The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 21, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 21, 1918
Page 3
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TrCRSDiY, FEBRUARY 21, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBLLSVTLLE, PA. -./AGE "THREE, EliS PREPARE FOR IECEPTION FOR THE 1LLTOWNDRAFTEES of tho .Neighborhood Sunday Included in the Invitation. RAFT BOARD ON LIST ALSO r,- Gren lor Snack of Serrlcc IVho Goes to Cotnmboj; High School Students »d Serve WhesUe*s Lunch Special to The Courier. SCOTTDALE, Ff*. 21.-- A farewell leceptioa will bo tendered in the Elks Mane Saturday evening in, honor ot! the boys iu tils, neighborhood who leave lor ca«op on Sunday. T^e -members of tie, draft board anitne draftees have been incited. Dinner will 'be prepared and prominent speakers^ will b« present and make patriotic addresses. Ten bois leave from Scottdale proper. Farewell 'Mr. and Mrs. Btwartl OTJeil gave a ttrevell banquet at their Broadway home for Michat! Maloney who lett yesterday for tit Columbus Barracks after having joined the heavy artillery. Covets wirs laid tor 28. Maloney is aibove ttie draft age but felt it his dnty to erlis-t. He was a dark in the Marks Gcrldenson store. Alter the banaaetOonunik Cafferty gave aa original to»t -.o Maloney as follows: "Here's to .Michael Maloney. a bras-e little Iriiman, who joined Uie heavy artiUeryto fig-ht for Uncle Sam. He has given ip his job as salesman in Marks Cbldeiisou's store to do his bit in tb. army in tie -world's greatest war. He Is good, kindhearted ind honest. 'Siere's nothing that will make him sor. and if he is alive when the Ttar is ov.r he will take his place back in the sore." Who-tless A very nic- luncheon was served at the high scbol yesterday under the direction atMiss Kary Jtyers the teacher. 'Cfers were laid for 17. Miss Harrle' Harden was the hostess and the mBb -were Mary Gallagher, Mildred Jofcson, Olive Keaggy. Harriet BrindSgler and Bertha Evans. On the mu were salmon croqnettei. escalloped^otatoes, corn puffs and plum. pudng with. lemon sauce. Graham flourJas nsed as a. binder in the preparatU of the foods, yesterdaj being -whitless day. '«nlon Girc Dance. Tie J*«w cl» s ot k'S 11 school gave a i^ce and party in Odd Pel- lows* hat last evening for the Senior i ot Louis Reynolds, son ot Mr. an'l i Mrs. J. T. Reynolds, who is m the .Mercy hospital. Pittsburg, following an operation for appendicitis, state li.: is getting along finely Earl Crltchfleld left yesterday for a business- visit to Cumberland. 3. if. Palmer of Uniontown was here esterd,iy on business, Jotia Treutle has received a message jfrom New York announcing the suddqa death of -his sister, iris. ICearns. Interment was made veMer- day at Jersey City. Mis. Frank HcWiUiams has relum- ed to her borne in Pittsburg after bf 1 - j ing here \i3:ting friends a few days. for ArUI- Mr ' atltl Mrs ' Joe Txlnle " °* lne a -\isit to Somerset. J. Jl. Barr of Philadelphia was hu:°, a few days this week on "business. Word received from Mr. and M i a T, B. Dean, *who are iu. MXICG bj their son, H. C. Bean, of this place, state they are well and doing fine. H. C. Dean's son Harold, who js wit:, his grandparents in Mexico, is also getting along well. SAGE TEA IN HAIR TO DARKEN IT it's Grandmother's Recip* keep her Looks Dork, Glossy, Beautiful. elass oJiigb. school 'District Institute. A W. · T. U. district institute will be held*' the Preaiiyterian churcb ·Wednesty, February 27th. at 10:30 a, m., rtb. the following program: Prayer nd praise service. Mrs. Anna Lowe; ppointment of Vanderbilt. VANDERB1LT, Feb. 20.-- vMrs. Harry Snjdei- was a ConneUsvilIe shop- Ier on Tuesday. Mrs. Henrietta Richter or Uniontown is spending the week with liet niece, ifrs. Luise Shallenberger. Miss Angehne Martin is visiting .Mrs. John McDowell, of Dun bar. Mr. and Mrs K. H. Co.lms, of DO.