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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 16

Ottawa, Canada
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Saturday, August 15, 1964
Page 16
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s ." ' r - ' Oldest competition on the District 10 schedule Is the Cole Cup, donated by John Cole back in 1919 and played continuously since 1923. This doubles tournament Is open to any affiliated lawn bowlers on the continent. It Is an all-day affair which will be staged on the greens of Highland Park today. i V ' i - I .mi a- y.asa,i Lr. -wlXja. ; IN NATIONAL JUDO, MEET Camp Petawawa colors willbe carried by this' quintet of Judo buffs August 21 to 23 at Toronto's National Exhibition when theyfake a crack at national -crowns in the 5th Annual Judo Championships. All are . members of the camp's Halaihita Judo organization, ' From left front: Bill Beecraft and John Hassler. Rear, from left: Victor. Whitfield; Norm Kendrick. Al McNeil. Petawawa Team Enters Judo'Meet -; - ' ?- CAMP PETAWAWA (Special) This military base wiU have five entries la the Sth-annuaJ udo champtaajships when they get trnderway at the Canadlaa National Exhibition at Toronto. Aug. 21 to a. : The quintet all members of the camp's Hatashita Judo Club. are SSgt John Hassler and LBdr. BUI Beecraft. - two gua-ners stationed here with New 4 RCHA; Cpt, Norm Kendrick of. the Camp Provost Detachment; LCpL Al McNeil, of tte Sth Canadian Hussars 'and Victor Whitfield, a Junior, of 1772 Dua- donaM Drive. ) V v V "! McNeil and Beecraft hold green and brown belts, respectively. They , placed second and third to the. lightweight division at the 1NVM Army Command championships t,t year at Camp Borden, Ont, , Kendrick. chairman and chief instructor for she local club, will be exchanging holds ia the heavyweight class at the tourney. He bold a brown belt Hassler. who recently won Us blue belt' la la the opea division, while Whitfield wMI grapple In the ' Junior : under II competition. ' & - Over the Net Currant National - Capital Lawn' Teaals Association League standing show a tight race for first place a all three fflvwona. - u Sectioa "B". Sldeaa is la the lead with 22 points, while West Ottawa YMCA follows wtth 2L ONECC has 14. Elm dale II, Ottawa nine and NCLTA Juniors eight Afl teems have played six matches ex cept Elmdale and the NCLTA Juniors, who have played five. Following Is the standing la Sectioa "(TV ' '. Eastern DMsioa--Rideau 23: ONECC Reds 22; West Ottawa YMCA White 18; Rockcliffe 17; St James IS; WrlghtvOle 10. (11 teams have played seven matches). .: - : ,.,r Western Division Aybner 20; Ottawa 10; ONECC Whites 19; BriUnnla 15; Ebndaie 13; West Ottawa YMCA Reds 11 DARA eight (All teams have played six matches), i , Billy Daniels Upsets Jones NEW YORK (AP) -i Bifly Daniels, a 34 hoar substitate, blasted the title hope of Doug Jones by scoring a stunning upset is . round spKt dec la ion ever the No. 1 heavyweight eon- tender at Madlsoa Square Garden Friday night Referee' Zach Cahyoa scored the deoUioa for the 3-1 Bnder- dog by a M-3 vote on round. Judge Joha Draa had tt M-l for Daniels. Judge Al Berf bad H S-4 for Jones. ,. ; The Aseociated Press card had Jons m front 0-4, ' Daniels. 