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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 21, 1918
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ConneDsville's Biggest and Best" Newspaper. Sworn Avera'ge Daily Circulation Last Week, 8,533 /OL. 16, NO. 87. CONNELLSVILLE, PA^ THURSDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 21, 1918. EIGHT PAGES. JSSIANS SURPRISED AND GERMANS MEET WITH LITTLE RESISTANCE IN ADVANCE :eh of tfce Teutonic Hordes DoMtmues With Keral As I ObjectiTC. ' ! MORE THAN 100 OF TEEN AGE ARE AT CONVENTION ENCH BREAK THROUGH Brilliant OffeosiTe yen Xonnl, ley Take More Than 400 Prisons; Aerial rightcrs Active OB 'West out and in the Italian By Associated Press, om the Gulf of Finland to ine aern border of Volhynia the Ger- advacce into Hussia ;s progress- The maia objectives are said to tcval on tne coast of Ethonia, f between Bvinsk and Petrorad the important centers of MinsK Vitevsk. e important railway junction of ·vethno, 50 miles northwest of k is reported to have, been cap- 1 by the Teutons, e occupation of Dvinsk on Mon- ·XHJS PUML MDJfT JfOTICE -rHJE KEL.ITIOX SHE WKOTJJ IT. Some amusing incidents come under the attention of the tearb- ers in. the public schools. Thia one happened during examination in the Third ward school. The children were writing sentences. The words "sat" and "teach" wero pronounced m succession by the teacher. One pupil -wrote: "The old hen sat on the ne^t for two weeks." Then. "She will teach me now." Program Opened This Morning M Methodist .Protestant Church of City. SESSIONS LAST ALL DAY Mass Meeting t« Which Adults Are lu- rltcd is Scheduled for this Evening; Lenders in Suutluy School Work of tne County Are in Attendance. I Over 1QQ delegates prominent in \ | Sunday school work in various parts of thc county were present at thc · opening session of an. all day confer- i en.ce for the older boys and girls oC the Sunday schools of Fayette county, generally known as '"'teen agers," ttiis morning in thc Methodist Protestant church. Tho registration commenced at D o'clock and at 9:oO 6'clock SHIP WORKERS ENROLL Tie 250,000 Sen Wanted for Shipyards 4j"e Assured. a Praise service was held. This was By Associated Prw. (followed by a joint session, tor tfder WASHINGTON, Feb. 21.--Prelimi-i boys and older girls, with Rev. A. M. .. , _ ,,,, nary estimates of tbe results of the Hanes of South Brownsville, caair- was a complete surprise to. the] campaign to enroll 250,000 ship work- I roan. Thc speakers were A. R. 'Waite, ' " "" ers shows that the number sousrht will ot Chicago, and P. G. Onviff, of Phil- VASUIXCTOX J)EC. 'KST KKPORT TO 5SS3LVX Sl'KKLUii IS 31 IS L.V COXGR Congressjnan Brace P. Sterling is keeping in close touch with the War .Department ia an effort to secure the very earliest information concerning th-? ·whereabout of William Lewis Ball, member of the 20th Engineers. At 1 p. m. today tte following telegram was received which shows that the adjutant general's office ii still without information: Washington, 0. C, 1'isb. 21. 191S. The Courier. Conni'IlSYiHu. 1'a. I'rlvnls lVillia:u I,rnis Bull wai locaU'il December Stst, with lJeadi|U«rttrs Detodimrnt, Tculli Ilallal- ion, 2nth Engineer*, nl Americiv» l;uiMrsi!;y, Uis- trtct of Colnmbin. The Adjutant General has einee had no report of transfer or Hluess. BRUCE F. STKKLEiO. BIDS SUBMITTED FOR THE ABANDONED MINES !N THE MORGAN VALLEY Was 'VTidp Ranee in Offers fiir Vmts: j lipsurnption of l'J:-nts LDioiy to Korganfovrn Starts Proceeding i Repopulafc-tlit Valley. Before Public Service I Thc olror of t h o H , c ' Fri : k Coi . le t . j company to roeene bids for the- eight Commission. [ abandoned mine properties in tbe (Morgan, Valley attracted ihe attention HOME