-V- son visited the former's parents, Mr and Mrs L. L Collins yesterday J. C. Beatty, Robert Lint, George Moore and William Beatty were Cou- nelisville callers yesterday Mrs. David Berwick of ConnelhviUe visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Thompson on Tuesday, Mr. and Mrs. Luigi Capo arc the proud parents of a baby boy, born Saturday morning. Mrs. Ueorge Penn of Wilson is visiting her mother, Mrs. Louise Shallen- beeger. The community revival services are being he;d each night this week in the Presbyterian church with goodly number of "people in attendance. Tonight is patriotic and lodge night and Friday night will be school night. Everyone is invited to attend. P. E, Dougherty of Uniontown was a busines caller her yesterday. Mr. Morrison was a Pittsburg caller on Tuesday cienig. Mr. Byua of Uniontown was here yesterday in the interest of I. J. Feath- The oloVtime mixlu-e of Sage Tea and Sulphur for darkening gray, ) streaked and faded hair is granrl- | mother's recipe, and folks arp again, using u to keop their hair a goo'l, oven color, which is onite sensible, as we are living m aa age when a youthful appearance is of tbe greatest advantage. Nowadays, though, we don't have the troublesome task of gathering the sage and the mussy inlxiiig at home. AH drug stores sell tiie rcady-to-uke product, improved by the addition of other ingredients, called "Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Comuaund." It is very popular because noibody can discover it has been applied. Stmply moisten your comb or a sofit brush j with* it and draw this through your ' hair, taking one small strand at a time; by morning the gray hair disappears, but what delights ihe ladies » i t h Vyeth i Sage and Sulphur Compound, is that, besides beautifully darkening the hair after a few applications," it i.lso produces that toft lust r e / a n d appearance of abundance which is so attractive This ready- to-use preparation is a delightful toilet requisite for those who desire a more youthful appearance. Tt is not intend-ed for the cure, mitigation or prevention of disease.--adv. ers whose building fire early Tuesday morning, destroyed by Ohiopyle. OHIOPYLE, Feb. 21.--Miss Elsie Beggs of Confluence, spent "Wednesday here with her class of music. · Arthur Bailey of Uniontown, was a business transactor here yesterday. Dr. H. P. Meyers of Confluence* was a professional caller here Tuesday. ifrs. Irwin Bailey who has (been ill with pneumonia is getting along very . nicely at tils writing. Her many committees; 1 friends wish her a speedy recovery. Dickerson Run. DICKERSON RUN, Feb. 20.--~i. E Hawkins of Pittsburg was transacting business her eyesterday morning. Mr*-. Harry Suyder of VauderbiH was calling on Conncllsvillc friend" Tuesday. Siuce the ice has mo\eil out or tin river hero quite a larfrc number of fish have been captured Onn ma? was seen witli a nice suing yesterday. Monday one young man captured an even dozen. They are mostly suckcri, J ?. Laughrey of North Dawpon wab a business caller hero yesterday. Mrs. lohn Keeney was shopping and railing on friends in Connellsville ca Tuesday. W S. Albright has accepted a posi- lion here with Ihe Pittsburg Laku JCrie railroad as yard brakernan. Savings range from 10% to 33%. Goods held for ftttnre delivery. There's no economy in buying cheap merchandise. Buying the best at the lowest market prices--that's what true economy really means. To spend even a few year* in a Home with Furniture, Carpets, Rugs, Stoves and Furnishings that shriek their cheapness and shabby appearance is bad economy to say the least. Because "cheap" Konsefumishings look cheap from the moment they are placed into your home and will prove