1S4H. a farmer contender whs m longer as ranked, agreed to the ght ea Thursday - when Tony Along! was Forced k withdraw because ef bone chips of the right elbow. Journal Want Ad bring quick results. Jim Black Wins Ontario Singles Title; - TORONTO OV' Jimmy lacs, IS, of Toronto, Friday aignt won the Ontario lawn bowl tag tournament singles championship. ,. 1m doing so. be toppled two of the biggest names la the frve - day tournament IM Ontario singles champion Gordon MacMMaa of Oshawa 13- 1S In the semi-final and Cale donia's Neil Satkeld. a former Canadian champion, 11-14 m the finaL.-v:.v' .r ' Second - event finals winner was Jim Ruber of Waterloo who defeated Gord Ross of London. . ..V,,",: i:,,r: Jim Ridley v defeated Toronto chibmata Dave McPher-son JM to take the third event tlHe. while Rev. Dob Campbell of Sarnla bowled out Dick Adams of Whitby for the fourth singles trophy. -v ""- m unosay ovenrhaimad BiH Holbmd of TcrX 3T " v ekaawaaawaaaawMaaw, DETROIT (UPI)The Detroh " eoored three touchdown, m the final quarter, two, within a spaa of S3 aacoMa. a a.i. Baltimore 7"'w " e National r" league on THE DEST OF DOTH ARE HAPPILY DLEfJD ED AT JWL By JEAN SOUTHWORTH ." at The Inarms! '. Most of the principal seeds were "still ia - the running when semi-' and quarter-Anal rounds were reached yesterday in the Canadian Closed ; Junior Tennis Championships at the Rideau Lawn Tennis Club. An-upset occurred In the quarter-finals of the boys 18 , event when third seeded Bob ' Bardsley. of Vancouver lost 9-7. 44, S-4 to Dave Browa of Toronto, the No. S seed. Bardsley made a strong recovery in the final set but : failed to pull It out In the previous round he had defeated Mike Hamman of Ottawa 7-5, 6-0. ' .. ;: LEACH LOSES. "v.c-:; f Terry Leach, the only Ottawa ' player to make the round of eight, bowed 0-2, . 6-3 to second-seeded Bob ; Moffatt of . Vancouver. , lath previous round Leach had won 0-1, 0-2 over Dave . Ryan, another Ottawa entry. , Bob Puddicombe. of Van-' couver, the No. 1 seed, made the semi-ftnali by winning 0-1, 6-4 over Bernie Holdup of Toronto, who bsd knocked out i'aul Henry or Ottawa. 0-2, 0. ; - --... The semi-finals are slated for. two o'clock, this afternoon, with Pwddicomba meet nilgai 15 WITH Whatever hssssBad I the -an kkkr It used to be Quite e sight To sea a drop-kick art ist standing way hack by his self behind a V-far- waiting for the ball he he'll lift for a game- winning three point drop kick. Lot of drop kicks are still! tried ia Canadlaa football, burl only on the practice field. And they're tried for the sam reason a right handed batter prac tices hitting left handed lust to see if he can do tt, :; v . The death of the drop kick Matted a the forward pasi grew ia popularity aad the faot- Ul got longer aad Mtgetv, :- Drop I kicking the eld "musk- elon" ball made some sen because at least yoa had a tab or where K was going to go. When you attempt to drop-kick today's long ball when Jt buds oa its half mch point you're lucky to even hit K, let alone direct It " With today's ball,- the three point placement kick, where one man bold the ball upright on the ground for another tt kick. KI THE ALL-ELECTRIC , 1 ) Froo Oectrk Hooting , ' rtaaaetaaa aUctrle heattas sreaa yen aeitaaa iimfert bttaan N arectded a tbenaeatat in every reaea. van aat dial the teaaeere-tare TOU weal. Bleetrlc haallas la (ha clcaacot. aaleteel, aaf eel MJi: ' b c a 1 1 a a avatoca Wbat-i eem Mn Barer to err. AlHnclutive " ' J 'Arbraettve rental JWJ Jaaltac aerrk-e . . - , , ccnarnan , a VI .1 ' snrataa, ri - . 