CONCERNS FIRST l ^^^^ZTM l i n g operations in tins \icuiity. The ! eight piantb. Valley, Morgan, Hist, Tip Then L«l Those Outside thc Statt i Top. I'our.dry, White-. Novelty ana Draftees of Districts 2 and 5 Will Share Honors Saturday 'ight. MILITARY BAND TO PLAY HKVJ the Kemaiiuler Is Hie Uurdon of tlio Complaint; Might Scrionsly Affect the Conucllsvillc Hrgion. Conaetlsvilie's supply of gas may be seriously aflected by au action started yesterdaj at Charleston, \\". Va., to have thc state limit Lhe supply piped j o£ time fixed by the company to re- from tho state. Former Governor c^ivo n:fis. The exact nunibpr recciv- SummH hail been divided into live units by tlr- engineers ol the Frok company. Blue prints were furnished proKpoeiive bidders who went upon tbe ground and marie inspections of tie properties preparatory to making out their bids. Five o'clock yesterday was the limit jocal Board '». ."i Completes Classification 01 Occupational Cards; Is .First in the t'unnty to Haie This Distinction; Teachers Lend AM. William B. Glasscoek, representing tbc city o( Morg.uuown and nine manufacturing compuiic-s located m JIoi:- ongalta county, filed a for:ual complaint with the Public Service Com- ^^rr-.--r-zz-- . ! miaision against the Hope Natural Gas be much exceeded and that thousands of union men have joined without restriction against working with uuor- ad el phi a. Sessions are being held tins after- ] noon in the Methodist Protestant and · an and military population. The ians met with, scarcely any rc- nce and took artillery and much unition. e German advance w,U continue au authenticated copy ot the age of surrender is received from | government in Petro- ' This is r.ow ( on Us "Way. reign Minister Kuehlman told the ian Reichstag that he believed the u-ar -would bring peace in the Tiie treaty ·with Ukraine was : for the purpose of forcing th-, levilu to accent tie G-enaaa. 5. Germany, he .declared, wauib i qualified, whether union members o r j G o e , Vandcrbilt; .Mrs. Lucy ice with Russia that correspond-| not The only thing asked, and Lhat 'Dunbar; Mrs. Brama " Gertaan interests, in announcing the German invasion of Esthonui in answer to appeals Cor help. YOUGH RIVER AT 14 FEET IS AT OF YEAR , . ( ed h:is not been, aanounced. Neither Is i inforrnation is given OUL as to - the a-nounLs of tbc bids but it lias been learned from parties v, Uo ftulitnitted bids that, there was a a wide discrepancy among tbera. For one unit ganized workers. The fact that no re- ; First Methodist Episcopal churctics. i strictions have besii imposed by the while this evening there will be a ess to work , mass raeeung, at which D. M. Hert- dopartTvent pf ' zog, president ot tho county associa- la-bor confident that, the employers ' tion is prosiding. Harold F. Poste, of will meet all fair demands. j Washington, Pa./is among the speak- Thonsands or union men have sign- ! er 5 this afternoon. ed their readiness to report at thc | Among the delegates registering up shipyards when needed to work side j until noon were Ralph C. Bu-rer, Mrs. Clayton Anscll, by side with all members who may be | H. L Schupp, Unionttwrn; West Tenn is Temper- aHIy Halted. coiapany. the West Virginia Traction E!etcnc company and the Rasdall Gas company which has Tor its pur- j ?-iO,000 was offered. The successfn posu thp testing of the co^tmis-sion's }bidders will be notified after a tabula authority to require gas companies serving consumers both in and out of West Virginia to .snpplj home consumers first. The filing of che complaint has been .Arrangements have been about completed for tbe dcmnnbtration to be g i v en ihe draftees when they leave here on Saturday night for Camp Lee. The men from boCb Districts Nos. 2 and .