their cheapness in a very short time. Aaron's Housefurnishings are different--they are reliable, dependable and have quality built right into them. Their cost is very little more, if any, than the inferior grades--in many cases less--especially during this February Sale period with its savings of 10% to 33%. And the guarantee that goes with every purchase takes care of "afterwards" as well as "now"--it's really insurance that your purchase will give complete satisfaction at all times. Connellsville's Reliable Six Big Floors of Quality flousefarnlshings to Choose From, Convenient Credit as Usual, If Desired. Housefurnishers Since 1891 Special Scale in Alabama. A wago scale for mining in , the Alabama district having been' agreed upon the Fuel Administrator has issued an. order directing that the 45 cents addition to selling price will no longer apply in this district. . . SOUR STQlAjS MONEY BACK FIT FAILS "Educsng public sentiment"; (a) I Mrs. Charles_G. Blair spent Wed- The P98, Mrs. l,ucy A. Poole; (b), J nestiay shopping and calling on Platfff 5 . Mrs- J. E. Meelsmith; (c) , friends in Uiuontown. Indiviial Effort, Mrs L. A. Marsh; j Irwm Bailey was Connellsville paper'Soldiers and Sailors' , Jfrs. H. E. Biters, Mt. Pleaw.nt. Afternoon Mrs. C. A. Colborn; "Our Toolind Bow to Use Them", Mrs. S. FnJiT, Mt. Pleasant; "Americanization. iMrs. H. R. Lobib, Alvcnon, -Intieants and JBssioas," Tarr Un- lonsolo, Mrs. Albert S. P. Keister; adass. Mrs. -Vf. H. Spacer, Hunt- injn conntr, county president ot W^- T. U.; duet, Marie Home and Keslar; eiercisj by boys and directed bj- Mrs. C. W. Stauffer; and question boi, MTS^"??. For S»4e. fix room house witn bath, lot =r!20 feet, on Loacks avenue, for low. F. E. DeWitt.-- Adv.-- 20-4L Patriotic fngram. The Ladies' Missionary society of he M. E. church -arill present a pa- jiotlc program ,in tie bliurcn Friday jvenlng. Femonitl. Mrs. Tillie Cupp and .-.on, Charles, of WiBsiusbnrg are visUng Inends jere. SLYCEWNE MIXTURE FOR APPENDICITIS Coanelisvllie peopl can prevent ap- enddeitis with f simple buckthorn jark*'glycerine, etc., as moced in Ader-i-ka. One spoonful flutlles tie en- dre bowei, tract so completely it re- leves any cas«i sour stomacb, gas'or o0stipition and preTcnta appendi- Jtis. The jnstaat, pleasant action of UUer-i-ka surprises hoth ttoctcrs aad jaiients. Leares storaacli clean and ·. A. A. Clarke--adr. . caller Tuesday evening. Mr. Hammond of QaUimor«. Md., .was a recent guest at the Ohiopyle Hoxise. - Perryopolis. PERRYOPOL.IS, Feb. 20.- William Baiter if the Four-Minute man listed to speak at the Pioneer /Iheatree Saturday evening. Rev. Law is listed lor Star Junr-tioa on Saturday evening. Revival services began, in tie Methodist Episcopal church Sunday evening with a good attendance. Miss Helen Armstrong has been suffering tbe past few clays with an attack, of appendicitis. Announcements have been received here of the arrival of a son at t.uc home ot Mr. and Mrs. Robert Blair at Coraopolis. Mrs. Blair was formerly TVIiss Laura Lynch of this place. Best W»j to Celebnite U Pr0perlr. We caa thmk of no more fitting -manner to honor tie memory of the Father or our Country than by buy- leg as many War Savings Stamps as one's means will permit--thus helping the laud George "Washington fought to free. Stamps are^on sale at the First National Bank of Connells- Rid the Skin of disfiguring bfemiihe* by PARAMOUNT JHEATRE TODAY "GATES OF GLADNESS" WORLD PRODUCTION IN 6 ACTS PARAMOUNT PRESENTS FATTY ARBUCKLE IN "OUT WEST" COMEDY IN 2 ACTS. ALSO "CURRENT EVENTS" UNIVERSAL. Friday and Saturday GOLJWYN PRESENTS -MADGE KBNNUDY IK "NEARLY MARRIED" The story of an almost bride and a not quite bridegroom Iu a roadhouse where they serve nothing but cbicken--in 8 Acts. ALSO A SELECTED COMEDY. --cosnxu-- ALICE BRADY IN Confluence. CONFLUENCE, Feb. 21.