Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 23, 1972 · Page 10
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 10

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 23, 1972
Page 10
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10A--July 23, 1972 Sunday Ga*ctle~MaU Ch»rl»sfon, W*»t NERVOUS Most Democratic Senate Candidates View McGovern as Big Handicap ,cratic seats in fairly good shape. ' Other Democrats questioned in the Senate are less sanguine. Most expect Rep. James Abour- By Spencer Rich and Richard L Lyons © The Washington Post WASHINGTON-Democratic candidates for nine of the 14 Senate Democratic seats up in November fear their election prospects will be hurt--though not necessarily wiped 1 out--by having George S. McGovern at the head of the party's national ticket. Several of the others aren't worried only because they traditionally run campaigns separate from the national ticket and stand on their own record alone. And only one, according to a Washington Post survey--Lee Metcalf of Montana--is prepared to say publicly that McGovern will be a definite asset in his campaign. Many of the senators surveyed expressed the view that things would improve as the campaign got under way, but they said that right now, McGovern is a definite drag on their candidacies. If this picture isn't reversed in the next few months, Democrats, who now control the Senate 55 to 45. could see their margin shrivel to one or two--or conceivably even narrowly lose control to the Republicans for the first time since 1954. Sen. David H. Gambrell, D- Ga., who was appointed to the Senate to succeed the late Richard B. Russell, and now is seeking nomination and election in his own right, has already disociated himself from the McGovern campaign. "I've publicly announced I can't support him." said Gambrell. "The feeling against the McGovern ticket is very strong in Georgia, but the voters have three months to sort out the difference between the state ticket and the presidential ticket, and they must vote twice, on separate ballots for the two, so utiimately I don't think the impact will be too bad." Rep. Ed Edmondson, D-Okla., who is running to hold the seat being vacated by Sen. Fred R. Harris, D-Okla., was quoted lasi weekend as saying that he will run a separate campaign from McGovern's. Asked if he would appear on the platform with McGovern if the presidential nominee came to Oklahoma, Edmondson said, "We'll cross that bridge when we come to it." The fear of McGovern's candidacy isn't confined 1 to the South- em states where McGovern's views on defense cutbacks and welfare and his refusal to condemn school busing are highly suspect. Even among senators whose personal views are closer to his, there is an apprehension that unless he moves somewhat more to the center and gets out the youth vote en masse, their own c a n d i d a c i e s could be harmed. Most Northern and border- state candidates probably will eventually endorse him, if they haven't already, and therefore didn't want to be identified on the record, but here are some sample not-for-attribution statements by senators included in the Washington Post survey: ^·"Rieht now he's a handicap, but. by Oct. 15 it may be a different story. He's a burden, but one I can carry safely, I think." »-"It makes it very difficult. I can ride out this problem but it makes it harder. With any Demo c r a t but McGovern--Humphrey, Jackson, M u s k i e --i t would have been easy." ^·"Right now, he's hurting me a bit. But not very much. But before it's over, it may be he'll i help me. He has some strengths in htere in places where SEN. LEE METCALF D-Montana SEN". ;. SPARKMAN ibama SEN. ERNEST ?. ROLLINGS D-Souih Carolina will improve as the months go by." Sen. John Sparkman, D-Ala., the veteran legislator who ran for vice president on the Democratic ticket 20 years ago with Adlai Stevenson emphasized that "always when I'm running I make my own campaign and no one else's; as in the past, I'll take no part in any national campaign. I always run this kind of race, I campaign on the basis of my own record in Congress." j Under these circumstances of putting a hefty distance between himself and the national ticket, Sparkman said of McGovern's candidacy, "I don't know that it will hurt me." Sparkman's colleague, Sen. James B. Allen, D-Ala., who is not running, gave this evaluation of the Alabama situation: "He (McGovern) will hurt the state ticket to some extent, but I think Sen. Sparkman will win by a comfortable margin. Gov. Wallace has said he's supporting the state ticket." One Southern senator, who