} will leave the Armory at 6 o'clocK -·harp and march lo tbe Baltimore A Ohio station. Better entraining facilities than m Lbe ))ist have bwn promised by the railroad company, aaci awaited with great interest throng held severa.1 weeks ago by representatives of tho Wo.3t Virginia Manufacturing Association with Governor -- . j Cora well, -who at that time Oecl'aed to DELAY BUT 25 MINUTES 1 "" a " " or lholesisla " there n-ere bids or 515,000. $20,000 and ! it .s likely that in addition w thc local S30.000. For another u n i t It is said draftees, that Mount Pleasant, ScoU- dalo, Uniontown and Pt. Marion contingents will hoard the special at tlii.s tion of their bids has been made. J place, which is scheduled lo lea.-r While tie mining rights are inclnd- 'shortly after 6:30 o'clock. ed with, all the properiies lie surface . The Xo. 'i board will have 32 men is not m all cases. The purchasers of -H Ime and local board for No. 5 dis- si,ch units will be retiuired, in some u i c t wil ' send 29 to camp. Thc draft- instanceb, to acquire =o:ne surface bo- ccs will report at tbe armory at 10 o'clock Saturday morning for the first roll call. The parade to the station will be led by the Connellsville Militaiy band, and many other organization.-, including the West Sine fire depari- out the state, following a conference j fore they can proceed to recover Ihe ^ ribs and stumps as completely as they i plan to do. The work of operating ' these mines ivill, it is thought, repop- | nlate the Morgan Valley, through ; drawing to it a lir t Te number of men ·« to deal with the gas problem un- | So work in the mines. Following the ' ,, mert. the Boy Scouts, the Campfire ! lil the authority of the Public Serv- closing down ot these plants several Girls. \he cadets from tho Inimacul it- ] ice Commission has been tested om. Von SeytUer, the Austrian ier. declared that Austria Huu- .1 ot the war on. Russia. a brilliant attack in Lorraine ch troops have gone through tt^ tan first line on a lengthy front :aptured more than 400 prisoners. attack, the first of large propor- on the western front in 10 i. carried, out northeast of Moncel, ally on the Franco-German boi- and bombing eipc- has already been granted br the ship- i middlciown ; Lloyrl Miller. Normal- j ping board, is that union organizers i. uncy juiseii, ; ice ^omi-ussion nas peen testeo om. S.lbaugh. Upper- Cribbing Washed Am-.y tast of Sodom The P;lycue county Gas company be given full liberty to enroll new vflle; Raymond Colbert Gray, Vandorbilt; Murie and Lena I Donaldson. men'in the union if they desire to join. J Brownsville; Charles Sawyer a n d ' It is expected that adequate housing ' Howard a Prinsle, South Browns-! facilities will be provided under tho villa; Leslie Whipkey. Norrcalvllle; ' Sliopa Alone "Baltimore Ohio j which supplies all of the Connellsvillc Tracks But Klsewhero Hie T)omn«!; i region and lines of wliieh extend into Is Slight; Old Cniikis Rlrer to FnIL ; Westmoreland county as far at _ _ yountjwood dntws the jjrpater part of ' ' U pr °* lc ' *"* thc "^ TM a TM } l T e C d l t U ' govemment's program. TO WORK LONGER Miss Sarah P. McCormick. and Mary S. Fast. New Genota; John -M. Beltz, A. !F. Haaes. Mrs. R. J. Marshall. South Brownsville; Elsio J. Martin, Browns- The flood stage of the Tough rive was reached at noon yesterday wli i state line-. If tbe West Virginia sup- B . -,, ·, " ail " )zl the water rose to 14 feet, the maia- , mum mark of tho winter. Today tbe ! P"" shml1 be cnrtailed Payettc co«a- river was receding rapidly and with I l ? ' ro ' u " 3 ^ compelled to fall back on weather prediction of fair and con- its own wells in Fayette county and a " i n nearby i- . , l.cnptftcn tu Hasten itepistr llork. . i ! T i l l c ; AE -" 1 '' Chambers. Vanderbilt; tiom'd cold it is not likely that an- | limited flow from wells . °, i Sarah Hardfn and NelHt- Pirl, Ever- j o0 , cr cr | a -, s wl u be ^^ced soon. Tbc i counties. "oncppfon church, th* school board, iho Ministerial Association, the Span^ ^.