7" '. .' Nivdeni LGJL ;V'v' AlWectrk Kitchens .: Be-laaa eclearad aeartrtc acnttj ear ' ancec . . . caacnaa, necaral weed knebea eaMaeta . Venereac dta ' ' . . tribaalea at cticulcaf aattate. . OPENING SPECIAL OMY 3 nonnis REI1T FREE DtTRA SPECIAL FEATURES ever dccbiad bealUafal ... ... Mrvtcsi , aeven taB-CJoe . lawn eearuas ''a'- J1 Fumi.hs. ; ; A ' t ,- ing Brown and Moffatt play-. ing Barry . Shakespeare , of , ' Halifax, . . v t.'-.s The -trat four seeds ad-,'vanced to the semi-finals of the girls 10 event They were Lindsay and Maureen "Watt the Vancouver iwlnst Andre Martin of Montreal and Nancy Green of . Torohtoi . Mis Green, the No. 4 seed, eliminated fifth-seeded Rose- . marie Fletcher of Ottawa by S count of 1-0, 04, 6-2 Jn the' , quarter-flnala, T :7 - H ; Two Ottawa player, Leach and Scott Duntop, made the quartar-flnala ia the boys 10 . ' and 14 events respectively. .., la the eider group, Leach ,: won . 0-0, 6-4, 6-4 ... over seventh-seeded Nigel Has of Toronto to move into the round of eight - ' 1 ' ' . other favored players who 1 met defeat In this event ware flftbwaeded Geoff Harris of ' Edmonton and sixth-seeded George Jacoby of Montreal.' , Harris lost S-4, 6-3 to Jean . Peru of $t Pascal, Que, and Jacoby went down 6-3, M to Mike Bolton of Vancouver. . i. .. ; v. ' . Two of the seeds la the boys 14 event were knocked out ia the second round by Ottawa playenv Murray Monroe upset thlrdeeeded '- John Creasy of Montreal 0-2. 7-S. while Gerry Fllioa - defeated flfth-eeedsd Philip . Erney of Montreal 9-7, 6-2. UJiIflilgl I J- ' 'J SW a ' Is a lot afr and a lot surer. 'The drop kick wa thrilling 4a,. anaawSotV ' BaaS aaaa, laf OlbaS laaia W . WSSVVSBa aVJS SFaP aa v bomb'V ' the .N '.yard om- pleted pas and K eoulda't happen without 10118 long; ball. II 1 yoa kave,,e -point 'you'd Hka2rni to discus, In future column, a drop a line to "Let' Huddle." la cere of The Ottawa JouraaL ' -,! i);y.'. t. IL Linescoi'ils Buftaia . : ' loa 0 S 1 -i. AUaaU i ' l 10 a S (4) Marritt and Hundley. LP Blrrar Hn waatneraeaen. . . Bwffale '1.. ei eee'eoi i 1 Atlaata 0 aot Ita S 8 Anaaraoa. Bauta (Tl and Coia- tet 1 eaa s . 1 s am Aekley. H (SI Bleketta. Upafcl ts. la ncaaij. Cataaabue-, aoa ao ana 1 aotnaaaar aseeeln I I -1 Knack. Uaaa ffl, Jonaa (8) aad Price: MeCoraatett and Plena tana. b h 18 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL SATURDAY, AUOUSlf 15, 1864 y - CANADIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS - IUCEI SCIm'&' . i 7 Seeded Platters Advance CHANGE IN FORMAT It m once a Mraight knock out competition and took u kmf m It days to play off. In the early history of too tourney, thai Wat Do limit to th num bar of dead audi and Areata Atkinson was recalling at the Elmdale the other afternoon a Batch which Anally wound up at S.M In the morning, The shields on the trophy bring to mind many lawn bowl teg greats of the district. The lata Howard Carkner and Ed Berry have won the trophy on three occasions. , A father and son entry. Dr. H. L Cheney and son Reg took K for the Ottawa LBC in 1S. Ottawa lawn Bowling Club pairs have annexed the Cole Cup M times. The host club. Highland Park has kept It home nine years. The cup has proved elusive for Centrals and Elm-dale. Centrals have five vic- . tories and Elmdale only two. Chairman of the tournarae today Is Earle P. Roy. a two-time winner. His committee In cludes District 10 chairman J, J. Bridges, A. Finseth. Ray Kempster