ot siuwr cu-k nr Vnslllh. but S ITjdi- menury understanding of the other language. He accused the Quebec frro-imnnMst of Inertia i. hnmiaratlan matters. It Canadians really wanted Que-deveton within Con federation, it would be necea- wry to enshrine tne m-eumi character of the country Into .thAtmrniaration Act. ANTI-SEPARATIST WEAPON Mr. Choquette Implied that the proportion of French-origin tmmigrante should be In line with the French proportion of ilia Canadian population. Munnl wri SXF.D "" ' mm a Min, overnment la IB m ! relaxing a four-month control on the price or. vm p . ..k ..Im abroad on eiion , K- f- wheat and meat and boost boms Industry. The peso, sieauy ahum 117 to the VS. dollar .im lanuarv. went down m value Wednesday to 144, three mmmr than the 1M3 av erage. At the aame time, the government eased up controls on the price of beef In livestock auctions and ordered an official mission ra me rar cn w puwi Ccr.:X.-.-i SATURDAY, AUGUST 15, 104 17 Policies Under Groom Held On Wedding Day, Marriage Racket Uncovered NEWARK. NJ VP Police here have arretted a man they aay ha admitted marrying eight or nine women while posing as a doctor, then divorced them after taking their money. , ... ; , William J. Holbrook, 34, waa arraigned. Friday on a charge of obtaining money, under falae pretence from a young Newark woman whom be was to have married Thursday. . - Police Lieut Ralph Madda-lena aaid Holbrook was picked up Thursday as- be and his fiance were about to leave for the wedding ceremony. - Maddalena . aaid the ' girt agreed to jet a trap after de tectives convinced ber Hoibrook wasnt really a doctor. MET FIANCE '..!,.. Police aaid Holbrook met hia fiance In a restaurant m New York' Times Square, aaid be was a Park Avenue physician and asked ber to marry him after a whirlwind courtship. The girl began to have doubts, police aaid,' when she couldn't reach Holbrook at a New York phone nun ber. Then the phoned the police.' : i . ; " In the meantime the girt and Hoibrook applied, for a marriage licence, took blood tests and were set for a civil cere i.. court . bailiff armed With the arrest warrant acivil law document i , ';! , ' ; . . ',, ',,.., '..' ' Bank must turn up for the Monday criminal court session so that a date can be set for the preliminary bearing of a charge that he conspired to incite seamen to abandon (hip. FREE ON BAIL V', V' ' A court official told Banks, 56, I obliged to appear or "be faced with the sanction of the law." . Banks is free on $1,000 ban . In the case. The source declined what such sanction would be. ; It war learned Friday the Crown will ask that a data in October be set for the hearing. Banks la free on other bed of $25,000 pending hia appeal of a five-year prison sentence imposed after he was convict' ed of conspiracy to assault a rival SIU of Canada officer. Capt Henry Walsh. He also awaits trial Sept 13 on a charge of conspiracy to assault Richard Greaves with Intent to cause bodily harm. ' .-. ' v 14 OFFICIALS Greaves, aa official of the National Association of Marine Court Deadline Looms for MONTREAL (CP) Hal C Banks, miming since an arrest warrant la one case waa issued for him last month, must ap pear Monday so that a date can be set for a preliminary bearing in -another of the tangle of court action eur- tounding hbn. ". Th deposed president of the Seafarers' International Union of Canada (Ind.) has been sought for a month by a 'V -.'.v.-. . BANKS .-' Lost wss the only Conservative who believed this party had a chance to win. He went up and down the country drinking gallons of tea and) assuring discouraged party workers that the Tories would score their fourth victory In t row over Labor. Hia strategy worked. Win or lose, Douglas-Home has restored Conservstive party morale. Britain's political mood in this vacation season is one of expectation of clashes to come. SHOOTING GROUSE Msny leader are in the country now, shooting grouse or tithing. The traditionally short election campaign will begin in earnest in September. Public opinion polls stiU give Wilson's Labor parry lead over the Conservatives but the margin is harrowing. London bookmakers report He argued that a drive to swell the - Franch-apeaking populatioa ta predotnlnately English . language - province would be a weapon against Quebec aeparatiats. Th best method of stifling Quebec eeparatiam would be in having strong and dynamic French minorities In the other provinces, ' he said . in his atatemeoL DIVORCED 8 OR ... 1 - -."'-; I ' "" 7' . Reqa inmg Ground betting on Labor has been sluggish 'or two weeks. More money is turning up for the Conservstives, and odda on a Conservstive victory "hsve been cut These odda still keep Lsbor as firm favorites. You stand to win 2 for, every at 1 you put up on the Conservatives, You put up 3 to win CI if you bet on Wilson. . Douglss-Home aa prime minister, under the British system, gets to pick the election date. He wss under pressure to go to the country in June. Had he done so, most expects assume the Laborites would have captured control of the 630-eeat House of Grit Vows to Quit Smoking After Bet (By The , CP) - An Ontario Liberal MP has pledged to atop smoking for M days or make a $50 gift to a Val-leyfield. Que, baseball park because his horns tssm of little ieaguers lost their final game. John Mori ion, a Dun das insurance agent went to the Little League' Canadian finals la Valleyfield Thursday with Health Minister Judy La-Marsh and the MP tor Valley-field. Gerald Laniel, another Insurance broker. - As the story now Is being told the two men argued en route to the game about the respective merits of the Little League trams from Valley-field and Stoney Creek, Ont 9 TIMES mony. Thursday before a magiatrate. . SO EXCITED - The bride mother had1 been so excited about the marriage. Lovelorn Column Used -;.