-..^..,. .--^-^. . .^_ .^ isix-Amcricar. \var veterans, and hundreds of patriotic citizens w:ll be *A line. Director John K. Caster asks .hat the mtmbcrs of vhe h^ind he M ·,he band room in time to leave a' 5.45 o'clock sharp. " j The line of parade \viV: be down Hus Us Full Complement of K 3lem-1 "iii.sburg street to Peach and dow,i !«· J-'irst Time Marine | Peach to the station. Jt Is expec'ed With the entry yesterday of C. 7. |'hat one ot the {n-eatcst crowds that Sts-uffer upon his work as mstitictoi -ever witnessed the departure of ]oc;.I in the commercial department of the ' soldiers will bo at tne station to see high school the iacuUy becomes com- the men oif. years ago there was an exodus of j pracUca-liy all the residents of the valley except those owning their ovrn ; homes and farme. HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY i .--^To hasten repair work on. locoraotivep and railway rolling stock an agreement in- ,'son; A. C. Oslevee, Iei'enrtnB; Naomi | cold wave which setll.d yestoiday iiiu ' The question has been raised as to I Hall, Normalvillc; Beo'l Miller. | last night is largely responsible I'oi ' thc autiliirity of rhc Public Service jSmithflcld; Mrs. "\\". I.. Brenton. W . ) Die checking: of tbe rise of tbe nveiJ Commission to i n t e r f e r e inasmuch as There was not ,1 Inrpe amount 1,1 | it is claimed thc Hope Natural Gas is rty damage re-ported i Brownsville; Mrs. P. B. Starr. South ns French and British fliers have i vol V ia , lenetheneninK "of workin- ! Brownsville: Jos. Bush, Brownsville; | property damage i-pjinrtert although | engaged in interstate businc«-s. Sht down many fierman. machine j hours m-omotions of aonrentices and J- Arlington Coldren. Uniontown: «ome_the crinhinRjilnng tbe banks of Tho payetle County Gaa company British airmen have carried raids Germany. ' th't Italian front Italian au] I hours, promotions of apprentices and helpers and maintenance of open Ralph Hall. Normalville: Jess Pollen, shop conditions have been reached "be- i 5 ' al 7 E. Jeffries, Joseph Hist. Union- tn-een Director General McAdoo Arthur Sister, Newcomer; Isa. , »h airmen have bombed enemy I A. O. Wuarton, president of the ra:l-'bella Tremor, L'ledi; John J. Smith, Irornes and other targets. USE FORCES -13E STOJ, ADTAi'CiyG L\ PALESTIXJJ ·NDON, Feb. 21.--A further ad- e of three, and oae-half miles on way employes department of thc American Federation of Jjabor. 'JTi-j agreement affects more than 300,000 workmen. Local provisions on working hours will be determined by railroad execu- Contlnuctl on Pago Two. -114C3 UU j at of 7% miles has been made by tlves in conference with railroad administration officials and union leaders. tire British, forces in Palestine, office announces. e British, are now within four of Jericho. The operations are ; continued.' e British losses on Tuesday, i an advance was made on. a 15 front east of Jerusalem, weie slight. Yesterday's looses have seen reported. e British also advanced north- er Jerusalem to a maximum 3 ot one mile on a front of foiir CHARGE CLOTH FRAUDS Government Makfs Indictment Au-ninst Eight ClothJog Mannfncturers. By Asc'folatcd Press. NEW YORK, Feb. 21.