and Barker I Smith. HONOR ROLL . Continuing our policy of pob- Ushina complete lists of ners of evenu la District II for those who keep records we give yoa the Com Cup honor roil. . lilt J. C MacPhersco, George Rook; Vits; lttt, Frank Brook. -John Hoer. HP; 1S24, J. Mowatt, Staff McCartney. Vita; . E. Rboades, J. H. Carkner. HP; MOO. P. Stivers. A. MacXentie. Burgh; IK7, G. Herring, Bert Liberty. Ott; ISM. C. E. Fftgg, J. H. Carkner, HP; lt, H. Schwartz. M. Ask-with, Ott; , IMS. G. Carver, E. Pye. HP; 131. J. Maudsley, J. Bradley, Vits; ISO. J. W. E. Emslie, P.. Tory, Ott: MOJ. G. P. Taylor, Bert Liberty, Ott; ISM. A. Clarke. 'J. Bradley, Ott.; ISJS. R. Edney. E. Pye. RPrUac. D. Jack. M. Brown, Cent; IS3T. J. G. Portler. J. H. Carkner. Ott; 1138. E. Marshall. L. McCormick. Ott?: MSI. J.' A E. Cowley,' J. Allan, Cen, if. M. Brown,' M. Askwith, Cent: 1M1. r. E. W, J. Hebert, Ott: ISOJ. Mag- mdry, F. Munroa, Cent: IMS. J. A. HabbishawE. P. Roy. HP; W41 U Dawson. J. Gib son, Ott; IMS, F. Wormmgtoa, W. Hutt. Ott: IMS, R. Hood. F. WrighU Cant; 1M7. L. Daw- son. J. A. Kobertson, Ott; IMS, fta Chwwy, Dr QmmTi Ott.; IMS, J. Wooley, H. E. McLean. Ott; 15. R, Andrew. B. C McMoaagle, Elnw list, R. An drew, B. C McMoaagle, Elm.; Ia. G. Hebert J. A. . Dettx, Ott; HO. J. P. Ebbs, Ed Berry. Ott; 1154. J., P. Ebbs and Ed nilTAL FlinITUrJE tss Bank, in-isee. reraHare. vtelt au Manay WM awe at 111 Mam?, SM-S14T, V 7,'-. G. H. t Jsssa's FtxclJsrt United ; ' 5 me strata Mlkm T J. D. Sz-dcrsca T ROOFINCr I ROOF REPAIRS SHEET METAL WORK - -417 CATHERINE ST. ' . ; CEM3t ; sewweowoewoaooooooeeee ' BrJCKIWOBAN IM.A. ll ae St. Jeaaac, M4 nil Cat Your FLUTWOOD STEREO, Hm AMFM FREE ; CTTAIUAUrTrCJCGCl 009 Bask V - H243II 00 Laval, HasT l." ni-OSOO rnm hacnhiid ar we ear. WeeB, BMM ree am rerarlara, vhet rw m! ) . s I 1 f Berry. Ott; IMS. G. C. Wilson, Dr. Cheney. Ott.; ISM. C. B. Doaeny. W. A. Donaldson, Glebe; ISS7. W. B. May. M. A. Atkin son, Cent.; 1SS8, N. Anderson, E. P. Roy. HP; ISSS. A. Finseth, N. Anderson. HP. MS. J. S. H. Taylor. Ed Berry, Ott.; lttl, R. Kempster, G. Torrance, HP; 193. J, H. S. Taylor. H. R. Holmes. Ott; ISO. G. Whitley,' W. C. Wert. Ott - J ; COMPARES DRESS. , Former headmaster Geoffrey Sceats of Napier, New Zealand, competing in the Ontario pro vincial championships at Toronto says bowling .hi Canada Is slower. He also take a shot au bowlers'- dress. Says Sceats, In New Zeal and, they are meticulous about dress white shirt, trousers and brown shoes. Improperly dressed bowlers are not allowed on the greens." (Wa can bear Ford Pratt echoing, Hear) Hear!) Sceats should have been at Elmdale Club Tuesday when the A stage of the Ontario ladies provincial championships la progress. The ladies all wore white and they looked sharp, Yoo could easily tall the players from , the spectators. ncidentafty. Ford Pratt thinks women are better at lawn bowl ing than curling. Ha should know... . ; -i : 5 "The ladies play more mixed competitions m lawn, bowling than la curling and get to play ig ana get to piay ," be argues, y wa saw. with our I eye, .the ladies all the shots." From what inexperienced can hold their owaon any greens with the men. - - SILVER DOUBLES One of the moat Interesting competitions on the schedule Is the Silver Doubles for the W. B. "Baldy" George Trophy. This is held annually at the Kemptvills L a w a Bowling riut. , .1 The Arophyv was' preaented for play la 1839 and