-- Mrs. Fred loontz, who underwent aa operation t Frantz's hospital, is getting alone iceiy. Miss Ida Bird of th« West Side reated her Sunday school class of the lethodist Episcopal church to a nice iffy pull last evening. Miss Elsie Beggs was in. Ohiop/le esterday. Reports received from the- bedside Based On Cost Per Tablet It Sayes SOISSON THEATRE THREE DAYS COffl-MKJf CJITG WITH 3fATIX£E TOOAY. A f'laj' 'J'hat finery Wouuui and Girl Ought to See "Why Girls Go Wrong" The Story f One fctirl's Experience J' I/He's Battles, COKING 'EXT WEEK: . Two Plays of Rare Quality f'LESA BIVEBS" AM) -'THE CHJRISTlAJf Are Out--Come in --the only Standard Phonograph Designed to Play all Records. --No Needles to Change. --No Records to Wear Out. This Pathephone Outfit JReeordh Model and your eJKiice of 6 (12 Selections) -- Special Payment 'Jrms Arranged. Pnlhe ficcordw 65c to $4.00. Pathephones $25 to $325. Some of the new "Hits" ," that you'll enjoy:-- Xn. 20277--Si/c HI-- Price 7»c. AVuit Till the ( O W N Porno Home, from "Jack o' 7*antern" t t a i j l i ) , Campbell and B u n . An 'lime's Kiijsini; Time, from ' Chj-Chm-Cbov." (Norton), Jean Sierljny, Com-allo. Henr' Burr. Tenor. Xo. i;ilifl4--Si» Id--1'ricc 75c. 'j'liir-'s a Green Hill Out in Flanders (Flynn), Harrj" MC- C'ldShey, Teno;. (liimt"i «f .ViirniKndi (flcll-.). Jean Sterling. Contralto. .No. i-iiStS--Si/e 10--J'ricc ":c. ,M) hvvf-eUe i B e r V n t . A r t h u i Fields. Tenor YocJ:-l-JIilo Tdiui (Donald'-oni. 3'reripss Quartet Xo. »ni93--Size Hi--Price 7.c. Hosji-a-l/jc, Jla Unhy (Missouri W a l t / ) ilvO£.m) Canip- op'I ami Burr. Tiiej ec(h'd an ^Jiucl in Kc:nen ( M y e a \ h ) , Henry Burr, Tenor. No. -f.u'S)2--ti«. Id--1'rici- 7.V. (.'he He (In- MiHinli-;h1. t-iie Mr tile (-iri c Von Tibcit, Peel les^ Quarlci H c J I d I i ' \ C Bl^ll l,(l«klHK For Ylnl. f i o l l l ' J J j f IJj^' Slio^," N V Hippodron e, ( G o J i i f - n - l J u u i i e l l ) , l.nius Winscb, Kan l one. n. itedU--Size 10--I'ricc "So. Smflc ;ind *ih't« i t t t ' r IHmsde. M^iile.x I"f^^ Trdi rnerlin- Kuby). I n i r o - "The Dixie Voluncu-:.-." .^ineiu-an Republic Band. J'lie Wild, ttild \t»mi.n. Mudlej One-Slen il'ierci^GlOOTa), I n t i o - "Look li- I p AMicn Y o u i e ill D i x i e " American Kc-puulu- Rand. ^(). iiMlK^-Si/c 10-- I'rlw 7,".e. Tin Coniinf; Hack to \i«, I'oor Ruttcrfh. Med'ov Tox Trot (Donnelly-Gojdpii-Uuli/j-l 1 *. int-o "Gef* "\\"hu - a Wonderful Male Yoi/'l Be." Republic Baiiil. Dance IViih Me. Tion "The Gras^ \\KJOV.-," Mcdloy One- Step (Pollot!,-Wo!l-llrsl]t, Inuo · J u l t Yon a-ul Me," American KepuLiu 1 IS;\nii Pathephone Department, Main Floor--Rear. EVERYTHING COOKED IJ2CE AT HOME, Strictly Fresh, Clean and Pure. ASK FOR OUH SPECIAL CLUB BREAFAST AND SUNDAY DINNER. "Our Pastries Are Delicious Because They Are Homemade." NEXT DOOR TO WEST PENN ·WAITING ROOM. ORPHEUM THEATRE TODAY .MAE.GAB1TA FISCHER The Happy Fascinating Star ot the Silent Drama in "MOLMT 00 GET 'Ml." Also a Good Comedy. --FRIDAY AST SAQ'UKBAT-- BIL.LIE BURKE IN -ARMS .VXD THE GIK1" / Yankee Ingenuity Wins. Billie Burke is irresistible. Follow her delightful lomance, her adventures and her triumph in this story of war-bound Belgium. t Big 15c Vlatinee Daily at 2:30. Evening Shows at 7:30 and 9:15. Clean, Progressive Amusement for the Whole Family. TOiWY ASl) T0310KKOV FEATURING TECK MURDOCK IRIS KENNEDY and tlie OLE JAZZ POCK Will Present the Next Week--Harrow's Little Bluebird On the Screen--Tliird Episode oC "Vengeance and tbe M omaa CHESTER S PILLS TIH: yiAiiwvu BSAsuT/^r* i roers GotMiig 8 IDGOCOOOCOOOOOOOSSOeOISDOOOOO soiDSYoaiioaiSTSEVEfiywaffiE L~.~ Coal. Prompt Soviet, (-.ill BUI rtouc 152 or 48'i Tri-stattt BT6.

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