--Eight cloth- t ing manufacturers, two employes and j Congressman Sterling will make STERLING TO MAKE ADDRESS HERE FOR .THE the Baltimore- Ohio railroad, near Sodom, was carried away. The Fo.ce of tho current against the bend in the has not. ?o far as nan bo learned, given tfcr natter srrious considera- . tion. General Superintendent j. E. retaining j Aagle said (oday hc had no offic i a i j n . formation in Ihe matter. TVIJ1 Spcnk at Oiitherinp in High School Auditorium on February 25. Congressman Bruce F. Sterling w ! ll deliver an address at a meeting of die Xavy League February -5 at 3 o'clock in the high school auditorium. river loosened tbe heavy logs. Tbe West Pean Railways was hoiu ) up for about 25 minutes yesterday af- j ternoon when the high water caused ' "C^iflTrUQA (* 15f\ CAT IFCDQ" I dirt to wash into thu «ondcnserR. TDc J" lltllDvJlKll JULUlLnO trolley pystem was cot otherwise a f - j j fected and the power station was not j i ing gone out previously there was no | great danger from the high water. A measurement of ibe river at S o'clock this morning showed that it a clerk in the quartermaster's department of the armj- were indicted by the federal grand jury here today, charged with, being concerned in extensive army uniform cloth frauds. ^Tne indictments are based uixm evidenced gathered by the federal -district attorney's office in connection with r Hoyrnan in Unit Haying Care of: the arrest about two months ago oi NBAR BOY GOING OVER 3,000 Horses. Louis Davidson, head of the Unlver- ·ner Hoyman of Danbar, for'sev-jsal Cloth Shrinking Refihishing years employed as a'lineman forj Works here. Bell Telephone company in Vn-i ·wn. now with Che Veterinary I CT Af K s, Camp Upton, N. Y., left yester- | fLflU JO to rejoin his command' after a : furlough. · . | th him in the same nnit les Estlick of UBiontovn. who ilso returned after a 48-flour fur\; There are 000 men in the which will have the task of car.'or 3,000 horses. The unit will soon for France. had dropped from 33.70 feet at 5 o'clock last evening to 10 feet. Although not a wlioie lot of debris was carried down by the river, some large timbers floated past. The largest of the logs seen went down Q s h c n on U j uii uijv» special trip here from Washington for the occasion and being in close touch with war conditions his address promises to be one of unusual interest. Hu will speak on the war and the condi- walls and dip in:o the qutet ecldys for tions ot the country and it is hoped i fish that _have been carried down by tht there will be a large turnout No j ihe high wp.ter. admission will be charged and no col- | Work on the repairing of'a bridge WANTED BY UNCLE SAM FOR SERVICE IN FRANCE Tfonien ASile to Speak ..Prpwh _aud Harinp Knoirleilgf of Telephone "Work Have Opportunity. A new lleid of opportunity is open- p!*Me for the first time" during t h e After the draftees Joavc Satuniny resent school year. Mr. Staoffor, who !ni?ht there vi}\ be only one more con- is a graduate o £ Mount Union co.lege, tingciit U-ft of the first q'iota. AHhough Mount Union. Ohio, lakes 'be j i i a f c [ " o odlnal orders have been TCCO'-.M! re^entiy made \acam by t h e resigna- j tiore. it js rumored t h a i ihe uegroc^ tjon of Miss Crawford may "be called ue:ct. Xo orders setiins Thc ensragement 1-j.^i week of A. H, I ihe date of drparlun 1 me here yn. Ffongli a 1 ; physicil director for tht I Tbc classification of occupation boys' filled a \acancy which bad »x- \ cards for district .No. 3 is jusi about isted from tbo opening of school Ja-si. j completed. The nnly cards that have fall. The engasempi of .Mr. Stauffer j no t yet been filled'out are those of reca whose caffts ' arc before the Greensbur^ appr-Ilate court- There are only about 200 of these. District No. 5 is probably the first draft division in the county to comple'c the cl ossification of tbe occupational rounded out th6 faculty to its ful complement of 35 members. FORMER TEACHER DIES ing up to young women who wish tO ( ' mvalltl for several years. She was 7_' do something real to help win the vrar. J " " Uncle Sam wants