it has had ordv one double winner. Re. Cheney of Centrals. This hi a popular event which draws a heavy outside entry yearly. Jack Carman and D. Muirhead of OLBC took the silver prizes Wednesday of this week, KemptvUle LBC was formed la 1923 and has been active continuously since. ' Wilfred Folkhart hi president of the eight-green layout . The membership is dotted with names prominent m education,' A former president It W: & George who beld that pott m 1941. Georte. who was CAHA preddent for a term of three years, has the longest uninterrupted members Up at KLBC. A. M. Brr, principal at Kemptvill Agriculture School, is 1ca-praaident Two of the members, A. Latimer and E. & Marshall still play although Ihey caa look back on their SOth birthdays. r. J. Parish, also of KAS. ia the club's secretary treasurer. The honor ran for the Silvar Doubles follows: ism. w. L wuuiu. w a wkkL memnt i. . a. Waeaer. B a OaUra. Btaea 141. 1. m. Orflla, J beii. OLBC: im w J. SUtclMaek. a. Cob. Brackj la. leev.a. oma, Dr. tu- noe. it mam.: isee. c fm. j. a. Aananaa, sUnau late I. ft. a, Cknn. Can laaa: a. Muae..a. Haiaaaav. r lal i last. I OMamav Dr. H. n,n. OLBC: less, a Oedaa, J. M. J oka. aa. airaca.; isu, u. H. weaa, a. Andrew. Ebn.1 lass. M. KaMiiJ 1. m. Carlner. OLBC: lata. . Con lay. . Bowera. Praa.; ItM. rn ran aao uny auuaadaa, lau lass. Oaors BavtawaU. 1. Duaoaa. Ahav; lass, W. Oatwar. t. BMCutcbaaa; Klnj tsea, i. aaanadr. X. , kUrahall. KampL: -vnama, B. lsitl annaa, CaatJ ISM. T. Levi. Baa. Cheaar, cant 4 isss, a. Tarlor. BL a Holmaa. OLBC; 1SS4. O. Hiilrtiaia. EAGLES BEAT STEELERS ALLENTOWN, Pa, (UPI) Tun Browa raced a yards from scrimmage midway through the third quarter Friday night to lead the Philadelphia Eagle a 24-iJ exhibition victor over the Pittsburgh Stealers m the School District Stadium here. ' Journal Want Ada quick results. . : , brin Shop Wirir ConfkfeKo Wfcere Yot See This SmI of Sarbfaction : aj yiii4i'(t illlW) & tawa. Saf. Mark BobarW. Salat John. S-O. s-4: Mlohaal Mac Don-aM. Maajtnal. aal. Caiaaraa Mon. roa. Ottawa. t-J. 4: Brace rira atona. OlUwa. daf Kaa Conwar, St. Joha'a. MM, a-a. e-4. BOVS IS SINOLBS SaoonS round: Blake Dvnlop. . Otuwa. aaf. DoaaM Camaroa. Vancouver: -0-. Oany rillon. Ottawa. 4ml. Nulla Brnay. Moat-real. a-. a-S; Boott Ounloa. Ottawa, dot. Joha kUeDonald. Montreal, a-, a-a: Sofia MsVu- una, KiiuMoa, ear. Bob Kalhr. Oalt, s-a. a-e: BUI MaeDomn. Toronto, dec. Boaa Oavar, Ottawa) Roear BkllllBss, VtctorU. eat. Stewart McAlpln. Deep Blvar. a-l S-e: Murray Monroe, Ottawa, aaf. Joha Craaejr. Moatraal, 04, Third round: Dfva arryan". BurUnston. dat. at' Ounloa, S-l. a-I; s. Dunlo del. O rtUon. a-, S-S: B. Sklutnaa dec. J. Mefar-laad, a-1. -t: Jun Piatt. Torontn del. M. Mon roa, S-4. a-S. BOYS' IS SINOLSS - Saeond round: Cordon oibMiia, Soarborauskf del. Bruce Breofca. Otuwa. a-1. t-; Nteai Haaa. Toronto, daf. Soott Duiuop, Ottawa, a-; S-l: Tarry laaon, Ottawa, daf. Orag Harrla, Barnonton, T-I. S-d Our Lacnleux. Sherbrocaa. def. Brtaa OealaurMta, Ottawa,. S-a, ..- v- -t Third raund: T. Uaah act. If. Haaa. e4.a-4.S-. . ' S Borr i tmeLis Toronto, a-1. a-4: Barn la RoMup. Toronto, daf. al Hanrr. Ottawa, a-e. e-t: Bob Bai-dawr. Vaaaotnar. daf. Mike Hantmaa. Ottawa. T-. a-S: Dave Browa. Toronto, ' daf. Pierre BobUUrd. - Moatraal. 84. a-e: Bob Moffatt. Vancouver, def. Pierre Lamarehe. Montreal. -1. T-t: Tarry taaeh. .Ottawa, -daf. Dave Byaa. Otuwa. a.ii 4-1 Barrr' Shanacaaara. Halifax, daf Fa tar . Klrhardaon. Montreal. 