is considered a shoo-in, nevertheless said McGovern's presence at the head of the ticket gave him an uncomfortable feeling. "There's no great love for the ticket in my state. You haven't heard any of the party leaders endorsing him. The image of Jerry Rubin and some of those around him is bad." An aide to Rep. Nick Galifi- anakis, D-N.C., who is running for the seat of Sen. B. Everett Jordan, whom Galifianakis beat in the primary, said the candidate will run his own campaign independently as he always has, and he feels his responsibility as a member of the legislative branch is to the people who elect him, not to the executive branch or the presidential nominee. Two Democratic Congressmen who are running to oust incumbent GOP senators also were interviewed. Rep. Roman C. Pucinski, D- 111., campaigning against Sen. Charles H. Percy, R-IH., said: "If the election were held today it would be a disaster for the Democratic party in Illinois from the White House to the Courthouse." But. he said McGovern has three and a half months to mend fences, moderate his positions, build an organization and get out the young, while "maintaining his antiestablishment stance and providing a choice--fresh, unfettered." Rep. William Hathaway, D- Maine, matched against the redoubtable Sen. Margaret Chase Smith. R-Maine. said it is really too early to tell, but he thinks he will benefit from the fact that in Maine the straight party ticket vote by pulling a single lever has just been banned, requiring the voter to mark two ballots or pull two levers to vote for president and senator. In this way, he indicated, Nixon's coat-tail effect would be less. Sen. Metcalf said McGovern has a "superb party organization in Montana," and stands for much the same things on which Metcalf has always campaigned and won, so if anything, McGovern would be an asset. Possibly of equal or greater help to Metcalf will be the aid of Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield, D-Mont., who said last week that he "will campaign up and down the state for Lee Metcalf." SEN. CLAIBORNE PELL D-Rhode Island REVIEWING the over-all Senate campaign outlook, Sen. Ernest F. Rollings, D-S.C., chairman of the Senate Democratic Campaign C o m m i t t e e , said .Democratic seats in Georgia, i c a t e North Carolina and Oklahoma "are in some jeopardy, but not and that tough race in Rhode "I'd rather nnt say anything with portraits of your loved ones! 5 X 7 PORTRAIT IN SPARKLING COLOR SATISFACTION GUARANTEED OR MONEY CHEERFULLY REFUNDED One Silting Per Subject On* 38r. Speciol Per Fomi'y Additional Subjects--$1.00 Each (Groups or Individuals) K-MART PATRICK ST. PLAZA WED. THRU SUM. All ages: babies, children; adults · Additional Prints Available At Discount Prices. · No Appointment Necessary SUNDAY TO 8PM 1 PM TO 6 PM OFFER GOOD ONLY July26-27-2«~29-3Q \ Island. But he contended his party is likely to pick up McGovern's home state, now held by Republicans, and have a chance to elect Walter Huddleston in Kentucky in place of a retiring Republican. He considers the other Demo- ezk, D-S.D., running in Me- j Govern's home state, to gain the GOP seat there, and they rate I the following senators pretty sale for re-election: James Eastland, D-Miss., Allen J. El- leader. D-La.--or Bennett Johnston, should Johnston upset Ellender in the Louisian Democratic primary, John L McClellan, D-Ark., Thomas J. McIntyre, D-N.H. Walter Mondale, D-Mirai., and Jennings Randolph, D-W.Va. Sen. William B. Spong, and Sparkman are also considered in pretty good shape, and Met- cait at. present u given the edge. Even Georgia or without North counting Carolina, where Democrats are probably still the favorites. Democrats would then have 51 seats and retain their majority. The fear expressed by many of the senators interviewed is that in the event 'of a Nixon Landslide, Republicans would be able to defeat Claiborne Pell, D-R.I., who already is considered in danger, take the open seat of retiring Clinton P. Anderson, D-N.M., scoop up Okla-j homa and possibly Georgia andj North Carolina and conceivable even defeat Metcalf, Spong, Sparkman and Mclntyre. I This would give the GOP a' net gain of eight Senate seats I and 53 to 47 control ot the Senate. Most of the Democrats don't think things will be that bad, but they're nevertheless nervous. Median Age 293 The median age in West Virginia is 29.5. In the United States, the median age is 23.3. Who Rtads Want Ads? Who Doesn't? 348-4848 State Residents Younf One of every 25 West Virf ini- ans is 75 years old or older. 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