to have his telephone system in France operated by yesterday raornsng. One thing f h i t | U i e roost efficient operators in the was noted by persons going over tbo Tough bridge was thc absence of n«t lection taken. /Phe meetins 1 is open Lo the public. WORK EIGHT HOURS Arc Free, Writes -Frank J. Canto »OB Trance. * ink J. Cuneo and "Patsy" Lohan mnellsville, trho arrived recently ance with, the 35th Engineers, are oyed in a car record office. The rsh;p does not permit them to the name of the railroad, th are well, he says, in a letter ved by his brother. Joseph Cuneo sis city. They work eight hours .hen are free the remainder of tne They are anxious to get news home and ask that ConoellsviUe rs be sent them. Banner l'iuebas«d With Public Fnnd floats Oitr Arnuiry. The flag for the pole at the Armory was hoisted at 11.30 this morning. Charles Burkey, a Boy Scout, climbed to the top of the pole and put the rom through the pulley. James Sheet?., another Boy Scout, will raise an 1 lower the flag each day. The flag is a 3x12 one, costing js.jO. The money was contributed by Dr. i.. P. McCormiefc, Hairy Dunn, Dr. J. F. Kerr. each Jl.Ofl; W R. Kenney, Carl Sheetz, J. S. Darr, W. E. Coughenour, James Rapport, J M. Young. M!Ke Kassoff, Kesslar Brothers, H 0. Keagr each 50 cents, and Dr. G. H. Edmunds and W. M. Paisley, 25 cents each. MILL DAM BREAKS I Hundred foot Suction of Washed AWIVJ- at Kcl] Long Plnnt. High water and ice combined wilh- ic the past few days to wreck a part of theXel! Long mill dam in the river here. A section 100 feet long was torn atray. With the subsidence ot the waters the mill be without water M ON TON BREAD" rro«dfit Gives Food Conscrratfea lecture at High School, rood conservatioa talk in connec- with. the nation-wide food conser- VTM Eliminate Competition. WASHINGTON, Feb., 21.--Fast passenger train competition between New York and Chicago, Chicago and SL Louis. Washington and southern points, and other important passenger terminals will be eliminated soon, the railroad administration announced today. Certain roads will be selected for fast passenger trains and other lines devoted more extensively to freight traffic. Pltfaborg Flooded. PITTSBDRG, Feb. 21.--Tho crest of the flood which resulted from heavy power by 7,-liich it is operated and it j work. At tbe Wrish.t-Hetzler has become necessary to the milling firm. Perry Henderson, to prepare for electrical motive power. Whether the dam will be rebuilt at an early date is uncertain. James C. Long, as representative of the Kell Long estate, indicated that it might be a long time. That will be done next summer depends on the labor situation. Mr, Lxng did not indicate any intention of abandoning the use of water for power.. world, and that means by American young women, Tbe Signal Corps has asXed the telephone companies to secure the "switchboard soldiers." A necessary qualification is that the operator must bo able Lo speak French so fluently that she will be able to carry on. a conversation in that, tongue. Knowledge of switchboard operation is also necessary. Opera-; tors will receive $60 per month with. 1 corresponding rates for supervisors and chief operators, in addition to ·wluch. allowances will be made for rations and quarters when not provid- ' ed by the army. Members will bo re- fcxpros* -Readiness to I» Their i q uircd to ^ear a uniform at all times. foil Ju Hie lnr. i A mimbcr of young women, several Over 100 Conneltsville women went \ in Ibis, section, are now receiving- special training to qualify them for this service. Later they will be seni to a cantonment central office to be- by the Baltimore Ohio railroad over White's Creek above Confluence, which was recently carried out by the ice gorge there was halted. It