Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 6, 1975 · Page 84
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 84

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 6, 1975
Page 84
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Connery buckles mean swash in By James F. Dent -THE WIND AND THE LION," Sean Connery, Candice Bergen. Plaza East. *** " This is one of those big outdoor adventure movies based--but very loosely-on history. It gives Sean Connery the opportunity to buckle a mean swash. The factual nugget from which the movie leaps into fantasy is that in 1904 a Berber chief named Rais- uli kidnaped a wealthy American businessman, Ion Perdicarus, and held him, briefly, as hostage while Raisuli and the Sultan of Morocco worked out a dispute. Word of the kidnaping reached the United States just as the Republican National Convention was dutifully re- nominating Theodore Roosevelt for President and Roosevelt's Secretary of State John Hay, thinking the convention needed a good saber rattling to wake them up, issued a thundering Big Stick warning: "We want Perdicarus alive or Raisuli dead!" And that's just about all the action the United States officially took in the matter. That's not much to build a big movie on. So the film makers have improved somewhat on history. First, they've turned the American businessman, who was plump and balding, into Candice Bergen and given her two children to take into captivity with her. Then they've made the kidnaping a cause celebre in the United States with Teddy Roosevelt stomping around roaring like a wounded grizzly bear. And finally, they've landed a detachment of American Marines in Mor- Film Review occo and sent them into pitched, bloody, battle against Moroccan troops and also--hold on to your hats--the German army. It's all thundering good action entertainment--but terrible history. But who goes to movies to learn history? "The Wind and The Lion" is a most handsome movie, filled with magnificent scenery, hordes of Arabs charging around on horseback, and glittering Moroccan palaces. Sean Connery plays the part of Raisuli and seems to be enjoying himself mightily as he decapitates, shoots and otherwise messily disposes of his foes. Miss Bergen is feisty as the American widow he's kidnaped and who-surprise, surprise--grows to likehim.and Simon Harrison and Polly Gootesman are good as her children who are thrilled by being swept off into romantic captivity. Brian Keith is excellent as Theodore Roosevelt, even looking a great deal like the old photographs of the President and reflecting TR's devil take the hindmost approach to foreign policy. John Huston is properly cynical as Secretary Hay who, eyeing a bear Roosevelt has shot, mutters: "I hope it was a Democrat, Teddy." The rest of the cast is also good. Geoffrey Lewis is a pistol toting Sean Gonnery and Candice Bergen. OPENING WEDNESDAY THE GOOD DOGTOH NEIL SIMON'S COMIOT WITH MUSK --SKOAL IISCMWT HWKTOB--i SBM 9 OFF REG. PIKE Friday, Saturday A Sundays Only CHM1ISTON71S-3I11 SUNDAY SPECIAL · N»w York Strip* Fil.t t 4 · Sirloin · Kansas City * , 11 ludti~FF or iakod Potato 59ltemsOnTlieli»ttUMn . Secretary L«ch Dai) American diplomat and Steve Kan-, aly and Roy Jenson are a couple of military men who joyously hope that their Moroccan intervention might lead to a world war. Vladek Sheybal is a petulant Moroccan official and Nadim Sawalha is Connery's second in command. Streisand, Caan good match in ' West YkfWs fe. 1|teeklw«e Orai5PJI.'tl12MIDIIKHT SUMAYS KAHAWHAGITY CLUBHOUSE |4102NacC»rUelUe.