-., i-, '. s In Jdilbreak LONDON (AP) Scotland Yard believed Friday that the spectacular Jail break of train robber Charles Wilson was set up by cbryptic messages in a newspaper's lovelorn column: A Just -released Jailmate aaid, mrever. that fellow prisoners believed Wilson was kidnapped by a rival gang that wanted to force him to reveal where more of the, r.8M.0M stolen wss bid- en. The ad appeared m the Lon don Dairy Mail Tuesdsy only hours before e gsng spirited the n-yesr-old Wilson out of his maximum security celt at Birm Ingham's Win sea prison. It said:' v ' ..- "W-tn-W almost at breaking point Cott 11-M today please. 4 roses." ' - Engineer (CLC), was assaulted In his Vencouver offics in January, I960,, i .The charge that gave rise to Monday proceedings alao Involves 14 other SIU of Canada officials,.. . It Wat laid against them last January and said they conspired "to persuade a large num ber of seamen belonging to 47 ships to desert" contrary to both the Canada Shipping Act ana tne criminal Code. , - ine case arose out or a march on Ottawa organized by the union last Oct 21. The demonstration wst meant to protest Federal . legislation placing the SIU of Canada and four other Maritime union under a government trusteeship.', v- :. I .The law. was enacted tot-1 lowing an investigation into long and bitter labor ttrif on the Great Lake. Banks was deposed from the union presidency by the trustee appoint ed under the Act v BURLY VETERAN , The civil warrant which authorities navy been trying to serve oa the burly union vet ran results from a case in Common by a margin of 80-100 seats. On present form, by some ettimttes, the Labor , party would win by perhaps 15-30 aeata. Conservatives and ' their , alliea now control 858 seats to 260 for Labor. There are -seven Liberals and two Independent and three seat are vacant The Conaervativea tee a chance for victory if the tide now flowing their way con- i tinues until Oct. IS, the date . generally expected for the balloting. With hit party'a five-year term of office running out, Douglas-Home cant wait beyond Nov. S. They decided to match their convictions with their pocket-books, and Miaa ' LaMartk. who gave up smoking early lat year, suggested the best penalty for the loser should be to stop smoking tor $6 days. Th two men agreed. Valleyfield won $-4. . At a dinner celebrating the little league finals. Miss La- Marsh announced the bet She aaid that If Mr. Morison dtdnt keep his pledge, he'd buy a new scoreboard for the Valleyfield ball park. Cost: About $SM. "I should never hsve got into this, but if Judy can g:va up smoking, I sure as beck . can try," Mr. Morison said. . police . said, that aha had bar home redecorated for wed-, ding reception. ' But police were waiting for Holbrook whan be drove ap to the' girl' horn and arrested him after a brief auto chase. Holbrook allegedly obtained $240 from the Newark girt by asking her to pay for the draw-fug of legal paper transferring hia property to her before marrying. Police aaid be told her he wanted the property in ber name in case he waa sued for medical malpractice. Six Ministers To Be Inducted Six new ministers will be Inducted by the Ottawa Presbytery of the United Church of Canada. ' They are: Rev. D. E. Rutherford at Campbell's Bsy. Aug. X; Rsv. H. A. Wteler at Fitzroy Harbor, Aug. 11; Rev. F. B. Mitchell at Vankleek Hill, Sept 1; Rev. K. O. Robinson at Riverside. Sept 1; Rev. W. N. Blackmore at Emmanuel, Sept U; Rev. D. V. Stirling at Knox, Msnordal Sept. 28. J ,' The chairman of the Ottawa' Presbytery. Rev. F. R. Harbeck, will induct the new ministers. Banks which Bank wm found guilty last September on contempt of of court ' -, - V- ;,V; The contempt charge waa brought after SIU of Canada member continued to picket a ship at Three River, Qua, (n 1962 . despite' aa Injunction against the. demonstration. ) The Injunction eras obtained by Upper Lake Shipping Limited of Toronto which said the unloading , . operations ? were being Interrupted by violence. : The I contempt . conviction wit upheld by the Supreme Court of Canada. ; The Quebec Court of Appeal ruled Aug. 6 that 'the Injunction, taken oat la 1962. waa Justified. ' The contempt action waa a ctvil case, which mean that Bank will remain free of ptwxMt under the conviction to tang a be manages to keep out of reach, of the bailiff. He He Incur ao extra penalty for hi evading of the warrant- The arrest order wu obtained by a representative ot the Upper Lake Company.

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