will not be possible to rcsu'ne work again until the water recedes. OVER HUNDRED REGISTER lo the various enrolling depots in tue city yesterday and registered for war Holiday Hours. In observance of 'Washington's birthday, holiday hours will be observed tomorrow at the postoflice. There will be only one delivery in the forenoon. The windows will he open from 7 A. .M. to 10.30 A. M., and from 6 P. M. to 7.30 P. Jf. - OtT For Thc East. Mr. and Mrs. Cuthbertson, Jr., nave left for New York. On their return home they will stop off at Boston, . as-hinston and Philadelphia. Mr. and j rain fall over tie watersheds of tbe Mrs. R. jr. Cuthbertson, Sr., have re- ' pany store, where the registration waj in charge of Mrs. w. :,. Wright and .Mrs. Johp M. Young, 51 persons, including business women, housewives and high school girls, volun teereu. Good reports were turned in by the women in charge of the registration at the different school huildings. Registration today promised to he heavy. A registration r;epot has been established at the Carnegie Free Library to take the place of tho one al j the high school, it Mug more con- | venicnt for the registrants. Tomor- ! row will be the last day to register and it is hoped that evory wninan ifi Confluencr Woman Had Followed I'ro- · fusion for -Ifl yours. ' cards. Mrs. Harriot Hanson, whose maWea i f g b 5Ch ° 01 tpachcr? ' and other nam« was Humbert and who uu^bt voluilteers have been at work for for upwards of 40 years in thc primary , tlireo wcoks to flU out lhc 2 - (39 ^ ard3 grades of the schools of Confluence. whlch al ' c -° be sent m Lo the war de- died there Tuesday. She had been an j P art TMc^t. The workers have been un- dor the supervision of Attorney Ro?3 .Nfatthews, chairman, of the legal advisory board for District Xo. 5. The and women of tbe community received ' workers have met at tho offices eight old. A largo number of the loading men their eai'ly education under her instruction. She was a member of tile Christian church. The funeral was held this morning. Joseph Welshos Takes 3'ooiiion With I. C. T. UaBroud. Joseph "SVclshons, an old time Baltimore . Ohio- telegrapher, ias taken the position of asiFiam general manager of HiP Indian Creek Valley Railroad company, succeeding Sam F Hood. Tbe new official bas had raany years' experience as a railroader and fits into the new position with the valley road. IUJCEIYES ,1EH-EI,LY.\ CAJID. njghts and classified for several bours in the evenings. A delay was occasioned Vhen th'o "board rail out ot classification cards and it was necessary to order raorc. Had it uot bepa for this hold-up tbe work would bp entirely completed by tbjs time. Sixteen high school teachers and about eight or ten others have volunteered their services for (be big; job. The No- 2 board Trill begin classifi- C2-!Jon o^ the cards tonight. Several of the force which assisted in tia classifying of tbe cards of tbe No. a board will help out. ASKS $5,000 DAMAGES come familiar with certain features ot] 5 military operating. When they have! shown themselves proficient they will be sent to a training center prepara-pfr. and Sirs. John. Byrne of Kverson, i who is wintering a: Augusta, Ga.. with ·Hfa-n to Iherson (irl JErforc ' Siutiiu*r of TtiKcauJii, I .Miss Virginia Byrne, daughter of I tory to embarking for France. Conneilsville will show .ier patriotism and willingness by eciollius. r I Weafilbeir Fawrecssft BUY FRANKLIN COAL Local 3!cn Take Over Tnet 01 130 Acres for $I1,OiK. A deed recorded in Uniontown yesterday sliov.