$i. 92S-99SO There ore no FINER DIAMOND RINGS Permanent Registration, loss protection, perfect quality assured by . Keepsake. ^eepsake* RcfuteRd Diamond Rinp \~fiiAjfi \ ^^%nO^^f^ of Spring Hi |^*^f 4833 MacCorkle Ave. PH. 768-8821, By James F. Dent "FUNNY LADY," Barbra Streisand, James Caan. Virginian. A Ph.D. degree is not necessary to guess that this is the sequel to "Funny Girl," being the continuation of the life and times of the late Fanny Brice and starring Barbra Streisand and a lot of 1930 clothes. No one ever has to worry about anybody being undressed in a movie like this since the fashions are as important as the stars and the plot. As "Funny Girl" ended we had Miss Streisand, as Fanny Brice, breaking up with gambler Nick Arnstein (Omar Sharif) and as "Funny Lady" opens we see Miss Streisand, now an established Broadway star, still carrying a very large torch for her lost love. This is dangerous since Mr. Sharif is such a wooden actor, the flames from Miss Streisand's torch could set him afire and he would burn like a Yule log. Luckily, Miss Streisand wastes little time finding a much livelier companion in the person of James Caan who plays impressario Billy Rose as sort of a Jewish Sonny Cor- eleone. Mr. Caan is a strong enough screen personality to stand up even to the onslaught of Miss Streisand and their scenes together are nicely played. '·*··· The plot, which surfaces between musical numbers, supposedly tells SHOWTiME,'Juiy6,7975 ' ' us how Miss Streisand finally purges her passion for Mr. Sharif, marries Mr. Caan and then finds him carrying on with the star of his Aquacade, Olympic swimming star Eleanor Holm (Heidi O'Rourke). There is a funny line here-supposedly true--in which Miss Brice eyes her rival, Miss Holm, critically and rasps: "Swim something for me, kid." . , Mainly, though, the plot only .« serves to hold together a lot of songs (old Rose standards like "Paper Moon" and new John Kander-Fred Ebb melodies) and a bunch of big production numbers including a very funny sequence in which a horrifyingly overproduced and over/costumed Broadway musical falls, literally, to pieces in front of the audience's eyes. Imagine anything that might go wrong with a show that features a giant figure with rolling eyes, a live buffalo and a whirling stage, multiply that by three and you've got the resulting chaos. I will confess that I had to fight to stay awake during one scene-which appeared to go on for seven hours-in which Miss Streisand and Mr. Sharif meet in her Hollywood home and she finally throws him over. Paraphrasing a critic writing years ago about Katherine Hepburn, in this scene Mr. Sharif runs the gamut of emotions from A to B. But Miss Streisand and Mr. Caan are very good. The rest of the cast--other than Ben Vereen who does a "Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie" production number-just sort of stands around. Roddy McDowell plays Miss Streisand's pal and Larry Gates appears briefly as Bernad Baruch. The movie is handsomely mounted and obviously money has been Ot»n2PM Daily For ap adventure in good eating and fine entertainment of Kanawha Valley's Newest and finest Supper Clubs. THENEWHALMARKS featuring George Hall Bonnie 8. Mike Fifzwafer spent with a lavish hand to recreate costumes, sets and other 1930's period paraphanalia. It's said to have cost $8,500,000. It shows every pen- nv of it. IN CONCERT Ucatd list of f 1-64 ittkt end of the Diriar Tri IrMte, Dm*»r.*.V». NormaVee, Vocalist THf FIESTA LOUNGE PRESENTS Mon. thru Sat. 8:00-1:00 "THE NORMAVEE TRIO" Danceable Music of the 819 Band Era Featuring West Virginia's Top Vocalist: NORMA VEE Ron Hester on Drums Jim Beane on Trumpet THE HESTA LOUNGE Adjacent to Smiley's Motel 16210 MacCorkle Ave. S.W. St. Alans 7 68-4277 or 7 68-9091 SPKIAl GUESTS R.E.O.SPKD WAGON SUNDAY, JULY 13 8 PH. TICKfTSOHSAU HOW KSTTVAl SEATING J5JO UMIItD ADVANCE CIVIC CENTER, SEARS, SBC, TAPE .CITY STORES, GORBYV TURNER'S, PEPPER- IAND, BUDGET TAPE, NITRO BEVERAGE, STATIONERS, KEEN JEWEIERS, NAH RECORD MART-PARK., HECK'S-BECKIEY, MUSIC MART-OAUC HIU, ORCHID SHOP-tO- GAN, AlCOVE-GAUIPOtlS, BAUER SOUND-PT. PLEASANT, QUICKSItVER- MONTGOMERY MAILORDERS a. TOP do CHAMSTON CMC CENTS*' HEYNOIOS SHEET. CHAIIESTON, W. VA. 25301 CALL 348-8070 FOR INFORMATION IN ASSOCIATION WITH WKAZ. UHARUSTONClV'KCENTEir Use Want Ads. Dial 348-4848 CHARLESTON, W. VA. /5s

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