4-1. .!: Victor BoUlna. Vaaeawver. def. Oan Tevac. LoaSaa. -. a-4. - Quarwr-flnala: B. S if. B. Holdue, a-1. S-4: daf. B. Bardalev. , a-e, -ti a. Moffatt daf. T. Lateh, Bbikaapaara daf. V. , a-i. a-a: at, Bailina. -, a-1. auunaa coo aiaaw , nu ... .......-.,.-a'T.; 1"- .v Aa C V 1 a ' LARGE ENCLOSED PRTVATB PATIOS "i. ! CHURCHES AND BOTH SCHOOLS ; . Service Station Specials TOWN HOUSE COMMUNITY ; TVlXy DECORATED: Ladles ; Botst oa advanee notice the tatertor U rally decora tad te jreur penonsl ; eeiwnT srAeaae . ) ... J , j; SEPARATE PAWDEB BOOMS: At-tractive I piece pewdar reosa with 1 , waaalrw m aula Ooor ef 'each bom. t .' COLOURED CERAMld wilECE ' BiaTiiBrknata, raa, ku . . iM f nwa avruwr 10 wuinaiacj as wins, ' ruu. arAUOUS lAIIHINTi Elactrie heating ha ae fanuce ar ' .,((..' ruei 1 Models art open for roar dailt: 9 o.m. to y p.m., LocctcJ cn Voodrooffe Avenue - at MAJESTIC , (One mile south 0f Banellne Road) PHONE 025-3133 : Ia the next round Dun lop beat Fllloo 6-2. M to enter the qusrjer.flnaU. BJII Mitchell of Toronto, the No. 0 seed, tost 0-2. 3-0, 6-4 to Kevin Page of DorvaL ,' FAVORITES LOSE Only two favored players met defeat In the girls' divi sion. Jsne O'Hars. of To- ronto, the top seed In the under-14 event, wis defeated 3-6, 0-3. 7-S by MicheHe . Carey of Vancouver. In the undeMO group, fifth-seeded Nancy Pairs of London went down 0-3, 0-4 to Susan Eager of Vancouver. Weaflier permitting, the final of all the closed events will be played tomorrow. It . is expected that some first-round matches wiH also be run off in the open competition. - - , Following are soma "of Fri-day scores: . emu i smaLBS r ! Vtetarla, del. Robin tea Monroe, Ottawa, a-i. e-S. raxs i sinoum Ira) Mekeoa. Montreal, daf. Johanna Auooln. Halifax. .. e-s. a-l: naaamarie ricteber. Ottawa. M. Dawn ror-raat Saaaaloon, S-S. a: Nancy Oraea, Toronto, del. Maria" Klrl-Ud. WUIawdala. a-l, a-S. Quartar-anala: Mauraaa Watta. Vancourar, del 1. Dteaaen, a-1. S-4: M. Oraea, def. a. rieteber. 1-e. 4M. e-s; Undaay Watta. Van-aamar, del. Malda Bamatt. Bd. Bwatea. a-1. a-1: Andrae Mania. Montraal. daf. Beverlr Sayaaa, BOTr It StNOLBS tret, round: Blake Denies, Ot- ,,Laibricaliosi t.. , n. .,: -()' .yij.-i1- .i or .... a Conalcta unnarearriaaa hibrleatton ' e Check! Tranamlaalon U and dlrierenual. atuMiar eyMam and chock ebeorbere, brake , fluid and staarbt kas, balterjt, Ian ball and. radiator. QQ aaa.. -.- --tt- -; --. .--i-r.; r,-r, ""T, Front Wheel Bearing Bspaek'-.rf Mtr ' V--',.-'.'-''; v'. e Ckectt trralU nnms. wheel baaruun and caa la. QQ BapacS beta front wheal baarinea a Canadian Can SJf ' Brake AdhMtaisiH . : - ' V. Adyaet an wheal and aiaaiaancv brakea e Add brake flaM aT roouiraa. a vneca nraxa '' cy Under a fanadHa eaia Wheel Balaaee a Birtudec welsnts aaS Ubor, ear wheal arf- Wheel AltgaaMot aadi m - For loaee ar worn tram en o Chick eeeear, 1 anil at QA and toa-tn - a Canadlaa can t ' Say ' Wheal AJUamaat g.M tt teejalied aarta extra. - . ' ' Service statioa Hoar TJS am to 0 pjn. v pleas L mm PRIVATE FENCED-IN YARDS -. V ... -i 1 . t, , w.. HANDY SHOPPINO, 1 i r PLANNED UCHTINO ? , EXTRA SAFETY AND BEAUTY, CONVENIENCE ' INDOORS AND OUT 'J'. I 1 ' Impextioa: '" "''OR eaJ . , .-1 C:nslrc:li:alfcitsd .-;(' ;v :, :,;r::.: r.l.- - . V'A f 1' , : ( , 1 . I A,' . V v-

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