^ the transftr of T3J acres of coal m PrajiJdin and Perry township fay Ferdinand Guth to thr Coke City Coal company o£ Conuells-ville £or $11.000. Tke deed bears tbe date of February IS. Fair tonight and Friday; continued The Coite Coal company, chartered cold tonight, and warmer Friday is last fall, is composed of Bernard Df- the noon weather forecast Tor West- Grazia. .Michael Bufano and Gaetano K. K. Kramer Defendant in Suit O\CT* Injury of ('liild. rive thousand dollars duraases ts a.sked from K. K. Kramer of ConnerP- viile, m a suit filed yetcrday in L'n- lODlown. by Harry B. Moon, also uC ConnellsvjMe. father and best friei:i of Cecelia ilcon, a minor child, whom the bill of complaint alleges was sei*- y injured when struck by the dc- .nt's a.aouiobile on October 2a, If) 17 A summoDS was issued returnable the first Monday in March. ,,,,_ , . , i Charger, that Kramer drove hm au- The card was to have teen dohvor- Iomobill , dowa Pltlshur(! street oa cd in ovont of Uif fajo arrival of a j ,,,,, OTenjng of the x . limi in a ^ Kuroi-caa port of ;' but it was ! i e . s manaer and at nn excessive spwd without headlights arc contained in tbe papers filed. It is set ftirtii l h a t the eight yeir old child wli'.lo (·rossing Plushurg street ;n a cacclol m.-innfr was struck by the defendant's automobile, knocked to the b r i t i Applications can be made directly to! her mother who has a cotta.gc- near the Chief Signal Officer, Mills Euild- Carcp Hancock, has received a post-1 '"" ing. Washington, or through F. T. card written by Thomas Llewellyn, of fc ' ; Ewing, division, traffic supsvintcadcnt, Seottii-alc, who lor-t. Iiis life ia the tor- Bell Telephone company, Philadelphia. IpeCoing of thc Tuscania. as a Tr.attei of courtesy and j accompanied by a note of condolence. Ch.ii-lev H. Slouffer, a ciiy mall carrier fui a number of ys-arr, this morning nc'.itiofi by tftc f-r^i ^s-sian; postmn.--ti3r general of cis transfer street, sustained a fracture of !ier l i f t !"£, a permanent lojury to her ern Pennsylvania. n. -week was given alter tie AUcsbeny and Monongahela river pre- j turned home from the east el exercises at the high school; ceded by 10 days of thawing weather . morning by Rev. J. L. Frondflt.. reached Plttsburg at 6 o'clock this i poke oa "corn bread." ' morning whsn a stage of 27.1 feet was T. Proudfit said corn bread was ; registered at the Point bridge at the eat "spring food and that it was | jumtion of the two rivers. The stage !or school students. f I is 5.1 feet above flood stage. Ecmovcil to Hospital. '-Margaret Pierce, five ye*rs daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Pierce, was taken to a Pittsburg hos-pital this, morning for an operation. Temperature Record. J01S 1917 Maximum .-^ Minimum Mean ------. Corrado, of Connellsville Sltwi! finles Large. The ^var .'.livings stamps receipts in the high school from Tuesday's' sales from the carriers' division to til? cler- ami w:ls otl ' c TMisc wounded, ical division. 7\ir. Stotiffer has been a carrier since April 1, 1903, Since January ]. lust he has bec-n doing clerical work. The Yough river fell during night from 13.70 feet to 10 feet I BUYSEYANSPROPERTy Scoti.-lali' -rsri ivill P.eraoTe to Sonti | I'ittwborg Itesirtpnce. "«i I'iisoline Scarcity. j Through tho realty firm of A, E. There is no probability of a scarcity j Wagoner Company of U.P West Side of gasoline for motor use. according I thu Roger .M. Evans property in South amounted to ?2-l9.69. The =;ales for to a communication r?c,oiveil 'ny · a, PiiUburg street has been soid to Karl that school to date now total 566C.04. j local motor company from one of Uie | F. Keek of Scoudale. who nil! occupy It is hoped lhat a sum in excess cl| large wbolc-ss!:-r«. Heports have been! it. aftT it is remodeii-d thei*J.OO will be reached within the neitj current that a shortage was Impend-j The considcraHon was not annourt iftd. 1 two weeks. ling.

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